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Why Capitalism Is Open to Compeition

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How does competition relate to communism, socialism, capitalism and monarchy?

As for capitalism, it thrives on competition, and is "legitimized by competition" (Kasper). In fact competition is a way of redistributing a society's wealth and helps to prevent concentrations of power in the hands of one company. Competition is absent in communism (the communist committees govern prices and have controls on all regulations) and also in most socialist countries; in fact "Property is theft," Kasper writes on page 4. In monarchies the government imposes "coercive regulations" to protect state interests. Fascist governments are all-controlling and competition is a foreign word in this style of government. People are not free to form new businesses in fascism, communism and in monarchies.

To what extent does capitalism include "crony capitalism" and why?

Cronies sometimes form "competitive truces" (Kasper) to cut deals on prices and that is actually a violation of anti-trust laws.…… [Read More]

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