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Shared Value as a Business Approach Is

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Shared value as a business approach is integral in conducting business because it both creates economic value and societal benefit. Businesses create shared value when they can make profit while also meeting important social needs like improving environmental performance, reducing health related problems, improving nutrition, reducing disability among other factors. When businesses create shared value to make profit and meet societal needs. Shared value should not only be thought of in the context of doing more good. It also encompasses aspects of capitalism (Driver, 2011). Capitalism has relegated many important aspects of society like improvement of environmental performance, safety, and focus on the local community to the periphery of the business operations because of a notion that these are social and not business related activities. The shared value concept includes all these social items into capitalism. For profit firms that engage in these social activities stand to gain a lot…… [Read More]

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Strategic Plan Conceptualizing a New Business

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Strategic Plan

This is a strategic plan for a business start-up that will be a pet store with an adoption center specializing in eco-friendly products and services for large breed dogs. The store will have a physical location and an internet Web site where people can buy products and get information about owning and caring for large breed dogs such as great Danes, Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhounds and Newfound lands. The store will be called Big Dogs. The first step in developing the business is to create a vision statement and mission statement for the business and then to develop objectives, strategies, goals and programs (Planware, n.d.).

Vision Statement

A vision statement should tell the world what the business wants to become. Vision provides the long-term perspective and your reason for being -- why you are in business (May, 2010). A clear business vision improves organizational performance and helps attract…… [Read More]


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Business Strategies and Objectives the Aim of

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Business Strategies and Objectives

The aim of this paper is to prepare matrices that will be used to justify strategies that will be recommended in the paper. There will also be analysis and detailed discussion on other alternative strategies, including providing the advantages and disadvantages of the alternative strategies. All the specific objectives and strategies will be addressed and there will be an analysis for the next three years with estimated costs for every year. The article will also compare and contrast the recommended strategies and the actual ones adopted by the firm (Google). ecommendations will include how the strategies are to be implemented by the firm in question, and expected results will be noted together with a timetable for recommended items. Detailed information of how to review and evaluate the success of the recommended strategies will also be provided.

Business Strategies


In many circumstances, business strategies will always…… [Read More]


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Business Using Gelso 2006 Harlow

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esearchers have an occasion to further organizational science and to make research practical by producing information that can impact changing organizational forms and circumstances. Pragmatically, academic researchers are not likely to get access to a company that is going through change unless the practitioners believe the research will be helpful (Gibson & Mohrman, 2001).

There have been a number of calls to augment the significance and effectiveness of organizational science to companies. The usefulness challenge cannot be defined merely as getting practitioners to value and include what academics learn. It is believed that the usefulness of research depends, somewhat, on the degree to which the perspectives of organization members are incorporated in research procedures and the results are included into those members' organization design activities that take place as their company adjusts to its changing environment. esearch is more likely to be seen as useful if there are occasions for…… [Read More]


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(U.S.), National Academy of Engineering & Institute of Medicine (U.S.). (2009). On

being a scientist: A guide to responsible conduct in research, (3rd ed.). Washington,

D.C.: National Academies Press. Retrieved from:
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Business Continuity Planning in

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component of effective incident handling is a security management team that is engaged in constant preparation and network scanning for such a breach. "Once your security team declares there has been a breach, it should inform the incident management team, and it should assemble within minutes" (Schilling, 2013, p.3). The team should then conduct "network forensics, systems forensics and malware analysis" to understand the extent of the threat and "by reviewing network and security event logs, a forensic analyst can determine which computer systems are likely compromised" (Schilling 2013, p.3). There may not be a need to shut down the entire system; the question is the extent to which the threat can be isolated and contained. "Once an infected system is recovered for analysis, the forensics analysts will examine the system to retrieve the files that are responsible for the threat activity. These files are normally hiding some type of…… [Read More]


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A Treasure Hunt of Pleasant Grove Texas

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Community Treasure Hunt: Pleasant Grove, Texas

In Pleasant Gove news coverage has stopped depicting violent crimes in its articles because it's old news. People die here every day, it's nothin'.

Pleasant Grove, Texas resident c. 2015

I was born and raised here and have traveled the world, but I could never imagine any place lovelier to call home.

Norma Davis, Chair, Pleasant Grove Historical Society, 2015

Introduction, Demographic Information, and Community Immersion (suggested length: 3 pages)

There are a number of ways to conceptualize a community, with its geographic boundaries being among the most straightforward (Knowing your community). The geographic boundaries of Pleasant Grove, located in the southeast section of the Dallas, are shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1. Location of Pleasant Grove


Geographic boundaries alone, however, reveal little about the people that comprise a community and this is certainly the case with the working-class community of…… [Read More]


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Effective Risk-Management for a Business

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World-Wide Concepts and isks Posed by the International Environment

World-Wide Concepts deals with a wide variety of products which are profitable but which pose a number of potential legal risks in the form of biotech instruments and drugs. It also has a number of different operations spanning various nations from its manufacturing facilities in China, assembly facilities in Mexico, biotech partners in Israel, and software design partners in ussia and India. All of these countries have very different systems of justice and standards of ethics than the United States in terms of their way of conceptualizing the fair and free way to do business (Meiners, ingleb, & Edwards 2012, p. 5). For example, India has had a notorious reputation for corruption, which is not atypical of developing world nations which have undergone rapid industrialization. "Socially-acceptable practices" often conceal what would be illegal in other nations and the "inherent opacity of…… [Read More]


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Recommendations for a Business

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workplace profile, the analysis of the organization, and the development of the organization. Accompanying this report as separate submissions will be a PowerPoint that presents change in a way to inspire action and a personal reflection. While the organization under assessment in this report is far from perfect, there are a lot of things that they are doing quite well and they are well-positioned to do big things in the future.

Organizational Assessment

To get this out of the way in advance, the author of this report does not work for the organization in question but got to observe the company with the condition that the name and industry of the company was kept anonymous. Of course, the author of this reported wanted full access so this was complied with in full detail. Even so, there will be a complete and full assessment of what is known and what was…… [Read More]


Afsarmanesh, H., Sargolzaei, M., & Shadi, M. (2015). Semi-automated software service integration in virtual organisations. Enterprise Information Systems, 9(5/6), 528-555.


Agrawal, N. M., Khatri, N., & Srinivasan, R. (2012). Managing growth: Human resource

management challenges facing the Indian software industry. Journal of World
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Business Communications Final Analysis Report in Order

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Business Communications Final Analysis Report

In order to apply the strategies and decisions formulated in the initial phases of the communication research, they are applied in the context of business communication, particularly in group decision-making processes. In the final analysis report, the case study on the Creative Media team conflict is discussed, addressing the prevalent issues that bring about miscommunication within the team.

The case study on the Creative Media team situation has the following specifics: Gap Jeans, Inc. is planning to launch a new advertising campaign for its new product, called the Gap Washed Jeans, which features a denim-wash (faded look) feature for women, which will be available in hipster and flared styles. Gap is looking for a creative ad agency that will conceptualize and produce the ad campaign, although specific information about the nature of the ad campaign is not yet formulated. Thus, the whole advertising and marketing…… [Read More]

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Business Organizational Studies Benefits From Interaction With

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Organizational studies benefits from interaction with other areas of study. The articles and research questions in the paper reflect a curiosity of the connection among media, technology, and behavior. Each article and set of authors approaches this question from a different perspective and in conjunction with another school of thought to help problem solve and with which to cooperate. The paper selects and uses three heuristics as way to explore research questions and hypotheses further and better. The paper substantiates the validity of the proposed research question. The paper also describes the context within which the proposed research would fit.

Generating Research Questions & Hypotheses

Part 1 - DeLorme, D.E., Huh, J., Reid, L.N., & An, S. (2010) The state of public research on over-the-counter drug advertising. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, (3), 208 -- 231.

DeLorme et al. propose several key research questions and hypotheses. One…… [Read More]

4. Orlikowski, W.J., & Barley, S.R. (2001) Technology and Institutions: What can Research on Information Technology and Research on Organizations Learn from Each Other? MIS Quarterly, 25(2), 145 -- 165.


We argue that because of the important epistemological differences between the fields of information technology and organization studies, much can be gained from greater interaction between them. In particular, we argue that information technology research can benefit from incorporation institutional analysis from organization studies, while organization studies can benefit even more by following the lead of information technology research in taking the material properties of technologies into account. We further suggest that the transformations currently occurring in the nature of work and organizing cannot be understood without considering both the technological changes and the institutional contexts that are reshaping economic and organizational activity. Thus, greater interaction between field of information technology and organization studies should be viewed as more than a matter of enrichment. In the intellectual engagement of these two fields lies the potential for an important fusion of perspectives, a fusion more carefully attuned to explaining the nature consequences of the techno-social phenomena that increasingly pervade our lives.
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Business Submission Government Tax on Fast Foods

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Business Submission: Government Tax on Fast Foods

Obesity, according to the WHO, refers to the accumulation of an excessive amount of fats in the body. Obesity and overweight are measured through the BMI (body mass index). The BMI measures obesity by comparing the square of a person's height to his or her weight. It is denoted as Kg/m2. A BMI that is between 25 and 29 indicates overweight. Obesity is rather serious, and is indicated by a BMI that either equals, or exceeds 30. Essentially, obesity comes about when the energy calories consumed fail to balance with those expended. This imbalance is brought about by increased use of diets with huge fat content and inadequate levels of physical activity. Obesity increases the risk of non-communicable ailments such as diabetes, heart failure, and cancer. Effective obesity-prevention would, therefore, go a long way in reducing the prevalence of such ailments.

The rates…… [Read More]


ASH Australia. (2013). ASH Action: Taxation and Funding the Fight against Tobacco. ASH Australia. Retrieved from

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Business Construction Subcontractors Problems and

Words: 3765 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10287717

If rejected, the subcontractor can at least feel that the choice was a fair one - that her or his organization was not perfectly suited to the job at hand. If selected; however, a potentially long-lasting relationship is created, one that is based on mutual trust, shared goals, and a feeling of true partnership.


Numerous potential problems exist in the main contractor/subcontractor relationship. These problems range from subcontractors' lack of understanding of the work (or main contractor's inability to explain it) through to subcontractors' lack of skills, size necessary to take on the project, financial difficulties, and lack of feeling that there exists any kind of joint effort or partnership between the main contractor and subcontractor. Any one of these difficulties might lead to delays, cost overruns, poor workmanship, or even outright failure within the context of the project. The foregoing study is designed to discover which concepts are…… [Read More]


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Bosch, G. & Philips, P. (Eds.). (2002). Building Chaos: An International Comparison of Deregulation in the Construction Industry. London: Routledge.
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Information Security Evaluation for OSI Systems a Case Study

Words: 4698 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79647966


An analysis of IT policy transformation

The aim of this project is to evaluate the effectiveness of information security policy in the context of an organization, OSI Systems, Inc. With presence in Africa, Australia, Canada, England, Malaysia and the United States, OSI Systems, Inc. is a worldwide company based in California that develops and markets security and inspection systems such as airport security X-ray machines and metal detectors, medical monitoring anesthesia systems, and optoelectronic devices. The company is also represented by three subsidiary divisions in offices and plants dedicated to the brands, apiscan Systems, OSI Optoelectronics and SpaceLabs Healthcare.

In 2010, OSI, Inc. had sales of $595 million with net income of over $25 million. As of June 2010, the company was comprised of 2,460 personnel globally. The parent company provides oversight and fiscal control to the different divisions, and is connected through its virtual network world-wide intranet system;…… [Read More]


Allen, J. (2005). Governing for Security: Project Stakeholders Interests. News at SEI. Retrieved on 5SEPT10 from 

Computer Misuse Law, 2006. Parliament UK. Retrieved from: 

Diver, S. (2006). Information Security Policy -- A Development Guide for Large and Small Companies. SANS Institute InfoSec Reading Room. Retrieved on 30 Sept 10 from

Global IT Policy (2009) OSI, Inc.
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Social Business and the Retailer

Words: 9885 Length: 34 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5588703

Social Media etailing Applications: Opportunities and Threats

How Has Social Media Developed and What are the Benefits and Downsides of Using Social Media for etailers Today?

This study examines social business in general, how it developed and the benefits of using social media in particular. Second, this study provides a discussion concerning the potential positive as well as the effects of social business in the retail sector which is followed by a description of optimal business strategies for social media applications, the pros/cons of using these tools in the industry, and some representative case studies concerning companies that succeeded and some that recently failed in their use of social media. Finally, the study provides a summary of the research and important findings is followed by a series of recommendations concerning how retailers should use social media technologies in their own businesses in the concluding chapter.

Social Media Business Applications

Chapter…… [Read More]


About Honda. (2013). Honda. Available: Last accessed 1 November 2013.

About Virgin. (2013). Virgin America. Available:

Baumann, M. (2010, June). @Twitter Discloses Business Model #Promotedtweets RT.

Information Today, 27 (6) 1-5.
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Data Warehouse a Strategic Weapon of an Organization

Words: 10375 Length: 38 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99774450

Data Warehousing: A Strategic Weapon of an Organization.

Within Chapter One, an introduction to the study will be provided. Initially, the overall aims of the research proposal will be discussed. This will be followed by a presentation of the overall objectives of the study will be delineated. After this, the significance of the research will be discussed, including a justification and rationale for the investigation.

The aims of the study are to further establish the degree to which data warehousing has been used by organizations in achieving greater competitive advantage within the industries and markets in which they operate. In a recent report in the Harvard Business eview (2003), it was suggested that companies faced with the harsh realities of the current economy want to have a better sense of how they are performing. With growing volumes of data available and increased efforts to transform that data into meaningful knowledge…… [Read More]


Agosta, L. (2003). Ask the Expert. Harvard Business Review, 81(6), 1.

Database: Business Source Premier.

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Managing Diversity Matters a Study on Qantas

Words: 3911 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22883136

Managing Diversity Matters

A Study on QANTAS

Women Representation at QANTAS

QANTAS' Focus on Diverse Needs of Customers

QANTAS Ideology Regarding Recruitment of Youth

Challenges Faced y QANTAS

In today's challenging global scenario where competition is rising every day, it is necessary for Multinational organizations to address the basic need of today's business world: diversity. Customers, employees, strategic alliances, competitors, industry norms etc.; they are all subject to changes every day. This is the reason why organizations must need to show adaptability to the change and address the diverse needs of all these stakeholders. Furthermore, while discussing MNCs, it is noticeable that one of the industries (with highest degree of diversity in its operations) is the aviation industry. Australia is one of the most culturally diverse in the world, according to a 2009 study by L. Leveson in the International Journal of Manpower. The study explored current attitudes to diversity…… [Read More]


Arthur, J.B 1994, 'Effects of Human Resource Systems on Manufacturing Performance and Turnover', Academy of Management Journal, vol. 37, no. 3, pp. 670-687.

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Berman, E., West, J. And Wang, X 1999, 'Using Performance Measurement in Human Resource Management', Review of Public Personnel Administration, vol. 29, no. 2, pp. 5-17.
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Change Project a Variety of Technical and

Words: 5192 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52835049

Change Project

A variety of technical and management issues arise during the implementation and operation of any change process. Change management in technology projects is essential to implement and monitor mechanisms to support and control users, business, and technology (Yarberry, 2007). There are different change project modules used at any stage of a project development. These include the change curve, Lewin's change management model, and Beckhard and Harris change model used in the understanding phase. The project-planning phase uses the impact analysis, Burke-Litwin, McKinsey 7s framework, Leavitt's diamond, organization design, and SIPOC diagrams. The implementation stage uses Kotter's 8-step change model, training needs assessment, while the communication change uses stakeholder analysis, stakeholder management, mission statement, and vision statements. In this analysis, the Leavitt's Diamond, the Kotter's 8-step change model, and Leavitt's model for organizational change is concerned with the interdependence of four main factors, including structure, people, technology, and task.…… [Read More]


Aladwani, A.M. (2001). Change Management Strategies for Successful ERP Implementation. Business Process Management Journal 7, 266.

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Davison, R. (2002) Cultural Complications of ERP. Association for Computing Machinery. Communications of the ACM 45, 109.
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Challenge of Managing All Stakeholders in the Context of a Merger Process

Words: 23212 Length: 80 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46964051

Managing All Stakeholders in the Context of a Merger Process

Review of the Relevant Literature

Types of Mergers

Identifying All Stakeholders in a Given usiness

Strategic Market Factors Driving Merger Activity

Selection Process for Merger Candidates

Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendations

The Challenge of Managing All Stakeholders in the Context of a Merger Process

Mergers and acquisitions became central features of organizational life in the last part of the 20th century, particularly as organizations seek to establish and maintain competitiveness in an increasingly globalized economy (Nevaer & Deck, 1996). Mergers are generally described as being the formal joining or combining of two corporations or business (Prichett, 1987), although both the framework and the method of merger vary greatly. The reasons for mergers are different based on what a company is trying to accomplish. The acquiring firm may seek to eliminate a competitor; to increase its efficiency; to diversify its products, services,…… [Read More]


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Black's Law Dictionary. 1990. St. Paul: West Publishing Co.
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Effects of Globalization on Entrepreneurial Businesses

Words: 583 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24444836

Globalization on Entrepreneurship

The methodology chosen for the research in this present study is one of a qualitative and interpretive nature. Qualitative research is appropriate when attempting to understand social phenomenon and this is true in the case of entrepreneurship. The work of Kvale (1996) states that the qualitative research interview "seeks to describe the meanings of central themes in the life world of the subjects…" McNamara (1999) states that interviews are "particularly useful for getting the story behind a participant's experiences. The interviewer can pursue in-depth information around the topic. Interviews may be useful as follow-up to certain respondents to questionnaires to further investigate their responses." Stages of the interview process include those as follows:

(1) Thematizing -- the why and what of the investigation;

(2) Designing -- plan the design of the study;

(3) Interviewing -- conduct the interview based on a guide;

(4) Transcribing- prepare the interview…… [Read More]


Kvale, Steinar. Interviews An Introduction to Qualitative Research Interviewing, Sage Publications, 1996

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The Pros and Cons of the Australian Business Judgment Rule

Words: 10140 Length: 34 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22283969

Limitations of the Research or Gaps

A Critical Analysis of the usiness Judgement Rule under the Australian Corporation Law

There have been many large businesses which have collapsed unexpectedly to cause irreparable damage to the investors worldwide in recent years. The most recent and larger cases are those of the fall of the mighty U.S.-based Enron International and the Australian firm, HIH Insurance. These cases shook the faith of the stakeholders in the ability and the intention of the directors who were in charge of the operation of these enterprises. These cases have also made it harder for the directors to negate the fiduciary duty imposed upon them by the law. For instance, according to the 1997 Directors' Duties and Corporate Governance prepared by the Commonwealth of Australia, 'There has been increasing debate in Australia about the standard of corporate governance, particularly in light of the experiences of the late…… [Read More]


Adams, M, 'Australian corporate law reform or evolution,' ALRS 1 (2012) [1-10].

Black's Law Dictionary. (1991). St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co.

Byrne, M, 'Do directors need better statutory protection when acting on the advice of others?,' (2015), 21 Australian Journal of Law [238-257].

Commonwealth Corporations Act 2001, Section 180.
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Importance of a Good Business Model

Words: 637 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23005067

Patterns, Design, And Overall Business Strategy

Many organizations are complex and unyielding to casual analysis, but there are some methods available that can help discern the manner in which organizations are structure and operated. To gain some fresh insights into this area, this paper that presents the author's conclusions concerning the patterns, designs, and overall business strategy depicted by a business model canvas including a discussion about metaphoric and framing applications. A summary of the research and important findings concerning these issues are presented in the paper's conclusion.

It is possible to view complex organizations according to a number of different perspectives and it is important to do so in order to subjectively discern the intricacies of its business model and operations. In this regard, Gareth Morgan reports that, "People who are open and flexible and suspend judgment are able to recognize several perspectives, which open up several rather than…… [Read More]


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Morgan, G. (n.d.). Gareth Morgan's organizational metaphors: Perspectives on organizations.

Lecture notes.
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Self Is Empty Toward a

Words: 1612 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87967478

An empty self wishes for nothing more than to e guided and taken care of, easy prey for an abuse therapist, or even one who is not intentionally abusive but is not trained to recognize and understand the underlying issues. Wide and varied research supports Cushman's theory on this point, proving that decontextualization of the individual, the devaluation of the patience, a belief in the universality of a therapeutic technology and the encouragement of idealization can all lead to therapeutic abuse (608). Cushman compares patients who are exploited by life-style therapy to people who are victimized by cults. Their empty selves make them susceptible to feeling "transformed" because they cannot see themselves within a larger communal matrix. Cushman argues that a main component of preventing this kind of abuse is part of what he is after in writing this article -- straightforward talk about life-style solutions and their possible dangers.…… [Read More]


Cushman, P. (1990). "Why the Self is Empty: Toward a historically Situated Psychology." American Psychologist. Vol. 45 (5), 599-611. doi: 003-066X/90
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SLP and International Business Analysis

Words: 11586 Length: 34 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33149230

political scenario illustrated that governments all over the globe are making their immigration rules more stringent because of the rise in terrorism; the implication of this phenomenon is a decrease in international traveling, which endangers continuance of a number of airlines, including Nigeria's Arik Air (Eze, 2010). Hofstede's power distance dimension denotes the degree to which unequal distribution of power is anticipated and accepted by the lower ranking members (in terms of authority), of organizations and institutions in the nation under consideration. UA's score on this dimension is relatively low (40). Power distance deals with members of a society not being on an equal footing with one another; the dimension conveys a particular culture's outlook towards power imbalances among countries, as well. Furthermore, the inequality that prevails in a given society is equally approved of by its leaders and followers. Nigeria demonstrates a high power distance score (80), signifying its…… [Read More]

Shih, S. C. (2010). Network Process Model for Group Choice of a Multinational Enterprises' Entry Mode. Contemporary Management Research, 6(3).

Stewart, M. R., & Maughn, R. D. (2011). International joint ventures, a practical approach. Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Available at http://www. dwt. com/files/Publication/Article_Stewart.pdf

Venkateswaran, N. (2012). Chapter 8. Country evaluation and selection. International Business Management. New Age International. Daryaganj, IND. [Ebrary]
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How Different Topics Affect Business Management

Words: 1654 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50907377


Decision making is critical to a corporation. Organizational success depends on making hundreds or even thousands of decisions every day, and those decisions need to be of the highest quality in order for the organization to thrive. In a seminal work, Simon (1979) built the case that rational decision-making was essential to businesses. Data could drive decisions and the analysis of the data should reflect calm, reasoned analysis rather than gut feelings or other means of making decisions.

However, perfect rationality is not typically possible, and managers must resort to what is known, accepting the various constraints that limit the ability of the manager to obtain perfect information on which to make a decision. At lower levels, decisions are simpler, and it might be possible to obtain the needed data, but at higher levels, decision-making is often complex, and the information ambiguous. This reality challenges the ability of a…… [Read More]


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Moon, J. & Choi, S. (2016). The impact of career management on organizational commitment and the mediating role of subjective career success. Journal of Career Development.
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Trends in Global Business Management

Words: 3379 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30566461

Future Global Corporate Strategy and International Management

The emergence of strategic management has always been attached to military history (Tallman, 2007). Studies in this area reveal various examples where the strategic management of offensive and counter-offensive led to decisive victories. Within the corporate sphere, it emerged following the Second World War. The dramatic growth of world nations such as China, Japan, and the U.S.A. served a beneficial environment for large international corporations that needed evolution in their planning and thought process. In fact, the competitive climate has created challenges for global corporations to sustain the success chart without meeting the changing requirements of business and adopting a strategy to counter these changes. Strategic management is an art that uses the processes and principles of management to create the mission or objective of any business. It identifies a proper target to meet the objective, established current opportunities and constraints in the…… [Read More]

Reference List

During, W. E., Oakey, R. P., & Kauser, S. (2001). New Technology-Based Firms in the New Millennium. Amsterdam: Pergamon

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Business Research Upon the Effectiveness

Words: 1019 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73032891

The advertising might be catchy, interesting, or cutting edge -- but in terms of what most clients care about, of making more money for a company, the results were uncertain, even in the minds of industry professionals. orse yet, from the point-of-view of the marketing industry, the idea of cutting spending did not seem to automatically translate into lower revenue.

The research contained qualitative as well as quantitative data, which made the results even more industry from an insider's perspective. hile the Internet and availability of new media, as well as a widening of old media channels such as televisions' multiplicity of channels, another reason may be more recent. One respondent cited that halo effect of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. His response centered on the difference the law was making in the way top managers run companies. He stated that "marketing as the last bastion of uncontrolled spending," in…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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a reflection on the class and what i learned

Words: 920 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69602727

shapes, sizes, and attitudes. Morgan's (2006) various metaphors provide the opportunity to creatively envision an organization using various points-of-view. A diverse analysis of an educational institution using different lenses prevents the type of narrow-minded thinking that can prevent long-term organizational success. In this class, I have learned how to think differently about public schools from a structural, cultural, social, and political perspective. I have been able to strategize solutions to specific problems. By envisioning my organization in various ways, I have become more capable of creating meaningful change. The insights gleaned in this course also contribute to organizational problem solving and collaboration in mitigating crises like the ones we experience with at risk youth.

Final eflection

This class has helped administrators to conceptualize their roles and their organizations in constructive ways. The primary text, Morgan's (2006) Images of Organization has been tremendously helpful and will become a mainstay in the…… [Read More]


Ackerman Anderson, L. & Anderson, D. (n.d.). Building your change strategy. Change Leader's Network. Retrieved online:

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Morgan, G. (2006). Images of Organization. Thousand Oaks: Sage.
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Green Pet Store for Any Business it

Words: 603 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13253656

Green Pet Store

For any business, it is important to have a mission and/or vision, because these will set the firm's strategic direction. The mission statement lets the stakeholders know why the company exists (Khatib, 2008). The vision statement provides a vision of the future that can guide the company's actions. These both tie into the strategy of the company. For example, the pet food store that focuses on green pet supplies should have a vision and mission that reflects on the company's role in the pet food industry.

The mission statement for the company will be "To market ethical pet supplies, allowing people to promote their personal values through their pets." A good vision statement might be "To become the world's largest ethical pet supplies retailer." The business strategy is to market ethical pet products to the mainstream audience in the United States. The company would be differentiated from…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Ebay a Blue Ocean Industry

Words: 1825 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98957015

ebay: a blue ocean industry

eBay -- a Blue Ocean Industry

In 1995, the same year that Craigslist was born as a mailing list for announcing local events, Auction Web entered a market without competitors. A software engineer by trade, company Chairman Pierre Omidyar wanted to create a simple system for online trading of goods ("Meg," 2005). His wife, who had an interest in trading Pez candy dispensers, was one of the first customers. In three years time, trading was skyrocketing and Meg Whitman, from Hasbro, was hired as the CEO. Later in 1998, an initial public offering (IPO) made eBay a public company. Share value climbed steadily until the 2004 recession, as shown in Figure 1.

eBay Share Price


The Economist

, June 9, 2005A company like eBay could not exist without the Internet, nor could it have grown so exponentially fast. In 1995, e-commerce was a twinkle…… [Read More]


Anniversary lessons from eBay. (2005, June 9). The Economist. Retrieved 

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Meg and the power of many. (2005, June 9). The Economist. Retrieved 

The heyday of the auction. Internet auctioneers such as eBay may be the instigators of a revolutionary leap forward in the efficiency of the price mechanism. (1999, July 22). The Economist. Retrieved
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BSC Implementation and the Internal Business Process Perspective

Words: 632 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92338014

Balanced Scorecard

The internal business processes perspective of the balanced scorecard highlights metrics that allow managers to understand how well their business is running. These processes should be tied closely to enhancing financial objectives, and should reflect a high level of congruence with the customer and learning & growth perspectives as well (BSI, 2013).

The organization's mission and vision should be the basis for this analysis. At Cattaraugus ehabilitation Center the focus is on improving patient outcomes and containing costs, so the metrics used in the internal processes perspective should reflect this. The first metric is to improve patient success rates. This has to be defined, but for each rehabilitation case there are specific objectives that are set within the industry based on medical science and industry knowledge. There is some leeway for medical staff to change the measures of success where unique circumstances arise. Thus, the first objective is…… [Read More]


BSI. (2013). Balanced scorecard basics. Balanced Scorecard Institute. Retrieved December 21, 2013 from

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Change Management Scenario the Contemporary Business Environment

Words: 1787 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92034637

Change Management Scenario

The contemporary business environment is rapidly evolving. Globalization has taken over the organization environment, and with this business is forced to undergo continuous and rapid change driven by increasing stakeholder expectations, new technological advances, and competition that is not only global, but viral (Bendell, 2005). This has resulted in a dramatically different business environment in which the modern business, in order to survive and prosper, is forced to evolve and regularly revise their internal and external business processes. Typically, aggressive and rapid change management systems germinate within the private sector -- only after trial and error, testing, and numerous permutations did they become standard within the public sector organization. This paradigm, however, changed in the late 1990s with a combination of rising client expectations to effectively address major socio-culture, economic, and demographic issues, and change in governmental oversight and minimal requirements pushed management in the public sector…… [Read More]


Home Depot, Inc. (September 29, 2012). The New York Times. Retrieved from:

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Com. Retrieved from:
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Project Management Elements of Business Project Management

Words: 1503 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89438706

Project Management

Elements of Business: Project Management

Postings to the Discussion Board

The Critical Path of PET charts

Successful realization of business goals of any organization, there has to be an efficient project management in control. Most performing organizations bare witness of how the good managerial functions and change has brought to them. The critical path will always entail the sequencing of duties and events, to ensure that a project is not delayed. The critical paths of most projects are designed in search a manner that the delay or acceleration of the entire project is determined by one activity. Once one activity is altered, it leads to the entire change of project timeline. The process of creating the critical path in most cases requires activity sequencing (Sawyer, 2009).

Prioritizing the correction of existing projects

In cases where the project has steps that follow a certain sequence, a certain task must…… [Read More]


Adams, T. & Means, J. (2005) Facilitating the Project Lifestyle: Skills and Tools to Accelerate Progress for Project Managers, Facilitators and Six Sigma Project Teams: New York, John Wiley and Sons.

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Paula, M. & Humphrey, C.J. (1996) Orientation to Home Nursing: New York, Jones and Bartlett Learning publishers.
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Designing Conceptualizing and Computing the

Words: 586 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35346886

We spent a lot of time thinking about the investment into our fixed costs including the welding machine and work shed. During the design phase, we also evaluated the cost of each and every item that went into the manufacture of the lawn ornament. Knowing that the cost of every screw would affect the eventual price, we kept in mind the cost of other similar products on the market. For example, we noticed that similar lawn ornaments do not sell for much more than $20 and we therefore wanted to keep our product within that range. We differentiated our product because of its inclusion of familiar items in the manufacturing process, which offer a "green" look and feel to the ornament. For example, we painted washers white then used them as eyes instead of finding a supplier of specially-made eyes. This not only kept costs down, but was integral to…… [Read More]

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Legal Research There Is a

Words: 672 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34088648

The first step in doing proper legal research is to fully identify the legal issues. This involves determining what statutes are involved or what principles of common law might apply. This is where many researchers fall short and it is essential that the researcher fully identify the parameters of the case before beginning the research otherwise valuable time and effort will be wasted.

Once the legal issues have been identified the researcher is ready to begin the process of finding the cases that support the legal argument that he or she is attempting to formulate. This is where the value of the computer and internet comes into play. In today's legal environment this part of the process is greatly simplified and expedited. Unfortunately, amassing the necessary case law is only the first step and the only step where the computer is of any benefit.

After collecting the law that both…… [Read More]


Nolasco, C.A. (2010). Toward a New Methodogy for Legal Research in Criminal Justice. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 1-23.

Turley, S.L. (2010). "To See Between": Interviewing as a Legal Research Tool. Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors, 283-209.

Legal Unit 2
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Individual Contributions by a Cross-Functional Team Cross-Functional

Words: 596 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16907372

Individual Contributions by a Cross-Functional Team:

Cross-functional teams have become important aspects in the modern business environment because of their role in enhancing integration and coordination, extending an organization's boundaries, and lessening the production cycle time during the process of developing new products. The formation of cross-functional teams is based on the effect of bringing people together from various disciplines to enhance problem solving and provide thorough decision-making procedures. The significance of cross-functional teams in an organization is that they strengthen a spirit of cooperation that eases the accomplishment of customer satisfaction and organizational objectives at the same time. As a result, cross-functional teams are beneficial to individuals on the team, the product, customers, and the entire organization (Weber, n.d.).

Since the cross-functional team consist of personnel from different disciplines such as engineering, supply management, and manufacturing, effective participation of and leading the personnel is crucial for effective execution of…… [Read More]


O'Connor, M.K. & Wulf, S. (2004). The Power of Cross-Functional Teams. Velocity, 6(3), 32-

37. Retrieved from 

Weber, S. (n.d.). Enabling Cross-Functional Teams: A Leadership Role for Product Managers.

Retrieved October 17, 2013, from
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Change Management Process Within a Project Provide

Words: 601 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86043699

change management process within a project. Provide two specific reasons why having a structured change management process will improve the chances of success for a project. In at least 200 words, provide a comprehensive answer using your reading, knowledge and experience.

Every project must ultimately be implemented by human beings and serve human beings -- and yet, by nature, human beings are change-resistant. Change management is an important way to ensure that the change 'sticks' by creating buy-in for the change. Conveying a sense of urgency and the need for change is a vital component of enhancing change receptivity. People may use the excuse that they cannot handle the change to ensure that it does not work. "Just as the state of 'unconscious incompetence', needs to be developed into 'conscious competence' to provide a basis for training, so a person's subjective emotion needs to be developed into objectivity before beginning…… [Read More]


Brown, J. (2013). Why is risk identification so important in project management? SEBA

Solutions. Retrieved from: 

Chapman, A. (2013). Change management. Business Balls. Retrieved from:
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Neo-Confucianism Is a Philosophy Which Was Born TEST1

Words: 4858 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Array

Leadership and Human esource Management in the Public Sector

The public sector consists of the section of the government, which attends to matters of production, ownership, sales, provision and delivery and allocation of services and goods to the government and the citizens of the state, nationally, regionally and locally. The public sector conducts activities such as delivering of social security services, overseeing urban planning and organizing the national defense among other services. The organizational structure takes various forms, which dictate the leadership formula of the countries sectors. Some of these forms of organization include the direct administration founded on the lines of direct taxation; in this form, the government does not have particular requirements but to meet the commercial success and production decisions of the country. Another structure of organization under public sector is the publicly owned corporations. These differ from the direct administration of the government as they have…… [Read More]


White, J.D. (2007). Managing information in the public sector. Armonk, N.Y: M.E. Sharpe.

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Berman, E.M. (2013). Human resource management in public service: Paradoxes, processes, and problems. Los Angeles: SAGE.
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Negotiation a Few Days in the Sun

Words: 1669 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75367381


A Few Days in the Sun

We are all familiar with the process of negotiation: We have each been engaging in negotiations since we were young children asking to stay up just five more minutes before going to bed. However, despite the fact that by the time that we are adults we have each engaged in probably thousands of negotiations, few people have ever stopped to analyze exactly what goes on in a negotiation. This paper examines the steps of a negotiation that I myself was involved in. This negotiation centered on a vacation that I was trying to arrange with a small group of friends. The following analysis lays out the steps that are followed in a negotiation regardless of whether the topic is intrinsically inconsequential or momentarily serious.

Goals and Aspirations

The overall goal of this negotiation was to plan for a vacation for five friends that…… [Read More]

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Bias Motivation Is a Vital

Words: 1285 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57838026

Generally, online students need to have a high level of self-motivation for their studies. Being aimed towards the adult, working student body, Strayer attracts students who are not motivated only by the subject matter of their studies, but also by what this can mean in terms of their self-development. This extra level of motivation is encouraged by the structure and aims of Strayer University. This relates to the individual needs and goals variable.

Each student entering the university has a specific goal for furthering their studies; they wish to improve their careers or themselves in some way. This serves as motivation to not only complete, but also to excel at their studies. This is so for both online and campus students. Lecturers in turn are motivated by the needs of these students to deliver excellence in the material that they offer learners, in order to ensure excellent student performance not…… [Read More]


Silberman, Robert S. (2009). Letter to Shareholders. Strayer Education, Inc. Annual Report 2009. Retrieved from

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Burke, W. Warner, Litwin, George H. A Causal Model of Organizational Performance and Change. Journal of Management. Bloomington: Sep 1992. Vol. 18, Iss. 3
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Managers Conceptualize the External Environment

Words: 1898 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1960757

Multinational firms must operate with some degree of independence in the different corners of the world, if only for practical reasons such as input procurement and the development of distribution channels. Political considerations have long had an impact on organizational structure decisions. In many nations, subsidiaries of multinationals must be joint ventures with local firms, or the multinational may find that business is difficult to conduct as the result of all manner of cultural differences, corruption and bureaucracy.

The matrix structure was developed as a direct response to changes in the external environment. Firms that moved overseas with multiple product lines found that managing these lines in different countries required both a product-based perspective and a geographical perspective. hen considering the geographic perspective, one can see that economic considerations play a significant role as well -- when China and Southeast Asia began to boom, "Asia" became its own reporting unit…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Downsizing the Effects of Downsizing a Noted

Words: 3315 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18759968


The Effects of Downsizing

A noted scholar recently assessed downsizing as "probably the most pervasive yet understudied phenomenon in the business world" (Cameron, 1994). While we have become numbed by the near daily accounts of new layoffs, a New York Times national survey finding is perhaps more telling: since 1980, a family member in one-third of all U.S. households has been laid off (New York Times, 1996). By some measures, downsizing has failed abjectly as a tool to achieve the main raison d'etre, reduced costs. According to a Wyatt Company survey covering the period between 1985 and 1990, 89% of organizations, which engaged in downsizing, reported expense reduction as their primary goal, while only 42% actually reduced expenses. Downsizing for the sake of cost reduction alone has been castigated intellectually as shortsighted and neglectful of what resources will be needed to increase the revenue stream of the future (Hamel…… [Read More]


Argyris, C. (1992). Knowledge for action: A guide to overcoming barriers to organizational change. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

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Project Management a Project Is Defined as

Words: 726 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23436896

Project Management

A project is defined as a temporary endeavor, usually where a group of people and resources brought together to tackle a specific problem. Project management is necessary in order to ensure that the problem is solved, on time and on budget. Project management is often very task oriented, in particular placing emphasis on how to move through the different stages of the project in order to bring it to fruition. A given project will have a number of specific, finite objectives and a defined time frame. Success for the project will typically reflect whether or not the project's objectives, including that relating to the time frame, where met, which would define a successful project. If they were not met, then perhaps the project would be deemed unsuccessful (Githens, 2011). Where a project manager deals with conflict, it is usually interpersonal conflict or communication issues between members of the…… [Read More]


Githens, G. (2011). Eight distinctions between portfolio management & program management. Leading Strategic Initiatives. Retrieved May 17, 2015 from Discuss the definition, similarities and differences between Project Management, Program Management and Portfolio Management.

Usmani, F. (2012). Project management vs. program management vs. portfolio management. . PM Study Circle. Retrieved May 17, 2015 from
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Vose D 2008 Risk Analysis A Quantitative

Words: 1740 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74236692

Vose, D. (2008). Risk Analysis: A quantitative guide. (3rd ed.). West Sussex, England: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

he book is written on risk analysis using quantitative methodologies. he book has two parts and chapters are divided into these two parts. he first part is intended to help managers realize the rationale for conducting risk analysiswhereas the second part explains the modeling techniques of risk analysis. First part describes in detail the rationale for risk analysis, how to assess quality of risk analysis, and how to understand and use risks analysis results. Part two is based on use of statistical and mathematical processes to build risk analysis models. Correlation, dependencies, optimization in risk analysis, and checking as well as validating risk analysis model are the main important themes discussed in part two. he book adequately describes the risk analysis models and how best to use them, both in perspective of…… [Read More]

The article is aimed at discussing potential impact of sections of Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) that relate to information technology management by organizations. Section 404 has been specifically discussed that outlines the internal control assessments required of the firms. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also requires publicly traded companies to comply with Treadway Commission's Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO). The case of Motorola IT governance model is taken to demonstrate how compliance with SOX can be ensured for data and IT security by organizations. The article observes that SEC fails to provide specific guidance on IT security; rather it leaves room for interpretation by firms. There is brief mentioning of SOX acts that outline compliance related issues such as Sections 302, 404, 409, and 802 of SOX 2002. The article concludes with an observation that firms with least effective IT security made decisions related to IT governance at the level of business unit managers. Most effective firms in terms of IT governance made IT decisions by engaging three main stakeholders i.e. top management, business unit managers, and IT specialists.

Capelli, D., Moore, A. & Trzeciak, R. (2012).The CERT Guide to Insider Threats. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc.

The book is written on the subject of 'insider attacks' related to abuse of information security in an organization. The book identifies and explains potential information technology (IT) system's vulnerability from insider sources of an organization such as employees,
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Personality Construct Development of a

Words: 923 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92637794

(Humans are often called 'social animals'). However, the test construct acknowledged the fact that no one is perfectly social or asocial but a mix of both characteristics. Extroversion and introversion are not necessarily either/or qualities, which has been one of the critiques of the Myers-Brigg assessment. In future forms of this extroversion inventory, creating a typology of different types of introversion and extroversion would be useful. For example, some people are very extroverted with friends, but are more socially reserved in a work context. Others are very introverted in the sense that they like to be alone, but can still 'get by' in social environments and perform like extroverts. It is also possible to be very confident speaking in public to large groups of people, but to feel more uncomfortable one-on-one, in personal social contexts.

Additionally, positive forms of sociability -- such as compassion -- and negative forms -- such…… [Read More]


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Measuring the big five personality factors. (2010). Department of Psychology. University of Oregon. Retrieved September 17, 2010 at

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Black Publishing.
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L Marketing Tassal Is a

Words: 4158 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58603506

Another major competitor in the Hong Kong market is COFCO (China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs), which competes in the canned ready meal market and holds a 51% share there. All ready meals can be considered competitors for Tassal. COFCO is a Chinese brand with a major Hong Kong subsidiary. Another major competitor is Kraft, which markets a wide variety of all food products, including some ready meals (Market Research Centre, 2006).

The fragmented nature of the industry and the multiple distribution channels gives rise to an interesting industry dynamic. Firms can be intensely competitive, but for the most part they compete against one their own merits, rather than against one another. This allows new entrants to gain access to the market without significant backlash. ith multiple distribution channels available, there are many ways for firms to enter the Hong Kong market. Competition is based on a wide range of…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Government of Hong Kong. (2009). Medium-term outlook for the Hong Kong economy. Government of Hong Kong. Retrieved December 28, 2009 from 

CIA World Factbook: Hong Kong. (2009). Hong Kong. Central Intelligence Agency. Retrieved December 28, 2009 from
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Hungary A as We Will

Words: 2714 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35412907

On the other hand, as I have mentioned in the previous paragraphs, bribery is one of the many compromises you are faced with in life. As in other cases, one can refuse to comprise and remain an ethical person, but with the risk of facing other losses. eing able to compromise, in any aspect, will help you to solve some problems easier, but you will probably remain ethically troubled. As an evaluation, small compromises should be acceptable and, in my opinion, bribery is a comparatively small compromise that one agrees to make.

According to one of the many definitions, intellectual property is "any intangible asset that consists of human knowledge and ideas" or "any product of the human intellect that is unique, novel, and unobvious (and has some value in the marketplace)." This generally refers to anything our mind creates that is unique, ranging from inventions to ideas, from perfumes…… [Read More]


2. New Strategies for Property Rights: Gray Markets and the Net. On the Internet at

3. Investorwords. On the Internet at  

4. Intellectual Properties. On the Internet at
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Quality of a Tourist Attraction

Words: 1744 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34352970

'Little Skyscraper on the Prairie: A are Frank Lloyd Wright

Tower-One of His Most Bizarre Buildings Ever-ises High above the Oklahoma Plains.'

The Atlantic Monthly, vol. 302, p. 8.

Eger, J.M. 2006, March-April. 'Building Creative Communities: The ole of Art and Culture; a

Leading Authority on Information Technology Argues That Cities Must Nurture the Creative Potential and Community Engagement of Their Citizens.' The Futurist, vol. 40,

no. 2, pp. 18-20.

Jacko, J.A. & Sears, a. 2003. The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook: Fundamentals,

Evolving Technologies, and Emerging Applications. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum


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Technology & Libraries; vol. 30, no. 3, pp. 99-100.

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Organisations (Dmos): Need-based Content Development.' Journal of Hospitality,

Leisure, Sports and Tourism Education, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 39-40.

Mccabe, P.T. 2004. Contemporary Ergonomics 2004. Boca aton,…… [Read More]


Bingley, S., Burgess, S., Sellitto, C., Cox, C. & Buultjens, J. 2010. 'A Classification Scheme for Analysing Web 2.0 Tourism Websites.' Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, vol.

11, no. 4, pp. 281-282.

Cuddihy, E. & Spyridakis, J.H. 2012, July. 'The effect of visual design and placement of intra-

article navigation schemes on reading comprehension and website user perceptions.'
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Neo-Confucianism Is a Philosophy Which Was Born TEST1

Words: 2206 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Array

Management and Theory

Leadership and coaching go hand in many ways because to coach is to lead, and to lead is to coach others. Indeed, leaders and coaches, whatever the title is really theoretical mentoring within the context of a particular organization or activity. For centuries, scholars and philosophers alike have been trying to find a specific and complete definition for coaching and leadership, but have not had much success. True, leadership is, in part, decision making at the nth level; while coaching takes that decision making and often compartmentalizes it into split-second action. In the era of gloablization, theoretical decision making this has become even more critical now that there are so many divergent cultural opportunities that require new skills, approaches, and even that allow coaching to occur not just in the physical environment, but in the virtual as well, with no regard for geographic or political boundaries (Drucker,…… [Read More]


Alvesson, M., & Karreman, D. (2007). Constructing mystery: Empirical matters in theory development. Academy of Management Review, 32(4): 1265-1281.

Cortes, J. (2012). How Many Coaching Models Can You Find?, Retrieved from: 

Drucker, P.F., et al. (2001), Harvard Business Review on Decision Making, Boston, MA:
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Employed by a Researcher Can

Words: 6548 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9970618

Thee ae those that believe that qualitative eseach is the best fom of eseach, wheeas othes insist that only quantitative methods ae appopiate in a eseach envionment (CSU, 2004). Still othes ague that both appoaches ae useful and appopiate though one is often moe indicated than the othe depending on the exact phenomena being examined and the natue o intent of the eseach being conducted (Potte, 1996; Lee & Poynton, 2000).

Fed Kelinge once exclaimed that "thee is no such thing as qualitative data, eveything is eithe one o zeo," howeve his claim is counteed by anothe eseache, Campbell, who asseted that "all eseach ultimately has a qualitative gounding" (CSU, 2004).

Given the geat debate that exists, eseaches often find it difficult to detemine which stategy is best and which is most likely to be accepted by pees when pesenting a eseach pogam. Most eseaches would aggess howeve that qualitative…… [Read More]


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Research, 7th edition. New York, New York: A and B. Publishing.
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Social Work Is a Field

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While he supported me in my endeavors, he raised many questions, >Why do you want to enter social work? How do you think you are going to provide for your family and the lifestyle you are accustomed to?" Deferring to socialization pressures that still impel them to fulfill the "breadwinner" role and avoid feminine characteristics, they may segregate themselves from women in the profession, selecting specialties or positions that society deems as more appropriate for men (Williams, 1995). They too may emphasize the masculine aspects of their jobs to "reduce the dissonance between their professional and gender identities" and to justify their career choices (Christie, 1998, p. 506). Thereby, male social workers adhere more closely to the social definition of masculinity" (ritton, J. & Stoller M., 1998).

The young people who are trying to enter into a social work profession "hope to advance research and social work services for men…… [Read More]


Britton, J. & Stoller M. (Autumn, 1998), Engendered disparity: Males in Social Work, Retrieved December 6, 2006, from The Advocate's Forum, Vol.5, No.1, Web Site:

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Gillingham, P. (January, 2006), Male social workers in child and family welfare: New directions for research, in Social work, Volume 51, number I
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Virtual Collaboration Is a New

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There are several characteristic that are evident with the software system use in virtual collaboration technology. The first characteristic is that most of these tools are web based and are downloadable; they also have the ability to offer a text chat feature in real time, thereby allowing for the synchronous communication among various users.

The platforms also has VoIP functionality, thereby giving them the ability to transmit sound over the laid down internet infrastructure. The virtual collaboration platform has the ability to allow screen sharing. This therefore allows the individual users to allow their partners to have a look at what they are working on their screens in an instant. The platform must have a presentation facility that allows for the presentation of Power point slides to the audience. The system also has Whiteboard-Live annotation tools which provides the users with a whiteboard type experience and look with the added…… [Read More]


Ackoff, R.L. (1971). Towards a system of system concepts.Management Science,

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Biuk-Aghai, R.P. (2000a). Virtual workspaces for web-based emergent processes. In Fourth Paci-c Asia Conference on Information Systems: Electronic Commerce and Web-Based Information Systems, pages 864 -- 880, Hong Kong, China
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Designing a New Regulatory Framework for Telecommunications Interception and Access in Jordan

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New Regulatory Framework for elecommunications in Jordan

Jordan elecommunications


Chapter X presented the pre-test results of the pilot study that used qualitative data collected from the interviews with Jordanian dignitaries. his chapter presents the quantitative results from the survey administered to the larger representative sample of respondents from Jordanian businesses.

he interviews conducted for the pilot study and a review of the literature supported the development of questions used in the survey. he interview process was used to ensure that the questions used in the research would have content validity and, thus, would accurately reflect the primary issues concerning telecommunications law. Further, the pilot study served to verify that terminology used in the survey questions showed consistent usage in the respondent sample.

Sample and Response Rate (Questionnaire)

he random stratified sample is representative of the population at large for persons affiliated with or interested in telecommunications…… [Read More]

The results of this research indicate that Jordan is conceptually poised to develop and adopt a regulatory framework for telecommunications interception and access that support the use of standards-based technical implementations for this lawful interception. The following categorical considerations support the views expressed by respondents in this research that a culture of acceptance regarding the regulatory framework for telecommunications interception and access exists and, further, that there is a need for this regulatory framework.

Use of digital communication is rising in Jordan. In 2006, only 4.6% of the population in Jordan was regularly using the internet. Today, nearly five years later, that rate of usage will have increased if only because internet access is moving to mobile digital platforms. Five years ago, many people used desktop personal computers to access the internet. For younger consumers particularly, internet access shifted to laptops and smart phones. Recent studies in social networking indicate that many young people may exclusively access the internet on these mobile digital devices (The Research Intelligence Group / ). Mobile digital devices are becoming exponentially faster, cheaper, and capable of replacing stationary personal computers. It is reasonable to assume that the use of mobile digital devices is rising among criminals and terrorists as well.

Incompatible laws. A number of Jordanian laws are designed to protect the privacy and human rights of its citizens with regard to modes of communication. The Telecommunications Act protects privacy related to the use of telephones and telecommunication networks. The Jordanian Constitution Act Article 18 protects communication through the postal, telephonic, and telegraphic systems. Monitoring and surveillance occurs where the law permits where persons are considered to pose a threat to the government or national security. Provisions of these regulations do not necessarily work in concert, and this situation may be exacerbated by the fact that Jordan does not have specific telecommunication interception and access statutes.
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E-Government Initiatives on a Nation's

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A study of e-government initiatives in Canada by Ayert, for example, found that, "Each department valued its own information system, its own database, and its own information culture. Malevolence was not involved; rather, the systemic goal was perceived through the departmental filter" (770). Moreover, despite mandates from the government's top authorities to develop seamless e-governmental systems and approaches to deliver services in an online setting, governmental departments engaged in a series of "turf battles" in order to protect their computer systems. In this regard, Ayert adds that, "Senior managers continued to hoard information and protect their own department's system. They declined to participate intensively with their peers in other departments, thus effectively ending the possibility of creating a new organizational culture cutting across departments" (770). In these types of environments, the cost savings that can be achieved using e-government techniques are not realized and the costs of administering governmental operations…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Spending." State Legislatures 29(3): 24-25.

Davidsson, Robert, 2008, April, "Welcome to the E-Government Library of the Future-Today."
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Project Management Case Study in Managing a

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Project Management: Case Study in Managing a Complex Shipyard Project in Singapore

Background of Complex Shipyard Construction Project

Company background

Project Overview and Objective

ork Process of Building Construction

Issue Analysis in Shipyard Construction Project Management

Literature Review of Project Management

Issues in Scope Management

Methodology of Scope Management

Lessons Learned from Scope Management

Issues in Cost Management

Methodology of Cost Management

Lessons Learned from Cost Management

Issues in Human Resources

Methodology of HR Management

Lessons Learned from Human Resource Management

Case Study in Managing a Complex Shipyard Construction Project in Singapore


This paper introduces the special features of a completed shipyard project, together with its construction and human resource management processes as well. The organization of the paper provides an introduction to the topic, an overview and background of the In the first part, this project illustrates overview of the complex background of a complex ship-building project as…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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BP awards U.S.$20 million follow-up job to Keppel yard. (July 26, 2004). Keppel Corporation. [Online]. Available:
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Adult Learning Andragogy Adult Learning as a

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Adult Learning: Andragogy

Adult learning as a concept was first introduced in Europe in the 50s (QOTFC, 2007). ut it was in the 70s when American practitioner and theorist of adult education Malcolm Knowles formulated the theory and model he called andragogy. He defined andragogy as "the art and science of helping adults learn (Zmeryov, 1998 & Fidishun, 2000 as qtd in QOTFC)." It consists of assumptions on how adults learn, with emphasis on the value of the process. Andragogy approaches are problem-based and collaborative as compared with the didactic approach in younger learners. It likewise emphasizes the equality between the teacher and the learner (QOTFC).

Adult Learning Principles

Knowles developed these principles from observed characteristics of adult learners. They have special needs and requirements different from those of younger learners (Lieb, 1991). Adults are internally motivated and self-directed. They bring life experiences and knowledge into their learning experiences. They…… [Read More]


Chen, I. (2008). Constructivism. College of Education: University of Houston. Retrieved on June 6, 2011 from

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Development Project. CALPRO: California Department of Education. Retrieved on June 13, 2011 from 

Kolb, D.A. et al. (1999). Experiential learning theory. "Perspectives on Cognitive
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Psychological Religious Development of a 70 Yr Women

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Interview of 70-year-Old oman

Psychological and Religious Development

This paper represents the results of an interview with a seventy-year-old Caucasian woman named Elma Rose. Research includes her personal background, life experiences and crossroads as well as her beliefs concerning marriage, family and lifestyle.

Elma Rose was born April 13, 1934 in the small Appalachian town of Abingdon in the northwestern corner of Virginia. The youngest of eight children, she now has one surviving sister. Elma Rose has been widowed twice and currently lives alone. She has four children, ten grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Her parents were devout Catholics of middle class status who instilled an appreciation of education in their children. However, as Elma Rose explains, this did not mean that she and her siblings all graduated from college or even from high school for that matter. In fact only two brothers graduated from college, while three, two sisters and…… [Read More]

Work Cited

Ellison, Christopher G; Boardman, Jason D; Williams, David R; Jackson,

James S. "Religious involvement, stress, and mental health: Findings from the 1995 Detroit area study." Social Forces. September 01, 2001.

Paloutzian, Raymond F. "The psychology of religion." Annual Review of Psychology. January 01, 2003.

Genia, Vicky. "Religious Issues in Secularly-Based Psychotherapy."
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Shared Leadership in a Self-Managing Team

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Organizational Leaderships

Many corporations are progressively using teams in the realization of business goals because of the increased use of technology-enabled operations. Leading such groups can be particularly challenging, and much of the current literary works on team management does not translate directly to the context of leadership in virtual teams. ecent work on organizational teams indicates that, leadership in this electronic era, might be better considered as a combined effort shared among team associates recognized by the distribution and rotating of leadership positions. As such, current work on self-managed teams seems particularly significant. Associates taking liability for the quality of the work process and product as well as distributing management and leadership functions of the group characterize the self-managed work teams -- factors not unusual in virtual contexts of work where team associates and leaders are divided by time and place.

Within self-managed groups, often there is a dependency…… [Read More]


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E-Business We Have Experienced Financial

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At the center of technology's contributions to learning is the enablement of long-term retention of abstract, often complex concepts that are not intuitively gasped through more traditional learning methods. The ability to create technology-based learning platforms that enable greater levels of autonomy, mastery and purpose are critical for getting students at any level to their educational goals (Vigentini, 2009).


Vigentini, L. (2009). Using learning technology in university courses: Do styles matter? Multicultural Education & Technology Journal, 3(1), 17-32.

What leadership skills are needed to manage a virtual team?

For a virtual team to excel, the leader must strive to move beyond transactional or short-term management strategies to embrace transformational leadership. This makes the overall direction of a team much more unified and focused on a common goal. Transformational leaders of virtual teams also have the ability to instill trust by creating many opportunities for collaboration and communication as well…… [Read More]


(Ahmadi, Helms, Ross, 2000)

Cascio, W.F., & Shurygailo, S. (2003). E-leadership and virtual teams. Organizational Dynamics, 31(4), 362-376.

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Gokmen, a. (2012). Virtual business operations, e-commerce & its significance and the case of turkey: Current situation and its potential. Electronic Commerce Research, 12(1), 31-51.
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Elements of Entrepreneurial Actions

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Elements of entrepreneurial actions

Different elements of entrepreneurial actions:

Evaluating risks, dealing with uncertain environments, and taking advantage of competitor's weaknesses

When contemplating 'going out on their own,' prospective entrepreneurs know they face a number of potential risks as well as rewards. The attractions of entrepreneurship for the businessperson are the independence it offers; greater freedom and control over the final product, and also the unlimited earning potential that can be derived from owning one's own business. An entrepreneur is not limited to earning a fixed salary. But unlike someone working for a salary, the entrepreneur must also bear the risks of the venture. Some of the most common obstacles faced by budding entrepreneurs include the difficulties of marketing; researching the customer base and potential financial rewards for a new business; dealing with government regulations; writing a business plan, obtaining capital and a good location, and creating partnerships with…… [Read More]


Cohan, Peter & U. Srinivasa Rangan. (2006). Follow the legend, Business Strategy Review:


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Read, Stuart, Nicholas Dew, Saras D. Sarasvathy, Michael Song, & Robert Wiltbank. (2009).
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Ethics and Decision Making With

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In the former approach, tradable goods, money or services are exchanged between buyers and sellers at a rate that is agreeable to all parties. This approach assumes both the buyers and sellers have enough money, services or goods to have their needs met. The latter approach, public provision, is when all is available to those on an as-needed basis.

The Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing Association warns that whenever there is government control of prices it only has a negative impact on those who are in need of being helped: 1) When funding for new medical technology, cures for diseases and research and development are diverted to more lucrative economic areas; 2) Incentives to enter the pharmaceutical industry decline; 3) More restrictions are placed on providers; 4) the quality of medical care suffers and 5) This leads to a rationing of care. Instead, the association says there has to be a healthcare…… [Read More]


Barry, W., and Shaw, V. (2006) Moral Issues in Business. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

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Friedman, M., & Becker, G. On economics. (2008) Chicago: University of Chicago.
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Negotiation Strategies for Chemical Company International and

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Negotiation Strategies for Chemical Company International and Dragon Manufacturing

Negotiations are used to resolve existing and potential conflicts, as well as to help organizations of all sizes and types achieve their goals. In many cases, negotiators fail to achieve all or even most of their goals, though, because of an inability to reach mutually advantageous agreements. In some cases, though, negotiators simply lose sight of what they are after and become embroiled in increasingly heated confrontations that lead nowhere. Successful negotiations are possible, though, by following some proven methods that can help stakeholders avoid these pitfalls and focus on the best available alternative. In this regard, this report provides both parties to the negotiations with an independent detailed report concerning best approaches to the negotiation for two companies currently involved in negotiations, Chemical Company International and Dragon Manufacturing, including a recommended negotiation strategy, negotiation best practices and an appraisal of…… [Read More]


Arnett, R.C. 1996. Communication and Community. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois

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New York: Penguin.
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Pricing and Distribution As an Extremely Important

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Pricing and Distribution:

As an extremely important decision for a company, pricing is the only element of the marketing mix that generates revenue. The positioning of a product in the market is dependent on its pricing since customers tend to greatly resist attempts to change price once it has been set up. As compared to other elements in the marketing mix, price is the variable with which a competitive response can be quickly implemented. On the contrary, distribution basically involves the process of getting the product from the manufacturer to the intended consumer.

How Pricing and Distribution Complement each other at Costco:

Costco is a company that has itself as a means with which brides and grooms can create an unforgettable wedding day through reasonable prices. In the past few years, the warehouse store sells all wedding-related accessories including engagement rings, invitations, flowers, and trips for honeymoon. While it's difficult…… [Read More]


Berk, C.C. (2011, March 7). Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed by Costco. Retrieved January

17, 2012, from

Bertini, M. & Wathieu, L. (2010, May). How to Stop Consumers from Fixating on Price.

Harvard Business Review, 88. 48-91.
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Brian Has Not Conducted the

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I would also caution Brian about some of this other assumptions. He is assuming that he can get a discount from CD producers without confirming this. Indeed, rarely do such entities sign into favorable agreements with underfunded startups. I would also caution Brian about entering into this business without a long-term business plan. Even if his wild, uninformed assumptions prove to be prescient in the short-term, the technological shift represented by the mp3 is something that could easily destroy his business before it achieves critical mass. It is foolish to enter into a business based around a technology that is approaching obsolescence without considering the impacts of the new technologies on the long-term future of the business model.

3) the first step I would advise Brian undertake is to design and undertake a significant amount of market research. It is unwise to invest thousands of dollars in building a business…… [Read More]

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Lululemon Firm Activities Relevance of Strategies in

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Lululemon Firm Activities

elevance of Strategies in Firm Activities.

Strategic Firm Activities at Lululemon

Strategic Firm Activities at Lululemon

In establishing and concretizing business operations in a market, it is vital to lay down the necessary strategies to determine the level of diversification of the products produced, their affordability and availability to customers. Some of these strategies worked upon are the corporate level, international, strategic alliance and cooperative strategies. The establishment of Lululemon Company has been at the limelight in addressing these strategies in compliance to its industrial trends and in addressing its comparative and capability gaps. The company has enjoyed exponential revenue rates and vantages towards its market. Considerable micro and macro environments have contributed to the progress of the company.

Lululemon's Strategies

Corporate level strategy is responsible for defining the market unto which a business stands. It is a business-level strategy that overlooks the functionality of a company.…… [Read More]


Droege, S.B. (2007). Strategy levels. Encyclopedia of Business. Vol 2.

Lamb, C.W. (2011). Marketing. New York: Cengage Learning.

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Yoshino, M.Y. (1996). Strategic Alliances: An entrepreneurial approach to globalization. Chicago: Harvard Business Press.
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International Trade Outsourcing Offshoring and

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"Dell recently established customer and technical support centers in India, China, Morocco, Panama, and Slovakia and has set up design centers in Taiwan and China. Furthermore, it not only has manufacturing facilities in Texas and Tennessee, but also in Brazil, Ireland, Malaysia, and China" (Pruitt, 2012).

Eeven though Dell has come under fire along with other companies by critics who say that offshoring is robbing U.S. citizens of jobs, the company's new chief executive officer has said that Dell will carry on to engage in the practice. The company's current chief operating officer has said that the issue of offshoring in regards to Dell has been overblown. Dell has said that it will persist to employ people overseas, where it sees market growth. The company derived almost forty percent of its revenue from international sales for its fiscal year 2004. In addition, it says that its potential growth is dependent…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Strategy Implementation

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Successful Business Strategy

Implementing a business strategy correctly can be a vital component for success. There are several steps that should be considered prior to developing and implementation of the business strategy plan. The purpose of this paper is to outline the steps necessary to effectively implement a business strategy.

An effective business strategy can literally make or break a business. Business strategies that are implemented correctly and adopted by the organization as a whole can effect positive change and improve a corporations overall profitability and productivity. A business strategy that is poorly implemented however, can lead to confusion, chaos and business failure. Thus it is vital that top managers consider the critical steps necessary to foster effective implementation.

There are several basic foundational steps required to implement a successful business strategy regardless of the nature of business an organization engages in. Whether a business is e-commerce-based or traditionally focused…… [Read More]


Birnbaum, B. (2004). "Implementing Your Business Strategy." Birnbaum Associates.

Retrieved 10, December 2004:

Cappelli, P. (1999). "Employment practices and business strategy." New York: Oxford.

Tactica Consulting. (2000). "Strategies." Tactica Consulting Group LLC. Retrieved 08,
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Tesco Was Tesco's Decision to Enter the

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Was Tesco's decision to enter the U.S. market a good decision? Why?

Tesco did made as inspiring decision to enter the U.S. market because the U.S. market could easily help Tesco penetrate a status in the global market. Tesco has thus build up its database of knowledge while also simultaneously franchising and internationalising in the U.S. market, it is important to note that experience and training happen to be learned from the relative stimuli that exists both in the internal and external environment of the organization; hence adjusting to the U.S. culture was integral for Tesco. By assessing these differing learning encounters in the U.S. market, especially when conceptualized within detailed single situation-level research, various size of store internationalisations emerged. In spatial terms, it seemed that Tesco focused their efforts with increased experience on different U.S. marketplaces in key regions striving to attain an industry leading position. One reason…… [Read More]


Alexander, N. (1997), International Retailing, Blackwell Publishers, Oxford.

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