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Cracking the Code the Contemporary Issue of

Words: 3543 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90595657

Cracking the Code

The contemporary issue of physical security/IT security

Modern day businesses and organizations face the contemporary issue of physical security/IT security. Whether a business needs to maintain network security for a website or server, or an organization needs to restrict access to a server room, there are several aspects facing the problem of dealing with IT security. Any general computer networking instructor teaches the DOD and/or OSI networking models and from this IT professionals understand that everything start from the bottom, like with the physical level. Therefore, IT professionals tasked to handle IT security, must base their foundation or overall strategy in IT security management on the physical security of software, hardware, and equipment.

Some organizations forget the importance of physical security in an IT security setting may become distracted by the safeguarding features of certain software-based security merchandise and overlook the significance of protecting the network and…… [Read More]


Armknecht, F., Maes, R., Sadeghi, A., Standaert, F., & Wachsmann, C. (2011). A Formalization of the Security Features of Physical Functions. Security and Privacy (SP), 2011 IEEE Symposium, 397. doi:10.1109/SP.2011.10

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Strategy in Action and Contemporary

Words: 3557 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47132055

The shared understanding is crucial in order to build strength and enough confidence necessary for the implementation of strategy and to necessitate evolution.

Second Phase: LG's strategic intent

In order to remain competitive, LG has to stick to its long-term vision which should act as stabilizers to the corporation in times of uncertainty. The vision in this case refers to as a statement of the things that can be achieved by the corporation. The concept of strategic intent is very crucial to the operating of a corporation since it acts as a magnet that pulls the present corporate dynamics and activities to the future. Any given strategic intent should be formulated in a manner that the corporation's remain with a large vision that can energize the workforce at all times. The formulation of new strategic intent options can help LG in capturing new markets while remaining competitive within the uncertain…… [Read More]


Chandler, AD (1962).Strategy and structure: chapters in the history of the industrial enterprise.

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Ethical Issues in Information Technology

Words: 1835 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45431702

4. Conclusions

In the article Ethical Issues in Information Technology, author Richard T. DeGeorge points out the existence of five interrelated ethical issues: issues in the usage of technology in business, issues in the it business, issues related to the Internet, issues in e-business and issues affecting the social background. Each of the five categories presents several ramifications. The article has a general coverage, an informal writing and throughout its 24 pages presents reduced details. The article merely highlights the existence of ethical problems and concerns in the information technology sector and poses questions as to how could these problems be best resolved. The academician also gives short but relevant examples as to how it procedures are being improperly used to deceive and cause harm. Among these examples, DeGeorge includes shortcoming of the medical systems, within organizations and individual usage of the Internet, mentioning at all times the inappropriate legislature.…… [Read More]


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Threat Mitigation Issues Modern Business

Words: 543 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12793203

In most cases, threats arising from employee conduct can be effectively mitigated by explicit policies and procedures implemented by the organization. In that regard, ethical training of all employees is essential, especially with respect to sexual harassment and discrimination. exual harassment issues in particular expose the organization directly to substantial liability unless supervisors and mangers are well trained to respond immediately and appropriately to any report of sexual harassment or hostile work environment situations.

imilarly, federal and state law impose specific requirements on professional organizations that absolutely prohibit many forms of discrimination, such as with respect to race, culture, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. While formal policies and procedures cannot possibly eliminate the potential development of every conceivable issue or occurrence of this nature, they go a long way toward minimizing those risks and any liability arising in connection with inappropriate conduct of employees of the organization.

Finally, the modern…… [Read More]

Sources Consulted

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Psychosocial Issues in Retirement and

Words: 2154 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48826282

In this regard many studies on ageing concluded that there is a definite correlation between psychosocial factors and both physical and metal health. Stuart-Hamilton, (2006), in the Psychology of Ageing: an Introduction states that "... If an older person has a strong sense of social identity, this may cushion (but not remove) the negative effects of a decline in physical health" (Stuart-Hamilton, 2006, p. 183). However, retirees like Albert who do not have a sense of identity or of social 'belonging' can be subject to a wide range of negative effects. This is also supported by studies which suggest that "...psychosocial factors mediated the impact of illness on the ability of old people's daily living activities" (Stuart-Hamilton, 2006, p. 183).

3. Conclusion

In conclusion, there is a growing awareness of the psychological and sociological problems that the retired and elderly person faces when he or she retires from the active…… [Read More]


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Criminal Justice - Ethical Issue

Words: 574 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43568690

Professor Dershowitz (among others) have suggested that the ethical arguments against torture may be outweighed where: (1) the magnitude of harm at issue is great enough, (2) the suspect is known to be in possession of the information necessary to neutralize that harm, and (3) the use of torture is absolutely restricted to those cases. The ethical justification is that in the modern age of, biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons of mass destruction (WMD), the safety of millions of civilians threatened by the use of WMDs outweighs any moral obligation to a single individual involved in such attacks (Dershowitz, 2002).

In such cases, a judicial authorization of a torture warrant is appropriate, pursuant to the satisfaction of common principles and criteria (i.e. probable cause), simply because any moral concern for the rights of those involved in planning large-scale terrorist attacks against civilians is far outweighed by the moral concern for…… [Read More]


Dershowitz, a.M. (2002). Shouting Fire: Civil Liberties in a Turbulent Age. New York: Little Brown & Co.
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Migrant Culture in Contemporary Culture

Words: 2855 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30738305

This may be true to a certain extent. An identity crisis could be seen behind the entire movement, but this becomes less relevant under these circumstances in which so many terrorist acts are taking place in the name of Allah. The numerous attacks that have been occurring from the infamous September 11, 2001, spread throughout Europe in the name of divine justice are acts of unjustified crime and the only reaction they can trigger is the desire to punish them.

It can be stated that the situation in Turkey differs from the situation abroad. It may appear strange, but things are less tense in the Turkish society. One controversial issue is represented by the veil that women wear in order to hide their faces. In Turkey this led to a number of debates when students began wearing the veil in universities.

On the one hand there are those who support…… [Read More]


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Adulthood and Death Issues Introduction to Contemporary

Words: 1556 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18571513

Adulthood and Death Issues

Introduction to Contemporary Issues about Aging and Death

One of the most important social benefits of modern society is the dramatic increase in life expectancy over the last century, particularly in the developed nations. At the turn of the 20th century, life expectancy was barely 60 years or age; less than a century before that, it was approximately 50 years of age (Henslin, 2005; Macionis, 2006). Today, people routinely live into their late 80 or 90s. This change is also associated with various related issues that rarely came up in prior eras of human history. Whereas individuals typically retired in their 50s a century ago (if they could afford to at all, that is), today it is not uncommon at all to continue working well into advanced age or even to begin second or third careers during what used to be considered "retirement age" (Henslin, 2005;…… [Read More]


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Christian and Secular Education Current Issue

Words: 1675 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20602661

secular society, Christian values, beliefs, and worldviews are systematically excluded from the educational system. Parents who can afford costly private schools can help inculcate their children into a Biblical worldview, but the majority of Christians who cannot do this and whose children attend public schools need to find ways to resolve the ideological conflicts presented to their children. Children regularly receive disparate information about crucial issues such as those related to gender roles and norms, human sexuality, and the origin of life on earth. While all of these core topics challenge Christian educators to adapt their curricula to conform to legal and societal expectations, the most contentious of these might be the evolution and intelligent design debate. Christian educators continue to struggle with presenting a more balanced worldview to their students, but legal and societal expectations persist in silencing minority voices. One of the most important contemporary issues in education,…… [Read More]


ACSD (2012). What is the purpose of education? Retrieved online:

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Moral Arguments and Ethical Issues in Relationships

Words: 648 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68308689

Moral Theory and Virtue Ethics

How is virtue ethics different from the other theories of ethics that you have studied so far?

The other theories of ethics argue that morality results from an act, thus they tend to focus on the impact. This implies that a moral act will bring the highest level of happiness for the highest number of people. In contrast, virtue ethics considers morality as the result of character or identity of a person and not a reflection of the act. It means that some characteristics are virtues. Individuals with these virtues are moral and their actions only reflect their inner morality (MacKinnon, 2012).

According to Aristotle, what is the difference between intellectual and moral virtues?

Intellectual is the first principle governing human acts. Other laws only exist to obey intellectual in various ways. Those who obey intellectual without any contradiction are body limbs because they are…… [Read More]


MacKinnon, B. (2012). Ethics: Theory and contemporary issues, concise edition. Belmont, Calif: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning

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Dealing With Ethical Issues

Words: 661 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48068324

Ethics of Bioethics

To the prudent thinker and scholar, there is little doubt that right or wrong is certainly relative. Categorical imperatives and absolutes help people to understand theories and ideas. However, they have little pragmatic value in life as it exists. Erudition in the areas of moral relativism, moral absolutism, and moral objectivism certainly confirm the preceding thesis. Additionally, there are numerous examples found in different areas of life that confirm the conviction propagated in this paper as well.

The tenet of moral relativism certainly helps to buttress this conviction that right or wrong is simply relative. Some of the best examples of this fact are readily supplied by nature. In fact, basic bioethical thought into the food chain supports this viewpoint as well. The reality of life on this planet and as found within nature is that most organisms need to consume other organisms to survive. This fact…… [Read More]


Beauchamp, Tom L., LeRoy Walters, Jeffrey P. Kahn, and Anna C. Mastroianni, eds. (2014). Contemporary Issues in Bioethics. 8th Ed. Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning, pp. 1-12.

The Kennedy Institute of Ethics. (2014). Introduction to bioethics: bioethics at the bedside. Retrieved from
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Contemporary India

Words: 2543 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89729857

Women Status Contemporary India

The Status and ole of Women in Contemporary India

The women in contemporary India have a very significant role as they fulfill crucial responsibilities in almost every sector including family life, agricultural development and industrial development. However, it is unfortunate that such contributions have remained mostly indistinguishable to the planners and policy makers due to which the Indian women have always experienced an unstable status in the country. Even in this modern era of science and technology, women in India are still considered a disadvantaged group as there has been no change in the conventional structure of society as well as cultural and moral standards (Chakrapani and Kumar, 1994).

In addition, a majority of women are still unaware of the social laws that have been designed to alleviate the problems women face in the society. As a consequence, distressed situations influence Indian women more than Indian…… [Read More]


Berman, B.J., Bhargava, R., & Laliberte?, A. (2013). Secular States and Religious Diversity. Vancouver: UBC Press. Print.

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Contemporary Moral Issue Abortion

Words: 1087 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48739095

Abortion is certainly the most heatedly discussed issue in the social and political circles. Every politically regime is critically examined and judged by its stand on this major issue facing the country. The reason being simple, while this may be the oldest controversial topic, it has not been and probably cannot be effectively resolved. Every year, thousand would take to streets protesting against abortion and as a counterattack many pro-abortion would stage a rally delivering arguments in favor of the subject. But little has been achieved by both quarters as each side has valid set of arguments regarding their stand on the issue and therefore it is up to each individual to decide which quarter he or she would support. (oman, 88)

To study this issue objectively, one needs to examine stand of both quarters closely. The arguments in favor of or against abortion must be studied without prejudice and…… [Read More]


1) S. Boyd, "Give us liberty: The approval of RU-486 isn't about morals, it's about options," at:

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4) Selmer Bringsjord, Abortion -- A dialogue, Hackket Publishing Company, 1997
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Contemporary Moral Problems

Words: 1517 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81226090

Ethical Issues Involved

The increased danger of heart disease in urban Asian areas as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle affects several areas of basic human needs. Specifically these include the need for health and happiness. The people most affected by the danger are those living in urban areas. The lifestyle promoted by stress-laden jobs and a lack of physical activity affects the basic need for health.

Health is adversely affected because of the various structures in place in an urbanized setting. The development of motorized transport for example has severely restricted the human tendency to exercise the body in these kinds of settings. Furthermore health is affected by the ready availability of addictive drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol. These are often used to cope with work and other urban-related stress factors, because exercise is no longer used as a stress reliever.

The basic human needs for food and…… [Read More]

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Contemporary Moral Issues

Words: 1049 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7778901


Contemporary moral issues-Utilitarianism

An immediate challenge of living that is linked not only to the quality of life but also to the nature of our experiences is decision making. Everyday individuals have decisions to make and many of these decisions are of a multidimensional nature. The complexity of decision making often paralyzes some individuals because of indecision. They are afraid of the consequences because the consequences are unclear and the path to clarity obscure. Philosophical positions attempt to assist in clarifying decision making through multiple approaches. In this paper I will demonstrate that the most useful philosophical approach to decision making for the individual is utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is superior to Kantianism and Virtue Theory because of its simplicity and the clarity it brings to the decision making process.

There are multiple utilitarian positions and these will be considered briefly at this point in the debate. The two most dominant…… [Read More]

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Contemporary Challenges for the Criminal Justice Administrator

Words: 848 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89972713

Police Administrators

Modern Situational Policing Philosophy and Operational Methodology:

Operational methodology in modern police administration ranges from the no- tolerance approach end of the spectrum to the community policing end of the spectrum.

Instituting the right operational methodology requires the flexibility to adapt to the local environment and the procedural mechanisms to evaluate successes and failures. Both systems have their advantages where conditions are conducive to their methods; neither works particularly well where it is reflects only administrative decisions without careful consideration of the operational environment (Nolan et al. 2005).

Generally, the no tolerance approach is a function of the so-called "broken windows" theory, according to which seemingly minor issues such as the lowest level violations and the cosmetic deterioration of physical property correspond to increased crimes of more serious nature (Ellison 2006). The idea of no tolerance means mandatory enforcement of quality-of-life violations such as loitering, leash law infractions,…… [Read More]


Duff, H.W. Concerned Reliable Citizens' Program. Federal Bureau of Investigation Law Enforcement Journal. Vol. 75 No. 8 (Aug/06).

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Contemporary Cultural Diversity Issues Presentation

Words: 897 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9687174

Cultural Diversity Issues Presentation

Criminal justice system and racial and ethnic minority groups

The criminal justice system has been for long associated with discriminatory practices and decisions that are informed by race bias and other forms of discriminatory practices. It has for long been a subject of discussion and how this can be avoided particularly in the justice system. The rot has gone so deep in the society until discriminatory phrases have come up along the same line and the society has helped stereotype some races perpetually using these negative phrases. There are, however, arguments propagated for and against the notions that the American justice system is not colorblind.

To show the discriminative nature of the system, there are interesting statistics that have been floated from time to time. Statistics presented by the Bureau of Justice in 2006, it was found out that for every 100,000 black males in America,…… [Read More]


Byrne, M.J., (2009). New Defendants, New Responsibilities: Preventing Suicide among Alleged

Sex Offenders in the Federal Pretrial System. Retrieved November 21, 2013 from

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Contemporary Moral Problems

Words: 879 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91326549

Moral Problems

Dow is not the most ethical company to begin with, given their production and distribution of toxic chemicals. The products Dow produces can destroy the environment and potentially threatens the health of their employees as well as their consumers. However, as Greg Miller points out in his article, "Fired by Big Brother: Fearing Sexual Harassment Lawsuits, Dow Chemical Co. In Michigan Fired Workers who Forwarded Lewd E-Mail. Could Your Company Do the Same?" Dow might be guilty of violating further ethical codes, those that pertain to employee relations and basic human rights. A number of Dow employees, a disproportionate number of which were union members, were fired without warning due to their forwarding lewd e-mails. The terminated employees suffered considerable hardships as a result of being fired. Some of them had worked at the company for decades and lost their pensions along with their dignity; many could barely…… [Read More]

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Contemporary Challenges in Aviation Industry

Words: 1025 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89231057

Aviation and Security: Management Perspective

The globalization has made the world a smaller place with information transcending the hitherto boundaries that stopped free flow of information as well as increased travel across the world. The increased traveling due to availability of the means of travel heaped a lot of pressure on the aviation industry, especially the management to ensure that security is maintained and the commuting through the various airports and through the airspaces is seamless, safe and uninterrupted, providing convenience to passengers and goods alike. The management levels at the airports hence have a heavy task of ensuring the free flow of traffic and the following is an extrapolation of how the management can and have contributed to aviation security in general.

The management must describe and make the staff members understand the four pillars of safety within the aviation industry. Once the staff members understand these four pillars,…… [Read More]


ICAO, (2009). Safety management: Global Approach Unlocks Potential of SMS.

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Contemporary Spain Politics Compared to US Politics

Words: 1801 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26057747

Spanish and American Democracy

The United States of America and Spain are both now industrialized nations and modern democracies, but their paths to democracy and global influence were quite distinct. The United States of America was formally founded in 1776 by a group of early American politicians who envisioned the young nation as an alternative in democratic governance in contrast and opposition to the monarchies still in ruling power throughout Europe. Spain was one of these European countries under monarchial rule in the 18th century and remained a monarchy for 201 years after the official adoption of the democratic Constitution in the United States of America. Spain's transition to democratic rule is largely considered to have begun in 1975 when the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco passed away, although there are other dates in the 1970s that are also said to mark the transition as well.

The philosophical foundations of the…… [Read More]


Conversi, Daniele. (2002) 'The smooth transition: Spain's 1978 Constitution and the nationalities question', National Identities, vol. 4, no 3, pp. 223 -- 244

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Contemporary Learning

Words: 363 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97312806

Sociocultural Approaches to Learning and Development

The consistent trend in gender, race and SES gaps in academic achievement has been an increasingly important social issue especially in the context of culturally diverse classrooms. It is in light of this fact that John-Steiner and Mahn's analysis of the Vygotskian framework and its implications for classroom learning and teaching assumes significance. John-Steiner and Mahn provide a clear account of how the three central tenets of the Vygotskian theory establish the interdependence of social and individual processes in the coconstruction of knowledge: individual development (including higher mental functioning) is rooted in social sources; human action, on both the social and individual planes, is mediated by semiotics, and genetic or developmental analysis best explains the first two themes. Using Vygotskian sociocultural theory, including his work on the zone of proximal development and analysis of everyday and scientific concepts, the authors then go on to…… [Read More]


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Retrieved Jan 27, 2004:

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Vygotskian Framework. Educational Psychologist, 31 (3/4), p. 191-206
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Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions

Words: 664 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94110131

Ethics in the Helping Professions

Malpractice Vulnerability

egardless of what specific profession a practitioner is engaged in, there are certain malpractice vulnerabilities that are germane to industries in which people seek the help of others. One of the most eminent of such vulnerabilities, and possibly the one that most frequently results in litigation, is miscommunication, which is an integral component of customer service and is at the heart of every practitioner's business. Far too often, practitioners leave themselves vulnerable to claims of malpractice by failing to communicate effectively with customers. This simple mistake can lead to a variety of exacerbating situations including the formation of unrealistic expectations to misunderstandings regarding the results and manner of treatment and may lead to customers believing that practitioners have deliberately mistreated them (No author, 2010).

Billing is another common area in which malpractice litigation may be sought. Discrepancies or inconsistency in billing -- which…… [Read More]


Berry, W.H. (2011). Minimizing Vulnerability to Medical Malpractice Claims. Elements of Contemporary Practice. Retrieved from

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Contemporary Conflict

Words: 3277 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88843044


The Situation

Conflict is something that we come across in our everyday life-be it at the workplace or in our homes or with the neighbor. The basic source of conflicts is disagreements. In this paper we would restrict ourselves to the conflicts at workplace. There are several aspects in which conflicts at workplace can happen. Conflicts can be between co-workers and between workers and the management or between the management and the union (Lansford, 2008).

The way to resolve conflict at workplace-or for that matter at any other place, is through negotiations. Negotiation is the term that is given to the process of dialogues to resolve disagreements two persons or two groups of persons and when the disagreement is based on interest, goals, values or beliefs (Deutsch & Coleman, 2000). The process through which such parties arrive at a common goal or a possible agreement is termed as negotiation.…… [Read More]


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Ethical Issue on Abortion

Words: 3142 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89322346

Ethical Issues Surrounding Abortion

Notwithstanding the laws being passed in various states against a woman's right to chose to terminate her pregnancy, the position of this paper is that Roe v. ade is the law of the land and a woman has the ethical and moral right to decide to have an abortion. There are many positions for and against Roe v. ade, and there are many ethical issues that may be (and in many cases are) embraced on both sides of the issue. But the law of the land vis-a-vis a woman's right to the privacy -- regarding her own values -- when it comes to terminating a pregnancy has been determined by the High Court. As a nurse committed to fairness and ethics in healthcare issues, while I respect the rights of others to practice their own values in opposition to Roe v. ade, I am in support…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Retrieved April 16, 2012, from

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Security Issues Created by a

Words: 1322 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81453829

But there is a need that the success of the products is followed by satisfied and committed workers rather the workers whose life is in danger as they clean and process the iPads and iPhones.

Globalization and International Trade

The second chosen article has been taken from a journal of trade. The article "Transportation Costs and International Trade in the Second Era of Globalization" written by David Hummels has mentioned the importance of trade in the modern days (Weiss, 2010, p. 65). Globalization has important impacts on the economy of the countries but these days, trade has become more costly. Based on an increase in the fuel prices, there has been a great increase in transportation prices. The article has mentioned that more than 23% of the goods move between countries that are joined by land-based borders (Durdu, Mendoza, and International Monetary Fund. esearch Dept, 2006, p. 78). Ocean and…… [Read More]


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Mental Models in Contemporary Education

Words: 1329 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64427440

Finally, the empirical demonstration should be followed by directly addressing the concerns of educators about any possible detrimental effect on reading comprehension skills as a function of any reduction in reliance on textbook-based learning. That component would consist of outlining criteria and limitations for using video-based instructional methods to ensure that it does not have any negative effect on that crucial aspect of primary and secondary education.

Moral Purpose Statement for Change and Stakeholder Issues

Educators have a fundamental responsibility to provide all of their students with the best possible opportunity to maximize their educational opportunity. That responsibility includes overcoming learned prejudices that may limit our ability to recognize valuable educational approaches and methods. One example of such prejudices would include the assumption among professional educators that video-based learning is inferior to traditional textbook-based learning and therefore inappropriate as the basis for substantive academic instruction.

In terms of different classes…… [Read More]


Choi, H.J. And Johnson, S.D. "The Effect of Problem-Based Video Instruction on Learner Satisfaction, Comprehension, and Retention in College Courses." British

Journal of Educational Technology, Vol. 38, No. 5 (2007): 885 -- 895.

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Franciszkowicz, M. "Video-Based Additional Instruction." Journal of the Research
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Resolving Organizational Culture Issues Situational Overview and

Words: 2326 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74471393

esolving Organizational Culture Issues

Situational Overview and Background of the Issues

The organisation consists of 43 employees managed by a management team of 3 males in their middle 60s: a Director, General Manager, and National Sales Manager. The average age of the employees is 30, and only 3 of the employees are female. The 3 managers all adhere to very outdated authoritarian management styles and communication patterns, routinely resorting to verbal abuse and screaming. The managers maintain very high expectations; meanwhile, they pay their employees less than is standard within their industry. Female employees are paid even less for doing the same jobs as their male counterparts and they receive less respect and deference than male colleagues in identical positions. The management team spends a large percentage of company profits, partly because they adamantly refuse to adopt newer technologies that have already become standard in contemporary business organisations as well…… [Read More]


Avolio, B.J., Walumbwa, F.O., and Weber, T.J. "Leadership: Current Theories,

Research, and Future Directions." Annual Review of Psychology, Vol. 60 (2009).

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Fitch, B. "Good Decisions: Tips and Strategies for Avoiding Psychological Traps." FBI
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Ethical Theories and Abortion Issues

Words: 1437 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77472400

Utilitarian Abortion Considerations:

The utilitarian perspective applied to the abortion issue would focus on whether

permitting or prohibiting elective abortion would contribute more positively the interests of society Mill, 2003 p160). The principal difference between the utilitarian and deontological perspectives is that utilitarianism is wholly unconcerned with the underlying motivation for decisions. Whereas deontological formalism values the state of mind of the individual, utilitarianism focuses on the ultimate consequences of the act, irrespective of motivation Russell, 2002 p 99).

Within the utilitarian ethical perspective, rule utilitarianism would promote the choice associated with the overall benefit to others and to society if it were adhered to religiously in all circumstances, irrespective of isolated cases in which the rule produced a negative result Russell, 2002 p101-2). For example, in a society where relative birth and death rates were such that the continuation of society were in jeopardy, the utilitarian perspective might require…… [Read More]

(Dershowitz, 2002 p112).

Therefore, the contemporary utilitarian approach to morality in human life is to consider other definitions of "goodness" and "benefit" rather than equating morality with the interests of the greatest number. In many respects, that is the perspective exemplified by the modern American justice system (Dershowitz, 2002 p112). Under that view, the moral rightness or wrongness of elective abortion would seek to weigh the manner in which permitting abortions might benefit society and how that decision would affect all of the individuals directly involved in specific situations. If the initial assumption is that society is benefited by the respect for the autonomous rights of individuals to make personal decisions about abortion without interference from the state, utilitarianism would support the freedom to make that decision.

Under the act utilitarianism perspective, therefore, certain types of abortions (such as in cases of rape, incest, or medical necessity for the life of the mother)
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Correctional Managers the Contemporary Policing Is Very

Words: 845 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92939386

Correctional Managers

The contemporary policing is very different from the policing system in the last two decades, this is due to the changes that have taken place across the globe on the types of crimes that are witnessed. Consequently the type of criminals who are confined in our penitentiaries are radically different from those of the yester years, hence the need to have a totally different system of correction administration as well. This then comes with the challenges that the correctional administration are bound to face every now and then.

Since there are quite a number of terrorists and the terror propagators that are of late held within the U.S.A. correctional facilities, it is true then that this comes as a new challenge to the correctional managers.

In this regard, the managers are looked upon to ensure that the correction facilities are be equipped with specialists in the field of…… [Read More]


Howard Sapers, (2009). Annual Report of the Office of the Correctional Investigator 2008-

2009 Retrieved April 6, 2012 from

Human Rights Watch, (2009). Mental Illness, Human Rights, and U.S. Prisons. Retrieved April 6, 2012 from

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Feminist Advocacy of a Social Issue in Contemporary Culture

Words: 1979 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12426002

Post-Feminist Society

Contemporary Feminist Advocacy

Although there is not absolute consensus, popular writings about feminism suggest that there have been three waves of feminism: (1) The first wave of feminism is said to have occurred in the 18th through the 20th centuries and was characterized by a focus on suffrage; (2) The decades spanning 1960 to 1990 are said to encompass the second wave of feminism, to which a concern with cultural and legal gender inequality is attributed; and (3) The third wave of feminism began in the early 1990s partly in response to the conservative backlash the second wave engendered, and partly in recognition of the unrealized goals of the second wave of feminism up to that time ("NOW," 2009). This third wave of feminism made salient a more subjective voice that pointed at the intersection of race and gender with greater resolve than would have been possible when…… [Read More]


Coffey, L.T. (2011, October 11). Girl Project' reveals what teens are really thinking. Today People. Retrieved

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Faludi, Susan, Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women (Three Rivers Press, 2006)

Feminist Majority Foundation, Choices Campus Leadership Program. (2011). Retrieved
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HRM Issues Research Report an

Words: 2955 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22173107

Computerization of production in recent years has become quite common, and there are now four versions of the application of computer technology in the production of computer-aided design (CAD) involves the use of computers to design parts and products, which increases efficiency, because it exempt the creation of prototypes. Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) involves the use of computers for planning and controlling the production process. It is useful if the product or parts are bought frequently, because the computer can provide a better control over the ordering, receiving, assembly and product structure.

Integrated computer-aided manufacturing (CIM) is the result of joining the CAD and CAM, where the computer system that controls the production, receives information and provides the appropriate setting on the machines; when production process starts. All activities for the design, verification and manufacturing are controlled by the computer. Organizations use computer operated systems to develop a layout of equipment…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Kingston, Jeremy. "Technology in the Workplace." Futurics 29.3 (2005): 82-3.
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Environmental Ethical Issues in the

Words: 868 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86819609

On the largest scale, the U.S. population is disproportionately responsible for the depletion of fossil fuels and other natural resources in that Americans consume approximately one-quarter of those valuable energy resources despite constituting less than five percent of the entire global population (Attfield, 2003; Poiman & Poiman, 2007).

Besides consuming such a disproportionate amount of natural resources, another major environmental ethics issue arises in connection with the deliberate export of hazardous waste from wealthy countries to poor countries and the outsourcing of dangerous jobs, such as some of those that are strictly prohibited by domestic environmental laws (Halbert & Ingulli, 2008; Poiman & Poiman, 2007). United States military operations have also contributed to new environmental ethics concerns, such as the contamination of soil and water supplies in Iraq and Central Europe by the millions of depleted uranium shells left by tactical aircraft supporting ground troops in Iraq or engaging hostile…… [Read More]


Attfield R. (2003). Environmental Ethics: An Overview for the Twenty-First Century.

Cambridge, UK: Polity.

Halbert T. And Ingulli E. (2008). Law & Ethics in the Business Environment. Cincinnati:

West Legal Studies.
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Knowledge Concerning Ethical Issues Involved

Words: 4963 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86009486

100). Much of the focus of personnel selection using psychological testing was on new troops enlisting in the military during two world wars and the explosive growth of the private sector thereafter (Scroggins et al., 2008). Psychological testing for personnel selection purposes, though, faded into disfavor during the 1960s, but it continues to be used by human resource practitioners today. In this regard, Scroggins and his colleagues advise, "Many H practitioners, however, have continued to use personality testing with an optimistic and enduring faith in its ability to discriminate between good and poor job candidates" (p. 101).

In cases where cheating is suspected (such as in the case of an teen applicant possibly using a smartphone or consulting crib notes during testing by visiting the restroom), psychologists have a professional responsibility to conform to relevant privacy laws with respect to the results of such tests, including following the decision-making model…… [Read More]


Barnes, F.P. & Murdin, L. (2001). Values and ethics in the practice of psychotherapy and counseling. Philadelphia: Open University Press.

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Media Representation of Issues in Immigration Is

Words: 1345 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8590622

Media epresentation of Issues in Immigration

Immigration is a fundamental element of American history. Centuries ago, immigration was not the issue that it is in the 21st century. There is a very small percentage of Americans that can trace their heritage back to the beginning of the country without at least one family member or even generation of family that are not immigrants. Around the turn of the 20th century, with the advent of industrialization and the mass exodus from numerous countries into the United States, immigration has been a white, hot point of contention in American culture and American media. The focus of this paper is a very recent article in The New York Times about President Obama's decision to allow a specific demographic of illegal immigrants to remain the country legally providing them opportunities to obtain legal documentation, attend institutions of higher education, and work without fear of…… [Read More]


Cohen, T. (2012) Obama administration to stop deporting some young illegal immigrants. CNN, Available from . 2012 June 25.

Preston, J., & Cushman, Jr., J.H. (2012) Obama to Permit Young Migrants to Remain in U.S. The New York Times, Available from 2012 June 25.
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Ethical Issues for Business Organizations in the

Words: 3235 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54874284

ethical issues for business organizations in the twenty-first century. The forces of globalization have increased the degree to which diverse groups in society have grown dependent on one another. Hence, their expectations influence the freedoms and responsibilities of other groups. The expectations of various stakeholders have placed greater responsibilities on business organizations to be ethical in their communication with their stakeholders. Business organizations are under growing pressure to be ethical in their employment practices and in the sourcing of raw materials and labour for their operations. In addition, they are expected to recognize their responsibility towards the economic and social development of the communities where they operate and those that they influence through their operations. Hence, business organizations are also responsible to act ethically in relation to their use of the resources of the environment and to the extent that they influence it in adverse ways, such as by polluting…… [Read More]


Alder, C.S., & Gilbert, J. (2006). Achievign ethics and fairness in hiring: Going beyond the law. Journal of business ethics, Vol. 68, pp. 449-464. doi: 10.1007/s10551-006-9039-z.

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Social Issue Alcohol Drugs Consider a Social

Words: 1118 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83850354

Social issue alcohol drugs consider a social issue interested. It human freedom, sexuality, deviance, crime, social mobility, poverty, education, aging, similar issues. Select a specific social issue investigate assignment.

Social issue: Drug abuse

The social problem of drug addiction is a long-standing one, yet the causes of addiction and the best way to treat addiction still remain difficult questions to answer. One contentious issue pertains to whether addiction is a 'crime' or an 'illness,' although an increasingly large body of medical research indicates long-term abuse fundamentally rewires addicts' brains and changes their perceptions of reward and punishment. Drugs stimulate dopamine receptors. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that generates a sense of positive well-being: "Just as we turn down the volume on a radio that is too loud, the brain adjusts to the overwhelming surges in dopamine (and other neurotransmitters) by producing less dopamine or by reducing the number…… [Read More]


Cratty, Carol. (2011). New rules slashing crack cocaine sentences go into effect. CNN.

Retrieved at:

Drugs and the brain. (2012). National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Retrieved at:
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TQM Contemporary Management Philosophy Total

Words: 2198 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56083952

In fact, the local public library, increasingly threatened by competition from other entertainment sources such as expanded home entertainment systems, deluxe bookstores with cafes, and the Internet, could do well to adopt TQM principles. "A library should focus on providing the best services possible, and be willing to change to serve its customers. To determine if changes need to be made, a library administrator might ask: hat are our niche markets? hat do the customers come in for? How can I look at the efficiency of my library? How do we serve the current customers that exist today? (Masters, 2003, citing Total Quality Management, 1995). In short first learn about the customer, in this case the library patron and then solve the problems with attendance.

A library that alienated customers by being old, poorly lit, and dusty, could improve its customer service by creating more open, airy, and well-lit places…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Hansen, Dexter a. (2005). "Total Quality Management (TQM) Tutorial/Help Page." Retrieved 17 Feb 2007 at

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The Journal for Quality and Participation. Retrieved 17 Feb 2007 at

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Strategy-Afghanistan War Contemporary Strategy Treacherous

Words: 1991 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59263267

How should allied operations in Afghanistan be pursued?

In order for the operation in Afghanistan to be effective, there are several ways that can be opted for. The allied forces should be trained aptly for the terrain that is in Afghanistan, the training should as well cover the entire insurgents possible pockets. This however may prove difficult since the insurgents have their protected areas that they would not allow the allied forces to intrude into.

The allied forces should as well try as much as required to penetrate the Taliban and know each plan they make, never to underestimate the Taliban however trivial or temporary their plan may be. It should be noted that the Islamic policy that the Taliban have is way more long-term focused that immediate action and stopping. The allied troops should have a long-range plan of dealing with the Taliban. A plan which will possibly stretch…… [Read More]


Gopal & Anand (2009 December 1).Karzai Aides, Tribal Leaders Say Surge is Wrong Strategy.

The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from

Robert G, (2009). Rethink Afghanistan. Retrieved April 1, 2010 from

Robert, (2008, August, 26). Taliban was "Underestimated." Retrieved April 2, 2010 from
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Cam Healthcare Management Issues Complementary and Alternative

Words: 884 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25904548


Healthcare Management Issues: Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

The objective of this work is to provide a written summary on information related to Complementary and Alternative Medicine (DAM) and to answer the question that asks how CAM products and providers are regulated. This work will additionally answer the question of what impact the proliferation of CAM has had on consumer spending for health-related care and products and the question of whether there should be more widespread third-party coverage of CAM.

The National Cancer Institute reports that Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is "the term for medical products and practices that are not part of the standard medical care. Complementary medicine refers to the treatments that are used with standard treatment." (National Cancer Institute, 2011) Alternative medicine is treatments that are utilized rather than using standard type treatments. Standard treatments are such that are "based on scientific evidence from research…… [Read More]


$34 Billion Spent Yearly on Alternative Medicine (2009) Associated Press. 30 Jul 2009. Retrieved from:

Health Consumers Spend More Out-of-Pocket than the Federal Government Counts (2011) Health Populi. Retrieved from:

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What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)? (2011) National Career Institute. Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Retrieved from:
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Ronald Reagan Contemporary Role Model

Words: 1316 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62936477

Ronald Reagan with his positive and authentic leadership led America to victory in what was known as "The Cold War." Emulation of this type of leader means that one possesses the ability to see the issues across-the-board and with a strong focus on positive attributes or the organization or administration and in the case of Ronald Reagan, upon the strength of the American people one has the characteristics necessary to lead a mass change that stretches all across the political landscape as well as changing the reality for all involved.

IV. Greatest Communicator the White House Ever Had

In the C News article entitled: "Reagan's Mixed White House Legacy" it is stated that during the eight years that Ronald Reagan was president "he left his mark on the lives of millions of Americans, and his presidency came to define an era." (C News, 2004) Related as well is that the…… [Read More]


Robinson, Peter M. (2004) Morning Again in America. Hoover Digest. 2004 No. 3. Online available at

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Kengor, Paul (2000) Reagan among the Professors: His Surprising Reputation. Policy Review, 98, Dec 1999/Jan 2000.

Reagan's Mixed White House Legacy (2004) BBC News Sunday 6 June, 2004. Online available at
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Nursing in the Contemporary World Nurses as

Words: 996 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13117825

Nursing in the Contemporary World

Nurses as the Most Highly Trusted Health Professional

ecent studies indicate that nurses are the most highly trusted health professional group.

ecent studies indicate that nurses are the most highly trusted health professional group.

Discuss the components of nursing's contemporary image that places nurses in this position of trust

Nursing profession has undergone tremendous development to attain the respect and valuation within the society. The current trend states that nursing ranks as the highly trusted health professional group. One of the components for this development is the tremendous efforts put by women to wrestle the profession from men in the historic periods. This struggle towards development of the profession reflects on different perspectives: environmental, political, cultural, and social. Extensive nursing education in the contemporary world supplements the efforts of nurses in their service provision (Im & Ju, 2012). This helps to put nursing professional group…… [Read More]


Cherry, B., & Jacob, S.R. (2011). Contemporary nursing: Issues, trends, & management. St.

Louis, Mo: Elsevier/Mosby.

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Scholarship, 44(2), 156-164. doi:10.1111/j.1547-5069.2012.01440.x
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Health and Reproductive Rights the Issues at

Words: 1281 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87433122

health and reproductive rights, the issues at stake are women's physical health and their physical autonomy. One of the main arguments that the authors make is that women's health has been compromised because of their inability to exercise autonomy. For example, the debate over reproductive rights, whether access to safe and legal abortion or access to birth control, has endangered women's physical safety. However, the ability to exercise autonomy in health control decisions is not limited to reproductive decisions; approximately one in five women between the ages of 18 and 64 lack health insurance, which strips them of the financial ability to make important health decisions (Shaw & Lee, 2009). This leads to discussions of social factors surrounding health.

In chapter seven, which focuses on family systems and family lives, the issues at stake are how family is defined by society. There has been a significant change in society from…… [Read More]


Bruggink, H. (2009). Don't give up your day job: Leslie Bennetts on the feminine mistake. In Shaw, S. & Lee, J. (Eds.) Women's voices, feminist visions: Classic and contemporary readings (4th ed.). pp. 404-407, New York: McGraw-Hill.

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Post-Modern to Contemporary Psychology

Words: 3161 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16183152

Diversity and Psychology

There were two major developments that influenced the field of psychology and the professions' views regarding multicultural competence, emphasized in 2003. The American Psychological Associations' 2002 Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct and the Guidelines on Multicultural Education, Training, Research, Practice and Organizational Change for Psychologists published in 2003 both stressed the importance of moving from a mono-cultural school of thought to a multicultural perspective and that these 'new rules' acknowledge an appreciation of differences as well as an "understanding of the inherent ambiguity and complexity in psychological practice (Pack-rown & Williams, 2003; Manesse, Saito, & Rodolfa, 2004). Knapp and VandeCreek (2003) said of these new guidelines that they articulate a need for greater sensitivity regarding linguistic and cultural minorities. The development of the new Code of Ethics and the APA's positioning were purported to be in response to a long awaited recognition of the need for…… [Read More]


American Psychological Association (2003). Guidelines on multicultural education, training, research, practice, and organizational change for psychologist. American Psychologist, 58(5), 377-402.

Barbour, I. (2000). When science meets religion: Enemies, strangers, partners? San

Francisco: Harper.

Blumenthal, A. (2001). A Wundt primer: The operating characteristics of consciousness.
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Values in the Contemporary World

Words: 1755 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77190129

Because of religion, individuals learn that it is best for them to preserve the environment and that they should concentrate on doing everything they can in order for people living in the future to have access to the same resources that they have in the present. Religious leaders and activists as a whole are essential in influencing people to get actively engaged in saving the environment. Similar to how mostly every domain is linked to religion, religious teachings are very important when considering environmentalism and the effect it has on the masses.

In trying to understand religion people should ignore biased thoughts and extremist individuals and should focus more on the morality promoted by religion in general. If interpreted correctly, religion is probable to have a beneficial effect on people, regardless of their background.

orks cited:

Bissett Pratt, James, Eternal Values in Religion (New York: Macmillan, 1950)

Roothaan, Angela, "32…… [Read More]

Works cited:

Bissett Pratt, James, Eternal Values in Religion (New York: Macmillan, 1950)

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Cooper, David E. And Palmer, Joy A. eds., Spirit of the Environment: Religion, Value, and Environmental Concern (London: Routledge, 1998)

Weber, Max, "Sociology of the World Religions: Introduction," Retrieved May 9, 2011, from the Asahi Website:
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Handicapped Characters in Contemporary Fiction

Words: 1770 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54657889

In order for the study to be conducted properly, it would be expected to use the literature review method of examination. This is the logical way to conduct this type of study. However, there is not that much literature available. ecause of this, the method that will be used will instead be similar to a case study method, but will be expanded to study more than one case. In other words, the study will not just examine Forrest Gump, for example, but will look at books, stories, television shows, and movies over the last 20 years in order to determine the way that handicapped characters evolve, the way that they are treated, and whether there are more handicapped characters now than there were. While the handicapped characters' evolution and the way that they are portrayed is important, also important is whether more handicapped characters are being seen in fiction today…… [Read More]

Bibliography hero sits next door. (2005). Episode Guide. Family Guy Main. (2006).

Forrest Gump. (n.d.). UMBC. English 347. 

Perry, Gregg. (2004). Confessions of a handicapped man. World Net Daily.

Snakes on a Plane (2006). Plot Summary. IMDB.
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How Do We Find Values in the Contemporary World

Words: 829 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32857366

Spiritual Intelligence: How Do We Find Values in the Contemporary World

The focus of this brief research report is to examine the issue of finding values in the contemporary world. Values, in the context of this research study relates to principles, standards, ethics, deeply-held beliefs and guides for living however, values also is akin to 'meaning'. Therefore, this research study examines how values and meaning is constructed in the life of a contemporary individual.

There has been much written in recent years concerning cognition and emotional intelligence. Studies in these two areas have yielded positive constructs, which individuals and social groups have successfully developed individually or in terms of the group upon the bases of cognitive and emotional intelligence behaviors and functional processes. Little explored however, is the area relating to what is known as 'Spiritual Intelligence."

What is Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual intelligence is reported as a "higher dimension of…… [Read More]


Griffiths, Richard (2008) The Spiritual Intelligence Paradigm. SQ Institute Spiritual Intelligence Education. Retrieved from: SQ Institute, 2009

Spiritual Intelligence (2010) Mindwise. Retrieved from:

Spiritual Intelligence (1999) Illini Christian Faculty and Staff. 18 Feb. 1999. Retrieved from:
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Conceptualizations of Racism in Contemporary Britain Racism

Words: 1857 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28591880

Conceptualizations of Racism in Contemporary ritain

Racism in contemporary ritain is a complex and often contentious issue. The important issues related to this concept are difficult for various critics to agree upon. Issues such as primordialism and the importance of class structures in the struggle for racial equality serve as the center of various debates surrounding race and racism in contemporary ritain.


Primordialism is a concept attached to the biological origins of race, and the effect of this upon social behavior (Mason in Rex & Mason 5). The question surrounding this issue is whether the phenotype or culture attached to racial origins has an independent effect or whether it is mediated by contemporary social meaning. This is reminiscent of the biological inferiority theories that provides race as an excuse for oppression. The scientific exploration of human origins is thus incorporated into racist theory. According to the ell Curve (published…… [Read More]


Ben-Tovim, G., J. Gabriel, I. Law, and K. Stredder. "A Political Analysis of Local Struggles for Racial Equality." In Theories of Race and Ethnic Relations. Edited by John Rex and David Mason. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1986.

Jenkins, R. "Social Anthropological Models of Inter-ethnic Relations." Ben-Tovim, G., J. Gabriel, I. Law, and K. Stredder. "A Political Analysis of Local Struggles for Racial Equality." In Theories of Race and Ethnic Relations. Edited by John Rex and David Mason. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1986.

Mason, D. "Controversies and Continuities in Race and Ethnic Relations Theory." In Theories of Race and Ethnic Relations. Edited by John Rex and David Mason. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1986.

Mason, D. Race and Ethnicity in Modern Britain. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000.
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American Policing Issues Why Is

Words: 1853 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32212869

11. What is community policing? How does it differ from traditional policing?

Community policing emphasizes positive situational contacts between police personnel and the general public and de-emphasizes enforcement-based approaches to policing. It differs from traditional policing mainly in that it is a means of reducing crime through enhanced public involvement in communities and in that it strongly promotes the initiation of police-civilian contacts outside of the enforcement realm (Caruso & Nirode, 2001).

12. What is the nature of the drug problem in the United States? Is today's drug problem any different or worse than the drug problem in the past?

The most important drug problem today is the questionable value of criminalizing private recreational drug use, particularly in relation to marijuana, which cannot be justified or logically distinguished from the permissive approach to cigarette and alcohol consumption. Evidence from Europe suggests that even enforcement of criminal laws prohibiting the use…… [Read More]


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Counterterrorism in the Contemporary World Terrorists Are

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In the contemporary world, terrorists are groups or individuals who use covert warfare to press for political, social, or cultural reform. Rather than using the political process though, they believe that violence is the only way they can prove to the world that their cause is just -- and the psychological terror engendered will engage the world, if not in sympathy, then at least in acknowledgement and fear that their cause is just. For example, in the modern state of Israel, there is some type of incident almost every week. Palestinian terrorists often send suicide bombers into mass transit, restaurants, and schools; all in the name of making the game so violent that Israel will back down simply to stop the terror. This idea that violence will change political and social events often stems from a particular reading of Karl Marx -- in that terror will create and prolong…… [Read More]


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