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Current Issues Essays (Examples)

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Christian and Secular Education Current Issue
Words: 1675 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 20602661
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secular society, Christian values, beliefs, and worldviews are systematically excluded from the educational system. Parents who can afford costly private schools can help inculcate their children into a Biblical worldview, but the majority of Christians who cannot do this and whose children attend public schools need to find ways to resolve the ideological conflicts presented to their children. Children regularly receive disparate information about crucial issues such as those related to gender roles and norms, human sexuality, and the origin of life on earth. While all of these core topics challenge Christian educators to adapt their curricula to conform to legal and societal expectations, the most contentious of these might be the evolution and intelligent design debate. Christian educators continue to struggle with presenting a more balanced worldview to their students, but legal and societal expectations persist in silencing minority voices. One of the most important contemporary issues in education,…


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Current Ethical Buddhism Issues
Words: 1159 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64183018
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uddhist Ethical Concerns

There are numerous ethical issues that have tended to dominate and generate debate in the world during the last decade. Issues such as abortion, ecology, genetic engineering and animal experimentation are ethical problems that deeply concern all religious persuasions. These issues are of particular importance with regard to uddhist views and practices. One of the central areas that have evoked a wide ranger of ethical responses from both Western and Eastern religions is the question of cloning and stem cell research. All of these issues confront the practicing uddhist and all demand a response from the uddhist viewpoint in contemporary life.

Underlying much of the uddhist approach to contemporary ethical problems is the principle of Karma and the fundamental emphasis on actions that are non-harmful to other sentient beings. This foundational precept is based on the belief in the intrinsic value of all living things. This refers…


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Current Event Singer Natasha Should
Words: 325 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77684497
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The inconclusive evidence shows the difficulty of regulating issues of science rather than policy, and given that it is not certain that these substances are dangerous in the amounts in cosmetics, the warning labels seem unlikely to influence consumer behavior.

I ask the question: does more information promote better behavior? The answer is: not always. Millions of people eat artificial sweeteners, drink alcohol, and smoke cigarettes, despite warning labels on these products. Also, people use cosmetics tested on animals -- and even inject Botox, a paralyzing chemical in their foreheads, in the name of beauty. Additional warning labels will do little to change consumer behavior, especially when it comes to style, unless there is more research that proves that these chemicals pose a health risk.

Current Best Practices for Nursing
Words: 863 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91199204
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How can nurses recognize their own accountabilities and responsibilities when delegating aspects of care to others?
It is a difficult task for nurse to understand precisely what to do in the delegation process as there are many conflicting guidelines and opinions on the subject. The only sure way for registered nurses to properly fulfill their responsibilities of delegation, is to maintain a relationship with the nurses they delegated and be available for them when necessary. At the same time, nurses need to be sure to give trainees space in order for them to learn independently. Patience, observance, and guidance are the techniques essential to registered nurses attempting to provide quality delegation.
How can nurses delegate and supervise others consistent with legislation and organizational policy?
In order to delegate and supervise their trainees, registered nurses need to strictly comply with the current legislation and organizational policies existing in their place of…

Reference List
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Research of Emerging Accounting Issues
Words: 1735 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43397907
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.....mission of the Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF) exerts upon the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)

The Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF) was established with the main purpose of addressing and coming up with resolve for current issues being faced by professionals in the accounting field, which were not addressed by announcements of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). Prior to the establishment of ETIF in 1984, the FASB constantly faced challenges of not being able to offer well-timed and sensible solutions to developing practice problems. The EITF was therefore designed to disseminate and propagate carrying out guidance within the structure of the Accounting Standards Codification to decrease multiplicity when it comes down to it on a well-timed basis. In their field of profession, accountants experience a wide range of issues that are not comprehensively addressed in accounting pronouncements, and, which necessitate prompt resolve. In addition, such professionals insist that…

Wildland Management Issue -- Fires
Words: 1078 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35899221
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hat are the pros and cons of controlled burning in Yellowstone?

The pros and cons of controlled burning in Yellowstone National Park have the same consequences -- uncontrollable fire. The pros of controlled burning are twofold. First, studies have proven the positive effects of controlled burning with regards to fire management. As previously stated, controlled burns remove debris from the forest floor that can be considered fodder for larger fires. In addition, controlled and natural burning allow fires to ecologically impact the park. In recent decades, a variety of research has been completed concerning the benefits of the burns on ecology, and controlled burning is proven to, in most cases, allow for positive change within the ecosystem.

Part II Recommendation Analysis

Based on the above information, fires in Yellowstone National Park, whether controlled or otherwise, are an issue of grave importance to park personnel. In order to appropriately deal with…

Works Cited

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Strategic Issues in Large Business
Words: 1217 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34320028
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2011). Following the guidelines and supporting research provided in this article can help large enterprises avoid such pitfalls (Newman et al. 2011).

An article that recently appeared in the Sloan Management Review examines the internal rather than the external risks of an organization. This article divides these internal risks into three categories: risks created by the unwanted/unauthorized actions of employees, risks of not achieving strategic objectives that are inherent to any "interesting strategy," and risks caused by completely uncontrollable external events (Mangelsdorf 2011). It is only by understanding how each of these risks might affect the organization and by working to achieve a minimization of exposure to each type of risk -- often through the creation of contingency plans -- that organizational success can be assured (Mangelsdorf 2011).

In another article appearing in the summer issue of the Sloan Management Review, the ever-important issue of information is addressed. Information is…

Economic Tools Concepts to Evaluate a Current
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13612395
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economic tools concepts to evaluate a current issue situation which exist today in the U.S. health care industry

Health Industry:

There are two sets of health issues and many players in the health industry. One set of paradigm deals with the public and private health care issues, and another the emerging trend of market oriented changes in the health care industry. Hitherto health care was a public service but has now transformed itself into a competitive industry. In other words it has become a part of the national economy and economic analysis is not only important to care givers and institutions, but is also important to doctors and medical workers because the health industry is highly competitive. The debate on public health issues changed in the past with more scientific developments and insight into community care and medicine. (Fox; Ludden, 1998)

Some of the modern developments of the end of…

Value creation to day is mostly done by pharmacy benefit managers -- PBMs and health maintenance organizations -- HMOs. The new healthcare players are thus in need of these tools to improve the medical cost management skills, and creating a competitive organizational culture. (Goh; Pritula, 1996) Another tool to analyze the economy of the health care industry is the way the demand for and the supply of the care grows or subsides. Today health-care markets like all others have been influenced by supply and demand, and the more competitive environment which has created purchasers like insurers and investors in the industry have now become beneficiaries of the market forces and the cost of health-care is now a great percentage of the gross national product -- GNP as a result of the interplay of demand and supply changes. (Fox; Ludden, 1998)

Here the supply and demand in the health industry is taken by the public and private sector, and this has paved way for the growth of medical science. For example the changes in the healthcare spending and patient revenue and hospital utilization shown in table one was computed by Sensenig et al. (1996). Likewise are the changes in consumer prices for medical care services. There are many other indicators which show the way the industry behaves given the specific economic condition. To this variables some specific conditions for example inflation, and other economic situations are detected and the comparison provides the mechanism why the health care expenditure change. The table 1 shows the fact that "Medical care prices are now growing at roughly twice the rate as overall prices." (Sensenig, et al., 1996)

Health care professionals now use concepts like Utilization review for case management and this analysis will be beneficial to social workers making them indispensable to the management and

Ford Apply the Issues and
Words: 952 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 87420235
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Additionally, as the economic crisis hit the company, the efforts to sustaining the development of communities have also decreased.

Ford customers

The customers have generally represented the centerfold of the Ford Motor strategy in the meaning that the company strived to satisfy their needs and provide them with the products and services they desired. This statement seemed however more applicable with the past, rather than today. Ford understood the Americans' need for large, safe and reliable automobiles, which not only served the mobility needs, but also made an international as well as social statement. And Ford was perfect at satisfying these needs. However, as change affected the international context, the automobile manufacturer proved unable to change its approach. The customers were being harshly impacted by the soaring prices of oil and were also becoming more environmentally responsible consumers. This basically meant that they no longer required the traditional large size…


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E-Banking Its History and Current
Words: 12488 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 20740024
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Third is a series of passwords and personal information chosen by the customer. On top of this they guarantee customers that if they are victims of fraudulent activity on their Egg accounts, any losses are covered in full. "This has never happened," says Andrew. "There has never been any breach of internet security." ("- -- : Safety Net for" 2001:44)

Again internet and bank security are largely overexagertated yet they are occurring more frequently all banks and many other institutions are taking daily active precautions to reduce risk to customers and they are largely successful in doing so Electronic banking can take many forms. A recent trend that is a direct threat to banks is the development of e-money which takes the jurisdiction of stored financial value away from banks. The trend is growing as an alternative way in which to do online commerce transactions without utilizing bank systems including…

Figure 5 Online Banking and Ecommerce in Europe (Meyer 2006: )

Figure 6 Security Breech Experience is Rare in Europe (Meyer 2006:

Government Current Policy Issue
Words: 1067 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18979640
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blanket media coverage of U.S.-Iraq war has forced many other important national and international issues in the background. One of these is the controversial policy of the U.S. government regarding the prisoners kept in the Guantanamo Bay camps without trial. In this paper about the Guantanamo bay prisoners we shall explore the conditions under which they are kept, their rights under international and U.S. law, the possibility that some of them may be innocent, the U.S. administration's view point about the issue, and what options are being considered for their future.

Hooded and Shackled

After the Taliban regime was defeated in Afghanistan, prisoners suspected of having links to the Al-Qaeda organization were brought, hooded and shackled, to the prison camps at Guantanamo Bay. More than a year later, the U.S. government is still holding some 650 prisoners there without any bringing any charges against them. (Kay, "No Fast track...")


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Ethical Values and Issues in
Words: 1195 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17530085
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S. (Levine, 2008).

One of the paradoxes of modern medical science and technology is the blurring of the line between life and death, something that was never an issue before modern medicine (Griniezakis, 2007; Levine, 2008). That was the case even before the most recent revelations in 2009 that many patients previously diagnosed as being in long-term persistent vegetative states actually remained conscious throughout their ordeal and that several patients considered to be brain dead according to accepted criteria eventually recovered consciousness (Halpern, az, Kohn, et al., 2010). The obvious concern is that inaccurate diagnoses of persistent vegetative states and the premature declaration of death could result in the procurement of organs for transplant from patients who could still recover from their medical predicament. That issue, unlike religious objections to scientific research remains a valid bioethics concern.

The other principal ethical issue in relation to organ transplantation is in connection…


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Annals of Internal Medicine (March 16, 2010).


Challenges Issues, and Trends in the Logistics and Transportation Field

The complexity of logistics in terms of the split channels, a higher variance in products and demand for customer focused solutions has been on the rise. There have been several trends that indicate that there are many challenges down the line as global trade becomes even more interactive and complex (Editorial Staff, 2013).


Studies point to the following trends.

Emergence of New Technology: Most companies have realized that there is need to make use of new technology. esearch shows that 60% of major companies plan to invest heavily in data analysis tools in the coming five-year period. The tools are meant to enhance a holistic handling and precise and proactive connection of data so as to boost control and planning outcomes (Editorial Staff, 2013).

A Structural Change Freight by Air to Freight by Sea:…


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Criminal Justice Policy Issue
Words: 1218 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73970594
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Criminal Justice Policy Issue

One of the increasing major concerns in the field of criminal justice is the rising fear of crime in public by juvenile violence, also known as 'youth violence'. This paper would discuss a selected journal article that is based on this issue and would highlight its key findings, issues, recommendations and the summary based on the discussion of the chosen issue.

The article chosen on the selected issue of 'youth violence' is "Youth Violence: Do parents make a difference" written by Laurence Steinberg. The author talks about the decreased rate in youth violence in America, especially the school related violence. The author makes a point that although school violence cannot be controlled or can be to a very limited extent with the help of surveillance cameras in the schools, but stricter measures need to be taken in order to completely eradicate it from America. The society,…


Bushman, B.J., Calvert, S.L., Dredze, M., Jablonski, N.G., Morrill, C., Romer, D., Newman, K., Downey, G., Goyyfredson, M., Masten, A.S., Neill, D.B., & Wenster, D.W. (0216). American Psychologist, 71 (1), 17-39. DOI: 

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Polish Companies Reacted to Ethical Issues and
Words: 22311 Length: 76 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1609303
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Polish Companies Reacted to Ethical Issues and Changes in usiness Standards Since the Fall of Communism in 1989?

Poland's Economy Pre-Communism's Fall

Poland's Natural Resources

Minerals and Fuels

Agricultural Resources

Labor Force

The Polish Economy Under Communism

System Structure

Development Strategy

The Centrally-Planned Economy

Establishing the Planning Formula

Retrenchment and Adjustment in the 1960s

Reliance on Technology in the 1970s

Reform Failure in the 1980s

Poland's Economy After the Fall of Communism

Poland After the Fall of Communism

Fall of Communism

Marketization and Stabilization

Required Short-Term Changes

Section 2.3.2. The Shock Strategy

Section 2.3.3. Initial Results

Section 2.3.4. Long-Term Requirements

Section 2.4. Macroeconomic Indicators for 1990-91

Section 2.4.1. Price Increases

Section 2.4.2. Impact on Productivity and Wages

Section 2.4.3. Statistical Distortions

Section 2.4.4. Agricultural Imbalances

Section 2.4.5. Causes of Decline

Section 2.5.The Polish Post-Communism Privatization Process

Section 2.6. Structure of Poland's Economy: Post-Communism

Section 2.6.1. Fuels and Energy

Section 2.6.2.…


Bowie E. (1999) Business Ethics a Kantian Perspective Oxford: Blackwell

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Factors Trends of Various Justice Issues in the US
Words: 1624 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11693947
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Justice Systems

What are the main factors that determine high or low incarceration rates?

The last twenty years have witnessed a significant and historic shift with regards to the use of imprisonment within the United States. In 1980, less than half a million people were imprisoned in the jails and prisons of America. Today there are almost 2 million inmates and still rising. Annually, the U.S. is spending about $35 billion every year on correctional facilities while many other government departments such as transportation, health and human services and education do not have enough funds to fulfill their functions effectively. The most alarming fact about correctional services in the U.S. is that imprisonment is used mostly on African-American and Hispanic males. It was recently estimated by the Department of Justice that about a third of all African-American males will be incarcerated at least once in their lives. It is also…


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political Research Associates. (2005, May). The United States vs. The World. Retrieved July 15, 2015, from Political Research Associates:

Current Events From the Last Six Months
Words: 704 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98803320
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current events from the last six months that relate to the international business environment of Japan. It will include an analysis of Japan's international business activities, Japan's government, private enterprise in Japan, and the impact of international organizations on Japan.

International Business Activites

China's rapid domestic growth has been important in maintaining Japan's economy. Specifically, steel exports to China have been growing, increasing profits for four major Japanese steel companies (Shimbun).

Japan's ongoing business relationship with the U.S. continues to thrive. Almost 20 years after it first began U.S. production, Honda's U.S.-based operations made their 10 millionth vehicle (Yahoo News).


Disturbingly, a recent poll suggests that Japanese citizens are losing faith in their government. Only a week after the November 9th Lower House election, almost 52% of respondents felt that Koizumi would not honor his campaidn promises (, Japan's voters).

Japan's government has recently entertained the idea of sanctions…

Works Cited Japan's Export-Led Growth May Not Ignite Consumption (Update1). 26 November 2003. Japan's Voters Say Koizumi Can't Keep Promises, Yomiuri Reports. 26 November 2003. .

Japan Today. Corporate incomes drop for 2nd straight year. 26 November 2003. 

Japan Today. Japan submits to WTO list of retaliatory tariffs against U.S.

26 November 2003.

current policy on veteran homelessness
Words: 1342 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41999884
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Current Policy

The Obama Administration had pledged to end veteran homelessness, an interesting pledge given the myriad of complex reasons why people become homeless. But they were able to make progress towards that objective. The White House announced in 2016 that it had be able to cut veteran homelessness by 47% as of 2016 (Zoroya, 2016). The number living on the street was reduced 56% during the 2010-2016 time period. This was the result of a number of different approaches, which highlight the way that policy is addressed in this area.

The project to end veteran homelessness was the result of a coordinated effort by two departments, the Bureau of Veteran Affairs (VA) and Housing & Urban Development. The VA cites three components of its plan: conducting outreach to seek out veterans in need; connecting homeless and at-risk veterans with housing solutions; and collaborating with various government agencies, employers, housing…

Supply Chain

The Current State, Objective and Future Trends of isk and disruption management in supply chains

States and Trends of isk and Disruption Management in Supply Chains

After suffering for years, managers' gain ground in supporting supply and demand market of today, yet the effective assessment of managing risk as well as disruption is still an active conversation amongst project managers. Management takes a new position and arranges new strategies to support potential critical paths in product development and distribution. The supply chain is now global, thanks to the help of the internet, and thus needs active plans to support the future growth of distribution of products to a diverse and otherwise complex sociological environment. By evaluating the current state, revealing potential trends and discussing the support of potential disruptions, a better understanding for problem solving and preventative measures will ensue.

Current State

The current state of affairs for…


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Current Trends in Classroom Management
Words: 586 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67339516
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Fitness Business Trends

Three current trends in classroom management

One recent trend in classroom management is a stress on defined goals and expectations. The popular classroom behavioral management program Wong's Pragmatic Theory "stresses that classroom procedures and rules are clarified at the very beginning of the school year. Teachers are to instruct students how to follow rules and procedures. The teacher prepares lessons about the rules and procedures so that he or she can thoroughly teach the kids about the classroom procedures and rules" (Miller 2013). This stress upon predictability is also commensurate with such philosophies as behavioral theory, which emphasizes how student behavior can be shaped and reformed through goal-setting. Students are given goals to strive for and then are rewarded for reaching those goals. For students with behavioral issues this can be useful given that it provides concrete, reward-based mechanisms for improvement. The need for greater adherence to…


Behavior management. Sage Publications. Retrieved from: 

Lynch, M. (2013). Future trends in K-12 classroom management. Education Week. Retrieved

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Current Debate About Measuring Poverty and Wealth in Canada
Words: 1631 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20445221
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Straightened Circumstances": A eview and Analysis of the Current Debate about Measuring Poverty and Wealth in Canada

Although there is no official definition of poverty in Canada, recent estimates place the percentage as high as 14% overall, with significantly higher levels for vulnerable populations such as single elderly females, indigenous peoples, and single females with children. These levels of poverty indicate that the problem is severe and it is important to ensure that the steps that are taken to address poverty in Canada are timely and effective. In order to ensure that the scarce resources that are used to assist impoverished Canadians are applied effectively, though, there must also be some reliable ways of determining whether progress is being made or not. To this end, this paper provides a review and analysis of the relevant literature concerning the current debate about measuring poverty and wealth in Canada, followed by a…


Armitage, A. (2005). Social welfare in Canada, 4th ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press Canada.

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Current Ethical Practices in Mentoring Coaching
Words: 1707 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 45170050
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Ethical Practices in Mentoring/Coaching

Ethical Practices

Effective mentoring and coaching are strengthened through nine major principles. The nine principles inform and guide the mentoring and coaching practice. Ethical practice is one of the nine principles of effective mentoring and coaching, and it enhances and safeguards mentoring and coaching. When ethical principles guide and inform the practice of mentoring and coaching, the client is safeguarded. Ethical principles include faithfulness, respect for the autonomy of the client, acting in a manner that is advantageous to the client, acting fairly and preventing harm. When these values are employed in mentoring and coaching, transparency and openness is achieved. Ethical mentoring and coaching are guided through professional practice codes and legal requirements.

Operating within agreed boundaries and limits makes the client to feel secure. Sheena requires upholding ethical principles while mentoring the new teachers in her school (Connor and (Pokora, 2012, p.226). However, she finds…


Connor, M., & Pokora, J (2012). Coaching and mentoring at work: Developing effective practice. London: McGraw-Hill International.

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Current Health Issue
Words: 861 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69656295
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health care issues that can be the basis for determining appropriate policy priorities.

Review current literature and fully discuss hot topics, current reforms and two issues that should be imperative to health care policies.

The health care industry is fraught with issues that will continue to impact policies on a federal, sate and local level throughout the coming years. Disease management, health care reform and the threat of terrorism are all critical issues.

The Impact of Current Health Care Issues

The following memorandum outlines and discusses several challenges that are currently facing the health care industry. There are many flaws in the current health care system in this country and eventually legislation and policy reforms will need to be implemented in order to return health care to a "healthy" state.

The issues facing health care policy makers are numerous but some are more critical than others and need more immediate…


Health Care Woes Boost Generics Bill. 2002

Issues in Healthcare. .

Weekly Check on Health Care Costs and Coverage. 2002

Issues of Social Class
Words: 898 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77882676
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Social Class

My current social class is dependent upon the fundamental reason why I am writing this paper: my level of education. Even though it is an idealization to consider that education in America is as meritocratic as it pretends to be, and whether its high price-tag is merited. The price tag looks particularly high when viewed in comparison with most European countries, in which the cost of university education is virtually subsidized. Recent riots broke out in London over the raising of the level of school fees required to be paid by students at universities like Oxford and Cambridge. By American standards, even the proposed raised fees make Oxford only as expensive as a community college education would be for an American. Nevertheless, the price tag of an education in America is only part of the complex process whereby it does offer an automatic way of increasing one's own…

Current Ethical Issue
Words: 817 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19526857
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Changing Attitudes Regarding Same-Sex Marriages

Even in today's modern, permissive society, many people are still jolted by the idea of same-sex marriage. However, throughout history, regardless of whether or not society encouraged it, gay and lesbian couples have been living with one another for centuries. The only difference today is that gays and lesbians are now demanding the same rights as heterosexuals, including the government's recognition of their relationships.

With official recognition, gay and lesbian couples would have the right to all economic and family-oriented privileges as heterosexual couples have. For example, surviving gay partners would have the right to obtain pension and Social Security payments. And gays and lesbians would be able to include their partners in their health insurance packages.

However, many state and national agencies still have old-fashioned attitudes toward same-sex marriages. For example, the New Jersey Family Policy Council believes that the institution of marriage would…


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Issues in Criminal Justice System
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Criminal Justice System

Challenges of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) to law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies view the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) the most harmful street gang in the U.S. The aggressive nature of MS-13 members have led to a variety of killings and terrible beatings. Various trials held in New York and Maryland have led to significant jail terms even extending to life imprisonment for MS-13 members. The FBI was first attracted by violence, but proof of the gang's escalating level of organization has drawn public attention. Organization is an indicator of a future where MS-13 is will be a transnational network of criminals extending from the United States to suburban communities in a multitude of U.S. towns (Mandel, 2013).

Despite functions of violence, it is worrying to note that MS-13 movement is improving its structure and organization. Many major security experts are comparing it to the illegal groups of the 50s…


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Current Teaching Practices of High School History Classrooms
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Technology in History Classes]

Since the beginning of education in the U.S., the classroom setting has remained the same: Students have sat quietly in their seats with just a pencil, textbook and lined paper to practice their "readin', riting and 'rithmetic." However, the advent of new technologies is heralding a change. In a growing number of schools, technological innovations are beginning to significantly change the way that information is conveyed and students learn. Depending on the creativity of the teacher, the advent of computers, CD-ROMs, videodiscs, multimedia, and cable networks is expanding the breadth of the curriculum -- from mathematics to the social sciences. For example, teachers have found multiple ways to restructure technology into high school history that have made an often very dry topic come to life.

In 1983 Howard Gardner, a Harvard University professor, introduced his theory of "multiple intelligences" (MI). His book Intelligence Reframed showed that…

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Current Event
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misconduct of police officers and abuse by law enforcement in the United States. In the past few years, there has been an increase in instances of police misconduct and behavior and lack of reprimanding of such law enforcement officers. These are one of the most stringent and acrimonious human rights desecrations in the nation. Police have taken part in baseless and unwarranted shootings, austere beatings, lethal chokings, and rough treatment without cause. Whereas the percentage of continually abusive and delinquent officers on any force is usually minimal, more often than not, responsible authorities fail to undertake decisive action to contain or reprimand such acts (Human ights Watch, 2016). Police misconduct takes into account unlawful or unethical actions or the violations of people's statutory rights by police officers in the conduct of their day-to-day duties. Instances of police misconduct comprise of police inhumaneness, duplicity, fraud, intimidation, torture to force admissions, abuse…


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Current Macroeconomic Issue
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oil shock (like the one now looming as a result of the impending war with Iraq) will affect the United States economy.

War with Iraq is imminent. While any degree of instability in the Middle East region is reason enough to worry, when one couples this reality with the fact that Saddam Hussein is widely considered to be unstable, the recipe for disaster is compounded many-fold. Unfortunately for the United States, this disaster will not be contained to the immediate region of the Persian Gulf. The oil supply disruption that is sure to follow the launching of an attack by American troops will reverberate throughout the world and will hit the U.S. economy especially hard because of its high dependence on this fossil fuel.

Synopsis of Issue

To get some kind of perspective on this issue, consider the extent of the known oil reserves in Iraq. According to reliable estimates…


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Huntington, H.G. (1998) Crude oil prices and U.S. economic performance: Where does the asymmetry reside? The Energy Journal, Vol. 19, Issue 4. Retrieved February 12, 2003 from ( 9' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

Current Research on Staph Infections
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Current Areas of esearch

Much of the current research on staphylococcus aureus centers on the emergence of antibiotic-resistance strains. In particular, the resistant strain MSA is resistant to methicillin and related drugs. This has created a number of issues for medical practitioners, as staph infections are one of the more common infections that occur in a health setting.

One of the threads of research in this regard concerns the spread of staph infection in the hospital setting. It has long been believed that s. aureus infections were transmitted between patients. Where outbreaks have occurred, the response has generally reflected this view, with patients being segregated, and other similar remedies. ecent research has shown, however, that transmission between patients in the intrahospital setting does not occur nearly as much as previously thought (Long, Beres, Olsen & Musser, 2014). This is an important finding for health care facilities, because it changes…


Haba, E., Bouhdid, S., Solana, N., Marques, A., Espuny, M., Celma, M. & Manresa, A. (2014). Rhamnolipids as emulsifying agents for essential oil formulations:

Antimicrobial effect against Candida albicans and methicillin-resistant

Staphylococcus aureus. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Vol. 476 (2014) 134-141.

Kriegeskorte, A., Block, D., Drescher, M.., Windmuller, N.,Mellmann, A.,Baum, C., Neumann, C., Lore, N., Bragonzi, A., Liebau, E., Hertel, P., Seggeweiss, J., Becker, K., Proctoer, R., Peters, G., & Kahl, B. (2014). Inactivation of thyA in staphylococcus aureus attenuates virulence and has a strong impact on metabolism and virulence gene expression. mBio. Vol.5(4) 1-15

Current Debate About Nuclear Power the Issues and Proposed Solutions
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Nuclear Power

Nuclear energy: The Current Debate

Energy creation and consumption has been the primary driving force of political and military action since the Industrial evolution, and arguably for centuries before this shift mechanization and the widespread use of fossil fuels. In the twentieth century, mankind acquired the ability to harness the power of atomic splitting and nuclear chain reactions seemed to many a promise of freedom form the problems of fossil fuels, including their expense and their unwanted effects on the world (i.e. pollution). Some were even so optimistic about nuclear energy's potential that they envisioned a world where electricity was free, and energy meets were easily, cheaply, and entirely met by nuclear means. eality has not been so rosy, of course, and concerns regarding the environmental and health safety of nuclear energy -- especially in the light of recent seismic events in Japan -- are now a major…


Bommer, J., Papaspiliou, M. & Price, W. (2011). Earthquake response spectra for seismic design of nuclear power plants in the UK. Nuclear Engineering and Design 241(3): 968-77.

Lee, C. & Chiu, Y. (2011). Oil prices, nuclear energy consumption, and economic growth: New evidence using a heterogeneous panel analysis. Energy Policy 39(4): 2111-20.

Current Political Debate
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Political Debate

One on the most hotly contested debates today is whether President Bush should invade Iraq. Though there are numerous experts arguing both side of this debate, most of the public's questions are left unanswered.

Terrorist Attacks

There are critics who believe the United States involvement in the U.N. sanctions provoked the terrorist attacks on September 11. They blame the sanctions for an increase in the death rate of Iraqi children due to starvation. Others, however, blame Saddam Hussein for the deaths, stating he is buying weapons and living a luxurious lifestyle instead of providing food and medical supplies to the Iraqi people (Sanctions, 2001).

An Argument Against ar

The terrorist attacks have lead President Bush to consider invading Iraq. Before he can make this decision, he must first address several issues such as how much threat does Iraq pose, the cost of war, relationships with Arab Community and…

Works Cited

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Current Crisis Impacted Financial Market Real Economy Everyday Lives
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Effect of the recession on upon financial market, the real economy and over everyday lives

ecession is defined as the economic slowdown or decline characterized by slowing down of trade, a magnitude decline in the GDP, and a decrease in employment usually lasting between 6 months to a year. This was the situation in the U.S.A. The hardest times being from 2008 through 2009 and the early months of 2010. America is still recovering from the effects of the recession that the country experienced from 2007 to 2009.

The slow down in economy triggered a massive job loss and unemployment rates that shot through the roof, the prices went up and a great deal of uncertainty rippled through the country. This situation has now seen a reverse trend albeit at a slower rate than was expected by many. The unemployment rate in November 2011 fell by 0.4% to 8.6%…


Amitabh Shukia, (2009). Top 5 major Economic Effects of Recession on Economy.

Retrieved May 13, 2012 from 

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Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press.

Current Sociological Issue Using an Explicitly Marxist Perspective
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economic crisis that hit the international community and the world economies has determined, since 2008, a slow, almost invisible shift in the doctrinal preferences of more and more people in terms of deciding on the right economic approach to be followed in order to avoid such crises from taking place in the future. Although there have been numerous attempts to convince on the benefits of capitalism, the economic crises that have taken place since the 70s on a cyclical basis have been used as counterarguments for the efficiency of capitalism and free market economies as we know it today. In this sense, more and more people, scholars, professors, and even politicians, advocate a more moderate approach to capitalism to include several aspects of apparently long-forgotten economic doctrines such as Marxism. However, Marxism in its purest form is not the solution; yet, it offers the justifications for what is now seen…


Dunleavy, Patrick, and Brendan O'Leary. Theories of the state. The Politics of Liberal Democracy. London and New York: Macmillan and Meredith, 1987.

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Current Organizational Problem
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Work-Life Balance

Does Leisure Time Affect Work Performance?

Employees are the most valuable asset that any organization has in their possession. Many times it is difficult for employees to balance their obligations of work, yet still maintain a fulfilling life outside of the workplace. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy work and home life balance. This research measures the ability to detach from work to get quality leisure time and its impact on employees. The results found that at this organization workers did not have the ability to recover during leisure time. Suggestions were made for improving the situation at the healthcare facility.

Does Leisure Time Affect Work Performance?


Employees are the most valuable asset that any organization has in their possession. Many times it is difficult for employees to balance their obligations of work, yet still maintain a fulfilling life outside of the…


Berg, J. & Grant, A. (2010). When Callings Are Calling: Crafting Work and Leisure in Pursuit of Unanswered Occupational Callings. Organization Science. 21 (5), 573-994.

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Fullick, S., Grindey, C., & Edwards, B et al. (2009). Relationships between leisure-time energy expenditure and individual coping strategies for shift-work. Ergonomics 52 (4), 448-455.

Current Affairs
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globe has people of different backgrounds on basis of religion, culture, beliefs, economy and many other attributes, there is need to have some attributes that will help bind the globe. This is where the international laws come in, these are agreed upon treaties or conventions which nations look upon to bind them, often they have a universal attraction and entrusted into the hands of a global organization to ensure they are implemented. An example is the international law on basic human rights where each individual has the right to life and others that concern protection of women and children as the most vulnerable in times of war. I was aware that there are rules of engagement in war but I never knew of the Jus War Doctrine. This is a doctrine that indicates that war is philosophically based on morals, there is a just war and unjust war. According to…


BBC News Europe, (2014). Ukraine v Russia militaries - in 60 seconds. Retrieved September 17, 2014 from

Issues in Diversity
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It is an unfortunate fact that many Supreme Court Judges have proven themselves to be somewhat lacking in ethical conduct, creating a conflict between their office as guardians of justice and fairness and their own interests to promote their own agendas for greater power and wealth. (Cheberenchick, 2013). Although many of the misconduct cases that have recently seen the light are personal in nature, some are also driven by financial and political pressures, as in the case of Alabama. In this state, judges are required to raise large sums of money to compete in judicial campaigns. Significantly, political pressure is also particularly prevalent during judicial campaigns to overrule jury decisions and upholding capital punishment. One might therefore question the entire system for its disproportionate focus on pleasing those with wealth and power rather than upholding justice for those who are most desperately in need. (Cheberenchick, 2013). Clearly, reforms are…


Cheberenchick, K. (2013, Aug. 12). Justice Thomas' Corrupt Record Should Inspire New Code of Ethics. Retrieved from:

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Issues in Technology Innovation
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technology s-curve analysis is useful to assess the developmental lifecycle stage of technology. The term s-curve refers to the share that the progress of the lifecycle will be seen as on a graph where the x axis is time and the y axis is performance White & Bruton, 201). The line resembles an s, as shown in figure 1 below

Figure 1; the Technology S-Curve

The curve is useful as it will help to assess where technology is in the life cycle, and whether there are likely to be major improvements, or if the product is moving towards maturity if it will be vulnerable to substitute technology White & Bruton, 2010). New technology that will be come a substitute is likely to start its lifecycle during the accelerated growth period of the exiting technology, so it is ready to become the substitute when the current technology reaches maturity. Understanding the…

(a) Key issues to remember in managing technology substitution include the way in which the consumers that buy the technology use it, and how the new products may be perceived in terms of acceptability (White & Bruton, 2010). This means looking not only at current needs, but at potential future consumer needs in order to ensure that the technology meets with market needs. Firms need to ensure potential substitutions will include the ability to satisfy needs and offer sufficient additional, but desired or useful benefits that will justify the consumer switching for a product that is likely to have a higher cost, and may include some inconvenience in terms of adapting to the changes in the technology (Kotler & Keller, 2011).

(b) When a firm manages technology substitution the process should begin before the technology is needed, so there is time for it to undergo the slower development stages before it is needed and can present with the enhanced performance the point the technology needs to be used as a substitution. The process should include focus on the market needs and forecasting consumer demand, as well as the technological capabilities and developments (White & Bruton, 2010). The process should also be undertaken in a manner that will protect the developments with patents etc...

(c) Managing technological substitution is important as now product will last forever; even lifecycle extension strategies will only prolong the lifecycle for a limited period of time. In technology where there is a highly competitive environment this is especially true. If the firm wishes to survive they will need to have product in place to act as substitutes, if they do not they will loose their customers to

Current Status of Homosexual Marriages in America
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Homosexual Parenting

Literature Review on homosexual parenting

For a period extending back to the last twenty years, the number of households headed by same-sex parents in the United States has subtly increased. According to a unanimous agreement in the U.S. In 2010, the number of same-sex couples who stay together was estimated to be 646,464, out of which 514,735 were unmarried couples of the same sex while 131,729 were married couples of similar sex. In another survey carried out in the U.S. In 2000, it was established that almost 163,879 households had children although they were headed by similar sex couples. With about 33% of households belonging to similar sex females, it was found out that bisexual or Lesbians had higher chances of being parents as compared to isexual or gays who accounted for just 22% although these male couples had at least a child below the age of 18…


Aist J.R. (2014). Homosexual vs. Heterosexual Parenting: Is There Really "No Difference"? Retrieved from

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issues with Secondary Students
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Secondary Students |

Some Particular issues with Secondary Students

How have you adjusted both the types of questions you ask as well as how you ask questions to developmentally suit students with disabilities in grades 7-12?

Explaining my question and extensively describe what am I asking to assure that the student has understood what information is been asked.

Giving them Time to process my question.

elate my question with images.

Answers of two choices.

Eye contact and sense of my role to be supportive and trusting me to express themselves.

Explaining my question and extensively describe what am I asking to assure that the student has understood what information is been asked.

elate my question with images

e. Eye contact and sense of my role to be supportive and trusting me to express themselves.


Making questions clearer to learning-disabled pupils through description and explanation will aid both their academic…


Cohen, J., Cardillo, R., & Pickeral, T. (2011). Creating a Climate of Respect. Promoting Respectful Schools, Vol 69, No. 1. Retrieved from 

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Issue of Paternity Leave
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Paternity leave has emerged as one of the debatable issues in today's society, especially because of the changing nature of the modern workplace. Generally, many new fathers tend to return to work after celebrating the birth of their newborns. Fathers barely take time off after the birth of their children despite of the need to take paternity leave. Actually, based on the findings of a survey on working fathers by the Center for Work and Family at Boston College, fathers rarely take time off after the birth of their children (Hall, 2013). Even in situations where men are offered paid paternity leave, most of them won't take it mainly because of the stigma associated with such measures. The issue of paternity leave has generated numerous arguments and counter-arguments between proponents and opponents respectively. An analysis of these arguments demonstrates that paternity leave is vital to promote the involvement of both…


Cohn, J. (2014, July 14). Leave No Parent Behind. New Republic, 245(12), 7-9.

The article shows how the existing stingy family-leave policies may be shirking the economy. The author demonstrates how the transformation of these policies and inclusion of paternity leave enhances productivity.

Delingpole, J. (2009, September 16). Paternity Leave? It's Not Natural. The Telegraph.

Retrieved July 24, 2014, from

Issues Surrounding the Early Days of the Women S Rights Movement
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National omen's Rights Convention of 1850 in orcester, Massachusetts, a convention dedicated to rallying important voices around the country for the cause of social reformation regarding the position of women. That the Convention took its name for the women's rights movement is indicative of the major compelling force behind that the new "idea" of womanhood had roused, not just among women but also among men of important social standing. omen were finding their voices and advocating social reform on a variety of levels -- a point reflected by the newspapers and commentators of the day -- and men were showing their support by joining in at the Convention and advocating for social change alongside their female "counterparts." Yet, not everyone viewed the Convention in the same light. This paper will show how the omen's Rights Convention served as a lightning rod of "controversy," indicating that midway through the 19th century…

Works Cited

"A Convention." U.S. Women's History Workshop. Web. 7 October 2015.

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Profession to Women: Autobiographical Sketches by Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell. NY: Longman, Green, 1895. Web. U.S. Women's History Workshop. 7 October 2015.

"Grand Demonstration of Petticoatdom at Worcester -- The 'Woman's Rights'

Current War With Iraq
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Persian Gulf War of 1991 aimed to stop the invasion and occupation of Kuwait by Iraqi forces. Ordered by Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, the military action aimed to take control of the small country's immense oil reserves. y the time U.S. President George ush declared a cease-fire on February 28, 1991, Iraqi forces had already fallen. As part of the Gulf War treaties, the trade embargo on Iraq, sanctioned by the United Nations when Iraq first invaded Kuwait, was not lifted and a UN special commission was assigned to oversee the destruction of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (WMD), including medium-range missiles and chemical and biological weapons as well as the facilities in which they were developed. Nevertheless, UN military forces were withdrawn from Iraq and Hussein was not pushed out of power. While the current war on Iraq has been called the "War for Iraqi Freedom," the events leading…


Banville, Lee. "U.S. - Iraq Relations After the Gulf War." PBS Online NewsHour. 25 Mar, 2003. .

Key points of resolution on Iraq." BBC News World Edition. 25 Mar, 2003. .

Persian Gulf War." Encyclopedia Britannica 2003 Encyclopedia Britannica Online. 25 Mar, 2003 .

Powell presents evidence to U.N. In the case against Iraq." PBS Online NewsHour Update. 25 Mar, 2003. .

Issues in EMS
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EMS single-tier response (ST) or a multi-Tier response (MT) is optimal for a community?

While EMS are present in every community, each community has different needs and the response of the EMS should be tailored in a community-specific fashion. For example, some communities are far more dependent upon EMS to provide critical services because of their demographics. A large city such as New York will often have more critical incidents due to violence or safety hazards. Also, the logistics of mobility within a city can mean that a single-tiered response (ST) is more appropriate. At the other extreme, a rural area, because of a lack of medical resources such as nearby hospitals, can also benefit from a ST, given that aspects of primary care and treatment may need to be given immediately on the scene due to the lack of available resources at point of care. In terms of a…


Blackwell, T.H. & Kaufman, J.S. (2002). Response time effectiveness: comparison of response time and survival in an urban emergency medical services system. Academy of Emergency Medicine, 9(4):288-95.

Criss, E. (1994). EMS research. Retrieved from: 

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Issues of Diversity
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With the advent of technology, there are other tests apart from Blood Type present to rule out a crime. If today, the assailant's blood type does not match the blood on the crime scene, it does not necessarily prove him guilty. Forensics studies have indicated that there are two types of people on this planet regarding secretion of ABO proteins in body fluids. There are the secretors, and then there are nonsecretors. In cases of rape, the fluid usually tested is semen. The thing to note is that if that person is a secretor, only then his blood antigens will be present in the semen. If the semen is negative for any antigen that can either mean that the person is type O or is a non-secretor (Lyle, 2011) Furthermore, there are thousands and millions of people who have the same blood type. Due to this reason, DNA testing…


Flaherty, C. (2013). Cops: black mob kidnaps, rapes teen girls. [online] Retrieved from:  / [Accessed: 13 Jan 2014].

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Johnson, S. (1984). Cross-Racial Identification Errors in Criminal Cases. CORNELL L. REV., 69 (934), 935-36.

Issue of Cell Phones in Legal Cases
Words: 738 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 43348814
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iley v. California case, outlining, in particular, the method adopted for investigating the defendant's phone, alternative means of investigation, and an analysis of the practicality/legitimacy of investigating cell phones.

The police stopped defendant, iley, for breaking a traffic rule; the ultimate result of this event was iley being detained for weapon possession. An official who searched iley following the arrest got hold of the latter's smartphone. Upon browsing through the phone, the officer observed the recurrent usage of a word linked to a criminal street gang. A couple of hours later, a detective, who was an expert in gang-related crime investigation, conducted a thorough examination of the digital content present in the offender's phone, at the station (ILEY v. CALIFONIA, n.d). Partly based on videos and pictures found by the detective, iley was indicted by the State for playing a part in a shooting incident that had taken place some…


(n.d.). Home - Supreme Court of the United States. RILEY vs. CALIFORNIA. Retrieved December 15, 2015, from 

Moore, J., Langton, J., & Pochron, J. (2014). THE COST OF PRIVACY: RILEY V. CALIFORNIA'S IMPACT ON CELL PHONE SEARCHES. 9(3). Retrieved, from

Current Conflict Between Mexico and United States
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Student please request a revision. I was waiting tohear back from you on answer to my questions. Will go ahead in next 20 minutes and finish paper as is. And send it to you then.

At present, although the United States and Mexico are embraced in an atmosphere of cooperation that is unprecedented, there are still potential areas of conflict that could chill relations between the two countries if they are not handled with great diplomacy. The tricky part here for President Bush, Mexican President Fox and other leaders is that these issues are more about perception than they are based on reality. The two major issues that come up the most are directly related to one another. These two issues, trade and immigration also touch on other politically sensitive issues which include environmental concerns, worker conditions, economic parity, political freedom, and governmental control.

ow, nearly nine years afters its…

New York, Hyperion Books. 1993

Staten, C.L. The Mexico/USA Border; The Gathering Storm. May 28, 1997. Chicago, IL.

November 11, 2002

Issues in the International Business Environment
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International Business

Five Questions on International Business

What are the approaches international managers seek to understand when instituting change in the international arena?

Change in the international arena may be more complex than in the home nations due to the wider variety of influences and variables that may be present. When looking at the different approaches that international managers may seek to understand in order to institute change, the managers will benefit from understanding different models or frameworks that provide a way of examining the differences that exist and assessing the way in which they may impact on the way change is determined and implemented at an organizational and local level.

One of the first models that may be useful is Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions. This is a model which provides a framework that facilitates an understanding of the cultural differences that exist between people of different regions and nations (Dellner,…


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Current Information Technology Issues at SAIC
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Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

Identify the Client

The client of interest is Science Applications International Corporation, more commonly known by its acronym, SAIC (hereinafter alternatively "the company"), one of the country's largest government contractors (Bartlett & Steele, 2007). Today, the company is publicly traded and provides technical, engineering, and enterprise information technology (IT) services throughout the United States and offers engineering and maintenance of ground and maritime systems, logistics, training, and simulation, as well as operation and program support services; in addition, SAIC also provides end-to-end services for the design, development, integration, deployment, management and operations, sustainment, and security of customers' complete IT infrastructure (SAIC profile, 2015).

Currently, SAIC provides these services to the U.S. armed forces, including Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines; the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency; the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; the U.S. Department of State; and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (SAIC profile,…


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Issues With Terrorism at International Level
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International Law on Terrorism

The purpose of this essay is to highlight and discuss pertinent issues regarding international law and its lack of ability to administer without shortcomings. Specifically, the impact of terrorism will be discussed to highlight the holes in international law and how it ultimately fails to fully practice in a just and fair manner. To support this argument, the definition of terrorism will be discussed. The difficulty in assigning a proper quality to this word stands at the root of many of the legal problems associated with its principles. This essay will then discuss the United Nations and its role in international law. Finally the issues of global culture and evolution will be highlighted to demonstrate the impossibility of a global law that can justly decide on what is and what is not terrorism.

The Definition of Terrorism

The laws is very dependent upon definitions and the…


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Current Events and Applying Sociology
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R.I.P. RELIGIOUS RIGHT and other Super Tuesday Take-Aways . . .

Whereas the "religious right" had seemed to be a dominant force in American politics, particularly powerful in the Republican Party, the influence of this loud but still minority group seems to have waned. This article goes so far as to suggest that candidate Donald Trump's raging popularity in the Bible Belt signals a nail in the coffin for the infiltration of politics by the religious right. Similarly, the author insinuates a possible shift in American social norms as traditional Bible Belt causes now seem like "lost causes." The "organizational weight has withered," notes Burke, referring to the lack of strong leadership among the religious right. Ironically, voters who claim to value religion strongly have come out in support of Trump. Also ironic is the fact that stalwart Democrat Hilary Clinton has gained ground among African-Americans particularly because of her…