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Dentist Essays (Examples)

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dental business plan
Words: 1113 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 62472767
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Executive Summary
2:30 Dental is a new dental office in Miami, FL, and will be started by a young dentist out of school, who will purchase an existing dental practice from a retiring dentist. This purchase will essentially allow the practice to have an existing customer base. Some investment may be needed to bring the equipment, and the medical records, up to date with modern standards. The dentist will target a variety of high-margin and value-added markets in order to attract high lifetime value clientele. Many dentists seeks these customers, but Miami has a higher-than-average growth rate in population and is a strong market for many high-margin services. As such, it is expected that the clinic can be profitable quickly. The operational structure will be similar to that of most dental practices.
Company Description
2:30 Dental is a dental office located in Miami, FL. The office will perform a variety…

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Auto Repair Car Repair Is the Process
Words: 1364 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26923093
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Auto epair

Car repair is the process of diagnosing the car problem to identify the fault within the car. While the cars manufactured before 2000 requires special tools to be repaired, however, the computer technology has been increasingly used to diagnose and repair many newly manufactured cars. Before mechanics start the repairing of cars, they often quote the prices for customers before starting the repairing work. To repair the car, mechanic uses both electronic methods to gather data in order to replace the faulty materials in the vehicle. A mechanic diagnoses the car and identifies the problem within the car before starting the repairing work. There are two approaches used to diagnose a faulty car:

Use of a repair manual

elying on one's analysis

Use of computer technology

A repair manual is a book that assists an auto mechanic to identify the problems within a car. The repair manual consists…


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State Statue and Rules and Regulations
Words: 1595 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 74141144
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Statue and ules and egulations Concerning Dental Hygienists and Dentist in Hawaii and Florida

American Dental Hygienist's Association is the largest governing body for maintaining the dental hygiene and care. The members of ADHA body get pleasure from professional support, educational programs and other variety of opportunities for them to participate and strengthen their decision making process and professional expertise. Government affairs division of ADHA works in close association with state constituent to support issues that are important for the dental care of public and dental hygiene profession. This covers licensing, scope of practice, patient access to care, water fluoridation and other dental care services. The dental hygienists interest is promoted through the governmental affairs division through federal and state policy efforts. The legalization of the ADHA affairs sustain close collaboration with other institutions where public or private to institutionalize the oral health policy document and improve the quality of…


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Design Telecommunications Network
Words: 1248 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88587662
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Telecommunications Network

In an effort to provide better care for its patients, arises the need to design a network able to support a new multi-location dental care practice. In this report, we will provide a clear set of requirements for the network solution, and then identify the information that is to be protected as well as their related security requirements. Also, we will identify the types of network components, devices and equipment that would be involved in meeting the needs of the stationary offices and all four mobile dentists, and then we will provide a network design diagram that shows an appropriate network configuration to meet the requirements. Finally, we will explain the benefits of the proposed network solution, and identify the risks and risk mitigation strategies associated with the proposed network solution.

With five dental offices currently operating, we need to design a network that will integrate databases of…


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Why I Am an Exceptional Person
Words: 916 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 25877978
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The pain was unbearable. I hardly slept that night. Regardless of the fact that I had earlier on ingested two pain killers, the toothache refused to fade away. To this day, this particular night remains the longest I have ever had. Anyone out there who has experienced the agony of a toothache perfectly understands what I mean. For the entire night, the toothache kept subsiding and then coming back in full force. I was actually forced to weak up at 5AM and wait for daybreak so that I could have my parents accompany me to the dentist. To cut the long story short, the offending tooth was eventually extracted at the dentist's office later that morning. To me, it appeared as if the dentist was God sent. In fact, at that moment, he was the only person that really mattered to me. He possessed the 'power' to 'blow away'…

Peri-Implantitis Infections of the Implantation Area the
Words: 1912 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 15117629
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Infections of the implantation area the mainly widespread of the dental implant complications. Implant infection is a state which is known as peri-implantitis which has a sign of swelling or inflammation of the tissues adjacent to the implantation area. Peri-implantitis is a type of periodontal disease that is able to result to inflammation, bone loss and failure in dental implant in any case it is not treated appropriately. A flame is part of a fire. Inflammation is a situation where a tissue gets swollen, red, and frequently hurts. About dental implants, it is an inflammation that can be caused by trauma or infection. Inflammation causes several special defensive cells to move to the inflamed area. Inflammation is capable of resulting to bone loss together with dental implants, where bone loss is a dangerous situation. The supporting bone holds the dental implant in the jaw.

Generally, the purpose of the…


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Life I Have Been a Go-getter I
Words: 991 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 3783791
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life I have been a go-getter. I graduated from high school at 16 because I was eager to begin my college education. Currently I am working on dual Bachelor degrees. One will be in Biochemistry and the other will be in Psychology. The same personality trait that has allowed me to graduate from high school early, pursue a dual degree program and many other accomplishments, is what will turn me into a service orientated and dedicated dentist.

One of the things I have pursued as a University of California, San Diego student, is my membership in the campus "For Los Angelitos" club. One of the things we did as a club was to travel to poverty stricken areas and provide lessons about oral hygiene. Equipped with small bags filled with oral care products, we traveled to Tijuana, Mexico where we provided oral care education to the children of the area.…

Teeth Whitening Mike Had Often
Words: 1267 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 65943846
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One day while doing some research for one of his college courses in the library, he noticed a section of books about human evolution and it occurred to him to see whether they had any information about why white teeth were so important in the first place.

According to evolutionary biologists, human beings, just like other animals, evolved natural preferences in sexual selection that cause us to be attracted to one another on the basis of physical features that are indicators of good physical health and genetic material (Margulis & Sagan, 2000; Zuk, 2002). More specifically, features such as well-formed white teeth provide visual cues of good health and immunity systems because the production of healthy enamel requires good health and sufficient caloric resources. Therefore, in addition to providing evidence of good health, white teeth also suggest greater access to food resources.

During early human evolutionary periods, access to food…


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Removable and Fixed Prosthodontics
Words: 1768 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 7899172
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Bite egistration

econstruction of full ach can be challenging for clinical procedures. As increasing number of patients live longer, retaining their teeth become challenging. Typically, clinicians will be called upon to deliver dental. Success esthetic and functional dentistry depend on technician, and clinicians understanding of tooth morphology. This study discusses the proper bite registration for fixed and removable prosthesis. The study discusses important point in ensuring that an accurate fabrication of relationships is obtained to deliver the best results. Fixed prosthodontics is a specialized branch dentistry designed to replace missing teeth using cast prosthesis to replace lost teeth. On the other hand, removable prosthodontics involves replacing missing teeth using a removable prosthesis. The paper identifies different materials necessary for both fixed and removable prosthesis. The modeling wax and amite are part of materials used bite registration to achieve accurate results.


Bite registration is the strategy of capturing accurate lower…


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Ethics Please Make Sure to Show All
Words: 889 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52417584
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Please make sure to show all work for each problem requiring calculations. Please highlight final answer.

What is the level of measurement for each of the following:

a) Final grades in this class ____Ordinal

b) Weights of newborn babies ____Nominal

c) Seasons of the year ____Interval

d) Boiling temperatures of different liquids ____Ratio

Types of sampling used:

a) I collect data from my class ____Simple

b) Data from every fourth patient in the hospital ____Stratified

c) Data from 400 randomly selected students from those majoring in business, 763 randomly selected students from those majoring in education, and 392 randomly selected students from those majoring in criminal justice. ____Cluster

d) Data from 4230 adults after phone numbers were randomly generated ____Quota

3. The following data were collected on amounts of lawn debris after the major storm this past summer:












Invention and Summarize the Significance of the
Words: 1156 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42977589
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Invention and Summarize the Significance of the Underlying Technology Innovation

The device titled the Thornton Adjustable Positioner or TAP is an oral/dental device worn in the patient's mouth during sleep to move the lower jaw slightly forward to create an open airway for proper breathing while sleeping. The device or some like them have been previously tried on minor sleep disturbances such as snoring, yet, their efficacy has been unknown for more serious problems such as mild to severe sleep apnea. Sleep apnea, a disorder that creates oxygen deprivation during sleep and can moderately to severely affect the health of the individual first by depriving the individual of restful sleep and in more severe cases by creating oxygen deprivation that can lead to other chronic diseases or even acute death from asphyxia.

Up to this point the most commonly prescribed device for sleep apnea is a device that forces oxygen…


University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (2009, February 4). Small Device Helps Sleep Apnea Sufferers In A Big Way.

Explaining Dental Biofilm to a Client
Words: 894 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83597259
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Project Management, Sustainability and Whole Lifecycle Thinking

Explaining Dental Biofilm to a Client

While showing Pamela the pink/purple disclosing stain on her teeth, she comments "oh-that is from my lunch earlier today. I did not have time to brush before the appointment." espond to her comment by explaining what the disclosing solution showed.

Lark, while I understand your concerns about the results of your recent dental biofilm examination, I would like to take some time to explain the diagnosis in more detail to help alleviate those concerns. First, it is important to remember that dental biofilm is not a disease, nor does it result from poor dental habits on your part, as these naturally occurring collections of bacterial communities are simply microorganisms functioning as nature intended. You have probably heard of plaque, while that oral health issue is widely known, and the data obtained from empirical studies during the last…


Che'rel F, Mobilia A, Lundgren T, Stephens J, Kiger R, Riggs M, Egelberg J. Rate of reformation of tongue coatings in young adults International Journal of Dental Hygiene 2008 January;(6):371 -- 375

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Research Foundation 2006 March;3(1)1-7

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Geographical Community
Words: 7841 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 90268082
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Community Analysis: Columbus, Ohio - Hilltop Area/Franklinton

Identification and History

The Franklinton/Hilltop area of Columbus, Ohio is located on the west side of the greater metropolitan area. Franklinton is in a river valley next to the Scioto iver and the Hilltop area is just west of that on a rise. The Hilltop area is defined as the area between I-70 on the north, the B & O. railway to the east and south, and the I-270 outerbelt to the south and west (Greater Hilltop Area Commission, 2011). Its main street is West Broadstreet, otherwise known as U.S. route 40. There are welcome signs to the area near Mound Street and Hague Avenue. Franklinton is bordered by the Scioto iver on the north and east, Hague Avenue on the east, Stimmel oad and Greenlawn Avenue on the South, and I-70 on the West. The main street in this area is also…


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Nursing and Ethics the Emotional Debate Over
Words: 2128 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10621242
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Nursing and Ethics

The emotional debate over abortion had been mischaracterized in the media, and hence disrupted any positive attempt to make progress in resolving the ethical and medical problems which have been created by the practice. A majority of Americans recognize and desire that abortion should be available when the life of the mother is at risk, or in the cases of rape or incest. However, liberal proponets like to expand this definition under the ubiquitous definition of the 'mothers health' which has been used to justify abortion on demand, for any reason. This latter expanded definition is significantly opposed by a majority of the ameircan population. In the midst of this struggle, comes the person needing medical care, who has neither been properly informed as to the dangers of the paractive, nor adequately counseled as to the options which exist regarding the future of her unborn child. The…


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Healthcare -- Legal Issues Medical
Words: 2029 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70244625
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1993). Within medical settings in particular, physicians and supervisors are often too over-burdened with their myriad formal responsibilities to take note of minor irregularities in protocols and procedures. Because coworkers are often in the best possible situation to notice inadequacies, it is important for all levels of employees to be equally involved in the overall CQI process.

Optimal implementation of an effective CQI process also requires a culture of openness to suggestion and confidentiality with respect to reporting more serious issues such as those that result from negligence or willful misconduct on the part of co-workers.

11. The textbook states that "an organization's most vital component in costly resource is its staff." With this being the case, the human resource function plays a very important role. Should the human resource function be part of the senior management team?

In terms of policy implementation and organizational philosophy, the human resources function…


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Educational Theories Guiding Educational Experience Description of
Words: 3172 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29439383
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Educational Theories Guiding Educational Experience

Description of an education event experienced

I am a dentist, and I have started a course on teaching dentistry. My experience with education was never a particularly encouraging one as my teacher was always absent. When I was at school, the teachers went on strike, and that left us with no attention from them. We had to do much of the studying alone, and all required research lay squarely on our shoulders in the absence of teachers for as long as they were striking. Whenever the teachers came around school, they applied a work to rule strategy and that was extremely devastating. Lecturers were never available for any extra consultation, and we had to take our learning as individual responsibilities instead of waiting for support or guidance from lecturers. Any difficulties, which we may have faced during the study never, had a chance in the…


Annand, D. (2011). Social presence within the community of inquiry framework. The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 12(5), 40-56. Aristotle.

(2002). Aristotle nicomachean ethics. (J. Sachs, Trans.). Newburyport, MA: Focus

Publishing/R. Pullins Co.

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Why I Desire to Pursue a Dental Education
Words: 360 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97956263
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Desire to Pursue a Dental Education

My desire for Dental School admission is basically based on my desire to help the less fortunate members of our society. As an immigrant to this country, I have faced many challenges during the last few years and know from experience what it is to be of unfortunate circumstance.

I was born and raised in Korea. In 1996, during my 10th grade year in high school, my family and I moved to the United States. During my first three years in this country, I faced many difficulties and challenges adjusting to a new language and culture. However, I have learned that persistence and dedication can overcome most of life's challenges. I have succeeded in adjusting to the American culture and have mastered the English language. Moreover, I have excelled in my studies.

After high school, I began my educational studies by enrolling at Santa…

Science Appealed to Me as Early as
Words: 880 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8206632
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Science appealed to me as early as I can remember in my academic career, specifically, solving problems through experimentation. Biology, in particular, captured my interest because it seemed to combine science with the goal of providing healthcare and comfort to patients suffering from medical disease. Since then, I have learned that the other scientific disciplines contribute equally toward improving modern health care, but the biological sciences have always captured my greatest interest.

My recent volunteer duties at the (Name of nursing home) nursing home confirmed to me the profound satisfaction inherent in providing patient care. The experience of being able to improve the lives and outlook of elderly patients (some of whom suffer more from depression and loneliness than any organic disease) remains one of the most rewarding endeavors that I have ever undertaken.

The satisfaction of helping others is one element that has been missing from my professional life,…

Transfer of Maxillomandibular Relationship From
Words: 9027 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 93499892
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The understanding of TMJ anatomy as well as its function is very important to generate stable as well as healthy intercuspation. TMJ consists of condyle, disk, muscles and ligaments. It connects the lower jaw to the temporal bone in the skull in both sides and has two movements (osenstiel and Land, 2001). The TMJ along with muscles stabilization is the starting point to get the ideal maxilla-mandibular relationship in the centric relation. There is no way to register and transfer an accurate interocclusal record if patient has TMJ or muscles dysfunction. The patient with this dysfunction should be treated first before final restoration, cementation or construction. The conservative management of unstable joints and muscles via appliance therapy is the most common modality of management (Capp and Clayton, 1985).

4.2 Occlusal vertical dimension:

Perhaps one of the toughest and most intricate recuperative experiments for dentists in today's world is directly related…


Bansal S. Critical evaluation of various methods of recording centric jaw relation. J of india prosthet society2008;8(4):185-191

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Ergonomic Factors in Work Activities
Words: 697 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74003797
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It is also somewhat cumbersome and heavy, with a transport weight of about 50 pounds. Furthermore, it looks rather large and might not be appropriate for all dental offices, as space can be limited here. It should therefore be carefully positioned in such a way that the dentist at no point needs to be discomforted by his need for a tool contained in the cart. He should be able to easily reach the cart at all times. A possible solution is to ensure that either the dentist or assistant is in a position to easily reach the cart at any given time. It is nevertheless a very useful piece of equipment in the dental office.

Third in line is the desktop computer. This is also a piece of equipment used only by the dentist. The purpose of the computer is to access patient files and to provide the patient with…

Historical Advances Made in Tooth Extraction
Words: 1841 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44237307
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History Of Tooth Extraction From the 5th Century

a paper history tooth extraction Greeks ( 5th century) till .

The process if removing teeth from their dental sockets is referred to as tooth extraction (Vignoletti et al.). There are many reasons for extractions, but the most common reason is removal when teeth become unrestorable because of tooth decay, dental trauma, or periodontal disease. People result to tooth extraction when the mentioned conditions are accompanied with toothache. Tooth extraction might occur when teeth are crowded. This would create space for the rest of the teeth to grow or be straightened. Tooth was extraction was not only conducted when the person's tooth was painful, but it was also done as a pain reliever for other diseases. Currently, tooth extraction is straight forward, and is mostly done when a person is awake using only local anesthetic, which eliminates pain sensations. Tooth extractions are…


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Consultation Agreement Persons With Disabilities
Words: 2147 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23158774
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Mrs. C. does not need education and training beyond what would normally be provided any new employee with regard to policies and procedures specific to the practice of Drs. Wicklund, Howe and O'Donnell. The dentists knew about Mrs. C.'s physical limitations and agreed to make the necessary accommodations to the parking lot and the office space where Mrs. Co would be working. Since accommodations required some construction work, part of the consultation involved managing the disruption to the practice and ensuring its effects were minimally experienced by staff and patients.

Consultation Steps


To prepare for the consultation, I would create an outline of issues to be discussed with the principals of the dental practice. As has been shown, these issues would include employer benefits to hiring a person with a disability, sources for guidance to which the dentists could refer, and a discussion of the physical accommodations that would…


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Consultation. Journal of Individual Psychology, 64 (4), 506-515.

Retrieved from Academic Search Premier database.

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British Healthcare System A Model
Words: 2194 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55737257
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Indeed many of the "rotating staff may have never been on a transfer" and in addition most transport vehicles "are not conducive to carrying out active interventions on patients" -- a situation that can lead to serious medical complications during transfers (which often take place in late-night hours) (Ahmed, p. 503). Moreover, less than one in three NHS hospitals followed the procedure of checking the compatibility within the ambulance and it's "mounting system" prior to moving the patient (Ahmed, p. 504). All of these concerns are worth noting by U.S. healthcare professionals, lest similar situations may occur and put patients in jeopardy.

Should every American healthcare provider be required to publish performance data in an online account -- information that relates to the clinical outcomes of his services as well as a record of patient satisfaction? That is a pertinent question because that is the new rule that all NHS…

Works Cited

Ahmed, Majeed a. (2008). Risk management during inter-hospital transfer of critically ill

Patients: making the journey safe. Emergency Medical Journal, Vol. 25, 502-505.

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Patients or exacerbating inequality? The International Journal of Clinical Practice, 63(10),

Profesional Dental Hygienist Info I
Words: 2467 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59413173
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16). Some of the options available to patients are (p. 16):

What it Is Colgate Total

Over-the-counter tooth- triclosan and fluoride paste containing the anti- toothpaste bacterial triclosan

Peridex or generic

Prescription mouth rinse chlorhexidine mouth containing'an anti-micro- rinse bial called chlorhexidine

Periochip tiny piece of gelatin filled with chlorhexidine

Atridox gel that contains the anti- biotic doxycycline


Thread-like fiber that con- tains the antibiotic tetracy- cline

Arestin microspheres

Tiny round particles that contain the antibiotic minocycline

Periostat low dose of the medica- tion doxycycline that keeps destructive enzymes in check

Why it's Used

Colgate Total

The antibacterial ingredient triclosan and fluoride reduces plaque and result- toothpaste ing gingivitis. The fluoride protects against cavities.

Peridex or generic

To control bacteria, result- chlorhexidine mouth ing in less plaque and gin- rinse givitis


To control bacteria and re- duce the size of periodon- tal pockets


To control bacteria and…


Adams, T.L. (2003). Professionalization, Gender and Female-Dominated Professions: Dental Hygiene in Ontario. The Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, 40(3), 267+. Retrieved November 30, 2007, from Questia database: 

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Personal Statement the Art of
Words: 566 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42748782
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A dentist must also understand the compositions of the products used to treat various oral issues. It is essential to understand the different types of fillings available, and know which is the best type to use in each case.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens can present a number of problems to an uncaring dentist. Many have had bad experiences while visiting dentists in the past, and therefore have not had a proper checkup in years. The fears of these patients can ultimately result in poor oral hygiene, and problems which could have been averted had proper treatment had been received.

I will strive to put these patients at ease as I work to erase years of neglect.

Better Life understand many people have a fear of going to the dentist due to past experiences, and I want to change that. I know that there is no such thing as a small…

Personal Statement Why I Desire
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The world of dentistry today is particularly exciting because of the new technological improvements the profession has witnessed in recent years. As a child, I remember seeing an elderly friend of my grandmother put her dentures in a glass for cleaning. Now such uncomfortable equipment is almost unheard of, in a world of dental implants. The sophistication of x-rays to detect dental problems in their earliest stages has increased exponentially.

In my view, and what I would like to contribute to the profession personally in my future work as a dentist, is the ability of dentists to encourage patients to engage in preventative care. Dentists have a uniquely privileged position as health care providers in that they frequently treat patients of all ages. They can advise the tiniest children to take better care of their teeth by brushing and flossing every day. They can help adolescents avoid junk food and…

Duty to Treat
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goal of their ethical calling, physicians, nurses and other health care workers are obliged to treat the sick and potentially infectious patients and, in so doing, they are to take some personal risk (Murray 2003). This was the bottom line of the assessment and stand made by Dr. Henry Masur and his colleagues at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), particularly during the outbreak of dread global SARS in Canada and Hong Kong last year. They also referred to other epidemics, such as the HIV / AIDS.

Masur emphasized that this primary goal and obligation is voluntary and sets the medical profession apart from other professions, precisely because of the involvement of some personal risk in fulfilling that obligation. esides physicians, medical professionals are nurses, dentists and health workers. Records of the first SARS outbreaks in Toronto and Hong Kong showed that a huge 50% of those…


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Quality Health Care Is an
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Poor dental health can be a portal that allows bacteria and other infectious organisms into blood stream. Poor dental health care can also lead to poor outcomes of dialysis. Heart disease patients have special needs when it comes to dental care. Spreading this knowledge would motivate patients with these diseases to visit Eastside clinic regularly.


If staffing of more employees is not able to attract more patients to the clinic then the clinic would make a greater loss than it is currently making.

Kool Smiles being a profit making organization might be more efficient and have a more cooperative and friendly staff which can attract Eastside clinic patients towards them.

Promotions through dental vehicles would lead to extra costs such as repairmen of vehicles and fuel costs for which the clinic might not have funds.

The clinic might not have enough funds to employee more people

Alternating sites



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Health Care Bill Formulation Oral
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The research thus concludes the essence of having quality and effective legislation addressing the aspects of overall oral health of the people.

Additionally, the Canadian Dental Association also relates several issues of the overall body health to the oral health of the individual. In view of the article on the relation "oral health -- good life," the article gives information on the essence of good oral health, indicating some of the illnesses of ill oral health (Chattopadhyay, 2011). In this article, the relation between the ill oral health and the overall health of the body is that the mouth is the ingress to the body. Therefore, an individual with ill oral health is at the highest risk of having infection that affects the whole body system severely. According to this article, it emphasizes the need for dentists-patient relation as the dentists is the only person with the skill, expertise and…


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Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

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Iowa: Wiley-Blackwell.

UK Healthcare
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UK Healthcare

Within this section of Chapter One, a historical perspective of NHS will be provided. This discussion will identify problem areas that have emerged in relation to NHS with an attempt made to address the manner in which such problems have historically influenced reform efforts.

With the passage and associated provisions of the NHS Act of 1946, NHS was implemented in the UK in 1948. The NHS Act of 1946 served as the means by which a pattern of health service finance and provision was established in the UK following World War II (Baggot, 1998). According to Baggot, on the basis of the Act, the principle of collective responsibility by the state for the establishment of a comprehensive health service system was introduced, allowing for the planned use of services by the entire population at no cost. It was also intended that equality of access to services would be…


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Directorates London: BMA.

Oral Health
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Oral Health

Seniors have specific oral health needs. Meeting those needs requires an increase in personal hygiene, an improvement in lifestyle habits, and an increase in oral health service use. When these core needs are met, the specific oral health issues that affect seniors can be minimized, leading to improved health outcomes. Increasing personal hygiene requires shifts in attitudes toward oral health care, access to information, and access to affordable oral health care tools that are designed specifically for seniors. Lifestyle habits have a tremendous impact on oral health. Diet, smoking status, and drug and alcohol use are all factors that impact oral health. Accessing oral health services is difficult for many seniors. Some may live in rural areas where accessing oral health is physically difficult. Others may not be covered. In fact, most seniors do not have insurance coverage for oral health care. Not being able to afford oral…


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Teeth Whitening Tooth Whitening it
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According to Martin Giniger, a dental professor at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, there is a growing array of whitening products has arrived on store shelves, costing between $15 and $30 each, compared to professional treatment from a dentist at a cost of $300 or more (Uhlman Pp). Giniger says that peroxide gels are safe when used as directed any that problems arise usually involve gum irritation or tooth sensitivity (Uhlman Pp).

Dentist administered teeth bleaching has earned the American Dental Association seal of approval, but over-the-counter whitening systems have not been approved yet due to insufficient clinical studies (Fishman Pp). Custom-fitted trays prepared by the dentist for home use cost about half as much as those performed in the dentist's chair, however, requires several checkups (Fishman Pp). Over-the-counter whitening kits generally contain as little as 5% peroxide and most, according to the ADA, are minimally…

Works Cited

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Third Mandibular Molar Extraction Complications
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It was noted that factors affecting the removal of third molars vary from country to country depending on the stakeholders (Esposito, 2005).

In this section, we discussed the origins of third molars, as well as the different types of impaction that can occur. The effects of the type of impaction were found to be a factor in the ease if removal and the complications that may occur. Understanding types of impactions and the affect that they can have on the potential for complications is an important step in preventing complications before and after surgery. The following section will discuss the surgical procedures for removal of mandibular impactions.

Surgical Extraction of Impacted Mandibular Third Molars

Surgical extraction of third molars is performed for a number of reasons. They are sometimes performed to prevent surgery in older patients, although this reasoning is questionable (Valiati, Ibrahim, & Poli, et al., 2009). It can…


Al-Asfour, a. (2009). Postoperative Infection After Surgical Removal of Impacted Mandibular

Third Molars: An Analysis of 110 Consecutive Procedures. Med Princ Pract 18:48-52.

Bernard, G. & Mintz, V. (2003), Evidence-based means of avoiding Lingual Nerve Injury

following Mandibular Third Molar Extractions. Brazilian Journal of Oral Science. 2 (5):

Oral Health A Community Health
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Moreover, nurses are in a position to identify cases of poor oral health among patients visiting the primary care unit of a healthcare center. For this reason, Kaylor et al. (2011) recommend nurses as an intervention measure in improving oral health in the community, since they can identify women at risk of poor oral health. They identify that nurses can work with low-income women in the community and educate the population on oral health. The review of literature advocates that oral health can be improved in the community by mobilizing community resources like local government, healthcare providers, and primary care providers like nurses in educating the population on the importance of oral health. This is through making contact with at risk populations in the healthcare set up and providing education on oral health. Nurses also can reach out to at risk populations through community-based programs that promote public health. Lastly,…


Formicola, a.J., Ro, M., Marshall, S., Derksen, D., Powell, W., Hartsock, L., & Treadwell, H.M. (2004). Strengthening the Oral Health Safety Net: Delivery Models That Improve Access to Oral Health Care for Uninsured and Underserved Populations. American Journal of Public Health, 94(5), 702-704.

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Gingivitis Is a Mild Form of Periodontal
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Gingivitis is a mild form of periodontal disease. It causes irritation, redness, and inflammation of the gums and can be so mild that individuals may not even be aware they have it (Mayo Clinic staff, 2011). Many people have it to a varying degree because it often develops during puberty or early adulthood due to hormonal changes (osenberg, 2010). It is important to take gingivitis seriously, however, because, left untreated, it can lead to periodontitis, a more severe form of gum disease. Eventually, tooth loss can result.

Gingivitis is commonly caused by poor oral hygiene, but can result from a number of other conditions, including diabetes, depressed immune system (for example, as a result of HIV / AIDS or leukemia), certain viral and fungal infections, and hormonal changes such as those related to puberty, as already mentioned, or with pregnancy or the use of oral contraceptives. Gingivitis can also result…


Mayo Clinic staff. (2011, Nov 18). Mayoclinic. Retrieved from 

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Oral Health Promotion
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Dental Health Program for Low-Income Children

Oral Health Promotion

A child's socioeconomic status and gender are significant predictors of susceptibility to life-long dental disease (Broadbent, Thomson, Boyens, and Poulton, 2011). Male children and children from low-income households are less likely to brush daily, floss, or visit the dentist as adults, despite suffering from more prevalent and severe dental disease (p < 0.001 for all associations). When the bulk of the 81.5 billion-plus yearly oral health care burden in the United States consists of restorative dental services provided by dentist (Baelum, Van Palenstein Helderman, Hugoson, Yee, and Fejerskov, 2007, p. 878), any program that encourages daily plaque removal in young children would therefore tend to lower oral health care costs over the long-term.

Dental disease during childhood also has an impact on the child's immediate overall health. The pain and discomfort associated with tooth decay can lead to malnutrition, low body…


Baelum, V., Van Palenstein Helderman, W., Hugoson, A., Yee, R., and Fejerskov, O. (2007). A global perspective on changes in the burden of caries and periodontitis: Implications for dentistry. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, 34, 872-906.

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Gussy, Mark G., Waters, Elizabeth G., Walsh, Oria, and Kilpatrick, Nicola M. (2006). Early childhood caries: Current evidence for aetiology and prevention. Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health, 42, 37-43.

Pediatric Nurse Practititioner it Comes
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I have the patience level for and a "connection" with children.

Another difficult situation arose while I was in college that gave me further insights into my interests. My younger sister, 16-years-old, was living in Florida when I was studying in Baltimore. She became addicted to ecstasy and had to go into rehab. Rather than go back home when she left this care, everyone in the family thought it would be best if she was away for a while from this environment that caused the addiction in the first place. She came to live with me for three months while she worked on becoming stronger. Although she had a small relapse when returning home, she recovered and is doing much better today. This was a very close-to-home experience that showed me the value of healthcare intervention with individuals of all backgrounds and medical needs.

In making my future career choice,…

Sensodyne Is One of the
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The flavors are quite simple, as the company chooses to focus more on the toothpaste's health characteristics, rather than the taste.

The product has one size and the packaging is made of plastic, which is more hygienic than metal, as the later one may go through oxidation. This type of packaging differentiates the product from other toothpastes and marks its individuality.

The product is always strictly associated with the idea of relieving tooth sensitivity and pain from sensitive teeth. The name itself was thus conceived so as to associate the brand with the effect of having used the product.

On the other hand, for a long period of time, Sensodyne was associated with the idea of medication and the company has committed a lot of effort in the last decade to diversify the consumer perception and induce the idea that Sensodyne is less a medication and more of a product…


BBC news (2003), Glaxo Defeated byShareholders, 

Colgate-Palmolive corporate website:

CorporateWatch Website: , Accessed May 2007.

Update the Trends Tech of Radical Evolution
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Radical Evolution

The first product that will be discussed are the nano-Spiders, created by a group of scientists from Columbia University. These are microscopic robots that are made out of human DNA. The reason they are made out of DNA is that their main purpose is to travel around the human body and be able to identify potential health problems, whenever they exist.

The robot moves along the DNA track because it has been pre-programmed by the scientists to reach a certain goal. This could only have been done by using advanced information technology. ecause of this technology, the robot, which is in the form of a spider with four legs, can go along a certain path that has been programmed by the scientists, to reach the final destination. The legs are made of "enzymatic DNA"

, while the body is formed of a certain protein.

The current prototype is…


1. Daily Mail Reporters. May 2010. Meet the nano-spiders: the DNA robots that could one day be walking through your body. The Daily Mail. On the Internet at . Last retrieved on September 26, 2013

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3. Realistic female robot created to feel pain. The Inquisitir. On the Internet at . Last retrieved on September 27, 2013

Daily Mail Reporters. May 2010. Meet the nano-spiders: the DNA robots that could one day be walking through your body. The Daily Mail. On the Internet at

Applying to Your University to Complete a
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applying to your university to complete a degree in dentistry. am Serbian by birth, and was raised in Romania, a neighboring country of the former Yugoslavia, now Serbia. have been in the United States since 1999, working as a dental assistant. attended university in Romania in 1994, and graduated in 1999 with a degree in psychology. The study of the human mind has always interested me, and have always hoped to better myself through learning. enjoy learning about languages and culture, and learning new things. am fluent in Serbian, Romanian, and English, and am familiar with German and Russian. A few of my other and varied interests are drawing, making all kinds of miniatures from wax, studying history, dancing, reading a good book, and enjoying the company of great friends. When it comes to personality, have been told am unique and that have a great sense of humor. feel this…

I would like to study at your university for a variety of reasons. I am quite interested in the dental profession, and have worked in the profession for six years. I know the reputation of your university, and I feel that I could learn the dental profession better at your university than in any other school. I also bring experience and a joy of learning with me, and I feel I would fit in well with the student body, and add diversity to your institution. My grasp of languages could help me interact and help other international students, and I feel I could further my career while helping others while attending the school. Your dental school is well-known, and I would be proud to complete my degree at your institution. I hope you will see fit to admit me to your dental school and allow me to make my dreams of a dental career come true.

A bring six years of experience with me to my studies, which I feel will help me in my goals and in my ultimate career. Soon after I started school in 1994, I married into a Greek family and settled down for nine years. My husband, a successful dentist, had a big influence on my choice of dentistry as a career. I showed a lot of interest in his work, and he acknowledged I would be a very talented dentist if I chose to pursue the career. I felt utterly drowned in the profession when I began working for him as a dental assistant. However, in the six years I worked for him, I learned so much about dentistry, and it was then that I too realized I thoroughly enjoyed it and would be quite good at it. This is why I hope to continue my education and become a dentist. I love the work, and I seem to have an inclination for it.

In 1999, my husband and I decided to come to the United States. We were full of high hopes and dreams ready to materialize. We were eager to begin a new life, but there were many circumstances in the way. Within two years of my arrival, my father, aunt, and uncle died back home, and in the summer of 2003, my marriage ended in divorce. Consequently, I found myself alone in a foreign country, and wondering what to do with the rest of my life. Despite my personal tragedies, I have decided to get on with my life and make the best of living in a place with endless opportunities. Therefore, I have dedicated myself to creating a much desired new career in dentistry. I feel I have the talent and the ambition to become a successful dentist, and your school can certainly help me accomplish this important goal. I really desire to be a dentist, and I hope you will see fit to allow me to enroll in your school and complete my studies to attain my career.

Dorothy West Goes Through a
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And it never left her daughter either. It just stayed hidden in her mind until it was woken up by a similar experience.

All of this is basically a metaphor for the author's own mental, physical and spiritual awakening. She had lived much of her life in fear that the unexpected would swoop in and change her life just as it had when her mother died. But now that she is experiencing some of the same types of things that her mother went through, a change occurs within her that lets her see that living in fear is no way to live. Her mother had always had a great passion for life and she did not live in fear. In fact, when she had to go to the dentist when she was 18 "she had no concern except the hope that it would cost no more than she had in…

Hearth Amy Hill Having Our
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Their own father had distinct memories of being freed as a slave. He became an Episcopal Bishop and made his children very cognizant of the value of education, given the advantages his schooling had given him, compared to other freed slaves. At St. Augustine's where the sisters were undergraduates Sadie even met Booker T. Washington, in another brush with history. For a woman to drive a car was extraordinary during that era but Sadie "got to be a good driver, and when Mr. Booker T. Washington would come to visit aleigh, he would climb into the passenger seat of Lemuel's car" and she would act as his chauffer (Hearth 80). "Mr. Washington tried to help his people getting them educated," says Sadie sadly, mourning the fact he is often regarded by more black radicals in an unflattering way.

Hearth's purpose in writing her book is twofold. On one hand, she…

Reading this book is a fascinating tour of the two sister's lives and gives a sense of their unique and distinct voices. The paths of these sister's was extraordinary -- Bessie graduated with a dentistry degree in 1919, when women had not long had the vote and Jim Crow was still in force in the South. "As a woman dentist, I faced sexual harassment -- that's what they call it today -- but to me, racism was always a bigger problem" (Hearth 10). Sadie was afraid to go to her first job interview, even in New York City, because she would be denied because of her race. Yet the sisters were still full participants in history, supporting their brother Hubert's run for Congress in 1929, seeing Paul Robeson portray Othello on stage, and meeting Cab Calloway (Hearth 213; 188; 216).

The sisters mourned the violence of the 1960s: "it seemed like all the leaders were getting shot -- Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy. Sadie and I were so distressed about it" (Hearth 97). Even after they retired, they continued their quiet forms of advocacy and activism and engagement with the community, although Sadie admits that they do not have a phone, although she had to have one when Bessie was still practicing dentistry (Heath 12). At times their sense of decency seems old-fashioned, such as when they stress their Christian morality and defend themselves against racists, saying they made a contribution to America that cannot be denied. Hearth makes it clear that their lives need no defense, rather their brilliance and fortitude is an example to all.

Having our say

Oral Hygiene Needs of the
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Another caution that exists for people suffering from lupus is to exercise caution before and after receiving dental treatment. Lupus patients could develop serious heart infections from the streptococci that might be released into their bloodstream during routine dental procedures, even bi-annual teeth cleanings (Blau and Schultz, 174). The infection can travel to the heart when the patient has certain other manifestations of lupus, and, if the patient has developed a condition called verrucous endocarditis, then it can be deadly if the streptococci infect the heart (Blau and Schultz, 174). Therefore it is strongly recommended that prior to and following dental procedures and cleanings that lupus patients receive antiobiotics that can help them to be prepared to defend their body against the streptococci (Blau and Schultz, 174-175).

The antibiotic -- usually amoxicillin, or another member of the penicillin family, or erythromycin in cases of penicillin allergy -- is taken an…

Works Cited

Blau, Sheldon Paul, and Dodi Schultz. Living with Lupus: All the Knowledge You Need to Help Yourself. Cambridge, MA: Perseus Books, 1993. Questia. 21 Nov. 2008 .

De Rossi, Scott S. DMD, and Glick, Michael, DMD. Lupus Erythematosus: Considerations for Dentistry. Journal American Dental Association, vol 129, March, 1998, 330-339.


Service Reviews Customer Responses to
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At the second dealership, Carol felt the salesperson respected her knowledge about cars and answered her questions without talking down to her. She was very pleased with her purchase and told the salesperson she would be happy to recommend the dealership to her friends.

Kathy, a plus-sized lady who is sensitive about her size, was shopping for a dress to wear to her son's wedding. She went into an independently-owned dress shop that had come highly recommended. A young saleswoman "breezed by" and told Kathy to let her know if she needed help with anything, then promptly disappeared. Kathy felt overwhelmed by the choices among dresses and left the shop within a few minutes. She drove to David's Bridal, a move she had been resisting because she likes to shop independent stores rather than chains if she can. As soon as she walked in the door, Kathy was greeted by…


Morrison, S., & Crane, F.G. (2007). Building the service brand by creating and managing an emotional brand experience. Brand Management 14(5), pp. 410-421.

Jewish Couple in Ernest Gaines's
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"Well, I'll be. No wonder that tooth still killing him. I going one way and he pulling the other. oy,

don't you know any Catholic prayers?

"I know 'Hail Mary,'" I say.

"Then you better start saying it" (p. 1849).

esides Monsieur ayonne, the other clearly-identified Christian character in the story is the preacher James and his mother observe inside the dentist's waiting room. When an educated-looking young man challenges the preacher's blind faith, encouraging him instead to "Question everything. Every star, every stripe, every word ever spoken. Everything'" (p. 1855), soon afterward, the preacher becomes so uncontrollably angry at the young man that he walks over and hits the young man in the face, to which the non-believing young man says, ironically "You forgot the other cheek" (p. 1856). The preacher, clearly missing the irony, then hits the young man on the other side of his face, and then…

Besides Monsieur Bayonne, the other clearly-identified Christian character in the story is the preacher James and his mother observe inside the dentist's waiting room. When an educated-looking young man challenges the preacher's blind faith, encouraging him instead to "Question everything. Every star, every stripe, every word ever spoken. Everything'" (p. 1855), soon afterward, the preacher becomes so uncontrollably angry at the young man that he walks over and hits the young man in the face, to which the non-believing young man says, ironically "You forgot the other cheek" (p. 1856). The preacher, clearly missing the irony, then hits the young man on the other side of his face, and then stomps out of the room.

Within these examples of Christianity, Monsieur Bayonne reveals his narrow-minded conviction that the only prayers God answers are Catholic prayers, and the preacher reveals not only narrow-mindedness, but brutality as well, and, by association, how easily challenged his religious convictions truly are. The narrator, eight-year-old James, says nothing positive about either of these men, and their actions speak for themselves. However, James does say to himself, about the well-dressed student who challenges the preacher in the waiting room, "When I grow up I want to be just like him. I want clothes like that and I want keep a book with me too" (p. 1857).

Within this story, Gaines's characterizations of Monsieur Bayonne and the preacher point out that one can be both a believing Christian and either narrow-minded, a hypocrite, or

Robert Munsch
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Children's Books Of obert Munsch

obert Munsch is known as a children's author who writes books that appeal to both kids and adults. His universal appeal makes his books worth considering to determine how he achieves his effects. An analysis of three of Munsch's books will now be completed. These books are Stephanie's Ponytail, Andrew's Loose Tooth, and 50 Below Zero. All three of these books were illustrated by Michael Martchenko. By considering the technique, style, meaning, and humor, some effective techniques in children's literature will be observed.

The technique is similar in all three books, with all three storylines having a similar pattern. The technique is based on establishing repetition, providing a variation on the repetition, and then using the repetition that has been set up to conclude the story with a twist. In Stephanie's Ponytail, the repetition begins as Stephanie tells her mother that she wants a ponytail…


Munsch, Robert. (2002). Andrew's Loose Tooth. New York: Cartwheel.

Munsch, Robert. (1985). 50 Below Zero. Toronto, ON: Annick Press.

Munsch, Robert. (1996). Stephanie's Ponytail. Toronto, ON: Annick Press.

Learning Exploring Pavlov's Notion of Conditioning There
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Learning: Exploring Pavlov's Notion Of Conditioning

There are enormous differences between unconditioned and conditioned responses. Unconditioned responses are those natural reactions that occur without thought or planning. These reactions are not a product of training, but rather a natural response of the body and mind when exposed to certain stimuli. In unconditioned responses, there is no training that would alter an individual's behavior. One of the most infamous examples of an unconditioned response is Pavlov's dog. The dog, as any dog would, naturally salivates at the idea of food. The dog was hungry, and thus naturally reacted to the stimulus of food. We all have had similar reactions to food that perked our interest in any given state of hunger. Another example of this would be the strange, but familiar leg jerk when one is forced to endure a tap on the knee. It is a natural response of the…

Teeth Materials
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Dental Materials and Their Parameters Characteristics

Dental materials are very critical for health of human teeth; however, some dental materials are frequently used for the teeth while some are rarely used. Temporary dressing and dental restorative materials are commonly used materials that dentists use to restore the healthy teeth. Part of the characteristics of restorative materials is that they should consist of soft and natural hard tissues. Typically, density, dimensional changes and appearance of restorative materials are very important when choosing restorative materials. Dimensional changes are very important in choosing restorative materials and manipulation of materials involves mixing two or more components. Moreover; density is a fundamental property for the design of restorative materials and the use appropriate alloy is very critical to avoid the displacement. The use of resin-based product, hue, chroma and natural acid are very important to assist teeth to resist solubility and erosion. One of the…


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Tooth Brushing
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Preliminary Contract

Presenting Problem

A habit is an acquired behavior pattern that is regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary in nature (, 2015). Typically, people view habits as being negative; however, not all are. For instance, as part of an overall good hygiene and healthy lifestyle I developed the habit of brushing my teeth before I go to bed. Brushing my teeth has become part of a ritual I typically perform in the evening before bed. However, a recent visit to the dentist indicated that I had developed a cavity. The ensuing discussion I had with the dentist convinced me that I am not brushing my teeth long enough or often enough. If I continue my current habits I can expect to have more cavities. Therefore the focus of myself change project is to develop the habit of brushing my teeth more often and for a longer…


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Facts about the Teeth Enamel and Teeth
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Teeth Enamel and Teeth, Generally

The hardest part of the human body is the tooth. Teeth help to chew and break down food particles into smaller units for easier digestion down the system. Teeth also help humans to articulate language ((Hoffman)). The enamel is the hardest part of a tooth. Calcium phosphate is its primary composition compound.

Enamel Formation and its Strength, Durability

The tooth crown constitutes a cellular material known as enamel. The enamel happens to be the hardest body tissue. The thickness of the material on the tooth depends on the part of the tooth and its shape. The thickest enamel is usually found at the cusp crest and incisal edges. The sloping part, the fissures, the cervix of the tooth, and the various pits of cuspid teeth have the thinner layers. The enamel on an adult human's teeth is high in energy and is home to significant…


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Jungian Analysis Patient Background and
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" The subject describes how his mother also adamantly refused to consent to the use of Novocain or any other anesthetic when he visited the dentist (despite his pleas and pleas from the dentist) because of her distrust of "chemicals."

There is likely a direct connection between the subject's development of a highly abrasive and uncontrollable on-air persona and the degree to which the subject's control over basic aspects of his life was denied to him throughout his formative years (Casement, 1998; Mitchell & Black, 1995). More specifically, the subject was denied the right to express himself and he was often forced to abide by very conservative rules of proper conduct both in the home and also outside the home, such as by his mother's repeated warning that he was her "representative" outside the home. The self that developed seems to reflect both the explicit absorption of certain ideas from…


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Night but as Things Would
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They then made some temporary teeth out of some kind of plaster that I could wear until my permanent teeth were done. The dentist made the temporary teeth a little big and after about a day they turned yellow. So for the next 2 weeks I was walking around with two big yellow front teeth.

In the end everything worked out. Before I got my teeth knocked out I had a slight gap in my 2 front teeth and was going to need braces at some point in time to fix them. But since the gap was very small the dentist was able to make the new teeth just a little bigger so when he put them in there was no longer a gap.

The cops arrested the kids that jumped me and I found out that the kid that started the whole thing was already on trial for stabbing…

Operations Management a Late Night
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That the service is performed is more important than the speed with which it is performed.

Another factor is that the waiting experience is structured in such a manner as to facilitate long waits. The customer's initial contact is almost immediate, so they are "in the system" and thus more likely to be patient while awaiting the subsequent contact. They are typically comfortable and relatively occupied while waiting as well. The wait is usually in done in a group, which lends itself to lower perceived wait times. Plus, the customer has made an appointment and is thus unlikely to have any immediate plans for their time.

Lastly, the customer's expectation is that they will exit the system feeling better than when they entered. While the customer wishes to feel better as soon as possible, they are willing to wait; plus they expect thorough treatment themselves and thus few would begrudge…

Odontology in Criminal Justice Forensics
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In 2002 the crime lab in the state of Mississippi found that the semen in the victim's body belonged to two different men and neither of them was Kennedy rewer. alko concludes by stating: "Forensic scandals have been troublingly common of late, with phony experts, fake results, and incompetent testing recently uncovered in Virginia, Maryland, Kansas, Illinois, and Texas, to name just a few. Courts need to take a more active role in weeding out the Michael Wests of the world before they ever take the witness stand. ut professional organizations also need to be more vigilant about policing their own. Dr. West's peers should more vocally have questioned his methods long before he was permitted to testify more than 70 times in courts across the country. One would think they'd step up their standards to protect the integrity and reputation of their profession. ut these continuing scandals suggest another,…


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Xylitol What Is Xylitol Xylitol
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hile Xylitol was being used elsewhere in the world the United States still have "an abundant amount of sugar available" so it wasn't heard of in the U.S. until it arrived in chewing gum in 1975. hile Germans and Italians -- along with the Russians and Japanese -- were using it as a sugar substitute, Americans were still heaping piles of sugar on their breakfast cereal and in their coffee and ice tea.

But today, Xylitol is marketed in the U.S. As "Miracle Sweet," "Perfect Sweet," and "Healthy Sweet" (Gare, 8). Is it more or less expensive than sugar? Gare writes that it is "far more expensive than sugar, albeit recently the price has been coming down low enough to be marketed in items like cake mixes, brownies, muffins, cookies, candies, ice creams and puddings; Gare asserts that Xylitol in these baked items make them taste as least as good…

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Country in Regards to Access
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Another solution that is being looked at is the idea of setting up medical homes that include dental services (Friedman, 2012). These consist of providers offices where patients and their medical histories are identified, preventive services and treatments are constant, and there is a guarantee of sustained access. These are considered to be like one-stop-shops where people can go to get the services that they need in order to get health and stay healthy. Continuity in health care is a very important aspect. People need to have continues well care in order to stay as healthy as they can and avoid serious illnesses that are not good for anyone.

One way that is mentioned in the article Access to Dental Care: a National Scandal (Friedman, 2012), to address the challenges in the political climate associated with the production or distribution of resources is in the area of health Promotion and/or…


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Anesthesia Means Temporary Loss of
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In year 1799 anesthetic properties of Nitric Oxide were discovered by Humphery Davy (1778-1829) he advised that the by using nitric oxide, pain and shock of the surgical procedure can be negated. Third person who continue with Morton and ells philosophy was Charles T. Jackson. The Fourth man who contributed to anesthetics was Thomas Mortan (Blatner, 2009). In the year 1848 James Simpson used chloroform in obstetric surgery, he used diethyl ether to anesthetize a women with a pelvic deformity for delivery (kodali, 2009) and in year 1853 John Snow did a successful induction of chloroform to her Majesty Queen Victoria at the time of Prince Leopold's Birth and also on Fenny Longfellow who wrote to her poet brother that this use of ether is certainly the greatest blessing of this era (Longfellow, 1956). In the year 1885-illiam Halsted introduced the nerve block. In 1891 Heinrich Quincke demonstrated the process…


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