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Depression Essays (Examples)

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Illnesses and Injuries Impact on the Human Mind
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How Illnesses and Injuries Impact the Mind
In what ways does mental health need to be considered across the illness/injury continuum?
Mental health necessities should be considered across the illness range by pinpointing a uniform form of managing depressive symptoms amongst the patients within an in-patient healthcare setting. Spilman et al. (2015) conducted a retrospective study investigating the use of in-hospital antidepressant medication (ADM) amongst adult trauma patients with an intensive care unit stay of a period of five days or more. 25 percent of the patients involved in the study received an antidepressant medication, with solely 33 percent of this figure having a recorded history of depression. In addition, out of all of the patients that received their initial antidepressant medication from a trauma or critical care physician, solely 5 percent of them were discharged with a recorded plan for psychiatric follow-up. Taking this into consideration, the study ascertained…

Buijck, B. I., Zuidema, S. U., Spruit-van Eijk, M., Bor, H., Gerritsen, D. L., & Koopmans, R. T. (2014). Determinants of geriatric patients’ quality of life after stroke rehabilitation. Aging & mental health, 18(8), 980-985.
Haugan, G., Innstrand, S. T., & Moksnes, U. K. (2013). The effect of nurse–patient interaction on anxiety and depression in cognitively intact nursing home patients. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 22(15-16), 2192-2205.
Spilman, S. K., Smith, H. L., Schirmer, L. L., & Tonui, P. M. (2015). Evaluation and treatment of depression in adult trauma patients. Journal of Trauma Nursing, 22(1), 17-22.

Social Support Networks for Mental Health
Words: 362 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32434138
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Prescription for Health
Social support is a major factor in terms of a social variable that influences health. People who suffer from depression are often isolated and alone and do not have a support network to give them confidence or to make them feel like they are loved and valued. According to Maslow’s (1943) hierarchy of needs and human motivation model, people need esteem, friendship and love before they can reach a level of self-actualization, where they can feel self-motivated and self-empowered. Thus, having a social support system is truly important for one’s psychological health.
Part of the problem of today’s digital culture is that too many young persons are turning to social media for a support system but only finding instead a self-obsessed social media culture in which every person is trying to redirect attention to themselves and their own profiles. It is not a true community of support…