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Illnesses and Injuries Impact on the Human Mind

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How Illnesses and Injuries Impact the Mind
In what ways does mental health need to be considered across the illness/injury continuum?
Mental health necessities should be considered across the illness range by pinpointing a uniform form of managing depressive symptoms amongst the patients within an in-patient healthcare setting. Spilman et al. (2015) conducted a retrospective study investigating the use of in-hospital antidepressant medication (ADM) amongst adult trauma patients with an intensive care unit stay of a period of five days or more. 25 percent of the patients involved in the study received an antidepressant medication, with solely 33 percent of this figure having a recorded history of depression. In addition, out of all of the patients that received their initial antidepressant medication from a trauma or critical care physician, solely 5 percent of them were discharged with a recorded plan for psychiatric follow-up. Taking this into consideration, the study ascertained…… [Read More]


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Blacks and the Great Depression the Great

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Blacks and the Great Depression

The Great Depression, which had significant impacts across America, had a lesser impact on Black America. The greater is the loss, the greater the impact. Vice versa, the lesser is the loss, the lesser the impact. Historically, Black Americans had relatively less to lose in a Great Depression. Consequently, Blacks, already disenfranchised from American society, were less affected in the Great Depression than White Americans.

Understanding the Great Depression means, in part, that its effects on Americans cannot be painted with one brush stroke because the Great Depression had different effects on different groups of people. Certainly, the Great Depression had devastating effects on many Americans. As excerpts from two of the more than fifteen million letters written directly to President and Mrs. Roosevelt show, some Americans desperately needed coats[footnoteRef:1], rent, transportation, food and utilities[footnoteRef:2] but were unable to obtain financial relief from government programs.[footnoteRef:3]…… [Read More]