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Elon Musk Essays (Examples)

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Company Integrated Paper SpaceX
Words: 2131 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 15587243
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Final Integrated Paper: SpaceXExecutive SummarySpaceX has been defined as one of the most innovative companies today. As a matter of fact, the company has been at the forefront in efforts to conquer space exploration and even make it possible for non-astronauts venture into space. This paper concerns itself with not only the strategic initiatives of the enterprise, but also the diverse innovations that the company has deployed in the past. It also highlights the companys innovative and sustainability efforts.DiscussionSpaceX defines itself as a designer, manufacturer, as well as launcher of advanced spacecraft as well as rockets (SpaceX, 2021). As the company further points out, it was established in the year 2002 with the overall mandate of revolutionizing space technology. Some of the spacecraft and aerial vehicles that the company has developed in the past are inclusive of Falcon Heavy, Falcon 9, Dragon, and Starship. The companys founder, Elon Musk, happens…


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artificial intelligence and futurism transhumanism
Words: 1986 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72467429
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.....humans interact with technology in increasingly sophisticated and meaningful ways, the ethical and philosophical questions posed by artificial intelligence start to become more pressing than ever before. The science fiction genre has promoted as ambivalent a relationship between humans and technology as scientists and futurists have. Both the potential benefits and drawbacks of artificial intelligence have been explored, asking human beings involved in the development of AI technology to consider the ramifications of their work. For example, Nick Bostrom has indicated the need for developers of artificially intelligent systems to work with cognitive scientists to mitigate risk by programming AI from the beginning to act only in the best interests of humans (Shead 1). However, the assumption that AI will somehow eventually need or want to compete with human beings with the potential to overcome or conquer human beings is just that: an assumption. It is a flawed assumption because…

Tesla and the Global Market
Words: 3582 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69745477
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Global Company Report: Tesla, Inc.
Introduction: Summary of the Business and Its Industry
Tesla, Inc. was launched in 2003 in California as a niche market luxury carmaker that specialized in electric vehicles (EV). The Tesla Roadster was its first product. The Roadster was a high-end EV and not a mass market car. Today, Tesla offers the much more affordable Tesla Model 3, which is a mass-market EV designed for the common man. Its other products include the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X. Tesla sells its cars in North America, Europe and in Asia. It has recently obtained financing to build cars in China, where its vehicles are already being sold, and is currently poised to enter Japan’s market. Tesla’s focus on sustainability and its CEO Elon Musk’s use of social media has made Tesla a favorite among investors who view sustainability as the future and Musk’s innovative…

Tesla Organizational Communications
Words: 1211 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 30658095
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Organizational Communications

Part I: Description of the Organization

Tesla is a niche-market company organization that manufactures electric vehicles and batteries to advance the green energy movement in the modern world. Guided by the vision of the CEO, Elon Musk, Tesla began its car business by provided luxury brand vehicles under two models, the Tesla Model X and the Tesla Model S. Recently, the company has been working on mass production of a lower-priced brand, the Tesla Model 3, for consumers not in the market for luxury vehicles. Tesla’s mission statement is: “to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass market electric cars to market as soon as possible” (Tesla, 2013). At the core of its business is the concept of providing a product that promotes sustainability and that does not rely upon the burning of fossil fuels for vehicle transportation. Tesla’s electric vehicles are battery powered rather…

Leadership Case Study Mo Abudu
Words: 973 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47488588
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Leadership is difficult to quantify; studying it empirically is not a simple task, because so many different variables can be considered as the potential result of leadership. If we want to evaluate the leadership of a given CEO -- for example, to assess the leadership achievements of Mo Abudu, founder and CEO of EbonyLive TV and its various affiliated ventures (Inspire Africa, VLA) -- what statistics should we be measuring? The most popular measurement, of course, is purely financial, and regards a CEO as the sole motivating factor behind any company's economic performance -- most studies that examine Steve Jobs's leadership at Apple are quick to mention that, at the moment of Jobs's death, Apple actually had more money in the bank than the United States government (Isaacson 2012). But it is naive to assume that merely counting cash is a good way to measure leadership, just as rapid growth…


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Strategy Summary of Paypal
Words: 1381 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92221693
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Pay Pal Analysis

Paypal has taken the payment processing world by storm since its inception. Just as the shift from many isolated banks to a centralized banking system with centralized payment frameworks changed the way that people exchanged money and conducted commerce, PayPal has done much the same thing. Rather than requiring people to always extend their checking and/or credit card information to customers or buyers, they are instead able to use companies like PayPal as an intermediary so as to ensure that payment is delivered but no banking information is compromised. It is not foolproof as there is still fraud and such but it is a much better option than the financial payment frameworks of yesteryear. hile the model PayPal is using is not nearly perfected and while Android, Apple and others are joining the payment facilitation fray, PayPal is very well positioned.


PayPal is a publicly traded…

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Global Business Leadership
Words: 1320 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 37027031
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Global Business Leadership

When I first registered for the global leadership class, I thought "isn't all business the same?" In the sense that I really wasn't sure what distinguished global leadership from any other type of leadership. Having never held a management position in the workplace, I was perhaps at a disadvantage to understand the nuances of the question of global business leadership. The course has broadened my understanding of leadership on a global scale.

I see leadership as the process of leading people. The latter point is specific to understanding what leadership is -- people. A manager is someone who manages resources, and directs them to tasks, but these resources are not necessarily people -- they can be capital, or equipment. Thus, a manager is someone who determines who and what will perform the different tasks that will bring the organization closer to its stated objectives. Leadership is somewhat…


Rost, J. (1998). Leadership and management. From Leading organizations: Perspectives for a new era. Sage Publications: Thousand Oaks, CA

Tesla and the Porter Forces
Words: 1024 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76080937
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Project Deliverable 2: Innovation and Competitive Analysis
The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has faced significant pressure from both the public and the investing world to deliver on promises of meeting production deadlines on the Model 3. The Model 3 is meant to be the electronic vehicle (EV) for the middle class—a comfortable, suave, sophisticated and technologically advanced EV that is a step and class above the types of EVs produced by other car manufacturers—like the Volt, which has none of the sheen and sophistication that Musk has vowed to bring to the green energy sector of automobile manufacturing. However, going forward, Musk should consider that other luxury brand auto makers are beginning to catch up with his vision. Porsche and Jaguar are virtually on his heels and they have none of the balance sheet problems and debt issues that Tesla is facing. The competitive environment is heating up and…

Should We Get a Basic Income
Words: 2132 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 77423805
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Basic Income

To understand why the concept of basic income would not work, it is necessary to understand the meaning of money and how it has value. Money has value because of two things: 1) confidence—as in the confidence that is placed in the currency by those who use it, and 2) the fact that it represents a store of worth—for example, if a person works ten hours on a roof, he expects to be compensated. He could theoretically be compensated with wheat, or milk, or beef, or gas, or some other goods or even services in exchange; but to facilitate the exchange and the agreement between the hirer and the laborer, money is introduced. Money thus acts as a store of wealth: the laborer who works on the roof for ten hours agrees to be compensated by x amount of dollars or euros or pounds or renminbi or whatever…

Good or Bad Aviation Project Management
Words: 1108 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36922120
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Aviation Project - SpaceX

The current aerospace technologies being built and flown by the private commercial company known as SpaceX (from California) have a remarkable record of success thus far. The "Dragon," which is the cargo capsule built by SpaceX, put into orbit by the Falcon 9 launch rocket, delivered its second load of supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) on Sunday, March 3 (Segal, 2013). The SpaceX contract with NASA is for a total of twelve cargo missions to the ISS over the coming years; the first Dragon cargo ship was launched and delivered supplies to the International Space Station in October, 2012. The un-manned Dragon is designed to carry supplies to and from the ISS, and it is the first privately built commercial spacecraft to handle those chores -- or conduct any space-related activities per se. NASA contracted with SpaceX in 2008 after NASA had retired its…

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Tesla's Terrible Pricing Strategy
Words: 1319 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22710433
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Pricing Strategy 
There are several critical factors that affect making pricing decisions: customers, competitors, regulations, government laws, the overall economy, and production costs and some of the most important variables to look at when deciding on a pricing strategy. As Zeng, Dasgupta and Weinberg (2016) put it, differentiation is key to developing a pricing strategy that works for a company that has to set itself apart from competitors in order to secure market share. For Tesla, which is the subject of this paper, the electric vehicle (EV) market is beginning to heat up as competitors come into the business with their own products. That means Tesla has to differentiate itself with a pricing strategy that will appeal to the biggest consumer base in the market—the average middle class consumer. In the past, Tesla has relied on the luxury brand market to drive sales—but with investors anxious for a return on…

Tesla's Problematic Pricing Strategy
Words: 1605 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19830703
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Pricing Strategies and Decisions
Pricing Strategy Management
Pricing Policies, Processes and Methods
Policies used to manage Tesla’s pricing strategy. Currently Tesla is not only benefiting by but is actually relying on government subsidies to sell its cars. Subsidies come from electric vehicle (EV) tax credits that purchasers are able to obtain whenever they buy a Tesla. The problem is that these credits are only given to consumers for a set duration. Once the government ends the subsidy, sales drop drastically, as has been in the case in Hong Kong where tax incentives basically were the whole of Tesla’s pricing strategy—and once the tax incentives ended, sales were decimated. Currently in Norway, which is Tesla’s biggest European market, consumers pay no import tax or any of the purchase taxes that apply to non-EV cars—which is a big incentive (Tesla 10-K, 2018, p. 22). In the Netherlands, sales are soaring this year…

Business News from around the World
Words: 1268 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54544653
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Business News Analysis

Thomas (2017) reports that President Trump is urging the pharmaceutical industry to lower its prices on drugs sold in the market. As an incentive to lowering prices, Trump has pledged to "ease rules" -- i.e., deregulate the industry substantially. As much of the time and money that goes into producing a drug for market consists of testing and reporting to the FDA, this pledge by the White House is one that could enable drug manufacturers to feel inclined to lowering prices, as their overhead would also dwindle should regulation become less stringent.

However, a deregulated pharmaceutical industry could spell danger for consumers, especially if the easing of rules leads to fewer products that are proven to be safe and effective hitting the market. Nonetheless, Trump's populist message is here seen being coupled with his pro-business platform: thus, one the one hand he is appealing to "public outrage…

Words: 1244 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97448768
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Apple exists in an oligopoly market structure, wherein a small handful of companies control the market. Apple, along with Samsung, Microsoft, Alphabet (Google) and Nokia, essentially control the tech industry (smart phones, computers, portable devices, etc.). While smaller companies do exist, it is these larger companies that set the stage for prices, products and innovation. To what extent Apple’s current status as a blue chip stock may be representative of the company’s actual true value and is a question that an analysis of micro- and macroeconomic trends and conditions may be able to determine. This paper will analyze economic data and business data to explain how the core economic principles impact the sustainability of Apple, Inc. and what actions the firm can take now to ensure success in the future.

Apple’s current market share of smart phone market stands at 19.2% and the company leads all others with 77.3 million…

Visionary Leadership of Nelson Mandela
Words: 1592 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82049498
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Visionary Leadership
After being detained in prison for 27 years, Nelson Mandela walked out of Prison to lead South Africans in their quest to break free from Apartheid rule. He became the first Black president of the Republic of South Africa and led a robust reconciliation effort that helped Blacks and Whites in South Africa forgive one another and find common ground to work on to help build South Africa. For these efforts, Nelson Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize. Nelson Mandela was born in 1918 in Transkei and went on to be a student of law at Fort Hare University. As the African National Congress (ANC) started gaining momentum in the early 1940s, he joined the movement to help resist the racist policies of the then ruling White government. The racist government policies would later be codified into Apartheid which proved to be a brutal and highly racist rule.…

Selling Into Enterprise Corporate Marketing
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Questionnaire Paper #: 11030685
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positioning affect segmentation and targeting strategies when entering a market?

Positioning strategies serve as the foundational framework for strategic marketing plans and planning, execution, management and evaluation of marketing strategies. Positioning is also used for defining how a company's products or services are differentiated within a customer segment. For example, Apple uses positioning very effectively selling its high-end iPads. his specific positioning strategy by Apple concentrates on only those consumers willing to pay for premium performance, reliability and convenience the iPad offers. Apple does this to position themselves above the myriad of Google Android-based tablets who are competing primarily on price. Apple also uses positioning successfully to sell more on value and less on price. Positioning not only defines the competitiveness of a given product or service relative to competitors, it also communicates the unique value and differentiated features as well (Perreault, Cannon, 2012). Apple excels at this type of…

The maturity of any business has a direct and long-lasting effect on the positioning strategy any company uses to market its products. For start-ups, their positioning strategy will often focus on innovation and how their new products are completely redefining existing markets and leading to entirely new ones being created. Startup companies must continually innovate to stay alive, and their positioning strategies reflect a more focused message on replacing substitute products and services that may have grown obsolete and less useful to customers. The success of the new electric car models from Tesla are a case in point. The positioning being used by Elon Musk who runs Tesla is showing the value of having an all-electric vehicle that doesn't pollute, is cheaper to maintain than an internal combustion engine-based vehicle and is sleek, stylish and very quiet to travel in. All of these product features and benefits of the Tesla are used for defining its positioning as a disruptive innovation in automobile design. Conversely, General Motors' (GM) many variations of car brands all show how a company much more mature uses product line repositioning and product line extensions to continually differentiate their vehicles. GM concentrates on making slight variations to their positioning so they can support marketing and selling strategies from a product perspective. GM is also very focused on cost reduction, while Tesla is obsessed with building market share right now. Given the youth of Tesla and their focus on disruptive innovation as a positioning statement relative to the staid, conservative approach of GM, these positioning directions make sense. This examples shows how positioning varies by startups vs. very mature companies. Positioning will also vary by the stage of the product lifecycle of a given product or service, and in broader terms, entire industries (Perreault, Cannon, 2012).

Explain how the product life cycle can influence the choices available?

The product life cycle is the most rigid constraint there is to defining positioning strategies, as product features and benefits must support, accentuate and deliver on the promises made in market positioning statements and strategies by marketers. The specific product lifecycle phase of a given product often dictates the type of positioning strategy used (Perreault, Cannon, 2012). For new products that deliver exceptional levels of disruptive innovation, as the Tesla, iPad,

Marketing Public Relations and Segmentation
Words: 2747 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 27118545
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Mass marketing is differentiated from target marketing, in that the target customer is pretty much everybody. A firm that has a target market will either have all of its sales, or a significant portion of them, in an specific identifiable group. Thus, the product should span across race, gender, age and geography. Such a product's target market would be better understood in terms of who doesn't buy it than who does. Wal-Mart would be a good example of a mass market retailer, based on their size, their geographic spread, the wide variety of products that they sell and the ubiquitous nature of many of those products -- many mass market retailers target very broad groups (Investopedia, 2015).

A mass market product, therefore, would be a product that broadly appeals. I will go with Charmin. The target market for Charmin is almost everybody. There are only a few groups that…


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Immigration versus class
Words: 964 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32514296
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Immigration Versus Class

Today, immigrants comprise a significant proportion of the population of the U.S. and other developed countries. Factors such as globalization and technological advancements have played a crucial role in accelerating this trend. For developed countries, immigration has historically made substantial contributions to economic growth and development -- right from the era of slavery to modern times. Nonetheless, immigration has led to class struggles, creating an ever-widening divide between citizens and immigrants.

According to Buruma (2014), grievances against immigrants have been on the rise over the years in most developed countries. For example, in 2014, epublicans in the U.S. showed immense displeasure with President Obama's offer to allow undocumented immigrants who had lived in the U.S. for several years to apply for citizenship. The discomfort with immigrants in the U.S. has gained further momentum in the wake of President Donald Trump's entry to the White House a few…


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Cause and Effect Essay Example Climate Change & Hurricanes
Words: 3527 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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Writing doesnt have to be a chore.

To prove it, heres a cause and effect essay example that gets down and dirty with a semi-controversial issue that polarizes a lot of people (no pun intended): yes, were talking about climate change.

This topic has been in the news for a good long while.
Climate Change

There have been movies made about it, conferences held about it, and many works of scholarly and not-so-scholarly literature written about it.

So lets take a look at how to turn this subject into the main topic of a cause and effect essay.

Well start off with a title, give you the hook, underline the thesis, and highlight some important parts for you to consider.

Best of all, well show you how to have fun with your essay. Lets go!
I. Intro
a. Hook
b. Did climate change cause Harvey et al.?

Tesla Stock Analysis and Recommendation
Words: 811 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68019835
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Fortune 500 Company: TSLA
Ticker: TSLA
Current Stock Price: $290.71
Market Cap: 49.119B
P/E: 147.58
Dividend/Yield: N/A;N/A
Enterprise Value: 4.93
Beta: 0.96
Stock Split: No
Closing price last five days: $291.21, $287.71, $293.50, $300.10, $290.24
52 week high: $389.61
Book Value per Share: $11.58
Analysts’ Ratings: 4 strong buy, 4 buy, 8 hold, 6 underperform
Target Price: Low of $180 to High of $470, with the average at $317.04
Avg. revenue estimate for next year: 26.85B
Significant news: Tesla is ramping up Model 3 production; Tesla is working on a semi

Buy or Sell TSLA? Recommendation: SELL

I would not recommend investing in this stock. TSLA is currently the most shorted stock on the market: investors are bearish on Tesla, as the CEO Elon Musk has turned it into a cult stock with an unjustifiable P/E and a lot more empty promises at his back than actual delivery. While TSLA…

Money Bag Apparel Strategic Plan
Words: 1620 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 44284961
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The mission of Money Bag Apparel can be best understood in the company’s tag line: “Clothing you like Royalty.” The idea is to make every customer feel like a million dollars when he or she is wearing Money Bag Apparel without the customer having to spend a million dollars.
The vision of the company is to be making others smile while wearing affordable yet good quality clothing. Money Bag Apparel wants to be the premier clothing line for people who understand the need to look one’s finest. At the same time, people need to be able to buy clothing without spending all their money. Designer brands can run customers deep into debt. Money Bag Apparel’s vision is for everyone to feel great, look great, and not have to spend a great amount of money.
The strategy name for this new product launch is “Tell Your Story” and…

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Leadership Theory Integration
Words: 3849 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30706984
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Part 1
History of Modern Leadership Studies Since 1900
The evolution of modern leadership studies begins with the Great Man Theory, which originated in the 19th century and carried over into the 20th century. It came about as people looked at the world’s greatest leaders who stood out from the run of the mill individuals of their time and made a significant difference upon the course of human history. Individuals like George Washington, or Abraham Lincoln or Napoleon Bonaparte—they were seen as Great Men who were born with something special that made them into great leaders. The idea was promoted by Thomas Carlyle (1888) and other writers, such as Herbert Spencer (1896), who added his own twist on the theory by arguing that Great Men were as much products of their own day and age as anything else. Great Man Theory got the ball rolling in leadership studies, and out…

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Personal Selling and Building Brand Equity
Words: 1365 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 44332738
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Advertising and Promotion1 Advertising in the 21st CenturyThe 21st century is the Digital Age, the age that marked the shift from legacy media to new media. Advertisers have thus focused more and more on digital media, social media, and clicks than on the power of print media or traditional commercials on TV. The reason for this shift is that more people now use their mobile devices for browsing the Internet, consuming information, shopping via e-commerce, or communicating with peers than ever before. More people have cut the cord of cable TV and now stream content via providers like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBOMax and more. Fewer people read books and magazines than ever before. Advertisers have to go where the eyeballs are, and digital media platforms like Facebook and Google have ways to track eyeballs through online monitoring, which gives advertisers a way to understand what users are doing.…

Artificial Intelligence Technology The Fears and Concerns
Words: 1270 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 28205765
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Should e Fear Artificial Intelligence TechnologyIntroductionArtificial intelligence technology and implementations are generating a lot of buzz, both for their possibilities and for the potential threats they may offer. Artificial intelligence applications are various, and the opportunities are vast; and owing to current advances in computer hardware, several AI algorithms already outperform today\\\'s specialists(Mannino et al.,5). Robots are already influencing our day-to-day activities. AI is being used in many applications such as search engines, self-driven cars, and even drones. In addition, AI continues to pose fundamental questions to society, such as views on using AI in the military arena.As AI capacity improves, its field of application will continue to grow. Futuristic and former journalist of The ashington Post, Dominic Basulto, sums up this when he talks about \\\'existential reward\\\' in an article on \\\"why the world\\\'s most intelligent people should not be so afraid of artificial intelligence.\\\" He claims that it…

Works CitedBasulto, Dominic. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Why the World\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Most Intelligent People Shouldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t Be so Afraid of Artificial Intelligence.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Washington Post, 20 Jan. 2015,, Dominic. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"I for One Welcome the Rise of the Robots. They Can Do the Work While I Play.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Comment | The Sunday Times, 20 Mar. 2016,, Adriano, et al. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Artificial intelligence: Opportunities and risks.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Policy Papers of the Effective Altruism Foundation2 (2015): 1-16.