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Problem involving Managerial Turnover

Words: 929 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39387533

Managerial Turnover: A Problem?
Employee turnover should be a cause for concern in any organisation. It should be even more worrying if it involves key employees such as managers. The exit of employees from an organisation is often an indicator of considerable shortcomings in how the organisation manages its employees (Truss, Mankin & Kelliher, 2012). It could point to dissatisfaction with working conditions, management style, remuneration, workload, and so forth. HealthCare Launder Care (HCLC) has lost 30 of its 120 unit and site managers in the past one year, translating to a 25% managerial turnover rate (Heneman, Judge & Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012). This is without a doubt a disturbing trend that the organisation must urgently address to avoid the potential repercussions. The organisation must investigate the cause of the trend and put in place corrective measures if it is to succeed in the long term.
Managers are critical employees in any…… [Read More]


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Employees' Turnover on Human Resource

Words: 1953 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41947941

In this context, a question is being posed relative to the measures which could be taken in order to increase employees' on the job satisfaction and reduce the high turnover rates. The following strategies could be implemented in both Hong Kong vehicle companies, as well as within all companies facing the challenges of high employee turnover rates. Yet, what should be remembered is that the following suggestions are merely theoretical and that they should be customized to fit the specific particularities of each separate entity. These being said, the suggestions to improving employee retention are as follows:

Increasing salaries; higher wages will generally determine people to be more committed to the job and to the employer

Offering other financial incentives, such as premiums and bonuses; these should be offered based on performances, but also based on efforts

Offering various non-financial incentives, such as flexible working schedules or the organization of…… [Read More]


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Employee Relations Financial Crisis Managing Employee Relations

Words: 2413 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53303609

Employee Relations Financial Crisis

Managing Employee Relations in the Event of a Financial Crisis

A Look into Management can Effectively Navigate through Adverse Conditions

Austerity Protests (Dowling, 2012)

Employee relations can often be a difficult aspect of maintaining the overall health of an organization. In general, employee relations often refer to the act of fostering productivity, motivation, and employee morale in an organizations human resources pool. However, there are some circumstances in which it is virtually impossible to maintain high levels of morale. One example of this is during a period of economic turmoil. During the global financial crisis of 2008, the world's economy took a sharp turn for the worse. This economic downturn had many implications for businesses and their employees. The level of unemployment rose quickly in many nations and pressure was also applied to lower employee wages.

In the event of such an economic downturn, it is…… [Read More]

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Employee Satisfaction & Quality Systems the Human

Words: 1496 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64180756

Employee Satisfaction & Quality Systems

The human resource of any organization is one of the most valuable of all its resources. The continued productivity, innovation, commitment and contributory spirit of organizations employees can create a profitable and strong business in any industry. If these characteristics are lacking in the workforce for many of the employees the business can also be stifled and perform far below its capacity. There are many contributory factors associated with employee satisfaction and therefore optimal production and innovation. The literature on the subject is plentiful and demonstrative of process change and reaching goals of employee satisfaction that improve the bottom line as well as the whole environment of the business (Chang, Chiu, & Chen, 2010, p. 1299). According to Yee, Yueng, & Cheng, the link between employee satisfaction, service quality, customer satisfaction that leads to firm profitability is sound;

Using structural equations modeling, we found that…… [Read More]


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Employees Use the 360 Degree

Words: 3428 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42868307

A very important point is that online learning can be done individually or in groups (for example video conferences).

6. In general, in order to make a career choice one should be informed about the world of professions. Information about the profession that appears the most interesting and appropriate should be gathered. If possible, it would be important to read interviews or talk to people with similar jobs for a more accurate and realistic image. Another important part in a career choice is to assess individual strengths and weaknesses. Several personality tests are available for such a purpose (for example CPI - California Psychological Inventory, SDS - the Self-Directed Search questionnaire). For the persons in search for a career it is important to identify the skills they have and they most enjoy using. The career identified should be compatible with the interests and skills identified. In conclusion, a person who…… [Read More]


Drewes, G., Runde, B. (2002). Performance Appraisal, in Psychological Management of Individual Performance. Sonnentag, S. (Ed.) John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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Employee Satisfaction Hygiene Factors and

Words: 15085 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27698005

Motivation of workers is posing very big challenges to organizations. Herzberg ensures that an organization rewards its employees depending on the behaviors that the management would like to encourage.One of the widely known writers on motivation of workers is Frederick Herzberg. He is widely known for the two-factor theory that he came up with. The two factor theory is widely referred to as the hygiene motivation theory. As stated above, motivation of employees is a challenge. Nobody has brought evidence refuting the theories of Herzberg. Therefore, the ideas that are put forward by him may still be looked at.

Hygiene Factors and Dissatisfaction at Work

The hygiene factor in job satisfaction can best be explained using Herzberg's (1966) two factor theory (Motivation-Hygiene Theory).The hygiene factors refer to the factors that are majorly concerned with the work conditions. The factors are contextual features of conditions of work. They are however not…… [Read More]


Akintoye, I.R. (2000). The place of financial management in personnel psychology. A Paper

Presented as Part of Personnel Psychology Guest Lecture Series. Department of Guidance and Counselling, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Armstrong, DL (2006). When Employees Are Happy!

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Employee Theft and Relationship Between Pre-Employment Background Checks

Words: 5282 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22274849

relationship of employee theft and organizational objectives in Capstone. It has sources.

Capstone Turbine Corporation, incorporated in 1988, is an organization that designs and creates turbines. They use the latest technology to create these turbines, as they are ones that are in demand for hybrid electric vehicles.

Capstone Turbine Corporation develops, manufactures and markets microturbine technology, which is used in stationary distributed power generation applications. These include combined heat and power, resource recovery and power quality and reliability.

Capstone's microturbines are capable of supplying power at consumption sites as well as hybrid electric vehicles. The sites and the vehicles too function on the basis of a combination of a primary source battery with an auxiliary power source. The auxiliary source of power used here are the Capstone microturbines that are used to enhance performance.

Capstone is committed to providing customers with top-quality service as much as possible. In deed it…… [Read More]


Capstone Turbine Corp., Quarterly Report (SEC form 10-Q) SEC Filings NasdaqNM: CPST, 2001.

Capstone Microturbine Company Profile, Accessed on 15-6-2003 at http://yahoo.multexinvestor.com/FullDesc.aspx?target=/stocks/quickinfo/companyprofile/fulldescription&ticker=CPST

Bolman, L. & Terrence E. Deal (1997). Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice and Leadership. Jossey-Bass Publishers - 2nd Edition.

The manager.org
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Employee Feedback Programs Are Programs

Words: 2835 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85578747

However, it has been a struggle to make employees view that these employee feedback programs are not just a tool for the companies to comply with has been a losing battle eports 12.

The good news of the matter is that these employee feedback programs provide duly needed positive and negative feedback which helps the management re-strategize their decision making process.

Organizational culture and employee feedback programs

The culture of the organization must at the same time reflect these employee feedback programs Gupta, Govindarajan and Malhotra 206.

Organizational culture is the personality that is exhibited by an organization through its employees. Members of the organization slowly come to sense this culture and try their best to express it in their actions in various situations. There are several effects of an organization's culture. These include influencing the technologies applied, image of the organization to the public, strategies, services and products of…… [Read More]


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Employee Health and Life Insurance Benefits

Words: 2309 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73367184

Employee Health and Life Insurance Benefits

What is the footing of private businesses owned by families when confronted with the issue of providing employee health benefits while we surmount the millennium threshold? What is methodology employed for optimizing the benefits while at the same time putting a check spending on employees? In what way do they draw and prevent attrition of valuable professional in a competitive workforce market? In which way do they take the better of amendments of legal rules in competent strategies since the past several years? The appropriateness of these aspects and other issues will continue to challenge family managed business owners. Since the last several years remarkable governmental amendments have equipped the owners of family run businesses opportunities for planning that would by no means have been considered probable. There are no more restrictions on the quantity a company can make a payment for a staff…… [Read More]


Gabel, J; Long, S; Marquis, S. (December, 2002) "Employer-Sponsored Insurance: How Much Financial Protection Does It Provide" Medical Care Research and Review. Volume: 59; No: 4; pp: 440-454

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Offer your employees group life insurance -- an added benefit for them at a low cost to you" Retrieved from http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/0,4621,301309,00.html Accessed on 20 October, 2004
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Expatriate Employees it Is Common for People

Words: 1523 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5179662

Expatriate Employees

It is common for people to travel far and wide for employment opportunities. It is a difficult task not just for the workers but their families as well. The living conditions, health sanitation and many other difficulties often cause these individuals to regret their choice and quit the job. The paper highlights the expatriate issues and the significant and life altering role that H can play in this respect.

It is very important to understand what exactly an Expatriate Employee is before matters like: problems faced by them and the reasons for their high turnover rates are delved into.

In simple terms the word 'expatriate' refers to any person working in a country other than his or her native or birth country. This individual could be employed by one of their native 'Multi-national Corporations' and then selected to represent them abroad, in which case they can also be…… [Read More]


Expatriate Law and Legal Definition (2012). U.S. Legal. Retrieved June 7th from  http://definitions.uslegal.com/e/expatriate/ 

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Prevent Employee Burnout With Communication

Words: 1793 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95130448

Burnout and rapid employee turnover are problems that continually plague developed nations. Employees constantly are burdened with high work standards and even larger work loads without a corresponding increase in compensation. This document aims to address many of the issues that contribute to employee burnout and methods in which to alleviate their effects. In particular, older women with high external stress levels are prone to employee burnout. By adequately addressing these issues, older women and those within their immediate sphere of influence can better acclimate to the work environment. This acclimation will ultimately help older women live longer, more quality lives.

Employee burnout has become a very contentious issue of late. Due primarily to the loss of jobs overseas coupled with massive layoffs, employees are forced to do more work during a typical workday. Many of the more prestigious, higher paying positions have been eliminated or cut due to lack…… [Read More]


1) Kristensen, T.S., Borritz, M., Villadsen, E., & Christensen, K.B. The Copenhagen Burnout Inventory: A new tool for the assessment of burnout. Work & Stress, 2005, 19, 192-207.

2) Shirom, A. & Melamed, S. Does burnout affect physical health? A review of the evidence. In A.S.G. Antoniou & C.L. Cooper (Eds.), Research companion to organizational health psychology (pp. 599 -- 622). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 2005.
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Health System Management and the Use of New Grad Program for Reducing Turnover

Words: 2457 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39644169

Reducing Turnover in New Graduate Residence Program

Introduction- The process of recruiting and training, particularly in high-impact fields like healthcare, has become increasingly complex and expensive. Turnover is the rate at which an organization gains or loses employees. High turnover means that more employees are leaving more rapidly, which can be harmful to productivity and finances. Real costs of hiring including recruitment time, opportunity costs, and investment in both the new employee and the staff in Human Resources. Indirect costs include training, loss of production, reduction of performance levels, overtime due to inexperience, etc. In fact, this issue is so important that in for-profit organizations, the cost of employee turnover is estimated to be about 150% of the total payroll and benefit package (Rothwell, 2012). One needs to also understand the high costs of post-employment; drug-screening, physical exams, orientation, learning curve, coaching from others, etc. Staff time is difficult to…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Life Balance in Effective Employee Management Importance

Words: 2011 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9476963

Life Balance in Effective Employee Management

Importance of Work-Life Balance

The purpose of this paper is to explain the importance of work-life balance in an effective management of employees in contemporary organizations. The paper constitutes a brief introduction to the concept and a comprehensive discussion on how a good work-life balance of employees increases their morale, motivation, and commitment which ultimately contribute towards their superior workplace performance and higher organizational productivity.

Work-life balance means how employees are able to split their time and energy to manage their personal and professional lives in such a fashion that neither of them is negatively affected by the other (Eikhof, Warhurst, & Haunschild 2007). Work-life balance allows them to give time to their family commitments, personal care, community participation, and other personal life activities along with fulfilling the demands of their professional life (Saxena 2009). It is the responsibility of employers to formulate policies…… [Read More]

Resources, 49 (3): 285-307.

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Supervising a Problem Employee

Words: 2245 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39718850


Supervising a Problem Employee

An Employee elations Case Study

Supervising a Problem Employee: An Employee elations Case Study

SCENAIO: John Jones is a long-term employee of the Lackawanna Police Department. During his first ten years on the force, John was enthusiastic about his job and was promoted quickly. Within the last year, however, John's performance has deteriorated. He is constantly agitated and is frequently late for work in the morning. His paperwork has gotten shoddy and he often turns in reports well past their due date. John's immediate supervisor, Betty Brown wants to salvage her employee, John. She has known him for many years and she feels that something must be seriously wrong and it is directly affecting his employment with the Lackawanna Police Department.

Unfortunately, situations like John's are all too common in today's workforce. As employers continue to use more human resources generalists and fewer specialists in…… [Read More]


Ackerman, Spencer (2000, October 12). Rutgers University police officers complain of racism in department. Daily Targum (University Wire).

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Counselor Turnover in Substance Abuse

Words: 2580 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93530681

As a caveat, it must be noted that the measures of turnover varied across centers. epresenting 62% of the treatments centers, hospitals overwhelmingly constituted the largest group, with only 31% of centers classified as for-profit. Centers of both types averaged approximately 115 clients each, ranging, on average, over four or five levels of care. The demographic composition of the couselor workforce was 57% female, 13% minority group members, 50% with graduate degrees, 56% certified, and 37% in recovery. Counselors' salaries averaged $30,134, with a range of $15,000 -- $62,640. With respect to the client population, an average of 54% had experienced a relapse. Twenty-nine percent will in a program due to a court mandate. Twenty-six percent of clients were covered by Medicaid and 18% were covered by managed care.


McNulty et al. tested ten hypotheses in four conceptual blocks of variables. Their "key hypotheses" (p. 173) concerned the role…… [Read More]


McNulty, T.L., Oser, C.B., Johnson, J.A., Knudsen, H.K., & Roman, P.M. (2007).

Counselor turnover in substance abuse treatment centers: An organizational-level analysis. Sociological Inquiry, 77 (2), 166 -- 193.
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Expatriate Management Reducing Turnover Enhacing Performance Defining

Words: 3877 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6530908

Expatriate Management

educing Turnover

enhacing performance






Oce' Printing systems is an international company which specializes in original ICT applications and productive user-friendly systems, such as nonfunctional and multifunctional printers, plotters, copiers, scanners, as well as print management, document management, archiving, color management, design tools and image manipulator. Services provided by Oce' printing company includes consulting services, implementation services, education services, support services and facility services. (Oce' Website)

In addition to providing a wide range of products and services, Oce employs many European expatriates. As Oce continues to expand and keep updated and advanced on the latest and newest technologies, they must keep high quality employees, and a mixture of different cultures on their teams. One of the goals of this company is to decrease the high turnover rate and increase employee satisfaction European expatriates, of course do have…… [Read More]


Oce Printing Systems Website

Went Robert, Making Europe Work, Capital and class, Summer 2002

Glyn, Salverda, Does Wage Increase Really Cut Jobs, 1997

Michie and Smith, Devising A Strategy For Pay, 1997
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Work life Balance and Positive Outcomes for Organizations and Employees

Words: 1978 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51989638

In the contemporary business world, employee performance is a fundamental determinant in the attainment of organizational goals and objectives. For this reason, organizations come up with various ways of motivating their workforce so as to ensure there is a high employee performance. Work life balance is a largely significant observable fact that is of considerable concern to different employees in an organization. In delineation, work life balance is expediting and fast-tracking between one's work, which encompasses career and aspiration and one's lifestyle, which encompasses health, leisure and family. This goes beyond emphasizing on the work role and personal life of individuals. It also influences the social, mental, financial and psychological welfare of the individual (Obiageli et al., 2015). This essay will assess the statement as to whether work life balance has a positive outcome for the organization and also for the employees.

Outcome for Employees

One of the positive outcomes…… [Read More]

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New Employee Orientation on Employee Satisfaction and

Words: 3722 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99363659

New Employee Orientation on Employee Satisfaction and Retention

One of the most integral parts of successful and efficient business production is associated with employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction can be achieved through a systematic and successful delivery of employee training and orientation. "Starting a new job with a new employer is difficult not only for the new employee but also for the employing organization. This is true regardless of the new employee's position in the organization."

Beeler) Successful hew hire orientation programs can make or break the smooth transition of an employee into a new environment. "No new employee, no matter what the extent of previous experience and training, can be expected to perform well on a new job without considerable preparation. orkers must sense that they have been fully prepared to do the full job for which they have been hired."

Grant 17)

It is clear from the literature that…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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ROI From Employee Education the Notion That

Words: 3025 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59961749

OI from Employee Education

The notion that employee education and training leads to higher levels of employee productivity is not a new concept in business management. However, for many businesses, the cost of employee education is still regarded as an optional business expense instead of an essential business investment. This prevailing attitude is primarily due to the fact that there appears to be no clear connection between employee education and the bottom line. It is the objective of this paper to demonstrate that there is a OI from employee education, as it: increases the level of employee productivity; is of strategic importance to businesses building competitive advantages; improves employee morale and retention; and reduces the costs of recruitment.

KEY WODS AND PHASES: employee education; training and development; productivity; investment; OI; competitive advantage; employee recruitment; employee retention; employee morale; life-long education; skills; knowledge; learning; human resource management; human resource development; intellectual…… [Read More]


Ariss, S.S., & Timmins, S.A. (1989). Employee Education and Job Performance: Does

Education Matter? Public Personnel Management. Vol. 18: 1, p. 1+.

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Skills. Business Communication Quarterly. Vol. 65: 3. p. 99+.
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Organization 25 Employees Worked Em-Ployed a -Employer

Words: 2657 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56254747

organization 25 employees worked, em-ployed, a -employer organization . Using congruence framework, analyze organization 12 components model: history, environment, resources, & strategy (inputs); task, informal & formal organization, & individuals (throughputs); individual, group, & organizational outputs; feedback loop.

Organizational congruence

The congruence model as put forth by Nadler and Tushman (1980)

suggests that organizations need to have a particular degree of consistency and fit for twelve components in order to achieve success in their strategies. They define congruence as how well the various components within the organization fit together. This means that for any organization, the components that lead to the effectiveness of the model need to be of high quality in order to fit with the others. It can be argued that the congruence model suggests that inputs for the organization must match outputs through making an efficient transformation process and feedback loop. These are the four major categories…… [Read More]


Bessant, J., & Tidd, J. (2011). Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Wiley.

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Business Management -- Employee Cross

Words: 1942 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83244544

Because cross-trained employees are more knowledgeable about the overall business processes of the organization, their conceptual understanding of the mission of their organization is enhanced by every incremental increase of their involvement and knowledge of its operations (obbins & Judge, 2009). Beyond that element of increased involvement, the fact that cross-trained workforces tend to improve the morale and organizational connectedness of individual employees also contributes directly to organizational benefits through the positive impact on individual performance. Finally, cross-trained workforces also collaborate better and exhibit increased interpersonal rapport with coworkers. According to generally accepted principles of organizational behavior, this element also improves individual work performance beyond what is capable of achieving without such interpersonal rapport among coworkers (ussell-Whalling, 2008).

Conclusions and ecommendations

The review of the available literature on the beneficial effects of cross-trained workforces on their organizations strongly suggests that, as a general rule, cross-training should be implemented in business…… [Read More]


Caggiano, C. "Sign of the cross-training times." INC. (Dec/1998): 122-123.

Daft, R. (2005) Management. Mason: Thomson South Western.

George, J.M. And Jones, G.R. (2008). Understanding and Managing Organizational

Behavior. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
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Human Resources - Motivation Employee

Words: 971 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30211558

Modern business has now fully integrated computer technology and Internet connectivity within the professional business environment, but has been comparatively slow to adapt the new reality that many professional business functions are fully capable of being conducted from the home, for at least some significant portion of the typical office employee's work week.

Research Question:

Is it possible to increase employee motivation by providing increased employee input into factors that normally are not subject to employee preference in the professional business environment? Specifically:

To what extent would greater autonomy and individual choice of work shift hours and structure (length of shift, work hours, etc.) improve employee motivation while at work?

To what extent would the opportunity to work from home improve employee satisfaction and therefore, motivation at work?

To what extent is the prospect of improving employee motivation through implementation of greater autonomy in relation to work shift structure and…… [Read More]

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Engaging Employees in Change Process

Words: 964 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38884582

Organizational change takes place when an organization makes a transition into its wanted future state from the current state. Organizational change is managed through planning and execution of that transition, while aiming at minimum expense and minimum staff resistance, and at the same time achieving maximum success of the transition process (Anderson and King, 2002).

The modern-day organizational environment needs organizations to go through nearly constant transitions for them to maintain competitiveness. Such aspects as rapid technological evolution and market globalization make it difficult for companies to survive without being responsive. These kinds of transition are probably minor, such as installation of new software or major, such as coming up with new strategies for marketing, disputing hostile takeovers or changing the organization due to stubborn foreign competition (Anderson and King, 2002).

A critique of several tactics that can be used to engage employees in the change process.

You should consider…… [Read More]

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Supervisor Training Memo Re High Turnover Rate

Words: 2506 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77121769

Supervisor Training

Memo Re: High Turnover Rate

From: Human Resource Manager, DIY Supermarket

Managing Director, DIY Supermarket

Recently I surveyed our cashiers and clerks and found upsetting results. We have a very low morale with our shop-floor workers. Our staff is 80% part-time older women. These women do not like the way the shop floor supervisors treat them or are eing "pushed around." Most of DIY shop floor supervisors are young full-time men who do not have management experience. Older women do not like eing ordered around y young men. DIY has an 80% staff turnover of these shop-floor workers. A major reason for this turnover is this low morale.

Evidence from Research Studies:

Smaller retail organizations like our supermarket chain are always struggling to keep open. Competition keeps on growing. One of our iggest prolems is finding ways to compete against the major grocery stores that uild stores in…… [Read More]

bibliography. Greensboro, NC: Center for Creative Leadership.

Gallup Management Journal. (2006, October 12). Gallup Study: Engaged Employees We

Inspire Company Innovation. Viewed 15, March 2011 from http://gmj.gallup.com/content/24880/Gallup-Study-Engaged-Employees-Inspire-Company.aspx

Kirkpatrick, D.L. 2001 Developing supervisors and team leaders. Woburn, MA: Butterworth-Heiinemann.

Skelly, B. Does the Irish retail market need more competition? (2010 October 11). Viewed 15 March 2011 http://www.shelflife.ie/article.aspx?id=1570
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Compensation in Wachovia Bank's Base Employee Tier

Words: 2306 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23028582

Compensation in Wachovia Bank's Base Employee Tier

Bank Teller Pay

Compensation in Wachovia Bank's Base Employee Tier

Banking Industry Practices

etention ates for Tellers

Opportunity Cost for Promotion

Enabling Cross-Selling

Consideration of Drawbacks

Compensation of tellers at Wachovia Bank is closely tied to turnover rates. Employee turnover is costly because resources must be expended to replace employees who leave. ecruitment and training can be expected to be approximately one-third of an employee's salary. In the banking industry, the turnover rate for tellers also impacts the bank's ability to efficaciously cross-sell investment products. High turnover rates of promotable employees contribute to increased expenditures by the human resources department since searches must be orchestrated with outside executive search consultants. The banking industry is in survival mode. In order for Wachovia Bank to survive in this industry, we must take care of our frontline. The frontline of Wachovia Bank is our tellers. A…… [Read More]


Careers: Teller, (2011). Wells Fargo / Wachovia [Web] Retrieved https://www.wellsfargo.com/careers/fit/opportunities/teller

Hourly rate snapshot for bank teller jobs, PayScale. (n.a., n.d.) [Web] Retrieved http;//www.payscale.com/research/U.S./Job=Bank_Teller/Hourly_Rate

Looking for research on the cost of staff turnover? (2011). LinkedIn. [Discussion] Retrieved http://www.linkedin.com/answers/management/business-analytics/MGM_ANA/

612746-20209499 [Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the UK]
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Nonprofit Human Services Employees' Intentions

Words: 4983 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47662238

Additionally, the fact that the training is offered at all levels of the position -- not just entry levels -- and the fact that the training is offered to both employees as well as volunteers, further increases the odds that the individuals will accept the positions in the NFP sector.

"Nonprofit organizations owe it to their staff members to train them and develop their careers. […] the advancement of a nonprofit's mission requires staff training (that includes volunteers) at all levels and in all skills. Human resource development is the only way to sustained viable programming. That makes training an intrinsic component of strategic management, the very best means to changing the skills, knowledge and attitude of staff" (Chehade and Jassemm, 2010).

Employees in the not-for-profit sector often accept the lower salary in exchange for several other non-financial benefits, like the training opportunities, but also for benefits such as flexibility…… [Read More]


Anheier, H.K., 2003, Work in the non-profit sector: forms, patterns and methodologies, International Labor Organization

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Solving Amazons turnover problem

Words: 1514 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78677087

Amazon has long had a turnover problem. This is often attributed to the relationship that management has to its employees. Management at Amazon tends to be hard-driving, demanding very high performance standards of its workers. In part, this is because the company wants to compete better. If employees are more efficient, such as in its warehouses, then customers receive their goods faster. That in turn is good for business, but it is not good for employees, and high turnover is a natural result. The company's management practices have been described as "digital Taylorism," based on principles of scientific management where tasks are clearly defined and measured. This leads to jobs, ultimately, that are unsatisfactory (Stefanova, 2015). As a result, Amazon has the second-highest turnover of any Fortune 500 company (Mahapatra, 2013).

In order to address, this problem, Kotter's eight steps can be applied. The eight steps are to create urgency,…… [Read More]

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Managing Staff Turnover

Words: 1316 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22208138

Human esource Management

ecruitment and selection processes impact on staff turnover

The impact of human resource management policies and practices on an organization is an important topic in the human resource management field. ecruitment and selection are important factors within the human resource management which ensure that an organization gets the necessary human skills, knowledge and capabilities which will make it possible for the organization to forge ahead into the future. The recent recognition of just how strategically important the processes of recruitment and selection are to an organization towards enhancing the performance of the organization hence an emphasis is put on getting the right person for a particular position .the selection of the right person means that the agenda of personnel recruitment and selection should be mainly influenced by formalization, focus on objectivity, reliability, validity and relevant technology and appropriate method which will ensure that there is decision making…… [Read More]


Martin, M.Whiting, F. & Jackson, T.(2010). Human Resource Practice, 5th edition. Retrieved May 29, 2014 from  http://www.cipd.co.uk/NR/rdonlyres/194F086A-6EE1-451C-B72A-D3C7CFECC435/0/9781843982531_sc.pdf 

Preston D., (2012). An Introduction to Human Resource Management in Business. Book 2. The Open University Walton Hall, Milton Kaynes.
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Smaller Company Offer Competitive Benefit Packages Employees

Words: 2817 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91504551

smaller company offer competitive benefit packages employees competing talent large corporations? FYI - School text book The Handbook Employee Benefits, Seventh Edition Jerry S.

Competitiveness of employee benefits in small size enterprises

The global economy is still striving to overcome the tremendous pressures of the economic recession that began in 2007 in the American real estate sector and soon expanded to the rest of the sectors, as well as the rest of the countries. The means in which each country or sector overcome the recession differ from one region to the other and the differences are due to elements such as fiscal policies, strength of the economic sector or the threshold for risk. Generically, more protective countries have proven better able to overcome the threats of the crisis (Bernitz and inge, 2010).

Despite the domestic particularities of each region, fact remains that overcoming the crisis should be a global effort…… [Read More]


Berniz, U., Ringe, W.G.. (2010). Company law and economic protectionism: new challenges to European integration. Oxford University Press.

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Khan, J. Soverall, W., (2007). Gaining productivity. Arawak Publications
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Attitude Survey on Employee Satisfaction Human Resource Management

Words: 1430 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70402074

Human Resource Management: An Attitude Survey on Employee Satisfaction

The dynamic nature of the current business environment has made human resource management a complex task. Very often, companies of all types and sizes strive to attract and retain quality employees in order to outperform competitors in their respective industries. According to Guarav (2012), employee satisfaction is one of the most critical aspects in ensuring long-term association of the employees and the organization. Gregory (2011) also states that a high rate of employee satisfaction translates to a lower turnover rate. Thus, every employer should make use of effective performance management tools and procedures and at the same time create a good working environment in order to keep the employees satisfied. An employee attitude survey is one such tool, and it is an essential component of human resource management (Knapp and Mujtaba, 2009). It helps the HR managers determine some of the…… [Read More]

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Factors Affecting Employee Retention in an Organization

Words: 350 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12648925


This paper discusses why the organization is unable to retain its employees given that it is experiencing high cases of absenteeism, wok-related stress, and a worrying trend of employee turnover. The evaluation is conducted on the premise that employee retention is a crucial component of organizational success and has significant implications for personnel and human resource management as well as organizational behavior. A descriptive research design was utilized to conduct this study through a Likert scale survey instrument comprising of seventeen questions. The survey was administered to a group of participants from three military-affiliated organizations. The survey found that various factors impact organization’s ability to retain its employees including organizational culture, gender roles within the company, family conflict. However, female employees are more affected because of family and children issues such as sick children and daycare problems.
Keywords: employee, organization, retention, company, work, absenteeism, work-related stress, working environment, human…… [Read More]

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Transferring Employees From One to Another Employer

Words: 963 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74182021

transferring employees from one to another employer, it is important for a company to have the necessary agreements in place. There should be an agreement not only with the new employer, but also with employees themselves. In Thompson's case, the employees were transferred to the PEO for the purpose of restructuring the organization and saving on labor costs. The PEO acted as a subsidiary company for Thompson.

In terms of the agreement with the subsidiary PEO, Thompson has certain obligations (Ministry of Manpower, 2014). The new employer, for example, should inform Thompson of anything that might affect its employees as a result of the transfer. One case that might be considered under this obligation is the new health care scheme employees are obliged to use under the PEO. One employee's wife, for example, has breast cancer and is no obliged to use a different medical establishment for her care. Her…… [Read More]


Bizfilings. (2014). Is your Worker an employee or Independent Contractor for Payroll Tax Purposes? Retrieved from:  http://www.bizfilings.com/toolkit/sbg/tax-info/payroll-taxes/employee-or-independent-contractor-payroll-tax.aspx 

Ministry of Manpower (2014). Contract of Service. Retrieved from: http://www.mom.gov.sg/employment-practices/employment-rights-conditions/contract-of-service-termination/Pages/contracts-of-service-and-termination.aspx
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Enhancing Organizational Success by Recruiting Qualified Employees

Words: 631 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74049568

H Strategies on ecruitment and Selection

This following study identifies the necessary steps followed in carrying out recruitment and selection of employees in an organization. It is a consultancy work done Traci Goldman at Atwood and Allen Consulting for Bradley Stonefield's business. The main work at hand is to select and recruit the appropriate workers for the company concerning the occasioning of better terms of service delivery. Besides, the series of advice from human resource management is essential in every organization: turnover should be a reason for worry among the management.

ecruitment and Selection Strategies

In an organization, recruitment of employees is a lengthy and detailed process. This is because it considers both the experience and the passion of the employees before being recommended for work. This was witnessed in the work of Traci Goldman concerning the task assigned to it by the client, Bradley Stonefield. This conduct bordered on…… [Read More]


Dessler, G. (2010). Human Resource Management (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Goss, D. (2012). Principles of Human Resource Management. London: Routledge.
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Recruiting Customer Service Employees

Words: 1802 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75417776

H manager: Conducing a job analysis of a new customer service positon

Job analysis

Three types of techniques can be used when conducting a job analysis in the workplace of a particular position. The first, that of job observation, takes the form of a trained workplace analyst observing the employee completing his or her tasks. While for some positions this may be useful, particularly manual tasks, other jobs are more difficult to assess visually. In these cases, managers may request a work sampling (such as a representative report) or ask the employee to keep a diary or log of their work ("Job analysis methods" 2015). For a customer service job, observing might take the form of listening to selected calls fielded by existing employees in the position. The disadvantage of this approach is that it can be extremely time-consuming. Also, the trained observers can only give subjective impressions and may…… [Read More]


Campion, M. & Thayer, P. (2001). Job design: Approaches, outcomes, and trade-offs.

Organizational Dynamics, 71-79. Retrieved from: http://www.krannert.purdue.edu/faculty/campionm/Job_Design_Approaches.pdf

Frandsen, S. (2014). How to evaluate a customer service representative. B2B. Retrieved from:

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Employee Rights Safety

Words: 1665 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16900039

Legal Environment/Total ewards: A Changing Landscape

In the race for profit, employee pay has traditionally been seen by businesses as a competitive liability, and the trend for much of the 20th century was for employers to search for the cheapest, most efficient labor to protect their bottom line. Because of this approach, the U.S. government took several steps during the 20th century to protect employees from extortionary measures by employers to drive down wages and drive up productivity. However, as Chen and Hsieh point out in their 2006 article "Key Trends in the Total eward System of the 21st Century," recent decades have seen a dramatic shift in the way that corporations and human resources professionals view the issue of employee pay. Instead of being viewed as a liability, employee pay is increasingly being seen in a positive light, as a method for securing top talent, stabilizing turnover, and motivating…… [Read More]


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Simon, T., Traw, K., McGeoch, B., & Bruno, F. (Summer 2007). How the final HIPAA nondiscrimination regulations affect wellness programs. Benefits Law Journal, Vol. 20, Iss. 2, 40-45.
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Employee Employer and Organizational Effectiveness

Words: 1225 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49405014

Organizational Effectiveness

Employee Satisfaction, Employee Engagement and Organizational Culture

It has been stated by Vance (2006) that personnel committed to the company and absorbed in their jobs offer corporations critical competitive advantages; these include decreased workforce turnover and increased productivity. Commitment and engagement are clearly able to potentially bring about valuable business outcomes for a firm. But what does the term engagement imply? Personnel engagement implies that company workers are proud of their company and satisfied with the role they have been accorded in it. Personnel satisfaction or engagement may further refer to how far individuals believe in, and enjoy, their jobs, as well as how far they feel the management of their firm values their contribution and efforts. With increase in engagement of employees, their likelihood to make special efforts for the company's benefit and deliver superior job performance will increase. Moreover, an engaged workforce tends to remain with…… [Read More]


Management Sciences for Health. (2012). Designing and Implementing Training Programs. Retrieved February 5, 2016, from World Health Organization: www.apps.who.int/medicinedocs/

Vance, R. J. (2006). Employee Engagement and Committment. Virginia: Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
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Employee Selection

Words: 561 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32170828


Choosing the selection method

Education: looking at the application form and the application letter to tell the level of education.

Work experience; number of years experience and above

Justification; the extensive needs of the job requires previous exposure to same job.

Math skills; using the weighted mean for the scores for years on college

Justification; an entry or exit exam cannot effectively show the strength of the student in isolation.

Verification knowledge; through the use of an aptitude test.

Justification; it is the best platform to allow the candidate to show, on paper, the ability to apply the application ability of procedures in solving problems.

Interpersonal skills; oral interview

Justification; Through this method the ability of the candidate to communicate to people he considers senior is measured and the oral skills taken into account, apart from knowledge of the answers to the questions.

Work motivation; Oral interviews and work…… [Read More]

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Employer Problem High Turnover Rates in Customer

Words: 2579 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50503743

Employer Problem: High Turnover ates in Customer Service

In the customer service (CS) department, there are problems. The turnover is very high, and there is poor on-boarding for employees that are newly hired. Currently, they are only given a manual and asked to read it. That does not help them if they have questions beyond that manual, and it certainly does not give them any kind of additional training that they could and should receive from the company. Due to the problems there, the CS department has a very low morale and the employees are generally not motivated to do much or make any kind of changes. Because the CS department deals with more than customers, the job can be highly stressful. Many of the newly hired workers are not prepared for this level of stress when they begin their employment.

The programming department, the manufacturing department, compliance, scheduling, and…… [Read More]


Blythe, J. (2008). Essentials of Marketing (4th ed.). NY: Pearson Education.

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Technology in Training of Employees in What

Words: 2516 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75393622

Technology in Training of Employees

In what ways has technology impacted the way(s) we train employees?

The changing nature of the workplace environment brings with it a vast field of challenges in the organization. The aspect of the change being rapid makes the situation require adverse and quick reaction from organizations to ensure they remain on course towards their objectives. Thus, rapid change in the workplace brings with it the necessity for skilled and knowledgeable workforce, encompassing employees who are adaptive, flexible and focused on the future of their careers and the organization (Wentland, 2007). Among the most, significant duties of the manager in the workplace are the development of the staff. The manager has the mandate to facilitate employee growth and development if the organization is to achieve maximum gains from its ventures and transactions.

The concept of learning management incorporates the management of employee training. Traditional approach to…… [Read More]


Jehanzeb, K., Rasheed, A., & Rasheed, M.F. (2013). Organizational commitment and turnover intentions: Impact of employee's training in private sector of saudi arabia. International Journal of Business and Management, 8(8), 79-90. Retrieved from  http://search.proquest.com/docview/1362611096?accountid=458 

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Zealand. North Ryde, N.S.W: McGraw-Hill.

Noe, R.A. (2010). Employee training and development. New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin.
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Invesco Company an Employee's Experience Within the

Words: 1239 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50956936

Invesco Company

An employee's experience within the company

Invesco is a global investment company dedicated to offering great ideas to investors around the world. The company began its operations with a vision of serving the global market for investment management. It has ever since grown into a strong team with discrete perspectives and operating under a philosophy of high investment discipline and strong risk oversight. An employee at Invesco Company operates under principles that define the culture of the company. An employee gains best practices such as integrity and ethical responsibility. Employees learn to work responsibly under minimal supervision and develop talents and abilities in the workplace.

The company provides motivation to both management and non-management team through offering equal opportunities in trainings and rewards. The management recognizes all employees' efforts when they do a good a job and provide sufficient resources for personal development. The company believes in a…… [Read More]


Phillips, P.P. (2002). In action: Retaining your best employees. Alexandria, Va: ASTD.

Baysinger, B.D., & Butler, H.N. (1985). Corporate governance and the board of directors:

Performance effects of changes in board composition. Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization, 1 (1), 101-124.

Deci, E.L. (1972). The effects of contingent and noncontingent rewards and controls on intrinsic motivation. Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, 8 (2), 217-229.
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Dealing With Turnover HRM

Words: 2142 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73544797

businesses, in particular because there is a productivity drop that occurs when an experienced worker is replaced by an inexperienced one. What happens is that the company will see productivity drop, and this can affect the financial results, so the more turnover there is the worse the financial impact will be. If the turnover rate is high enough, as occurs in poorly-run establishments, then it becomes the blind leading the blind and the organization's effectiveness is likely to be plummet.

The influences of turnover include perceived lack of procedural justice, lower than market compensation, and a perceived lack of a career pathway. Employees want to feel that there is mutual commitment between them and the organization, but they also want to feel that they are working towards their life goals, and that the company is a place where they can do that. Providing such a vision is important to employee…… [Read More]


Allen, D. (2006) Do organizational socialization tactics influence newcomer embeddedness and turnover? Journal of Management. Vol. 32 (2) 237-256.

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Huselid, M. (1995). The impact of human resource management practices on turnover, productivity and corporate financial performance. Academy of Management Journal. Retrieved April 22, 2016 from http://www.uark.edu/ua/yangw/BUHPO/LitReview/husalid1995.pdf

Johnsrud, L, & Rosser, V. (1992). Faculty members' morale and their intention to leave. The Journal of Higher Education. Vol. 73 (4) 518-542.
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Ethics and Social Responsibilities

Words: 3234 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25820183

Employees as Benefactors of Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Social esponsibility

The Case for Employees as Benefactors of Corporate Philanthropy

The Case for Employees as Benefactors of Corporate Philanthropy

A United Auto Workers unionization vote recently made the news, in part because the vote was taking place in the Southeastern United States where conservative state legislators have historically treated organized labor with hostility, but what seemed to be most newsworthy about this event was that the corporation, Volkswagen, decided to take a neutral position (Paresh, 2014). The vote took place last week and workers at the Chattanooga, Tennessee plant decided to reject union membership by a narrow margin. The national news media also took note when several conservative Tennessee politicians remained true to their anti-union ideology by threatening to end subsidies for Volkswagen and to push production of a new vehicle to Mexico. Experts in labor law believed these threats were coercive…… [Read More]


"2012 Corporate Responsibility Report." (2013). Retrieved 22 Feb. 2014 from  https://corporate.target.com/_media/TargetCorp/csr/pdf/2012-corporate-responsibility-report.pdf .

Barnett, M.L. (2007). Stakeholder influence capacity and the variability of financial returns to corporate social responsibility. Academy of Management Review, 32(3), 794-816.

Dennis, W.J. Jr. (2000). Wages, health insurance and pension plans: The relationship between employee compensation and small business owner income. Small Business Economics, 15(4), 247-63.

Fassin, Y., Van Rossem, A., & Buelens, M. (2010). Small-business owner-managers' perceptions of business ethics and CSR-related concepts. Journal of Business Ethics, 98, 425-53.
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Employer Communication

Words: 630 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37723748

Employee Engagement

There will be a number of questions answered to relating to employee engagement. The academic of the term will be offered as well as the value that it brings to an organization when it is in effect. Examples of the concept in practice will be described. Also, there will be a listing of risks in not making use of the concept and taking it seriously. Next, an evaluation personal to the author of this report relative to the subject will be offered. Lastly, there will be concluding comments on the subject. While employee engagement can be over-analyzed and over-scrutinized, it is a very real concept and all human resources professionals should take it to heart.

Employee engagement, to put it concisely, is the degree to which an employee engages as an employee rather than just shows up for a check. The value to be added to an organization…… [Read More]


He, H., Zhu, W., & Zheng, X. (2014). Procedural Justice and Employee Engagement:

Roles of Organizational Identification and Moral Identity Centrality. Journal Of

Business Ethics, 122(4), 681-695. doi:10.1007/s10551-013-1774-3

Mishra, K., Boynton, L., & Mishra, A. (2014). Driving Employee Engagement: The
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High Turnover of Both Senior

Words: 3079 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29928061

In this second phase of interviews with senior management, both direct and indirect studies of the congruence of their behavior and actions with the cultural norms and values they verbally endorse will be compared with their actual behaviors and actions. Seeing if the senior management of Acme Software "walks the talk" of empowering employees and honoring their contributions will be evaluated. While these two attributes are not specifically called out in the case details, there is the very good chance that these values are regularly endorsed by senior management. The congruence of their many statements and their actions needs to be qualified through a series of observations and interviews, because disconnects at this level would reverberate quickly throughout the remainder of the company. If the senior managers below the C-level executives sense a less that complete commitment to making the most of peoples' talents and abilities, and allowing them to…… [Read More]


Barbian, J. (2002, June). Short shelf life. Training, 50-53.

Buckingham, M. & Coffman, C. (1999). First, Break all the rules: what the world's greatest managers do differently. NY, NY: Simon Schuster.

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Downs, C. (1977). The relationship between communication and job satisfaction. In R. Huseman, D. Logue, & D. Freshly (Eds.), Readings in interpersonal and organizational communication (pp. 363-376). Boston: Holbrook Press.
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Ft Pt Employees to Explore Whether

Words: 4053 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60052034

Hyde reported, however, that part-time professionals tend to accept negative perceptions as part of the territory; they are often willing to accept their marginalised status when they are voluntary part-timers. It is a trade-off they are willing to make for the reduced schedules they choose for whatever reason.

Unfortunately, flexibility for the part-time employee may not always be viewed as flexibility from the viewpoint of the employer. With respect to part-time employees on the police force in the UK, for example, Hyde (2008) found that managers had considered working with part-timers to be an inflexible arrangement, citing difficulties with communication, continuity, and scheduling. Hakim (cited in Hyde 2008) argues that women who choose to work part-time have limited career aspirations and low work-commitment. Although Hakim interviewed women for whom this was the case, pursuing part-time careers with the police force but as a lower priority than home and family, Hyde…… [Read More]


Baillie-Ruder S. 2004, 'Sweet devotion', Profit 23, pp. 44-51.

Benson GS 2003, 'Examining employability: effects of employee development on commitment

commitment and intention to turn over', Academy of Management Proceedings, pp. C1-

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High Turnover Rate

Words: 710 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42576894

Apple Turnovers

The problem at my organization is that it has a high turnover rate. This is naturally a concern because high turnover is associated with higher costs for recruiting and training, lower productivity, lower morale, worse service to the customer and it takes managers' attention away from other things, so managers are less able to make improvements to the business (Markovich, 2014).

In order to address the problem, we first need to diagnose the problem. There are a number of potential causes of a high turnover rate, so it is important for the organization to gather data in order to understand what the causes are for this company. There are two approaches. The first is the exit interview, wherein people who quit the company are surveyed on their way out, as to why they are leaving. This can provide feedback, although not all employees might be willing to provide…… [Read More]


Bonn, M. & Forbinger, L. (1992). Reducing turnover in the hospitality industry: an overview of recruitment, selection and retention. International Journal of Hospitality Management. Vol. 11 (1) 47-63.

Markovich, M. (2014) The negative impacts of a high turnover rate. Houston Chronicle. Retrieved November 29, 2014 from http://smallbusiness.chron.com/negative-impacts-high-turnover-rate-20269.html

May, K. (2014). Causes & effects of high & low staff turnover. Houston Chronicle. Retrieved November 29, 2014 from http://smallbusiness.chron.com/causes-effects-high-low-staff-turnover-33939.html
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Disintegrating Relationships Between Organizational Leaders and Employees

Words: 3181 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83778048

Disintegrating elationships Between Organizational Leaders and Employees

Organizational leadership behavior towards employees can significantly affect their perception of the workplace, and contribute to the organization high performance and most essentially create and maintain a proper organizational culture that lead to the success of the organization . The good health of the organization depends greatly on the relationship between leaders and employees. However, the relationship that exists between organizational leaders and employees are failing at a high rate in today's workplaces and the reasons for this are not clear. Leaders in organizations have a tendency to use employees in the time of the organizational needs and them to simply ignore the employee's commitment and their potential. Committed employees should be rewarded with committed organizational leadership. Critical in organizational leadership interaction with employees is communication. Communication keeps employees informed and results in a feeling of connectedness and inclusiveness in the organizational operations,…… [Read More]


Abrrow, H.A., Ardakani, M.S., Harooni, A. & Pour, H.M. (2013, July). The Relationship Between Organizational Trust and Organizational Justice Components and Their Role in Job Involvement in Education. International Journal of Management Academy, 1(1), 25-41.

Albrecht, S.L. (2010). Handbook of employee engagement: perspectives, issues, research and practice. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Broner, S. (2009). Employees' perceptions of leaders' attitudes and employee retention: a quantitative study on perceived attitudes. Ann Arbor, MI: ProQuest LLC.

Creswell, J.W.(2007). Qualitative inquiry & research design: Choosing among five approaches .(2nd ed.).Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.
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Trends in Correctional Officer Turnover

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Correction Officer Turnover

This work intends to review two articles, which both have as their subject the increase in Correctional officer turnovers and to compare why correctional officer turnover is a trend in today's agencies and how the articles relate.

Udechukwu, et al. (2007)

The work of Udechukwu, et al. (2007) entitled "The Georgia Department of Corrections: An Exploratory eflection on Correctional Officer Turnover and its Correlates" reports an exploratory study that was conducted for the purpose of determining the reasons for correctional officer turnover at the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC). It is stated that strategic workforce planning "has played an increasing role in human resource related activities of "many state public agencies in Georgia. The GDC is no exception. The GDC's strategic workforce objectives are aimed at anticipating potential gaps in employee competencies, diversity and staffing, which if unchecked, could potentially create work challenges for the GDC. The…… [Read More]


Udechukwu, I.I. (2009) Correctional Officer Turnover: Of Maslow's Needs Hierarchy and Herzberg's Motivation Theory Public Personel Management- Summer 2009 Issue

Manyak, T., Segal, S. And Graham, S. (2007) The Georgia Department of Corrections: An Exploratory Reflection on Correctional Officer Turnover and its Correlates. Public Personel Management- Fall 2007 Issue
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Reward System and Employee Needs Assessment

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eward System and Employee Needs Assessment

Employee values and expectations vary from individual to individual, though there are some universal values and expectations that might be generalized to employees across most industries. Among these more generalized expectations include the desire for good pay and benefits, job security and work life balance opportunities.

When developing a reward system it is vital that the organization incorporate these universal employee values and expectations into the reward system so that the outcome of the system is beneficial for the employees involved. It is also in the best interests of organizational planners to assess individual employee values and motivations in order to devise a reward and recognition program that focuses on independent employee needs rather than lumping all employees into the same category. These ideas and more are explored in greater detail below.

Good employee relations and subsequent reward systems are contingent on the ability…… [Read More]


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Customer Experience and Employee Satisfaction

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It is a broader notion or the next evolutionary stage of client relationship management approach.

A customer-centric organization is defined as the one, offering long-term constant and consistent best quality experience to clients 'over all customer access points; across all marketing, sales, and service programs; throughout all parts of the organization.' As can be clearly inferred from this definition, the product will vary over time to satisfy evolving clients needs, but the staff of the company must be adequately train to offer best quality service no matter what product it offers to the clients: at the access points, at the logistics offering optimal time of the service or delivering a product, and after sales servicing to motivate another purchase.

There are certain steps within building such organization. The first phase of collecting and analyzing client database corresponds to the first phase of client relationship management and calls for clear understanding…… [Read More]


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Life of a Non-Profit Employee Course Number

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life of a non-Profit employee course number & name: Human esources Management (BAL1127A)

The research paper will be exploring 'How new learning dimensions of human resource studies can be applied for expanding the H role in optimizing and shaping organizational and employee behavior in non-profit organization'. This is the thesis statement upon which the whole research will be build upon using number of authors review, recommendations, journals, academic reading and statistical data on the subject matter concerned.

Today, organizations are faced with number of human resource challenges among which some of them are developing leaders for the next generation along with fundamental staff required, succession planning, motivating volunteers and staff with the diversified work and managing work style and work environment in nonprofit organizations. Due to the growing need of nonprofit institutions in an economy, universities have started nonprofit courses and programs, yet it doesn't guarantee to establish a link…… [Read More]


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Hiring and Retaining Quality Employees

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Hiring and etaining Quality Employees

/Concept Definition

This is basically going out there for the best in the market, bringing them on board by hiring their services. But again hiring the best is not enough; retaining them is a much bigger task that many find it very difficult. This concept further entails going out in the labor market and recruiting quality employees whose portfolios speak for themselves .This requires one to exercise very rigorous interviews in which the best and not just experienced but result oriented employees get hired and given attractive packages that will not only boost their morale at work but also motivate them to increase their productivity and stay longer in the company. This is a very vital topic to research on because its findings are very important for any company that intends to go beyond borders and break through the international market.

Current esearch on the…… [Read More]


Bridgestar (2009) Flexible Work Arrangements: A Win-Win for Organizations and Employees


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Motivation of Employees

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Employment otivation and Engagement: How to Recruit and Retain Top-Quality Talent in a Competitive arketplace

Because employee performance and productivity are closely aligned with corporate profitability, there has been a great deal of research over the years concerning optimal approaches to motivating people in the workplace. The analysis of what motivates people to perform to their maximum effort, though, has becoming increasingly complex as the result of a growing number of theories concerning the antecedents of motivation and optimal job performance and motivational methods to achieve it. While the debate concerning which motivational approaches produce the best results continues, there is a consensus among organizational behavior researchers that pay ranks among the top factors that include employee motivation, perhaps the overarching factor in most cases. Despite these findings, studies have shown time and again that money talks when it comes to employee motivation. When people become convinced that their efforts…… [Read More]

Murphy, C., Ramamoorthy, N., Flood, P. & MacCurtain, S. 2006, July 1. Organizational Justice Perceptions and Employee Attitudes among Irish Blue Collar Employees: An Empirical Test of the Main and Moderating Roles of Individualism/Collectivism. Management Revue, 17(3), 329.

Ibid., 330.

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Measuring Customer Internal Business Process and Employee Performance

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Customer Satisfaction

Importance of customer satisfaction

The effect of customer satisfaction on a firm's profitability

Why measure customer satisfaction

How to measure customer satisfaction

The affective measures of the degree of customer satisfaction

Employee performance

The need for measuring employee performance

The contemporary business environment which is dynamic and highly competitive requires firms to have a high level of business intelligence. In this paper, we explore the concepts of customer satisfaction as other internal business processes such as employee performance. The aim is to explore how these constructs and parameters are measured as well as the need for their accurate measurement.

The contemporary business environment which is dynamic and highly competitive requires firms to have a high level of business intelligence. In this paper, we explore the concepts of customer satisfaction as other internal business processes such as employee performance. The aim is to explore how these constructs and parameters…… [Read More]


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