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Financial Modeling Essays (Examples)

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Financial Analysis of Health Policy
Words: 1257 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63424949
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Financial Analysis of Affordable Health Care Plan in Maryland

The implementation of the Affordable Health Care Plan in Maryland requires comprehensive analysis of the financial aspects of this health policy relative to its health benefits, especially in enhancing health coverage to the low-income individuals and families in this state. The financial analysis process of this health policy requires identifying the most suitable means for addressing financial uncertainties in the process and examining the economic viability and financial aspects of allocation process. These are crucial elements to consider because they affect the economic feasibility of the proposed health policy and helps in determining its suitability in addressing the existing health care issues and concerns.

According to McLaughlin & McLaughlin (2014), there are three major approaches that can be used to handle important uncertainties in the financial analysis of a proposed health policy (p.302). These three approaches are adding a risk premium…


"How Will the Uninsured in Maryland Fare Under the Affordable Care Act?" (2014, January 6). The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Retrieved September 20, 2015, from 

McLaughlin, C.P. & McLaughlin, C.D. (2014). Health policy analysis: an interdisciplinary approach (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Modeling Real-World Data With Sinusoidal
Words: 2604 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 51788337
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6. The rabbits will never die.

The question was how many male/female rabbit pairs will be there after a year or 12 months?

When the experiment begun, there is a single pair of rabbits.

After duration of one month, the two rabbits have mated though they have not given birth. As a result; there is still only a single pair of rabbits.

After duration of two months, the initial pair of rabbits will give birth to another pair. There will be two pairs.

After duration of three months, the initial pair will give birth again, the second pair mate, but do not give birth. This makes three pair.

When four months will elapse, the original pair gives birth, and the pair born in the second month gives birth. The pair that is born in month in the third month will mate, but will not give birth. This will make two…


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Real Options Theory in Financial
Words: 2677 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 40789768
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The reason that the subject lends itself to natural resources or real estate is that there will be some information available in those areas, making the valuation less difficult than in innovative areas.

The pessimistic approach is characterized by the divest/shrink option. When a firm is divesting or shrinking it can first scale down, which means that it can "shrink or shut down a project part way through if new information changes the expected payoffs;" this option lends itself to capital intensive industries or industries dealing with financial services (Mauboussin, 1999). ather than shutting down a project, a company can also choose to switch down, which involves switching "to more cost-effective and flexible assets as new information is obtained," and might be used in smaller companies, where the wholesale shut-down of a project could end a business (Mauboussin, 1999). The scope-down option is the mirror image of the above-mentioned scope-up…


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Synthetic Financial Products
Words: 1539 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 34564472
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Synthetic Financial Instruments

The price of a reset strike call when the initial value of the stock is a is greater than or equal to a vanilla European strike call and the price of a reset strike put when the initial value of the stock is a is greater than or equal to a vanilla European strike put (as expressed in the cited equation) for all values of S.

The style of an option is, in general and in this case, defined by the date(s) on which the option can be exercised. The European vanilla option may be exercised only at the expiry date of the option; that is, unlike an American style vanilla option, it can only be exercised at a single, a priori-agreed to date. Vanilla options are essentially straightforward options, with few complications in terms of how the payoff is calculated.

As such -- given the simple…

Financial Contributions of Sector Procurement
Words: 4955 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 14674963
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Research conducted to date for example suggests that, for consortia-based procurement exchanges and Sector Procurement Collaboratives the bargaining power of representing multiple groups of buyers and their collective purchasing power provides economies of scale and leverage in bargaining with suppliers (Devine, Dugan, Semaca, Speicher, 2001). The motivations of purchasing consortia are primarily focused upon gaining expected cost savings and collect information on supply markets (Tella, Virolainen, 2005). Although perfectly in line with accepted marketing views and strategies, there is a gap in this research, which does not take into account the long-term effects of inter-process maturity and transaction velocity over time.

According to Johnston et al. (2003, p. 23), the recognition of trust as an important part of the buyer-supplier relationship does not preclude fact of paucity of empirical evidence to suggest the level of such importance. Trust and its dependent behaviors, as well as its impact on inter-organizational activities,…


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Decision Analysis System Modeling Using Spreadsheets Data
Words: 1774 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 45457473
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Decision Analysis System Modeling

Using Spreadsheets"


"Data Decision Analysis System Modeling Using Spreadsheets."

Spreadsheet is one of the most popular software packages on the planet. Daily, million of business people, students and individuals use spreadsheet program to build models to assist in solving decision problems they face on their work activities. Thus, employers generally look for individuals having experience and skills with spreadsheets. Typically, spreadsheets assist in developing varieties of management techniques in modeling environment. More importantly, spreadsheets assist in developing models and make decision within a business environment.

Within the present contemporary business environment, many business managers face daunting tasks to make effective decisions. With the fast-paced and dynamic changes within a competitive business environment, business people are often faced with extremely complex business alternatives. Evaluation of the alternatives and choosing the best option from these alternatives has become a daunting task…


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Building Information Modeling BIM Images Evolution of
Words: 2567 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8105416
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Building Information Modeling

BIM Images

Evolution of BIM

Characteristics of BIM

Managing BIM Models

Barriers to BIM

The Future of BIM

ecently, a lot of revolution has been taking place to bring change in the fabric of the audiovisual design and integration of business. Nasser (2010) noted that Building Information Modeling (BIM) is not a new innovation to the field of construction. It has been around for decades, even though the term BIM was introduced more recent by Professor Charles Eastman of Georgia Tech, who developed the first no-commercial BIM tool almost three decades ago and called it Engineering Data Model (EDM), when has undergone through a number of iteration (Nasser, 2010). In this paper, we evaluate the concept and application of Building Information Modeling (BIM).


ecently, a lot of revolution has been taking place to bring change in the fabric of the audiovisual design and integration of business.…


Mihindu, S., Arayici, Y.: Digital Construction through BIM Systems will drive the Re-engineering of Construction Business Practices, International Conference on Visualization IEEE Computer Society 2008, 29-34.

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Workflow Modeling Widely Types Businesses Including Health
Words: 944 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61720632
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Workflow modeling widely types businesses, including health care organizations, visually summarize steps complex processes systems. When constructing a workflow model, important ensure model accurately reflects actual steps a process.

Workflow diagrams: Improving the workflow diagram

"Workflow modeling is basically the process of simplifying reality" (Malhotra, Jordan, & Patel 2005: 1). While the creation of a workflow diagram can never perfectly mirror reality, through this simplicity it is hoped that the tasks delineated can be eased. With a bare-bones presentation, "workflow, role players, devices, protocols and communications" are better understood and problems which can occur in the chain of causal links between these actors are identified and streamlined via a diagram.

Workflow modeling is based upon a systems approach to rectifying organizational problems, versus a patch approach where only the obviously wrong component of the system is addressed while the rest are left intact. While the patch approach might seem to…


Malhotra, S., Jordan, D, & Patel, V. (2005).Workflow modeling in critical care: Piecing your own puzzle. AMIA National Symposium Proceedings. Retrieved from:

Mathematic v Conceptual Modeling Limitations
Words: 342 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 11907322
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" This reflects the gap that exists between the complexities of the real world and the abilities of abstract models. Models are by definition simplified ways of understanding complex phenomenon; they are necessarily incomplete in their estimations and valuations of real world figures and occurrences. This is why "all models are wrong." "Some models are useful," however, because they are able to approximate to a high degree the outcomes of real world events despite the incomplete nature of the information processed by the model. To make a model useful, bias must be removed. This is not an issue with the certainty of mathematical models, but conceptual models are necessarily subjective, built on the modeler's understanding of an issue. educing bias is key to the model's performance.


Aspinall, D. (2007). "Designing interaction." University of Edinburgh. Accessed 30 July 2009.

Kay, J. (2006). "Amaranth and the limits of mathematical modeling."…


Aspinall, D. (2007). "Designing interaction." University of Edinburgh. Accessed 30 July 2009. 

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Human Resources for a Personal Financial Advising Career
Words: 1709 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31165608
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Business -- Human esources

Personal Financial Advising

Personal financial advisors review the financial needs of people and help them with investments, tax laws, and insurance decisions. Advisors help their clients recognize and plan for both long-range and short-range objectives. Advisors help clients plan for retirement, education expenses, and general investment decisions. Many also supply tax advice or sell insurance. Even though most planners offer advice on a wide assortment of topics, some specialize in areas such as retirement and estate planning or risk management (Personal Financial Advisors, 2009).

Personal financial advisors regularly work with a lot of clients and frequently must identify their own customers. A lot of personal financial advisors spend a great deal of their time advertising their services. A lot of advisors meet probable clients by giving seminars or by way of business and social networking. Identify clients and building a customer base is one of the…


Anspach, D. (2012). 5 Search Engines to Use to Find The Right Financial Advisor.

Retreived from 

Financial Advisor: Interview Questions for Financial Advisors with Answers. (2009).

Retrieved from

Patron Divine Acquisitions Financial Impact
Words: 2018 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 72727632
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The reader does not have to wait for the administrator to make the title available or some other user releasing it for the use of other readers. This independence of multiple persons use allows the PDA model to increase the readership of title without compromising the number of people that have hold of the title (einers, et al., 2012).. Libraries only main issue has been that people keep books with them for too long and other readers have to wait too long, often up to a length of a month's period.

Disadvantages of PDA model

With greater freedom for the library administrators as well as the readers, any model with benefits has potential downsides to it as well. This model also has some limitations some of which are discussed below.

elatively smaller number of titles

The PDA model is known for its limitation of only offering limited number of titles…


Alto, P. (2010, Oct). ebrary Launches New Patron Driven Acquisition E-Book Model. Business Wire. Retrieved from: [ ]

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Competency Modeling and Job Analysis to Select
Words: 2270 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91781443
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competency modeling and job analysis to select suitable candidates for different positions in the organization has increased the effectiveness of the recruitment and hiring process. The two processes make it easier for human resource practitioners to determine the best competencies for a particular position and make use of assessment strategies and instruments that will choose a candidate that is fit for the position. However, to be effective, assessment strategies have to match the competencies with the goals and objectives of the organization. Assessment instruments should also monitor and measure the knowledge, skills, and abilities of potential candidates adequately. This text presents a competency modeling and assessment strategy for the Weston Family Practice Clinic. The owners intend to hire an Office Manager to oversee all the non-medical aspects of the clinic.

A Competency Modeling and Assessment Strategy for the Weston Family Practice Clinic

The dynamic nature of the current business environment…


McCloy, R.A., & Whetzel, D.L. (2010). Assessment for Administrative and Professional Jobs. Handbook of workplace assessment. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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the role of financial managers vis a vis macroeconomic environment
Words: 1576 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94952006
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Executive Summary

The financial manager's role is to understand the impact that different internal and external factors will impact the company's ability to achieve its financial and market objectives. The macroeconomic environment has both direct and indirect effects on the company. The major macroeconomic variables such as inflation, interest rates, unemployment, GDP, and exchange rates can all directly influence the financial performance of the company. But these variables also impact on things like government policy, so there are indirect impacts on financial performance as well, and the financial manager also needs to understand these.

The main tool that financial managers use are complex financial models. These models seek to illustrate the impact that different variables have on the company – both internal and external variable. Forecasts are created using different macroeconomic and market variables, and these forecasts can highlight a range of different financial conditions, along with the expected impacts…

Building Information Modeling Implementation Strategy
Words: 2320 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 14019589
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Since their issue, the International Organization for Standardization has designated IFCs as being the "construction information standard" for BIM applications (Lyon, 2009, p. 40). Because the same types of needs have been identified in other sectors, the need for standardization in the BIM realm was also well recognized. For instance, according to Lyon (2009, p. 40), "Like CD, BIM will need standardization to share complex information between organizations." ccording to Twati (2008, p. 2), though, this key driver is languishing behind adoption levels in other countries. In this regard, Twati (2008) advises that, "While finances were not a problem for the wealthy country of Libya, it has historically used far less than its available computing capacity. The use of technology in Libya is minimal, regardless of it being one of the wealthiest countries in frica" (p. 1).

Building Information Modeling Implementations in Different Countries

Based on its proven efficacy in…

A recent example concerning the uptake of BIM in the United Kingdom is a public-private initiative intended to facilitate the design and development process using building information modeling applications. The project has been implemented at Niven Architects in a joint effort with Teesside University to promote developments in the use of BIM for building design and construction (Laing, 2012). According to this reporter, "Niven Architects has begun a two-year knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) with the university on building information modelling (BIM) as part of a Government and private sector scheme to improve businesses" (Laing, 2012, p. 32). In this case, Niven Architects is developing an innovative approach to modeling building information using these applications to help all stakeholders better understand what part they play in the process and what is expected from them in terms of support. In this regard, Laing (2012, p. 32) advises that, "When it comes to construction, instead of trying to interpret generic 2D drawings, the contractor has access to all of the information they need about every part of the project from the BIM model. We want all our consultants to move forward with us in BIM and will help them with their BIM implementation strategies as part of the KTP, which will support design and construction in the region." Of particular interest was the technique described by the architectural firm in which they expect to develop a virtual rendering of buildings that would provide clientele with the ability to actually walk through third-dimensionally projected buildings to get a better feel for what the space and built environment will look like when completed. According to Laing (2012, p. 32), Nivens "hopes to use Teesside University's 'Cave', a high-quality, immersive virtual environment and gaming facility, which would allow clients to physically 'walk into' and experience their new building before it is built." The project leader, Professor Nashwan Dawood, director of Teesside University's Technology Futures research institute, enthused that, "BIM can save time, energy and money. One of the problems in construction is the element of having to 'suck it and see'. You start to do the work and then suddenly there are problems" (2012, p.32).

In sharp contract, the introduction of the BIM applications has provided practitioners with the ability to render buildings in ways that allow every nook and cranny to be examined in detail, and in cost effective ways. In sum, "We can simulate the processes in advance on a computer screen in 3D, work out how things are going to be done and communicate this with the supply chain. It enables companies to virtually iron out problems before they happen" (Laing, 2012 at p. 32). These highly desirable attributes make BIM applications indispensable tools in modern construction projects, including the Libyan construction sector which is discussed further below.

Validation of the Strategy for Construction and Infrastructure Sector Organisations in the Libya Construction Sector

Behavioral Finance and Analysis of American Financial
Words: 2311 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42185362
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Behavioral Finance and Analysis of American Financial Crisis

Financial theories are the cornerstone of the modern corporate world. They lay the foundation for most tools used in areas like asset pricing and investment banking. Most theoretical concepts like general equilibrium analysis and information economics are planted in the field of microeconomics. There are several different financial theories based on both consumer behavior, as well as how they impact decisions made by financial managers.

One financial theory that many business managers use is The Modern Portfolio Theory,

or MPT. It suggests how investors use diversification to enhance their portfolios, as well as how to price an asset based on the risk, in relation to the market as a whole. Modern portfolio theory displays the return of an asset as a variable, and the portfolio as a combination of all of the assets. The return of a portfolio is also a random…

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Impact of Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 in Reducing Fraudulent Financial Reporting
Words: 6052 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 63769033
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Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 in reducing fraudulent financial reporting

Introduction to Fraudulent Financial eporting

Available research on financial statement fraud relies mostly on anecdotal evidence (for example, Wells, 2001, 2002, 2004a, and 2004b; ezaee, 2003). This evidence offers advice on how mechanisms related to the fraud triangle can be curtailed. It leads to theoretical sense to reduce factors which lead to more instances of fraud. However, deterrence and established deterrence methods in place within organizations have not been examined in proper detail. Neither have the secondary issues which can influence a person's chance of committing financial statement fraud. But there are multiple researches where deterrence models have been tested on other types of fraud e.g. tax fraud, fraudulent reports of environmental violations etc. Generally speaking, a clear consensus regarding the level of effectiveness of prevention mechanisms, such as those stated in GDT, is not present. There are two key parts…


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Finance and Financial Entrepreneurship The Basis of
Words: 11684 Length: 34 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49018616
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finance and financial entrepreneurship. The basis of the article is on a discussion that was held on this subject among four leading lights of financial entrepreneurship in the United States - Michael Milken, Lewis Ranieri, Richard Sandor and Myron Scholes. These people are famous in their own right and have had a sizeable role in financial entrepreneurship in the U.S. over the last 20 years. We have first discussed their achievements to get a clear idea about their personal achievements. This would certainly give a clear idea of what is possible in the U.S. today. They are of course interesting characters and one has to remember that the ideal entrepreneur of the 21st century cannot be thought of as an updated version of Henry Ford. After the discussion of the people, the meeting and the discussions held there are summarized. ased on the total information collected, we have come to…


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Vector Cal Drone Financials Drones Navigation Systems
Words: 577 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51923675
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Vector Cal Drone Financials

Drones navigation systems are some of the most promising technologies whose effective utilization can make the world a safer place. This is because proper application of this technology can help planners around the world to planner our cities and localities better than before, help emergency responders get fast precise and real-time data, law enforcement officers with better surveillance capabilities, and utility companies around the globe. This paper proposes an new service oriented company to compete in the growing industry of drone navigation system. The proposed company will seek to be leaner, more efficient, and cost effective.

Description of the New Company

The company will operate under the name uickResponse Drones. The company will be headquartered at New York with branches across strategic points in the United States. uickResponse Drones will seek to provide surveillance services to Law enforcement agencies, utility companies, real estate developers, the media,…

QuickResponse targeted clientele range from governments, news agencies, marine and shipping industries, the media and utility companies such as oil, electricity and gas companies. considering the need to deliver in the areas of operation for each clients, our solution is tailored to assist them offer the best possible services irrespective of the challenges.

Critique of VectorCal's forcasting method

VectorCal' utilizes quantitative models for forecast particularly the associative causal forecast methodologies. VectorCal combines regression analysis with econometric modeling to forecast to predict trends and develop new products. According to Shim (2000), quantitative models work superbly as long as there is little or no systemic change in the environment. When patterns or relationships do change, the objective models by themselves are of little use. It is here that the qualitative approach based on human judgment

Risk Workshops Allow for a Strong Modeling
Words: 605 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33201220
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Risk workshops allow for a strong modeling process of any project management problem. Risk workshops, when conducted effectively produce a prioritized list of risks that has an assigned action and stakeholders attached to that risk. As a project manager all risks rely on the details of the project. I would always expect to be briefed on any changes in budget, deadline or change in objective. Identifying risks that address these issues is important in assessing the value of risk workshops.

Prioritization of key principles and objectives is imperative in the project management way of business. Understanding the difference between a threat and a priority is essential for success. High-priority opportunities should always be addressed first since they compose the main objectives and goals for that project. Threats are important but should not cause the project to come off the tracks.

Section 1C

When disaster strikes in the middle of a…

Job Posting Job Title Chief Financial Officer
Words: 826 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68233359
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Job Posting

Job Title: Chief Financial Officer, CFO, Controller, Directory of Finance

Company: NW Healthcare Services, Inc.

Mission and Description: As a nonprofit health-care provider, NWHCS takes seriously our responsibility to provide access to the services, expertise and facilities needed by our communities.

Our commitment to improving the health of our region extends beyond normal patient care. Whether through physician clinics, health education, charity care, our mobile mammography program or other means of outreach, we're committed to caring for the people of our region and beyond. NWHCS is licensed for 217 beds and has 1, 2000 employees and more than 400 physicians with privileges. It is also aligned with Lutheran Medical Center, Greater Oswod Metropolitan areas largest non-profit health-care provider with 1,245 licensed beds, has three hospital campuses in Oswod (First Hill, Cherry Hill and Ballard) and a fourth under construction in Issaquah. It also operates an extensive network of…


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Recruiting and Retention Strategies of Office Temporary Employees
Words: 3169 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2125832
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ecruiting and etention Strategies of Office Temporary Employees

An in-depth analysis of the temporary office employee industry as it pertains to recruiting and retention of those employees.

This paper presents a detailed proposal for the recruiting and retention of temporary office workers. The writer is employed as a full time on site recruiter of temporary office workers at one of Wall Street's top financial firms. The majority of the temporary help the writer recruits are administrative assistants and other entry level finance positions. The positions range from a couple of days to several months in time. The writer is charged with recruiting and retaining temporary workers who have the necessary skill sets and experience to perform the jobs. The writer analyzes the industry, the company history regarding temporary employees and future trends to propose methods for the purpose of recruiting and retention of those workers.





Workforce, July 2002, pp. 74-77 -- Subscribe Now! 

Offering Insurance Is the Key To Healthy Profits and Retention

Three Ways to Build Recruiter Relationships

Consultant Evaluation and Healthcare Industry
Words: 4888 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 61453629
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com). A certain amount of errors is to be expected, but there should not be so many that it demonstrates a certain level of skewedness about the model in its entirety. Thus, if the NHI model is the one which is selected, then it needs to be tested against a range of different scenarios. The following demonstrate some truly relevant what-ifs: what if the doctors only move half the projected volume; what if medicare slashes rates; what if competitors open a comparable program (

There are a range of factors which can change or adjust once a healthcare facility opens their doors for business. And as much as this facility is attempting to engage in a solid humanitarian effort, at the end of the day, it's still a business and people need to get paid. Thus, before engaging in further developmental activities, one needs to determine in what ways the…


Brakatu Ofori-Adjei, a. (2007). Microfinance: An Alternative Means of Healthcare Financing for the Poor. Ghana Medical Journal, 193-194.

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Burnstein, M., Harris, R.L., & Love, L. (2012, August 20). Top Four Legal Issues to Consider When Opening an Urgent Care Center. Retrieved from

Risk and Insurance Management Risk Is Believed
Words: 3537 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 19934087
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isk and Insurance Management

isk is believed to be a newly coined word of assurance (for example, Ewald, 1991: 198). One of the broadly shared suppositions regarding insurance is that it spins around an instrumental concept of risk. Possibility and the amount of influence make up a technical concept of hazard/risk and hazard administration is chiefly worried about reviewing these possibilities and influences (for an overview see Gratt, 1987). For instance, external profits of financial or political occurrences lay down thresholds for the availability of associated risk guesstimates or reckonings (Huber, 2002).

So, the range of the risk groups cannot be clarified by risk judgment single-handedly; peripheral circumstances that could be political, financial or inclusive of image, arts and manners, are also required to be taken into account. Therefore, if risks are not be present, per se, but are deliberately selected, we can go a step ahead and presume them…


Douglas, M. And Wildavsky, A. (1982) Risk and Culture. An Essay on the Selection of Technical and Environmental Dangers. Berkeley: University of California Press.

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IRR vs Mirr Valuation Methods the Process
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I vs. MI Valuation Methods

The process of capital budgeting in corporations involves selecting projects that add value to the organization. Capital budgeting can involve nearly everything like buying a new truck, replacing old machinery, and acquiring some land. In most cases, businesses, especially corporations, are required to conduct these projects in order to improve profitability and enhance the wealth of shareholders. The process of undertaking a capital budgeting decision requires the company to first determine whether the project will be profitable. The determination of the profitability of a project is accomplished through the use of several valuation methods like the Internal ate of eturn, Net Value Present, and Modified Internal ate of eturn. These approaches usually produce different results though the ideal capital budgeting solution should result in the indication of the same decision by the three metrics. Organizations tend to place more emphasis on one valuation method than…


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Planning Programming and Budgeting Understanding
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..ERP combines them all together into a single, integrated software program that runs of a single database so that the various departments can more easily share information and communicate with each other." (Pang, 2001) the work of Les Pang (2001) entitled: "Manager's Guide to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems" published in the Information Systems Control Journal informs this study that over the past ten years an organizations have significantly experienced "changes in their core business applications. These applications have moved from a centralized mainframe platform towards distributed client-server architecture, changed from monolithic customized software systems to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) system modules with graphical development tools and expanded from a local area network environment to one with the broad reach of the World Wide Web. usiness applications have changed to support the globalization of their organization with the addition of multisite and multicurrency functionalities." (Pang, 2001)

The desire of a great…


Preparing Financial Projections (nd) PlanWare - Creative Commons Attribution-onCommercial-NoDerivs License. Online available at 

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California Clinics to Estimate the
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All other factors being equal, an investor will seek to maximize return for equivalent risk levels. This means that the investor will choose the investment that offers the best risk-return ratio. It is believed that for the most part, investors tend towards risk aversion. Often, decisions are made under conditions of uncertainty, and in this situation they will use perceived risk as their guidepost rather than objective risk, as thought do not know the latter (ScienceDaily, 2010). Risk aversion is often assumed in financial modeling.

The most important thing about risk aversion, however, is that the degree of risk aversion is critical to setting the desired rates of return. The more risk averse an investor is, the higher the rate of return that will be demanded in order to undertake the investment. Thus, risk aversion is critical to the investment decision and to determining the rate of return that a…

Works Cited:

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Cost Effective School
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Surveys by the National Association of Independent Schools last year indicated that the issue relating to money management in the schools was among the most pressing issues and challenges facing school leadership. The questions were related to re-thinking financing the schools for proving quality and cost effective education to students efficiently. Last fall, National Business Officers Association held a meeting of school heads, trustees, business managers, and advancement professionals to begin to explore the possibilities of re-engineering the ways schools approach financing. Preliminary thinking from that symposium led to the offering that until schools can manage their own funds the quality of education is unlikely to improve.

Schools in the 21st century require, among other things, thoughtful leadership in the domain of financing. Such leadership will engage schools in serious financial modeling, projecting forward five years to produce differing financial scenarios in an attempt to develop the preferred educational…


Guthrie, James W. "Implications for Policy: What Might Happen in American Education If It Were Known How Money Actually Is Spent?" In Where Does the Money Go?" Resource Allocation in Elementary and Secondary Schools, edited by Lawrence O. Picus and James L. Wattenbarger. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press, 1996. Pages 253-68.

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Expert Systems and Neural Networks
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Expert Systems and Neural Networks

The Development and Limitations of Expert Systems and Neural Networks

The human experience demands a constant series of decisions to survive in a hostile environment. The question of "fight or flight" and similar decisions has been translated into computer-based models by using the now-famous "if-then" programming command that has evolved into the promising field of artificial intelligence. In fact, in their groundbreaking work, Newell and Simon (1972) showed that much human problem solving could be expressed in terms of such "if-then" types of production rules. This discovery helped to launch the field of intelligent computer systems (Coovert & Doorsey 2003). Since that time, a number of expert and other intelligent systems have been used to model, capture, and support human decision making in an increasingly diverse range of disciplines; however, traditional rule-based systems are limited by several fundamental constraints, including the fact that human experts…

Works Cited

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Intelligence. Annual Review of Sociology, 20, 407.

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Review, 58(4):293.

Error Detection and Prevention in Regards to
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error detection and prevention in regards to regulatory issues and governance issues. With the advent of the internet, the use of spreadsheets and other data manipulation software has become widespread. The use of these forms of software has numerous implications for any business irrespective of size. For one, the ubiquitous nature of spreadsheet modeling allows it to be instantly transferred between end-users without any subsequent recreation of the original document. This allows multiple end-users to have access to the same spreadsheet without recreating it, thus saving time and increasing efficiency. Furthermore, spreadsheets modeling tools provide multiple solutions to multiple problems facing businesses. Excel, for example, can preform data mining tasks, what if analysis, and report generation. All of which provide a means for the end user to make better informed decisions therefore increasing profits and customer satisfaction.

Spreadsheets are not without their flaws however. As the article indicates, errors occur…


1) "CIA - The World Factbook." Welcome to the CIA Web Site -- Central Intelligence Agency. Web. 16 Oct. 2010. .

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Black Rock Industries History of the Firm
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Black Rock Industries

History of the Firm

BlackRock, Inc., the world's largest financial asset and management company, began in a one-room office in New York in 1988. BlackRock, which began under the name of BlackStone Financial Management, was led by Larry Fink and a team of seven others: Keith Anderson, Benett . Golub, Charles Hallac, Robert S. Kapito, Barbara Novick, Ralph Schlosstein, and Susan agner. All were unified by their desire to educate clients; not simply push them into purchasing products they neither needed or understood (Ody 63).

By helping General Electric in 1999 to rid itself of unwanted mortgages BlackRock's presence on all Street was solidified. By 2004 the company had grown to $342 billion in assets by selling its products. In 2005 BlackRock purchased State Street Research & Management, followed by an acquisition of Merrill Lynch Investment Management in 2006, Quellos Group in 2007 and R3 Capital Partners…

Works Cited

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BlackRock Investor Relations.

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Company's Organizational Structure President &
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Jointly, with the Board of directors and legal counsel, maintain legal status of the firm at all times.

VP Finance: Shondra Wilcox

Reports to: CEO

VP/Finance reports to the CEO and manages BottleMax's financial and accounting policies, systems and processes, tax and regulatory requirements regarding finance, budget controls, financial modeling and forecasting, and works with the CEO to present annual business plans to the Board.

• Oversee external audit; review and analyze audited financial statements

• Prepare the annual financial report

• Oversee cash management and banking

• Ensure BottleMax complies with all internal policies and relevant regulations and ensure filings are completed on time

• Develop and oversee internal review to ensure that finance and operations controls are complied with.

• Manage the payroll systems with the VP of Production and Personnel

• Implement financial systems that ensure maximum productivity

• Oversee the continuous improvement of accounting and financial…

Teletech WACC Analysis Teletech Corporation 2005 Teletech
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Teletech WACC analysis

Teletech Corporation 2005

Teletech is a regional telecommunications firm serving over 7 million customers of the Midwest and South regions of the United States (pg. 218). The industry is undergoing a transformational change, in which new competitors are entering the marketplace as the service products of previously unrelated firms, cable television firms, begin overlap (pg. 219).

Teletech has achieved a market dominant position by investing heavily in their capital equipment. The dividend of their 10-year capital expenditures is the delivery of a superior product and high levels of customer satisfaction (pg. 219).

Although the firm appears to maintain a secure place in its market, the competitive landscape is changing. The entry of new competitors and channels of communications, cell phones over landlines, compelled the firm to recently acquire a new business line that is aimed at developing new technology integrating computers with the firm's strength in telecommunications.…

Citrus Business Strategy and Product
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Company-specific, sales, quote and order processes, customer service, and warranty and returns KPIs all reflect financial performance, over time, for any company. By measuring these KPIs and engraining them into the company culture, Citrus can create a sustainable differentiator in exceptional performance as well. The bottom line is that Citrus must turn accountable and measurable performance into a lasting competitive advantage over the long-term.

Analyzing Industry-Wide KPIs for PC Manufacturers

Areas of Measurement

Baseline: What is Measured

Industry Definition


Project costs and expenses

Use as a baseline for defining OI

Number of orders per year

Determine configuration's impact on inventory turns

Current inventory and costs

Inventory turn savings

Customer Data

Lifetime cost per customer; avg. deal size by customer


Order cycle time

Order cycle times reduction of 35% or more recorded with mftrs contacted

Cost of Sales

Days Sales Outstanding reduction from 55 to 23 days on average…


AMR Research (2005) - the Handbook of Becoming Demand Driven. AMR Research Report October 6, 2006. Accessed with permission from the publisher. Lora Cecere, Roddy Martin, Debra Hofman.

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Guillermo Furniture Store Is Facing a Challenging
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Guillermo Furniture Store is facing a challenging operating environment. He is facing strong new competition that is threatening the company's margins and market share. The competitor is able to do this by utilizing state-of-the-art technology that allows the company to undercut Guillermo considerably on price, with a fairly low perception of quality drop-off in the eyes of the consumer. The second environmental challenge that Guillermo faces is that the cost of labor has increased significantly in recent years. The company's low cost of labor had been a source of competitive advantage for a long period of time. With these two changes in the environment, Guillermo Furniture is no longer competitive. The company needs to examine its options.

There are a number of options that Guillermo is analyzing in order to keep the company alive. It has generally been determined that the company cannot survive for much longer using the current…

Project Management Elements of Business Project Management
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Project Management

Elements of Business: Project Management

Postings to the Discussion Board

The Critical Path of PET charts

Successful realization of business goals of any organization, there has to be an efficient project management in control. Most performing organizations bare witness of how the good managerial functions and change has brought to them. The critical path will always entail the sequencing of duties and events, to ensure that a project is not delayed. The critical paths of most projects are designed in search a manner that the delay or acceleration of the entire project is determined by one activity. Once one activity is altered, it leads to the entire change of project timeline. The process of creating the critical path in most cases requires activity sequencing (Sawyer, 2009).

Prioritizing the correction of existing projects

In cases where the project has steps that follow a certain sequence, a certain task must…


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Analyzing Diffusion of Innovation
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life stories in it in forming one's own DNP project.

Diffusion can be described as the procedure through which an innovation is conveyed via particular channels over time amidst members of a social system. An innovation, on the other hand, can be described as a practice, idea, or even object regarded as new by somebody or adoption unit (ogers, The process of diffusion basically entails both interpersonal communication and mass media channels. In the current world, information technologies like mobile phones and the internet are a representation of remarkable diffusion tools. Think of the following encounter of co-author Singhal in the Philippines.

In May 2006, as Singhal walked down Epifanio de los Santas Avenue (known as "Edsa") in Manila, Philippines, a Filipina associate noticed that "Edsa" was actually the street where cell phones brought down President Estrada's government. Taking in the bewildering look on Singhal's face, she explained that…


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Reporting and Accounting Finance
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Financial Accounting egulatory Compliance

The roles of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of a public company are invaluable in establishing an ethical environment that generates quality accounting and reliable financial reporting for shareholders and investors. In fact, their involvement in this important issue largely pertains to corporate structure and corporate governance. Understanding that structure requires cognizance of the fact that when a company is publicly traded, it is technically owned by the shareholders. Shareholders, of course, are the many different people who own public stock in a corporation. In that respect, everyone who works for the corporation actually works for the shareholders. The next level up in corporate governance is the employees who work for the corporation, and who are responsible for the daily operation of it. These are the people who are actually responsible for implementing the measures ordained by their superiors -- the Chief Executive…


Hanna, J. (2014). The costs and benefits of Sarbanes-Oxley. Retrieved from 

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Staffing Organization
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Staffing Organization

Describe competency modeling. Steps to establish competency models in an organization

Competency model refers to the process of describing and analyzing various aspects of abilities, knowledge, and skills present within the organization. It also relates to the abilities, skills, and knowledge the organization requires recruiting for the purposes of achievement of a competitive advantage. Competency modeling is an essential tool or component in accordance to its application in various human resource activities thus offers an opportunity for examination of high performance and success competency characteristics. Competency modeling is essential towards the achievement of results thus creation of value within the organization. Organizations must focus on understanding the core needs for competency such as skills, behaviors, and abilities vital for the achievement of business results or output (Ambastha & Momaya, 2004).

In the establishment of the competency model within an organization, the manager should focus on six critical steps…


Schmidt, T., & Jensen, P. (2012). Social networks and regional recruitment of foreign labor:

Firm recruitment methods and spatial sorting in Denmark* Social networks and regional recruitment of foreign labor: Firm recruitment methods and spatial sorting in Denmark.

Papers in Regional Science, 91(4), 795-821

Ambastha, A., & Momaya, K.K. (2004). Competitiveness of Firms: Review of Theory,

Decision Analysis System Computers Have Brought a
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Decision Analysis System

Computers have brought a great change in our lives. A software program called spreadsheet turns the computer screen into a paper sheet one is working on. This program saves time by reducing the errors and repetitions of calculations. It is commonly used in physics labs in order to save time by getting accurate results and accumulating proper data in labs. Spreadsheets have traditionally been used by accountants for the purpose of bookkeeping and budgeting, when actually they can prove to be amazing tools for engineers and scientists as well. Using a spreadsheet, entered raw data could be manipulated and plotted through few easy commands. Furthermore, due to their built-in capability to easily plot data, spreadsheets prove to be especially useful (Karmakar et al., 2007).

Initially introduced in the corporate world in late 1970s and the early 1980s, it proved to be an immediate success. The usefulness, power…


Karmakar, S., C. Lagu, J. Agnew and H. Landry (2007) Integrated decision support system (DSS) for manure management: a review and perspective. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 57, 190 -- 201.

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Real Options Theory in the
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Different theorists and proponents of real options theory identify different specifics of the theories operation, but in one widely held view there are five real options: the waiting-to-invest option, the growth option, the flexibility option, the exit option and the learning option (Wade 2005). Each one of these options takes in a different value given other environmental and internal considerations, and from the plotted valuations of these real options more effective and secure strategic decisions can be made (euer & Tong 2007; Wade 2005).

eal World Application

The fact that the primary focus on the real options theory and model has been academic in nature rather than practical and direct in its application does not mean that real world inferences cannot be drawn from the work that has been conducted and the research that has been published. The degree to which the model created by the real options theory fits…


Li, X. & Johsnon, J. (2002). Evaluate it Investment Opportunities Using Real Options Theory. Information Resources Management Journal 15(3): 32-47.

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Wade, M. (2005). Real Options Theory. Accessed 11 January 2011.

Voluntary Disclosure Concept of Voluntary Disclosure the
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Voluntary Disclosure

Concept of voluntary Disclosure

The law requires all companies to disclose their financial information, together with additional information either in annual, half-yearly and quarterly financial reports. In this case, the description that best fits such law a requirement is a typical example of mandatory disclosure of information. Apart from the mandatory disclosure of information, the annual report contains the voluntary disclosure of information. Notably, there are other opportunities that can be used for voluntary disclosure including conference calls, press releases, websites, and other corporate reports (Sharma, 2013). There are several definitions on voluntary disclosure, but this paper borrows a definition postulated by a FASB committee, which defined voluntary disclosure as, disclosures, mainly outside financial statements, which are not explicitly required by GAAP or an SEC rule.

Notably, in practice, the difference amid mandatory disclosure and voluntary disclosure is not crystal. For instance, it is possible for companies to…


ASX. (2014). ASX. Retrieved 5 January 2014 from 

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McGraw Hill Higher Education.

Getting Results by Clinton Longenecker and Jack L Simonetti
Words: 2604 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 53412195
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market -- and in the libraries -- detailing how to run a successful business, how to create a smart, efficient work culture, and certainly there are books on how extraordinary executive leaders have led dismal, sluggish companies into the bright shiny world of financial success. Meanwhile the book edited by Clinton O. Longenecker and Jack L. Simonetti -- Getting Results: Five Absolutes for High Performance -- has numerous practical, pragmatic and easy-to-follow guidelines on how to get the most from your workforce. This review critiques the book and relates some of the key components to management.

A Summary of the Key Concepts

The key concepts in this book pertain to strategies and tactics that managers should be using in building a successful work culture. Five absolutes (which are detailed in the next section) provide key ideas and concepts for any company of any size. The book also offers eight common…

Works Cited

Longenecker, Clinton O, and Simonetti, Jack L. Getting Results: Five Absolutes For High

Performance. New Delhi, India: Wiley India Pvt. Ltd. 2006.

Marketing Plan Mission and Business Objective Products
Words: 5830 Length: 21 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 491024
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Marketing Plan

Mission and Business Objective

Products and Services

Keys to Success

Macro Environment

Economic Value Added

Cash Value Added

Cash Flow eturn on Investment

This report is a detailed marketing plan for a new financial service company called Online Analyst, Inc. The company is a combination database management company that also specializes in the financial services markets. The company will offer a plethora of information, data and financial-based market services such as online real time market segment analysis, brokerage services and information 'black box' management for the data industries clients. This plan therefore serves as an evaluation and summary of the organization's marketing and business processing options. Online Analyst, Inc. will utilize this foundation document to design, implement and integrate the company's new series of business products and services into a viable consumer and sales blueprint.

On-Line Analyst, Inc. is an organization that takes advantage of existing market analysis…


Altschuler, Stuart, et al. (2002). "Pricing Analysis for Merrill Lynch Integrated Choice." Interfaces: January -- February, Vol. 32, No. 1: 5-19.

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Gill, Philip J. (1999). "Business Snapshot -- Business Modeling Tools Help Companies Align Their Business And Technology Goals." Information Week. April 19.

Management and Decision Sciences From
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76). As automation increasingly assumes the more mundane and routine aspects of work of all types, Drucker was visionary in his assessment of how decisions would be made in the years to come. "In the future," said Drucker, "it was possible that all employment would be managerial in nature, and we would then have progressed from a society of labor to a society of management" (Witzel, p. 76). The first tasks of the manager, then, are to coordinate an organization's resources and provide a viable framework in which they can be used to produce goods and services effectively and efficiently. The second set of tasks concern guidance and control. In Drucker's view, this role is almost entirely proactive: "Economic forces set limits to what a manager can do. They create opportunities for management's action. But they do not by themselves dictate what a business is or what it does" (Drucker,…

Role of Private Investment on
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This also implies inadequacies in fiscal sustainability, which influences investments in private sectors.

The second channel happens through the level, composition and quality involved within the public investment, which shows the level at which the public investment replaces the private investments (Schmidt- Hebbel, Serven, & Solimano, 1996).

The final channel regards the level of taxation on the corporate earnings and the rules applicable in depreciations.

There have been arguments that fiscal policy and public expenditure reduces the private investments in two different manners. These include increasing the interest rates or lowering the private funds involved in financing the investments.

According to the neoclassical theory, the interest rate is also an imperative variable in finding the level of investment. Consequently, it results into a negative effect because it upsurges the interest payable in investments. Concurrently, McKinnon and Shaw, contends that this is likely to cause a positive relationship between the investment…


Shrestha, M.B. (2005), "ARDL Modelling Aproach to Cointegration Test," Proceedings of the 46th Annual Conference of New Zealand Association of Economists, Paper

No. 13, Wellington, July 2005.

Keynes, J.M. (1936). General Theory on Employment, Interest and Money., London,


Merger Activity Due in Large
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Finance-dominated proponents also maintain that boom economic periods generate a more varied divergence of valuations that fuel merger activity (Medlen 2007). In this regard, Medlen concludes that, "Taken collectively, these understandings may explain some of the merger activity in booms, but they involve certain asymmetries that undercut their explanatory power. High stock valuations allow stock to be utilized as currency and collateral for takeovers; yet stock booms also make targets expensive" (p. 202). Moreover, despite the commonly held perception that mergers are a "quick and dirty" way to grow a business and achieve organizational goals, there remains a lack of convincing empirical evidence in support of this perception (Medlen 2007). As Medlen points out, an "anomalous fact about mergers concerns the lack of evidence that mergers are profitable. This fact begs the question: why then are mergers carried out with such frequency and with such large levels of capitalization?" (p.…


Ahern, K.A. & Weston, J.F. (2007). 'M&as: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.' Journal

of Applied Finance, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 5-7.

Babbie, E. (1990). Survey Research Methods (2nd ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth

Publishing Company.

Workflow Design the Author of
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There needs to be a balance between spending only the money that is necessary while at the same time making sure that all the necessary milestones and performance measures are met.

Going too cheap on such metrics will lead to inopportune shortages and other calamities while spending too much time or money leads to waste and more pressing and urgent issues getting delayed or even missed. The author of this response would make sure to have all necessary resources and supplies on hand while not being wasteful.

Technology's Effects on Workflow & Article eview

The author of this response has been asked to offer an opinion on the impact of technology on workflow. It is important to use technology as a tool and to use it adeptly but technology is no replacement for common sense and people need to remember that a computer or measurement tool is only as smart…


Miller R.H. & Sim. I. (2004). Physicians' use of electronic medical records: barriers and solutions. Health Aff 2004;23(2):116-126.

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University of Michigan. (2013, April 15). ITS: Methodology - Process Improvement. University of Michigan. Retrieved April 15, 2013, from

Transit Projects a Guide for
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S. transportation infrastructure is a bad idea. But in contrast to these doom and gloom pessimists, a restructuring and revitalization of U.S. transportation infrastructure is not only an excellent idea, but is very necessary if the U.S. economy is going to survive and continue to be a major global economic superpower (Lindsey, 2007).

Without the highway infrastructure, the U.S. would have been unable to grow as it did in the 1950's and 1960's. The same idea is true for future growth. Since the 1960's there has been little development of the current system and many of the U.S.'s bridges and highways are falling into disrepair as other priorities, like the War in Iraq, have taken priority. But the transportation infrastructure, the skeleton and circulatory system of the U.S. economic body, is vastly important for both economic and political stability and security.

US power plants and the internet infrastructure are grossly…


IMPA. (2010). IMPA Homepage. Accessed via web on August 19, 2010 at .

Real Options Valuation
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Real options valuation: KLM ailines flight options

The object of this pape is to delive a eal option valuation of an option on an ai ticket fom KLM Ailines. The pape consists of seveal pats: (i) a file explaining the poblem, the modeling choices and the solutions (ii) a table with calculations and; (iii) the conclusion.

The value of an options contact elies on a vaiety of diffeent vaiables. In addition to the value of the undelying asset itself, options ae extemely complex to value. Thee ae many picing models in cuent use, though all basically incopoate the concepts of moneyness, ational picing, put-call paity, option-time value.

Relevant Definitions:

Moneyness is a measue of the degee to which a deivative is likely to have positive monetay value at its expiation.

Rational picing is the assumption in economics that asset pices will eflect the abitage-fee pice of the asset as any…

references supporting the theory that option traders use much more robust hedging and pricing principles than the Black, Scholes and Merton model.

9. Triana, Pablo (2009). Lecturing Birds on Flying: Can Mathematical Theories Destroy the Financial Markets?. Wiley. ISBN 9780470406755. The book takes a critical look at the Black, Scholes and Merton model.

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12. Understanding Option Pricing,

Information Technologies What Is the
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Compare the two managerial roles associated with successfully managed systems projects: the project sponsor and project champion.

The project sponsor is typically a senior executive who has the responsibility of accomplishing certain strategic objectives that are so wide in scope they require synchronization of many different parts of the organization. An example would be the development of an entirely new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that is capable of reporting back the contact and selling histories by each customer account. The project sponsor in this specific instance would typically be the Vice President of Sales, or the Vice President of Marketing. The project sponsor is also responsible for working with the broader organization to ensure the project has enough resources, both from a staffing standpoint in addition to support at the upper levels of management to ensure the project gets continued funding.

The role of the project champion is to…

Integrating Critical as Well as
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(Eljamal; Stark; Arnold; Sharp, 1999)

To conclude, it be said that if we will not be able to master imparting the capability to think in a developed form, our profession, as well as perhaps our world, would be influenced and taken over by someone who would be able to outsmart us to find it out. We would in that case not only remain thinking as to what happened but would also not have the skills required to provide answers to our own question.


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air traffic
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air traffic has continued to increase and it now constitutes a considerable proportion of the travelling public. The amount of long-hour flights has increased significantly. Based on the International Civil Aviation authority, air traffic can be anticipated to double amid till 2020. Airline travel, especially over longer distances, makes air travelers vulnerable to numerous facets that will impact their health and well-being. Particularly, the speed with which influenza spreads and mutates, via transportation routes, is the reason why the influenza pandemic is considered to be a huge threat to the human population. Pandemic is a term, which is used for a virus or microbe when it spreads over a large area, in severe cases even the whole world and large number of people start getting affecting by it (CDC, 2009).

In the past 300 years, there have been ten significant influenza pandemics outbreaks that have taken place in this world.…


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1979 the European Monetary System
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What kind of regional and international cooperation is needed to respond to emigration pressures in many low and medium income countries within EU? In addition to the existing EU standards on migration, what other measures could be taken at the national, regional, and international levels to better protect migrants? Answers to these questions inexplicitly have direct implications for the growth environment and have become more pressing issues as the enlargement continues.

A balanced budget exists when tax revenues equal government spending. Within the EU, economic policy dictates that efficiency is achieved when the amount of revenue collected by the government is what is spent in a given period. Hence budget deficits and/or surpluses represent a misallocation that can lead to macroeconomic stability within an economy. As the growth cycle within Europe continued and deepened in 2008/2009, it was clear that macroeconomic objectives for all member states became misaligned and inefficiencies…


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Anderson Rw & Chantal K 1998 Transition
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Anderson, RW & Chantal K. 1998, Transition banking: financial development of central and eastern Europe, Clarendon Press, Oxford.

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Denison, D 2003, Reviews on Organizational Culture: Ashkanasy, Wilderom, and Peterson (ed.) The Handbook of…

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Woodbury, G 2001, An Introduction to Statistics, 1st edition, Duxbury Press, George Woodbury.

Enterprise Level Business System
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Enterprise-Level Business System

Determination of Requirements -- Main Objectives

Create interactive website for consumers and vendors, rather than simply a visually interesting but non-useful website

Create functional internal system of Internet communication and a shared database for all staff at the company. Given company's limited numbers, this is feasible

Identify which specific analysis methods needed to accomplish this

Interviews with lead staff members to determine company needs and computer literacy

Submit questionnaires to current 800 phone staff to see what queries are most frequently submitted to lines

Consult with outside website creators and software analysis to construct blueprint of useable website and software analysis to determine most appropriate and comprehensive database system with firewall and anti-virus protection

B. Determination of these requirements: prototyping or, as prototyping is defined, thinking creatively about the plan for the new system and creating blueprint for new system

Prototype of website should include mandatory interactive…

Company or Organization Preferably the
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The exponential growth of the Internet has also served as the catalyst for the growth of highly collaborative, interactive forums and platforms on which Delphi-like brainstorming can be accomplished (Decker, Wagner, Scholz, 2005). Conversely many of the external relationships companies have and that are essential to understanding how the strategic planning process will impact an organization lend themselves to quantification. An example of this level of quantification of external factors is the use of frameworks for evaluating the performance of supply chains over time, a process area that can be highly quantified through the use of maturity models and measurements of performance over time (Gilmour, 1999). Both of these extremes, qualitative data analysis through the use of techniques including writing of scenarios, brainstorming and the Delphi technique to the extremely quantitative, both require organizations to have a fairly high level of interprocess maturity and development to be able to manage…


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Business Valuation as it Is Currently Presented
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Business Valuation

As it is currently presented, I would probably not invest in this particular company. I would, however, invest in this company under a number of circumstances. The first requirement that I would consider would be the management of the firm and how much the two principals are investing of their own capital. The problem that I have is that while the idea being presented is an intriguing one; as a venture capitalist I would likely look at the initial investment as being rather modest -- based upon the projected size of the market -- but to assuage my fears somewhat on a project of this type, I would like additional information on the strengths and weaknesses of the management personnel.

Additionally, I would be most interested in determining who the other managers are going to be and their expertise as well. There are plenty of gaps in the…


Caverlee, J. & Bae, J.; (2006) Workflow Management for Enterprise Transformation, Georgia Institute of Technology,

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Nursing Organizational Change Project Analysis
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Of course, as Medicare beneficiaries increase because of the number of baby boomers, the Medicare program may adjust. However, current hospice figures demonstrate that only about twenty percent of all elderly individuals that die are enrolled in hospice programs.

Implementation and Monitoring

The needs of this new program will require thorough training and once implemented, precise monitoring. "When you approach a problem in the way your work group functions, you're implementing an organizational change. By taking a critical look at your process, and using some theories from organizational design, you can fix the problem -- and change your organization to make quality more likely." (Derby, 1999) The training will be a key because of the potential requirements associated with the Hospice program that may require completely new skill sets for the majority of our staff. The fact is that many of our nurses may not have acquired the necessary skills…


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