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Direct Competition Suave Keratin Dry
Words: 626 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 99970953
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The Psssssst! brand is well-established in dry shampoo. It is owned by Freeman Beauty Labs. The brand comes in several varieties, including the regular Dry Shampoo and Dry Shampoo avy Curly. On Amazon (2013), the regular Psssssst! is priced at $5.71 for a 5.3 ounce container. The product reviews on Amazon (2103) indicate higher customer satisfaction than with Tresemme. It is difficult to infer from the marketing who the target market for Psssssst! might be under Freeman's ownership.


Batiste has a wide range of dry shampoo products available, including Original, Dark and Deep Brown, Blush Hair, Blush Floral & Flirty, Tropical, a Hint of Color, and more. The Original is priced on Amazon at $8.45 for a 5.05 ounce container and the specialty products in the line are typically priced at a premium to this. The company is independent and British (, 2013), specializing in dry shampoo as…

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Clements, M. (2013). How Suave repositioned from a value brand to a quality beauty brand by connecting the dots for mom. Chicago Now Retrieved April 15, 2013 from 

Cooly, C. (2010). Product strategy: positioning. L'Oreal World. Retrieved April 15, 2013 from

Profit Pools A Fresh Look
Words: 1670 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78214447
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Dell was setting a very rapid pace of new product introductions during the period analyzed by the author and afterwards as well. The focus on just the direct channel and thoughts of disintermediating the indirect channels through their highly successful direct build-to-order model blinded Dell from the much larger and more diverse profit pool all channels could provide. Ignoring these market dynamics and believing the direct model was by far going to win the battle of channel models in the PC industry, Dell experienced exceptional declines immediately following this rapid run-up of growth. In the end, Dell chose to use the profit pool concept to gain an even greater insights into their customer base and was able to generate profits 3 times higher than industry average (Gadiesh, Gilbert, 1998). Dell recovered form a potentially disastrous situation by using the profit pool concept effectively.

There is also the example of how…


Gadiesh, O., & Gilbert, J.L. (1998, Profit pools: A fresh look at strategy. Harvard Business Review, 76(3), 139-142+.

Product Planning
Words: 691 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 13508632
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Fresh Direct

Product planning

FreshDirect: A unique opportunity

Consumers today are busy -- often so busy they do not have time to shop. Grocery shopping is time-consuming, especially after work. Getting to the store, parking, navigating the aisles (especially with small children) and checking out -- not most consumers' idea of a fun evening. FreshDirect offers a great solution: online shopping. With a few clicks of a mouse, and for a small fee, the chore of grocery shopping is accomplished with great ease for the consumer. There is no need to even carry heavy shopping bags to the car.

Consumers are health-conscious and want to improve the quality of their lives by cooking at home more and eating out less. However, it is easy to grab takeout rather than grocery shop because of the pressures surrounding the chore of shopping. FreshDirect ensures that healthy foods are waiting on the customer's…


FreshDirect. (2012). Official Website. Retrieved:

Jerzee Fresh Natural Drinks
Words: 1171 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85601383
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Jerzee Fresh

The author of this report has been asked to construct a business plan and analysis relating to a hypothetical non-alcoholic beverage (NAB) company. In this case, the company will be Jerzee Fresh. It will focus on drinks that are made entirely of organic fruits and vegetables. As might already be obvious, the drink will be geared towards people in the community that are healthy and active. Included in this analysis will be the significance of the name, the revise mission statement and the justification for its components, a few reasons why this particular NAB was selected, a SWOT analysis of the new brand, a strategic position that will be taken and an overview of the distribution channels that will exist. Something else that should be mentioned are regulatory risks and a few other items. While the healthy drink industry is getting very crowded, this is indeed because there…

The Russian Revolution as a Direct and Indirect Cause of Fascism
Words: 1224 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85145591
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The relationship between the Russian Revolution and the rise of fascism is distinct and marked. Both movements were revolutionary in their own way, and both were provoked to a certain extent by a Marxist inspiration. Lenin was one of the leaders of the Russian revolution and he was a committed Marxist. He did not want Russia to participate in any part of the war, but was the one who surrendered to German invasion. When Lenin died, the gap that was left open in his death was quickly taken over by Stalin. Fascism was the outgrowth of a revolution that was meant to create more freedom, justice and equality. This is because the Russian revolution and the nation were vulnerable during this time of transition: this vulnerability meant that someone strategic could have the power to come in and corrupt the policies in place. This paper will explore the nuances, events…

Ban Fast Food Advertising Directed
Words: 817 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40768693
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It is often said that 'we eat with our eyes' first, and children are no different. hen hamburgers are in attractive packaging emblazoned with cartoon characters, children will want to eat the burgers more than broiled chicken and whole wheat pasta. Conversely, Cornell's Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs found that children eat more fruit when the fruit is displayed in attractive baskets rather than in stainless-steel buckets (Aubrey 2011). However, the presence of fast food offerings is too powerful to resist, even when fruit is present. In my own experience, I notice that when children beg to go to McDonald's, they show no interest in the healthier menu. One study of McDonald's located on hospital premises found: "hen apple dippers and milk jugs were on the menu...families rarely ordered them. Apple dippers were purchased by anywhere from 0.3% to 3.6% of kids; milk from 1.1% to 6.6%…

Works Cited

Aubrey, Alison. "Cheap marketing techniques help kids choose more fruit." NPR.

October 3, 2011. [October 4, 2011] NPR. 

"Fast food linked to child obesity." CBS. January 1, 2004. [October 4, 2011]

Employment Analysis in HR Profession 2015
Words: 1479 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34970554
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Labor Market Analysis: H Professionals / Employment Analysis in H Profession 2015

Critical analysis of current labor market trends

Evaluation of the impact of external factors

Analysis of advertising, recruitment and selection methods

Professional standards and competences (including behaviors) for H Professionals

The place of interaction between employers and potential employees is termed as the labor market. Here, there is competition among employers to attract the most skilled individuals from the candidate pool, and among workers for acquiring the best jobs. The current U.S. labor market for human resource professionals is healthier, in economic terms, than it ever was since the Great 2007-09 ecession.

Critical analysis of current labor market trends

US unemployment rate in June was at a record low of 5.3% in this economic recovery and about half its October 2009 peak (10%). A strong average job growth rate of around 243,000 jobs a month was recorded last…


Lakshman. (2015). Human Resource Management. Available from - competencies-pdf-download.html [Accessed: 29th October, 2015].

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Recruiting division. (2015). A Look at Human Resources Talent Today. Human Resources. Available from  [Accessed: 29th October, 2015]

Kudler Fine Foods Is an
Words: 974 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 52599441
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The organic nature of the products that the company offers all seems to have a detrimental effect on profitability. Kudler may have to eliminate certain product offerings. This is particularly true if these products are not selling very well. In addition, the owner of the company may have some success in negotiating a lower price for those products that do sell well. The owner should be careful not to settle for whatever price she is quoted.

Another issue is payroll expense. All companies have problems with getting payroll expenses to a reasonable level. However. Kudler seems to have a problem in being able to pay highly specialized workers at the rate of the market. In addition, when on the specialized workers gets sick or quits it is difficult to find a replacement. Some of this will be remedied when the aforementioned problems are handled because it will create greater cash…

Employment Law
Words: 3665 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 49234437
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Organization Behavior

Human esource Management Policies of Wal-Mart

Employment Law Wal-Mart

Human esource Management Policies of Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is a large scale multinational retailer that employs more than 2.2 million employees in 27 countries. The management of this large workforce requires it to implement effective human resource management and employment relations policies at its workplace. Wal-Mart believes in effective recruitment and selection process in order to fill the vacant job positions with the most talented and skillful employees. It uses one way and two way virtual interviewing techniques in order to minimize its heavy recruitment and administrative costs. Wal-Mart generally fills its vacant job positions from the industry through fresh graduate induction and experienced professionals. It trains them through different methods in order to make them learn the most advanced knowledge related to their job responsibilities.

The Wal-Mart workforce consists of individuals from different cultures, nationalities, and races. In order…


Bergdahl, 2010, How the HR Division at Wal-Mart drives the Company's Success through People. Available at [Accessed November 28th, 2012]

Celentino, J. 2012, Wal-Mart Doesn't Owe Pregnancy Light Duty. Available from [Accessed November 29th, 2012]

Greenwald, J. 2011, Court rules against Wal-Mart in sexual harassment, retaliation case. Available from [Accessed November 29th, 2012]

Hinshaw & Culbertson, 2012, Wal-Mart Follows Properly-Drafted Accommodation Policy, Still Ends Up Potentially Liable for Retaliation. Available from [Accessed November 29th, 2012]

Tresemme SWOT Analysis Tresemme Has
Words: 1277 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 58147888
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Tresemme Fresh Start is, however, the number one brand in dry shampoo (Communispace, 2013). There are roughly three types of competitors for Tresemme. Direct competitors are those in the dry shampoo space that has similar positioning or price points. Indirect competitors are dry shampoos with dissimilar position or price point, and close substitutes like conventional shampoo with similar positioning.

One way to determine who the most direct competitors are is to check the product page at Amazon. e have established criteria for what a competitor looks like -- similar pricing and positioning -- and if consumers who are looking at Tresemme are also viewing the pages for similar products, that similar product is a competitor we have to beat for that sale. Based on this, Batiste, Suave Keratin, Dove, and Got2b are all competitors. The Suave and Dove products are priced lower, as is Batiste. Got2b is priced higher, as…

Works Cited: (2013). Tresemme Fresh Start Waterless Dry Shampoo. Retrieved April 12, 2013 from 

Wong, E. (2010). Dry idea: Alberto Culver pitches waterless shampoo. AdWeek. Retrieved April 12, 2013 from 

Neff, J. (2010). Why tiny Tresemme is rising to top of hair care heap. Advertising Age. Retrieved April 12, 2013 from

Marketing Plan Green 2u& 8230 Marketing
Words: 4846 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 42140595
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Direct mailers will first go to the 535 green businesses on a monthly basis and will be expanded from this number as needed to continue to provide the average 15 event total to meet the strategic goals.

Type: All types of businesses, with 10 or more employees will be targeted as potential customers to this service with the first emphasis being on businesses who have strategic planning around green/sustainable business practices.

Value Drivers: Intentions of practicing sustainable standards in business, seeking mid range catering for meetings and events, seeking alternative to cheaper/less healthy alternative catering offerings, seeking to try something new with a greater level of service and sustainable business practices, a desire to support other local businesses with a similar goal, a desire to improve business climate with only limited resources, a desire to offer vegetarian fare to those who choose it, a desire to offer healthier alternatives to…


Arthur, D. (2001). The Employee Recruitment and Retention Handbook. New York: AMACOM.

Furniss, C. (2006, October). How Green Is Your Business. Geographical, 78, 45+.

Halweil, B. (2003, May/June). The Argument for Local Food: At an Unimposing Diner in Vermont, a Revolution Is Taking Place. World Watch, 16, 20.

Henderson, E. (1998, July/August). Rebuilding Local Food Systems from the Grassroots Up. Monthly Review, 50, 112.

Boudon 2001 and Eskensberger 2001
Words: 1185 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 66240861
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Their anticipated and desired results for their education, personal or practical, may vary widely in unpredictable ways. The attitudes towards educational processes may differ due to the greater and more diverse social and life experiences that color perceptions of classroom life, even more so than the raw educational materials used in the classroom. The teacher must balance addressing individual needs through conferences, personal contacts, and allowing for more independent research, yet also strive even harder to create a coherent class dynamic and unity between individuals with different schedules and belief structures. This may require greater management on a technical level as well as greater personal finesse than might be expected by an educator with experience only teaching undergraduates.

Eskensberger (2001) on the subject of "Action Theory" provides some interesting supporting evidence to address the difficulties posed by a mixed classroom of old and young learners, or adult learners of diverse…

Vinny's Prima Prego
Words: 6435 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 1741268
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This competitor, though well established in the market, has not been able to respond adequately to the needs and expectations of the customers. It has also been identified that they have experience a steady decline in. This has created an opportunity to Vinny's Prima Prego venture in advancing to the upper market since this competitor fails to uphold the tenet of reciprocity.

Vinny's Prima Prego has a number of competitors. There are two types of competition that the restaurant is exposed to. That is national competitors and local competitors.

National Competition

A number of restaurants are competing Vinny's Prima Prego at the national level. The first restaurant that it competes with is the Olive Garden which is offering customers sauces, ingredients and noodles of their choices. It allows the consumers to gather their dish the way they wish. The quality of food that is provided by this restaurant is average.…


Backman, J (1937).Marketing Controls.Southern Economic Journal, Vol. 4, No. 2 (Oct., 1937),

pp. 195-210

Clow, KE. & Baack, D (2007). Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing.

Communications 3rd edition. Pearson Education. pp. 9 -- 10. ISBN 9780131866225

Elg & Robinson This Promotional Material Contains
Words: 2413 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62181181
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Elg & Robinson

This promotional material contains photos and other visuals of the Elg & Robinson storefront without the company sign at the entry of the Coles Supermarket, the storefront with the company sign, some prepared meat products, population forecasts in Hobsons ay City, promotional photograph for the company, and a photography for the company Customer Loyalty Program.

The first photo shows the side of the storefront at the entry of the Coles Supermarket but which does not show the identifying company sign. The second photo shows the front part of the store at the Supermarket and the company name, elegantly lighted and posted on top of the store. The third photo shows a portion of the counter with prepared meat products. The fourth photo consists of population statistics of Hobson ay City. The fifth photo shows office supplies with Elg & Robinson's logo. And the sixth photo shows items…


AMIC 2011, 'Hamming it up in Williamston,' Meat Industry News, [Online], Available

at /SitelMedia/w3svc116/Uploads/Documents/VICJune2011.pdf

- 2010, 'About AMIC,' Australian Meat Industry Council [Online], Available at

Justification Wal-Mart Is Currently the
Words: 1392 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 24138527
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At a more detailed level, the recommendation is expected to be implemented throughout the following steps:

1. The assessment of the company's needs for fresh produce, established in volumes per each category of fresh fruit and vegetable

2. The assessment of the farmers in the local community at the level of their production capacities

3. The comparative analysis of farmer capacity and store needs in order to identify whether the local production would be enough to cover for the entire needs of the stores; at this level, it would be remembered that the retailer needs increased volumes of products, whereas the capacities of the local farmers might be decreased

4. The analysis of the proposed collaboration from the financial standpoint. At this level, emphasis would be placed on the soliciting of price offers from the farmers and the comparison of the estimate cost with the Wal-Mart budgets available for the…


Greenwald, R., 2005, Wal-Mart: the high cost of low price, Documentary Film

McBay, a., Jensen, D., Keith, L., 2011, Deep green resistance, Seven Stories Press

Veder, R.K., Cox, W., 2006, the Wal-Mart revolution: how big-box stores benefit consumers, workers and the economy, AEI Press

Website of the Wal-Mart Stores, http://www.walmartstores.comlast accessed on June 7, 2012

Entrepreneurship Marketing Advertising Business Plan
Words: 2505 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 65596768
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lack Thinking Advertising Agency- usiness Plan

Vision, Mission, Aims

Company and Management Structure

Marketing Strategy

Target Market


Marketing Mix

lack Thinking is an advertising agency that is poised to penetrate the market of the city of irmingham, in the United Kingdom. irmingham is considered to be the most populous city in the United Kingdom after its capital, London. According to the 2011 census, irmingham is home to a total of 1,073,000 citizens (Council 2012). Due to its high population, there are a number of small yet successful businesses that have erupted over time in the heart of the city. They form a significant part of the city's economy. However, due to cost restraints, not all of them can afford to contract out their marketing campaigns to big firms to gain maximum utility from their advertisement and marketing expenditure budgets. This is where lack Thinking shall step in. lack Thinking…


Council, BC 2012, Birmingham Census 2011 Initial Findings, .

Council, BC 2012, The Birmingham Area Investment Prospectuses, .

Info, UT 2006, Regional Trade Statistics, .

Network, ESPO 2007, 'British urban pattern: population data', ESPON Project 1.4.3 Study on Urban Functions European Union, pp. 119-120.

Black Poem The Convergence of
Words: 1127 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13118317
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In fact, he identified himself entirely with it, even in his own self-reflection. In the reflective poem "leroy," published in 1969 under his newly adopted name Amiri Baraka, a nostalgic comment on his mother becomes a lofty vision of himself as the bearer of black wisdom -- that "strong nigger feeling" (5) -- from his ancestors forward to the next generation. He refers to this legacy that he is passing on as his "consciousness" (11), an indication that he had by this point in his life entirely adopted his race as his identity.

This wholehearted self-identification with race, along with a keen awareness of his cultural power as a poet, combined to create an artist absorbed with his own capacity for social comment and change. After the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965, Baraka became disenchanted with the somewhat passive anti-establishment attitudes of the Greenwich Village artistic community, and moved…

Works Cited

"Amiri Baraka: Biography and Historical Context." Modern American Poetry. The University of Illinois. Web. 29 May 2010.

Baraka, Amiri. "Speech to Rutgers University." Chicago Review. Chicago: Fall 1997. Vol. 43, Iss. 4, 109. Print.

-, and William Harris. The LeRoi Jones / Amiri Baraka Reader. New York: Avalon, 1999. Print.

Lease, Joseph. "Progressive Lit: Amiri Baraka, Bruce Andrews, and the Politics of the Lyric 'I'." African-American Review. Terre Haute: Summer 2003. Vol. 37, Iss. 2, 389. Print.

China Town Idea Analysis The
Words: 1009 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37700019
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There is a romantic charm in the notion that outsiders only 'pass through' while residents are in a kind of stop time, insular and part of the background, not part of the larger cultural narrative. Thus the Chinatown idea is fundamentally that Asia is 'different' -- exotic, of another world, rather than part of 'America.' This has often subverted the ambitions of those residents who do wish to become more a part of American society, who may struggle acquiring English skills, for example. The existence of Chinatown reinforces the perception that Chinese segregation is self-imposed and that a complex array of social factors such as culture and discrimination have no impact upon mobility and advancement.

The persistence of Chinatown also questions the ethics of what it means to tour another culture -- an issue that also arises when an individual contemplates the ethics touring an Amish village, for example. These…

Works Cited

Chinatown San Francisco. April 21, 2009. 

Liu, Eric. "The Chinatown Idea." From Seeing and Writing. Bedford St. Martins, 2009.

Health Promotion Pamphlet & 8226 Layout Appeal & 8226
Words: 1134 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42449719
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Health Promotion Pamphlet

• Layout appeal • Content quality • eading level • Clarity • Examples health promotion pamphlet • Usefulness • Cultural sensitivity competence • Helpful hints tips -care management • Appropriate literacy level target audience Include publication information pamphlet

The importance of fruits and vegetables:

A current health promotion pamphlet's appropriateness for the general public

Obesity is on the rise in America. Given this concern, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has produced a pamphlet on the need to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into meals. The title of the pamphlet reads: "How to use fruits and vegetables to manage your weight," so it is explicitly promoted as weight maintenance publication. The cover is orange and features photographs of a cauliflower, cherries, a banana, an orange pepper, and peas, presumably chosen because of their attractive colors, the balance they signify in the eater's diet, and also their relative…


How to use fruits and vegetables to manage your weight. (2012). CDC. Retrieved:

Marketing Challenges Facing Warby Parker in the
Words: 2953 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50136785
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marketing challenges facing Warby Parker in the future and what advice would you give the company on how to face them?

In 2010, Neil Blumenthal and David Gilboa had started a company called Warby Parker that sold prescription glasses. It was a successful company that had gone from selling 20,000 eyeglasses to over 100,000 per year. The founders too integrated their mission with a social mission: to increase access to prescription eyewear around the world.

In the beginning, in 2010, the founders had come across problems. Now once again, the founders were prepared for change. Change involved the following factors:

the team size was growing

The company was planning to move from a word-of-mouth marketing strategy to a virtual one that would be more intentional

the company was also planning to increase the company's manufacturing partner base

The question was how they were going to accomplish these changes whilst retaining…


Business Insider Ten Principles Which Spell Continuous Innovation

Brakus, J et al. (2009) Brand Experience: What Is It? How Is It Measured? Does It Affect Loyalty? Journal of Marketing. 73,: 52 -- 68,

Kun-Hsi Liao & Ming-Fang Hsieh (2011) Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty on the Leisure Resort Industry The 2 nd International Research Symposium in Service Management

Agreement With George for the
Words: 850 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30611523
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As he was performing his responsibilities in the course of his employment he would be covered by orkers Compensation statutes

. Under such statutes the question of Clumsy's contributory or comparative negligence would not be at issue as orkers Compensation laws do not concern themselves with either concept. Such statutes are concerned only with providing coverage for workers injured in the scope of their employment and the worker's part in the accident is of little concern.

In the event, however, that orker's Compensation laws do not apply, Clumsy's perceived intoxication would have significant bearing on the negligence issue. The wet floor was likely the cause of Clumsy's fall and, absent Clumsy's apparent intoxication, would have provided Clumsy with a basis for recovery. Unfortunately, however, for Clumsy his intoxication will likely serve to diminish, or completely bar, him from recovery. The application of contributory negligence will require a determination as to…

Workers Compensation Act 1987 (NSW).

Joslyn v. Berryman (2003) HCA 34.

Deborah Lee Ezzy v. The United Church in Australia Property Trust (2007) NSWDC 204.

Sales Plan Sales Organizational Plan
Words: 1410 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45163653
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Sales Strategies:

These are simply the strategies that help the sales staff know how it would go about achieving its targets. There is usually more than one strategy at work at any given time. For example Kudler can use direct marketing, door to door selling, fairs and events to promote its products. In many affluent areas, there are large malls that people gather at for fun, shopping and eating out. This is a good place for promotion of Kudler's salad line.

The program must be kept alive and active by consisting sending out mails, letters, and promotional items to all those who matter. This helps in increasing the consumer base as Parinello says: "Send no less than 50 letters of introduction to new prospects each week; make no less than 50 cold calls of introduction to new prospects each week; make no less than 20 face-to-face contacts with new prospects…


Electrical Apparatus: Creating a sales plan, Electrical Apparatus Jun 2004. Accessed online 3rd June 2006: 

Sales Ethics: A requirement for meaningful long-term sales success - Sales Focus Inc. Sales Tips Newsletter - Vol. II, Issue 19 Accessed online 3rd June 2006:

Leadership Is a Much Studied
Words: 1088 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94498623
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Leaders who want to strengthen their understanding and use of followers can benefit from understanding models of followership and leadership. The Kelley Model of Followership (1992) considers ways of thinking and acting to categorize followers into five groups. These groups are: alienated followers who are skeptical but capable; conformist followers who follow orders and say yes often; passive followers who need direction because they do not think for themselves; and exemplary followers who are essential because they are motivated and independent, but loyal and cooperative. A fifth group is the pragmatist type of follower who has qualities from the other four categories. (Bjugstad et al., 2006, pp. 309-310).

Another model that considers the roles of leadership and followership is the Hersey and Blanchard Situational Leadership Theory (1982). This theory addresses four types of leadership styles. They are: telling, which involves direct instruction and task-oriented leadership; selling, which involves guiding and…


Bjugstad, K., Thach, E., Thompson, K., and Morris, A. "A Fresh Look at Followership: A Model for Matching Followership and Leadership Styles"

Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management, Vol 7, No. 3 (2006):

Challenging the Beijing Consensus China Foreign Policy in the 21st Century
Words: 24240 Length: 60 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 17194104
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Foreign Policy of China (Beijing consensus)

Structure of Chinese Foreign Policy

The "Chinese Model" of Investment

The "Beijing Consensus" as a Competing Framework

Operational Views

The U.S.-China (Beijing consensus) Trade Agreement and Beijing Consensus

Trading with the Enemy Act

Export Control Act.

Mutual Defense Assistance Control Act

Category B

Category C

The 1974 Trade Act.

The Operational Consequences of Chinese Foreign Policy

The World Views and China (Beijing consensus)


The Managerial Practices

Self Sufficiency of China (Beijing consensus)

China and western world: A comparison

The China (Beijing consensus)'s Policy of Trading Specialized Goods

Chapter 5

The versions of China (Beijing consensus)'s trade development

The China (Beijing consensus) Theory of Power Transition


Foreign Policy of China (Beijing consensus)

Chapter 1


ACD arms control and disarmament

ACDA Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

ADB Asian Development Bank

ADF Asian Development Fund

APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

AF ASEAN [Association of Southeast…


Barnett, A.D. (1977). China (Beijing consensus) and the Major Powers in East Asia. Washington, DC: The Brookings Institution. Retrieved September 10, 2011, from Questia database: 

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Sardesai, D.R. (1974). Chapter 6 India: A Balancer Power?. In Southeast Asia under the New Balance of Power, Chawla, S., Gurtov, M., & Marsot, A. (Eds.) (pp. 94-104). New York: Praeger. Retrieved September 10, 2011, from Questia database: 

Chawla, S., Gurtov, M., & Marsot, A. (Eds.). (1974). Southeast Asia under the New Balance of Power. New York: Praeger. Retrieved September 10, 2011, from Questia database:

Market Driven Management
Words: 25695 Length: 75 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32150042
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Pharmaceutical industries have to operate in an environment that is highly competitive and subject to a wide variety of internal and external constraints. In recent times, there has been an increasing trend to reduce the cost of operation while competing with other companies that manufacture products that treat similar afflictions and ailments. The complexities in drug research and development and regulations have created an industry that is subject to intense pressure to perform. The amount of capital investment investments required to get a drug from conception, through clinical trials and into the market is enormous. The already high-strung pharmaceutical industry is increasingly investing greater amounts of resources in search of the next "blockbuster" drug that can help them gain market position and profits. Laws, regulations and patents are important to the industry while spending billions of dollars in ensuring the copyright of their products.

It is the intention of this…


Ansoff, H.I. (1957). Strategies for diversification. Harvard Business Review, 35(5), 113-124.

Ansoff, H.I. (1965). Corporate Strategy. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

Ashour, M.F., Obeidat, O., Barakat, H., & Tamimi, A. (2004). UAE Begins Examination of Patent Applications. Retrieved January 18, 2004, from the World Wide Web: 

Bain, J.S. (1954). Economies of scale, concentration, and the condition of entry in twenty manufacturing industries. American Economic Review, 44, 15-36.

Lens of Feminism
Words: 2247 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20958597
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Angela Carter's The Blood Chamber and Other Stories is, what some interpret as a feminist text. It was written by a heterosexual woman and depicts a heterosexual female's sexuality along with things that otherwise would not be seen, especially at that time, in literature. Such stories like "Wolf-Alice" within the text show (in essence) how women are subdued by the constrains of society, but also (in a sense) benefit from the aid of men and their acceptance of women as they are in their true forms. Several critical texts from Showalter, Johnson, and Scott reveal the journey of feminist identity and construct into its modern interpretation of gender and gender theory as well as show how a story like "Wolf-Alice" can mimic this journey and therefore be seen as a feminist text, or in the very least, an exploration of gender and the roles of women.

Showalter in her book,…


Carter, Angela. The Bloody Chamber, And Other Stories. 1st ed. New York: Penguin, 1993. Print.

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Showalter, Elaine. "Nervous Women: Sex Roles and Sick Roles." The Female Malady. 1st ed. London: Virago, 2009, 1987. Print.

Aloud or in Writing Making
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Companies such as XYZ Widget Corporation are well situated to take advantage of burgeoning markets in developing nations, particularly in Asia and Africa.

2. XYZ can grow its business by expanding its operations to certain developing nations in ways that profit the company as well as the impoverished regions that are involved, particularly when marketing efforts are coordinated with nongovernmental organizations operating in the region.

3. Several constraints and challenges must be overcome in order to succeed in selling to impoverished regions of the world.

4. Time is of the essence. First movers will enjoy distinct competitive advantages over their counterparts who adopt a "wait-and-see" approach to targeting the poor in developing nations as potential markets.


The world's population has never been larger, and there are more poor people today than ever before in history. Current trends provide some mixed messages concerning the direction that poverty is taking in…


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Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
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Additionally, it has been observed that whenever companies implement strategies of CS, they do this not out of individual choice and desire, but as a result of imposed legislations. "All of these decisions are made under the mandatory legal rules embodied in employment and labor law, workplace safety law, environmental law, consumer protection law, and pension law. Such rules, because they often apply to all businesses, are not susceptible to easy evasion through choice of form. As a result, those charged with governing a corporation find their decision tree considerably trimmed and their discretion decidedly diminished by mandatory legal rules enacted in the name of protecting stakeholders" (Winkler, 2005). In other words, the modern day evolutions of corporate social responsibility "caution against a rush to declare the ultimate triumph of shareholder primacy" (Winkler, 2005).

As a direct result of this changing legislation, more companies have commenced corporate social responsibility programs.…


Akerstrom, a., 2009, Corporate governance and social responsibility: Johnson & Johnson, GRIN Verlag, ISBN 364045605X

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Greenwald, R., 2005, Wal-Mart: the high costs of low price (documentary available on DVD)

Alex King Case Alex Should
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Right now, long wait times are being reported despite the fact that the crew has the capacity to load and unload twenty trucks a day when they are only dealing with fifteen. The fact that they could handle sixteen trucks a day with one fewer person illustrates at least on part of the inefficiency right away -- if the team has one more person than they need and they are still not capable of reducing wait times, than trucks' times are not being efficiently coordinated.

If, as can be assumed, there is generally more loading occurring in the early part of the day, then perhaps an extra crew person could be hired for the first four hours of the day, with only three remaining for the last four hours. This would have no effect on the overall cost of employment for the loading crew. With the capacity to load twenty-four…

Eckensberger 2001- Discussion Questions Does
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These communicative actions help form the basis of human society.

In fact, a major part of action psychology focuses on the tension between autonomy and heteronomy, which focuses on the social and cultural context of actions. Some action theorists attempt to resolve that tension by assuming that cultural rules are man-made, although the implied intentionality of those norms may be incomprehensible in modern times, because they have been passed down through ages, and may have developed in a different context, where actions were more likely to bring about different goals or consequences. It also looks at crowd behavior, which may seem like a sociological phenomenon, but can be explained as a group of individuals sharing the same goal, which can result in the wide-spread development of atypical group behavior, which becomes normative over time, such as Southern lynchings.

3. How does the author distinguish human actions from other forms of…

Value of U S Dollar
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Down? The Value of the Dollar

International Currency Exchanges

Current Trends and Initiatives

Impact of the Euro on Dollar Valuation

Analysis of Current Trends and Initiatives on Dollar Valuation in the Future

Up or Down? The Value of the Dollar: A Historical Analysis of the Valuation of the U.S. Dollar

According to Michael Artis, Elizabeth Hennessy, and Axel eber (2000), capital losses can be caused by differential changes in the value of assets and liabilities, primarily exchange rate changes; these changes affect the value of a central bank's foreign exchange reserves. To date, exchange rate changes have only been a major problem for national central banks with very large foreign exchange reserves (i.e., Portugal); however, it might also become a problem for the European Central Bank in the future, whose balance sheet on the asset side will be dominated by the approximately 40 billion euro in foreign exchange reserves it…

Works Cited

Arthurs, Harry. (1996). "Globalization and Its Discontents." Journal of Business

Administration and Policy Analysis, 24-26, 132.

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Charrette, Susan and Juann Hung. (1997). "The Looming U.S. External Debt. How Serious is

Digby's Company Strategy Annual Report
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Digbly has been using the broad differentiation strategy for a long period of time and its tactical and operational planning is properly devised to accommodate this type of strategy. The broad differentiation refers to competing especially in the top premium areas of each product, bringing something new each time a product is launched and addressing customers who are less price sensitive and more quality sensitive. As I have said, the broad differentiation strategy created an emphasis on departments such as research and development or marketing, where the top management has invested heavily and which actually guide the product's evolution towards success.

As such, the company's vision statement clearly points out that Digbly "wants more, shows more, creates more, offers more." The maximal situation in which the company sells top quality, high tech products to the market is requiring a department network capable of facing such a situation. The vision statement…

Interpreting Advertisements
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Interpretation of Shell Magazine dvertorials

In illustrating how companies come up with different techniques and strategies to sell their product or service, I chose three (3) Shell advertorials as my units of analysis and interpretation. These advertorials center on two important messages. First, Shell aims to inform the reader/audience about the service and product it offers, which is supplying clean and "fresh" natural gas for consumers, individuals and companies alike. Second, it establishes its image as a company that is sensitive to the needs of its consumers -- that is, reinforcing corporate social responsibility by being sensitive to the needs of the people. CSR is accomplished when Shell is able to significantly influence and help people's lives, whether it is for their businesses or everyday activities.

ll advertorials were published in TIME Magazine for the year 2005. Shell's choice of an advertorial is not at all surprising, for it…

All advertorials were published in TIME Magazine for the year 2005. Shell's choice of an advertorial is not at all surprising, for it only parallels their advertising strategy to the audience/market of TIME. Since most people who read TIME have attained high levels of education and belong to the professional sector, advertorials intend to appeal to the audience's intelligence and respect for information. Shell's advertorials deviate from the usual stance used in magazines, which simply involves the visual product, text, and tagline. In the case of Shell, advertorials provide interesting information that enlightens the reader not only about the current state of the energy industry (as perceived by Shell), but most importantly, the role that Shell plays in promoting responsible provision of its services all over the world.

Advertorial 1 featured Takefumi Suzuki, a fresh noodle supplier in Japan, informing people about the benefits of natural gas to keep his business operations "running smoothly." Advertorial 2 features schoolteacher Susann Schwank from Germany, whose testimonial described Shell's role in transforming her community from being an "industrial site" to being the "world's largest solar power station." Lastly, Advertorial 3 showed Iraqi Zaha Hadid, a scientist who was portrayed as having an essential role in rehabilitating her country, wherein energy provision is one of the main tasks.

These advertorials were shown to three people (A, B and C), with each person reading one kind of advertorial. As explicated earlier, A, B and C. tied Shell's use of advertorials as a way of "reaching out" and appealing to TIME's audience. A, who was assigned Advertorial 1, pointed out Shell's attempt at "universality," trying to include an Asia Pacific country like Japan in promoting its CSR-centric program. C echoed A's sentiment, and opined that Advertorial 3, though it featured an Iraqi scientist, is obviously a strategy employed by Shell to "sell its role as one of the champions that will help rebuild Iraq." C. added that he considered the Shell advertorial as skillfully created, although it falls short of really telling the people about the importance of the company, how it is different from other oil companies, especially when there are so many oil companies such as Shell who are known only for its ultimate objective, which is to profit tremendously from supplying oil and natural gas to manufacturers, companies, and individuals/consumers. Evidently, the Shell advertorials, though highly informative and skillfully created, is still vulnerable and open to scrutiny especially to people who are knowledgeable about the kind of business the company engages in, as well as its image and reputation to its consumers.

Environmental Themes
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Environmental Themes in Grapes of rath

This essay reviews environmental themes from the following five books: Dust Bowl by Donald orster, The Grapes of rath by John Steinbeck, Everglades: River of Grass by Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Killing Mr. atson by Peter Matthiessen, and River of Lakes by Bill Belleville. This paper discusses the role that culture has played in environmental issues during the past century. Five sources used. MLA format.

Environmental Themes

Humans from the very beginning of their existence have had an impact, for better or worse, on the environment. Man has for the most part tried to control the environment to suit his needs or tastes of the era. Over-grazing, over hunting, ignoring the importance crop rotations, dam building, and toxic dumping, are but a few of the ways man tries to control. Few societies have ever considered any of the above when it comes to the environment.…

Works Cited

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Press. 2001.

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Pineapple Press. 50th Anniversary Edition. 1997.

Interpretation Analysis Evaluation of a Poem
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Idyllic, Idolizing, Late Victorian Tears

The poem by the Victorian poet laureate Alfred Lord Tennyson entitled "Tears, idle tears," has the unfortunate status of having its become such a common phrase in modern parlance, that the reader finds him or herself bracing his or her ear for more and more cliches as the poem progresses. In other words, one hears that tears are idle so often, one can easily forget, not only that Tennyson said, "I know not what they mean," but that the poem attempts to express the seriousness of futility of grief, or outward displays of affection by calling tears idle, in that they do no real work in the world. The use of 'idle' in multiple variances of meaning, from impractical and lazy, to idyllic, to idolizing is in fact quite profound and sophisticated, yielding a poem with a compact linguistic and stylistic structure.

It is also…

Works Cited

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Tears Idle Tears." Poetry Page. 2004.

Restoration of Central Park Reservoir
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Stated examples include: "cessation of mining or farming or causes of erosion, restricting livestock from riparian areas, removing toxic materials from soil or sediments, and eradicating invasive exotic species; (4) restoration of processes/disturbance cycles and this involves restoration of important ecological processes including natural flooding or fire regimes so that natural integrity is restored; (5) rehabilitation of substrates which may be any type of activity focused on repairing soil texture or chemistry that has been altered or the restoration of hydrological regimes or the quality of water; (6) vegetation restoration which may include direct revegetation of a site and generally with species that are native to the local conditions of the environment. This involves collection of seeds or cuttings from various sources in the local region; (7) Maintenance and monitoring the restoration site across time is required to ensure that objectives are being met. Observation assists in knowing when something…


Ecological Restoration Option (2014) Humboldt State University. Retrieved from: 

The Croton Waterworks (2014) Retrieved from: 

Vaughn, K.J., Porensky, L.M., Wilkerson, M.L., Balachowski, J., Peffer, E., Riginos, C. & Young, T.P. (2010) Restoration Ecology. Nature Education Knowledge 3(10):66. Retrieved from:

Whole Foods Market Strategic Review
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Strategic eview

Whole Foods Market is one of the top retail stores dealing with organic and natural foods in the United States. The company operates and owns a chain of organic and natural foods supermarkets across the United States and Canada. In essence, the company has been able to reach large number of customer by operating through several subsidiaries, and Whole Foods is the first company in the United States to be awarded the first "Certified Organic" grocer. Whole Foods Market was incorporated in 1978 and started the organic and natural foods business in 1980. Within the last 35 years of its operations, the company has become the largest retailer in the organic and natural foods. The success that the company has enjoyed over the years makes the Whole Foods and ABC Company considering integrating their business portfolios.

Objective of this report is to provide a top-notch advice to the…


Annual Report (2013). Whole Foods 2013 Annual Report. USA

Morning Star (2014). Whole Foods Financial Ratios. USA.

Pevsner Book Visual Planning and
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An Outline of European Architecture is a standard, general text in the history of Western buildings and is an outstanding example of Pevsner's ability to synthesize the general - the totality of the Western architectural experience - with the specific - an exploration of how specific techniques and materials combine to make each building a unique entity within several larger ordering systems. His work on Modern Design (also in Pioneers of Modern Design) shows his avowed interest for what were then the buildings of the contemporary vanguard. He has been criticized for his once-held view that the generation of ultra-modern architects who thrived during his study - Le Corbusier, the designers at the Bauhaus, etc. - were the logical "end point" to the evolution of short that "Modern" architecture was almost the last possible word in building design. The thesis remains fascinating.

Major, individual volumes aside, Pevsner's name will…


Nikolaus Pevsner, ed. Matthew Aitchison. Visual Planning and the Picturesque (Getty Research Institute, 2010)

AAA the Getty Museum Store. Visual Planning and the Picturesque. The J. Paul Getty Trust. Web. 25 March 2011.

Dr Ute Engel, 'The Formation of Pevsner's art history: Nikolaus Pevsner in Germany 1902-33', paper delivered at centenary conference 'Reassessing Nikolaus Pevsner', Birkbeck College, 12-13/7/2002 and subsequently published in ed. P. Draper, Reassessing Nikolaus Pevsner (Ashgate, 2004).

Sir Nikolaus Pevsner Biography - ( 1902 -- 83 ), Pioneers of Modern Design, an Outline of European Architecture, the Buildings of England

No Child Left Behind it
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oreover, the legislation contains loopholes that exempt some states from complying in some ways and it allows for some practices that distort the test results in some situations. These loopholes and exceptions are themselves impediments to any good science that might come from the testing regimes required (cDermott & Jensen, 2005).

The authors of "Dubious Sovereignty" describe yet another of NCLB's contradictions. The proponents of the law say it protects individual students rights by enforcing a uniform standard for a high quality education across the country. However, the legislation allows the individual states to set up their own standards and create their own tests, and therefore there is not a true uniform standard nationwide (cDermott & Jensen, 2005).

Camille . ayers's article "Public Law 107-110 No Child Left Behind Act of 2001: Support or Threat to Education as a Fundamental Right?" examines how the law impacts the populations it was…

McDermott and Jensen point out another contradiction in NCLB. The law requires that states and localities enact policies and build curricula based on the evidence of scientific research. While it is a good idea to do so, the legislation itself is not based on any science, nor does it offer any body of good scientific literature to schools and teachers, nor guidelines for selection the kind of good science to use for this purpose. Moreover, the legislation contains loopholes that exempt some states from complying in some ways and it allows for some practices that distort the test results in some situations. These loopholes and exceptions are themselves impediments to any good science that might come from the testing regimes required (McDermott & Jensen, 2005).

The authors of "Dubious Sovereignty" describe yet another of NCLB's contradictions. The proponents of the law say it protects individual students rights by enforcing a uniform standard for a high quality education across the country. However, the legislation allows the individual states to set up their own standards and create their own tests, and therefore there is not a true uniform standard nationwide (McDermott & Jensen, 2005).

Camille M. Mayers's article "Public Law 107-110 No Child Left Behind Act of 2001: Support or Threat to Education as a Fundamental Right?" examines how the law impacts the populations it was designed to help. Mayer's view of the law is negative. She demonstrates how some states use various methods to discount the test scores of subgroups whose scores can hurt the school's ratings, even though those groups are the supposed beneficiaries of NCLB. The author illustrates how the standardized test required of the law can pose difficulties to students who come from backgrounds where formal English is not spoken or accessed regularly. Still, such students are the ones lagging in achievement. Mayer's research points out that poverty is the greatest factor undermining student success, but NCLB doesn't address that underlining issue.

Nutritional Analysis Food Analysis Week
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However, fruit juices, consumed in moderation, can be a healthy addition to a diet, as long as they are not consumed in lieu of actually eating any whole fruits.


My nutritional analysis revealed that I am not eating a balanced diet. I am consuming too much protein and too little fiber, issues that plague the diets of many Americans. To remedy these problems, I need to increase my intake of fruits, vegetables, and grain products, while reducing my intake of meat products. In addition, because my intake of milk products was also low, I need to look at how to increase my milk intake without increasing protein intake.

Here is the food displayed for jjohn90 on 9/10/2008

Select your serving sizes and specify how many servings you consumed for each. When you are done, click Save & Analyze to save your food entry information and to analyze your food…

Sizes Are Faced With Many
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In the context of higher education, then, redefining mission statements to reflect this wide range of influences requires a balancing act between the interests of all of the stakeholders involved. This not a static, one-time analysis, either, but requires constant reevaluation to ensure that the educational institution is delivering the type of graduates with the skill set needed in the 21st century workplace. For instance, Berg et al. (2008) emphasize that, "It is out of the complex set of alignments as well as realignments in response to changing conditions, that institutional missions are created and, when necessary, transformed. For example, the goals of the external stakeholders and those of the institution must constantly be realigned" (p. 44).

Properly developed in this fashion, some proponents of mission statements maintain that the payoff is worth the effort. According to Bartkus, Glassman and McAffee, "The aim [of the mission statement] is to…


Abdullah, Z., Samah, S.A., Jusoff, K. & Isa, P.M. (2009, February). Succession planning in Malaysian institution of higher education. International Education Studies, 2(1), 129-

Bardo, J.W. (2009, Spring). The impact of the changing climate for accreditation on the individual college or university: Five trends and their implications. New Directions for Higher Education, 145, 47-59.

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Bartkus, M.G. & McAfee, R.B. (2008, November/December). Mission statements: Are they smoke and mirrors? Business Horizons, 24-30.

Globalization Has Changed the Face
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Ironically, only 1% of the world's fresh water is readily accessible for direct human use. Translated into something we can understand readily: one American taking a 5-minute shower uses more water than the typical person living in a developing country slum uses in an entire day -- and most Americans take far longer than 5-minute showers. This is a crisis that must be addressed, if it is not, over the next two decades the average supply of water per person will drop by over 30%, condemning millions of people and animals to death (Atlas of a Thirsty Planet).

This assignment opened my eyes to a new way of looking at food -- I will be unable to go into a grocery store and look at rows and rows of perfect fruits and vegetables; knowing that half are thrown out while people starve. In the same manner, knowing that each American…

Works Cited

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Local Harvest. "Family Farms." March 2009. May 2012. .

Neural Network
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Artificial Intelligence

hat is AI?

Future of AI

The Expert System

hat is an Expert System?

Three Major Components of an Expert System

Structure of an Expert System

Neural network

Fuzzy Logic

Chaos Engineering

Field and Benefit

Debate on Comparison

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Expert System Defined

Consulting applies a knowledge-based system to commercial loan officers using multimedia (Hedburg 121). Their system requires a fast IBM desktop computer. Other systems may require even more horsepower by using exotic computers or workstations. The software used is even more exotic. Considering there are very few applications that are pre-written using AI, each company has to write it's own software to determine the solution to their specific problem.

An easier way around this obstacle is to design an add-on. The company Fuziare has developed several applications which act as additions to larger applications. FuziCalc, FuziQuote, FuziCell, FuziChoice, and FuziCost are all products…

Works Cited

Barron, Janet J. "Putting Fuzzy Logic into Focus." Byte April (1993): 111-118.

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Bylinsky, Gene. "Computers That Learn By Doing." Fortune 6 Sep. 1993: 96-102.

Liebowitz, Jay. "Roll Your Own Hybrids." Byte July (1993): 113-115.

Technology and Privacy Advancements in
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Based on this information, supermarkets can highlight certain areas of their floor space over others. The supermarkets can thus charge higher prices for the more premium spaces, giving suppliers a choice of where to park their products.

This practice is a win situation for supermarkets, allowing them to meet their duties to their stockholders and their employees. In fact, any increased earnings from the premium display places can be passed on to customers in the form of savings as well. Thus, it can be argued that the use of premium display areas can allow a supermarket to cater more efficiently to the needs of its customers, as well as its employees.

It is important to note that the use of premium space does not deny customers one of their most important rights in a supermarket - the right to make an informed choice. This paper has argued that given the…

Improving Human Resource Management at Great Northern
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Improving Human esource Management at Great Northern America

Because all organizations are comprised of people, there will always be human resource issues involved and the manner in which these issues are resolved can spell the difference between organizational success and failure. This was the situation facing Joe Salatino, president of Great Northern America as he sought to formulate timely and responsive solutions to his company's human resource problems in order to save his company and achieve a competitive advantage in the future. To gain some fresh insights concerning how the president of this company could approach these problems, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature to explain why employees need to understand the importance of how people form perceptions and make attributions, an evaluation of the applicability of social learning theory to the circumstances, followed by an examination of ways that the president could use social learning theory…


Bandura, A. (1986). Social foundations of thought and action: A social cognitive theory.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

Demirbas, M. & Yagbasan, R. (2006, May). An evaluative study of social learning theory-based scientific attitudes on academic success, gender and socio-economical level. Kuram ve

Uygulamada Egitim Bilimleri, 6(2), 37-39.

Health Care Staffing Agency
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Health Staff

the Allied health care staffing agency is a staffing agency that focuses on the niche of the nursing jobs within the healthcare industry in Chicago

The Allied healthcare staffing agency works to recruit registered nurses belonging to all medical Specialties, Practical Nurses that are licensed also called LPNs, Nursing Assistants that are certified also called CNAs and Specialists from the allied health sciences. These professionals would be hired both from the area of the metro city as well as the suburbs and placed within the hospitals, the neighborhood medical centers, Adult care facilities, clinics, and rehabilitation centers.

The mission of the Allied Healthcare Staffing Agency is to provide the best opportunities of employment both to its collaborators which are the local healthcare organizations as well as serving the entire nursing community to provide amply amount of job opportunities to choose from in a time when the turnover of…

Works Cited

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Eastern Religion and American Pop Culture
Words: 2447 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20116398
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Eastern eligion, Eastern Mysticism, And Magic

Influence the Pop Culture in America

Eastern religion" - also alluded to in this paper as "Eastern Mysticism" and "mysticism" - and the occult, along with magic and its many off-shoots have had a considerable influence on American Pop Culture over the past few decades. Movies, books, music - all have been touched and enhanced by mysticism and its cousins. So, when referring to "Eastern religion," this paper is generally alluding to the ancient religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, and other spiritual genres.

It is also important to be clear on what "occult" truly means; it is a word that comes from the Latin occultus, meaning, literally, "hidden" or "concealed" (Merriam-Webster defines occult as "to shut off from view or exposure"). "Occult" has been equated with Satan, witchcraft, vampires, and other unseemly topics related to death and blood-letting. For this paper's purpose, the occult will…


Arnold, Thomas K. "Azkaban audiences do a vanishing act." USA Today 15 June

Bowles, Scott. "Cruise shows clout again with 'Collateral'." USA Today

Davy, Emma. "Harry Potter's Magic: Physics or Fiddlesticks?" Current Science 86

2000): 8-10.

Iced Tea Marketing in the
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Traditional manufacturing industries are at a loss due to the trade deficit and many setbacks the whole nation has faced. Consumers are very dependent on debt due to re-mortgaging the properties to attain higher loans. Due to the sub-prime market fall, the services sector is likely to suffer a lot. A significant amount of people are without pensions or health insurance. The housing and mortgage markets are still in crisis. Consumers are paying more for the basic necessities such as food, fuel, medical care, college tuition etc. (Hunkar, D. 2009).

To recap, the number one market for Shin Shii tea outside Taiwan would be the United States. Certainly, it can be argued that possibility is there. This would be the best indication that the company should definitely choose a global approach to marketing, rather than localization. The U.S. is also the safest market to start. In addition, due to globalization,…


Chandon, P. & Wansink, B. (2002). When are stockpiled products consumed faster? a

convenience-salience framework of postpurchase consumption incidence and quantity. Journal of Marketing Research. 39 (1), 321-335.

CIA. (2010). CIA World Factbook: United States. Available: . Last accessed 3rd Mar 2011.

Tribe Called Quest Biographer John
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A Tribe Called Quest has performed live at a number of large music festivals including Bumbershoot and Lollapalooza. These big name, big draw venues allowed A Tribe Called Quest to project their sounds to the masses, enlightening large numbers of listeners to the transformative potential of hip-hop. As gangsta and other predictable forms of rap increasingly dominated the industry, A Tribe Called Quest was keeping things real. Their commercial success also depended on their high visibility in terms of live performances and music videos. The videos of A Tribe Called Quest parallel the content of their lyrics, and depict African-American street culture especially on the east coast.

A Tribe Called Quest drew upon the groundwork set by De La Soul in fusing jazz musical elements, instrumentation, and samples into hip-hop. In fact, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and the Jungle Brothers were schoolmates and formed a successful musical…

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Brady Makes Are Based on Her Personal
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Brady makes are based on her personal and professional needs, a few of the arguments Brady makes in her desire to have a wife seem to be from the heart. She wants a wife who will "sympathize with my pain" -- that seems from the heart -- and she also wants a wife to help pay for her schooling so she can not only become independent but also "support those dependent upon me." This shows she isn't just thinking about herself in a selfish sense.

The desire Brady has to help her children in several ways shows her character and her values; she wants them to eat properly, she wants them to have "an adequate social life with their peers," she feels it is important that her children go to the zoo, to the park, and because she will be going to school she won't have time to do the…

Leadership vs Management Based on
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At nnocent right from onset, they have embraced customer feedback as a tool to drive its product, brand values and strategic direction. They have engaged the services of the customers in brand naming through an easy and interactive channel of communication to take their advices in every activity of the company in order to stay abreast with the ever changing customer tastes and preferences. This long-term perspective is a characteristic of leadership style as compared to a manager whose goals are short-term and works towards achieving short-term goal with unclear vision into the future.

Managers have always relied on control to handle their duties whereas leaders inspire trust on people. At innocent the employees are empowered and they have embraced the culture of creativity, the employees feel involved in every aspect of the company's decision making hence a sense of company-wide commitment to success. The company has monthly and weekly…

In conclusion as Richard Reed, Jon Wright and Adam Balon the founders of Innocent puts it, certain principles might have worked for them which does not necessarily mean they can work the same way when replicated into a different business. Management characteristics can still be beneficial and can be blended with leadership for the success of an organization.


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New Trucking Hours of Service
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Off-duty time does not extend the 14-hour period.

15-Hour on-Duty Limit

May not drive after having been on duty for 15 hours, following 8 consecutive hours off duty. Off-duty time is not included in the 15-hour period.

60/70-Hour on-Duty Limit

May not drive after 60/70 hours on duty in 7/8 consecutive days. A driver may restart a 7/8 consecutive day period after taking 34 or more consecutive hours off duty.

60/70-Hour on-Duty Limit

May not drive after 60/70 hours on duty in 7/8 consecutive days.

Sleeper Berth Provision

Drivers using the sleeper berth provision must take at least 8 consecutive hours in the sleeper berth, plus a separate 2 consecutive hours either in the sleeper berth, off duty, or any combination of the two.

Sleeper Berth Provision

Drivers using a sleeper berth must take at least 8 hours in the sleeper berth, and may split the sleeper-berth time into two…


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Hardship Letter - Nutritional Analysis
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Subject should also increase fat intake to better balance his diet.

Subject's fiber consumption was so far in excess of DV that negative digestive consequences cannot be ruled out.

Salt intake was more than the DV, but could be easily corrected with some minor dietary changes.

The Food Standards Agency has developed the Eat Well Plate as an easy to follow nutritional guideline.

The Eat Well Plate is a visual display and quick reference for consumers to better balance their diets in compliance with the DV's. Analysis revealed a shortfall in fruits and vegetables as well as bread, rice and pasta - the two largest sections of the plate. Subjects fat consumptions were well below the DV's, but per the Eat Well Plate are the smallest category recommended.

ecommendations for Subject's improved nutritional balance would include increased caloric intake, weighted heavily in the fruits and vegetables, breads, rice and pasta…


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Intuit's New CEO Steve Bennett in Many
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Intuit's New CEO: Steve Bennett

In many ways, Intuit was a classic entrepreneurial success story. Seventeen years after its founding, the company reached $1 billion in sales, was solidly profitable, and its stock price was 40 times FY 2000 earnings. Evaluate the state of Intuit's development prior to Bennett's arrival in early 2000 using the frameworks described in Models of Organizational Growth and Evolution (stages of organizational growth; pyramid of organizational development, the eight hurdles model). What hurdles have they successfully cleared? Where have they stumbled?

Evaluation of the state of Intuit prior to the arrival of Steve Bennett can be in the form of the organizational development and evolution models. This would determine the level or degree of success in relation to the strategies and objectives of the company. The first model to apply in the examination of the situation of Intuit within the economy is the stages of…


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Balanced Scorecard Approach Typically Focuses on the
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Balanced scorecard approach typically focuses on the organization finding links and balances between its mission and vision and four perspectives -- the financial, learning & growth, internal operations and customer (Kaplan & Norton, 2013). This approach is contrasted with a modified version that was used in the construction of Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 (Basu, Little & Millard, 2009).

The Heathrow Terminal 5 project began with a number of objectives relating to getting the terminal opened on time and on budget. These included setting new standards in delighting the traveler; develop and deliver new standards of health, safety and security; earn proactive support and trust of key stakeholders; achieve exceptional performance to ensure value for money and to leave behind a legacy of quality (Basu, Little and Millard, 2009). As a mission statement, it really does not have a sense of focus to help those working on the project, but it…

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Dell Inc
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Dell Inc.

The head office of Dell is at Austin, Texas at the same place where the company was based. Dell Americas is also located in Texas, which is the regional business unit for the United States, Canada and Latin America. The regional headquarters offices of the company are in England, for Europe Middle East and Africa; in Singapore catering to Asia-Pacific; and in Kawasaki, Japan, to serve the market for Japan. The production unit for the manufacture of computers is located in Texas, Tennessee, Brazil, Ireland, Malaysia, and China. Dell Computer Corporation sells products and services meant for Information Technology and the Internet backbone. The proceeds of the company for the previous four quarters were $31.2 billion. (Stories of Entrepreneurs: Michael Dell)

Dell's product, pricing, distribution, and promotion strategies


The Dell product line-up of high performance computer systems comprises of PowerEdge servers, PowerApp server applications, PowerVault storage products,…


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Positive Influence Using Disc in
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This is again an illustration of how awareness of types and subtypes can prove useful.

Steady types are introverts who seek stability and show intense organizational loyalty. They are the backbone of many work teams and workplaces, enforcing rules and mutual respect through a good personal example. However, this can put them at odds with the more daring dominant types, although steady types like to follow a leader. Some steady subtypes, like 'the relater' are more driven to seek personal stability, which can cause them to ignore an organization's need for change along with steady 'harmonizer types' who also seek to minimize conflict. Having too many relators and harmonizers on a team that needs to foster change and overcome change resistance may be problematic. However, other steady type subtypes like 'the specialist' who seeks to know more about his or her organizational role and 'the go-getter' who seeks "a steady…


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