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Funeral Home Essays (Examples)

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Funeral Service Issue and to Some Aspect Dealing With Legality
Words: 1224 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35132507
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Funeral Services

Arranging a funeral is one of the most difficult things a human being will ever have to do. Aside from all the personal issues which are clearly at stake, there are also certain legal issues and state requirements that one also needs to be able to pay attention to. For instance, the Funeral Rule, which is administered by the FC means that when arranging a funeral, one only needs to select goods and services that are specifically desired, and that one should only pay for the ones that are specifically selected. his is a type of rule which was selected which makes it possible for people to choose the specific funeral arrangements and the particular funeral home that one wants to use. Legal issues and rules like these are important as they represent a form of necessary regulation. When a person is planning a funeral, it's too easy…

This article examines some of the standards proposed in order to enact a more thorough standard of infectious diseases for the protection and prevention of workers in funeral homes. This article explores some of the topics which were covered during a stakeholders meeting which was more of a brainstorming session to determine the potential infectious disease program standards. This article examines the procedures that are enacted to protect workers along with the processes to safeguard against and identify infectious agents, along with the measures in place for medical screening, surveillance and vaccination. (2011, September 29). Nfda calls on federal government to do formaldehyde research. Retrieved from 

This article looks at the measures in place on current formaldehyde research along with all additional measures which are necessary for protecting funeral home workers against this known carcinogen. This article looks at how the NFDA acknowledges that formaldehyde has such aggravated carcinogenic properties and how the government has a greater responsibility to protect workers and consumers against it.

Funeral Services
Words: 388 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65363005
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wrongs do not make a right." By Shun Newbern

The writer presents the reader with situations that can come up in the funeral profession which may end up in utter disappointment of the clients or even worse still end up in the court system with heavy penalties passed down to the funeral home. Unfortunately most of the situations that he presents are unforeseeable hence unplanned for in terms of remedies put in place, a situation that puts the funeral home or the professional responsible for the decedent in a precarious situation.

However, the article falls short of explicitly fronting the recommended remedies that were supposed to have been used in the situations presented in order to have had a pleasant ending. For instance in the first case of the strong odor emanating from the casket during viewing, he gives the remedies that were used by the funeral home to try…


Shun Newbern, (2012). Two Wrongs Do not make a Right. Viewpoint: American Funeral Director

National Funeral Director's Association Which Has 20 000
Words: 1386 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4864699
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National Funeral Director's Association, which has 20,000 members out of the roughly 22,000 Funeral homes in United States, they do not have even the facilities to provide additional facilities for the Americans with Disabilities under an act. Some of these 22,000 homes are the property of publicly traded funeral service companies and they constitute some 15% of the total. The vast portion of these companies is small businesses which have existed for a long time, and have come to the present directors through a process of inheritance over a long period. In some cases, the passing on has even been to employees from the owners. That is also the reason why many of these homes operate out of the residences of the former homes of the original owners and some of them are today even historical buildings. Most of these funeral homes had begun in houses which were the residences…


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Business Plan Funeral Services Business
Words: 1140 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 96989024
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One tactic which has made the John Doe group unique in the industry is its recognition of the importance of community in the viability of individual enterprises. Its damaged relationship with the communities in which it has sought to operate can be rectified by aspects of its model which are already in place. Though the company operates thousands of funeral service establishments from a centralized point of authority, its acquisition strategy incorporates the families who have owned and operated the newly purchased assets into the business plan. As a result, John Doe's holdings are hybrid entities, armed with the resources of a large parent company but endowed with the close community relationship of an independent business. Taking advantage of this model should be central to the company's overall reversal of its negative public image. This will demand that the new core of central leadership make an effort to increase…

Freedom Speech Guarantees Freedom Extend Disturbing Funeral
Words: 1275 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72756779
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Freedom speech guarantees freedom extend disturbing funeral (Armed Forces funerals) support claim, acknowledge claim opponent, find common ground .

There is presently much controversy regarding the concept of freedom of speech and the fact that people are often denied the right to speak when they want to express themselves. Even with this, there are a series of situations when one's right to express his or her position needs to be denied on the basis of common sense. It would surely be absurd to claim that freedom of speech should not be present in every setting regardless of circumstances. However, people should carefully analyze a situation and decide whether or not it would be right for them to speak in a particular environment. Freedom of speech is in some cases rendered ineffective because of a series of reasons that make it possible for individuals to understand that it is more important…

Works cited:

Brouwer, D.l C. And Hess, A. "Making Sense of 'God Hates Fags' and 'Thank God for 9/11': A Thematic Analysis of Milbloggers' Responses to Reverend Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church," Western Journal of Communication 71.1 (2007)

Conery, B. "Supreme Court upholds protests at military funerals as free speech," Retrieved February 12, 2012, from the Washington Times Website: 

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Liptak, A. "Justices Rule for Protesters at Military Funerals," Retrieved February 12, 2012, from the NY Times Website: /2011/03/03/us/03scotus.html?pagewanted=all

Night Funeral in Harlem Fact
Words: 1157 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 12727128
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Night funeral in Harlem: When the funeral was completely over and the boy's coffin was carried out to the hears, which drove too fast down the street, the streetlight even seemed like it was crying for the boy. He was well-loved by everyone, and their love made the funeral magnificent, even if things looked more poor.

Connotation: The meaning behind the literal sense of the poem seems to be that despite what hardships, disadvantages, and unfairness, human relationships are the really important things that make us rich. The words that Hughes uses juxtaposes symbols of money, greed, and death with love, friendship, and life -- insurance men with satin boxes, flowers and the greedy preacher man, etc. This implies that many people just don't understand what's really important.

Devices: As stated above, the rhyme and meter of the poem enhance the poem's varying meanings. In addition, the use of repetition…

Marketing Plan for a Home-Based Desktop Publishing Business
Words: 1574 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 17920196
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Marketing Strategy for KitKat Desktop Publishing

Creating an independent desktop publishing business from one's home is indeed an exhilarating prospect. Entrepreneurship offers one a career of truly boundless possibilities and the intoxicating freedom of being one's own boss. However, such a path is not without challenges; there are the regulatory and compliance issues, financial issues, start-up capital needed to be gathered, evaluation of technology systems, and marketing (Schulaka, 2009). When it comes to the last challenge, marketing, this truly is an aspect which can make or break a business, particularly a nascent business and one which is small and developing. "Marketing and entrepreneurship are traditionally regarded as two separate academic disciplines" (Hills et al., 2008). However, such a perspective is inherently flawed. Strategic marketing in necessary for a small business to exist, survive and thrive, particularly for a small, home-based business. The best marketing strategy for such a specific type…


Esales. (n.d.). 7 Key Benefits to Blog Marketing for Your Business. Retrieved from (2012, August 3). The 6 Basic Components Of A Strong SEO Strategy For Online Retailers. Retrieved from 

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Kumar, A. (2011, December 19). Five Effective SEO Strategies to Optimize Your Business Blog. Retrieved from

Death Is a Reality All Human Beings
Words: 680 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92650675
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Death is a reality all human beings face. The industry of death care is therefore in the dubiously fortunate position of always being in business. This does not however mean that marketing and public relations are not important. Because of the rising demand for services, the funeral industry has become extremely competitive. This, along with the fact that death and grief should be handled with extreme sensitivity and care, makes public relations a very important part of the funeral home's business.

A further important point regarding the death industry is social, value- and economic change. A funeral home should remain aware of the latest changes in all social areas, and be willing to accommodate their customers with regard to their personal preferences. In society today for example many people prefer to be cremated for a variety of practical as well as spiritual reasons. Funeral businesses should therefore be aware of…


Blair, Gavin. (2003, April). Buzzing on brands: never has image made so much difference in business. In Japan, Inc., Japan, Inc. Communications. Database:

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Weak Dollar Encourages Exports While a Strong
Words: 832 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94863234
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weak dollar encourages exports, while a strong dollar encourages foreign imports into the United States. The explanation in this case is rather simple. Imports need to be paid in the currency of the country wherefrom they have originated. This means that the American importer needs to purchase the foreign currency in order to pay the import. If the dollar is strong, then the fixed amount of foreign currency that needs to be purchased for the imports can be purchased with less American dollars, in the sense that less American currency needs to be exchanged to reach the fixed import sum.

A practical case refers to an import from the European Union. A strong dollar favors a cheaper import. On the other hand, a weak dollar favors exports from the U.S., because the American producers need to pay comparatively less than their counterparts and their products are internationally sold against stronger…

Components We Need to Analyze and Discuss
Words: 877 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39252782
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components we need to analyze and discuss here. First of all, there is the compensative/remunerative component. enefits and compensations represent a way of increasing personal revenue and partially represent the compensation for a cost of opportunity. For example, in some cases, compensations are paid for extra hours spent at work. These are a way to remunerate the time you have spent working for the company, time you could have used to produce the same amount of money otherwise.

As an individual, however, the reward component is even more important in the case of compensations and benefits. It is the most practical way by which the upper management can show an employee that the work he or she is performing within the company is important and boosts overall profits for the entire company. It is also a way to show how important the role of the respective employee is within the…


1. HR Guide to the Internet. 1998. On the Internet at 

HR Guide to the Internet. 1998. On the Internet at

Creoles Professionals Involved in Therapy and Counseling
Words: 4095 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 95784591
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Professionals involved in therapy and counseling with members of the Creole culture of New Orleans and southern Louisiana should be aware of the history and traditions of this group that make it distinctive from all others in the United States, and indeed from the French-speaking Cajun communities in the same region. In Louisiana, Creoles are not simply the white descendants of the early French and Spanish colonists, although in the post-Civil War era of Jim Crow there was a major attempt to redefine them as 100% white. This was never the case in history since they are a mixed-race people descended from Europeans, Native Americans and African slaves during the 18th Century and occupied a special caste in pre-Civil War Louisiana. They spoke their own language known as Creole French, as do tens of thousands of their descendants today, and in appearance have often been able to 'pass' as…


Ancelet, B.J. (1994). Cajun and Creole Folk Tales: The French Oral Tradition of South Louisiana. Garland Publsihing, Inc.

Dass-Bailsford, P. (2010). "Ignore the Dead: We Want the Living" in Dass-Brailsford, P., ed. Crisis and Disaster Counseling: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina and Other Disasters. SAGE Publications.

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Dormon, J.H. (1996). "Ethnicity and Identity: Creoles of Color in Twentieth-Century South Louisiana" in Dormon, J.H. Creoles of Color in the Gulf South. University of Tennessee Press, pp. 166-86.

Exchange Relationship Marketing Products and
Words: 642 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 20167609
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In both the case of the dialysis machine sale and the funeral services, a common theme of trust pervades both. These purchasing decisions are completely different than picking out a new car, buying a new iPod, iPad or iPhone, or choosing which new digital camera to buy. These decisions are more driven by how those products contribute to our own sense of who we are and provide us a measure of freedom in defining ourselves while providing enjoyment. All powerful brands, with Apple being one of the most formidable globally, sell not only functionality of their products but the image that goes along with it. This is completely different than choosing a dialysis machine or a funeral home and funeral director. In these instances the uncertainty is far greater, the risk of making a mistake far more intensive, and the level of self-scrutiny is very intense. No one wants to…


Cleary, Paul D., Schlesinger, Mark, & Blumenthal, David. (1991). Factors Affecting the Availability and Use of Hemodialysis Facilities. Health Care Financing Review, 13(2), 49.

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Cremation Serves and Legal Issue
Words: 615 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 72548888
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Legal Issues in Cremation

Annotated Bibliography

The sources listed in this annotated bibliography provide a beginning body of information about the legal issues that emerge when a cremation is not carried out according to the wishes of the family or the deceased. The resources provide information about failed cremation that was due to negligence on the part of the official licensed to provide cremation services.

Two of the research questions are: What are the regulations about licensing and inspections of crematoria in various states? In which states does the law make it crime to negligently dispose of a body?

illigan, T.S. (2013, November 15). Hawaii Adopts NFDA's Model Right of Disposition Law. The Director. National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). Retrieved

This article is useful as it explains the legal problems that can emerge when a state (such as Alaska and Hawaii) do not have a right of disposition law.…

Goldwasser, J.W. (Rabbi (2014). How can a Jewish cemetery permit the burial of cremated ashes on sacred ground?

This is an informative article on cremation under Jewish law. Most traditional authorities forbid the burial of ashes in a Jewish cemetery because it encourages the practice of cremation. Some traditional authorities do allow ashes to be interned because to deny burial would itself be a violation of the command to bury.

[Type text]

Batesville Casket Company -- Case
Words: 1644 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 67165907
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Fortunately, due to a dramatic reduction in the number of manufacturers since the 1950s, Batesville is well-equipped to remain the market leader. They kept pace with industry trends (e.g. In materials and style), and realized that it was necessary to retain loyalty from the Funeral Director side of the house in order to maintain share. Note below that while overall casket sales seem to be declining from the1 1970s, current trends have not fallen below production in the 1960s -- and the potential aging population continues to increase (CFSA, 2008).:

Thus, for Batesville, the idea of combining a ground up approach to a technological problem, and the acumen and patience (not to mention foresight) to utilize object-oriented programming to find a way to streamline distribution and customer service, allows the company a continued standard of excellence. Funeral homes will not tie up funds with back inventory of caskets -- next…


Casket and Funeral Supply Association of America. (2008). Cited in:

Harris, D. (2007). Grave matters: A Journey Through the Modern Funeral Industry. Simon and Schuster.

Martin, E.W. (1992). "Batesville Casket Company." Research on the Management of Information Systems. Kelley School of Business, Indiana University.

Cremation Refers to the Burning
Words: 1309 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87818457
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Colorado is the ninth biggest user of the cremation option. In 1999, 1,513 or 51% of people who died in El Paso County were cremated. This was an increase by 45% in 1995. The city's cemeteries reflected a 20% slowdown in activity with less than 600 expected burials this current year as compared with 684 the previous year. More investments are turning in for the construction of columbariums, vaults for urns and a cremation garden. Experts attributed the rise in cremation to certain factors. Recent national studies on the funeral industry said 24% chose cremation because it is cheaper, even only a fraction of the costs of a traditional earth burial. Nineteen percent of those surveyed preferred it because it saves on the use of land. Catholics have also permitted cremation since the 90s. In memorial gardens and mausoleum, the family of the deceased can plant a tree to remember…


Davies, Douglas J. Cremation. 5 pages. Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying,

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Lutheran, the. Cremation Gaining Acceptance. 2 pages. Evangelical Lutheran Church:

ProQuest Information and Learning Company, 2000

Puppy Saved My Life That
Words: 2602 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 24125442
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The last few times we'd gone out, Jenny had been different, but I'd been too wrapped up in my own problems to notice. She'd been happier, lighter somehow, and her face had a certain happy glow.

She'd been telling me about a new man she had met over the past few months, but I really hadn't paid much attention. I'd met him once, his name was Robert, and he seemed nice enough. I hoped that Jenny would be happy, but happiness was a concept I just couldn't grasp any more.

The wedding was planned in a hurry, because Robert had been offered a job in Indiana with a big company. Jenny didn't want to stay behind, so they decided to marry before they left. I was Jenny's maid-of-honor, but for the life of me, I can't remember anything about the wedding or the reception. I do remember that Jenny was…

Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Words: 2725 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98705335
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Man ho Shot Liberty Valance and the Brilliance of John Ford

John Ford's The Man ho Shot Liberty Valance (1962), a classic western with a few film noir elements included, is elegiac in the sense that its narrative strategy is that of eulogistic remembrance by now-Senator Ransom Stoddard, of horse rancher Tom Doniphan, who once saved Stoddard's life and changed it much for the better, and who was the real man who shot Liberty Valance. According to Robert Horton, "This may be the saddest estern ever made, closer to an elegy than an action movie, and as cleanly beautiful as its central symbol, the cactus rose" ("Editorial Reviews"). Upon Tom Doniphan's death in the small fictional town of Shinbone (state unknown) Ransom and Hallie Stoddard arrive back in town to pay their final respects to Doniphan who sacrificed so much of himself, and so much of his own future happiness,…

Works Cited.

Berardinelli, James. "Dances with Wolves: A Film Review." Top 10 of the 90's.

Retrieved May 28, 2005, from: .

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Paramount, 1962.

Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain by Jessica Mitford
Words: 806 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31328942
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Formaldehyde Curtain paints a picture of an antiseptic departure to the netherworld. Mitford argues that the traditional viewing of the body is strictly an American aberration, concocted by morticians in order to display their morbid artistic talents and to make a buck at the expense of the bereaved. Furthermore, the author implies that American culture promotes denial in the face of death.

Let us begin with the practice of embalming. Mitford begins by asking a rhetorical question "Is all this legal?" That, in and of itself, lets the reader know her bias. The author notes that there are laws in place dealing with processes to which a dead body may be subjected. The signature of the next of kin is needed before an autopsy, or a cremation, or before the body is turned over to a medical school for research purposes. However, "…no law requires embalming, no religious doctrine commends…

Works Cited

Mitford, Jessica. "Behind the Formaldahyde Curtain." The Norton Reader, 12th ed. Linda H. Peterson and John C. Brereton Eds. New York W.W. Norton & Company, 2007, p. 310-316.

Perinatal Loss Support at Time
Words: 5174 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 41031712
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Armstrong's findings additionally relate that due to previous research and the influence of perinatal loss on postpartum depression on partnered relationships. Armstrong states that differences in continued psychological stress between mothers and fathers after a subsequent birth is another area requiring further evaluation. Specifically stated is that it is necessary to evaluate "...the strength of partnered relationships during future childbearing experiences is important to identify any potential influence of the loss on couple, as well as family, outcomes. Understanding possible gender differences may help neonatal nurses and other healthcare providers to recognize couples at risk for discord." (2007)

Neonatal nurses are those who work closely with infants and parents and in the best position to make identification of depression and to pose questions about the individuals symptoms including:

1) mood;

2) appetite;

3) energy or fatigue levels;

4) ability to concentrate; and 5) as well the neonatal nurse is in…


Gold, K.J., Dalton, V.K. And Schwenk, T.L. (2007) Hospital Care for Parents After Perinatal Death. Obstetrics and Gynecology Vol. 109. No. 5 May 2007.

Hughes, P., Turton, P., Hopper, E. And Evans, CDH (2002) Assessment of Guidelines for Good Practice in Psychosocial Care of Mothers After Stillbirth: A Cohort Study. The Lancet 2002;360:114-18.

Alexander, K.V. (2001) the One Thing You Can Never Take Away": Perinatal Bereavement Photographs. The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing Vol. 26(3) May/June 2001. 2001 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc.

Traditional Jewish Law Governed Nearly
Words: 683 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 8939339
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For instance, in Genesis 3:19, it is required that the deceased be buried in a wooden coffin as the verse states, "For dust art thou and to the dust thou shall return," and in Ecclesiastes 5:15 it states in relation to how the deceased should be dressed upon death that, "One leaves the world as one enters the world. Just as newborns are washed and dressed as they enter the world, so too the deceased are cleansed and dressed as they depart." This has been interpreted to mean that the deceased should be swaddled in white linen just as babies are when they are born.

These chevra kadisha practices and many others were in danger of being eliminated from the Jewish death rituals but there is a movement to restore these lost traditions and there is a growing movement among volunteers to restore these practices among practicing Jews. This movement…

Works Cited

Hitchcock, Jennifer. "Leveiya: The process of the Jewish Funeral Service." Verbum (2010): 33-38.

Mintz, Benjamin W. "Religious Approaches to Death and Dying: The Jewish Approach." Jurist (1999): 161-174.

Death Rituals

Oppression Themes of Oppression in
Words: 1265 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 44975252
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There is a sense that nothing changes and that there is no excitement or real purpose in Luis' life, which is what causes him to borrow the car and go for a drive on the night of the story -- a much tamer activity than those he gets up to with his gang. This shows that Luis is already beginning to find his path to liberation from his oppression; he no longer depends on the attitudes and admiration of his gang to have a sense of himself. His connection with Naomi and his self-directed purpose that come at the end of the story, especially following his outpouring of grief, signal his growing freedom.

The arc of oppression and liberation is not so clear in Lahiri's "Heaven-Hell." The oppression most definitely exists, but is lurks underneath the surface of what appears to be a moderately happy life for both the narrator…

Jews and Jewish Religion Judaism Is One
Words: 1852 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1040417
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Jews and Jewish eligion

Judaism is one of the revealed religions of the world and like Islam and Christianity; this religion also endorses the concept of monotheism. Being one of the oldest monotheist religions, Judaism has a long history but throughout this history, its basic beliefs, traditions, sacred texts and rituals have remained more or less the same.

Monotheism in Judaism

Like Christianity and Islam, Judaism is one of the most well-known monotheist religions. Monotheistic means believing in one God. Unlike some other religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, Jewish religion believes in the existence of one single God who is the source of all power in the world. In Torah, God says: "I am the first, and I am the last; and besides me there is no God." (Isaiah 44:6)

Jewish people tend to believe that there is one Supreme Being that controls the whole world and our destinies. Over…


1) Isaac Unterman. The Jewish Holidays. Bloch Pub Co. New York. 1950

2) Jewish rituals: accessed online:

3) Leo Trepp, A History of the Jewish Experience, Springfield, NJ: Behram House,. Inc., 2001

School Response to Student Suicide
Words: 3279 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76774418
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School esponse to Student Suicide: Postvention

The emotional impact on family and friends following an adolescent suicide - and the school's response to a suicide - has not been the subject of the same level of intense research as have: a) the causes of suicides; and b) programs to prevent suicides. However, there is now an emerging body of solid research on what protocol a school can put into place, to be more prepared in the unfortunate circumstance of a teen suicide. Indeed, on the subject of tragedy, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, many schools and communities re-tooled their crisis/response plans for dealing with such threats. And yet, in many ways, the sudden, inexplicable death of a student can cause serious psychological ramifications to fellow students on a part with the shockwaves following an attack by terrorists. And hence, this paper analyzes literature that…


American Association of Suicidology (2003). Remembering Our Children:

Parents of Suicides, A Memorial to Our Precious Sons & Daughters. 

Bratter, Thomas Edward (2003). Surviving Suicide: Treatment Challenges for Gifted, Angry, Drug Dependent Adolescents. International Journal of Reality

Therapy, XXII, 32-36.

Sex Gender
Words: 1679 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55696312
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Sex and Gender

Six Feet Under is unique among American television shows in its depiction of sex and gender. Because it is an HBO cable series, the writers are offered considerable leeway in the use of partial nudity and coarse language. Ironically, however, Alan Ball, the writer/executive producer/creator of Six Feet Under, keeps the show relatively free of gender bias or stereotypes. Moreover, depictions of sexuality in the series are realistic and tasteful, not nearly as sensationalized as they are often shown on network television. Episode 13, entitled "Knock, Knock" aired November 16, 2003. This episode is particularly revealing in demonstrating that Alan Ball's critically acclaimed show Six Feet Under quite accurately reflects the mores, folkways, and values in American culture, including those that have to do with sexuality and gender. hile most shows on network television do drive American culture by imparting a sense of consumer-based identity on male…

Works Cited

Knock, Knock." Episode 13 of Six Feet Under. Written, Directed, and Produced by Alan Ball.

Deaf Community and Its Need
Words: 3490 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23751505
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Equally destructive is the attitude that communicating with the Deaf person may involve more time and effort than one wishes to expend" (Zieziula, 1998, p. 193).

Moreover, and perhaps one of the most important challenges related to this issue, a large percentage of deaf individuals do not trust the hearing society. "Historically, the dominant hearing culture has relegated deaf people to social categories such as "handicapped" and "outsider." The history of oppression and exclusion of the deaf community -- although with important variations depending on the countries -- and the ignorance and rejection of the natural and preferred means of communication of many of them is a well-known and many times denounced phenomenon," (Munoz-Baell & uiz, 1999, p. 1).

Finally, there is a real deficiency of information in Deaf culture regarding hospice and its related services. Finding appropriate facilities can be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

The program: breaking down…


Berke, J. (2009). Deaf Awareness Week. Retrieved April 10, 2010, from the Website: 

Deaf Community Health Workers Provide Education and Support to Deaf Patients, Facilitating

Access to Linguistically and Culturally Appropriate Care, Improving Patient Health

Knowledge and Adherence to Recommended Care. (2005.) Retrieved April 10, 2010, from the AHRQ Health Care Website:

AME Church Though Not Really
Words: 3361 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49588356
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Such movements, however, had a way of becoming victims of their own success, as Niebuhr argued. Insofar as they spoke to popular aspirations and needs, they attracted large followings, necessitating new structures and hierarchies. The sharp critiques of social injustice became muffled as devotees percolated up into the respectable classes. Enthusiasm waned, leaving liturgy and ritual to provide what spontaneity and spirit no longer could. Sects became churches. (Campbell 36)

Campbell syas that Methodism especially illustrates this idea beacsue this movement always possessed something of a divided soul:

On one hand, the early esleyan movement was an extraordinarily decentralized affair, that invested authority in an army of itinerant ministers and lay preachers, many with little formal religious training. On the other hand, Methodism retained a strong episcopal center that reigned supreme on questions of doctrine and discipline, finance, and ministerial appointment. The stresses implicit in this situation first became apparent…

Works Cited

AME Church Elects More Women Bishops." The Christian Century, Volume 121, Issue 15 (July 27, 2004), 18-19.

Black Methodist Churches Moving toward Union." The Christian Century, Volume 117, Issue 19 (June 21, 2000), 676.

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strategic HRM in health care
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Healthcare Management

Shirley Carpenter is the President and CEO of Westmount Nursing Homes, and she has a meeting with the board. She has been implementing TQM at the company for several months. In her tenure, the revenue and net income have increased significantly at Westmount but the margins have decreased. There is presently an impasse in a negotiation with the union, which appears to be the subject of the meeting. Prior negotiations with the union have not gone well either. Shirley needs two strategies at this point -- one to deal with the board and one to deal with the union. It is recommended that Shirley resolve ongoing acrimony between the board and the union by focusing on strategic HRM and productivity -- fewer workers of higher quality making more money, but delivering greater productivity.

Essential Elements

There are a few main actors in the case. Shirley was brought in…

Sunset Boulevard Billy Wilder's Classic
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films, or of stories in magazines in different price ranges, depend not so much on subject matter as on classifying, organizing, and labeling consumers. Something is provided for all so that none may escape; the distinctions are emphasized and extended. The public is catered for with a hierarchical range of mass-produced products of varying quality, thus advancing the rule of complete quantification. Everybody must behave (as if spontaneously) in accordance with his previously determined and indexed level, and choose the category of mass product turned out for his type. Consumers appear as statistics on research organization charts, and are divided by income groups into red, green, and blue areas; the technique is that used for any type of propaganda (Adorno & Horkheimer).

The media is of course complacent in such a system, in that it plays a significant role in turning heroes of consumption - actors, singers, and models -…


Adorno, Theodor and Max Horkheimer. "The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass

Deception." From Dialectic of Enlightenment, 1944. Retrieved at .

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Divine Ryans the Book the Divine Ryans
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Divine yans

The book The Divine yans, is based on a traditional family, steeped in long tradition and hierarchy. The yan clan lives in St. John's, Newfoundland, and is a study of the interaction between family members who are often torn between tradition, family loyalty, and the ongoing process of actualization. Donald yan is the editor of the local newspaper while his brothers and sisters manage the local funeral home. Draper, Donald's son, travels to the newspaper office one day to surprise his father with a birthday cake, only to witness something traumatic (a suicide) that becomes the genesis for his exploration of myth within family, coming of age, and coping with his father's death. It focuses on the idea that in all families, dysfunction may be the operant paradigm, regardless of the public facade that traditions and hierarchical structures point. As Draper moves to explore the events that surround…


Johnston, W. (1999). The Divine Ryans. New York: Broadway Books.

Business There Has Been Some Disagreement Among
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There has been some disagreement among people about whether Facebook is good for business. Some people suggest that Facebook is an invaluable marketing tool that can really help business, particularly emerging businesses, by helping them with publicity. Other people warn about the dark side of Facebook. Although it allows good news about businesses to spread virally, it also leaves businesses open to some dangers. For example, unlike on business websites, businesses have no control over what people say about them on Facebook, so that a disgruntled customer or a customer with a grudge might be able to do significant damage to a company's reputation, even if such damage is actually unwarranted by the underlying scenario. Despite that caveat, there are five ways that Facebook is good for business: 1) it allows a business to manage its reputation; 2) it allows a business to engage in event promotion;

it helps…

Post Photographer Who Is Responsible and What
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POST Photographer

Who is Responsible and What for? -- An Analysis of Abbasi's Subway-Death Photo

In terms of taking the photograph that appeared on the front page of The New York Post -- the newspaper which published the image of a man seconds away from being killed by a charging subway train -- it may be argued that in a world of journalistic sensationalism, R. Umar Abbasi was simply doing his job snapping a picture of "every New Yorker's nightmare" (Pearson). Yet, in terms of being a caring human being, a good neighbor, a helpful stander-by, a verdict is not so easily reached. For one thing, Abbasi claims he was trying to help Ki-Suck Han, the man who had been pushed onto the tracks, by popping the flash of his camera at the speeding train as a warning to its conductor to slow down. Perhaps, in a shocked state, Abbasi…

Post Mortem Care
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hospitals with regard to postmortem care. In particular, the procedures used in postmortem care involve methods for appropriate care of the body after death, sensitive and appropriate notification of death to the significant other and family, as well as notification to the coroner. The various departments within hospitals have different criteria regarding policies and procedures pertaining to postmortem care. The following outlines the procedures generally followed as well as policies followed with regard to postmortem care within different departments of the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center.

Following the death of a patient, a final nursing assessment is generally performed including documentation regarding several details pertaining to the patient's death. These details include: the name of the patient, time that the physician was contacted, and the pronunciation of death; individuals present at the time of death, including family, friends, and healthcare workers; the time of the assessment; general appearance of…


Lousiana State University Health Sciences Center -- Shreveport. (2011). Post-mortem care. Hospital Policy Manual. Retrieved 10 March 2012 from

American Society of Registered Nurses (2008). Postmortem care. Nursing Today. Retrieved 10 March 2012 from

Trafficking of Human Tissue
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Human Tissue Trafficking

Human Tissue Tracking: A Literature Review

Recent developments in the medical field have seen a substantial increase in the need for continuous nursing studies with the intention of enhancing the quality of healthcare provided to patients. arious studies have concentrated on the effective behaviors adoptable to ensure the provision of quality nursing care to patients. However, a report released recently by the American Medical Association showed that most of the nursing staff experienced problems of unsuitable handling of the biological allografts. Among the contributing factors contributing to inappropriate handling of the biological allografts, include lack of knowledge in the handling and tracking of biological allografts. Effective handling of the biological specimen ensures public trust, preservation, and protection of the specimen from contamination, a factor that contributes to inaccuracy of the results obtained from the procedure. Therefore, this study paper reviews different literature on issues related to human…

Various studies have been carried out relating to the current practices of tissue tracking and the regulation of the process of tissue identification. In 2006, a tissue transplant controversy made the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) respond by instituting policies to strengthen tissue transplantation in the United States. Patricia Battisti underwent a car accident in 2005 and suffered serious back injuries. She underwent corrective surgery in the same year and received tissue plants. In 2006, almost a year after the transplantation, Battisti found out that most of the tissues from the Biomedical Tissue Services of the Fort Lee tissue bank in New Jersey, the bank that had provided her with a tissue, were likely to have been poorly tested. This became a concern for her, because the lack of care and testing of the tissues Battisti received could have put her at risk of serious disease and complication, including infection and other issues that could have potentially taken her life.

On the exposure of Battisti's case, the FDA stepped up investigations and found that the allograft tissue that the patient had received was from a Brooklyn funeral home where tissues and bones had been exhumed and stolen. The records of the tissue were changed in Biomedical Tissue Services in New Jersey then sent to tissue banks, where they could be tested and used in for transplant and implants in hospitals. This case reported by the U.S. Federal News Service depicts just how easy it has been to steal a tissue from a corpse, process it under different records, and then use it in patients. This case exemplifies the under-regulation of tissue identification in the United States. The news article reporting the case explains that while tissue transplantation is in many ways similar to organ transplantation; it is chronically under-regulated. It is clear that organ transplantation is strongly regulated in the United States, while that is not as true in other countries where organ theft and trafficking is much more prevalent and worrisome.

However, there are problems within the U.S. when it comes to the trafficking and theft of tissues, many of which could come from a "patient" who was already deceased and who did not give consent for the use of tissues after death. Taking tissue from a corpse presents health and safety issues when it is not done in the hospital under regulated conditions. Tissues are not viable for a long period

Case on Handling of Human Remains
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Marie's adult son was murdered in a tragic accident in a foreign country while he was on vacation. The deceased allegedly consumed fruit from a poisonous tree. His mother, Marie, wants the remains to be brought back to the U.S. as well as samples of the fruit in order for an autopsy and tests to be conducted to identify the actual cause of the death. After completion of the tests and autopsy, Marie wants her son's remains to be cremated at a local funeral home. She also wants her son's prized possession, a laptop computer, to be cremated and everything placed in two titanium boxes her son created since he was a metallurgical engineer. Marie wants to mail one of these containers to a relative living near her son's favorite destination for trout fishing at a national park. She wants the relative to break the seal and disperse part of…


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The objective of this study is to examine how contemporary funeral rites are similar to and different from those viewed in archaeological sites. Toward this end a literature review in this area of inquiry will be conducted.

Shape and Depth of the Grave

According to Pearson (1999) the "shape and depth of a grave may relate to the social status or gender of the person buried. It may also reflect the degree of formality in the burial rite." (p.7) In addition, the hole that is dug for the grave "may serve not just as a repository for the corpse, but its shape and dimensions may be constructed so that it echoes other contexts." (Pearson, 1999, p. 7) Pearson additionally reports that there are many examples of graves that are similar to "houses or storage pits." (1999, p. 7)…


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Faulkner's Story Is Titled A Rose for
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Faulkner's story is titled "A Rose for Emily," the text does not mention rose. It is ironic that Faulkner gives his story a title that seems to run counter to the characterization of Emily. Emily is portrayed as an object, at the same time the narrator pities her and describes her as an irritating person who would rather live life on her own terms, which eventually leads to her death. This appears to the reason for such a tittle. It seems to be an attribute to Emily, a way of expressing condolences to her death as well as sympathy to loneliness and her imagination about her status. He begins the story with a description of her funeral "When Miss Emily Grierson died, our whole town went to her funeral: the men through a sort of respectful affection for a fallen monument..." (Faulkner 484) he goes on to say that "…the…

Courage That My Mother Had
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This is an interesting device because it indicates the author was looking at every aspect of the poem and thought long and hard about how to use words to convey meaning, emotion, and loss.

In contrast, Parks does not worry about rhyme; he simply uses meter and the rhythm of the words to convey meaning and emotion. Millay speaks about her mother throughout the poem, but Parks only uses three lines to show his father has passed away. Millay openly admires her mother, while it seems there was tension underneath the surface between Parks and his father. He seems to be watching events from the outside looking in, giving the illusion of emotional detachment, while Millay is clearly distraught and overcome by the loss of her mother. By using personification indirectly, Parks likens his father to a giant, while Millay prefers to instead concentrate on her mother's mental qualities and…


Millay, Edna St. Vincent. "The Courage That my Mother Had."

Parks, Gordon. "The Funeral."

Religious Aspects of the Quiet
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Fowler is the one who is truly upset about the bomb in the square and the innocent peoples who are killed. He says, "A two-hundred pound bomb does not discriminate. How many dead colonels justify a child's or a trishaw driver's death when you are building a national democratic front" (Greene 163). Fowler may not believe in God but he seems more moral than Pyle who is idealistic and seems like he believes anything any one will tell him. Maybe that is why he is the one who believes in God and religion in the book. He believes what he reads, and he reads a lot so he has probably read the Bible and believes everything in it. Fowler is a reporter, and he has seen a lot of life so he questions things more closely. He does not just believe every thing he reads because he is a writer…


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Social Times and the Culture
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They were followed in 1936 by the Harlem River Houses, a more modest experiment in housing projects. And by 1964, nine giant public housing projects had been constructed in the neighborhood, housing over 41,000 people [see also Tritter; Pinckney and oock].

The roots of Harlem's various pre 1960's-era movements for African-American equality began growing years before the Harlem Renaissance itself, and were still alive long after the Harlem Renaissance ended. For example:

The NAACP became active in Harlem in 1910 and Marcus Garvey's Universal

Negro Improvement Organization in 1916. The NAACP chapter there soon grew to be the largest in the country. Activist a. Philip Randolph lived in Harlem and published the radical magazine the Messenger starting in 1917.

It was from Harlem that he organized the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car

Porters. .E.B. DuBois lived and published in Harlem in the 1920s, as did

James eldon Johnson and Marcus Garvey.…

Works Cited

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December 7, 2006. Retrieved December 7, 2006, from: http://en.


Death & Dying - Hospice
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During that time, I cannot recall mourning, but I cannot recall feeling much of anything else, either.

My grief returned more intensely than before at the graveside service.

Afterwards, I was exhausted by the emotional flood that I had experienced, but it is equally possible that the relief was more a function of all the energy that it had required not to release during the time between my father's death and his funeral. As powerful as the feelings of outright grief were some of the more unexpected feelings I began to experience in the next few weeks: feelings of anger at my father, anger at myself, shame, totally inexplicable feelings of hurt, and fear, and also relief.

A realized for the fist time, only weeks after my father's death, that I was angry at my father: angry that he'd refused the dialysis which could have prolonged his life; angry at…

African Masquerade Significant Thoughts
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African Masks

Masquerades are found in virtually all African civilizations, particularly those that are indigenous to this region of the world. Not surprisingly, these masquerades have different forms of significance for different cultures. Nonetheless, there are some basic cultural similarities pertaining to these rituals that transcend individual cultures and pertain to African deployment of this concept as a whole. Firstly, the definition of the very term masquerade can include "a masking performance, a masked performer, or the character embodied by the mask itself" (Uzo, 1997). Moreover, there is an element of spirituality that is strongly associated with this tenet of the masquerade. It is very rare for participants to be unmasked once they have donned a masque and are partaking in a particular ritual or dance. The actual masques themselves are typically emblematic of animals or people, and have a transcendent spirituality. As such, the very participants who don masques…

Burma Non-Violent Resistance in Burma Was
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Since 1996, military abuses have forced one million villagers to flee their homes.

The presence and conduct of the military are central to the plight of these civilians. Military operations have placed a particularly heavy burden on rural populations affecting their ability to sustain livelihoods.

Cases of rape and sexual violence committed by military personnel, many of them against young girls and adolescents, have been reported by human rights organizations.

It should also be noted that after the crushing of the pro-democracy movement in 1988, the regime"…took a number of steps to increase their military strength."

Instead of considering the extent of popular dissent the government in fact increased their supply of arms and military strength in order to act even more effectively against any protests. "… the regime had begun planning an ambitious ten-year program to expand the armed forces and significantly upgrade their operational capabilities. The SLORC also…


Aspden, Rachel. "Forgotten Burma: As the Country Prepares to Vote in a Discredited Referendum, Rachel Aspden Visits the Forgotten Burmese Resistance -- the Eastern Ethnic Groups Promised Independence 60 Years Ago." New Statesman 5 May 2008: 31+.

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Burmese army's violence against civilians. 2010, March 26, 2010,

Religion Is One of the
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Tradition says that a dying person should be put on the floor in order for them to be closer to the earth. After the ailing person dies, the body is washed and prepared for funeral practices. Most Hindu people would rather have a Hindu priest pray and bless their recently departed relative.

4.In Hinduism, people that don't believe are not threatened to perish in hell as they are given another chance to recognize the religion as having great importance in one's life. From the Hindu point-of-view, hell is something experienced by people that have a bad Karma.

Hindu people believe that they've attained a level of happiness when they reach a perfect Karma and their mind and body are pure. Hinduism regards life as being complex process in which the soul undergoes several phases of reincarnation in order to reach a final phase where it is saved and reincarnation no…

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Bright Knots of Apparitions Transcending Reality in
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Bright Knots of Apparitions: Transcending Reality in Fascicle Sixteen

In the early eighteen sixties, many Americans were concerned with the national fracture that manifested itself in the Civil ar. Northerners, galvanized by the Compromise of 1850, which held them punishable by law for aiding escaped slaves, had come to realize that this conflict involved all Americans. The nation seethed with factionalism and looked outward for direct and active solutions to a moral crisis.

Emily Dickinson, as far as her biographers can determine, seemed unaware of or unconcerned with the national conflict. Instead, in the same time period, she would experience a tremendous period of artistic production, writing three hundred sixty-six poems in 1862 alone, a six-fold increase over her output in 1858. Eleven of her 1861-1862 poems she would bind in the little hand-sewn bundles she kept in a box under her bed; this collection of terse, conflicted lines is…

Works Cited

Ierardi, Michelle. "Translating Emily: Digitally Representing Dickinson's Poetic Production Using Fascicle Sixteen as a Case Study.

Rhythm and Blues Artist James
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Kabul is a cosmopolitan center and demonstrates a willingness to modernize but outside Kabul old traditions remain strong and there is little interest in these rural areas for any change.

III. Social Factors

The rural nature of Afghan society cannot be over-emphasized. The population of the country is estimated at 24 million but it is highly fragmented into a variety of ethnic groups that are further broken down into tribal groups. This tribal fragmentation has been encouraged by the countries bordering Afghanistan that have, in order to promote their own political agendas, disturbed any efforts by the Afghan central government from uniting these tribes. hat has developed is a system of ethnically-based rivalries supported by localized Islamic religious sects.

Tribal traditions inside Afghanistan tend to be more powerful than either Islamic theology or political philosophy and these traditions can be harsh toward women (Rohde). Gender roles under tribal traditions are…

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Children There Written by Alex Kotlowitz a
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Children There

ritten by Alex Kotlowitz, a reporter for the all Street Journal, the book There Are No Children There follows two boys' activities around the Henry Horner Homes, a low-income public housing project in Chicago, Illinois. The book covers the time period from the summer of 1987 through September, 1989, and follows the protagonists, Lafeyette Rivers (nearly 12 years old) and Pharoah Rivers (nine years old). This is not an ordinary American neighborhood. It is a heavy gang area, a war zone where shootings are commonplace, drugs are a catalyst for crime and death seems to lurk around every corner. This paper will review the book chronologically through five chapters then provide a closer critique of LaJoe Rivers, the mother of the protagonists.

The average American comes home from work in the evening, opens a refreshing cold drink, gets comfortable on the couch and turns on the evening news.…

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Kotlowitz, Alex. There Are No Children Here: The Story of Two Boys Growing Up in the Other

Annie John the Parent-Child Struggle
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The Red Girl is a significant symbol in this novel. Not only does she represent the colonialism in Antigua at the time, but she also represents Annie's growing independence, her maturation process and the changes she is going through in her life. The Red Girl comes from a very different life and background than that of Annie John, and that is both inspiring and interesting to Annie. She begins to become a bit more comfortable with the idea of living a life separate from her family once she begins a relationship with the Red Girl. The Red Girl represents independence and change. She is Annie John's age, but she is already beginning to go through many of the changes that Annie John dreads. Annie's entire life is defined by what is expected of her, but this is not the case with the Red Girl. She is her own person, who…

Stephen R Covey's
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Leadership at Sea and Seven Habits of Highly Effective Sailors

The irony is unavoidable. I began reading Seven Habits of Highly Effective People when I was feeling at my least effective, personally, as a human being and as a child. I suppose I'm not alone in saying this, though. The fact of a parent's death makes every child feel ineffective, unable to cope with family grief and stress, as well as forced to face one's own mortality and "principles of personal vision." (1) The loss of a father makes it easy to lose one's sense of a future perspective, and the vision one has of one's self in a family and a societal context.

However, I was also, when I began the book, feeling quite ineffective as a leader as well. Because of my father's death in mid-August, I had to leave my ship and came home to tend to…

Works Cited

Covey, Stephen R. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1999.

Character Response From All Souls
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Souls by Michael Patrick MacDonald

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Michael Patrick Macdonald and before I begin attending therapy sessions with you, I thought it best to introduce myself in hopes of explaining where I come from. My story begins in a housing project known as Old Colony, in the Lower End, which was an especially crime-ridden and impoverished area of the South Boston neighborhood affectionately known by residents as "Southie." Despite the regular occurrence of murder, robbery and other violent crime, and no matter how badly my family and our neighbors struggled to make ends meet, Southie was always supposed to be "the best place in the world, as Ma used to say before the kids died." But my four brothers did die and they are still dead, just like the hundreds of other young people for whom the crowds still gather at the old Gate…

Dark Knight Rises Has Had a Very
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Dark Knight rises has had a very strong fan following ever since the release of Batman Begins (2005) and the Dark Knight (2008). Therefore, it was not surprising to find the excited and anxious crowd in a very huge number. The crowd had already set the mood of the film as they cheered and roared with excitement to watch the film, thanks to the trailers that had filled the crowd with a lot of hope for this film.

Usually the best seat to have in a theatre is in the middle of the theatre and in the centre. So that it is not much elevated or has a side perspective of the film. All this said, I was not very lucky to get the seat in the extreme centre, but I did manage to get four seats away from the centre (middle row). The view was not bad so I…

Works Cited

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Imagery in the Poetry of
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This poem is also about someone close to the poet who has passed, but instead of juxtaposing presence and absence as Levine did, Amichai instead contrasts terror and joy, youth and death, and violence and peace.

The first opposition is built in the first stanza, where the poet points out the reversal of age and wisdom brought about by Dicky's early death. Before he died, Dicky was "four years older [and]…like a father" (3) to the poet. But Amichai has continued past Dicky into old age, and now he is "[the] father, old and grieving" (6).

The contrasts become more concrete as the poem progresses. The third stanza sets "the departure to terrible battles" (11) against the light, bright imagery of "gardens and windows / and children playing" (12-13). The tension established by this image of soldiers marching through blossoms and children's playgrounds sets the reader up for the more…

Works Cited

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Xhosa People Are Black Africans
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This entertainment is the ceremonial or festive taking of alcoholic drinks at events called "beer parties." Researchers noted the significance of the festive element of work among the laborers but showed beer as an essential aspect of work. The rule in these beer work parties are adjusted to the particular workers involved. It invokes the overall value and morality of helpfulness and reciprocity, which are part of beer-drinking events. It is an expression of a general interdependence between homesteads. Ordinary beer parties emphasize the general principle of mutual helpfulness and mutual relationships in homesteads. ut beer parties for harvest give thanks to ancestors for the homestead's harvest. These parties give recognition to those who plow the homestead's garden (McAllister).

A recent analyzed the relation between cooperative work and beer drinking. It found that beer drinks served as a contact point of everyday activity and ideas in the Xhosa society in…


CESA. The Xhosa. People Profile. Central Eastern Southern Africa, 2008. Retrieved on May 8, 2008 at

Christian Action. The National Suicide of the Xhosa. Vol 2. The Christian Action

Magazine, 2004.

Cornwell, Jane. Sweet Sounds of Freedom. The (London) Independent: Independent

Misery the Rhetor for a
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Ultimately, the man must fight back and destroy her in order to get back to civilization. The character displays elements of the borderline personality as well as obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. Annie ilkes is presented as an obsessive-compulsive personality in the way she keeps her home, in the way she becomes dedicated so thoroughly to this writer and his works (and especially to the one character of Misery, with whom she identifies so closely), and in the expectations she has placed in the past on her patients and now on this particular patient. Davison and Neale identify the obsessive-compulsive personality as a perfectionist, preoccupied with details, rules, schedules, and so on. They state that such people are also work rather than pleasure oriented. They are inflexible, and their interpersonal relationships suffer as a result (Davison and Neale 269-270).

Annie ilkes is seen as obsessive-compulsive in the way everything has to be…

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Amish -- a Culture of
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They do not pay taxes, as they do not collect Social Security or other welfare benefits, as the Amish community takes care of its 'own.'

Interestingly, despite the allowance of "flings in the English world, the number of Amish teenagers who join the church has risen over the past 50 years...In 1940, only about 60% remained in the Amish faith...[now it is] hover[ing] around 90% and is even higher in some areas" (Drummond, 2007). And although the Amish still distain higher education and contact with the world, the world has sought out their community, as tourists but also as consumers of their handicrafts, including Amish furniture, food, and hand-woven quilts. This has also made 'the English' more sympathetic to their way of life, and encouraged non-Amish people to lobby the government to protect Amish values as part of America's freedom of religion. Ironically, this society so grounded in collective values…

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Analyzing a Social Gathering
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Social Gathering

Elizabeth's annual bizarre has always been an interesting event in which to 'people watch,' much like sitting on a city park bench and watching the parade of people go by. The bizarre, like most social events, affords one the opportunity to observe a micro-society.

Some people attend the bizarre simply out of curiosity. Others are experienced bargain hunters. A few come because they feel obligated to show their support. These are often the same people who show their support for many local charity causes. Then there are those who look as if they have come just to be seen, to make their appearance.

The bargain hunters are dressed for comfort. These are the people who typically map out the yard sales and such in advance every week so they can get an early start and make the rounds. Although most of them are women, there are a few…