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General Motors Essays (Examples)

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Motor Processes in Sport
Words: 4377 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51724219
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Motor Processes in Sport

Tom is an 18-year-old goalkeeper who recently moved up in class from youth to adult football. He was an early maturer and has a history of being more advanced in soccer than his peers but now a weakness is exposed. He never learned to kick with his left foot and this has been a problem at this level. The current paper discusses the proposed reasons for his difficulty and outlines a plan of intervention.

Understanding the Effects of Early Maturation as They Apply to Tom

The traditional view holds that early maturation in boys has more positive consequences for psychosocial adaptation than late maturation. The early literature by researchers like Mussen and Jones (1957) described early-maturing boys during late adolescence (17 -- 18 years) as having higher self-esteem and self-confidence, a more positive self-image, and as being more socially mature, which may have led to more…


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Innovation Management at Ford Motors
Words: 3250 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 21514353
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Additionally, aside financial resources, they also used their assets. The most relevant example in this sense is the selling of part of its interests in Mazda. It as such transformed its assets into liquidities -- the 20% shares in Mazda were converted into $540 million (Murphy) -- that better allowed them to pursue their innovation objectives.

The matter of technological innovation is not only a core focus of Ford's, but of all players within the American automobile industry. The reasons for the rivalry in terms of &D are numerous, the most outstanding however being constituted by the desire to attract and satisfy as many customers as possible, managing as such to increase organizational revenues. "&D efforts in the U.S. Auto industry are channeled into a variety of processes such as stamping, casting, machining, and assembling. Within the time-frame of our investigation, &D efforts had to embrace sudden changes in taste…


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GM UAW the General Maxim Is
Words: 985 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65345632
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The general maxim is, "What's good for General Motors is good for America." The accuracy of that maxim has been severely hampered over the years by General Motors' dealings with United Auto Workers.

The labor/management synergy in America is one of most important facets -- and variables -- in our nation's economy. As was illustrated in an extreme example in last summer's baseball labor relations tensions, management and labor work towards a common end, yes, but their means to that end may be entirely different.

Management often holds the upper hand in any dealings with labor, as it controls its workers' livelihood and ability to live comfortably. Labor has only one trump card: the strike. And United Auto Workers used that weapon on December 28, 1936 when it struck the Cleveland Fisher Body Plant, a key plant which supplied the tops for nearly all General Motors cars.…

Extended Overview of General Dynamics
Words: 3142 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 26802719
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With such result, estimates for the 2,400 F-111 (including their exports) were significantly reduced, but nevertheless, General Dynamics still managed to obtain a $300 million profit with this project.

Grumman started also to build the F-14 Tomcat, using many of the F-111 innovations, but build solely for its purpose of serving as a carrier-borne fighter.

General Dynamics eorganization - it was in May 1965 that the company reorganized its activities into 12 operational divisions, having as a base their production lines. The board took the decision to have all future planes built in Fort Worth and thus ended the plane production in San Diego, which had been Convair's original plant. At the San Diego location the production of space and missile development continued.

The second CEO in this period, David S. Lewis required the headquarters of the company to be moved to St. Louis, event that took place finally in…


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Multi-National Report on Ford Motor Company
Words: 2482 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26810565
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Multi-National Report on Ford Motor Company:

Ford Motor Company is a worldwide company that operates in both the Automotive and Financial Services sectors with its major operations being to build up, devise, produce and service cars and trucks. hile Ford's automotive sector basically sells vehicles under various brand names such as Ford, Volvo, Mercury and Lincoln, the financial services sector provide several automotive financing products both through and to automotive dealers. Ford's automotive sector is responsible for marketing trucks, cars and vehicle parts through the retail dealers, distributors and dealers in North America. Additionally, this sector offers a series of after-sale vehicle products and services in several segments like car accessories, maintenance, repairs and extended service. On the contrary, the financial services sector provides retail financing, wholesale financing and financing to profit-making customers.

Ford's financial services sector also provides other financing services incorporating loans to dealers for operational capital, developments…

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Strategic Management Report Toyota Motor
Words: 2443 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22765940
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Therefore, they use strict evaluation criteria to make choice among different alternatives. Keeping in view the strength of customers' bargaining power, Toyota and other automakers are expending huge amounts on advertisements and promotional campaigns to create awareness about their brands and convince these customers to prefer them over all other brands (Jenny & Scammon, 2010).

5. Internal Environmental Analysis for Toyota Motor Corporation

5.1. The esources Types:

Like other types of business corporations, Toyota also relies on four different organizational resources. These are: financial resources, human resources, informational resources, and physical resources. Financial resources are the money invested by the company's shareholders and the profits left after paying off liabilities. These resources enable the company to run its day-to-day operations, run marketing campaigns, and make strategic investments to keep it innovative and competitive in all aspects. Secondly, the human resources are the intellectual capital that plays a major role in…


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History of Automakers Ford Motor
Words: 603 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 88504505
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The company is now considered the second largest automaker in the world. Within one year after its inception, the company brought well-known brands under its name such as Cadillac, Cartercar and Pontiac. The company was originally owned by William Durant but excessive debt cost him the ownership in 1910 when the bank took it over. Durant then started the Chevrolet Motor company. In 1920s, the company sales surpassed those of Ford Motor Company due to brilliant leadership of Alfred Sloan. In the next decade, the company expanded and started Greyhound bus service. During the Second World War, the company faced threat of nationalization from Nazi government. But due to personal and business contacts, the company abandoned its German operations in return for a complete tax write-off. Its post war growth was impressive as General Motors became the first ever U.S. company to pay $1 billion in taxes. It was also…


History of Ford Motor Company:

History of General Motors: /corporate/about/history/

Ford Motor Company Herein Referred to as
Words: 2094 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 18642056
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Ford Motor Company (herein referred to as Ford) has grown from a somewhat obscure automaker to one of the world's most recognized motor vehicle brands. Founded in the year 1919 by Henry Ford, the company's main business remains the production of trucks and cars. However, through some of its subsidiaries, the company also concerns itself with motor vehicle financing.

The Ford Motor Company: A Brief Overview of its Vision, Mission and Primary Stakeholders

Ford's mission according to Lewis et al. (2006) is outlined as:

We are a global family with a proud heritage passionately committed to providing personal mobility for people around the world. We anticipate consumer need and deliver outstanding products and services that improve people's lives.

I am convinced that the statement above successfully captures the company's purpose. In so doing, it also succeeds in outlining the firm's overall goals going forward. On the other hand, the company's…


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U S Auto Industry the Motor
Words: 1870 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34073149
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The big three will likely weather the tsunami, as completely different entities than they have been in the past, possibly even more strikingly different than they were before and after the Japanese management style implementation in the 1980s. ith these and other changes likely in the industry in the near future The industry will once again prove flexible and innovative in changing with the times.

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Lung, Yannick.…

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Marketing Setback Ford Motor Company
Words: 744 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 74000323
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Now "battered by soaring gas prices and plummeting sales" Ford has been "forced to slash production of the trucks that have been its lifeblood -- from half of its vehicles today (and 70% in 2005) to a projected "one-third by 2012" (arner 2008). Congress is calling for Ford along with the other American car companies demanding a bailout to show a real commitment to raising fuel economy standards and creating a leaner, meaner production machine.

Ford must point to its previous good-faith attempts to raise fuel standards to support its calls for government assistance. Many point to previous CEO Bill Ford's inability to sell his vision to other members of the company: "no matter his personal convictions, Bill Ford had neither the operational skills nor the management talent to make his green aspirations a reality. Instead, the chairman tried to tack environmental changes onto a business model focused obsessively on…

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Ford Motors Company
Words: 1654 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45665335
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Marketing Plan for Ford Motors Company

The logic is really very simple -- when a model is supposed to be for women, it has to be designed by women.

It is clear that cars are now being purchased in USA for both men and women, and many times, women have their own cars. This fact had been realized as early as 1956 when there was a model called Dodge La Femme for women to drive and probably that was the reason why it failed. (Women and SUVs) There was a difference in the thinking of men who designed the car and women who were supposed to drive it.

The market for cars among women is large and it had been 20% of the new vehicles during 1984 and this has gone up to 28% in 1990. The decisions are taken by them in 80% of the cases of purchase. (Women…


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Tata Motors Teaches Lessons About Intelligent Acqusition
Words: 690 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92333477
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Business -- Intercultural Communication -- ata Motors

ata Motors sought to win a 2004 bidding war for acquisition of Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Co Ltd. in South Korea. hough not initially favored to win the bidding war, ata Motors won over the decision-makers through shrewd adjustments to South Korea, education the decision-makers about ata Motors, display of ata Motors' strengths and listening to Daewoo employees. ata Motors succeeded where the other nine bidders failed, enabling ata Motors to effectively expand its business into the Southeast Asia automotive market.

ata Motors is an East Indian automobile titan founded as ata Engineering and Locomotive Co Ltd. (elco) in 1945. ata Motors is a highly successful intercultural communications business because of its ability to learn from significant events, such as the 1999 recession, and to use strategic planning to internationalize and flourish. Despite the challenges of the economy, technology, competition and the local customs/laws…

Though Tata Motors was initially not the most favored bidder, Tata Motors won that bidding war through shrewd adjustments to the South Korean economy, technology, competition and local customs/laws. Though not the initially favored bidder, Tata Motors paid attention to the needed adjustments and visibly made them. For example, while still in the bidding war, Tata Motors sent a due diligence team of operations, marketing, human resources and IT managers to South Korea to make sure that the acquisition decision would be made according to important business decisions and by people who would actually run the company if Tata Motors won the bidding war. In addition, Tata Motors educated the decision-makers at Daewoo about East India and about Tata Motors so the decision-makers would be more familiar and comfortable with the prospect of choosing Tata Motors' bid. The "education" consisted of several messages: that Tata Motors had significant global business connections; and that Tata Motors was not a run-of-the-mill company but was instead a company of unique and admirable ownership structure, management, ethics and strong company governance. Tata Motors also displayed its strong work ethic to the decision-makers through its small due diligence team, which worked long hours and even on weekends. Finally, Tata Motors' team asked the opinions of Daewoo's drivers and operators, who were surprised and gratified by Tata Motors' interest in their opinions. In the end, Tata Motors won with a modest bid through its highly intelligent approach to winning over the decision-makers in that bidding war.

C. Conclusion

Tata Motors' acquisition of Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Co Ltd. is a lesson in intercultural communication. Though not the favored bidder among 10 bidders for acquisition of Daewoo in 2004, Tata Motors wished to expand its business into the Southeast Asian market and took great pains to make it happen with this acquisition. Tata Motors sent a due diligence team of operations, marketing, human resources and IT managers to South Korea, educated the decision-makers at Daewoo about East India and about Tata Motors, displayed its strong work ethic and asked the opinions of Daewoo's drivers and operators. Its highly intelligent approach allowed Tata Motors to win the bidding war with a relatively modest bid, teaching the importance of measures that are more than dollars and cents.

Ford Motor
Words: 1588 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54205309
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Ford Motor

Introduction of the company - Ford

Ford Motor Business began in 1903 by Henry Ford and it has constantly remained within family group possession ever since that period. The business created and applied assembly line manufacturing from the launch of the Model T. In the year 1909, and created planes and automobiles for U.S. Allies in The Second World War. Ford has worked globally since 1904, in the event it opened a division in Canada to acquire entry to Commonwealth marketplaces. With regard to the initial half in the Twenty-first century, Ford continued to be the prominent automobile manufacturer in the marketplace it had successfully developed. In 1956, Toyota released its initial automobile in the United States of America, and started acquiring marketplace share. In hindsight this became the turning point within the U.S. marketplace, and since the Twenty-first century came to an end Ford experienced declining marketplace…


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Ford Motors Corp -- Business
Words: 2714 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 53699824
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4 the Competition

Ford Motors Company activates in a mature and highly competitive market and threats come not only from within the United States, but also from abroad. Due to globalization and market liberalization, the automobile manufacturers from Asia are easily capable to sell their products to the American consumer. Brands play a pivotal role in competition as customers tend to make purchases based on it. The competition is also intensified by the vast offering of substitute products, often materialized in public transports or personal automobiles running on alternative combustibles. Another source of rivalry is that the products often seem to look alike, and there are few features that offer one vehicle a point of difference.

The effects of the intense competition are various and often depend on the unique characteristics of the company, its served customers and the market where it operates. There are two most common outcomes. The…


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External Environment Ford Motor Company Is -
Words: 3537 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58395527
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External Environment

Ford Motor Company is - according to its financial statements for the last year - in relatively good financial shape, especially if one considers the current weak state of the economy, the past recessionary months and the still extremely shaky state of the recovery. This paper analyzes the current strengths and weaknesses of the company as it moves toward increasing globalization.

A useful tool in analyzing the external environment in which Ford is presently situated can incorporate Michael Porter's Five Forces model, which is graphically summarized below: (

Ford is vulnerable to the threat of both new entrants (in terms generally of new car models as well as specifically of new environmentally friendly cars) as well as the threat of substitute products from other car companies eager to attract the same consumers that Ford wishes to attract. Honda, for example, is likely to become one of Ford's primary…

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Ford Motor Company's Efforts to Redefine Strategies
Words: 1977 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85737345
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Ford Motor Company's efforts to redefine strategies to address key strategic issues during the upcoming fiscal year. The essay also reviews Ford's business-level strategy, the company's value chain activities and identifies Ford positioning with respect to the five forces of competition.

Ford's current business- level strategy was developed as a result of challenges the company has faced in the last decade. Ford saw their market share in the U.S. decline from 23.7% in 2000 to 15.5% in 2006. Over the same period Ford's North American division reported billions in losses from the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury product lines. To return the North American division to profitability, Ford launched an ambitious restructuring plan, the Way Forward. (Kirtane, Shukla, Wang and Zhan, 2006).

Over the last decade, Ford's business-level strategies were ambiguous, with the result that they were neither a successful differentiator nor cost leader. Ford failed to innovate on many of…

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Jaguar Motors
Words: 3773 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90646302
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Jaguar Land over Automotive PLC

Company Profile:

Jaguar Land over Automotive PLC is a British multinational corporation that designs, develops, manufactures, promotes, and sells automobiles under the brand names of Jaguar and Land over, including ange over brand. Jaguar Land over is the United Kingdom's largest automobile corporation that took its roots from a couple of strongest automobile brands: Jaguar and Land over. Currently, Jaguar Land over Automotive PLC is a renowned subsidiary of India's most successful automobile group -- Tata Motors. It is headquartered in Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom. Tata Motors acquired Jaguar Land over in 2008 from Ford Motor Company. The major subsidiaries of Jaguar Land over Automotive PLC include: Jaguar Land over Holdings Limited, Jaguar Land over Limited, Jaguar Land over India, and Chery Jaguar Land over. Jaguar Land over was the result of a union between Jaguar Cars and Land over which Ford Motor Company did…


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Motor Control and Motor Learning
Words: 888 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39263005
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new branch of science called Sports Science that respectively makes use of motor learning and motor control in the sports industry.

Sports Science

Motor learning and motor control is a field of science that is being studied from a sports point-of-view. Motor learning is connected to all the processes and conditions that affect one's ability to acquire skills, while motor control ascertains neuromuscular performance of individuals. Many people are taking great interest in the learning of motor skills and expertise, and the development of coordination. This new field of sports is based on the use of the knowledge base in the movement and sport sciences, cognitive sciences, and also physical therapy.

Sports science is a new area of study that is forcing people to explore the scientific explanation for David Beckham's superb soccer skills, and even wondering what would Wimbledon be like if say Pete Sampras had to use an…


Computational Learning and Motor Control Lab, available at,accessed on: November 20, 2003

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JCU - Motor Learning and Motor Control, available at:, accessed on: November 20, 2003

Motor Behavior Specialization - Doctoral Degree Program, available at, accessed on: November 20, 2003

International Business Management
Words: 2603 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59973634
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General Motors in China:

Chinese Motor Vehicle Industry Structure:

The motor vehicle industry in China had over 200 carmakers in 2004 with most of them being small Chinese firms. In addition to being small and domestic companies, the carmakers were solely owned by the Chinese government and had a market share of approximately 40%. As new joint venture firms emerged during this period, the Chinese government was reluctant to see its manufacturers of motor vehicles eliminated. Generally, this motor vehicle industry structure was mainly dominated by small domestic firms that were owned by the government. These firms experienced serious threats from new joint ventures on supporting their existence while attracting managerial skills and foreign technology.

Therefore, the Chinese motor vehicle industry was seemingly modest in the global context as it grew in heady rates (Teslik, 2007). Since this industry had a modest structure, it produced great uncertainty regarding future prices…


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1). Retrieved July 4, 2012, from 

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Automotive Industry: A Value Chain Perspective. Retrieved from University of Cambridge website:

Revitalization of the American Car Industry
Words: 2115 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93165690
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General Motors was founded in 1908 and has been the largest manufacturer, designer, building and marketer of cars and trucks throughout the world since 1921. It sells vehicles in more than 200 countries worldwide and maintains assembly, manufacturing, distribution or warehousing operations in 53 of these countries. In 2000, it sold 8.6 million cars and trucks - constituting 15.1% of the entire world vehicle market (the world's biggest share) at $4.5 billion net sales and $184.6 billion in revenues. (General Motors). It envisions itself as the enduring world leader in transportation products and related services, whose goal is "to maintain this position through enlightened customer enthusiasm and continuous improvement, driven by the integrity, team work and innovation" of its employees. (General Motors)

The organization operates in four regions. The first, which has the largest market at 27%, is the GM North America. This region designs, manufactures and markets vehicles for…


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Technical Training, 1999

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McMullen Argus Publishing, Inc., 2002

Ford Motor Company Objective of This Report
Words: 2256 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10524107
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Ford Motor Company

Objective of this report is to use Ford Motor Company 2012 Second Quarter to carry out research on the company's production inventory levels, price and sales data and operational cost information.

Ford Motor Company (Ford) is one of the largest global automotive companies. The company manufactures and distributes automobile across six continents, and the company operates financing business through Ford Motor Credit Company. At the end of the 2011 fiscal year (FY2011), the company recorded total revenue of $136 billion, an increase of 5.7% over FY2010. Ford Motor also recorded the total net profit of $20 billion at the end of the 2011 fiscal years recording the increase of 4.3% over FY2010. The strength of Ford Motor lies with its strong brand that the company sells at premium price. Among its brands are Lincoln, and Ford which are among the strongest brand in the world. (Datamonitor, 2011).…


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Ford Motor Company and Its Human Resources
Words: 899 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21998092
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Ford Motor Company and its human resources management practice. The company's human resources strategy is very closely tied to its strategy. As with other automakers, Ford's labor costs can be quite high, but there are also related costs of labor, such as benefits and pensions that can result in the total labor cost today being very high, even when much of the company's production is automated. Ford also must work closely with its main unions in order to negotiate the terms of each contract, something that also influences the company. Ford seeks to compete largely as a cost leader in its industry, but needs to have relatively low labor costs in order to pursue this policy profitably.

The HR position at Ford constitutes a number of different tasks. Labor relations is listed as the foremost specialty within the HR department, and with good reason given how critical it is to…

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Fine Motor Skill Development in Children Fine
Words: 1769 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 93982067
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Fine Motor Skill Development in Children

Fine motor skills are important for a variety of activities such as writing and feeding, so its important they develop properly in young kids. This paper talks about the importance of fine motor skills and how it can be improved with proper intervention and the right activities.

Fine motor skills and their importance

Fine motor skills are the skills that involve the use of small muscles in the hands such as fingers. The biggest challenge in fine motor skills is the coordination of the hand with the eyes and brain and it is more complicated than what many people imagine. It develops at a young age, typically before five or six and it plays an important role in the way our hands function during adolescence and adulthood.

The development of fine motor skills is vital in young children because it is these skills that…


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Caffeine Increases Visual and Motor Performance
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Caffeine Improves Visual-Motor Performance

Biological Investigation

Acute Caffeine Ingestion Improves Visual-Motor esponses

Caffeine represents the most widely consumed psychoactive substance in the world, so understanding how this chemical affects an individual's physiology is essential to providing the best healthcare advice for the general public. Towards this goal, the response times of college students were studied before and after ingestion of water, ed Bull, or coffee. The task involved clicking a mouse button as fast as possible in response to a computer monitor screen changing color. Compared to water, response times improved by almost 6 and 13 seconds for ed Bull and coffee, respectively. Based on published information, which suggests the ed Bull and coffee ingestion would provide approximately 80 and 122 mg of caffeine, respectively, these results indicate a dose-dependent improvement in task performance as the caffeine dosage increased. Although between subjects variability was high, these results are remarkably consistent…


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Decision Making and Management
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General Motors and the United Auto Workers Labor Agreement

Judgment in Managerial Decision making

General Motors and the United Auto Workers have been among the America's largest manufacturers of motor vehicles and related parts. Following pressure of the two leading manufacturers going bankrupt they had to negotiate a change in the labor agreement as an urgent move. The workers and the communities are to be adversely affected by this part of restructuring.

Some of the decisions reached during the negotiation affected the workers negatively in as much as they were mainly to prevent the collapse of the two manufacturers. General Motors reached a decision to close or idle 17 of its facilities, where Chrysler was to close eight plants. The GM seeks to reduce its 60,000 strong UAW workforce by up to 20,000. On the top of that Chrysler is to reduce positions because of the plant closures, however the…


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Movie Called Holy Motors
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Holy Motors Movie Analysis

Holy Motors: An Analysis

Director Leos Carax has done it again. He has shocked the film industry with an abstract film focusing on the damaging power of our obsession with gazing into another's life. Voyeurism is a destructive force in the 2012 film Holy Motors, one which destroys the life of Oscar, the never-ending actor.

This intense French film was a major shocker in 2012. It is a very unique story told with incredible cinematic genius. Oscar, an actor, constantly drives around to different appointments, where he plays a number of odd roles. Sometimes he plays his roles in front o a large audience, while at other times they seem to be in front of only a few individuals or even no one at all. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to his roles, as he is random characters without much explanation of what…

Stakeholder Analysis Ford Motor Company Key Stakeholders
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Stakeholder Analysis Ford Motor Company

Key Stakeholders Ranked by Level of importance

Internal Stakeholders

External Stakeholders

Corporate officers -- Responsible for establishing the goals and mission of the company and ensuring that managers and employees at all levels are properly carrying out the strategy of the company. (Luca, 2007)

Customers/Car owners -- customers make an investment when purchasing a vehicle and they expect the vehicle to be safe and reliable. Customers depend on their vehicles for work, school and general transportation. As such they have an interest in Ford's ability to develop good dependable vehicles.

Managers -- Managers carry the information received from corporate officers to employees and make certain that the goals established are realized.

The General Public -- Everyday people are killed or injured in car accidents. Because Ford cars are popular and a mainstay on roads throughout the world, the general public is interested in knowing the…

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