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George Washington Essays (Examples)

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George Hewes Biographical Moments George Robert Twelves
Words: 1430 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 67530619
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George Hewes

iographical Moments

George Robert Twelves Hewes was an interesting figure in the American Revolutionary period was born in oston, on September 5th 1742. The environment in which he lived saw many transformations throughout his life and Hewes also experienced more inward transformations as well. Hewes life can be defined by some of the more significant events that we personally witnessed and/or participated in. These events also happened to be defining moments in American History. One such incident that worked to transform Hewes as a person was undoubtedly the oston Massacre in 1770. During this period the city was occupied with a large concentration of ritish troops that were stationed in oston to enforce and collect tax obligations from the colonies.

Hewes worked as a shoemaker and one day he had made shoes for a soldier who claimed they were for the captain and then refused to pay for…


Young, A. The Shoemaker and the Tea Party. Beacon Press, 2000.

Washington's Farewell a Summary and
Words: 935 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 83043644
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The reasons he provides for encouraging the continued unity of the nation are made no less valid by the fact that they are presented in a calculated rhetorical manner. He begins by enumerating the various values and dependencies of the various regions of the new country -- North, South, East, and West -- and stresses that this mutual dependency ought to be reason enough alone for the Union to stay together. Again, his decision to begin with the merits of the union is a calculation to enamor the argument with all possible readers before continuing into the somewhat more controversial portion of his argument. After stressing that all regions both contribute to and depend upon the union of all, he suggests that the prime reasons that the union might not succeed are for geographical regions: "Is there a doubt whether a common government can embrace so large a sphere? Let…

Washington Hamilton Franklin as founding fathers
Words: 938 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 99646754
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All of the founding fathers of the United States were great because they acted on their values and beliefs, helping to sow the seeds of a new nation. The work of the founding fathers became instrumental for independence from the British Crown. Being willing to stand up to Britain was no small feat, making the deeds of the founding fathers even more admirable. The founding fathers will be celebrated throughout history for their contribution not just to America but to the world. Although many men and women can be considered instrumental to founding the nation, there are seven key players that most historians identify as being the founding fathers. Those seven include George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe, and Ben Franklin. All seven of the founding fathers and their contributions are important. Therefore, it can be helpful to compare and contrast three of them—such…

Washington Rules America's Path to Permanent War
Words: 2496 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 16462904
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ashington Rules: America's Path To Permanent ar

ritten by a former Army Colonel, ashington rules: America's path to permanent war (Bacevich, 2010) is a striking analysis of America's pro-military psyche and determination to "to lead, save, liberate, and ultimately transform the world" (Bacevich, 2010, p. 12) through worldwide militarism. Commencing post-orld ar II, the global military presence that has become a fact of American life has been supported by Democrats and Republicans alike, though it has significantly drained our resources. hile some critics and this reader take issue with some aspects of Bacevich's book, in many respects it provides a voice of sanity in the face of the U.S.'s now-unbearable global pro-war stance.



Bacevich's book is anything but the compliment, "ashington Rules!" ashington rules: America's path to permanent war (Bacevich, 2010) relates his own educational journey from a pro-military conservative soldier to a questioner who attacks the American…

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Burns, K. (Director). (2007). The War [Motion Picture].

George W Bush
Words: 2486 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89096740
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George W. Bush

George Walker Bush is the second man in the history of the United States to have followed in his father footsteps and become the President. Bush served two consecutive terms as President, starting with January 2001. He was born in 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut, but most of his childhood, he spent in Midland, and then his teenage years in Huston, Texas. George W. Bush was the first child born in George and Barbara Bush's family. At the time of his birth, his father was an undergraduate at Yale (Bush, A Charge to Keep, 15). George W. Bush enrolled at the same university where his father studied and received a BA in history there. ater, he graduated from Harvard, receiving a MBA at Harvard Business School, in 1975. Between his studies at Yale and Harvard, Bush activated as a pilot in the Texas Air National Guard (The…

Lobe, Jim. The Bush Team Reloaded. Middle East Report, No. 234 (Spring, 2005), pp. 10-16 Published by: Middle East Research and Information Project

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Hamilton, W. Bush Began to Plan War Three Months After 9/11. Washington Post. April 17, 2004; Page A01

Qualities of Washington in His
Words: 954 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51922327
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52, 53). Thus, in less than a month, Washington improvised an entirely new battle plan and seized the advantage offered to him by the British. Coupled with his relentless dedication to his cause, Washington's ability to react and improvise throughout the war is what allowed the relatively untrained and poorly supplied Continental Army to overcome the might of the British empire.

The third trait, a fatherly devotion to his men, is evident throughout Washington's military career. Though he was careful to maintain a certain distance between himself and his men in order to ensure a modicum of respect (or at least fear), he nevertheless care deeply about their well-being (Harvey, 2008, p. 39). For example, when he became the leader of the Continental Army, one of his first orders was for the men to be issued fresh bedding and food, and he organized colonial women to produce 14,000 new coats…


Harvey, R. (2008). Maverick military leaders, the extraordinary battles of washington, nelson, patton, rommel, and others. Skyhorse Pub Co Inc.

General George S Patton Jr
Words: 2065 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93135255
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Military Leadership Merits of General George S. Patton, Jr.

One aspect of cultural development which seems to be universal throughout the course of humanity's history is the innate desire of society to lionize the accomplishments of triumphant military leaders. Perhaps owing to a subconscious desire for the implicit protection provided by effectual wartime figures, nearly every civilization from the ancient Greeks to contemporary suburban Americans has placed its generals, admirals, and other military authorities on a proverbial pedestal, lauding their preternatural ability to motivate men during the heat of battle while achieving strategic victories. Among this nation's long lineage of military leaders -- which begins with George Washington's revolutionary heroics and includes famed generals like Andrew Jackson and William Tecumseh Sherman -- one of the most competent and accomplished figures to ever lead American troops on the field of battle was also considered to be among the most controversial. General…


Atkinson, R. (2007). The Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943 -- 1944 (The Liberation

Trilogy). New York, NY: Henry Holt and Company, LLC.

Axelrod, A. (2006). Patton: A Biography. London, England: Palgrave Macmillan.

Blumenson, M. (1974). The Patton Papers 1885-1940. Vol. I.

Project Management Program at George
Words: 553 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 35223912
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I was able to bring these skills with me to Johnson & Wales, where I not only became more immersed in American business culture but was able to provide a unique counterpoint in class discussions.

I have demonstrated through both my academic and professional careers that I have a strong work ethic and innate managerial talent. I have earned consistently high grades throughout my academic life. I have consistently met objectives and won the praise of my superiors during my time in the banking industry. I am persistent and precise in my approach to planning, and have demonstrated the leadership abilities to make those plans work. I feel that my combination of hard work, leadership, vision, execution and experience will make me an asset to the project management program at George Washington University.

I am pleased to have the opportunity now to attend George Washington University. I am excited that…

George Hanbury Alka Sapat and Charles Washington
Words: 728 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61073699
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George Hanbury, Alka Sapat, and Charles ashington and published in the article "Know Yourself and Take Charge of Your Own Destiny: the 'Fit Model' of Leadership," found that there is a direct correlation between the way that those in authority deal with their subordinates. There are different theories and ideas about how the correct leader for a group should be determined. One theory, the "fit model" of leadership states that people who are the best fit for a position of leadership should be the ones who are chosen to fill those roles. Fitness has to do with the knowledge that a person has of an organization or the purposes of that organization. They must have a personality as well as a psychological profile which is complimentary to the general makeup of the employees or subordinates within the given setting. It also refers to their ability to lead in a general…

Works Cited

Hanbury, G., Sapat, A., & Washington, C. (2004). Know yourself and take charge of your own destiny: the 'fit model' of leadership. Public Administration Review. 64(5). 566-76.

Washington Community 1800-1828
Words: 1663 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31796553
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Washington Community 1800 -- 1828 by James Sterling Young. Specifically it will contain a review of the book, bringing new light to the audience reading it. This is a historic look at Washington D.C. In its very earliest years, focusing on the political climate, and how it forged the fledgling city. The author, James Sterling Young, is a historian and political scientist. Currently, he serves as the director of the Program on the Presidency at the Miller Center at the University of Virginia. When he wrote the book in 1966, he was a professor at Columbia University (Editors). One of the major points of the book is how Jeffersonian politics affected Washington during his time as president through 1828. The review will also analyze the role early Washington has played on contemporary Washington.

The author's intent in writing the book is clear from the beginning. In the Preface he writes,…


Barone, Michael. "Boardinghouse Rules." U.S. News & World Report; 01/08/2001, Vol. 130 Issue 1. 21.

Editors. "James Sterling Young." Miller Center. 2010. 9 Feb. 2010.


Scherr, Arthur. "James Monroe and John Adams: An Unlikely "Friendship." The Historian 67.3 2005: 405+.

George W Bush and Condoleezza Rice Was This a Strategic Move
Words: 1715 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87427612
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George W. Bush White House [...] Bush's appointment of Condoleezza ice and her success in the George W. Bush cabinet. The Bush White House has been shedding cabinet members since re-election in November, but one member who has stayed and moved up the ranks is Secretary Condoleezza ice. She seems to be the most strategic choice to replace Colin Powell as Secretary of State, and her tenure should bring cohesiveness to the President's Cabinet that may have been lacking before.

Elected in 2000 after eight years of Democratic leadership in the White House, George W. Bush began his first term as president in January 2001. One of his first appointments was his National Security Advisor, Condoleezza ice. Dr. ice was born on November 14, 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated cum laude in political science from the University of Denver in 1974, received her Master's in 1975, and her PhD.…


Editors "Condoleezza Rice Biography." July 2004. 7 Dec. 2004.


Bush George W Bush and
Words: 1348 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15154489
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S. soldiers of the 4th Armored Infantry Division. He surrendered, spitting and cursing -- in French, reportedly." (Dale, 2003)

Somehow the president survived the recent election and many democrats have hinted that maybe the fix was in again. No matter, the president survived and his approval rating were down, they were high enough to beat Senator Kerry and the Democrats.

Date Organization Approve Disapprove No Opinion Sample Size Notes 11/7-10/04



Exiting Voters

Democracy Corps



LV (the oper Center, 2004)


Media coverage of the Bush administration has been too busy jumping from one topic to the next so there has been little overall damage to the Bush administration. When ever the situation gets too hot there seems to be a new story to take the heat off of the last one. Unlike the Monica Lewinski situation for Bill Clinton, there has yet to be a sustained…


Dale, Helle (December 17, 2003). Saddam Found. The Washington Times

The Roper Center. (n.d.). General Approval Trend for President Bush (2001-). Retrieved on November 24, 2004, at;start=HS_fullresults?pr=Bush (the Roper Center, 2004)


Mcclellan an Analysis of George
Words: 1931 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27416024
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McPherson also points out that following the Union victory at Laurel Hill, McClellan was given the responsibility of training the newly-named Army of the Potomac at Washington, D.C. Upon arriving in the city, McClellan "found no army to command, only a mere collection of regiments, perfectly raw and dispirited... " He then "took hold with a firm hand to reorganize and train these troops" which demonstrates his excellent skills as an organizer and administrator, two very important traits for a general. In response, national newspapers hailed McClellan as "the man to save his country... And talked of him as the next President." This praise "went to his head and came to regard himself" as a master over Lincoln and every other high-ranking military officer. McPherson refers to this as McClellan's "Messiah complex" which seems quite accurate, especially since McClellan said to Lincoln that "I can do it all" in…


George McClellan." (2007). Internet. Retrieved April 14, 2008 at

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New York: McGraw-Hill Companies.

Incumbent Republican President George W
Words: 1501 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87320200
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"The amazing disappearing budget." CNNMoney. 26 Jan 2004. Retrieved online 12 Nov, 2004.

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Kerry: Bush's Iraq Policy has endangered U.S.." 21 Sept 2004. Retrieved online 12 Nov 2004.

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Sanchez, Marcela. "Morality Justifies Bush policy." 5 Nov 2004. Retrieved online 12 Nov 2004.

Transcript: First Presidential Debate." 30 Sept. 2004. From FDCH E-Media, reproduced on ashington Retrieved online 12 Nov…

Works Cited

Academics Slam Bush Policy." 13 Oct 2004. Retrieved online 12 Nov 2004.,2-10-1665_1604185,00.html .

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Gongloff, Mark. "The amazing disappearing budget." CNNMoney. 26 Jan 2004. Retrieved online 12 Nov, 2004. .

Inspiration for Apple Computers George
Words: 1519 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61550091
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"The rumor claiming that the commercial almost never aired is true," said Clow ( Apple board "demanded that it not be aired," Clow goes on, but Apple CEO Steve Jobs insisted that it be played, and so it was. Clow says that this commercial wasn't just a parody of Nineteen Eighty-Four; "one could almost interpret this commercial as a bleak commentary on society," he writes. It shocked the "PC world into paying a little more attention to their competitors in their field," Clow asserts.

In conclusion, TV Guide called the Apple commercial "the greatest commercial of all time," according to CNN. And while Orwell's book isn't the greatest by any means, it has created an endless number of allusions and references, including the phrase "Big Brother," who, unfortunately, is with us today far more than most of us probably realize.

orks Cited

Clow, Lee. "Lee Clow: His Masterpiece." Chiat/Day Advertising.…

Works Cited

Clow, Lee. "Lee Clow: His Masterpiece." Chiat/Day Advertising. Retrieved Nov. 28, 2007, at .

Leopold, Todd. "Why 2006 isn't like '1984'." Cable News Network / Retrieved Nov. 28, 2007, at

Orwell, George. Nineteen Eighty-Four. New York: Plume / Penguin Group, 2003.

Cult of the Presidency George
Words: 1070 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 32989999
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Even if this were a philosophical correction to the varying degrees of utilitarianism we have seen in the 20th century, the simple fact is that Constitution has never defined the job of the President in the way it has been exemplified in modern times. Even Barry Goldwater, seen as a Hawk and a warmonger, commenting on this type of presidential job description: "This is nothing less than the totalitarian philosophy that the end justifies the means…. If there ever was a philosophy of government totally at war with that of the Founding Fathers, it is this one" (120).

How do we reconcile this reverence and responsibility for the American President with the cynicism, suspicion and apathy many Americans have about politics? Certainly, the consequences of the 1980s and the decade of greed enter into the calculation, as does the President who resigned while insisting "I am not a crook." Healy…

We may love to hear that a single candidate can restore American greatness -- if it was ever lost; that a candidate can turn around the economy by signing a few bills; or that a single president can change the geopolitical face of the globe -- but it simply isn't so. Instead, "a truly heroic president is one who appreciates the virtues of restraint- who is bold enough to act when action is necessary, yet wise enough, humble enough to refuse powers he out not have." Is this possible -- certainly, but until the American citizenry demands it, it cannot ever be.


Healy, G. The Cult of the Presidency. Washington, DC: The Cato Institute, 2008.

Consecutive Executive George W Obama
Words: 4436 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Methodology Chapter Paper #: 7688432
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Kant was no exception to the paradigmatic priorities (i.e. objectivity as knowledge) of the era, and brief reference to the episteme is serves accuracy in discursive analysis of this heritage within American politics and policy thought. For instance, Kant's Critique of Judgment is enormously influential in establishing a connection between judgment and political and moral precepts to conduct in communities. Intellectual lineage to Kant's model of Enlightenment 'reason" combines ritish Empiricism with Continental Rationalism; and partly explains why his philosophical proposition that the existence of persistent war against non-liberal states is a requirement to perpetual peace is reiterated in scholarly expiation since the Enlightenment period, making Perpetual Theory of War as lasting as seminal reference (ehnke, 2009, Caranti, 2006 and Murray, 2003). Discourse Analysis toward the study's cause-and-effect analysis is derived from speeches and interviews taken from the ush administration in Table 1.

Table 1

President ush -- Speeches and…


Behnke, a. (2009). Eternal Peace, Perpetual War? A Critical Investigation into Kant's Conceptualisation of War. Conference Papers -- International Studies Association, 1-18.

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Paintbrush & Peacepipe The Story of George
Words: 2793 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78604923
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Paintbrush & Peacepipe: The Story of George Catlin, and George Catlin and the Old Frontier

Two books, Paintbrush & Peacepipe: The Story of George Catlin, by Anne Rockwell and George Catlin and the Old Frontier, by Harold McCracken, cover almost exactly the same subject matter and differ most significantly in tone and style according to the vastly different audiences to which each is directed.

The first book, Paintbrush and Peacepipe, 86 small pages in length, with 8 brief chapters and 15 illustrations, is written for children. By comparison, the second book, George Catlin and the Old Frontier, with its 209 oversized pages might seem a vastly superior presentation of George Catlin's biography. The artbook format of McCracken's work, with its 36 color and 118 black and white illustrations, is far more authoritative and detailed in its representation of the scope of Catlin's art. Yet, Paintbrush & Peacepipe, in it's minimalist…

Works Cited

McCracken, Harold. George Catlin and the Old Frontier. New York: Bonanza Books, 1959.

Rockwell, Anne. Paintbrush & Peacepipe: The Story of George Catlin. New York: Atheneum, 1971.

Art Museum Review the George
Words: 646 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8690500
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Splashes of color like red and several shades of blue are added to the collage in a "dragonfly, wing-like" formation. A cutout photograph of a boy is pasted on the "wing" of a lighter shade of blue, perhaps to note a sense of calm to his surroundings.

The Hawkins' exhibit will consist of 80 objects, a retrospective of his nearly a quarter of a century career. The work is described as "at its core, about the pleasure of intense looking." Third mind is described as referring to another piece of Hawkins' work, "ichard Hawkins: Of two minds simultaneously," which means to be undecided, uncertain or unsure, the description states. Hawkins is aware of the duplicity that this body of work creates, which is stated to be intentional.

The Art Institute of Chicago was founded in 1879 as a school and museum. The museum holds art from African-American artists to silk…


1. The Art Institute of Chicago. "The Art Institute of Chicago: Exhibitions." 2 December 2010 the Art Institute of Chicago 2010. .

2. The Art Institute of Chicago. "The Art Institute of Chicago: Exhibitions." 2 December 2010. The Art Institute of Chicago 2010. .

3. George Eastman House. "Current Exhibitions • George Eastman House." 2 December 2010. George Eastman House 2000-2010. .

4. George Eastman House. "Photographs by Jessica Lange • George Eastman House." 2 December 2010. George Eastman House 2000-2010. .

Aid President George W Bush in Policy
Words: 5641 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99905017
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aid President George W. ush in policy formulation. It is an all-inclusive paper dealing with a wide range of issues such as the American economy in general- discussing issues such as budget deficits, tax cuts, medical assistance and benefits for retired people, the weakening American dollar, allocations for the military, intelligence and homeland security, job growth and the regime and policies of free trade. With regards to security, it features the recent American initiate on the war on terrorism. The issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and nuclear proliferation are discussed quite at length.

Another aspect listed in the paper is the 'future', as it was viewed from the era of the Vietnam War. The relevance of the cold war is also outlined as a great American victory. Compelling issues such as the role of oil, OPEC, the Middle East and the socio-political and economic situation after the incidents…


Bush's tax cut' Retrieved from; Accessed on March 5, 2004

Economy: Job Creation' Retrieved from;  Accessed on March 5, 2004

Big Brother Among Us George
Words: 2108 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31229773
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Everyone is under suspicion, according to the eye of the camera. Everyone is treated as if they are a likely criminal. This has a negative psychological affect on the general population who are not criminals.

For those who are not criminals, they feel as if their privacy is being invaded for no reason. They are reduced to being under suspicion and scrutinized even though they are upstanding citizens. They feel as if they are being treated as a criminal and that their freedoms are being slowly eaten away one by one. More and more the general population expresses concerns about the trend toward and Orwellian world. The telescreens in Orwell's world broadcast propaganda and continually exaggerated positive production numbers and lied about the failing state of the economy. The telescreens made the economy sound like a growth economy, when it was slowly slipping away, sound familiar?

In Orwell's novel, inston…

Works Cited

Froomkin, D. Obama Hasn't Entirely Abandoned the Bush Playbook. February 18, 2009. the

Washington Post. <  >. Accessed December 6, 2010.

London Evening Standard. George Orwell, Big Brother is watching your house. March 31, 2007.

<  > . Accessed December 5, 2010.

Special Interests Washington Lobbyists Influence and Money
Words: 1415 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71948516
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Special Interests

Washington lobbyists, influence, and money are concatenate forces in the current political dynamic. The 2008 election cycle saw Barack Obama spend in excess of 730 million on his run for the Presidency. John McCain was seemingly dwarfed, spending only 333 million" ( N.D. 1). The spending however was only a portion of the 5.2 billion spent nationally in the 2008 election cycles ( N.D. 1). Further, the situation seems to be accelerating. In 2010, a midterm election year when political spending tends to wane, the election cycle proved "the most expensive in history, with a total cost that is now expected to equal roughly $4 billion" (Kurtzleben 2010, 1) This figure will be seemingly insignificant to the 2012 election spending, which according to Bill Holman, government affairs lobbyist with Public Citizen, could be as much as $8 billion" (Gorenstein, 2011, 1).

The growing ubiquity of money in the…


ABC News. January 21, 2009. President Obama Sets Rules on Ethics and Transparency.

ABC News. Retrieved May 6, 2011 from

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Barnes, James. March 21, 2009. Who Will Win Who Will lose? National

Colorado and Washington Have Legalized
Words: 2049 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29711138
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With the exception of Washington and Colorado, U.S. laws forbid the possession of even small amounts of marijuana, whereas Netherlands has been entertaining a liberal policy for two decades. In this light, Americans would be expected to have a small rate of marijuana usage, while the Dutch due to their expanded availability of cannabis, should have an increased rate of usage. The empirical evidence to support these conclusions, though, is scant.

Dutch drug policy may appear radical, but let there be no misunderstanding, their laws state clearly that marijuana is illegal. In 1976, it had been decided to take the course of de-penalization, a formal non-enforcement policy for offences involving possession of up to 30 grams, and this quantity limit was dropped to 5 grams in 1995. During the 1980s the de facto legalization started, with the inauguration of small retail outlets known as coffee shops that were allowed to…


Cohen, Peter J. Medical Marijuana, Compassionate Use, and Public Policy: Expert Opinion or Vox Populi? (2006, May-June). The Hastings Center Report, Vol. 36, No. 3

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Pew Research Center. Majority Now Supports Legalizing Marijuana. (2013, April)

Mount Rainier Washington Is One
Words: 1730 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 44451390
Read Full Paper  ❯>.

"Historical Notes - Vancouver's Voyage." 7-14 December 1929. Mount ainier Nature Notes. .

"Mount ainier Volcanic Hazards eponse Plan." July 2009. .

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"Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan." August 2006. Pierce County Washington. .

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Duncan and Burns. The National Parks: America's Best Idea. New York: Knopf, 2009.

Caldecott Winners George Judith and
Words: 978 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 18011902
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Juvenile audience.

Kitten thinks the full moon is a bowl of milk. She goes through a series of misadventures trying to reach it, ending in disappointment. A change in fortune leaves Kitten not with her original goal, but with something equally satisfying.

-Stark and thick-lined illustrations that nonetheless contain enormous detail

-Excitement turned to disappointment turned to satisfaction -- excellent emotional journey for young readers

-Demonstrates ambition and willingness to work to achieve goals

Write a story about what you think the moon is made of Draw a picture of the moon made of this substance

Share a time when you were disappointed -- how did it end?

With a partner/team, come up with a way to reach the moon

Bring your favorite drink to class and explain why you like it so much

Wiesner, David. Flotsam. New York: Clarion, 2006.

ISBN: 0618194576 1428702067, 39 pages, color illustrations, Caldecott Medal,…

Movie Peaceful Warrior Character Socrates Played
Words: 1578 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41177939
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movie Peaceful Warrior, character "Socrates" ( played Nick Nolte) "There's greater purpose service

Servant Leadership model- leadership style of George Washington

Some people believe that leaders have the ability to lead from the time of birth. This could be true; however, not necessarily the reality on the ground. Additionally, there are different types of leaders depending on their leading requirements and personal attributes. There are dictatorial leaders, directing and commanding leaders, as well as, serving leaders. In description, servant-leadership is leadership, which is a way of being in relationship with others. It seeks to involve and incorporate the followers or employees at all levels in decision-making, strongly adhering to ethical and caring behavior, hence enhances the individual growth of all followers or workers and their performance in the work place. As a young man, President George Washington exhibited admiration of rules and wanted to be a gentle man, this is…


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GWU Unionization
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GWU Unionization

Part-Time Faculty Unionization Efforts

At the George Washington University, part-time unionization efforts were sped up when the matter was taken up to the National Labor elations Board by Service Employees International Union, Local 500 through filing a petition. The petition is for the Service Employees to represent most part-time and regular part-time faculty at the George Washington University after they were able to muster enough support and obtained sufficient signatures from the concerned part-time faculty. The minimum requirement for qualifying to hold elections was met with the Service Employees gathering about 30% support from the part-time faculty that was present and scheduled to teach in the Spring semester of 2004. The Service Employees demanded fair elections to be held for the concerned party and through a democratic way a decision should be obtained whether the part-time faculty wants the Service Employees to represent them or not.

For the…


(1) Donald R. Lehman, LETTER TO ACADEMIC DEANS: Unionization In The Classroom: GW's Response To Organizing Part-Time Faculty [online website] Available from:  [Accessed on: 06/09/2005]




America was finding its footing, Americans were finding their identity. The spark of revolution trickled down the vine where three men decided to take arms. One took arms by defending the country against the British and securing the role of president of a new country. A second took pen and wrote to inspire the reluctant to declare independence from an unfair Britain. A third took brush and art to establish a painted history of the American revolution along with the first museums to showcase them in.Three notable figures, George Washington, Charles Willson Peale, and Thomas Paine became some of the most influential men of their time.

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 or February 11, 1731 and died December 14, 1799. He was alive during the time of the American evolution and played a pivotal role in America's victory over Great Britain.He became the first President of the…


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Baron Von Steuben
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aron Von Steuben was known as Friedrich Wilhelm Augustus von Steuben in America, and as Friedrich Wilhelm August Heinrich Ferdinand, which was the name, he called himself in later years. He was born in Magdeburg fortress in 1730. At the age of ten, he returned to Germany and at the age of 17 he had joined the Infantry unit of the Prussian Army. aron von Steuben, was new to the Revolutionary cause in America, and as a result was able to witness several shortcomings of discipline in the military and identify the causes for it.1 His progress was steady and he served as an officer in the Seven Years War and was later promoted to the General Staff that would be posted to Russia often. Fredrick the Great was impressed with the young aron von Steuben and assigned him to his own headquarters. The experiences the young officer gained with…


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1776 Was the Year of
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Historians and scholars maintain that had that decision not been made, the war would have a mute point. But as history indicates, not only did ashington strike a decisive victory at Hessians, he then had another victory shortly thereafter at Princeton. ith the extension of enlistments by many soldiers and ashington's decision to spend the winter in Morristown New Jersey, the British had no choice but to withdraw (Billias 1969, p. 123).

ashington's delegation of the fortification of New York to Charles Lee was seen as a serious mistake by many. hat contributed to this decision was Congress' insistence that the gateway to the Hudson River be defended despite the problems that defensibility presented. Another contributing factor was the need for additional troop to bolter efforts in Quebec. Because of the broad and increasing threat levels, internal friction between regions erupted as well as the spread of dysentery, smallpox and…

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Leaders Are Made Not Born
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In his Pulitzer Prize winning biography, His Excellency George ashington, Joseph J. Ellis presents a balanced and comprehensive portrait on the nation's first president that steers a course between hero-worship and debunking. He based his work on the latest edition of the ashington papers, which now include virtually every scrap of written information available except for his last three years as commander of the Continental Army and the second presidential term in 1793-97. For many modern readers, ashington comes across as a cold, distant, patriarchal figure, an iconic face on Mount Rushmore or the dollar bill, but not exactly a people's president like Abraham Lincoln. At the opposite extreme, Leftist and revisionist writers regard him as the creator of a nation that "was imperialistic, racist, elitist, and patriarchal," and prefer to write social history about women, slaves and common soldiers rather than the dead, white male ruling class (Ellis,…


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Top 5 Presidents of the
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4. Theodore Roosevelt

A lion of a president and a bulldog of a man, I see him as courageous, moral, upright, and staunch. Roosevelt is famed for his many achievements, but the oen that I consider most important is his fight against the economic corruption and greedy businessmen of his country. Few presidents dared to oppose powerful capitalists who, in many ways held the country in the palms of their hands. Roosevelt was not afraid to oppose them. His endeavors in this area included busting hugely competitive businesses that were engaging in corruption to further their ends and earnest regulation of businesses.

Roosevelt is also well-known for his leadership of the Progressive Movement and for his founding the conservation movement as well as for imbuing Americans with a love for sports and exercise in the American nation.

Roosevelt was a man of many talents: naturalist, hunter, explorer, author, and soldier…


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Three Most Significant People Since 1865
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people in American history. Specifically it will discuss the three most significant people in American History since 1865: George Washington Carver, Shirley Chisholm, and Thurgood Marshall, and tell why they are significant and how they affected the course of U.S. history. Each of these three individuals was extremely important to American history. Black, driven, and significant, they helped change the course of education and agriculture, politics, and criminal justice, and they live on today as heroes of the Black community. They show that anyone can make a difference in American society, and that hard work and dedication really do pay off, for individuals, and for society.

Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm was born on November 30, 1924, in Brooklyn, New York. Her mother and father were both Caribbean, and moved to New York a few years before Chisholm was born. She was the oldest of three daughters. Her mother, uby,…


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Military Participation of African-Americans Especially
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His plan to create a black regiment in the South failed, but black regiments were created during the war, and some of them were vital to certain battles and victories.

Perhaps the most notable black regiment formed during the war was the 1st hode Island egiment, which has become legendary in the fight for freedom. Colonel Christopher Greene commanded the egiment, and it was one of only three black regiments to fight during the war. In fact, many historians feel the war might have ended sooner if more regiments like the 1st hode Island had been formed and utilized. The Kaplans note, "Colonel Christopher Greene's First hode Island egiment distinguished itself for efficiency and gallantry throughout the war -- perhaps the war would have ended sooner if its example had been heeded" (Kaplan, and Kaplan 1989, 64). hode Island was unable to fill its quota of fighting men for the…


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Robert H Smith School of
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Mention of te nation's capital appears trougout as key pictures (te first picture tat appears on its ome base), as its name, its logo, and in its slogans. A bust of a confidant Wasington is featured on one of its websites. It proclaims itself to be surrounded by "te World Bank, Te International Monetary Fund, and te U.S. State Department." It is, as it wants to sow: "At te center of it all." Consequently, it sows students wo project te image and garb of smart-dressed professionals, alumni wo now work 'around te world,' and promotes itself as disseminating an image of "responsibility, passion, and globalization" troug "etical leadersip and sustainable business practices."

Far more of a formal atmospere tan Smit, GWSB takes pride in pointing out tat its alumni work in ig-profile executive positions and in Government and World Bank services. Hig-brow and sopisticated, GWSB projects itself as conservative and…  /  

Plato Week 3 Discussion Question
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In other words, all human beings, regardless of status, are equal, and a leader by virtue of his position is not 'more equal' than his fellow citizens, according to the principles of morality and the principles of democracy. What has made American leaders great is their sense of equality and fellowship with their fellow Americans, not their sense of exclusivity and superiority. Thomas Jefferson praised George Washington for refusing the offer to become America's first king. Washington instead became the first American president. Washington's integrity was pure and Washington's sense of justice was unwavering, and untainted by self-interest and bias: this was Jefferson's highest praise of our first president. Washington's integrity is so unique it even seems to contradict Glaucon's assertion in "The Ring of Gyges" that every man would be a dictator if he were given the chance. Washington rose above his baser instincts, and lived according to…

Formation of the Various States
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New states lying north of said parallel would be admitted as non-slave while those lying south would be slave.

The importance of the Missouri Compromise cannot be over-stated. It impacted the boundaries of several other states other than Missouri and led to some of the most hotly contested political debates in United States history.

Interestingly, the boundary established through the Missouri Compromise, that is, the 36?30' parallel, had actually been in use as a boundary line since early colonial days and the Missouri Compromise served to continue its use. The boundary between original thirteen colony members, Virginia and North Carolina, is the 36?30' parallel and the boundary between two of the earlier states admitted to the Union, Kentucky and Tennessee is also the 36?30' parallel.

Map depicting 36?30' parallel

The admission of Texas as a statehood was affected by the Missouri Compromise. Unlike any other state, Texas enjoyed status as…


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