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Grocery Store Essays (Examples)

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Store Design Has Been at the Forefront
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Store design has been at the forefront of marketing strategies for many years. Marketing professionals use store design to create an ambiance that creates an environment that compels people to purchase certain products or services. The purpose of this discussion is to explain how public space affects people. For the purposes of this discussion we will focus on the store design of Starbucks. Our investigation will discuss the moods, feelings and ideas that the atmosphere presents to the customers. e will also focus on how the set-up of the building affects the people in the store. Finally, we will discuss the type of people that may frequent a Starbucks coffee shop.

Let's begin our discussion by explaining some of the history behind the concept of store design.

Store Design

Some of the first experiments with store design occurred in grocery stores. According to a book entitled, The American Grocery Store:…

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Store Layout and Design Analysis
Words: 1920 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11840244
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The store uses empty space wisely by filling it with store specials, and when designs are in progress the area has a sign that tells the consumer what is coming soon. Music is non-discernable (I don't remember if there is any at all) but there is so much for the eye it is not needed. The whole store smells like baking cinnamon buns, a store specialty (offered in the Cafe and in the Bistro as you leave). This makes the place really smell like home! Every inch of the store (excluding the warehouse for utility sake) it taken up by a display of some sort and everything is pleasing to look at and dissect. Special displays, such as the "living in 480 sq ft" full home layout are fantastic and feel very complete, as if you could simply kick off your shoes and watch television or lay down and take…

C& c Grocery C& c C & C Grocery
Words: 986 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91618860
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C&C Grocery


C & C. Grocery

Do you think that the proposed reorganization will work in addressing the four problem areas identified in the case? Why will it or why won't it work?

The proposed solution is as follows: the consultants for C&C Grocery Stores, Inc. intend to unify the control over the store under a single district manager. At present, control is diffuse, and every worker in the produce department reports to a produce manager, every meat employee to the meat manager, and so forth. The consultants also hope to expand non-grocery items in inventory to improve store sales. However, this plan does not address the first, fundamental problem of C&C -- its obsolescence.

C&C does not fill any real niche in the competitive grocery market. Big box discount stores like Costco and Wal-Mart are making inroads into its core consumer demographics of budget-minded shoppers. Proposed IT changes…


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Stop & Shop Stores Stop & Shop
Words: 1828 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19979091
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Stop & Shop Stores

Stop & Shop grocery store chain is a semi-national carrier of agricultural produce and the full assortment of grocery store items. The chain has emerged as one of the primary food store chains in the country within the areas of its operation. Now considered somewhat of a gourmet food store, Stop & Shop has maintained a steady customer supply base and so far has not had any customer issues with regard to the quality of the supply chain.

According to Abelson (2006), "Stop & Shop's New England stores have just under 30% of the region's market, but well-run competitors are aggressively expanding in the region, from Hannaford's to While Foods, said Kevin Griffin, publisher of the Griffin eport of Food Marketing in Pembroke. Ahold bought Stop & Shop Supermarket Co., of Quincy, a decade ago. Today, the company is the region's largest grocer, with about 382…


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California Grocery Workers Strike the
Words: 918 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66938192
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As the UFCW president and director Shaun arclay says, "This pact fits the same pattern of their actions three years ago when they forced UFCW members and their families into the streets and disrupted shoppers for nearly five months in a grab to end meaningful health care coverage for employees."

UFCW] the pay hikes that the CEO's of these supermarkets received last year attests to their improving profitability proving that the supermarkets are crying wolf. [UFCW]

However, the situation has turned around and currently the workers are once again bargaining with the supermarket chains. Unlike three years ago, this time the Union is negotiating with the supermarkets individually. [Uprising] the plan seems to workout better for the Union. As a positive trend, the UFCW has successfully negotiated good contracts with Stater ros and Gelsons, two comparatively smaller supermarket stores. [UFCW]. If these two smaller supermarkets can do this without the…


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Tale of Two Stores Non-Verbal
Words: 378 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52733651
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" I found myself saying, "Never mind, it's clear you're too busy. I'll go next door to XYZ." She rolled her eyes and didn't attempt to stop me. Of course, I won't be going back there for a while. I look back on the experience and realize that I did give non-verbal clues, but they weren't received by the clerk. I smiled, I pointed to the items I was interested in, I kept irritation out of my voice, and I keep a cheery note in my voice. Her reactions on the other hand were very negative. She stood with her hands crossed over her chest as I took up her time, made nervous gestures, looked at her watch, and walked from one end to the counter to the other. I felt she was not receiving my non-verbal (or verbal) communication, and it was like there was a wall between us.…


Pappas, Jason. "A Tale of Two Stores." American Salesman 1 August 2003.

E-Groceries Primary Data Collection Secondary Data Collection
Words: 12291 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 50065159
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Primary Data Collection

Secondary Data Collection

Performance evaluation of the optimized supply chains

McLane e-grocery

Carrefour Ooshop e-grocery

Logistics Optimization

Structural decisions items of operations strategy in logistics

Hardware of the firm

Operational Facilities

Operational Capacity

Process technology

Supply Network

Infrastructure decision areas

Software of the organization

Planning and control


Organizational Structure

Comparison of structural and infrastructural logistical operations management decisions


Capital Investment

Globalization and Logistics Optimization

Logistical optimization models

Challenges in e-grocery Logistics

E-grocery logistical solution

Store-based order picking model

Figure: Store-based order picking model

Store-based order picking for attended goods reception

Store-based order picking for unattended goods reception

Dedicated order picking model

Figure: Dedicated order picking model

Delivery from dedicated centers for attended goods reception

Delivery from dedicated centers for unattended goods reception


E-basic needs frameworks so that organizations can get beneficial

Execution methodology

Distinctive logistical results

ecognize e-basic framework

E-basic framework

E-basic model…


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Wegman's Grocery
Words: 615 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4741703
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egman's Grocery

Establishing a particular niche within any crowded marketplace is essential for any emerging business, but this maxim of modern commerce is especially relevant in the supermarket grocery store industry, where brand loyalty and regional affinities play such a significant role in the choices made by individual consumers. The rising prevalence of online shopping, expansion by big-box wholesalers, and increasing incursions by newcomers al-Mart and Target are all factors which have combined to fracture the traditional economy for large grocers. One grocery store chain which recognized these crucial truths early in its development and adapted to position itself for lasting success is egmans Food Markets, Inc., a regional powerhouse in the Northeastern part of the United States that grew from humble beginnings to dominate the supermarket industry nearly a century after it was founded. A family-owned business, egmans adheres to a specific set of core values which guide its…

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Tasty Foods Corporation Is Wholesale Grocery Company
Words: 610 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43557337
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Tasty Foods Corporation is wholesale grocery company. Sophie is President of Tasty Foods, Will is Vice President. Uri is a government agent, likely from the USDA, who uncovered unsanitary conditions caused by Vic, a Tasty Foods Employee. Will meets with Uri and assures him that the anomalies will be immediately corrected, likely to avoid a citation. A later inspection reveals that the corrections did not take place. Sophie has not been made aware of any of these issues, nor has she been briefed by Will on his promise or lack of action.

Has an actual crime been committed? Can Tasty Foods be convicted for anything?

RULE OF LAW: Two rules of law exist when dealing with the sanitation issues of food establishment, Federal and State. The FDA does not regulate restaurants and grocery stores (, but assists in State and local agencies that do.

ANALYSIS: Without knowing the exact location…

Wal-Mart Stores Inc Nyse wmt Has
Words: 5503 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47785939
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Bargaining power of customers: Our main question here is whether al-Mart customers can walk away from buying a product at al-Mart and find it cheaper elsewhere. For the most part, the answer is no. al-Mart has built its reputation by providing products at a considerably lower price than its competitors (Is al-Mart good, 2005). Certainly, customers can try to find lower prices at other retailers; and the proliferation of the Internet also allows customers to visit several e-commerce retailers. However, al-Mart's ability to keep prices at rock-bottom, coupled with the fact that it has such dominant market share in America, means that the bargaining power of customers has been trending downward.

Bargaining power of suppliers: By most accounts, the bargaining power of suppliers is poor - al-Mart holds all the cards. If a supplier wants to sell to the U.S. retail market, it has to sell through al-Mart, given the…

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E-Groceries Feasibility Study of E-Groceries Recent Technological
Words: 6223 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33583415
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Feasibility Study of E-Groceries

ecent technological developments have seen different plans of action being actualized as it relates to e-Groceries retailing. However, challenges have limited the full realization of this aspect with the greatest hindrance has been logistics; more wasteful operation has often prompted resources being utilized on working expenditures. In this case, enhancements geared towards logistical effectiveness are seen as standouts amongst the most essential steps towards the implementation of this project. This study focuses at the feasibility of a distinctive e-grocery logistics framework and usage plan. The primary target is to study how best to actualize an e-Grocery business from the logistical perspective in order to guarantee some business success. The second target is to recognize, model, and assess diverse logistical results that could be utilized as a part of e-basic need retailing. esults for realizing more remarkable delivery proficiency are displayed and modeled.

For the realization…


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Organization Behavior ASDA Stores Business ASDA Stores
Words: 2635 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46182420
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Organization Behavior

ASDA Stores

Business ASDA

ASDA Stores is a large scale retailer in the United Kingdom. It has grown over the decades by regularly expanding its business operations all over the country. Currently, ASDA Stores is present in more than 564 locations and offers a wide array of grocery items, general merchandise, and financial services. The business operations of ASDA Stores are affected by a large number of environmental factors. These factors fall under political and governmental forces, economic forces, social, cultural, and demographical forces, technological forces, legal forces, and environmental forces. All these forces have a direct impact on the company's sales, operations, and financial performance. In order to encounter the environmental challenges and operate in the most competitive and profitable fashion, ASDA Stores has to carefully analyze these forces and design its strategic directions in the best interest of its business affairs.

The resource management practices of…


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[Accessed January 31st, 2013]

Dollar General Stores Inc Dg Is One
Words: 2216 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34272769
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Dollar General Stores Inc. DG) is one of the largest retail chains in the United States. Established in 1939, DG has been serving more than 40 markets in the country with almost 10,000 stores. The Company is headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee but has retail stores in all the major and small cities and towns of the country. In its full owned retail stores, DG sells an extremely wide variety of branded and non-branded products at the cheapest rates for the general consumers of the United States. Although the owners named the company as Dollar Inc., but most of its product offerings are costlier than one Dollar (General, 2012).

The Mission and Vision of Dollar General Stores:

The company's mission is to provide the customers all what they want in their daily life; from daily fresh food and grocery items to the top quality consumer and electronic products. The company not…


Dollar General, (2012). About Us. Retrieved on June 6th, 2012, from

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Tesco Is a Transnational Grocery and All-Purpose
Words: 3042 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2078426
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TESCO is a transnational grocery and all-purpose merchandise dealer with its headquarters in Cheshunt, United Kingdom. It is among the three largest retailers across the world, coming third after Wal-Mart and Carrefour, when measured in terms of revenues. It is also the second largest, coming second to Wal-Mart when rated in terms of profits. It is the leading grocery distributor in UK and has multiple stores in fourteen countries across Europe, Asia, and North America (Humby, Hunt & Phillips 2008, p. 17). Jack Cohen established the company in 1919, starting out as a group of market stalls. He got the name TESCO after buying a shipment of tea from T.E Stockwell, where he combined the first initials of this company with the first two letters of his last name in 1924. The business then rapidly expanded, and has grown to the position it occupies today from that small venture.



Humby, C., Hunt, T., & Phillips, T. (2003). Scoring points: How Tesco is winning customer loyalty. London, Kogan Page.

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Online Grocery Industry Is as a Competitive
Words: 460 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1100397
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online grocery industry is as a competitive a market as the brick and mortar grocery industry, maybe even more so. Many of the same competitors that operate traditional grocery establishments are also competitors in the online environment. Many of the competitors are quite adept at marketing and a competitive analysis will likely show that their brick and mortar expertise has translated well in the online environment.

Three of the most prolific competitors include alMart, Target and NetGrocer. alMart, of course is an international firm with profits of approximately $127 billion in 2013. Target is rather paltry in comparison with a total revenue (as compared to alMart's total profit) of approximately $73 billion. Even though NetGrocer has less than $1 billion in revenue it is still the fourth largest online grocer in the industry. It would seem, therefore, that the two competitors most worrisome to Amazon (who is rated as the…

Works Cited

Huang, Y.S.; Chen, S.H.; Ho, J.W.; (2013) A study on pricing and delivery strategy for e-retailing systems, Transportation Research: Part E, Vol. 59, pp. 71-84

Health Insurer

Using Business Analytics Responsibly

As members of the buying public, we understand to an extent that information about us is being bought and sold all the time. Marketers use demographic data to better target their respective messages to potential consumers. Healthcare firms use public health information in order to establish contact with to those who require information or medical outreach. And with every product we buy, we offer a greater wealth of data concerning our lifestyle habits and behavioral tendencies. Often, we do this with the expectation that our information will be handled with sensitivity and responsibility by the collecting firm or organization. This expectation is at the center of the case study outlined by Davenport & Harris. The authors describe a case in which health insurer IFA and supermarket chain Shop Sense must weigh the pros and cons of entering into a data-exchange agreement together. As the…

Works Cited:

Davenport, T.H. & Harris, J.G. (2007). The Dark Side of Customer Analytics. Harvard Business Review.

Online Store Business Concept Type
Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35663001
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Despite this array of potential benefits I also came across numerous obstacles including risk issues that encompass security and privacy concerns. With this in mind when starting my own business I'll will focus to prevent and take every precaution possible to overcome and therefore give myself advantage over the competition.

Potential customers how many have you talked to?

While attending seminars, talking to friends and meeting new people during my research I spoke to at least 30 people.

A what did you ask them?

Did you shop online? How many times? What was your experience? Were you satisfied with the transaction? Were you satisfied with the product? Why do you shop online? What products do you buy online? What website do you use when shopping online?

A what did you find out?

According to my findings, although online shopping is already a multi-billion dollar industry, electronic commerce is still in…

Vietnamese Grocery Market
Words: 1558 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 59064325
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Tesco in Vietnam


There are a number of pros to entering the Vietnamese market. First, this is a market where there are few competitors. The main competitor, Big C, is a Thai company that entered Vietnam by buying Carrefour's stores as it exited Southeast Asia[footnoteRef:1]. While many other markets in the region have multiple competitors, Vietnam really only has one. With only one major competitor, and an underdeveloped market for modern grocery distribution, Vietnam represents an opportunity to gain early mover advantage in a promising market. The familiarity with Southeast Asia will help the company to work quickly to establish itself in the Vietnamese market. Furthermore, it is easier on the logistics than either of Indonesia or Philippines, the two other major opportunities in Southeast Asia. Those are archipelagos, whereas Vietnam presents an easy market logistically, close to suppliers, and can be served with only a couple of warehouses.…

Demographic Shifts Instructions Assuming Demographic Hispanics Accurate
Words: 969 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99300560
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Demographic Shifts Instructions Assuming demographic Hispanics accurate, comment shift segmentation grocery fast food industries. For, a grocery store visit frequently 15% space dedicated Hispanics changed light

Hispanic population has been rising steadily over the last couple of years. According to demographics Hispanics will become the largest ethnic group in the coming years. With these changes, the fast food industry will have to start catering for their preferred tastes. The same will also apply in the grocery section. What this indicates is that fast food restaurants and groceries have to increase their Hispanic foods and groceries. Failure to do this would result in lost market segments and revenues. Hispanics have a different lifestyle when compared to the average American. With an increase in their numbers, a grocery store would be forced to either shut down or increase the space dedicated to Hispanics. Hispanics prefer specific foods or groceries, which are characteristics…

References  Meyer. (2012). Hispanics' Buying Power Has Retailers, CPG Companies Listening Up, from Brian Bueno. (2011). The Growing Hispanic Population Means Big Business for These 7 Sectors. Los Angeles.

Kim Piston. (2013). Why Hispanic consumers will revive the American economy, from 

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Influence of Music on Consumers
Words: 2573 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95456051
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Music on Grocery Store Shopper Habits

Marketers continuously attempt to influence shopper habits by manipulating their environment. It has been known since the early 1970s that factors such as lighting, layout, sounds, colors and temperature invoke emotional responses in consumers (Kotler, 1973). esearch has shown that the amount of time spent in a restaurant was directly related to the amount of money spent (Caldwell and Hibbert, 2002). Musical preferences were found to play a factor in the restaurant experience. However, the tempo of the music was not found to be significant (Caldwell and Hibbert, 2002). Several researchers have focused on the effects of music on consumer behavior (North, Hargreaves, and McKendrick, 1996; Yalch & Spangenberg, 1990; Milliman, 1982).

There have been two types of studies performed regarding the subject of environment and shopper behavior. The first group of studied treats the store atmosphere as a whole. Other studies focused on…


Alpert, J.L., & Alpert, M.I. (1990). Music influences on mood and purchase intentions.

Psychology & Marketing, 7, 109-133.

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Management Part I The Biggest
Words: 1848 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12591157
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(Bhatnagar, 2004)



The following Decentralization orksheet contains some observations on decentralizing. As you review each of the statements, provide an example that illustrates why this statement is important and related problems and benefits of the situation or condition indicated in the statement. SELECT ANY 2 Decentralization orksheet: A large number of factors determine the extent to which a manager should decentralize. Clearly, anything that increases a manager's workload creates pressure for decentralization because only a single person can accomplish a finite level of work. As with many facets of management, there are advantages and disadvantages to decentralization.


The greater the diversity of products, the greater the decentralization.

An organization, such as a national supermarket chain, that sells a diversity of products will benefit from decentralization because decentralization allows local and regional managers to tailor the selection of goods to the specific market -- and also prevents…

Works Cited

Bhatnagar, Parija (17 Nov 2004) "The Kmart-Sears Deal." CNN/Money. Retrieved 20 Jan 2005 at  

Can Publix Change With the Times
Words: 911 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76009302
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organization's innovation strategy. Use publicly information, including Securities Exchanges Commission filings. Choose organization introducing products services. (You grocery store chain -- Publix.

Changes at Publix:

Pioneering a change innovation strategy in the grocery business

The grocery store industry is at a crossroads. Consumers are demanding more choice and product options than ever before. However, it is increasingly difficult for a company to remain 'in the black' in the industry using a high-volume, low-profit margin sales approach. Wal-Mart and many other big box stores like Costco are selling goods at equally low prices as major supermarket chains. Some grocery stores such as Whole Foods use a differentiation strategy to cope with this challenge. Whole Foods stocks organic, international, and other specialty items such as gluten-free products. Publix, in contrast, is part of a larger supermarket retail landscape with a relatively generic profile. This could prove to be troublesome in the future.…


Joseph, D. (2009). Supermarket strategies: What's new at the grocer? BusinessWeek. Retrieved from: 

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Solomon, B. (2013). The Wal-Mart slayer. Forbes. Retrieved from:

Industry Strategic Employment and Compensation Analysis
Words: 1497 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26237958
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Retail Grocery: Industry Strategic Employment and Compensation Analysis

An Analysis of Ukrop's Super Markets

Although Piggly iggly was the first self-service store opened in 1916, the first supermarket to open was King Kullen Grocery Company in New York in 1930 (Food Marketing Institute 2004). Today, though, there are over 69,461 supermarkets competing nationally for a share of the American consumer food dollar. In Central Virginia, Ukrop's Super Markets have achieved a degree of success by focusing on providing busy consumers with a wide range of prepared foods, in-store cafes, full-service pharmacies and a prohibition on alcohol sales. This paper will provide an overview of Ukrop's Super Markets and the sector within the North American Industry Classification System in which they compete. An analysis of the number of establishments within the sector, the average payroll and average number of employees will be followed by an assessment of the types of benefits…

Works Cited

About Ukrop's. (2003). Ukrop's Super Markets. Available:

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Economic Census: NAICS 445110. (1997). U.S. Census Bureau. Available: epcd/ec97/industry/E445110.HTM.

Fisher, E. (October 26, 1998). Ukrop's Chain Plans Statewide Campaign. The Washington Times, 11.

Borderless Society the Impact of a Borderless
Words: 1383 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22608236
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Borderless Society

The Impact of a Borderless Society

Because of technology and the way in which society has evolved, people currently live in a world where there are virtually no geographic boundaries (Time, 2006). Goods and services can be transmitted anywhere, and people from all over the world can talk to one another via the internet and cell phones quickly and easily in real time. Even the food that is consumed by most people comes from places far away from them (Kloppenburg, et al., 1996). They have fresh fruit in cold weather areas of the United States in December, for example, and that fruit has to come from somewhere else. It is not possible to grow peaches in South Dakota in January, so there is no way that fruit is local. It had to be grown somewhere warm, picked, packed up, and shipped elsewhere. While there is nothing actually wrong…


Kloppenburg, J. Jr., Hendrickson, J., & Stevenson, G.W. (1996). Coming in to the foodshed. Agriculture and Human Values 13(3): 33-42

Time (2006). Local-Food Movement: The Lure of the 100-Mile Diet. Retrieved from,9171,1200783,00.html #ixzz1wCS2WC46

Civil Rights Historical Journal Entry Tonight I
Words: 954 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40502042
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Civil ights Historical Journal Entry

Tonight I awoke to the unmistakable sounds of long restrained rage being freed from its cage. My neighbors are in the street below the grocery store I've owned for nearly two decades, decent folks who are simply trying to earn a living and raise their families the right way. While most of them are Black, and have been since the bigoted practice of "blockbusting" drove most of the Whites to migrate en masse from the neighborhood of Watts (Simpson, 2012), these people are my neighbors, and in most cases, my dear friends. Tonight though, they have become an angry mob growing larger by the minute, a constellation of fierce eyes flashing amidst the darkness, orbiting slowly around a police car, the White cop driving it, and the young Black man he is trying to arrest. As the screams and shouts become more pitched, and the…


Reitman, V., & Landsberg, M. (2005, August 11). Watts riots, 40 years later. The Los Angeles Times. Retrieved from,0,673501.story 

Simpson, K. (2012, February 15). The great migration: Creating a new black identity in los angeles. KCET Connected, Retrieved from - creating-a-new-black-identity.html

Terrorism Convergence Between Terrorism Organized Crimes in
Words: 3267 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 46580878
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Terrorism: Convergence Between Terrorism Organized Crimes in Mexico

Assessment eport for Marceline

Demographic Information

D.O.B. 1/10/1993

123 Crawford Lane



Sex: Female

Phone: +54-675 5545

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Presenting Problem or eason for eferral

Marceline is a 19yr old that is self-referred, with a 26-month-old male child. Marceline is very frustrated with her child and her boyfriend, Leon, for whom she is seeking counseling. Marceline's frustration with her child is making her think of giving him off to her mother-in-law. M reports feeling frustrated, uses alcohol and other substances to calm her nerves, is miserable from her job loss four months ago, and mounting bills. M also indicates to be confused on to stay with Leone her current live in boyfriend or gets back to her husband Michael the father to Michael Junior. She also indicates to be depressed with suicidal thoughts, which she overcomes with alcohol and substance abuse.…


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Product Planning
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Fresh Direct

Product planning

FreshDirect: A unique opportunity

Consumers today are busy -- often so busy they do not have time to shop. Grocery shopping is time-consuming, especially after work. Getting to the store, parking, navigating the aisles (especially with small children) and checking out -- not most consumers' idea of a fun evening. FreshDirect offers a great solution: online shopping. With a few clicks of a mouse, and for a small fee, the chore of grocery shopping is accomplished with great ease for the consumer. There is no need to even carry heavy shopping bags to the car.

Consumers are health-conscious and want to improve the quality of their lives by cooking at home more and eating out less. However, it is easy to grab takeout rather than grocery shop because of the pressures surrounding the chore of shopping. FreshDirect ensures that healthy foods are waiting on the customer's…


FreshDirect. (2012). Official Website. Retrieved:

Hispanic Demographics Assuming Demographic Growth Hispanic Population
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Hispanic Demographics

Assuming demographic growth Hispanic population United States accurate, comment shift marketing segmentation grocery fast food industries. For, a grocery store 15% space dedicated Hispanics changed light demographic research? Be current key demographic lifestyle facts statistics markets consumers.

Assuming the demographic changes about the growth of the Hispanic population in the United States are accurate, comment on how this shift changes the marketing segmentation in the grocery and fast food industries. For example, if a grocery store currently has about 15% of its space dedicated to Hispanics should that be changed now in light of the demographic research?

The Hispanic market is currently one of the fastest-growth market segments of any demographic within the United States. According to a 2012 Nielsen report, "Hispanics are the fastest growing ethnic segment expected to grow 167% from 2010 to 2050, compared to 42% for the total population" (Llopis 2013:1). The report also…


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Generational Conflict and Adult Decision-Making
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Distinctly from John Updike's teenage character Sammy in his short story "A&P," who realizes he has just become an adult; Connie as suddenly realizes she feels like a kid again. Now she wishes the family she usually hates having around could protect her. The actions of the fearsome Arnold, are foreshadowed early on, when he warns Connie, the night before, after first noticing her outside a drive-in restaurant: "Gonna get you, baby" (paragraph 7). From then on, Arnold's quest to "get" Connie feels, to Connie and the reader, in its dangerous intensity, much like the predatory evilness of malevolent fairy tale characters, e.g., the Big Bad olf, or the evil stepmothers (and/or stepsisters) that fix on Snow hite, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and other innocent young female characters as prey. And Connie at the end of "here Are You Going, here Have You Been" wishes, like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow…

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Globalization Has Changed the Face
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Ironically, only 1% of the world's fresh water is readily accessible for direct human use. Translated into something we can understand readily: one American taking a 5-minute shower uses more water than the typical person living in a developing country slum uses in an entire day -- and most Americans take far longer than 5-minute showers. This is a crisis that must be addressed, if it is not, over the next two decades the average supply of water per person will drop by over 30%, condemning millions of people and animals to death (Atlas of a Thirsty Planet).

This assignment opened my eyes to a new way of looking at food -- I will be unable to go into a grocery store and look at rows and rows of perfect fruits and vegetables; knowing that half are thrown out while people starve. In the same manner, knowing that each American…

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Interpersonal Real World Interpersonal Issues
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2008). The actual task of monitoring shrinkage on a daily basis in the produce department is generally given to entry-level employees, and positive encouragement in this task as well as clearly defining the task and using other effective communication techniques can ensure that these employees appreciate the importance of completing this task efficiently and accurately (Papa et al. 2008). Without strong interpersonal communication, this task would not be properly completed.

Customer Interactions

There are several reasons that properly completing the task of produce shrinking is important. The sale of past-prime fruits and vegetables could be incredibly harmful to the health of a store's customers, and is in fact illegal because of this. In addition, the company does not wish to earn itself a reputation of selling sub-par produce, and even when fruits and vegetables have not reached a point of true spoilage -- where they have begun to rot and…


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Duties of Different Types of
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Naturally, there is also some overlap because some legal duties (such as the duty not to sell or serve spoiled food) would also be ethical duties irrespective of legal issues. Others, (such as specific refrigerator temperature requirements) would not necessarily also correspond to ethical duties if the purpose of the law (i.e. avoiding food spoilage) could be accomplished even at slightly higher temperatures. In theory, organizations have no ethical duty not to discriminate by race (etc.) unless those duties are defined by law. However, a very strong argument could be made that there is indeed an ethical duty to treat people equally even without any such laws specifically mandating it.

Legal and Ethical Duties of Hospitals

Hospitals have both extensive statutory and ethical duties that go far beyond those of less essential or less important services such as grocery stores and restaurants (Judson & Hicks, 2003). Hospitals (and all healthcare…


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West Legal Studies.

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Factors Affecting Marketing Strategy
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Marketing Strategy

The house brand product in question here will be Archer Farms ice cream. Archer Farms is Target's house brand used for a number of different food products. For the sake of argument, we will assume that Archer Farms ice cream is quite good and Target thinks that there might be some merit to selling it beyond their own stores. The brand does not receive its own marketing at this point -- it has no website, for example, and its Facebook page is a community page not run by the company. There is no disassociation between Archer Farms and Target at this point. This paper will examine how this market strategy might be undertaken.


McNamara (2014) notes that involvement in the marketing context refers to "how much time, thought, energy and other resources people devote to the purchase process." Ice cream is a low involvement product based on…


Akdeniz, M., Calantone, R. & Voorhees, C. (2013). Signaling quality: An examination of the effects of marketing -- and nonmarketing -- controlled signals on perceptions of automotive brand quality. Journal of Product Innovation Management.

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Staff a Warehouse During the Summer When
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staff a warehouse during the summer when there are employee shortages caused by higher than usual vacations and sick days. In the past, replacement works have been difficult to come by. Most likely causes include the low base pay of only $6 per hour with the necessity to pay union dues and purchase costly steel-toed boots and the requirement for these workers to be on-call for two shifts without any guarantee of minimum hours. For Reed to be more successful with staffing issues in the summer, he will need to take several steps to address these problems.

For starters, Blue Grocery Stores should consider an upward adjustment in hourly pay. Employers should expect to pay a premium for workers that are willing to be on call and that receive no benefits. Based on the current minimum wage, it appears that doubling the hourly rate to $12 would be reasonable.…

Consumer Behavior and puffed rice
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For the purpose of noting buyer behavior, I visited a neighborhood grocery store named ‘Redner’s Warehouse’, one of a chain of popular outlets in my locality. One can find a couple of these outlets on the very same highway, attached to petrol pumps. I elected to observe the behavior of buyers along two aisles in the outlet: the baking and frozen vegetable aisles. Simply staring at buyers is weird and, thus, I selected aisles where I actually had products to buy and could discreetly observe fellow buyers. My aim was noting variations in buyer behavior for diverse goods, besides variations in buyers themselves. For achieving more superior results, I chose to visit the store twice, on a weekday (Wednesday) and on a Sunday, during noon time. During the weekday visit, I found few buyers in for purchase, while on my weekend visit, the store was certainly packed with more…

Assessment and Diagnosis
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The relevance of maintaining healthy communities cannot be overstated. In basic terms, communities should be designed and maintained in a way that promotes the well-being of their inhabitants. In so doing, such communities could end up realizing not only the economic but also the social benefits of a happier, healthier, and more productive society. There is therefore a need to assess and diagnose the key health problems specific to various communities. This way, lasting and innovative solutions can be sought and implemented to rein in the identified health problems.


For this particular assignment, I will concern myself with North Las Vegas which also happens to be one of the largest cities in Nevada. In terms of governance, the city falls under the administration of a mayor who is assisted in this role by four members of the council. When it comes to city life, it is important to…


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Industry With Which I Have
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I think that proper networking and research on who is making quality products, and finding a vendor with a good track record of customer satisfaction would be crucial in getting a positive consumer reaction.


Networking is invaluable when you do not miss opportunities that are available just from people talking about your product. Some of the smaller stores are involved in fairs and events where products can be introduced to the public without the burden of larger brand name competition.

Additionally, my variety of personal strengths will help me succeed when I launch my new business. I am not intimidated by the possibility that my business might fail. I know that I will work very hard to make my business successful, and if the business is not successful, I will know that I would have done everything possible to make the business succeed.

I am not afraid or intimidated…


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Organizational Behavior Faithhighway Inc Faithhighway
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Another internal factor that affects the O'Connell High School are the customer demands, in which in the school's case, the customers are the students. O'Connell High School satisfies everything that students and their parents would want in an education. Aside from the low tuition fee and quality education that the school offers, it also reinforces learning to students and to anyone who wishes to gain more knowledge through community education. This is done through evening and weekend classes and a variety of non-credit courses. Thus, these positive internal factors of good opportunities given to students, O'Connell High Schools organization behavior is influenced.

estructuring is another internal factor that positively impacts the organizational behavior of the school. Despite of the closing of the school in school year 2003-2004, the school is now back in pursuing its missions and objectives. It has restructured its curriculum, expanding through more educational degrees that are…


O'Connell High School.

Retrieved on September 01, 2005, from Online. Web site:

Customer Materials.

Window Survey
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Like many of the small towns throughout the United States, Mooresville offers a variety of residents. The groups that were observed during the window survey includes a lot of young and middle-aged families with a mixture of grandparents who seem to be the primary caregivers for their grandchildren (at least they seemed that way). A lot of the individuals seemed to be overweight, and even obese, in their physical stature. esearch shows that many of the citizens are employed and the types of jobs that are prevalent in the town are management and professional jobs at 19.5%, service occupations at 11.9% and sales and office workers at 13.9%. Other male prevalent jobs are construction, extraction and maintenance at 27.6%. Female job occupations include management and professional at 28.5% with an additional 40.5% in sales and office work as well as 17.6% in service occupations.

The physical environment of the…

References Continued

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Business Management Issues 1a Pretend
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He taught me that any type of honest work is respectable and that a conscientious, honest, and hard-working bus driver or trash collector deserves more respect than a lazy or dishonest doctor or lawyer.

I have tried to apply that principle to every part-time job that I have ever had and I discovered that even menial labor is much more satisfying when you make a conscientious effort and try to do it to the best of your ability. It seems that even simple tasks can be psychologically rewarding when one solves problems and achieves a specific goal, regardless of the particular nature of the work itself. This is something that I learned the hard way after making less than a full effort at a relatively easy job. In some respects, I think I had trouble taking it seriously because I considered the work "beneath" me and unchallenging. Ironically, I did…

Borderless Society Imagine Finding Out Where One's
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Borderless Society

Imagine finding out where one's food originated? Would someone continue to eat at the same location? How an individual go about eating what is available to a person locally or worldwide as a result of his or her research? Is globalization positive, negative or both? As a result of this study, one will decide how he or she will eat as a result of learning where food instigates.

For breakfast, one would have a banana, biscuit and gravy and orange juice. In regards to lunch, I had a quarter pounder cheeseburger, fries and sprite. The meat originates from Australia, New Zealand or the United States and it is frozen (McDonald's, 2011). In regards to the fries, they are from U.S. potatoes (Associated Press, 2009). With the soft drink or sprite, this came from the company of Coca Cola in the United States. However, my orange juice comes from…


Associated Press. (2009, September 9). McDonald's the holy grail for potatoe farmers. Retrieved April 8, 2011, from MSNBC: -


McDonald's. (2011). Meats. Retrieved April 8, 2011, from McDonald's:

Nixon's Speech This Is a
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C. with interest 4 1/2 per cent.

To further arouse compassion, he includes the personal detail about his parents:

"I owe $3,500 to my parents and the interest on that loan which I pay regularly, because it's the part of the savings they made through the years they were working so hard, I pay regularly 4 per cent interest."

. He calls himself "a man of modest means" adding that Abraham Lincoln said: "God must have loved the common people -- "he made so many of them." Nixon, inother words, refers to himself as a 'common'man.

In Paragraph 4, he abuses his opponent commiting the as hominem fallacy i.e. attemtpting to negate the truth of a claim by pointing out negative characteristics or beliefs of the person supporting it.

And now I'm going to suggest some courses of conduct. First of all, you have read in the papers about other…

Successful Recruitment Strategies and the Manner in
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successful recruitment strategies and the manner in which to motivate employees.

Employee motivation and retention are complex issues and superficial solutions just don't work. Companies that take the easy way out will pay in the long run with high turnover costs. As a warehouse supervisor for Blue Grocery store Arthur eed has been facing problems recruiting temporary workers during the months of summer when the regular staff either wants time off. This has proved to be a dilemma such that the general efficiency of the business is being affected. Arthur needs summer staff that is dependable, works for low pay and is temporary-not a very appealing combination for the prospective employees.

Thesis statement

In order to recruit staff that is dependable and temporary the supervisor must take steps that create an appeal for the workers. He should target a diverse market force that is usually ignored. By choosing non-professionals the…


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Gym Center Setup Stretch Mats
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Elliptical Machine, Treadmill, and Recumbent Bike Use

Every machine will provide a signup sheet to allow members to avoid conflicts without having to waste time waiting idly by a machine currently in use by other members. While there is no rule requiring sign-up to use any machine, members doing so will always be presumed to have rights of use in any conflict over rightful order. No machine may be used for more than 30 minutes at a time during peak hours (6:00 -- 10:00 AM and 4:00 -- 8:00 PM weekdays) or for more than 60 minutes at any time when another member is waiting for the same machine. Every member will wipe down every machine used immediately after use.

Non-employee Professional Trainers

Non-employees will be strictly prohibited from training other members for monetary remuneration. Any member who is believed to be violating this rule will be warned only once…

Practical Health Solution
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Community Health Education

Obesity response

The aim of every community is to have a healthy society where each individual can carry on with their daily activities with ease and also contribute back to the welfare of the society. This is the target that I aim at in engaging in the community-based programs like the obesity reduction bid among adults. The number of obese adults within the U.S. was pegged at 34.9% between the years 2011 to 2012 and amazingly this was the same prevalence rates experienced between 2009 and 2010, meaning the prevalence rates did not change (CDC, 2013). This is a worrying trend since the adult risk of developing chronic illnesses and subsequent waste of their life in treatment is a real threat. This is one of the central motivating factors for my involvement in the pursuit to ensure the reduction in the number of obese adults and in…


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Wal Mart Inc Under Attack
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Wal-Mart may find that it is not able to "rollback prices" to compete with discount underwriters. One key opportunity for Wal-Mart is to focus on social welfare to improve their stature within the various communities Wal-Mart is located.

Problem Definition

As was stated at the outset Wal-Mart is one of the most reviled corporations within the United States. For the various reasons previously stated, Wal-Mart has attained a vastly negative reputation within certain areas of the United States. This section will identify the problem as developed through the analysis, explain what is the intended accomplishment for proposing various solutions and examination of the root causes. It is important to determine the cause of the problem before alternative solutions can be addressed.

The root cause of Wal-Mart's negative persona is found in its dominance in smaller retail markets. Wal-Mart does not garner any fans when it arrives in a previously undisturbed…


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Food Prices Heading Towards a Future of
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Food Prices

Heading Towards a Future of Food Insecurity

We have all had the experience of going to the grocery store, picking up a box of cereal or a bunch of bananas, and finding ourselves surprised, or even shocked, at how much more it costs than it had just a week before. Most of us, after that initial surprise, will chalk that rise in prices down to inflation and either put the item back or sigh and put it into our cart, thinking that such increases in price are a natural part of life due to inflation.

However, there are a number of other reasons why food prices rise, and one in particular ensures that the prices for basic foodstuffs will continue to rise for the foreseeable future. This paper examines how the price of food will continue to rise in tandem with the rate and degree of climate change.…


Peters, G. (2011). A Look Behind Rising Food Prices: Population Growth; Rising Oil Prices; Weather Events. Retrieved from .

The Telegraph (2012). Extreme weather will push food prices higher, consumers warned. Retrieved from .

The following graph documents recent increases in food costs, a relationship that necessarily reflects a range of causes but reflects as the primary cause the effects of climate change:

downgraded for use only as animal food. Historic flooding in Pakistan damaged grain crops there as well. Right now severe drought is threatening the wheat crop in parts of China.

Perspectives of a Teacher and an Administrator on Education
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Teacher/Administrator Interviews

Perspectives of a Teacher and an Administrator on Education

This is a report on the results of an interview with two veteran educational professionals, a 2nd grade teacher and an administrator. These interviews were conducted to better understand the subject's viewpoints on education and to gain insight as to why they chose to pursue their careers in education. The teacher reported she had been in the classroom for 24 years as a teacher and had experience as an instructional aide previously. The administrator stated he had taught for 19 years before he assumed his duties as a principal eight years ago. The teacher's highest level of education was a Bachelors Degree in Education plus 30 units of graduate work, while the administrator said he had a Masters in Administration and supervision. Both subjects revealed that they each had a sister in the profession and the teacher's mother had…

Minimizing Risks for Produce Buyers
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Thomas Foods -- Hedging Strategies

If Thomas Foods expects to protect itself against suddenly rising prices that farmers charge for their produce -- due to crop failures, inclement weather, or other unexpected events -- then Thomas Foods needs to engage in some form of a hedging strategy. There are a number of ways to do this, and this paper will point to several strategies and models that might work for Thomas Foods. At a minimum, the comptroller at Thomas Foods should be knowledgeable about ways to protect his company from suddenly skyrocketing produce prices

hat are "futures"? The available literature on ways to protect a company like Thomas Foods from suddenly being stuck with prices from farmers that are well above what was understood at the outset of the contract -- is to buy futures. A future is a financial deal signed as a contract that obligates the "…buyer to…

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Alcohol and Drug Addictions Specifically
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In Alberta, liquor stores have been privatized, although the government still maintains strict regulations on anyone who sells liquor. It is available in liquor stores, retail outlets, and in bars and restaurants. Many people felt this would lead to widespread addiction and abuse, but studies indicate that may not be the case. In an economic study completed in 2005 comparing Ontario and Quebec's monopolies with Alberta's privatization, the results were surprising. People believe that revenues would decline if the monopolies went public, but in fact, because Alberta sets a flat rate for liquor prices, revenues actually went up in Alberta, not down. In addition, a wider variety of products and brands is available in Alberta than in either of the other two provinces, and there are more locations available to buy liquor in Alberta ("Privatization of alcohol trade"). In fact, since privatizing the liquor industry, Alberta's sales have almost doubled,…


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Updike's A& p Sammy's Muses in Updike's A& p
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Updike's A&P

Sammy's Muses in Updike's "A&P"

John Updike's "A&P" tells the story of Sammy whose life is transformed after three girls visit the store where he is working and are humiliated by the store's manager. The A&P where Sammy works offers the readers insight into the quotidian life of middle-class suburbia, while on the other hand, the three girls, whom Sammy nicknames Queenie, Plaid, and Big Tall Goony-Goony, represent rebellion and allow Sammy to recognize and realize the freedom he longs for. In "A&P," Sammy's defense of the three girls is superficially both egalitarian and sexist and serves as an excuse to break free from suburban normalcy.

Queenie, Plaid, and Big Tall Goony serve as the impetus for Sammy's ruminations on suburbia, sexism, and capitalism and corporate culture. Sammy sees the girls as being a rebellion of suburbia. They do not appear to conform to society's expectations of dress…

Works Cited

Updike, John. "A&P." Web. 30 January 2013.

ICT and Price Chopper Despite Being More
Words: 894 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 85534651
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ICT and Price Chopper

Despite being more than a decade-and-a-half old, this 1994 case study detailing the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by the New England grocery store chain Price Chopper could, with a few minor updates, be written about the company and indeed the grocery industry as a whole. Price Chopper was an early innovator in the adoption of certain of the technologies discussed, but they are all now ubiquitous -- or at least becoming so -- in all companies and regions of the grocery industry. The use of these technologies in many different areas of each store's operations as well as within the larger Price Chopper system provided many advantages of efficiency and increased productivity that have now become the normative mode of operation in the grocery industry as a whole. A critical review of this case study demonstrates the early position Price Chopper took in…


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Marketing and Financial Plan for Webvan Case
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Webvan Case Analysis

This analysis will consider the Webvan strategy and its market position to serve as a basis for recommendations to Webvan's management team. Webvan was once the largest online grocery enterprise in the United States. However it is now considered a classic large investment failure despite the fact that the total industry volume was over one billion dollars per year while the online segment was over two hundred million dollars annually. Webvan failed to live up to its expectation despite the large amount of capital it had at its disposal.

Webvan began in 1998 as an innovative business idea that excited and drew support from investors already caught up in the dot-com phenomenon. However, the company finally botched the opportunity to attract and develop a customer base large enough to justify the large investments it made in the development of technology systems and elaborate distribution warehouses.

It was…

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Eleven (7-11, or 7-Eleven) is part of an international chain of convenience stores owned and operated by Seven & I Holdings of Japan. The company operates largely as a franchise, and is the global leader in franchising and licensing convenience stores, with almost 40,000 outlets -- surpassing McDonalds. The U.S. subsidiary is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. 7-Eleven operates stores in 16 countries, the largest markets being Japan, the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand. The estimated total earnings in 2009 were $16.9 billion, with over 45,000 total employees (7-Eleven World's, 2007). The world over, 7-Eleven is famous for the Big Gulp fountain drink, branded in a cup and an entire 32 U.S. fl oz. (.95 liter). Now they have Super Big Gulp (44 oz.); the Double Gulp (64 oz.), and the Team Gulp (128 oz.) that, while causing some consternation to nutritionists, have made the…


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