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Home Depot Essays (Examples)

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Home Furnishings Industry One of
Words: 2195 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24277994
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At the same time, this has led to a search by customers for low priced material.

It is clear that every person is interested in stretching their investment in these matters as far as possible, and for this there are many methods. However for this to be done well, the concerned person has to spend a lot of time in searching for true items of value and not just buy any item that the person finds in the shop as ready purchases may be regretted later. Thus there has to be a lot of visits to different stores and proper judgment of the material that one intends to buy later. The places for such purchases are for interior design and most likely to be found in second hand furniture stores, seconds depots, and discount stores. If an individual goes around in a substantial number of these stores, then the person…


Applied Arts and Design. Retrieved at . Accessed 26 October, 2005

Competition Gets More Intense as Shoppers Buy Home Furnishings Less Often, and on Sale.

December 14, 2004. Furniture World Magazine. Retrieved at . Accessed 26 October, 2005

Ethan Allen Sees Trend in Wedding Registries Towards Non-Traditional Items; Bridal Industry

Office Depot Inc Case Study
Words: 4552 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 38146881
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The other competitors of the company are Corporate Express, Inc.,IKON Office Solutions, Inc., Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. And United Stationers Inc.

3. Analysis of potential new entrants

Threat of new entrants (Source: Datamonitor,2007)

The threats of new entrants into new entrants in this industry are noted to be very string. This is because most of the supplies are in the form of commoditized products that never benefit greatly from the brand loyalty. This when coupled with the low end-user switching costs as well as easy access to the suppliers and distribution channels makes it very conducive for new players to come into the market. The market is however very stagnant at the moment and this reduces its attractiveness to the potential new players.

4. Analysis of substitute products

Substitute products (Datmonitor,2007)

An analysis of threat of substitutes within this sector is moderate. This is because most of the modern companies are…

Figure 7.The organization chart for Office Depot

Financial analysis

Figure 8: Office Depot's (North American retail segment) 5-year growth rate (2005 -2010) is (-5.3%) (Shim,2011,p.3)

Financial Review Lowe's Home Improvement
Words: 1528 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22830459
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25 per share on the initial offering date in 1961 and held as a long-term investment. The original 100 shares has grown to 48,000 shares through stock splits and stock dividends. And this does not include the reinvestment of cash dividends.



Shares After


Closing Price

Before Split



Bought 100 Shares



100% stock dividend

2 for 1)



Stock Split

2 for 1)



50% Dividend

3 for 2)



33 1/3% Dividend

4 for 3)



50% Dividend

3 for 2)



Stock Spilt

3 for 2)



Stock Split

5 for 3)



100% Dividend

2 for 1)



Stock Split

2 for 1)



Stock Split

2 for 1)



Stock Split

2 for 1)

Lowe's has been a publicly owned company since October 10, 1961. Its stock has been listed…

(2 for 1)

Lowe's has been a publicly owned company since October 10, 1961. Its stock has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since December 19, 1979. Shares are traded under the ticker symbol LOW. 

Clearly Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse is a strong investment yes, though care should be made, as with every market investment to demonstrate staying power in the progress of the stock and invest in the market as a long-term investor.

Nanda Home Case
Words: 2541 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 2477125
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New Product Development

Nanda Home, in 2011, is starting to struggle. The company basically has a single product, Clocky, that has been on the market for several years. The company has in this time introduced some variants on the alarm clock theme, but has yet to be successful in any other business. The founder, Gauri Nanda, is unsure of what the next step should be, given that she is unsure of what the issues are with the company.

The current situation is that the flagship product, Clocky, is nearing the end of the normal product life cycle in this category, something that is evidenced by the fact that prices are falling to spur demand, and that the company is frequently selling to existing clients. The two newer products also seem to appeal the most to existing clients. Nanda Home had introduced a line of bags, but this venture failed for…

Training Needs Assessment
Words: 714 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 30219360
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Home Depot: Training and Skills Needs Assessment

Home Depot

Training Needs Assessment Process

The objective of this work is to conduct a Training Needs Assessment on Home Deport. Included in this will be an organization, task and person analysis. The techniques used will be related as well as will be the individuals involved in the process. Conclusions will identify the desired training outcomes.

According to one report training practices assist companies in gaining a competitive advantage. Stated as issues that affect companies and influence training practices are such as: (1) customer service; (2) employee retention and growth; (3) doing more with less; and (4) quality and productivity. (Noe, 2005) It is reported that training practices have enabled Home Depot to: (1) grow the business; (2) improve customer service; by making provision of employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to become successful. (Noe, 2005) It is reported that Home Depot…


Noe, Raymond A. (2005) Employee Training and Development. The McGraw Hill Companies, Inc.

Case Study: Home Depot (2010) Hay Group. Retrieved from:

Office Depot Is a Household
Words: 2074 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74300499
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(Morningstar "Office Depot" at (

One option could be for office depot to streamline sales to just a few online locations, linking market seekers to a few key websites that offer a very large product base for sale. Yet, to continue domestic market growth and potentially increase domestic sales OD must focus on impulse shoppers seeking to purchase small quantities for small business, and offer items for individual sales, in very simple formats. The inventory of a large one stop brick and mortar store must be expanded, without the loss of key, potentially outdated supplies, while still offering competitive prices on staple supplies. OD must continue to aggressively market the convenience and ease of their stores, with highly effective and informed sales associates that can easily step away from their post to rapidly find the items the customer is seeking. It is crucial to the domestic market that OD offer…

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Strategy Management Business
Words: 1233 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 22616689
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Strategy Management

Current Situation

Home Depot is a "category killer" retailer, selling supplies for home and garden. Home Depot operates with a cost leadership strategy, as it seeks to use its buying power in particular to offer customers a low price. Home Depot also incorporates a service element to its business model, something it hopes will give it a competitive advantage. Home Depot is currently undergoing a change in terms of its structure and culture, and this has caused some disruption. That said, Home Depot is the second-largest retailer in America behind Wal-Mart and has experienced strong sales improvements during the Nardelli years.

The competitive situation is intense. Home Depot is a dominant competitor in the industry, but faces strong competition from Lowe's, which is almost the same size. These two competitors operate as something of a duopoly, although in other businesses there are specialist firms that are strong competitors.…

Social Media Plan a Company Organization There
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social media plan a company organization. There restrictions company choose. The organization a small company (a local company a modest web presence ) a larger company, plan replicate company, choose a company room improving social media strategy.

Social media plan for Home Depot

Home Depot is one of the favorite stores of the American population, having established a powerful name within the communities. The company also operates outside the United States, through stores located in Mexico, Canada and China. The format of Home Depot is that of large size stores, where customers can buy virtually any home related products, including gardening tools, furniture or remodeling materials.

The success of the organization is due to a multitude of elements, such as the positive relationship established with the customer, the strong financial results obtained by the firm, the powerful managerial model, the strength of the brand or a powerful internal culture (Davila,…


Davila, A., Epstein, M.J., Manzoni, J.F. (2010). Performance management and management control: innovative concepts and practices / Emerald Publishing Group.

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Solutions to Enhance the Value
Words: 1495 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41873419
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5%; Shares Fall (Update11)) Thus the company Home Depot is for serving both the new construction and maintenance/repair/upgrade necessities from lumber to carpeting to light bulbs to lawn care in the year 2005. (a Case for Home Depot) Home Deport is required to search out if there is any after sales consideration. There should be a scope of concentrating on smaller stores that are more consumer-friendly. That would also permit them to expertise in the niche categories like lawn or business. (How to evive Home Depot: The nation's second-largest retailer needs to jump-start growth)

3) Buy suppliers - Eliminate middle man supply chain example lumbar

The brokers and middle-men are conveniently been avoided by the Home Depot with direct purchasing from manufacturers and supplying the wares to various stores on their own. This assists in reducing the price of the ultimate sale a little. This process is considered to be…


Home Depot bottom line surges in 2004. February 22, 2005. Retrieved at . Accessed on 20 March, 2005.

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Non-Price Competition
Words: 1469 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20019153
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The Home Depot was founded by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank. They opened the first Home Depot stores in Atlanta on June 22, 1979. The first few stores were later attached to Treasure Island stores, stocking around 25,000 products. Today, on average, Home Depot stores are large covering an area of approximately 130,000 square feet, and offering between 40,000 and 50,000 products. While the initial motto of the company was to provide the products at the cheapest price, later on the company began to provide hands-on training for attracting the customers from various walks of their lives (Howell, 6).

The Home Depot grew to encompass stores in Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Alabama within the first 5 years and this growth continues to this day.

Home Depot's approach is simple. It opens massive stores (130,000 square feet, on average) at different locations and…


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Equity Analysis the Industry That
Words: 922 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51395600
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The firm's balance sheet, however, is very healthy, with great liquidity and no long-term debt.

The fourth largest company in the industry by market cap is Builders FirstSource. This company has a stock price of $5.31. It has no P/E, since it is losing money. The company is focused on products for residential construction in the southern and eastern states, so the housing recovery needs to be in those regions for this company to benefit. The consistent losing of money, however, makes this company a risky investment, as does the high level of long-term debt. The beta is 2.3, which is highly volatile.

The fifth-largest company by market cap is Orchard Supply Hardware Stores, which is a California-based competitor to Home Depot and Lowe's. Its stock is priced at $10.11. The company lost $8.08 per share last year and is on a downward trend in revenue, gross income, operating income…

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Talent Practices in HR
Words: 1121 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 35830331
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Talent Practices in HR

Home Depot has long recognized the value of talent management, for a number of reasons. This has led them to a policy of promoting from within, especially for their front-line managers. The company believes that its front-line managers and staff give it a competitive advantage in the do-it-yourself industry because this talent increases the talent level of the workers, improves customer service, and allows the corporate culture to be better disseminated through the organization.

The company's hiring policies, in particular with respect to the talent pipeline, are focused on hiring and retaining the workers that are best able to meet the challenges and objectives of the human resources department. Home Depot believes that if it provides a high level of service to its customers, for example, that this will give it a competitive advantage in the industry. It found that certain types of workers (older, ex-military)…

Works Cited:

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Controlling Control How Bob Nardelli
Words: 832 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97511539
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The company needed greater agility in managing how it responded to customer demands, and also needed to have much greater control over inventory management as a process as well. In responding to these strategic weaknesses in the company, Mr. Nardelli invested $1B in new information systems and created entirely new information systems platforms for the more efficient sharing of sales data between stores and with regional and worldwide headquarters in Atlanta. As a result of this system, Home Depot was able to capitalize on the building boom of the 1990s that lasted into the 21st century, and soundly beat their financial estimates of performance as a result. These systems were also directly responsible for the company gaining market share over Lowes' and other do-it-yourself chains globally as well (eingold, 2008). The use of it as a strategic advantage, combined with its reporting accuracy of key metrics, was used by Mr.…


Richard H. Franke, Anthony J. Mento, Steve M. Prumo, & Timothy W. Edlund. (2007). General Electric Performance over a Half Century: Evaluation of Effects of Leadership and Other Strategic Factors by Quantitative Case Analysis. International Journal of Business, 12(1), 137-150.

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Nardelli's Sweeping Initiatives Culture Change
Words: 311 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21444423
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Home Depot's move to target professionals with wholesale is unusual given their competencies. Professionals do not need much staff advice -- they simply need selection and price. The core competencies that deliver these are in logistics and purchasing. Therefore, for Home Depot to effectively move into this market they need to focus on improving their performance in those areas. The company needs to cut its back-end costs. The company also needs to shift its brand image as well. This is difficult, because Home Depot cannot sacrifice the DIY market, of which it still holds a significant market share. The separate stores may help, but it would be easier if Home Depot could incorporate the professional market into its existing stores, to take advantage of its current purchasing and logistics efficiencies as well as its existing real estate holdings. The professional market should not be courted at the expense of the…

Total Set of Thirty Observations
Words: 3259 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3665567
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Customer Service Triage at Home Depot

Despite the self-service checkout lanes being staffed by an associate to manage all four of the self-service locations, with custom orders and big-ticket items they had to inevitably get the store manager involved to alleviate the conflicts with customers. The time required to resolve both the custom orders and big-ticket purchases actually took more time for customers than it would have taken to just go through the traditional checkout lanes. The lack of information workflow, process, pricing, and employee knowledge of the processes was evident by watching the series of transactions completed. The triage or problem solving of the store manager took an inordinate amount of time to troubleshoot the pricing discrepancies on the service contracts alone would have made it much simpler to have also gone through the traditional check-out lanes. The more complex the transaction the greater the need for Home Depot…


AMR Research (2003) - Self-Checkout Systems -- Waiting for the 'Aha!' Moment. Wednesday April 9, 2003. Paula Rosenblum. Boston, MA

AMR Research-1 (2003) - the Aha Moment Arrives Wednesday April 9, 2003. Paula Rosenblum. Boston, MA

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Appendix a:

Organizational Stakeholders Over the Last Several Years
Words: 970 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57692993
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Organizational Stakeholders

Over the last several years, Home Depot has been through a number of different challenges. Part of the reason why this was occurring, is because of shifts in the housing market with consumers dramatically cutting back on their spending. This had a negative impact on the earnings of the company and it has resulted in the former CEO Robert Nardelli being forced to resign. The reason why is because, the needs of various shareholders were not being taken into account. ("Home Depot CEO," 2007) Once this occurred, it meant that there would be new management who were attempting to address all of these different needs. To fully understand how this is taking place requires looking at: the various stakeholders for Home Depot, how the CEO manages the demands of stakeholders and the way they are presently addressing these needs. Once this occurs, it will provide the greatest insights…


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Change Management Scenario the Contemporary Business Environment
Words: 1787 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92034637
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Change Management Scenario

The contemporary business environment is rapidly evolving. Globalization has taken over the organization environment, and with this business is forced to undergo continuous and rapid change driven by increasing stakeholder expectations, new technological advances, and competition that is not only global, but viral (Bendell, 2005). This has resulted in a dramatically different business environment in which the modern business, in order to survive and prosper, is forced to evolve and regularly revise their internal and external business processes. Typically, aggressive and rapid change management systems germinate within the private sector -- only after trial and error, testing, and numerous permutations did they become standard within the public sector organization. This paradigm, however, changed in the late 1990s with a combination of rising client expectations to effectively address major socio-culture, economic, and demographic issues, and change in governmental oversight and minimal requirements pushed management in the public sector…


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Com. Retrieved from:

Lesson Plan and Transfer of Training
Words: 682 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 55387358
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Employee Training Program: Home Depot

The following training program is partially fashioned on that developed by Lowe's and integrates the ADDIE Instructional Design Model as process to help plan and implement the training program.

Home Depot will structure a comprehensive training program to introduce new employees to its cultural environment and to familiarize them with job requirements, objectives and strategic initiatives for enhanced work performance and customer support skills. The training program will also instruct employees in Home Depot's history, mission and values.

The entire training program will be based on the ADDIE instructional design Model and will last 6 weeks. Throughout those 6 weeks, new recruits will participate in a series of meetings and training sessions whereby they will become acquainted with fellow workers, managers, and leaders in the organization, as well as receiving hand-on practice in future job tasks and activities.

The ADDIE Model

The ADDIE model revolves…


Lowe's training and development

The ADDIE Instructional Design Model

Top 100 Retailers: The Nation's Retail Power Players (PDF), Stores, July 2009.

Reinvent or Invent Continuous Improvement
Words: 1476 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22336379
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Initially, the Home Depot strove to turn its flagging profits and image around through product innovation, although it has never been as rigorous in its self-examination as Toyota. Still, after expanding to the point that industry analysts worried that it had overextended itself, and after the more female-friendly Lowes stores with their superior store layout threatened its dominance, the Home Depot "sanded down its rougher product edges a little to make itself much more appealing to a broader consumer demographic," including women (Casey, 2004, p.1). However, the Home Depot's success over competitors like Lowes has not been nearly as complete as Toyota's dominance over Detroit and while Toyota enjoys status as the most successful and respected car company in America, the Home Depot's ability to survive at the top is far more uncertain. Initially, the Home Depot focused more on product reform, rather than changing its company structure. To keep…

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Discounters tops at keeping business fresh."

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Robert Nardelli -- a Controversial Leader Leadership
Words: 1336 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72303387
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obert Nardelli -- a Controversial Leader

Leadership landscape has evolved greatly over the last few decades. Where there has been an extensive research performed in this area, major emphasis has been levied on distinguishing managers from leaders. And, in today's robust and diversified workplace, leaders with exceptional motivating power and business management ability is what every organization needs. This is the reason why obsolete leadership styles when exercised, tend to bring out disastrous results. This is precisely what happened when obert Nardelli of General Electrics was made CEO of Home Depot, a leading store with a glorious history of excellent customer service and major customer satisfaction. Although Nardelli brought a rich experience to Home Depot but the ideology he was following had major clashes with the original vision of Home Depot which later on made him declared as one of the worst CEOs in the history of United States.



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Opportunity Statement the Major Problem That Exists
Words: 868 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21635787
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Opportunity Statement

The major problem that exists in this scenario is a difference of opinion regarding the appropriate level of managerial control over employees' hours and work schedules, with Accord feeling that the need to repeatedly take time off in order to care for one's aging parents needs to be more carefully managed and controlled, while Munger (and others) feel that there should be a great deal of flexibility and employee determination when it comes to these issues. This centra problem has been clouded by accusations of ageism on one hand and a lack of principled work ethic or efficiency on the other, neither of which are elements that can be proven as motives for any of the individuals involved. These problems create a major opportunity for the clarification and codification of policies regarding time taken to care for ageing relatives and general efficiency and scheduling issues.

Task B1: Generic…


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Employers Group. (2011). Worker Fired for Alcohol Use Lacks FMLA, ADA Claims. Accessed 7 May 2011.

Managing Change Course
Words: 1535 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98530859
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Competing for the Future: Komatsu and Home Depot

Komatsu is now one of the leading earth moving equipment manufacturers in the world, however, it wasn't always so. Komatsu began in 1921, as a specialized manufacturer of mining equipment. Yet, even in those early years, before information technology began to eliminate geographical and cultural borders, Mr. Takeuchi, Komatsu's founder, had a globalized and customer-centric vision. He knew it was important for his management team to have "an 'overseas orientation' and a 'user orientation'" (Hamal & Prahalad 3) if they were to compete against much larger corporations.

Komatsu has managed to grow from these very modest beginnings to a multi-billion dollar industry-leading competitor, in only two generations.

It this success has been fraught with challenges. From intensified local competition when American companies were allowed to partner with Japanese companies for joint ventures in Japan, to technological weaknesses in their product line, to…


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Valuation of Different Companies
Words: 858 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 86025664
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Valuing Common Equity

Comparison of Lowes and The Home Depot

There are different methods that firms and investors can use to value the common equity that a corporation holds. The different methods all have strengths and weaknesses in different circumstances and it is important to understand these factors in any evaluation. For example, the company's future income stream will ultimately determine the company's fundamental value; however these calculations are not always what determines a firm's market price. Although there are many factors that determine the market price, the company's net present value (NPV) of future revenue streams can be useful to both investors and internal executives relative to managerial accounting. A company's NPV can be used to compare different direct investment opportunities as well as calculating an average cost of capital to serve as an investment baseline; whereas indirect valuation are more subject and often lie on whether investors believe…


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Business Society and Corporate Values There Has
Words: 2367 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33251369
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Business Society and Corporate Values

There has indeed been a great deal of discussion regarding CEO compensation, which is rightly viewed as being completely out of line. The core problem and cause of inflated CEO salaries cannot be attributed to a single reason, but is rather the result of a range of inter-connected factors. What is definitive is the fact that these salaries have inflated over time; this is in part due to the fact that greed is a progressive, boundless factor. "According to the Economic Policy Institute, in the late 1970s, total compensation of chief executives in large American corporations was 35 times that of the average American worker. In 2007, it was 275 times that" (Borger, 2007). These facts alone demonstrate that there is good reason to be in a state of alarm. The reasons for such severely inflated and remarkably unjust salaries are a result of the…


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Shareholder Value in My Opinion
Words: 628 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45637562
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S. And cultural similarities. The ritish market, for the beginning, may offer a potential target for Home Depot stores.

In terms of competitors, Lowe is the strongest competitor on the market. With a revenue growth of 16.4%, compared to Home Depot's 11.3%, Lowe is a competitor to be taken into consideration. On the other hand, it is, in my opinion, less than likely that the antitrust laws in the United States will allow these two giants to merge, given the fact that the joint company is likely to hold a monopoly in the industry. As such, an acquisition of the company's main competitor, Lowe, is only likely to bring about additional problems for Home Depot.

The question is how can Home Depot enhance its value and be more competitive on the market. As presented previously, first and foremost it can diversify and improve its post-sale set of services, to include…


1. Yahoo Finance. On the Internet at,for example.

3. The Home Depot Inc. On the Internet at /HDUS/EN_US/corporate/about/global_presence.shtml' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>


The analyses of The Home Depot and Lowe's will involve value chain analysis, Porters 5 forces framework and economic analysis framework. These three perspectives complement rather than conflict with each other. Furthermore, they view a business internally and externally within a specific industry. The combination of all three perspectives will give an effective "picture" of The Home Depot and Lowe's individually, head-to-head and within their industry.

Value chain analysis -- Information and Value for Financial Analysts

Value chain analysis separates a business into a series of value-generating activities called a "value chain," often including primary and support activities. This assists a financial analyst in discerning which activities a business uses to create a competitive advantage and generate shareholder value. The activities ideally offer more value to customer than cost to the business, causing a profit margin (Internet Center for Management…

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Marketing Zoomerang v Websurveyor Zoomerang
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The one exception to these generalizations is Marlboro, but its dominant market share is publicized by a tobacco watch group. Marlboro itself perhaps does not want to emphasize the fact it is the most popular brand in the United States because this might draw greater regulatory attention regarding its advertising and distribution. That is the reason that is market share is being publicized by anti-tobacco activists.

Q3. Taste test

For my taste test, I selected three cola brands that would not be immediately recognizable, based upon their appearance (This eliminated the possibility of comparing 7-Up and Coca-Cola, for example). I did a blind taste test of Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, and Dr. Pepper, labeled as a, B, and C. Almost every person in the taste test was able to pick out the distinctly sweet taste of Dr. Pepper. Coca-Cola and Pepsi were less obvious: while individuals were able to recognize that the…


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Company's Product or Service The
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e sure to include a description of all four basic financial statements.

The Home Depot provides four basic financial statements:

1) CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT of EARNINGS (indicates how revenue is transformed into net income to show if the company made or lost money during the period being reported)

2) CONSOLIDATED ALANCE SHEET (a summary of the value of all assets, liabilities and ownership equity on a specific date)

3) CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT of STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY and COMPREHENSIVE INCOME (summarize the changes in the components of stockholders' equity for a period of time)

4) CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT of CASH FLOWS (shows a company's incoming and outgoing money (sources and uses of cash) during a time period)

The only footnote explains that Fiscal years ended January 28, 2007, January 29, 2006 and January 30, 2005 include 52 weeks. However, there is a summary of significant accounting policies included as a supplement that includes: usiness, Consolidation…


Home Depot 2006 Annual Report.

Dan Brown's the Davinci Code
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Grasso last year, contending that the $139.5 million payout that Mr. Grasso received in the summer of 2003 was exorbitant and in violation of New York's not-for-profit law, which states that executives at not-for-profit organizations, like the exchange, receive "reasonable" compensation. Mr. Spitzer has said he will seek more than $100 million back from Mr. Grasso. In his complaint, Mr. Spitzer cited the Webb report as crucial to his investigation. But until yesterday it remained confidential. The document describes some of the crucial points made in the complaint, among them that the board was misled about the size of Mr. Grasso's bonuses and that $13 million of his $139.5 million payment was vested when in fact it was not (THOMAS and Anderson 2005).


The antitrust authorities should permit Microsoft to merge with Yahoo because it will be more profitable in the end. This is due to the fact that…


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Speaker Critique on Friday 6 15 I Went
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Speaker Critique

On Friday 6/15 I went to home depot to see a speech on "How to Manage You Lawn and Garden." I had seen a flyer in the store on a previous visit and decided that this would be an interesting event to attend so that I could learn how to take care of my yard at home. This was a free event that just required showing up at the specified time. I was hoping to pick up some tips on how to better care for my flowers and grass as I always seem to have hard time making it look good all summer long.

Evaluation of Speaker

The speaker was a representative from He had been invited to speak to the audience in regards to how to manage ones yard and garden. His motivation for giving this speak came from his intense passion for sharing with others…

Individual Project - Ethics Individual
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S. minimum wage standards.

As the above scenarios illustrate, it is impossible to rely upon a single moral theory when developing a corporate code of ethics. This is because each individual brings his or her own personal perspective about ethics, so that each theory is biased by personal perspective. While Kohlberg's Model of Cognitive Development attempts to incorporate these differences, it fails to answer the question of whether or not individuals can judge the morality of someone's actions when that person comes from a different ethical and cultural background. (AllPsych, 2004). Therefore, it seems like the best thing a corporation can do is to consult the cultural norms of its stakeholders and try to fashion a corporate code that respects all of those norms. Such a code would focus on individual rights, utilitarianism, and justice. Therefore, DWI's corporate code should pledge to create value and enhance quality of life for…


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Stakeholder Analysis Ford Motor Company Key Stakeholders
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Stakeholder Analysis Ford Motor Company

Key Stakeholders Ranked by Level of importance

Internal Stakeholders

External Stakeholders

Corporate officers -- Responsible for establishing the goals and mission of the company and ensuring that managers and employees at all levels are properly carrying out the strategy of the company. (Luca, 2007)

Customers/Car owners -- customers make an investment when purchasing a vehicle and they expect the vehicle to be safe and reliable. Customers depend on their vehicles for work, school and general transportation. As such they have an interest in Ford's ability to develop good dependable vehicles.

Managers -- Managers carry the information received from corporate officers to employees and make certain that the goals established are realized.

The General Public -- Everyday people are killed or injured in car accidents. Because Ford cars are popular and a mainstay on roads throughout the world, the general public is interested in knowing the…

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Ford and World Safety Leaders Work to Launch Intelligent Vehicles Quicker, More Affordably.

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Zoomerang Presents Its Clients With
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9 per cent market share. The article is not dated and it might easily be no longer relevant.

Finally, another situation is aroused when the sources available are specific and do not refer to the United States or to the global average. In the case of the Marlboro cigarettes for instance, the Tobacco Freedom website (2001) states that they are leaders within the Hispanic consumer segments, with a market share of 49.8 per cent. They do not however mention the overall figures.

Question 3

People are reticent to the unknown -- this is a given which can be observed in various circumstances, including the taste test. While unable to associate the drink with a brand, the people drank little amounts and were always circumspect. Additionally, they tried to guess the nature of the drink. Those who consume a certain soft beverage on daily basis were able to identify the respective…


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Retail Management Strategies and Practices
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Retail Management

Best practices in the retail industry come down to ensuring that employees are well-trained, adequately motivated, and that there is a high level of quantitative management with respect to both staffing levels and with respect to merchandising. Getting to know the employees is a good start to developing best practices in the industry. Star merchandisers like Sam Walton and Jim Sinegal spend time on the retail floor. They know where things are in the store, they ensure that the employees are educated and working hard, and they consistently drill lower-level managers to ensure that those managers know their stores at the finest level of detail. Also, having specific programs for employee motivation, especially ones that can be tracked. This will ensure that the workers are giving their best to the company. That alone can drive more sales, because service levels are higher, but it can also reduce costs,…

Supply Chain Ann Supply Chain Management Annotated
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Supply Chain Ann

Supply Chain Management Annotated Bibliography

Chopra, S., & Meindl, P. (2010). Supply chain management: Strategy, planning and operation (4th ed.).Upper Saddle iver, NJ: Prentice Hall

The text by Chopra & Meindl (2010) is an excellent starting point for this discussion, primarily because it serves as a rather exhaustive introductory reading on the subject. Providing academic explanation of the basic premise of supply chain management and an extensive investigation of the strategies used for maintaining and evaluating this business dimension, the Chopra & Meindl text is a highly useful primary and frequently employed reference source on the subject.

Lee, H.L. (2002). Unleashing the power of intelligence. International Commerce eview: EC Journal, 2(1), 61-73.

The above source is well-supplemented by the article from Lee (2002), which adds a discussion about technological and practical advancement to the subject. Here, Lee identifies shifts both in capability and orientation, particularly vis-a-vis the…


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