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Private Equity Firms Have Set

Words: 958 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 46874083

For that reason, a logistic related PE in Hong Kong in our case may find it challenging to align itself with certain standards embraced either in the United States or Western Europe in regard to due diligence.

It is also important to note that for the logistic related PE, general partner returns variability is yet another risk factor. It can be noted that for the eight years preceding 2005, Asia's fund returns variance was relatively higher in comparison to the U.S. And Western Europe variance (INSEAD 2010). While the variance in the U.S. And Europe stood at 15% and 13% respectively, Asia's fund returns variability was registered as 23%. Though this could be driven partly by manager-selection skills, such a selection could turn out to be an uphill task for such a logistic related PE given the nature of the market.

It may also be prudent to note that according…… [Read More]


INSEAD (2010). INSEAD -- AXA Private Equity Survey of Top LPs and GPs in Asian Private Equity. Retrieved January 8, 2012, from INSEAD website: 

INSEAD (2010). Asian Private Equity (A): The Quest for Return. Retrieved January 8, 2012, from INSEAD website:
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U S vs China Cultural Historical Differences

Words: 935 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54584793

U.S. Vs. China, cultural, historical differences

The history of China mainland and Hong Kong

Hong Kong has always grown under the wings of China owing to several reasons. One of the main ones is that the country was under the governorship of their close neighbors, China. Therefore, most of the direction that the country has currently is attributable to the influence of China. It was during the Qin Dynasty that the destiny of the country took shape. This is because it was during this period that the country was adjoined to become part of China. Throughout the subsequent dynasties like that of Tang, the country came to become one of the leading trade regions. However, it was the activities of the country under the Qing Dynasty that brought attention to the world of the existence of this small but potentially powerful country.

China is the country with the leading population…… [Read More]

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Airport Management Currently Faced by

Words: 2345 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 12573883 2010)." Overall this is in line with HKIA's official policy of functioning as a green and environmentally friendly airport. To quote HKIA's website Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is fully committed to the 4s of waste management -- eduction, e-use, ecycling and esponsibility. Our waste management efforts include reusing and recycling around 12 tons of wastes every day (Hong Kong International Airport 2010)." In addition, HKIA has been participating in the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department's Wastewise program since 2003. Wastewise sets the city of Hong Kong's annual waste reduction and recycling targets. HKIA has received the Gold Wastewise Label annually from 2003 to 2007. In 2008 they received the Wastewise excellent class and recycle materials such as cardboard, paper, plastics, scrap metals, glass bottles, food waste, vehicle tires, spent lube oil, fluorescent lamps, rechargeable batteries, printer / fax cartridges as well as used cooking oil (Ibid).

While the…… [Read More]


AECOM. (2010). Hong Kong International Airport - Airport Master Plan 2030 Study,

Hong Kong. Available:,+Hong+Kong . Last accessed 25 Dec 2010.

Bloomberg. (2004). High Times for Hong Kong's Airport . Available: . Last accessed 25 Dec 2010.
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User Perceptions and Online News

Words: 6474 Length: 24 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 63154349

A survey questionnaire design is employed to gather data to be used in the lazy user model test, with details on the sample population in which the questionnaire is to be administered. An innovative method to increase response rate is offered, followed by a data analysis plan. Finally, a conclusion and recommendation will complete this research project.

2. Literature Review

2.1 Information Technology and the Internet

The Information Age has changed our world in many different areas, from mankind's first steps into the space frontier, to the development of consumer items of convenience. Computers where once virtually inaccessible to the average person, and at that time were used only for information processing and logical calculations on a grand scale for large corporations and military endeavors. Indeed, only in the military did the information age really begin to develop, with the need for advanced military operations driving the information technology race.…… [Read More]


Bellaaj, M. (2010). The competitive value of the internet: an empirical investigation. International Journal of Technology Marketing, 238.

Bagozzi, R.P. (2007). The Legacy of the Technology Acceptance Model and a Proposal

for a Paradigm Shift. Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 8, 244-

Chau, M., Wong, C.H., Zhou, Y., Qin, J., & Chen, H. (2009). Evaluating the use of search engine development tools in it education. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 288-299.
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User Pays

Words: 1423 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87192577

User Pays System Within the Hong Kong Social Welfare Programs

As an economically developed country with high standards of living, Hong Kong, like many developed countries in the West and the Far East, is facing an increasing problem in its traditional social welfare system. Hong Kong has a large middle-class and significant lower-class populations who need to be protected from unexpected economic problems, while the government also needs to maintain its competitiveness in the global arena. Fiscally austere policies aimed at building a business-friendly atmosphere may be good for economics overall but may leave the middle -- and the working-class insecure, while increasing government expenditures for social welfare programs may hurt the economy. In the face of this dilemma and other problems involving the economy and the welfare system, the government of Hong Kong plans to introduce and promote the "user pays" system. It is the position of this paper…… [Read More]


Azizi, M. (2000). The User-pays System in the Provision of Urban Infrastructure: Effectiveness and Equity of Criteria. Urban Studies (Routledge), 37(8), 1345.

Fine, M., & Chalmers, J. (2000). 'User pays' and other approaches to the funding of long-term care for older people in Australia. Ageing And Society, 20(1), 5-32.

Gargett, S. (2010). The Introduction of a Targeted User-Pays Approach to Funding High-Level Residential Aged Care in Australia: An Empirical Investigation of the Impact on Price. Health Economics, Policy And Law, 5(4), 481-508.

Wong, T., Wan, P., & Law, K. (2010). The Public's Changing Perceptions of the Condition of Social Welfare in Hong Kong: Lessons for Social Development. Social Policy & Administration, 44(5), 620-640. doi:10.1111/j.1467-9515.2010.00732.x
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Kolb Model in Writing a

Words: 2111 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50719052

For many years, I was of the mindset that all workplace situations were identical. I had almost gotten a formula attitude about it and thought that it was the same rote rhetoric when it came to motivating sales people worldwide. When I went to Hong Kong and spent the year putting together suggestions to motivate that sales force I realized exactly how important it is to accept and use cultural advantages to put together the total package.

Based on this knowledge I will be careful in the future to recognize cultures within the workplace, whether it is a few people from a different culture or if the entire workforce at the company is from a different culture. I know now that using those differences can allow me to provide the absolute best recommendations possible when it comes to any project.

A initially encountered resistance to the idea of becoming more…… [Read More]


Block, Valerie. Asian-Americans face great wall; Perceptions, cultural traditions hinder advancement to top corporate ranks.(Special Report: Women in Business)(Asian women face stereotypes as managers)

Crain's New York Business; 11/3/2003

Meyers, Mike. Will Hong Kong Thrive?; Businesses are confident they'll prosper after Beijing takes power.(NEWS) Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN); 12/22/1996
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Policy Analysis Critique Rationale for the Chosen

Words: 3283 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5406651

Policy Analysis Critique

ationale for the chosen policy

Avian influenza is a virus causing lethal infection in human beings (Sims et al., 2003). It can be transmitted from patients to other human beings. It is a deadly virus with track record of 6 deaths in Hong Kong in 1997. That incident was just the start of this health issue. The virus spread enormously and caused H5N1 infection numerous times in Hong Kong. The dawn of 21st century witnessed multiple instances of H5N1 virus (Ellis et al., 2004).

It was expected that the virus could be found in the poultry animals and was infectious. In order to prove it, there were certain laboratory tests conducted on chickens. These tests helped prove the presence and effects of H5N1 virus (Shortridge et al. 1998). Subsequently, it was proved that the chickens were highly pathogenic (Shortridge et al., 1998). It was also proved that…… [Read More]


Ellis TM, Bousfield RB, Bissett LA, Dyrting KC, Luk GS, Tsim ST, Sturm-Ramirez K, Webster RG, Guan Y, Malik Peiris JS. Investigation of outbreaks of highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza in waterfowl and wild birds in Hong Kong in late 2002. Avian Pathol, 2004 Oct; 33(5): 492 -- 505.

Ferguson NM, Fraser C, Donnelly CA, Ghani AC, Anderson RM. Public health risk from the avian H5N1 influenza epidemic. Science 2004; 304:968-9.

Ferguson NM, Galvani AP, Bush RM. Ecological and immunological determinants of influenza evolution. Nature 2003; 422:428-33.

Fielding R, Leung GM, Lam TH, Lam WWT. The use of live animal markets and perception of risk among the Hong Kong population. Department of Community Medicine, the University of Hong Kong, 2004.
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Occupational Safety and Health

Words: 7021 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 11755407

Occupational Health and Safety in Catering Industry in Hong Kong

Occupational Safety and Health

The incidence rate of workplace accidents in the catering industry in Hong Kong is higher than that of other sectors, even those associated with inherently high risk to workers. Despite corrective action within the catering industry, the accident rate remains stubbornly high. This research identifies causal factors in occupational accidents in catering companies and delineates effective strategies that can be emulated by catering businesses in Hong Kong in efforts to reduce their accident rates and worker injuries.

Hong Kong is known for its international cuisine and, characteristically, a high number of restaurants -- many offering catering services -- exist in the city. Yet, the polished environments of the dining areas of world-class restaurants contrast greatly with the restaurant kitchen and backroom workspaces. The catering industry in Hong Kong attains extraordinarily high rates of accidents and has,…… [Read More]


Bailey, K. (1994). Methods of social research, (4th ed.) New York, NY: The Free Press.

Denscombe, M. (2007). The good research guide for small-scale social research (3rd ed.). Open Up Study Skills. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill International. Retrieved


Dyer, J.G, Schatz, I.M., Rosenberg, B.A., and Coleman, S.T. (2000, January). Constant comparison method: A kaleidoscope of data. The Qualitative Report, 4(1/2).
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Sources Evaluation

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: A2 Coursework Paper #: 67669865

Lowe, Kate. "Hong Kong's Missing History." History Today, 41.12 (1991) [8 Jun 2012]

Category of the source

"Hong Kong's Missing History" is an electronic version of a journal article. History Today is a journal that is geared towards a popular audience, but is written by journalists with strong academic backgrounds in history.

This article was written upon the eve of the takeover of the prosperous, capitalist British colonial possession of Hong Kong by China. It suggests that the cosmopolitan identity of Hong Kong is unique, and still evolving, and cannot be subsumed under either a British or a Chinese national character.

Q3. A quick list of key points

Hong Kong's status as part of China is described as inalienable, in terms of legitimate historical clams. However, despite the dubious nature of Great Britain's dominion over Hong Kong for so many years, the people of Hong Kong did not necessarily…… [Read More]

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East Culture History Beijing Previously

Words: 1777 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: A2 Coursework Paper #: 66878653

One of those buildings was the International Foreign Trade Center -- Shenzhen's first skyscraper and the tallest building in China (36).

Hong Kong is commonly referred to as a place where "East meets West" because of its hybrid nature. That is, there is a culture mix occurring that is part traditional Chinese as well part ritish due to its colonization by the ritish. Hong Kong is quite a modern place, yet there is an infusion of traditional Chinese practices that makes the place unlike any other in the world. One example of how East may meet West in Hong Kong is how the art of feng shui may be utilized in constructing a modern piece of architecture. The old Chinese traditions are used to support newer ways of thinking and living. The architecture in Hong Kong is contemporary and reflects a more Western style as opposed to a Chinese traditional…… [Read More]


Campanella, Thomas. The Concrete Dragon: China's Urban Revolution. Princeton Architectural Press; 1st edition. 2008. Print.

Chen, Ming-Jer. Inside Chinese Business: A Guide for Managers Worldwide. Harvard Business Review Press. 2003. Print.

China Tour Online. "Shenzhen History." Retrieved on June 13, 2012 from Web.

Ching, Julia. Chinese Religions. Orbis Books. 1993. Print.
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Resource Review Kan F And

Words: 1221 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31005373


Source #3

The United States Constitution. Accessed online 11 June 2012, from:

1. Primary Source -- National Constitution

2. The national constitution of the United States of America. National Constitution of the U.S. organized into seven separate articles outlining the founding principles, government structure, and the rights of the individual in the U.S.

3. Key Constitutional Purposes:

Establish the formal basis of a national charter based on specific ideals

Outline the fundamental structure and obligations of government bodies

Promote the explicit definition of fundamental rights of the People

4. This source will be useful because it provides the original formal basis of the fundamental principle and values embodied by the United States as a new nation and of the respective rights of citizens, states, and the federal government.

5. Limitations: The major limitation of this source is that it does not include the subsequent amendments, especially the first…… [Read More]

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Wor and Argue Against This Concept and

Words: 1309 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24684379

WO and argue against this concept and its application within City Super in Hong Kong. The argument in this paper is that McNair propagates that retail institutions evolve over time implying cost leadership strategy is suitable for emerging retail institutions to adopt to enter the retail industry. In addition, Walmart is a good example for demonstrating cost leadership strategy because of its success. However, I found service quality to be a critical element in enhancing the perception of overall merchandise quality in supermarkets especially when studying the case of City Super in Hong Kong.

The Wheel of etailing had been initially created by Professor Malcolm P McNair within 1958. McNair claimed that whenever new retailers get into a customer marketplace, they function below the idea of becoming lowly priced, reduced margin businesses. They do that since it will be the most economical method to obtain because numerous clients as you…… [Read More]


Background information on City Super. (2012). Available at and accessed from: 

Corporate Profile of City Super. (2012). Available at and accessed from: 

Goldman, A. (1975) 'The Role of Trading Up in the Development of the Retailing System', The Journal of Marketing, Vol. 39 (January), pp.54-62.

Hollander, S. (1960) 'The Wheel of Retailing', Journal of Marketing, Vol. 25, No. 1 (July), pp.37-50.
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Crossvergence Questioning the Hofstede Paradigm One of

Words: 969 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85492557

Crossvergence: Questioning the Hofstede paradigm

One of the most well-known and popular methods of analyzing differences between cultures is that of Geert Hofstede's framework, which conceptualizes different cultures as having fundamental, core values regarding power distance, masculine and feminine norms, individualism, uncertainty avoidance, and future orientation. However, Kelley, MacNab, & Worthley (2006) in their article "Crossvergence and cultural tendencies: A longitudinal test of the Hong Kong, Taiwan and United States banking sectors" criticize the Hofstede framework as overly rigid and static. Cultures are not enclosed entities, but rather are permeable structures. The authors apply the concept of crossvergence to the Hong Kong and Chinese banking sectors, comparing the cultural differences between Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States -- the latter "an often assumed, dissimilar region" from these Asian nations -- during the years 1985-2000 (Kelley, MacNab, & Worthley 2006: 68).

One of the problems with using Hofstede's framework when…… [Read More]


Hofstede, G. 2011. Dimensionalizing cultures: The Hofstede Model in context. Online Readings in Psychology and culture, 2 (1): 1-26. Available:  [15 Jun 2013]

Kelley, L., MacNab, B. & Worthley, R. 2006. "Crossvergence and cultural tendencies: a longitudinal test of the Hong Kong, Taiwan and United States banking sectors." Journal

of International Management, 12 (1): 67 -- 84.
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Shatin Hospital

Words: 3442 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12669331

budget template that is being produced for Shatin Hospital, which is a rehabilitation hospital. This hospital is run by the Hospital Authority, which is the main health care provider in the country. The proposal is basically highlighting the issue of labor and increase stress on the hospital administration staff. The project proposal is therefore to reform one pair of the geriatric and the medical wards into a nurse led ward.

Justifications for change

The current hospital that I am working in is located in Shatin, Hong Kong where the aging population and the lack of hospital beds are creating a lot of strain on the delivery of health care . There is a crucial shortage of labor and the nurses and the doctors are being overworked to quite an extent.

Need for Service

The need for service is present because the rehabilitation hospital that is present works in sync with…… [Read More]


Arias, E., Curtin, L.R., Wei, R. & Anderson, R.N. (2008). Us decennial life tables for 1999 -- 2001, United States life tables. National Vital Statistics Reports, 57 (1).

Catangui, E.J. & Slark, J. (2012). Nurse-led ward rounds: a valuable contribution to acute stroke care.British Journal Of Nursing, 21 (13), p. 801.

Census and Statistics Department. (2009). Thematic household survey report. 41. [report] Honk Kong: Census and Statistics Department.

Cohen, J. & Deliens, L. (2012). A public health perspective on end of life care. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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Chinese Trade in the Early

Words: 1004 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27070105

The fact that China tried to cut off exports of tea to the British -- unless the British would stop bringing in opium to China -- shows again that laws and morality in China were of higher importance than the economy. The war that ensued in 1839 (the first "Opium ar") because the Chinese attempted to blockade the factories and keep the foreigners out. The British also won the second "Opium ar" in China and the law changed in China to allow opium as a legitimate trading item. It took a war to get the Chinese in the right frame of mind to change the law.

This is a key to the argument put forward in this paper. The Chinese didn't seem at all bothered when their trading partners were banned from coming into the country due to laws and morality. So the economy has been hampered, so what? The…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Perdue, Peter. (year unknown). The End of the Canton System. Retrieved January 27, 2009, from .

Perdue, Peter. (year unknown). Canton Happenings. Retrieved January 27, 2009, from
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Shanghai Tang Strategic Case Analysis Strategic Case

Words: 2593 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94303167

Shanghai Tang Strategic Case Analysis

Strategic Case Analysis: Shanghai Tang (ST)

Fashion and Clothing Industry Overview

Shanghai Tang (ST)

Business Strategy

Global Business Expansion

Strategic Placement

Analysis of Environmental Factors

Suitability of Shanghai Tang Strategy


Business Focus

The strategic review of Shanghai Tang is conducted in order to explore brand presence, business focus, and other related functional strategies. The business is quite well placed in terms of its growth, revenues, and profitability. The company has also expanded its business line in other business. It is regarded as a flair for growth. However the expansion in unrelated businesses also creates an impact on the focused approach for young businesses. The fashion industry overview provides a significant account of the industry trends and key variable influencing the business. The micro and macro environmental analysis along with the SWOT analysis also provides a significant understanding of the business. The assessment of Shanghai…… [Read More]


Bhardwaj, V, & Fairhurst, A2010, Fast fashion: response to changes in the fashion industry, The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, Vol. 20, No. 1, pp. 165-173.

Caniato, F, Caridi, M, Moretto, A, Sianesi, A & Spina, G 2013, Integrating international fashion retail into new product development, International Journal of Production Economics.

Choi, TM 2011, Fashion supply chain management: industry and business analysis, IGI Global, USA.

Gillespie, K, Jeannet, JP & Hennessey, HD2010, Global marketing, South-Western Pub, USA.
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Historical Development of Feng Shui in China

Words: 3375 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 88393321

Feng Shui's Course In Hong Kong

Hong Kong goes its own ways. Not entirely, of course, and obviously much less so since 1997, but it retains a certainly cultural autonomy. One way in which Hong Kong has continued traditional beliefs and practices that have faded on the mainland is the degree of dedication to the practices of feng shui. There are several reasons why Hong Kong has maintained such traditions. Some of these arise from the fact that islands tend to be both conservative and independent, holding to traditions as a strength.

Mainland Chinese officials see their current and future strength as arising from their economic modernization, as essentially arising from their flight from tradition. Hong Kong, while certainly attached to economic prosperity and legally a part of China, has because of its geography also maintained an attachment to its past.

Hong Kong, no matter how many legal times it…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Carroll, Robert. Feng Shui: The Skeptics Dictionary. 2010.

Chua-Eoan, H., StonerT. & Wong, B. (1987). How to keep the dragons happy.,9171,964725,00.html#ixzz1apwioL5e 


Disneyland Hong Kong Feng Shui,
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Interest in Being a Law Student

Words: 703 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67707751

attend the University of Hong Kong Law School. I am applying for admission to the University of Hong Kong Law School for a number of reasons. First, I feel the law school at the University of Hong Kong is one of the best law schools in the world, and I would feel very privileged to attend it. In addition, during my education and employment in the United States, I have worked with law offices in California and in Hong Kong in a variety of areas, so I feel I have the necessary background that will make me successful in the school. Finally, I was born in Hong Kong, and my family immigrated to the United States when I was 14. I would like to continue my education in my homeland, and work in international law when I complete my degree.

My background includes schooling in the United States, and work…… [Read More]

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Basic Helping Process

Words: 1553 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 93954199

Cultures also define significant roles and set up expectations of the behaviors that accompany them. When these role definitions become rigid, they tend to be counterproductive because both individuals and social groups are constantly in the process of change and adaptation to the differences that are part of life (Schein, 2011). For the young child, knowing what is expected can contribute markedly to feelings of security, However, if expectations are too rigid, it can also be inhibiting to growth and lock in the developing individual so that full use of potential for adaptation to change is impossible. Attitudes and behavior develop in response to unconscious needs and drives for protection from pain, preservation of personal integrity, allowance for essential growth, and assistance in dealing with reality (Keith-Lucas, 2010). Coping mechanisms -- denial, projection, regression, fantasy, and so on -- relate to their source of stimulus and may seem inappropriate to…… [Read More]


Bonasera, C.M. (n.d.). Pitfalls in the helping process. Retrieved from

Keith-Lucas, A. (2010). Biblical Insights into the Helping Process. Social Work & Christianity, 37(3), 321-329.

King, P. (2004). Helping people is a democratic process. 1948. Public Health Nursing (Boston, Mass.), 21(6), 572-573.

Mortenove. (2010, November, 7). Stages in the helping process. Retrieved from
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Online Retailing Operates What Kind of Problems

Words: 9794 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10008187

online retailing operates, what kind of problems they face and the kind of environment they operate in. The author has also focused on Asian online retailing and special focus on Hong Kong online retailing. It has 22 sources.

Access of basic necessities of life has followed the conventional method of buying and selling. This pattern changed in the last decade with the emergence of information technology age. When consumers have the ability to access information instantly, technologists thought why not access to products has as well. Thus emerged the concept of retailing online.

Online market had initiated with selling of information but today one can interact on the internet and buy physical products without any fear, atleast in some parts of the world. The main concern for consumers today is not whether their regions have access to the internet or not but rather focused on how fast and how online…… [Read More]


Author not available, Poor Customer Service Kills Online Shoppers' Holiday Spirit, and Online Retailers' Bottom-Line, Says Jupiter., Business Wire, 12-19-2000.

Author not available, E-COMMERCE LEARNS FROM 1999 SEASON., United Press International, 12-26-2000.

Author not available, EXECUTIVE Business BRIEFING., United Press International, 05-02-2001.

Ricadela, Aaron & Mitchell, Gabrielle C. News: Electronic retailing proves tricky -- Allure of Internet sales leads to revenue-sharing ventures, partnerships with hosts., Computer Retail Week, 10-20-1997, pp 02.
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Marketing Research According to Green and Tool

Words: 3891 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1574764

Marketing esearch

According to Green and Tool (1993) "Marketing research is the systematic and objective search for, and analysis of, information relevant to the identification and solution of any problem in the field of marketing." The main aim of marketing research is to enable the beneficiary to take some steps, some that may be risky, though with confidence hence the need for observing absolute objectivity. It is due to this need that marketing research does adopt a scientific method and approach that will help turn the personal opinions, prejudices and notions into hypotheses and consequently test them in an empirical manner. The alternative views are also given due considerations independently as long as they can be of interest to the researcher.

Significance of marketing research

In the field of marketing, research is not just for the aim of learning but is a very central component in the good decision making…… [Read More]


Andrea Rodrigues, (2011). GM India Could Begin New LCV Production at Halol Facility after

Diwali. Retrieved August 28, 2011 from 

Emma An, (2011). Outlook for Domestic Steelmakers Turns Cloudy. Retrieved August 28, 2011

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Kimpton Hotel

Words: 1921 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 65459447

Kimpton Hotel


The Kimpton Hotel will have higher costs in contrast with other locations. This is because Hong Kong is one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world. As it is sitting, at a cross roads between mainland China and the West based upon the cultural traditions and history it embraces. At the same time, the location of One Exchange Square; is considered to be prime real estate. This is due to the fact that it sits on the water front of the Victoria Harbor. (McMillan, 2012)

Estimate cost of leasing for One Exchange Square Hong Kong (total of 8th floor) yearly

Its total square footage is 2 million ft. The structure consists of 88 floors. The hotel will be located on the 8th floor. Currently, UBS is the primary renter for the facility with them paying a total of $42 million per year to lease…… [Read More]


Five Star Hotels. (2013). Hotel Club. Retrieved from: [0].adlts=2&hotel.rooms[0].chldAge[0]=&hotel.rooms[0].chldAge[1]=&hotel.rooms[0].chldAge[2]=&hotel.rooms[0].chldAge[3]=&hotel.rooms[0].chldAge[4]=&hotel.rooms[0].chlds=0&hotel.type=keyword&hotel.rating=5&hotel.chkin=14/05/13&hotel.chkout=15/05/13&search=Search&

Hotel Industry in Hong Kong. (2007). HK EX-News. Retrieved from: 

McMillan, A. (2012). Hong Kong Headache. Reuters. Retrieved from: 

McMillan, A. (2010). In Hong Kong. New York Times. Retrieved from:
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China's Renminbi What Will Be

Words: 801 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 52652906

While at the same time, it will make imports in Hong Kong / China cheaper in relation to goods that are manufactured in both locations. Over the course of time, this will cause the trade surplus that Hong Kong / China enjoys decreasing as both markets begin to buy the cheaper foreign imports. ("The Impact of China's Revaluation of the Yuan," 2005)

Yet, both Hong Kong and China are facing a similar situation as Japan, due to the fact that they rely heavily on foreign trade. Where, many of the different markets are somewhat open to exports, with restrictions. This is similar to a policy that Japan engaged in during the 1970's and 1980's, where once the peg was removed off of the U.S. dollar, the yen appreciated in value. Under normal circumstances, this should have solved Japan's trade surplus problems. However, because their markets were still restrictive to foreign…… [Read More]


The Impact of China's Revaluation of the Yuan. (2005, July 24). Retrieved March 23, 2010 from Forecast Global Economy website: 

Fung, K (2007). China's Renminbi: Our Currency Your Problem.
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U S China Trading Relations the

Words: 3988 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 64670750

Fueled by massive inflows of foreign direct investment, rising exports, and one of the highest personal savings rates (around 40% of GNP) in the world, this exceptional economic performance has translated into a tripling of per capita incomes. A better material existence is apparent from the provision of food, clothing, and housing for the vast majority of China's 1.3 billion people to the widespread availability of basic consumer durables such as refrigerators, washing machines, and television sets for an increasingly large number of households.: China's growing prosperity was evident by explosive construction throughout the country (Shanghai reportedly has 20% of the world's high-rise construction cranes currently in operation) and by a proliferation of services such as restaurants, fashionable boutiques, movies, and discos in the cities. For the growing and increasingly consumer-oriented middle class, shopping and dressing fashionably is definitely "in." (Ahearn, 1998)

The businesses of China are managed by people…… [Read More]


China's Post-Tiananmen Windfall (2001) Human Events 23 Apr 2001. ProQuest Information and Learning Company.

Gries, Peter Hays (2005) China Eyes the Hegemon. 2005 Published by Elsevier Limited on behalf of Foreign Policy Research Institute. Summer 2005. Online available at 

Larsen, Rick, and Kirk, Mark (2005) Congress and the Updating of the U.S.-China Relationship. The National Bureau of Asian Research. Vol. 16, No. 5 Dec. 2005. Online available at 

Boon, Lin, and Tan, Benjamin (2002) Impact of Industrialization on Acculturation of Managers in the Global Marketplace. 1 Jan 2002. Singapore Management Review. Online available at
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Work Life Balance - The Role of

Words: 7287 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68583743

Work Life Balance - the ole of HM

Human resources management come with massive demands chiefly in light of the fact that it involves dealing with people, a task that is complex in itself. To enhance organizational growth, pleasure on the part of workforce is very crucial. This is a necessity that human resources sectors in organizations have to grapple with on a day-to-day basis through the initiation and implementation of means of achieving workers satisfaction and overall performance (Frame & Hartog, 2003). Creating room for work life balance constitutes come of the mechanisms that employers use in achieving this goal (Clutterbuck, 2003). Work life balance is a concept whose relevance in the organization and more so in the world of advancing technology holds a lot of water. It brings to both parties in the business environment numerous benefits (Ehnert, 2009). The concept has a wide range of practice ranging…… [Read More]


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HK & Singapore a Country's Economic Growth

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HK & Singapore

A country's economic growth "may be defined as a long-term rise in capacity to supply increasingly diverse economic goods to its population…" (Kuznets, 1973). There are a number of methods by which economic growth can be encouraged. These include reducing barriers to business expansion (such as interest rates, tax rates and bureaucracy), increasing transparency in government, increasing population, trade policy, technological innovation and increased exploitation of resources. Singapore and Hong Kong are first-world city states with large populations and limited natural resources. Although both have experienced population increases, density is very high and there is limited room for domestic consumption growth. Likewise, there is limited room for growth in resource exploitation, as neither has excess natural resource capacity. Transparency International ranks Singapore as first in the world for least corruption, and Hong Kong is a strong 13th, so there is little room for improvement (Transparency International, 2010).…… [Read More]

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