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Intel Corporation Essays (Examples)

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Intel SWOT Analysis the Following Is an
Words: 812 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 63265877
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Intel SWOT Analysis

The following is an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of Intel Corporation. What is noteworthy regarding this company is their ability to continually reinvent themselves beginning with esearch & Development (&D) processes and strategies first, then emanating to all other areas of their value chain (West, Iansiti, 2003). This has led to Intel surviving many generations of technology shifts while competitors less agile have either been consolidated into other companies or exited key markets (aynor, 2011).


The following are the key strengths of Intel Corporation. First, they have the most comprehensive product line of microprocessors of any technology components company globally, which gives them the ability to quickly move into entirely new markets and dominate them (West, Iansiti, 2003). Second, Intel is exceptionally skilled at creating alliances and partnerships that serve as strong catalysts of innovation, greater market adoption (as the alliance…


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Intel Capital - The Berkeley Networks Investment
Words: 599 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 29619123
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Intel Capital - the Berkeley Networks Investment" in analysis, questions answered: 1) Why Intel Berkeley Networks form partnership? 2) Did firm achieve goals? If, ? If, ? 3) What

Intel Capital: The Berkeley Network investment

The Intel Corporation is the largest company in the industry of computer microprocessors and its success has been based on a strong managerial model which emphasized not only the technical aspects -- such as resource management or operational efficiency -- but also the non-technical aspects of the business, such as the role played by the staff members in attaining overall corporate objectives, or the importance of learning and development to achieving pre-established goals.

The partnership with Berkeley represented the perfect mechanism by which Intel could develop and expand both its technical skills, as well as its non-technical skills. In other words, Intel would benefit from the technical expertise of the Berkley staff, and would also…


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Intel Quality System Handbook the
Words: 1125 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 29279982
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al.). What emerges then is an agile, values-based platform for optimizing organizational structure for quality management. All of these factors taken together are designed to also provide Intel with the ability to move quickly to attain the benefits of Moore's Law as well.

Intel Manufacturing's Use of Metrics to Manage Quality and Compliance

Intel Manufacturing's Compliance and Quality Management initiatives are heavily centered on the Six Sigma DMAIC and the Total Quality Management (TQM) techniques and methodologies (English, 2004). The collection of metrics that are generated from the Six Sigma DMAIC, TQM and Compliance initiatives include capacity utilization, yield measurements, Defect Parts Per Million (PPM), and Voice of the Customer (VoC) feedback from the DMAIC process. Additionally there are scorecards generated of reliability and durability measures. All of these factors are critical during the New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI) process. Overlaying quality to the NPDI process provides Figure 2.…


Larry English. (2004). Six Sigma and Total Information Quality Management (TIQM); TIQM is a quality management system that focuses on business effectiveness and customer satisfaction, whether performed as a Six Sigma project or not. DM Review, 14(10), 44.

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Intel's Annual Report
Words: 1354 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1767866
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Investments may be classified into the following categories: Trading assets, Available-for-sale investments and Non-marketable equity securities and other investments. Certain marketable debt and equity securities are considered trading assets. They are subject to exchange rate and interest rate modifications, so the generated risk is mitigated through the use of derivative instruments.

The 'available-for-sale' includes another category of marketable debt and equity securities. These investments are reported at fair value on the balance sheet with unrealized gains and losses recorded in stockholders' equity, net of tax. If the securities are sold, their cost is calculated using a specific identification method. The gains and losses incurred as a result of selling debt securities are recorded in interest and other (net value). Should the available-for-sale investments be equity securities, they would be recorded in gains (losses) on equity securities. However, every decrease of the value of such securities (stocks) has to be considered…


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Intel's Dominance of the Microprocessor
Words: 642 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 87936811
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" (Goettler & Gordon, 1) and according to the research produced above in the source by GS, AMD actually saw its market share decline across the same sample period.

This denotes the relatively monolithic nature of the microprocessor industry. This also denotes an extremely attractive field from Intel's perspective. Horn (2009) advises using Porter's Five Forces as a way of understanding Intel's role within its market. Here, Horn notes that "Michael Porter's five forces analysis determines the attractiveness of an industry based on bargaining power of the supplier and buyer, threat of substitutes, threat of new entrants, and rivalry among existing competitors. In the microprocessor industry, buyer bargaining power, new entrants, and rivalry are all strong forces while supplier bargaining power and threat of substitutes are weak forces." (Horn, 1)

It is thus that we consider those forces which are acknowledged as determinant in the industry. Horn points to buyer…

Works Cited:

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Intel Creating Sound Technology-Focused Initiatives for Intel
Words: 2849 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49948860
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Creating Sound Technology-Focused Initiatives for Intel

Intel, a manufacturer and designer of microprocessor chips, is one of the leading technology companies critical in the global evolution of electronic products. But how so? What strategic initiatives are in place that allows Intel to execute its business strategy, remain competitive in an ever-growing competitive market, and continue to innovate? If Intel's strategies are in place, how do they propel Intel's products that will create new opportunities, new innovation, and the next generation of microprocessors?

This paper analyzes the strategies that Intel currently has in place, core competencies that feed those strategies, and how those strategies lead to product innovation and protection with the ultimate goal of creating technology-focused initiatives that Intel should be engaged in. The emphasis for Intel is to be able to adapt to a changing (and sometimes chaotic) industry, thus technological revolution must always be around the corner…


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Financial Analysis Rationale for Choosing the Company
Words: 1641 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59157551
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Financial Analysis

ationale for choosing the company for which to invest

The company selected for this financial research report is Intel Corporation. The rationale for selecting this company is because Intel is considered to be one of the major pioneers and forerunners in the field of technology. Intel Corporation dominates about 80% of the market share that is made up of microprocessors.

atio analysis

It is imperative to note that the financial statement of a company alone offers limited understanding and insight into the performance of the company itself. So as to attain a much profound and richer comprehension of what is going on within a company, there has to be a relevant basis of comparison. Comparison can include making an analysis of financial ratios of the company as well as the industry benchmarks it offers the stakeholders, with tools to detect any strength and weaknesses of the company. This…


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Annual Report (2014) Intel 2014 Annual Report, Retrieved from the web at 

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Compatibility of Microprocessors
Words: 2045 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17903821
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AMD Processors

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.) is a Sunnyvale, California-based semiconductor manufacturer. The Company designs, manufactures and markets digital integrated circuits that are used in desktop and mobile PCs, workstations, servers, communications equipment and consumer electronics. Over the years, AMD has emerged as the only credible competitor to Intel Corp -- and has shipped more than 240 million PC processors worldwide since it was founded in 1969. This Report investigates the current product offerings by AMD, discusses their compatibility, and compares the performance of AMD processors with Intel Processors.

Current AMD Product Offerings

AMD is currently involved in the design, manufacture and marketing of Desktop, Mobile, Server, and orkstation processors.

Desktop Processors: AMD offers the full range of processors -- from the high-end 64-bit to the low-priced "budget" processor for the desktop PCs.

AMD Athlon 64: It is currently the Company's most advanced (8th generation) processor for desktop PCs…

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Organizational Technology Plan for Dell
Words: 3563 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22310015
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2). The company has demonstrated this effect time and again as it enters new, standardized product categories, such as network servers, workstations, mobility products, printers and other electronic accessories; in fact, almost 20% of every standards-based computer system sold in the world today is a Dell: "This global reach indicates our direct approach is relevant across product lines, regions and customer segments" (Dell at a glance, 2007, p. 3).

Today, Dell competes on a global basis, and it manages its business through three key geographic segments as shown in Table 1 below:

Table 1.

Dell Geographic Business Segments.

Geographic Segment


The Americas

This business unit accounted for about 64% of the $56 billion the company earned in revenues in 2005 (Allison, 2006). This market region includes the U.S., Canada, and Latin America (Dell Annual eport, 2006); one Dell executive, Lawrence Pentland, was recently assigned control of the operations in…


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Boy Scouts of America Have
Words: 1125 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 87515172
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(BSA's Policies On Homosexuality)

The Boy Scout of America's policy on homosexuality has been revised multiple times with the most recent revision taking place in 2012.

Because of their position against homosexuality, the Boy Scouts of America have been subject to four separate lawsuits: Curran v. Mount Diablo Council of Boy Scouts of America, 952 P.2d 218 (1998), Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, 530 U.S.640 (2000), Chicago Area Council of Boy Scouts of America v. City of Chicago Commission on Human Relations, 748 N.E. 2d 759 (2001), and Boy Scouts of America v. District of Columbia Commission on Human Rights, 809 A.2d 1192 (2002). In each of these cases, homosexual men who were stripped of their leadership positions within the Boy Scouts sued the organization for discrimination and claimed that their civil rights had been violated. However, in each of these cases, it was determined that the "Boy Scouts…

Works Cited

Boy Scouts of America. 2013. Web. 13 July 2013.

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"BSA's Policy on Homosexuals." 28 April 2013. Web. 13 July 2013.

Leitsinger, Miranda. "Eagle Scouts Return Badges to Protest Policy Banning Gays." U.S. News.

Customer Analysis Strategies the Many
Words: 1393 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93648611
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For product management professionals in the B2C market, the challenges are even greater as the competition and speed in their markets is magnitudes greater than their B2B counterparts. Often consumer-oriented products have a high degree of seasonality to them, substitutes abound, and product lifecycles can be very short (Thorpe, Morgan, 2007). Determining the best possible market segments, defining customers as accurately as possible and monitoring the performance of go-to-market strategies is critical for a new business to succeed in consumer-based or B2C-oriented markets (Van Fleet, Van Fleet, Flint, 2010). Considering how competitive the consumer packaged goods (CPG) market is and the level of investment required for any new product to be successful, the need for accurate customer information becomes central to innovation (Kannan, Yim, 2001). The success of Proctor & Gamble in the CPG markets they compete in is evidence of how thoroughly customer insight, intelligence and market segment analysis…


David W. Crain, & Stan Abraham. (2008). Using value-chain analysis to discover customers' strategic needs. Strategy & Leadership, 36(4), 29-39.

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Strategic Management the Twenty First
Words: 2092 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23042258
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When information and intelligence about competitors is gathered, there are numerous advantages. The first one is that it is possible to emphasize on your own strengths only if you know the strength of your competitor. For example, when there is a presentation in the firm and the client is aware of the fact that this firm has had a lot of experience doing presentations of this sort. (What you need to know about your Competitors)

This, however, does not make a tremendous difference to the client; what if the firm's rival had more experience, then the focus on experience would perhaps make the first firm look a lot less experienced than it is. The second advantage is that everyone needs a point of comparison to compare notes with, and unless this aspect is benchmarked in the field with actual data and proof, how else would one be able to prove…


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Retrieved From

Comparison of Business Restructuring
Words: 5016 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86768524
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Business estructuring: the case study of IBM and HP

The word "restructuring" is interchangeably used as a whole and is a universal and broad world for all sorts of substantial changes and alterations that take place within an organization. Change management, restructuring as well as reorganization are all procedures and practices that are signified by the fact that they evaluate and assess the prevailing structures with the main intent of changing such processes by means of targeted and categorical interventions. This in particular takes place within the organization during its changing aspects. The decisions which are made are evaluated and assessed with mainly high doubts as a result of the scrutiny of procedures and structures. One distinguishing aspect of all kinds of organizational change processes is the directness and sincerity of the subsequent results. Even though, it is regarding purposely designed interventions, the intricacy and complication is very extreme to…


2012 Annual Report. (2012). Retrieved from  on March 17, 2015

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Education and Frederick Douglass
Words: 2754 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68622403
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Marketing Plan

Current Marketing Situation


The personal computer (PC) is designed to increase convenience of computing aspects employed by consumers. In particular, this product is purposed to enable the consumer to undertake several functional and computing services through one device. IBM, the producer of the personal computer, is acknowledged as one of the key trailblazers in the technology industry. In particular, the company is one of the original founders and advancers of the personal computer versions that we perceive and use in the present day. PC manufactured by IBM facilitates not just the individual consumer at home, but also organizations as a whole in their business operations. The benefit of this product is that it enhances the convergence of technology being used within an organization. For instance, the computer works in tandem with other technologies, such as the internet, different software and cloud-based services. This is a user-friendly device…


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Analyzng a Marketing Plan
Words: 2754 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79617566
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Marketing Plan

Current Marketing Situation


The personal computer (PC) is designed to increase convenience of computing aspects employed by consumers. In particular, this product is purposed to enable the consumer to undertake several functional and computing services through one device. IBM, the producer of the personal computer, is acknowledged as one of the key trailblazers in the technology industry. In particular, the company is one of the original founders and advancers of the personal computer versions that we perceive and use in the present day. PC manufactured by IBM facilitates not just the individual consumer at home, but also organizations as a whole in their business operations. The benefit of this product is that it enhances the convergence of technology being used within an organization. For instance, the computer works in tandem with other technologies, such as the internet, different software and cloud-based services. This is a user-friendly device…


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Recipient Names Request for Discovery
Words: 2532 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49909478
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The foreign tribunal has jurisdiction over the parties appearing before it, and can order them to comply with discovery, while it might not be able to exercise that same power over non-parties and would need the assistance of a statute like § 1782. (124 S. Ct. 2466, 2471). Both Wal-Co and Expert Builders are parties in the foreign proceeding, which has the power to grant broad discovery to either party, therefore the Court would lack a compelling reason to grant the discovery request.

In this instance, there is a pending complaint with the I.C.C. However, Expert Builders would not have had to file a complaint in order to seek a discovery order. Instead, § 1782 is applicable when a dispositive ruling by a tribunal is within reasonable contemplation. (124 S. Ct. 2466, 2468). That means that the proceeding with the I.C.C. almost certainly meets § 1782's requirements for a proceeding.…


28 U.S.C.S. § 1782 (a).

In re: Application of Babcock Borsig AG for Assistance before a Foreign Tribunal, 583

F.Supp.2d 233 (D. Mass. 2008).

Intel Corporation v. Advanced Micro Devices, 124 S. Ct. 2466 (2004).

Apple Computer About the Company
Words: 5626 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15463682
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The first of these was co-designed with Sony, and established the modern layout for laptop computers that has remained popular ever since.

In 1994, Apple revamped its Macintosh line with the introduction of the Power Macintosh, which was based on the PowerPC line of processors developed by IM, Motorola and Apple. Apple's operating system software was adjusted so that most software written for the older processors could run in emulation on the PowerPC series.

After an internal power struggle with new CEO John Sculley in the 1980s, Jobs resigned from Apple and went on to found NeXT Inc., which Apple ultimately bought. This move brought Jobs back to Apple's management. On July 9, 1997, Gil Amelio stepped down as CEO of Apple after overseeing a 12-year record low stock price and crippling financial losses. Jobs stepped in as the interim CEO and began the critical restructuring of the company's product…


Apple Computer, Inc. Five-Year Financial History. Cupertino, California: 2005.

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Higher Ed Faculty Adoption of
Words: 4477 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30811366
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" (asson, 1999); and systematic way of designing, carrying out, and evaluating the total process of learning and teaching in terms of specific objectives, based on research in human learning and communications, and employing a combination of human and non-human resources to bring about more effective instruction (Commission on Instructional Technology, 1970)." (asson, 1999)

asson shares the fact that a survey conducted by Nick Hammond et al. On "locks to the Effective Use of Information Technology in Higher Education" states confirmation that: "...virtually all departments use computer facilities for teaching statistics and practical classes. Few lecturers report using simulations, demonstrations, self testing materials or structuring tools (such as concept mapping) within their teaching." (1999) Other findings make the suggestion that: "...lecturers tend to call on tools they already use for their research for teaching purposes. For example, word processing packages are used to prepare course notes; data analysis packages are…


Empowering 21st Century Teaching and Learning (2006) Programs of the Intel Education Initiative. Intel Corporation 2006. Online available at 

Hamza, Mohhamad Khalid; and Alhalabi, Bassem (nd) Technology and Education: Between Chaos and Order. First Monday: Peer-Reviewed Journal Online. Available at 

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Computer Fundamentals the Pace of
Words: 1767 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95031180
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Subtopic 6: Job management and protection; include a serious discussion of security aspects

The most commonly leveled criticism of operating systems is the inherent lack of security they have (Funell, 2010). Defining operating systems to have partitioned memory is just the start, as Microsoft learned with their Windows NT platform. Dedicated memory partitions by user account can be hacked and have been (Funell, 2010). The need for greater levels of user authentication is required, including the use of biometrics for advanced systems that have highly confidential data within them. The reliance on security-based algorithms that also seek to analyze patterns of use to anticipate security threats are increasingly in use today (Volkel, Haller, 2009). This aspect of an operating system can capture the levels of activity and the patterns they exhibit, which can provide insights into when a threat is present or not. The use of predictive security technologies, in…


Boudreau, K.. (2010). Open Platform Strategies and Innovation: Granting Access vs. Devolving Control. Management Science, 56(10), 1849-1872.

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Itanium CPU's Mcmillan Characteristics and Performance
Words: 500 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31491010
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Itanium CPU

Itanium's design, the product of a partnership between Intel and HP, revolves around on a concept called EPIC (explicitly parallel instruction computing). All modern CPUs have some capacity of running multiple instructions from memory simultaneously. Most CPUs are looking for convenience to process instructions in parallel. EPIC shifts efficiency for this analysis from the CPU hardware to the programming language compiler used to effect the application.

As compilers get smarter and the Itanium platform evolves, EPIC's true ability is unveiled.

Intel's niche marketing campaign, which targets scientific, digital-media, cryptographic, large-database, and Web-caching uses, came about when the company realized Itanium's effectiveness of floating-point math and data handling. Floating-point calculations are used in a variety of things ranging from encryption to digital video encoding. Intel claims that the Itanium CPU accomplishes as many as 8 floating-point operations at the same time compared to two for its 32-bit CPUs. And…

By Anthony Cataldo" EE Times

January 13, 2000 (3:26 P.M. EST)

All material on this site Copyright © 2002 CMP Media LLC. All rights reserved.

SPAM-Project Proposal Canning SPAM Before
Words: 4281 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43937473
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David E. Sorkin, Technical and Legal Approaches to Unsolicited Electronic Mail, 35 U.S.F.L. Rev. 325 (2001).

Google and other search engines:

Encarta Encyclopedia online. 2006

10. Appendix

Articles collected for Review so far (just a sampling of articles on SPAM laws) www.spamlaws.comSpam Laws: Articles

David E. Sorkin, www.jcil.orgSpam Legislation in the United States, 22 J. Marshall J. Computer & Info. L. 3 (2003).

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Dominique-Chantale Alepin, Note, "Opting-Out": A Technical, Legal and Practical Look at the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, 28 Colum. J.L.…

Apple Market Share Increase for Ipad 4
Words: 4916 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30566564
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Apple needs to increase its market share for iPad 4.

Product outline

Apple Inc. is a well known technology firm that specializes in designing, production and selling of computers, mobile phones and music related devices. The most outstanding feature of Apple Inc. is the brand-perception as well as identification. Apple has built itself to become a cult-brand over the last decade with the strategy to invest and market iTunes, QuickTime and iMaclines working to fortify the brand loyalty hence the cult-brand formation. The short-term goals that Apple Inc. put in place are geared towards increasing the sales of the iPad which is one of the most recent products of Apple. Apple Inc. is a fairly large corporation with a huge startup capital base and a corporate culture that is inclined towards engineering and innovation. It is known to properly utilize the bureaucracies that exist and also possessing good customer culture…

Apple increase in market'share for iPad 4
Words: 4916 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20911327
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Apple needs to increase its market share for iPad 4.

Product outline

Apple Inc. is a well known technology firm that specializes in designing, production and selling of computers, mobile phones and music related devices. The most outstanding feature of Apple Inc. is the brand-perception as well as identification. Apple has built itself to become a cult-brand over the last decade with the strategy to invest and market iTunes, QuickTime and iMaclines working to fortify the brand loyalty hence the cult-brand formation. The short-term goals that Apple Inc. put in place are geared towards increasing the sales of the iPad which is one of the most recent products of Apple. Apple Inc. is a fairly large corporation with a huge startup capital base and a corporate culture that is inclined towards engineering and innovation. It is known to properly utilize the bureaucracies that exist and also possessing good customer culture…

Technologies Are Defined Specifically to
Words: 3361 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82087043
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It is increasing purchasing power and inclination of women those are varying the way gadgets are being restructured and also marketed. Women according to her are like the 'canary birds of the technological mineshaft'. (Women take over technology) if it does not act for them it will be possibly unsuccessful in the mass market. She reveals that it is this notion that the type of population of people applying technology is wider than before. (Women take over technology) Consumer electronics in 2001 and 2002 has been aimed in a soft way, according to Katherine izzuto, VP and publisher of Marie Claire magazine and panelist for 'Shopping Consumer Electronics-Understanding the Female Perspective'. However, entry into the year 2004, aims at it in a strong way. She states that her own consumer research presents that women desire information about CE products and do not find where they expect to find it. (Heller,…


Biddlecombe, Elizabeth. "Women and Mobile Content"

Retrieved at . Accessed on 18 May, 2005

Caals, Melissa. "A Critical Review of Research into Differences between Men and Women in the Use of Media for Interpersonal Communication." Retrieved at . Accessed on 18 May, 2005

Consumer Electronics Woo women" Retrieved at . Accessed on 18 May, 2005

CPU the Central Processing Unit of a
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The Central Processing Unit of a computer: Facts about CPUs

While the human head is estimated to weigh approximately seven pounds, the 'brain' of a modern computer is far tinier. CPU is the acronym for the Central Processing Unit of a computer. It is responsible for the executive functions of the computer. It interprets and then issues the "commands from the computer's hardware and software" (Fischer 2013). The CPU "has a program counter that points to the next instruction to be executed. It goes through a cycle where it retrieves, from memory, the instructions in the program counter. It then retrieves the required data from memory, performs the calculation indicated by the instruction and stores the result. The program counter is incremented to point to the next instruction and the cycle starts all over" (Davis 2005). Because it is responsible for all of the computer's instructions and calculations it…


Computer hardware. (n.d.). Computer Hope Newsletter. Retrieved: 

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Offshore Accounts an Offshore Bank
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• Competitiveness in the Euro currency markets (Cayman

Depositors can also invest globally. There are minimal reporting requirements, and strong client confidentiality, and the Cayman Islands, being under British jurisdiction, has political and economic stability (Benefits of Cayman Offshore Banking)

ome of the Comnaonies in Cayman Islands

Famous U.. companies located on Cayman Island include:

Deloitte (accounting)

Financial Consulting & Accounting Ltd.

Custom Accounting olutions

Media Works

Xanadu Distributing Ltd. (Marketing)

Ford - Vampt Motors

Mercedes-Benz - Ultimate Imports Ltd.

Hi-Tech Electronics Inc.

Britannia Magazine

Alphasoft Ltd. (telecommunications)


Others are Coca-Cola, Oracle, and Intel that all use the Islands to avoid paying taxes

"One quarter of the 100 largest contractors with the U.. federal government, including Altria Group Inc. And Tyco International Ltd. have had subsidiaries in the Caymans, according to a study by the Government Accountability Office." (Evans (May, 2009). eagate is one of these companies.



Benefits of Cayman Offshore Banking )

Cayman Islands. 

Evans, D (May, 2009) Coca-Cola, Oracle, Intel Use Cayman Islands to Avoid U.S. Taxes Bloomberg,

Bluetooth Technology
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BluetoothTM is a low cost, low power, short-range radio technology- originally perceived as cable replacement alternative for the cable / wire connected devices such as mobile phone hand, headsets, and portable computers. The BluetoothTM's goals expanded to include standardized wireless communications between any electrical devices and created a notion of Personal Area Network. The write-up traces history of BluetoothTM starting with its unusual name to formation of Special Interest Group, SIG's formation, its growth culminating into implementation of version 1.0b.

Version 1.0 of the Bluetooth came out in 1999-starting as early as 1994 by engineers from Ericsson. The specification is named after Harald Blatand- a tenth century Viking. Ericsson Corp. founded the Bluetooth SIG in February 1998, Intel Corp., IBM Corp., Toshiba Corp., and Nokia Mobile Phones. In December 1999, core promoters group enlarged to include four major players, namely, Micorsoft, Lucent, 3 Com and Motorola.

Then, the components of…



Bluetooth Revealed, Brent, Miller. September 2000, Prentice Hall PTR

Bluetooth Demystified, Nathan Muller, J.J. September 2000, Prentice Hall PTR

Web Addresses

Collaboration Among Competitors Global Economy
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The firms seek to benefit from whatever a partner has to offer. This is different because size of the firms does not matter as long as each is willing to support the other in mutually beneficial manner. Unlike U.S. collaboration units where financial assistance plays a critical role, in Japan, it is the infrastructure that matters.

Unlike the U.S. conglomerates, which accent financial management, Keiretsu are oriented to cooperate in accord with whatever contribution a family member can make to help the other family member. Business units may be cooperating as suppliers of parts, lenders of capital, contributors of production know-how, or providers of access to markets. All these happen quietly. It takes a lot of digging to find out who is supplying what to whom. Even then, many of the arrangements cannot be uncovered. Most of the agreements will never be known. Keiretsu behavior epitomizes cooperation based on mutual…


Astley, W.G. 1984. Toward an appreciation of collective strategy. Academy of Management Review, 9: 526-535.

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Moore's Law and ERP Systems
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The practical limitations also have to do with the underlying managing of logic from an increasingly more dense packing of circuits on a single surface mount, as would be the case in the development of an integrated circuit.

How can application software improve the effectiveness of a large enterprise? What are some of the benefits associated with implementation of an enterprise resource planning system? What are some of the issues that could keep the use of enterprise resource planning software from being successful?

The greatest benefits of enterprise software are in first creating a higher level of integration across the many departments that comprise an organization. This includes Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Supplier Management, Procurement, Manufacturing, Fulfillment, and Services. The ability to synchronize all these departments' processes in pursuit of a commons strategic objective is where enterprise software is making its most major impact. Specifically in the area of making processes…

The DJIA Versus the S&P 500 Who Wins
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Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) has been the most important source available concerning the direction and status of capital markets in the United States for more than a century (Hora & Jalbert, 2009). The DJIA is comprised of the leading publicly traded equity issues which are reported in virtually all major newspapers and news reports in the U.S. as well as other industrialized nations (Hora & Jalbert, 2009). Despite this preeminent position in the financial industry, there remains a lack of understanding on the part of many consumers concerning how the DJIA is calculated or what the results of these calculations actually mean. To help fill this gap, this paper reviews the relevant literature to provide an overview and history of the DJIA and how it is calculated and its constituent components. Finally, a critical evaluation of the DJIA compared to other financial indexes is followed by a summary of…


Differences between the DJIA and S&P 500. (2016). Investopedia. Retrieved from http:/ /

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Founding in the Early 1970s
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As a result, the majority of recruiters mislead incoming students with false promises that results in unsatisfied customers. Recent DOE review conducted in the summer of 2003 have found that UOP's is not compliant with the igher Education Act, which makes it illegal for educational institutions like UOP to pay enrollment counselors compensation based solely upon obtaining enrollments. The DOE reports states that the UOP compensation system has cultivates and maintains a corporate culture of defiance of fiduciary duties.

Significant changes to this enrollment strategy must be achieved in order to gain public trust and reorient UOP's current practices. The first step is to change the educational and academic culture at UOP. The majority of UOP's programs, both online and offline has been criticized as severely lacking in both professionalism and academic value. Approximately 95% of UOP faculty is part time, as compared with 47% across all universities. As a…

How to Design a Strategic Planning System" (Sep-Oct 1998). Peter Lorange and Richard F. Vancil. Harvard Business Review, pp. 75-81).

Defining Corporate Strengths and Weaknesses" (Spring, 2004). Sloan Management Review, pp. 51-68.

Strategy (1998), 2nd Edition B.H. Liddell Hart. Frederick a. Praeger, Publishers.

Ticketmaster vs Tickets Preserving Minimum
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'" (19 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 495).

The note agrees with the court and concludes that the type of contract that Ticketmaster sought to enforce (a browsewrap license) is a typical example of a mass market form of Internet contract that simply strays too far from the legal definition and requirements of contract to be enforceable.

It neither provides a legitimate offer, nor does it require clear acceptance. Ticketmaster's argument was simply that by logging onto its site, or spidering it, had entered a contract. The court disagreed, and the note blames Ticketmaster's loss on faulty Web contracts such as browsewrap licensing.

The note concludes, "In determining the validity of an online contract, courts should distinguish between commercial, publicly available websites and those that have restricted access. Courts should only allow website providers to form contracts with their web users when they restrict access to their sites. Only when information…

Automated Banking in Our Future
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In either case, privacy issues were known to be much more complicated than mere issues of personal secrecy. In fact, as Richard Posner suggested more than 20 years ago, there is a fundamental economics of personal privacy -- an economics that is in large part responsible for, and untiringly organic to, our Constitution.

It is feasible, therefore, that there are rudimentary, biological, economic bases at the very roots of humankind's insatiable desire and need for privacy and security. (Posner, 1983)

As Mcride's research further indicates, "In 2002, the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies initiated Project Guardian: Maintaining Civil Liberties in the Information Age. The effort is aimed at shepherding discussion from all qualified voices on issues central to the tradeoff between privacy and security, particularly as this balance is threatened, or is perceived to be compromised, by advances in technology. Guardian is enriching the discussion by establishing a rigorous, multiway…


1) David Brin. "Coming Full Circle -- 21st Century Defense Will Stress Citizenship." Proceedings from Out of the Box and into the Future. Arlington, Va.: Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, 2001.

2) Michael Fitzgerald. "Alien lands big Gillette deal, but privacy is not on razor's edge." Small Times. 24 January 2003.

3) Amitai Etzioni. The Limits of Privacy. New York: Basics Books, 1999.

4) Richard a. Posner. The Economics of Justice. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1983.

Organizational Transformation the Chosen Case Studies Are
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Organizational Transformation

The chosen case studies are those of Pfizer and Intel. The two case studies are much similar because they are founded on the basis of organizational capability being improved through better H practices. They show that H practices are important in ensuring success in organizations and ensuring better performance. As stated by Ulrich et al. (2009)

, the case studies show that it is important to think about organizational capability and H practices and how they impact performance and not the other way around. Organizational capability as a source of competitive advantage is also highlighted in the case studies which show that by looking at the organization from an inside-out perspective, rather than an outside-in perspective is important in ensuring sustainability of change and that the change is based on effective reasoning Zhang, 2010()

In the case of Pfizer, the organization's capabilities are seen in how it organizes…


CASCIO, W.F. 2003. Managing human resources: Productivity, Quality of work, life, profits, New-York McGraw Hill Higher Education.

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Computing System Upgrade
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Digi POS Case Study

The author of this response is asked to evaluate the DigiPos case study and offer responses to four major questions. First, the author is asked to examine and assess the main computing problems that DigiPos faced with regard to the system upgrades involved and discussed in the case study. Second, the author is asked to discuss the solutions that were used to solve the problem. Third, the author is asked to compare and contrast the Quantum Blade and etail Blade hardware and software solutions. Fourth and finally, the author is asked to assess the means by which total cost of ownership (TC) was managed along with an opinion of what will or will not work in addressing the same (DigiPos, 2013).

Questions Answered

As far as the challenges or problems that were faced as mentioned by the case study, the earlier part of the study enumerates…


DigiPos. (2013, October 20). Digipos - About us. Digipos - Home. Retrieved October 20,

2013, from 

Domingo, J. (2013, May 20). SSD vs. HDD: What's the Difference? |

Technology Product Reviews, News, Prices & Downloads | | PC

Business Worldwide Profit --Profit Score Performance Progress
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business, worldwide, profit --profit, score performance progress. While ways a business entity evaluated, common measures financial scope. All businesses understand poorly operations performing times, end pre-determined fiscal time period.

AMD Financials

AMD, short for Advanced Micro Devices, is notable as it is the single company to be able to withstand some competition to Intel's central processing units. Aside from this product however, AMD produces and sells a wide array of other technological items, such as motherboard chipsets or graphics processors.

The company was established in 1969 and it is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. At the financial level, the results of the firm have been impacted throughout the past recent years, yet this decrease is pegged to the internationalized economic crisis, rather than internal problems within the firm. Specifically, the company's revenues have increased from $5,627 million in 2006 to $6,494 million in 2010, according to a variable evolution, with increases…


Giaretta, D., 2011, Advanced digital preservation, Springer

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AMD 2010 Annual report on Form 10K,  last accessed on May 24, 2012

Website of AMD, http://www.amd.comlast accessed on May 24, 2012

E-Business Model
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ecommerce business models

With the advent of Internet, we have seen a lot of changes in the communications arena and business practices are no exception. E-commerce has taken business from closed doors of offices and retail shops to the information superhighway, where literally millions of people trade daily. The online business model can be viewed in terms of B2B, B2C and C2C models (business to business, business to consumer and consumer to consumer respectively).

To get an insight into the working of these models, the ways they are similar and different from each other, we take a look at one site representing each of the above-discussed models. For B2B, we have Intel's site - the leading microprocessor manufacturing company. Eddie Bauer, an online shopping store having everyday-use items stands for B2C and lastly, eBay for C2C model as on this site, an ordinary surfer can assume role of both -…


Intel official site: 

Ebay official site:

Eddie Bauer official site:

Dell Inc
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Dell Inc.

The head office of Dell is at Austin, Texas at the same place where the company was based. Dell Americas is also located in Texas, which is the regional business unit for the United States, Canada and Latin America. The regional headquarters offices of the company are in England, for Europe Middle East and Africa; in Singapore catering to Asia-Pacific; and in Kawasaki, Japan, to serve the market for Japan. The production unit for the manufacture of computers is located in Texas, Tennessee, Brazil, Ireland, Malaysia, and China. Dell Computer Corporation sells products and services meant for Information Technology and the Internet backbone. The proceeds of the company for the previous four quarters were $31.2 billion. (Stories of Entrepreneurs: Michael Dell)

Dell's product, pricing, distribution, and promotion strategies


The Dell product line-up of high performance computer systems comprises of PowerEdge servers, PowerApp server applications, PowerVault storage products,…


Bean, Michael. The Price Strategy Simulator: Anatomy of a Price War Hewlett-Packard / Compaq vs. Dell. Retrieved at . Accessed on 16 October, 2004

Best practice resources enabling lean manufacturing excellence. Retrieved at . Accessed on 16 October, 2004

Brief Description of the Product/Service. Retrieved at Accessed on 16 October, 2004

Build-To-Order Model for Success (Part-II) Retrieved at Accessed on 16 October, 2004

Amd Financial Statements Advanced Micro
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The reduction in liabilities represents a move to reduce financial leverage in a period of tightening credit and risk profiles. The cash build-up too is an assertive move to combat liquidity concerns and build structural soundness to the balance sheet. AMD management implicitly understood that their internal financial condition was threatening to unravel the company with stagnant revenues and bloated expenses. As such the repositioning of AMD to take advantage of new revenue opportunities in their fusion process technology was an important step. Add to this a streamline of operations to improve the income statement, a strengthening of the balance sheet through targeted asset increases and strategic debt reductions; and the result are 2010 financial statements which show AMD "achieved many financial milestones: increasing revenue 20% year-over-year, restructuring the balance sheet, reducing overall debt, improving gross margin and delivering positive adjusted non-GAAP free cash flow" (AMD Annual eport. 2010)



Advanced Micro Devices. AMD. (2009). 2009 Annual Report. Advanced Micro Devices.

Retrieved September 19, 2011 from

Advanced Micro Devices. AMD. (2010). 2010 Annual Report. Advanced Micro Devices.

Retrieved September 19, 2011 from

Buyback Strategy Stock Buyback Can
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While stock may be used instead of monetary motivation, management may inflate the value of these and gain more from employees with less investment. Furthermore, a buyback strategy may result in a negative external business image for the company when stock is later revealed to be of lower value than merited by the buyback price.

3. I believe that stock buybacks are indeed a strategy. A strategy can be defined as a plan of action to further the business advantage and image of a company. As seen above, while the strategy may be to the advantage or disadvantage of the investor, it is always used to the advantage of the company buying back stock. Some companies include this strategy as part of their yearly business plan and projections for the future. The disclosure of buying back strategies can also be used as a tool to encourage future investments. As such,…

Google Corporate Governance Comes in
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The company showed a global reach early, adding numerous language versions around the world. In 2000, the company reached 18 million search queries per day and officially became the world's largest search engine ("Google, Inc." paras. 11-14).

The company now sought to address its need for income by introducing a keyword-targeted advertising program for another source of revenue. The company partnered with Yahoo! And with other partners, such as China's leading portal NetEast and NEC's BIGLOBE in Japan. Google introduced Adords, a self-service advertising program that could be activated with a credit card. By December of 2000, Google received more than 60 million searches per day and reached the 100-million search mark per day in 2001 ("Google, Inc." paras. 15-16).

Google as a Public Company

Google would offer an IPO of stock beginning in 2004. McShane and Von Glinow cite Google as a successful company, especially in terms of navigating…

Works Cited

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Profit Pools A Fresh Look
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Dell was setting a very rapid pace of new product introductions during the period analyzed by the author and afterwards as well. The focus on just the direct channel and thoughts of disintermediating the indirect channels through their highly successful direct build-to-order model blinded Dell from the much larger and more diverse profit pool all channels could provide. Ignoring these market dynamics and believing the direct model was by far going to win the battle of channel models in the PC industry, Dell experienced exceptional declines immediately following this rapid run-up of growth. In the end, Dell chose to use the profit pool concept to gain an even greater insights into their customer base and was able to generate profits 3 times higher than industry average (Gadiesh, Gilbert, 1998). Dell recovered form a potentially disastrous situation by using the profit pool concept effectively.

There is also the example of how…


Gadiesh, O., & Gilbert, J.L. (1998, Profit pools: A fresh look at strategy. Harvard Business Review, 76(3), 139-142+.

Suppliers Power
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Flextronics International is the world's largest outsourcer of electronics manufacturing jobs. The company is based in Singapore and has established a devised sophisticated logistical, supply and design series of methods that allow the customers to reduce fixed assets and product development time. Although Flextronics is not just a company based on low-wages labor, it currently has 9,000 employees in 29 countries, with half of them being concentrated in China, while the others work in low-wage centers such as India, Poland and Mexico.

Flextronics' clients are a different story: they are all from the United States: Microsoft, Dell, Motorola, Palm, Hewlett-Packard and Xerox. There is a high chance that many Americans have used a Flextronics'-built product, thrown on the market under a more popular brand.

Michael Marks, the man who runs Flextronics International, is the one responsible for the increasing outsourcing trend in the hi-tech industry, as it has currently reached…


1. Justin Doebele, "Flex Forward," Chief Executive. New York: Jul 2004., Iss. 200; pg. 34

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. Production and Inventory Management Journal. Alexandria: First Quarter 1999.Vol.40, Iss. 1; pg. 27,

Federal Contracting Give a Brief
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Specialized labor is needed to produce a specialized product for the military. As such the cost of attracting and utilizing such talent can be very expensive to IBM.

IBM's indirect costs would consist of three aspects pertaining mainly to time, fraud and unexpected occurrences. The first indirect cost of time creates large expenses with IBM. The larger each individual employee takes to complete his task, the more expensive the services rendered by IBM become. This is because the contract has a set time frame. If the time frame for the contract is exceeded, IBM will incur a bulk to the expenses related to such inefficiencies. This could potentially reduce the overall return of the project. Fraud can also occur as employees could utilize technology or knowledge of the data centers to use for their own personal use. This could include selling the information to foreign entities or IBM's direct competitors.…


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3) Emerson W. Pugh (1996). Building IBM: Shaping an Industry. MIT Press.

4) "History of IBM." IBM Archives:. IBM, n.d. Web. 08 June 2012. .

HP Pretexting Scandal the Hewlett-Packard
Words: 3344 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74518653
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Perkins - who had retired at the age of 70 but was coming back on the board - had by this time muscled his way into a powerful position within the HP community; he and his powerful board ally, George Keyworth, held special "technology committee" meetings with key HP people the day before each board meeting. Stewart writes that Perkins' little group actually became a "board within a board," and Perkins' power grew. His disenchantment with Fiorina also grew. Fiorina was apparently losing the confidence of the board, and Perkins was the central figure in that movement away from Fiorina. Prior to the retreat, which was alluded to earlier in this paper, there was a board meeting scheduled, and before that meeting, Keyworth and Dunn approached Fiorina and urged her to "express concerns about Hewlett-Packard's performance, stock price, unfavorable press, and need to reorganize," Stewart continues.

Although Fiorina showed resistance…

Works Cited

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Matching Dell From Its Early
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Relationship buyers offered Dell its "highest gross margins," (185). Transaction buyers consisted of the small-to-mid-sized businesses and individual home users who placed small and irregular PC orders. Transaction buyers called a different telephone number to order from Dell and rather than have a personalized sales representative team, they would speak with an inside representative who would encourage the buyer to investigate more advanced systems (185).

As Dell grew, the need to refine customer categories grew. To tailor to the specific needs of each market segment, Dell divided its relationship buyers into further categories such as specific governmental sectors or "global enterprise accounts," (185). Dell developed sophisticated means of direct sales, such as its Premier Pages for select relationship accounts: corporations could log onto a special website that would enable them to view their entire transaction and order history and discover when they might need to update their systems.

Regardless of…

Works Cited

Rivkin, Jan W. And Porter, Michael E. "Matching Dell." 6 Jun 1999.

Motivating Employees You Pick 2 Companies Write
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Motivating Employees

you pick 2 companies write their motivation techniques. I pick intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. And compare companies. Do papers have database, searches people pulled web. You find UOPHX Website writes companies listed, pick.

Motivating employees at two companies:

Ben & Jerry's versus Southwest

Motivational theories by their very nature address companies in a fairly generic, prescriptive format. However, two corporations exist that continue to be very successful, after many years of impressive financial growth, seem to break all molds, yet confirm one of the most noteworthy theories regarding what motivates employees -- intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation. Ben & Jerry's began as a small company based in Vermont that, despite or because of its ethical ideals, has become an integral part of American culture. Ben & Jerry's changed the way Americans consume ice cream, shifting the focus from quantity to quality. Southwest Airlines is a largely regional airline…


Activism. (2012). Ben & Jerry's. Retrieved: 

Bailey, Jeff. (2008). Southwest. The New York Times. Retrieved:

Stock Repurchasing Has Become a
Words: 3221 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 59504727
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("Gates, Bill," 2007) the company is in fact considered a regional financial backbone, in the Seattle-edmond area where its world headquarters are. The whole region and to some extent the whole world takes notice when Microsoft announces financial strategies and changes or when stocks rise or fall.

The software maker said it would buy back $20 billion through a tender offer set to be completed on Aug. 17. The company said that its board of directors has also authorized the company to buy back up to $20 billion worth of stock through June 2011. The company said it has completed the $30 billion stock buyback announced two years ago. "With our share repurchase programs announcement today, we reaffirm our confidence and optimism in the long-term future of the company and continue to execute on our strategy of returning capital to shareholders," Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Chris Liddell said in a…


Bolten, S.E. (2000). Stock Market Cycles: A Practical Explanation. Westport, CT: Quorum Books. Retrieved August 29, 2009, from Questia database: 

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Procter vs J& j Procter & Gamble and
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Procter vs. J&J

Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson are very similar a lot of tangible ways. The major similarities include the fact that they are both sellers of common and widely used consumable products, they are both mainstays of the corporation scene in the United States and neither one of them has ever had any major systemic issues since their founding. Even so, there are some notable and real differences between the two firms relative to what they do, how they do it and how well they have done it over the years. This report will focus on all of that to at least some degree.


As for general profiles of the two major companies in question, here are the basics for each. Procter & Gamble has been around since 1837 and was founded in Ohio. They sell products or directly operated in 180 different countries around…


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Small Business - Banking Start-Up
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Video Tape and Disc ental


Catalog/Mail Order


Health and Personal Care Stores


Table 2: Comparisons of Most isky Small Business (, cited by Telberg, 2003)

An Engine of Economic Growth

More and more, Craig, Jackson and Thomson (2007) argue, policymakers perceive the small business sector "as a potential engine of economic growth. Policies to promote small businesses include tax relief, direct subsidies, and indirect subsidies through government lending programs." These authors stress that encouraging lending to small business purports the Small Business Administration's (SBA's) primary policy objective of the loan-guarantee program. In their study, Craig, Jackson and Thomson (2007) implement empirical research to focus on SBA-guaranteed lending, utilizing a panel data set of SBA-guaranteed loans, they assess whether SBA-guaranteed lending discernibly impacts local economic performance. Ultimately, these authors cautiously conclude that "There is a positive (although small) and significant relationship between the level of SBA-guaranteed lending in…


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Centralization Structure of the Model and Its
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Structure of the Model and its Operationalization

The Model

In the wake of a highly volatile economy, organizations must find ways to improve their bottom lines and profitability through new and innovative means. Many businesses realize that one of the most important assets that they possess is intellectual capital in the form of intellectual assets and human capital. As businesses struggle to revitalize their assets and assess their value, they are reminded that intellectual capital can provide a wealth of opportunities for growth in a number of ways. The identification of intellectual capital requires a strong sense of work ethic and research skills to identify new knowledge and skills. Once these forms of intellectual assets have been identified, they must be cultivated and managed with efficiency and expertise. Although intellectual capital provides a wealth of opportunities for growth and value in an organization, it is often very difficult to…


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Your Company. New York: The Free Press, 1999.

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Economy." Journal of Intellectual Capital 1.4 (2000): 296-311.

Amd Advanced Micro Devices Amd
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Response is expected to be multi-faceted and brutal.

Technological change represents another key threat. As new technologies emerge and the end needs of users shift, the existing industry paradigm can shift quickly and decisively. For example, if the personal computer were to become outmoded in the next ten years, AMD's capture of the market leading manufacturers would be worthless. This is entirely possible, given the pace of change. AMD must always be on top of change in the industry, or risk being left behind.

Lastly, there is the risk of talent defection. AMD relies on top talent to develop its technology, to market the products, and to fight the legal battles. If their supply of talent were to be compromised, either by Intel or by startups, AMD would find it increasingly difficult to compete. They must ensure that their human resources systems are sufficient to attract and retain the top…

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Partnering With Amd Too Risky
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AMD Analysis

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a company that has had varying fortunes and outcomes over the years. However, the last few years have been a definite downer for AMD as they are clearly moving in the wrong direction. However, rather than leave it to a quick and witty assertion, the author of this report will add some context and support for that statement. This will come in the form of stock price checks, financial statement analysis and other points of analysis relating to AMD's publicly reported and available information. While no one should be signing AMD's death warrant as of yet, they really do need to reinvent and restore themselves if they are going to survive in light of continued dominance from Intel and their own personal missteps.


Before getting into the minutia of why AMD is in a spot of trouble, a history lesson about them…


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Technology Updates the Cost of Technological Advances
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Technology Updates

The Cost of Technological Advances

The development of technological advances has been significant in the last 50 years but more so in the last 30. According to Moore an early pioneer in silicone technology, the capacity for engineering technology innovation is clearly rapid. Moore set a benchmark for silicone technology claiming that capacity would double the number of transistors on a chip, which determines the capacity for memory every 24 months. This law served as a standard for Intel and other chip manufacture companies, creating a demonstrative goal that was followed almost to the letter from its inception to now (Intel, 2011). This rapid advancement of technology has made many functions and aspects of technology capabilities possible as computers and servers can process more and more tasks and information more rapidly than ever. The result of these advances has been both an extreme learning curve cost as well…


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Acquisition Strategy
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Acquisition Strategy

MetLife and Cisco Acquisition Strategy

MetLife is a successful business with excellent cash flow. During the recession in 2008 MetLife was one of the few companies in the industry that did not need a government bailout. MetLife sells a wide range of insurance policies, ranging from individual policies, to automobile and motorcycle. The company also handles a range of financial transactions, such as mutual funds, annuities, money markets and banking. Cisco is one of the world leaders for information technology products. The company is a solid company that operates worldwide. Cisco is one of the companies that have shaped the form of the internet as we know it. Cisco's business structure has evolved over the years to meet the needs of the customers. The company has evolved from an enterprise and service provider solution company to addressing customer needs in many different segments such as consumers and commercial…


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