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Choosing One Fund for Investment Purposes

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1. Explain the importance of net asset value (NAV) for mutual fund investing
Net asset value (NAV) is delineated as the value of assets of a mutual fund scheme less the value of liabilities for every unit. It is the price in which an investor can purchase the unit of a scheme and also at the same time can be price at which the investor can sell the unit, less any load fees that might be applicable. The net asset value is significant for mutual fund investing as it mirrors the composite prices of all the securities held within the portfolio together with the liquid cash. Imperatively, if the prices of a great deal of the securities within the scheme increase, then the net asset value will also increase and the other way round. In addition, the net asset value moves concurrently with the prices of securities that are held…… [Read More]

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Investment in Company Shares

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Investment in company shares necessitates significant analysis and examination of different financial aspects to ascertain its prospective growth or deterioration in the financial market. Financial performance is key in determining the share price and value. Financial performance is delineated as a measure of a firm’s revenues, returns, in addition to increases in value as demonstrated by the increase in the firm’s share price. It is a particular measure of how well an organization can employ and utilize assets from its key means of business and generate revenues. In addition, it is employed as an overall measure of an organization’s general financial health over a certain period of time and can be used to compare comparable organizations across the similar industry or to compare industries or sectors in aggression (Weygandt et al., 2015). It is imperative to note that shares can lead to significant capital losses. This is largely for…… [Read More]

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Investment and Money Management

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Investments are the assets or items purchased with the anticipation to generate the income in the future. In the economic sense, investments refer to the goods and services purchased and not consumed today for the purpose of generating wealth in the future. Similarly, going to a university or building a factory to produce goods and services are the examples of investments. Within a financial environment, investors purchase assets with the hope that they will appreciate in the future, thus, creating wealth for the investors. Examples of investment in the financial circle include purchasing of stocks, or real estate property with the anticipation that they will appreciate in the future. Despite the benefits that can be derived from the investment purpose, the investment is not something an individual can take lightly. Investors are to implement a careful planning to reap the benefits of an investment. Typically, an investor can lose his…… [Read More]


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Investments Stock Selection on March 9 2009

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nvestments: Stock Selection

On March 9, 2009 the stock market settled on a 12-year closing low with the Dow Jones ndustrial Average (DJA), a barometer of the economy and stock market trajectory, closing at 6,547.05. (Twin, A. March 9, 2009). The precipitous plunge for the DJA from an "all-time high of 14,164.53" (Twin, A. October 9, 2007) reached on October 9, 2007 marked the timeline of the country's worst recession since the Great Depression. From the historic lows however, the market has rebounded dramatically closing at 12,105.78 on February 23, 2011, a gain of over 75% from the March lows ( February 23, 2011). The vicissitudes of the stock market over the past three plus years limn the debate over whether an investor who is risk averse would choose to invest in a stock market in which all stocks rise and fall together, or a market in which individual stocks…… [Read More]

Investors are marked by two extremes, the active investor who tracks, analyzes, and disseminates information on the companies in their investment portfolio, the economy, and global financial news which may influence the direction of their stock investments. At the other extreme is the investor who is socking away their five percent contribution with company match into their 401K. This investor cedes to expert portfolio managers, or trusts in the long run upward trend of equities as defined in index funds: S&P 500, Wilshire, and DJIA. While there are investors at both extremes the vast majority fall at some point on the spectrum, engaged but not able to fully commit the time or resources to portfolio management.

In this context the risk-averse investor will likely fall in with the preponderance of investors who have investment portfolios but are not actively managing them. The investor's portfolio may have individual stocks, mutual funds, or index funds. Which leads to the question, which environment would an investor desire to be in to attain their goal of reduced risk concomitant with acceptable return? The answer ironically comes from the same source, yet at bifurcated ends of an investment philosophy.

Warren Buffett considered the world's most accomplished and successful investor for over fifty years posits that a risk-averse individual could reach their investment objectives in either economic environment. In 2009, Warren Buffett entered into an agreement to purchase the remaining shares of Burlington Northern Railroad which his firm Berkshire Hathaway did not already own. His rationale for the purchase was simple "I basically believe this country will prosper and you'll have more people moving more goods 10 and 20 and 30 years from now, and the rails should benefit; it's a bet on the country, basically" (Crippen, A. November 3, 2009). This statement defines an investment strategy which suggests that over the long-term the stock market will generally move higher, the rising tide lifts all boats metaphor. Yes, stocks will fall, sometimes dramatically, across
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Portfolio Construction and Money Management

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financial assets in order to recommend the appropriate investment vehicle for the client. Analysis of different investment vehicles shows that ETFs are the best investment option for our clients. The ETFs are the basket of securities that combine stocks, bonds, cash, commodities and other securities. The report diversifies our investment options choosing the stocks, bonds and cash from different industries. Based on the historical data, our average annual returns are 38% revealing EU 32,997 as our annual returns from our initial investment capital of EU 100,000. After 3 years, the net worth of our investor will be EU 457,901, which include the cumulative returns and the capital. However, the net worth of our investor will be EU 5.38 Million after 10 years. The report also carries out the sensitive analysis on the investment option assuming that our investment choice is affected by the macroeconomic forces. The report reduces our annual…… [Read More]


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Stock Exchange Investment

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Investment Strategy

When the market crashes, turns bearish, or severely corrects, investors not only lose objective things such as money, they also lose the sustaining functions of which the investing process (and/or money, which may psychologically represent self-esteem, independence, power, etc.) has been the source. That means, in addition to objectively not having the money to buy that new house or car, self-esteem drops, and the investors capacity to calm themselves down is diminished, motivation wanes, confidence is shaken, and vitality ebbs. A down market represents an injury to our total sense of self and all the functions that sustain it. In a general way it represents a hope or fantasy lost.

For the young investor, with a large amount of earning power remaining in his life, the ups and downs of the market are small obstacles to the long-term objective of amassing a financial nest egg on which to…… [Read More]


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Investment Enhancement Modern Portfolio Theory

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These types of investments are often illiquid, so the investor needs to view them as long-term investments. However, the lack of liquidity also means that for the most part they have low levels of correlation with the broad market.

Derivatives are another possibility, and their potential impact on the portfolio will be discussed in the next question. They can either increase risk or decrease risk, depending on the type of derivative and how it is used.

Overall, the impact of alternative investments is to reduce the degree to which the portfolio is subject to the equity and fixed income markets. Alternative investments are often used as an ancillary component of the portfolio, to reduce the portfolio's overall volatility but with the hopes that returns will not suffer as a result.

3. Derivatives can be used for a couple of different purposes in a portfolio. The first is to increase leverage…… [Read More]

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Portfolio Management Project Risk Tolerance

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Joy Global's success is tied to the cyclical mining industry. The firm's current P/E is 12.38, indicating a mature operating environment. As commodities markets begin to improve, growth in the mining business will pick up. Increased growth will improve Joy's multiple, perhaps up to 15 times. This will give the company a stock price of $64.95.

CTrip has a P/E of 77.21, very high but supported by the firm's high growth rate. Interest in China tourism will continue to grow at a faster rate than overall economic growth. As a result, the multiple is justified. Earnings will continue to improve at their historic rate, given the company an expected future share value of $143.61.

Gerdau's success is tied to industrial development in Brazil. The P/E is currently 64.40, which indicates a high level of growth. The Brazilian has performed well in recent years, but its growth is volatile. Gerdau's growth…… [Read More]

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Investment Patterns Among the Sexes

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74). This dearth of information was likely caused by a reluctance to examine investment decisions on the part of investors themselves; nobody likes finding out that their "thought-out" considerations are not any more accurate than gut choices, and in fact, those gut choices likely had more influence than all of their mental work.

In the last decade, however, strides have been made in the study and analysis of investment behavior, revealing surprising details about what goes in to making stock trades. The first important work in the study of individual investment behavior was the realization that human beings do not always act rationally in regards to financial decisions, because according to the previously quoted Brad Barber and his co-author Terrance Odean, "the field of modern financial economics assumes that people behave with extreme rationality, but they do not" (Barber & Odean, 1999, p.41). Although "differences in investor literacy about financial…… [Read More]

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Investment Analyst One of the

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In the future, this could result in some kind of major restructuring to deal with these issues. The problem is that these changes will occur when the company is facing greater challenges. This will hurt their competitive position, profit margins, stock performance and brand image. The above information will impact an investor's decision, by making them more cautious about purchasing the company over the long-term. ("The Coca Cola Company," 2012) ("Pepsi Co," 2012)

As far as Pepsi Co is concerned, the management has taken a continuing focus on expanding into new areas. This has resulted in the company owning different food, beverage and snack manufacturers. In these situations, the firm is concentrating on the impact that key acquisitions will have on Pepsi and its ability to enter new markets. ("The Coca Cola Company," 2012) ("Pepsi Co," 2012)

This strategy has proven to be highly successful. As the company is able…… [Read More]


The Coca Cola Company. (2012). Yahoo Finance. Retrieved from: /q/pr?s=KO+Profile" target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">
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Investment Valuation Company Overview Wal-Mart

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41 in the next three years. The current price for al-Mart implies strong growth prospects. The company does have a sound strategy to retain its new customers and refocus growth efforts on less-saturated markets overseas.

In short, while there can be little doubt as to al-Mart's operational excellence, it is not necessarily a great investment. Growth has in recent years been of the slow and steady variety. The company's present valuation may be symptomatic of its status as a safe haven for investors during tough economic times. This means that the growth implied by its current share price may not be justified. Therefore, while al-Mart is a great company to own, it may not be the best investment at its current price and with the market beginning to show signs of recovery. The 0.20 beta and historic low volatility mean that al-Mart shareholders will not reap the benefits of market…… [Read More]

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Portfolios EMH Finance and Markets

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Investment returns are the amount that the investment is worth (upon sale), net of taxes, over and above the price paid for the investment. The returns can be expressed either in absolute terms, or in annualized terms. The return on an investment that cost $1,000 and is sold for $1,060 a year later is as follows:




% eturn

This graph shows that the odds of an outcome increase as the expected return approaches 6%. If there were an infinite number of scenarios, the graph would look like this, but the tails on the y axis would by fully extended infinitely as the probability of an outcome approaches zero.

The expected rate of return on the Treasury bonds is the weighted average of the probabilities and returns listed in the table. Thus:








Expected eturn

The expected return therefore is 6%…… [Read More]


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Diverse Portfolio How Important Is it for

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Diverse Portfolio

How important is it for you to diversify your investment portfolio?

An investment portfolio is extremely important to diversify primarily because it shows a unique approach towards business. A diversified portfolio will ensure that the individual or company is not only smart in their investment but it will also show other companies that wide array of knowledge of the industry that the investor has. The importance of a diversified portfolio lies in the fact that it provides the investor a wise perspective on the market and allows him to handle the entire range of investments in a calculative and profitable manner. A diversified portfolio also portrays an image that the investor is skilled in assessing and reacting positively to the different market and investment sectors (Allen, 2008).

The biggest advantage of having a diverse portfolio is the fact that the risk factor decreases to a level that is…… [Read More]


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Investor Diversification Some Investment Assets Have a

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Investor Diversification

Some investment assets have a diversifiable risk and some have an undiversifiable risk involved. Diversifiable risk is specific to a particular security or sector, so its impact on a diversified portfolio is limited to that particular security ( For example, a financial crisis in a country can cause diversifiable risk on the investments pertaining to the financial institutions. Undiversifiable risk is the tendency of stock prices to decrease, which is caused by something that affects returns on all stock in the same manner, such as war or an interest rate change (Legal).

A substantial unexpected increase in inflation would be an undiversifiable risk because it is common to an entire class of assets or liabilities, or all the stock on the market. It is also considered a market risk or a systematic risk. The economy expects prices to rise slowly over a period of time. That goes along…… [Read More]


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Human Resources Portfolio Theory Is a Venture

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Human esources

Portfolio theory is a venture advance that permits investors to approximate both the expected risks and returns, as calculated statistically, for their investment portfolios (Investment Portfolio Management and Portfolio Theory, 2011). This is a very good technique that those in the investment field use in order to get the most out of their investments. This technique can also be used in the human resources arena in order for a company to get the most return on their employees.

H professionals in today's business world act as a partners with line management in order to resolve vital issues and add optimistically to the organizations bottom line. This H-business unit partnership guarantees that H goals are in line with the companies' general plan. The position of the human part of the company and its strategic goals makes sure that the company sustains its competitive edge by dealing with key matters…… [Read More]


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It Portfolio Management Systems Portfolio

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In fact, an incoherent approach to it can lead to negative effects such as escalation of costs and lowering of efficiencies. It portfolio management addresses this key issue right from the conceptual stage of projects. The portfolio approach ensures that it projects are implemented with shared commitment, within the statutory framework. Some of the important measures implemented are:

Collaborative decision making for key and large scale projects

Stakeholder commitment and support for successful implementation of it projects

Internal stakeholders justify the it projects to external stakeholders and accountable for successful implementation

Stakeholders offer expertise and grant resources to address and overcome the project challenges at various stages

Specific project requirements are in line with the common-user, shared, state it infrastructure

Strategic value of it portfolio management: Four investment categories have been identified in the portfolio approach, within which every it investment can be measured in terms of strategic value to…… [Read More]


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Project Management in Discussions Week Project Portfolio

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Project Management

In Discussions week, project portfolio management selecting projects. Explain meaning statement. The books suppose additional resources: Kerzner, H. (2010) Project management practices: achieving global excellence.

"Project portfolio management is more than selecting projects"

Managing a project portfolio can be analogized to managing an investment portfolio. While the selection of the component entities of the portfolio are certainly important, it is not enough to merely select good investments -- these 'investments' or projects must be managed. "By optimizing, balancing and continually fine-tuning their portfolios, active investors try to maximize short- and long-term returns and reduce overall risk, thereby achieving larger financial and/or business objectives" (Hays 2011). Similarly, the managers of the project "can identify, evaluate and rank investment opportunities. They can direct resources to the highest-payback projects and cull marginal ones. They can target expenditures more effectively to the most worthwhile initiatives and optimize their performance and execution" (Hays…… [Read More]


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Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley.
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Alternative Investment

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Alternative investment is an investment or an asset that falls outside the conventional types of investment such as stocks, bonds, and cash (Athanassiou, 2012). Examples of alternative investments include real estate, derivatives, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, commodities (e.g. precious metals), peer-to-peer lending, and collectibles (e.g. art). Compared to conventional assets, alternative investments are subject to fewer or less stringent regulations. Additionally, most alternative investments involve higher minimum investments, more complex fee structures, and lower transaction costs (Lee, 2015). Other features that distinguish alternative investments from conventional investments include lesser liquidity, lack of provable performance information, and valuation difficulties. Due to these characteristics, an individual considering alternative investments must carefully consider the available options and their associated conditions before making the final decision. In this paper, I compare different forms of alternative investments and justify the investment I would choose.

Since alternative investments often have little or no correlation…… [Read More]


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Investment Management in the Financial Sector The

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investment management in the financial sector. The paper highlights the world's present macroeconomic situation. It further details the macro economic situation and the way it affects investment decisions in several investors. In addition, the paper describes a sample investment programme and provides critical decisions to investors as well as investment vehicles used by the investment moguls. The paper summarises practical exercises in compound investment management growth and the use of capital investment.

Investment management is an important part of the global financial sector, which is key in financing vast business empires. Investment management is incorporated under state laws employing several individuals and creating revenue to key players in the financial market. It is the management of several securities and assets to meet specific objectives for the benefit of the investors. The products used known as investment vehicles can be of minimal risks such as government bonds; carry high risks such…… [Read More]


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Investment and Risk Are the

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After the economic Collapse, precious metals like Gold and Silver have become the safe heaven investment for the investors. Investors know that they will get a high return by investing in these precious metals. The performance of the Gold can be judged from the below mentioned Gold graph.

The red line indicated that the Gold has completed almost a 100% ride in just 3 years because of the intentions of the people to get out their money from other investment option and park in the precious metals. There are risk provisions attached with the investment in these precious metals. Actually the price of the precious metals has been overbought now after the factor of safe heaven investment associated with it. Cautious must be taken by the investors while taking a buying position in the precious metal's investment. Tool like performance indicator of the precious metal will be used by the…… [Read More]


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Investment Prospectus With a Major

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In general, Product Development at Ford involves three major stages, all leading up to the manufacture of the vehicle: Plan, Design, and Verify -- then manufacture. To do this, though, functional areas need to manage costs, plan marketing programs, ensure that needed parts are available, plan manufacturing schedules, hiring (if needed), shift changes, and numerous other data (a/p, a/r, payroll, etc.). The model for Ford is:

(ource: Murthy and Desai)

Thus, on a daily, or ongoing basis, employees in numerous functional areas are able to pull up historical data on models, features, issues; find out stages of development for new models or new programs; chart advertising effectiveness using detailed database parameters, preplan tooling, resource, and supplier needs; access accounting and invoice functions, and, system wide, use the available information for appropriate levels of knowledge management (Maynard 2004).

By department, a needs analysis shows that each individual department has both similar…… [Read More]

Sources: Ford Motor Annual Reports:; ).


Outside Vendors


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Portfolio Management Project

Words: 4930 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69381068


Portfolio Management Project

Selected 10 companies



purchase date purchase price

Apple, Inc.


Industry/Sector: Technology/Personal Computer -- Investment Style: Large Growth



Communications Systems Inc.

Industry/Sector: Technology/Data Storage -- Investment Style: Small Growth

Joy Global Inc.


Industry/Sector: Farm/Const/Mach -- Investment Style: Large Growth


Industry/Sector: Consumer Services -- Investment Style: International

Gerdau SA


Industry/Sector: Steal & Iron -- Investment Style: International

Gol Linhas


Aereas Inteligentes SA

Industry/Sector: egional Airline -- Investment Style: International

Green Mountain



Coffee oasters Inc.

Industry/Sector: Processed Pkgd gds -- Investment Style: Small Growth

io Tinto PLC


10/21 / 2009

Industry/Sector: Steal & Iron -- Investment Style: International

Vale SA




Industry/Sector: Steal & Iron -- Investment Style: International





Group Inc.

Industry/Sector: estaurants -- Investment Style: Small Growth


Investing today is about taking advantage of growth from a broader…… [Read More]

Reference Model (OSI) Layer 2-3 switches and routers, which enable the use of bandwidth-intensive network business applications and digital entertainment on local area networks and wide area networks. Its Application Delivery Controller segment offers OSI Layer 4-7 switches that allow enterprises and service providers to build network infrastructures to direct the flow of traffic, as well as provides file area network products and associated management solutions. The company's Global Services segment includes break/fix maintenance, extended warranty, installation, consulting, network management, related software maintenance, and telecommunications services that assist customers in designing, implementing, deploying, and managing networking solutions, as well as post-contract customer support and customer support services. It offers its products and services to end-user customers directly and through various distribution partners, including original equipment manufacturers, distributors, systems integrators, and value-added resellers in the United States, western Europe, Japan, and the greater Asia Pacific region. The company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in San Jose, California. (Yahoo Finance)

Industry: Data Storage Devices



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Words: 1018 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47753192

Part 1
It is important to note, from the onset, that a lot has been said about efficient markets, behavioral finance, and investment strategy in the past. The approach Kevin Daly uses could be used to build a case against efficient markets whereby all there is to know about a firm’s value can be derived from the available information about the prevailing stock prices. This is more so the case given that he has been successful relying on a wide range of metrics, apart from current stock price, to identify opportunities. Like Daly, Kenneth French does not believe in efficient markets theory. He is convinced that the markets can be incredibly noisy and driven by emotion such as overconfidence. As a matter of fact, French, like Eugene Fama, is skeptical of the skill most active money managers proclaim to have. He is convinced that in some instances, performance is misinterpreted,…… [Read More]

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Portfolio Strategy

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Over the last several years, the markets have faced a tremendous amount of volatility. Part of the reason for this, is because the global financial crisis and subsequent recession caused the Dow Jones Industrial Average to decline to 6,547. Then, it would climb over 68% to cross above 12,000. This is important, because it is showing how there are tremendous opportunities for investors. However, in order to attain above average returns requires that you are using a strategy that is: embracing growth and minimizing risks as much as possible. To achieve this objective requires having: an asset allocation strategy that will incorporate balance and value. Once this takes place, it will provide the greatest insights as to how we should structure a portfolio that will maximize the total return investors are receiving in the year ahead.

The Portfolio Philosophy

The basic strategy that we will be using is to…… [Read More]


The China Fund. (2011). Yahoo Finance. Retrieved from: /q/ks?s=CHN+Key+Statistics" target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">
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Marketing the Market Portfolio Built

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Three -- Steel Dynamics, Alcoa and IE DuPont fell in excess of 6% for the week. The drop in the first two can be attributed to weakness in commodities. The other outlier was Pfizer, which was the only stock to gain this week, up 0.49%. Even fellow pharmaceutical firms JNJ and MRK dropped, indicating specific strength in Pfizer, most likely tied to merger talks. Most stocks in the portfolio, however, roughly tracked the market, which slumped on generally discouraging sentiment with regards to economic recovery, spurred by weak new home sales and durable goods sales, two key economic indicators (Perman, 2009).


Close Sept 18

Close Sept 25










































Dow…… [Read More]

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Alternative Investment Vehicles Have Been Using by

Words: 3136 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92173206

alternative investment vehicles have been using by the investors to reduce the risk and maximize the profit. In this paper, we will discuss alternative investments opportunities and reducing the risk of portfolio by using the stock index future. Buying or selling the stocks is highly risky because of weak economic conditions. Investors should include various types of assets in the portfolio so that portfolio will not suffer the impact of a decline of any one security. For example; if an investor uses stocks and bonds in his/her portfolio, if stock price decline due to market fall then, the bonds would get higher return and it will eliminate the risk of decline. In the portfolio management it says that "not putting all eggs in one basket," it means investor should not invest in only one asset; they should construct the portfolio containing various types of assets. Thus, the portfolio must be…… [Read More]


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Absolute Returns: The Risks and Opportunities of Hedge Fund Investing," byAlexander M. Ineichen, published by John Wiley & Sons, 2002,-Page 36.
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Modern Portfolio Theory and Diversification

Words: 1082 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25289036


Portfolio diversification as a form of risk management is one of the cornerstones of modern investment theory. According to the theory, the ideally-diversified portfolio is 'deeply diversified' within each asset class and also 'broadly diversified' across all the asset classes within the portfolio (Simon 2010:2). Asset classes consist of "stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, precious metals and collectibles;" forms of market capitalization (micro-, small-, mid- and large-cap); style; sectors; industry types; and geography (Portfolio diversification, 2012, Investing in mutual funds). The objective of diversification is that "risk has virtually been eliminated within each class" by combining lower and higher-risk assets (Portfolio diversification, 2012, Investing in mutual funds). Theoretically, the perfectly diversified portfolio should incur no additional risks to the investor greater than what is posed by the general market conditions. There is always risk in investment, but portfolio management is designed to minimize the risk.

To achieve this objective,…… [Read More]


Buffet, Warren. 1965. Letter to partners. Value Investing World. Accessed:  [17 Aug 2012]

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Role of Private Investment on

Words: 14411 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 672069

This also implies inadequacies in fiscal sustainability, which influences investments in private sectors.

The second channel happens through the level, composition and quality involved within the public investment, which shows the level at which the public investment replaces the private investments (Schmidt- Hebbel, Serven, & Solimano, 1996).

The final channel regards the level of taxation on the corporate earnings and the rules applicable in depreciations.

There have been arguments that fiscal policy and public expenditure reduces the private investments in two different manners. These include increasing the interest rates or lowering the private funds involved in financing the investments.

According to the neoclassical theory, the interest rate is also an imperative variable in finding the level of investment. Consequently, it results into a negative effect because it upsurges the interest payable in investments. Concurrently, McKinnon and Shaw, contends that this is likely to cause a positive relationship between the investment…… [Read More]


Shrestha, M.B. (2005), "ARDL Modelling Aproach to Cointegration Test," Proceedings of the 46th Annual Conference of New Zealand Association of Economists, Paper

No. 13, Wellington, July 2005.

Keynes, J.M. (1936). General Theory on Employment, Interest and Money., London,

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Finance Portfolio FedEx Corporation NYSE

Words: 3995 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62871570

Target's chart, however, shows that the company has tracked the market and GDP fairly closely, indicating that perhaps it does not trade the way a discount retailer should.

Johnson & Johnson

JNJ is a pharmaceutical and consumer products company. It competes in pharmaceuticals, consumer products in the health and beauty segment and in medical devices. The company was founded in 1886 and today is a multinational conglomerate with operations in 57 countries and with approximately 250 subsidiaries.

To a certain extent, JNJ's product line is price inelastic. Pharmaceutical demand is tied to overall consumer demand and the state of the economy, but not to the same extent that many other consumer products are. As a result, JNJ would be expected to have less significant swings in its stock price relative to the GDP, other macroeconomic indicators, or the Dow Jones. The stock, however, has traded roughly in line with the…… [Read More]

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Modern Portfolio Theory

Words: 1875 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85612644

Theory (MPT) and its role in asset allocation and diversification. The paper reviews arguments in favor of and against MPT, in addition to reviewing how MPT affects portfolio management.

MPT describes a theory on how risk-averse investors can build portfolios that optimize or maximize expected return based on a given level of market risk, while emphasizing that risk is an inherent factor of higher reward. MPT posits that it is possible to construct an "efficient frontier" of optimal portfolios that offer the maximum possible expected return for a given level of risk (Modern portfolio theory, 2011).

Modern Portfolio Theory

Typically, an investor looking for the ideal investment, would choose one whose attributes included high returns coupled with low risk. The ideal investment probably does not exist, but the search for it has caused financial managers and investment analysts to spend time to develop methods and strategies, many of which are…… [Read More]

Reference List

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Contrarian Investment Strategies Over the

Words: 26080 Length: 73 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63152795


This is significant because it shows how some critics of contrarian investing will often point to the various instances of speculation and assume that it is contrarian investing. In some cases the psychology of consumers can become so extreme, that the definition of what is speculative expands greatly. As a result, using contrarian investing in conjunction with other indicators / tools can help prudent investors and traders, be able to identify when the market condition are becoming more extreme.

Contrarian Indicators and Tools

When using the different contrarian indicators / tools in conjunction with one another, you can begin to see how this strategy can be used, to effectively determine if the market conditions are overbought or oversold. There are number of different tools that can be utilized to indentify major changes that are occurring in the trend of a stock or the market averages. These would include: headlines…… [Read More]


"3M Historical Prices," Yahoo Finance, /q/hp?s=MMM&a=00&b=2&c=1970&d=04&e=25&f=2010&g=v&z=66&y=0

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"3M Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2008 Results," 3M,

"American Depository Receipt." Investopedia,
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Business at First My Investment

Words: 659 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86233949

Moller ended up becoming the most profitable stock in my portfolio during the first week of investing, with a gain of over 10%. Throughout the month, Moller has continued to outperform any other stock in my portfolio, so my investment risk paid off. So far, my least performing stock was Zoltek, another energy company.

My overall investment strategy, I discovered, was more high-risk than I had initially thought. However, I did need to balance my portfolio with some more stalwart stocks, in order to ensure that I would not lose all of my investment capital. I bought 1000 more shares of Citigroup, 100 shares of Deutche Bank, and 1000 shares of Home Depot. Many of these companies have not been performing well recently, but they are good long-term investments.

Then, because Moller continued to perform well, I purchased 5000 more shares, which increased my immediate profit percentages considerably. If the…… [Read More]

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Stock Investment Project in Examining

Words: 689 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40366197

Because of this, I would expect that U.S. Energy would have performed better, but that has not been the case. None of the individual holdings are overly dependent upon energy costs, such as we would see in the airline industry, so the performance of the portfolio does not seem to have been overly affected by the rise in energy prices.

The proper approach to investing involves diversifying, not only across different companies, but also across different sectors of the economy. In a given year, one sector of the economy will be up and another will be down. One-year large cap growth stocks will be up and foreign stocks will be down. The next year real estate will be up and large cap growth may be down. If we knew in advance which sectors would be on top, investing would be easy, but we don't. As a result, diversification across different…… [Read More]

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Prioritizing the IT Project Portfolio

Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18988042

The John Deere Health Pan was conceived of to provide quality health care at reasonable costs for its many employees, and also for its non-employees in Deere and Company in the states of Illinois and Iowa and Tennessee and Virginia. (McCollum, John Deere Health cultivates successful IT Project Management)

What Michael McCollum felt was that his IT department was like the IT Department at many other corporations, with many more projects than appropriate resources for them, and no practical and effective method with which to prioritize them, and to make a definitive analysis of which project would have a greater impact on the company, and which the least. In the same way, the organization lacked the means by which a particular project could be assigned with appropriate resources to the appropriate person, and more often than not, priority was decided on the requestor's persistent efforts, or on his management skills…… [Read More]

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Stock Comparison Portfolio Management Having Wealth Is

Words: 598 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80670602

Stock Comparison

Portfolio Management

Having wealth is one thing; managing hat wealth in an effective manner such that it produces more wealth at an efficient rate is quite another. As a great deal of wealth ends up in the stock market -- where wealth can be quickly created and even more quickly eroded -- understanding how to conduct a comparison of stocks is essential for proper portfolio management. There are many different considerations that should be taken into account when selecting stocks, but one simple and straightforward method of analysis is to simply compare the past performance of stocks that are being considered. Both the price changes and the volatility of past stocks performance can be an indicator of the risk and rewards associated with a given stock, especially in comparison with other potential investments, and this can lead to a better decision regarding which investment to select for the…… [Read More]

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Using the Portfolio for Reporting Progress

Words: 1615 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51421100

reporting Progress

Portfolio assessment is an increasingly popular tool in the field of education, both among programs in primary, tertiary, secondary and higher education. The tool is especially good for tracking progress, as it does not just show the results of a group of work or project it also demonstrates the evolution of thought and learning throughout a series of works.

Instead of merely showcasing what the author believes to be his or her best work, the assessment portfolio provides a panoramic view of that person's professional development experiences -- and thereby also serves to measure the contribution to those experiences made by the educational institution from which that individual hopes to graduate. (Christ, 1994, p. 131)

The challenges of the portfolio driven project or term is to allow adequate time for matriculated assessment and review, by self, peers and instructors. If the portfolio is appropriately structured and planned to…… [Read More]


Anderson, J.O. Bachor, D.G. (November 1998) A Canadian Perspective On Portfolio

Use in Assessment, Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice, 5(3),

0969594X Retrieved February 9, 2005, Professional Development Collection

database, EBSCOhost.
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International Investment in Thailand Recent

Words: 902 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35379449

However, the Thai government's guidance on growth has been conservative; if we take the orld Bank's pre-crisis estimate of 6.2% (Thailand Business News) and factor in Chatikavanij's warning, Thailand's near-term growth potential comes in at a healthy 4.2%.

From a pure value perspective, Thai stocks are already trading at relatively cheap levels (Reuters). The SET is valued at roughly 12 times estimated 2010 earnings, which makes it the second-cheapest market in Asia (behind Pakistan) and significantly undervalued compared to Indonesia (14 times 2010 earnings) or Malaysia (15.7 times 2010 earnings). hile it may be time to reconsider our sector weightings in order to take advantage of bargains in Bangkok (and dump stocks that are looking rich or in danger of deteriorating further as the political crisis continues), it would probably not be prudent to move money away from the market entirely.

The idea of reallocating some or all of the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Opportunity to Make an Investment

Words: 1373 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79767541

Present Value

Price of bond= 0.385543*1000 +6.144567*100= $385.54.64+$614.45

Price of bond= $1,000

So, price of bond B. is $1,000 b. For market interest rate equal to 12%:

Price for bond a:

Market interest rate is equal Coupon rate is equal Face value Frequency Number of years to maturity Number of Periods Discount rate annually Discount rate per period n, periods r, per period 12%

10% $1,000 Annual 20-20-12.00% annual 12.00% 20-12.00%

Now we need to calculate PVIF and PVIFA.

For calculation of PVIFA (i, n) and PVIF I is equal to 20 periods and n=12%

PVIF= 1/(1+0.12)^20

PVIF=0. 103667

PVIFA= (1- 1/(1+.12)^20)/.12


Price of bond= 0.103667*1000+7.469444*100=$851

Price of bond a = $851

Price of bond B:

Market interest rate is equal Coupon rate is equal Face value Frequency Number of years to maturity Number of Periods Discount rate annually Discount rate per period n, periods r, per period 12%…… [Read More]

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Financial Investment Finance

Words: 818 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83000087

Finance: Financial Investment


Today's investment environment is more dynamic than it was a decade ago. This is particularly the case given that today's global economy is much more complex. Further, with information moving faster than it used to, the ripple effects of events happening in any given place are often felt in far away economies. Essentially, some of the challenges investors encountered a decade or so ago are not the same ones they encounter today. One of the key challenges in today's investment environments is sluggish global economic growth. As Connolly (2014) points out, although the trend could be changing (going by recent performance), "the U.S. economic growth rate has been relatively sluggish." Slow rate of economic growth causes significant uncertainty which is not ideal for investment. Next, it is also important to note that the volatility of equity markets has been rather extreme in the recent past. This…… [Read More]


Connolly, M. (2014). The Stock Market in 2014: Up, but Volatile. Retrieved from

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MSN. (2014). Apple Inc. (NASADAQ: AAPL). Retrieved from
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It Investment Bt Is the

Words: 1102 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46349637

In both of these situations, better information technology and information systems will give the advisers the tools they need to attract new business and to outperform competing wealth management services. These tools will then drive business to the individual advisers, resulting in the super growth that was the original challenge the company wanted to address.

Assessment of Alignment

At present, the it function provides a substantial amount of information to BT, but there are still opportunities to improve linkages between business units. The it department is strong, but not as proactive as it could be in finding new ways to help deliver competitive advantages to the advisers. Marketing is the key way in which it can help BT to grow -- there are hundreds of thousands of customers scattered throughout Westpac's different companies and the more access BT's advisers have to these clients and their information the better they will…… [Read More]

References: website, various pages. (2011). Retrieved April 4, 2011 from 

Business Wire. (2007). PMC targets key challenges facing investment advisors. Business Wire. Retrieved April 4, 2011 from
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Rental Investment May Seem Safer Than it

Words: 1016 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34240249

ental Investment May Seem Safer than it eally Is" offers counsel regarding the pros and cons of venturing into rental property investments (Bernard, 2013). The article explains the appeals of using rental investments to create a new profit stream -- low interest rates, low home prices, potential for supplemental income and the potential for rents to rise in the future. With a turbulent stock market and fickle returns on mutual funds and other investments, many people have come to view owning and operating rental properties as a safer alternative.

However, the piece also warns about the other considerations that many fail to take into account -- tenant issues, unforeseen expenses and competition for the best deals. Many new investors may underestimate the amount of work required to successfully manage and maintain a property. As the article points out, screening tenants, collecting rents, or evicting when a tenant loses a job…… [Read More]


Bernard, T. (2013, March 30). Rental Investment May Seem Safer That It Really Is. New York Times. pp. B1-B5.

Birger, J., Caplin, J., & Feldman, A. (2004). Getting Real About Real Estate Investing. Money, 33(12), 122-128.

Neuman, W. (2005, April 17). Seeking Nest Eggs, Investors Buy Nests.New York Times. pp. 1-5.

The Big Long. (2012). Economist, 405(8813), 77-78.
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Financial Investment Analysis Securities the

Words: 404 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52079004

"Pension reform in several emerging market countries has been associated with rapid growth in assets under management and a positive impact on the development of local securities markets." (Roldos, 2004) Finally, the stability of many international securities, located in Britain, Switzerland, or Germany, to take only a few examples, means that using the diverse potential of international investment opportunities does not necessarily entail a high risk.

However, many international sources of revenue tend to be more unpredictable in their returns. A pension fund's security, especially for an older man or woman with retirement on the horizon must be of primary importance. Secondly, international developments can be difficult to predict in the long-term. And finally, international securities may be less tightly regulated in terms of their ethical scrutiny by the local governments, leading to "price distortions, bubbles," and hence greater investment risks. (Roldos, 2004)

orks Cited

China's Pension Fund to Invest…… [Read More]

Works Cited

China's Pension Fund to Invest Abroad." (10 October 2006) International Business

Times. Retrieved 25 Nov2006 at 

Roldos, Jorge. (Sept 2004). "Pension Reform, Investment Restrictions, and Capital

Markets." IMF Policy Discussion Paper. Retrieved 25 Nov2006 at
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Company's Investment Success Especially in Relation to

Words: 2129 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11566243

company's investment success especially in relation to other companies. The paper aims at establishing how a company's competitiveness can be calculated in relation to others in the same industry and the factors that hinder the calculations or hinder a true picture of the same

Compare industry average and a main competitor

For convenient comparison of industry average, majority of companies place Industry average values next to a company's financial measures for convenient comparison. To get a clear picture, a company can obtain industry average from its competitor by carefully examining (its competitors) stock screen results. (Gray, 2004)

However it is notable that various industries have their peculiarities with some operating under very heavy debts which would companies in other industries. For instance, software companies enjoy high profit margins that other companies envy and that all software companies must attain to stay in the game.

For that case, to see whether…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Gray, A. (2004) Introduction to Marketing, 7th Edition, New York, Prentice Hall

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Titman, S (1988) Journal of Finance, Volume 43, Issue: 1, Publisher: American Finance Association; Blackwell publishing
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Foreign Direct Investment Strategy the

Words: 1507 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76932751

S. billion in 1998. eported as the dominant source of inward FDI in China is that of Hong Kong, followed by Japan, the U.S. And Taiwan.

Summary and Conclusion

This study set out to examine Foreign Direct Investment in China by the multinational enterprise. At present China is a primary source for foreign direct investment due to the favorable laws and regulations governing Foreign Direct Investment in China and the attempt to make location siting of the organization equitable and fair. China has been attempting to pull the company in line with their own expectations as have the multinational enterprises who desire to directly invest foreign funds into China.


Investment (2008) Multinational Corporations. Cush & Wakefield. etrieved from:

Kroll, CA and Bardhan, a. (2007) Globalization and the eal Estate Industry: Issues, Implications, Opportunities Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, Paper Prepared for the Sloan Industry Studies Annual Conference.…… [Read More]


Investment (2008) Multinational Corporations. Cush & Wakefield. Retrieved from: 

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MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS (nd) Cush and Wakefield. Retrieved from:
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Risk and Return Portfolio Diversification and the Capital Asset Pricing Model the Cost of Equity

Words: 951 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90096729


Assessing WalMart Cost of Equity

Cost of Equity Using CAPM

To calculate the cost of equity using the capital asset pricing model (CAPM), the equation requires collection of some data regarding the firm and the market. The equation tells us what data is needed, the equation is cost of equity = F + ?(M - F). F is the risk free rate, M is the return on a market portfolio, and ? is the beta.

The equation starts with the requirement to determine the risk free rate (F). The risk free rate is usually the current rate for government bonds. There is some flexibility here, as government bonds are issued over different periods, a common term used is the one year bond rates. The current rate given for 20th December 2013 is 0.13% (U.S. Department of Treasury, 2013).

The next input is the return on the market portfolio. This…… [Read More]


Beck, C, H, (2013), Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Prentice Hall

US Department of the Treasury, (2013), Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rates, accessed 22nd December 2013 at 

Yahoo Finance, (2013), Sears Holdings, accessed 22nd December 2013 from /q?s=SHLD" target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">
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Prior Learning Portfolio

Words: 1604 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3659201

learning experiene. The writer demonstrates how to put together a prior learning and prior experiene portfolio for the purpose of demonstrating urrent knowledge due to that prior experiene.

A omprehensive look at the management of one's personal finanes; overs budgeting, use of and ost of redit, life and property insurane, inome and state taxation, housing, wills, trusts, estate planning, and savings and investments.

You must reall and write one or more "learning events" for eah of the key terms listed on the ourse desription you have obtained. By using Kolb's model to guide your storytelling, you will assist your faulty assessor, the person who will evaluate your PLA portfolio for redit, to loate and appreiate your learning outomes.

In short, your task in writing your PLA portfolio essay is to address all listed ourse ontent areas and to do so via speifi stories told in terms of the Kolb Model.…… [Read More]

cited in Tennant 1996) highlights, there is a need to take account of differences in cognitive and communication styles that are culturally-based. Here we need to attend to different models of selfhood - and the extent to which these may differ from the 'western' assumptions that underpin the Kolb and Fry model.

The idea of stages or steps does not sit well with the reality of thinking. There is a problem here - that of sequence. As Dewey (1933) has said in relation to reflection a number of processes can occur at once, stages can be jumped. This way of presenting things is rather too neat and is simplistic - see reflection.

Empirical support for the model is weak (Jarvis 1987; Tennant 1997). The initial research base was small, and there have only been a limited number of studies that have sought to test or explore the model (such as Jarvis 1987). Furthermore, the learning style inventory 'has no capacity to measure the degree of integration of learning styles' (Tennant 1997: 92).

The relationship of learning processes to knowledge is problematic. As Jarvis (1987) again points out, David Kolb is able to show that learning and knowledge are intimately related. However, two problems arise here. David Kolb doesn't really explore the nature of knowledge in any depth. In chapter five of Experiential Learning he discusses the structure of knowledge from what is basically a social psychology perspective. He doesn't really connect with the rich and varied debates about the nature of knowledge that raged over the centuries within philosophy and social theory. This means that I do not think he really grasps different ways of knowing. For example, Kolb focuses on processes in the individual mind, rather than seeing learning as situated. Second, for David Kolb, learning is concerned with the production of knowledge. 'Knowledge results from the combination of grasping experience and transforming it' (Kolb 1984: 41). Here we might contrast this position with Paulo Freire. His focus is upon informed, committed action (praxis).

Given these problems we have to take some care approaching David Kolb's vision of experiential learning. However, as Tennant (1997: 92) points out, 'the model provides an excellent framework for planning teaching and learning activities and it can be usefully employed as a guide for understanding learning difficulties, vocational counselling, academic advising and so on'.
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Risk and Return Portfolio Diversification and the Capital Asset Pricing Model the Cost of Equity

Words: 1359 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71721273


There are three different models that can be used to estimate a company's cost of capital. Basically, each of these three is used to estimate the cost of equity. The cost of debt is usually calculated on the basis of the current weighted average of the yield to maturity on the company's debt. Thus, it is the cost of equity that must be calculated. The cost of equity reflects the return that the shareholders need to be paid in order for them to own the stock. This have given us three major approaches to calculating the cost of equity.

The first of these is the capital asset pricing model. The formula for this is:

Investopedia (2013)

The cost of equity therefore reflects three major components. The first is the risk free rate, which is inherent in all securities. The second is the market risk premium, which is added to…… [Read More]

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Personal Portfolio of Skills Enhancement

Words: 895 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19778513

Open communication is key to organizational success, and this openness can be demonstrated to employers through honesty and forthrightness (within the bounds of professionalism, of course) during the interview process.

In addition to these directly employment-related knowledge and skill areas, the course I took in Personal Finance will have a substantial positive impact on the way I approach my profession and my attractiveness to potential employers. Not only have I been provided with information on how to spend wisely, save appropriately, and even gauge investment opportunities in my personal life -- all of which will give me enhanced stability and security, which will be seen as a benefit by potential employers -- but these skills will also transfer to my profession in terms of assisting home health care recipients and practitioners alike in reducing their own expenses and thus providing additional value to expected services and relationships. In addition, appropriate…… [Read More]

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Direct Investment Political Risk

Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28955608

Direct investment / Political risk

A distinction between the project and parent perspectives when capital budgeting in a global situation

There are two different viewpoints in capital budgeting known as project and parent. The project is a locally addressed perspective that is child to the parent. The parent is the main organization in which the projects financial and operating cash flows will be directed. The project perspective is very useful in local purposes. However, it is subordinated to the evaluation from the parent's viewpoints (Moffett, Stonehill & Eitemen, 2012). A project evaluation will guarantee cash returns based on the host-governments bonds. In case a project were to fail in receiving cash equal to the bond yield, a parent firm should buy host government bonds instead of investing in a risky project or investing somewhere else. Multinational firms should invest only if they can earn a risk-adjusted return greater than locally-based…… [Read More]

3. A contrast of the various factors that impact foreign direct investment

Foreign direct investment is an investment made by a company and/or entity that is based in one region into another company and/or entity based in another one. There are many things that differ from direct and indirect investments such as the portfolio flow (Moffett, Stonehill & Eitemen, 2012). Therefore, overseas institutions invest in equities listed on a nation's stock exchange. Entities that make direct investments will typically have significant degrees of influence and control over the company into which the investment is made. Nevertheless, the open economies that consist of well-trained workers and project good growth prospects will tend to attract a larger amount of foreign direct investment than the closed economies which are highly regulated economies. Determining the best method that a company will adopt may make its overseas investment encounter different depending on the circumstances of the economic environment.

Some examples would be to set up a subsidiary or associate company in the foreign country, by acquiring shares of an overseas company, through a merger, or joint venture. The regulated threshold for a FDI relationship (defined by the OECD) is at least 10% (Moffett, Stonehill & Eitemen, 2012). In other words, the foreign