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Justin Bieber Essays (Examples)

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The Success of Indie Music
Words: 2720 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28480543
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Indie Music
What makes indie music special in the music industry is the fact that it is produced outside the studio system. Indie artists rise up out of obscurity through their own grit and determination, their own ability to publicize themselves and gain traction, their own talent and genius, and their own development of a fan base. Unlike the many artists today who are groomed from childhood—their fans brought to them via a range of media conglomerates with overlapping boards of directorates, their music written for them by ghost writers, their look developed for them by stylists, their persona created for them by marketing specialists—indie musicians carve a name out for themselves via the tools of the 21st century—social media, streaming services, and DIY (do-it-yourself) merchandise. One of the legends of the indie music scene exemplifies the raw talent and tenacity of this particular group: Daniel Johnston, who recorded…

Consumer Behavior Current Events in Consumer Behavior
Words: 554 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2466239
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Consumer Behavior

Current Events in Consumer Behavior

I choose to write about the first video on Youtube to reach over one billion views, as of very recently this year. The video comes from South Korea, and is an example of K-Pop, a genre of music and popular culture that has become increasingly popular around the world during this decade. The named of the video is "Gangham Style" by a South Korean artist named Psy. The video is a music video for a song and the video was only posted in July of 2012. Within less than six months, the number of views on this video have surpassed all of the greatest all time leaders in views on Youtube, mostly notably, pop star, Justin Bieber, who became famous because of the sheer number of views on his videos. Bieber went from a nobody, just an aspiring singer, to one of the…


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American Popular Music
Words: 2002 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83782389
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American Popular Music (Lady Gaga)

The question of originality in popular music is a vexed one. To choose a convenient and current example, when Justin Bieber sings about his "baby," listeners are not meant to hear any kind of deliberate allusion to the Supremes' "Baby Love" or any other previous songs which include "Baby" as part of their lyrical hook: Bieber's charming faux-naivete cannot be mistaken for anything other than a rhetorical willingness to utilize the regular tropes and language of a standard love song. But with some performers, the matter of originality -- together with the question of influence -- is one that must be addressed. I would like to look, in this context, at the work of Stefani Germanotta, the twenty-four-year-old singer and composer better known by her stage name "Lady Gaga." I would like to examine Lady Gaga's oeuvre with three separate areas of inquiry kept in…

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The Tattoo Experience Regrets and Memories
Words: 786 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18743258
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Janes used humor to describe her "failed" tattoo as a Rorschach inkblot. This was a light-hearted, comedic way of showing how what she wanted (something delicate but strong -- like an iron-wrought fence) could turn out so wrong. Dolgoff's humor is more situational -- popping Vicodin to get through a tattooing. The humor works for both pieces, because it lightens the mood: Janes refers to herself as a "badass" in a playful but serious way and Dolgoff shows a softer, more sensitive side to getting a tattoo.

I don't think they would need to be forgiven anymore. Today, so many people have tattoos that it just seems like something that is accepted. Especially as the younger generation grows up, the tattoo taboo will recede into the past like an ancient memory. It is almost like a rite of passage today -- or an expression of creative genius, as Dolgoff notes.…

Attraction Sex Love & Relationships Psychology Attraction
Words: 1703 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33344388
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Attraction, love, sex, and relationships are fundamental to human condition. Each individual human is separate and distinct from every other one, yet there are numerous aspects to the human experience that every human shares -- attraction, love, sex, and relationships are prime examples of commonalities shared among the human race. Science(s) have demonstrated that sexual attraction and the desire for close relationships form and manifest in humans very early on their development, often before children have reached school age. With reference to several psychological, academic resources, the paper aims to explain some of the key components of sex, love, attraction, and relationships.

Key Components to Attraction, Sex, Love, & elationships

While attraction, love, sex, and relationships remains quite a substantial mystery to many people, there are professional and researchers in areas such as psychology where they are making headway toward a comprehensive understanding of…


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Interlocking Approach to Gender
Words: 3378 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 98270336
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When Unraveling Is the Best Approach

Everything is connected. Pull one thread as gently as possible in any attempt to explain the fundamentals of any society and this is abundantly clear, for in trying to unravel any of the important concepts or practices upon which society and culture are built and one finds that everything else begins to unravel as well. While "unraveling" might initially seem to be something that one would not want to do, in fact in terms of sociological analysis it is highly advisable. Especially when one is attempting to understand one's own culture, where familiarity with structures and norms can sometimes make it difficult to see clearly, one has often to take things apart in order to understand the dynamics of how the social world works.

Not only is everything connected to everything else, but analyzing one part of a system tends to cause changes…


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Core Competencies Balance Scorecard
Words: 653 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 30025965
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Miley Cyrus

The core competence analysis emphasizes whether an organization has unique selling points that will help it succeed in business. These are relevance, difficulty of imitation, and breadth of application (MindTools, 2013). Miley Cyrus scores well on all three counts, which means that she has the core competencies needed to succeed in the entertainment performer field.

Cyrus has maintained a high degree of relevance, which is critical to success as a popular entertainer. She parlayed a high level of exposure in a role as Hannah Montana into an adult music career. In particular, she has taken steps of late to cement this transition both for her fans and for the media. Had she not taken these steps, her relevance as a child performer who is no longer a child would be in steep decline. By re-inventing herself as a mature performer in the mainstream she has improved her relevance.…


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What Is Business Analytics
Words: 709 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 97258521
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analytics in business in 2016 is intrinsically tied into one of the most common business buzzwords of the new millennium, "big data." Whatever strategies were employed in utilizing the concept of analytics for business before the twenty-first century, it is clear that now analytics hinges almost entirely on the concept of big data. This is something that Duan and Xiong (2015) make clear in their journal article on "Big Data Analytics and Business Analytics" where the writers observe that

Any research progress in business, science, engineering, education, sociology and other areas is either driven or supported by data. Although data alone are cheap and ubiquitous, what makes data a valuable asset is the useful information hidden inside them. Since there are many different types of useful hidden information which require different analytical techniques to find, these analytical techniques become an indispensable complement to data. (1)

These analytic techniques are indispensible…


Baker, P. (2015) BrainFall ranks all 50 states on the '50 Shades of Gray' scale. Fierce Big Data.

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Business Organization Questions
Words: 3538 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70162489
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.....ethical dilemma you know of, and how it was dealt with by management.

Recently, Harvard Business School itself was involved in an ethical scandal when it turned out its dean might be involved in a gross case of conflict of interest (Galani, 2016). Conflicts of interest similar to this one at HBS happen often in organizations of all sizes. I was recently made aware of a case in which a local organization experienced an ethical dilemma involving a conflict of interest. One member of the board of directors had previously served on the city council, and still retained strong connections with the local community. Because the company was a real estate development company, the organization's leadership came under considerable pressure for what appeared to be a conflict of interest and corruption -- using the former councilman's political ties for facilitating development projects and accepting additional advice and contracts.

When the…

Roger Federer Was Extremely Influenced
Words: 452 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83422774
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Also, there are many other factors that can influence an athlete besides coaching in terms of how he plays the game and manages his career. This could also be said to be a fallacy of composition, whereby attributes of parts of the 'whole' (one aspect of Sampras' life) is used to make a generalization about the whole itself (in this case, Sampras' entire career). There is also the hasty generalization of assuming that excelling on different surfaces equals overall excellence in a wide variety of environments. Finally another hasty generalization is that there are other ways of measuring 'greatness' in the sport, including the cultural impact and the even the popularity of the player amongst fans. It is also difficult to compare players from one era of tennis to another. Therefore, the argument also shows a failure of ambiguity.

Final argument:

P1: Roger Federer was extremely influenced by the legacy…