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Krispy Kreme Essays (Examples)

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Krispy Kream Is a Historic and Iconic
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Krispy Kream is a historic and iconic franchise. Its products have often resulted in cult like followings that have been very beneficial to shareholders and executives alike. However, like many companies during the early 2000's, the company fell on hard times. Accounting mistakes, coupled with executive turnover, and misplace product changes; all hindered the company's growth. As the case indicates, through the confluence of multiple mistakes, the company quickly went from an analyst's favorite stock to its most despised.

What can the historical income statements (case Exhibit 1) and balance sheets (case Exhibit 2) tell you about the financial health and current condition of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc.

The company, according to the financial statements seems to be in good health. The company, during fiscal year 2004 had enough cash and cash equivalents to cover the immediate obligations of the business. The company's long-term debt has risen substantial, but given…


1) Tosczak, Mark (2006-01-02). "Slim down or melt down? Issues loom at Krispy Kreme

Roman Holiday For Part One
Words: 9639 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 70819218
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That is the beauty of the successful and rising platform established through successful investments; it all becomes quite circular. Then, by reinvesting and refinancing earnings, everything becomes stronger. Just as easily, however, this corporation could have been buried.

1. What is a franchising arrangement? And how is this reflective of business expansion? Moreover, how does this support business growth? From HighBeam Business, these key-terms set the stage from here on out:

MLA: Pondent, Corr S. "About eacquired Franchise ights" (29 December 2010). Highbeam Business: Money. eHow. Demand Media, Inc. Web. 18 March 2011.

About eacquired Franchise ights

A franchising arrangement is a way to expand a company's business without investing a lot of additional money. The franchisee gets the use of an existing business model, or franchise rights, as well as business support, and pays the franchisor a franchise fee in return.

eacquired ights

The franchisor could decide to buyback…


HighBeam Business: Issues in Accounting Education: The hole in the doughnut: accounting for acquired intangibles at Krispy Kreme. Web. 16 March 2011.

Citation: Bollinger, Michael a. CMA, CFM, CPA, CIA, CGFM, CDFM. "Fair value, Accounting procedures." Publication title: Strategic Finance. Montvale: Mar 2011. Vol. 92, Iss. 9; pg. 25, 1 pages 4K9S4PXGS8 at CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY - SACRAMENTO MAIN ACCOUNT via ProQuest, an information service of ProQuest LLC.

5. Auditor impairment analysis on book value of reacquired franchise rights for Arizona acquisitions. The four present values should allow you to reach a conclusion about the acceptability of the client's impairment analysis. Up to this point you are performing a conventional analysis of accounting estimates as per CAS 540. Become thoroughly acquainted with this CAS and refer to it in your report. Call this conventional analysis, and its conclusion, Part I of your report. It is worth 5 marks. The solution posted in BB for class 7 to the class discussion a&B company case, and the Hilton and O'Brien article in class 6 link may help in doing this part of the assignment.

You can use any accounting standards you prefer to support your conclusions, the U.S. ones mentioned in the case, or comparable CICA Handbook sections, or international standards, but be specific about which ones you are using so that the marker can follow your analysis and give you full credit.

International Business Three Company Profiles
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That's proving a business opportunity for Krispy Kreme, McDonald's and other American fast-food chains. For Krispy Kreme, Japan is part of its overseas expansion -- a crucial element of its revival plan announced earlier this year. The chain, based in inston-Salem, N.C., saw its stock collapse two years ago under the weight of overexpansion in the U.S., an accounting investigation and the low-carb diet craze...[Now a] Japanese man carries boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts back to his office...two Japanese girls devour doughnuts last week at a Krispy Kreme shop in Tokyo. Long lines form outside the shops, sometimes leading to waits of an hour" (Kageyama 2007). But because of more health-conscious consumers in other regions of America where the Southern, Americana image of the company has less cache and novelty, this strategy has not been successful. Also, the idea of a 'trans-fat free doughnut' has not quelled fears about health…

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YoNuts Company Analysis Essay
Words: 1889 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: 98298222
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Product Description

The type of innovation represented for YoNuts is an innovation in production that changes the dynamic between the user and the production.  Normally, supermarket doughnuts are produced ahead of time in a factory, then shipped and sold.  YoNuts are entirely different in that they are only partially produced at a factory, shipped frozen, and then the final production is done at the site of the end user.  It is akin to the difference between going to the store and buying a bag of popcorn versus going to the store and buying a pack of Orville Redenbacher.  Things like Jiffy Pop and microwave popcorn have a large share of the grocery store popcorn because, quite frankly, the consumer gets a fresher, better product.  So it is with YoNuts.  The innovation allows consumers to produce the freshest, best doughnuts at home.  

The benefit to the consumer is that the…

YoNuts Product Description Essay
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Production Description

The product is a line of bake-at-home doughnuts. The name of the product is YoNuts, meaning "Your Doughnuts", because this might be the first time that a company has marketed doughnuts that you can make at home yourself.  The logic of the product is simple.  First, everybody loves doughnuts.  We can have fun with this, having a tagline like "Not just for cops anymore" or something like that, but the reality is that doughnuts are one of the most popular snack foods in America, the retail doughnut industry worth around $13 billion annually (IBIS World, 2014).  This includes both shops and doughnuts sold in grocery stores as well. IBIS estimates that the overall doughnut market has nearly 9000 competitors, ranging from small hipster doughnut shops like the trendy Voodoo Donut in Portland to giant chains like Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts and Tim Horton's.  The packaged doughnut market is…

Americana Group
Words: 1638 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70142107
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Company's Basic Information

Americana Group is a food company that is situated in Kuwait. Americana was founded in the year 1963. It started out with a small number of traditional business activities in Kuwait and has since gone ahead to substantially grow and become the largest food company in the Arab World as well as the Middle East expanse. Initially, the Americana group was a family-owned company by the Al-Kharafi family. The owners have an international business interest portfolio that takes into account food, finance, oil and gas, real estate and telecoms. However, in 2016, the Al-Kharafi family sold almost 67% of its stake to the Adeptio group, an investment group led by Mohamed Alabbar for a value of $2.4 billion. Moreover, at the outset of 2017, the Adeptio group finalized the mandatory takeover offer that remained in the company's stockholding (Reuters, 2016).

The company's main business operations includes transmitting…

Business Management -- Caribou Coffee
Words: 1381 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 88714051
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On the manufacturer side, the challenge presented by the weakened economic climate would be best managed by focusing even more on the main business strategies that have already proven successful within the specialty coffee market. Both Caribou and Starbucks emphasize customer service and the "customer experience" approach to promoting their specialty coffee houses. It seems that increased competition attributable to decreasing customers would be best addressed by ensuring that the customer experience is sufficiently attractive and fulfilling to justify the unnecessary expense of continuing to purchase specialty coffee on a BTC basis in coffee houses.

To capture or maintain the maximum market share in the supermarket or grocery store sales of specialty coffee bean product sales, it would be advisable that manufacturers increase the range of their products to permit consumers to "scale down" their spending without necessarily suspending their purchase of specialty or gourmet products altogether.

4. Who are…

Prior to the current economic recession, the specialty coffee market was very attractive. From the period 2001 to 2006 alone, the entire specialty coffee market experienced a growth rate of 48%. Moreover, more than two-thirds (69%) of that market represented consumer sales of the products with the highest cost and the highest profit margin: BTC sales in specialty coffee houses. The combination of a strong (and increasing) national coffee consumption habit, high wages, economic optimism, high real estate prices, and consumer spending in virtually all market segments in both regular and specialty products and luxury services with the optimistic projection of continued growth of the specialty coffee industry until at least 2015 made this industry very strong.

At that time, the segment of the market with the greatest profit potential was the specialty coffee house. Since the complete economic upheaval in the U.S., that has changed dramatically. While it may be possible to retain a significant percentage of specialty coffee consumers, it is likely that since 2007, market share in that segment has decreased sharply and that market share in the coffee bean product sales had risen substantially in relation to BTC sales, even within the same respective manufacturers.

With consumers likely shifting their purchasing interests from the "experience" consumption model of the specialty coffee house to the bulk bean product purchase instead, competitors in this market should have anticipated that shift immediately and adjusted their production levels, range of product lines, and marketing promotions to reflect the greater potential of that market segment. Since the bulk coffee bean product profit margin is significantly less than the BTC sales profit margin, there is less room for error or miscalculation in the attempt to capture or retain the largest possible portion of consumers. Therefore, strictly on the basis of the data available in the 2007 case study, the specialty coffee market was very strong. However, on the basis of the known effects of economic instability on consumer spending habits, the specialty coffee market is much less strong today and much more dependent on bulk coffee bean product sales.