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A leadership essay is any essay that focuses on the topic of leadership.  These essays can take a number of different formats and are often heavily-dependent on their prompts.  For example, you may be asked to write about various theories of leadership, with servant leadership being an especially popular topic.  You may also be asked to describe your experience with a leader that you admire and explain what you admired about his or her leadership skills.  However, the most frequent type of leadership essay is probably one that asks you describe a time that you acted as a leader.

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How to be an Effective Leader

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Aligning with the interests and concerns of one’s people is part of what helps to make a leader effective, as Calhoun and Damm (2015) point out. The other part of what makes a leader effective is vision and ability—and the two go together, just like a theory and experiment go together. The analogy is useful because, as Chait, Ryan and Taylor (2004) note, theory leads to practice; therefore, vision is to ability as theory is to practice, and both support effective leadership so long as they are rooted in a framework that helps achieve the desired goal of the organization, group, entity or community. Leadership is about leading—and leading means providing followers with both the vision of what needs to be accomplished and the ability to make that accomplishment possible. There are many different ways a leader can approach the objective: leadership styles are myriad. However, leadership must be grounded…… [Read More]


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Research Design Literature Review

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Research Methods Literature Review

A literature review on an identified research topic or issue is an important element when conducting a study regardless of whether the study employs qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods research design. The significance of conducting a literature review is attributable to the several functions and roles the review plays in the research process. Literature review is crucial when conducting a study because it’s a means of synthesizing prior research and demonstrating how current research fits into the existing body of evidence on the research issue (USC Libraries, 2017). This paper provides a review of literature on how different research methods can be utilized to conduct research. The discussion will also include a comparison of the paradigms or worldviews that are inherent in the methodology of different research designs. The various categories that will be examined in this paper include non-experimental, quantitative experimental, qualitative, and mixed methods…… [Read More]

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