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Maria Montessori Essays (Examples)

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Curriculum Approaches
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Montessori & High Scope

In order for students understand the contemporary curriculum, it is important that they be able to connect it to themselves in a meaningful way. This is particularly true in the modern classroom that is more diverse than ever before. Connection involves drawing on prior knowledge and experience in order to relate to the text. In this way, the students become participants in the story and are apt to be engaged in the reading process. There are a number of approaches to early-childhood education that range in nature and focus. The HighScope program was developed using the work of both John Dewey and Jean Piaget, as well as the constructivist approach to classroom learning from educational philosopher Lev. Vygotsky. The basic presumption is taking the child's development at present and helping them build upon it continually, pushing the "zone of development" up through a series of steps…

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Educational Theory by Comparing and Contrasting Two
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educational theory by comparing and contrasting two authors of education theory with the Montessori method of teaching. The writer explores all three ideas and discusses their similarities. The writer used four sources to complete this paper.

Since the advent of the educational system there have been many changes throughout the years. As the world evolves and matures and technology advances the world discovers more things that it wants its students taught. In addition there are many different ways to teach and the system has gone from whole language to back to basics and back again. Several forward thinking theorists have developed education theories in which they discuss what they believe to be the most sound foundation for teaching that is available. In John Dewey's Experience and Education and Curriculum and Aims by Decker F. Walker, and Jonas F. Soltis both suggest and develop critiques on education systems that have been…


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Timeline American Education Has Evolved Considerably Since
Words: 923 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90546015
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American education has evolved considerably since the late 19th century. One of the first philosophers to influence the character of modern American education was John Dewey. Dewey was a progressive, and believed that children should not just sit in classrooms passively memorizing material. Instead, students should learn via experience and interaction with their environments. Dewey's humanistic approach to education revolutionized the ways people thought about schooling and pedagogy. A timeline of American education begins with Dewey, because he was the person to first codify the structure and philosophy of education, and then offer the methods and means to implement those ideas. Dewey is known as a "pragmatist" because of his ability to fuse philosophy and practice, and had "the most significant contribution to the development of educational thinking in the twentieth century," (Smith, 2001).

Maria Montessori was the first female to become a doctor in Italy. Working closely with…


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Education as an Educator I
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This cultural enrichment would provide nutritional information all the children could use when with their families or in their neighborhoods.

constructionist teacher will find examples of careful and systematic thinking about how children learn that can guide him or her in the classroom. Piaget and Vygotsky (Gredler, 2002) give us solid examples of what children are ready for and at what ages they are most likely to benefit from specific kinds of instruction. Piaget's theories help the constructionist teacher be aware that although children think about what they're doing, they go through cognitive developmental stages. Respecting the types of cognitive thinking a child is likely to use at a given age is another way to teach the child respectfully -- by neither teaching below their abilities or by demanding that they perform as little adults.

Maria Montessori might serve as an excellent role model for such a teacher. Montessori looked…

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Pre-School Program Designing an Engaging
Words: 1337 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60711124
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Teacher Assistance equired and Classroom Administration.

The teacher assistance to be provided would follow the guidance provided by Maria Montessori. According to Elliott, Gettinger and Kratochwill (1992), "Like Froebel, Montessori implemented an early education curriculum that was founded on a developmental theory, employed play as the instructional method, and sequentially introduced developmentally appropriate materials designed to facilitate sensory and cognitive skills" (p. 8). This technique is clearly appropriate for a preschool environment where there will likely be a highly diverse group of children at various developmental stages. In the Montessori-guided classroom, though, a careful balance must be made between helping young children too little and helping them too much. For instance, according to Wentworth (1999), "Helping children too much, or providing them with ready answers to problems, is a negative factor because it prevents the child from using its own resources for knowledge acquisition, and deprives the child of the…


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Chap Stick Is Addictive A
Words: 2354 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 85973161
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If one applies ChapStick only on occasion (and not relentlessly) then there is no reason to suspect that you are hooked.

Constant application, on the other hand, can easily lead to dependency and ruined lips, as states: "The lower layers of our skin produce fresh new skin cells, which then die and can dry out by the time they reach the top layer. If you put ChapStick on the dry skin it can interfere with the signaling mechanism that gets your lower cells to start producing more moisture. So while that balm might feel great when you slather it on, it will wear off and leave your skin feeling dry again."

This is the "vicious cycle" that Crossman quotes Dr. Phillips as referring to. It is also the message that Dr. Perricone speaks of, when he warns that lip balm can be bad for lips.

The Solution

The solution…


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Honoring Commitments This Is at
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A strongly disciplined person is one who demonstrates that he can control himself. Discipline is always goal-oriented, therefore we understand that having the capacity to be extremely disciplined denotes the existence of a strong will oriented towards a specific purpose. The Montessori Method aims to teach the child how to move (dynamism) and the scene for which he is prepared is not school, but life itself. The discipline that he is stimulated to learn is therefore one which applies to the overall social environment.

In order to make sure that the child will grow up disciplined and with respect for the others and the social environment, he must be taught the difference between good and evil. In addition, Montessori stresses that the teacher must make sure "the child does not confound good with immobility and evil with activity, as often happens in the case of the old-time discipline. And all…


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Professional Interview Analysis
Words: 2903 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Interview Paper #: 73490348
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Professional Interview Analysis

This is in an interview of a lead teacher with extensive experience in public relation, administration and educating. She oversees the formulation and implementation of standards and policies in her school. Since she works in management, per of her job is ensuring that educators working in the school are sufficiently motivated to work. This interview gives a glimpse of all it takes to run a school. It gives insights into the challenges educators might face as they seek to impart knowledge on their students. It presented a great opportunity to also learn about the necessary qualities a lead educator needs to adopt to ensure that the institution they work in is a success.

The lead teacher, Gladys -- not her real name, is a very accomplished professional. She has extensive experience in education, school systems and student issues. She holds a bachelor's degree in education and has…


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Education Philosophical Influences on American
Words: 1782 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88283685
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There are others though that believes that learners are born with certain innate capabilities that are then shaped and formed from the outside (Montessori theory, 2011)

No matter which theory one looks at though the bottom line is that each philosophy is based on the idea that everything possible should be done to encourage as much learning as possible. All philosophies are based on the fact that education should be about learning and that no matter how the learning takes place, what environment is takes place in or under what circumstances the edn result should be something was learned. Educational philosophy in general believes that in order for people to be successful and productive they must learn as much as possible and that this should be done by way of formal education.


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Education Canada Option B Progressive
Words: 3483 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1501081
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" (Montessori, 9) There is a counter-intuitive disconnect between the priorities of the educational system and the real-life demands of individuals attempting to function ably therein.

Here, Montessori speaks to the incredible irony present even in higher education, where students are essentially intended to be prepared for the real world but are instead isolated in a false environment where priorities such as a streamlined means of graded evaluation, a disregard for the physical or emotional needs of students and an overall proclivity toward isolation from true conditions of worldly socialization tend to misappropriate crucial transitional learning years.

In some regards, Montessori's work is relatively outdated, betraying its origins in the first half of the 20th century by criticizing an absence of services that are now present in many universities. Some of the better funded academic institutions do possess programs availing medical treatment and psychological counseling to students where needed at…

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Google Background
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organization chose research. 2.Examine culture selected organization. 3.Explain determined selected organization showed signs culture identified.

Google is by no means conventional and has proven so in numerous occasions. Starting with its first tweet back in 2009, which was a cryptic binary message that translates into "I'm feeling lucky" to the employment of goats to "mow" the lawn at its headquarters in Mountain View, California, and providing daily, free gourmet meals to its employees, Google's approach has been anything but conventional. Despite having gone public over ten years ago, a direction which span concern in regards to the company's ability to maintain its identity and core values in a corporate culture, Google has managed to stay true to its founding philosophy that Page and rin started out with in 1998 when the company made its official appearance.

Google is said to be a culture of success effected by its management system.…


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Color and Mood it Is
Words: 2090 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 257158
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The school incorporates a lot of natural light and has all updated materials in excellent condition. The Lea school is about 30 years old and, like many Philadelphia public schools, lacks adequate facility funding. Many of the materials and building are outdated and deteriorating.

Students at Penn Alex were significantly more positive than students at Lea regarding their school and rated wall color, variety of wall color, amount of lighting, amount of art work on display, personally having art work on display, overall appearance of the school, peers opinion of overall appearance, and elements that should be changed all higher. In addition, Penn Alex students had more positive attitudes including proud to show visitors, school makes them feel good, school appearance is not distracting, adults care about how the school looks, appearance is fine the way it is, and feelings of responsibility for taking care of the school. Students at…


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Validating the Effectiveness of Participation in a
Words: 7348 Length: 27 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2865324
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Validating the Effectiveness of Participation in a Time-Sensitive Closed Therapeutic Group for Preschool Aged Children Allegedly Sexually Abused

This paper will review existing research on allegedly sexually abused preschool aged children. The traumatic psychological effects of the abuse including low self-esteem, poor peer relationships, behavior problems, cognitive functioning and physical/mental health will also be evaluated.

The author notes the paucity of available material on sexually abused children. Very little therefore is known of the effectiveness of psychotherapy to assist in the treatment of the problems of this particular group of abused children - a population of 40 selected children with a mean age of 45, with their parents (either father or mother) and/or caregivers attending sessions in another session hall at the same time the children are undergoing therapy.

This proposed study will therefore focus on how mental health services are provided to preschool children with ages ranging between 4…

Muckrakers Successes and Failures
Words: 842 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74602143
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As a profession, muckraking has gained a bad reputation ever since President Teddy Roosevelt compared certain journalists to the obsessive lad in the Pilgrim's Progress. In this 1906 speech, Roosevelt likened many journalists of his day to the man who stood in ooze, holding his garden tool and with his eyes fixed downward (Kiee 2001).

However, the "muckraking" techniques of these journalists have shined the light on many issues and practices that need to be addressed.

These exposes regarding corruption and unjust practices have led to public outcry and have spurred social change. After all, the reverse view would paint muckraking as a profession as a research and revelatory-based process that challenges the status quo. One person's muckraker is then another person's crusading journalist.

This paper looks at historic and modern examples of how muckraking has spurred important social changes in American history. The later part of the paper…

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Computer Assisted Instruction in Education
Words: 1562 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55343789
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Vision of Student Learning

The vision of Paterson Public Schools is “to be the leader in educating New Jersey’s urban youth” (Paterson, 2017). My vision of student learning is aligned with the school’s vision in the sense that my goal is to help my students be the leaders of their communities, classrooms, schools, and workplaces when they grow up. Part of this leadership must come from character education, which Lickona (1993) and Kristjansson (2014) note is of particular importance in today’s schools. Part of what helps to inform character education is the focus on self-directed learning, which was advocated by Maria Montessori through the Montessori Method (Mangal, 2007). One of the best ways to promote self-directed learning and thereby facilitate character education and achieve the vision of the school is to use computer-assisted instruction as a teaching approach (Hsieh, 2017).

The process needed to implement and promote my vision required…

Education Review it Is Now
Words: 4295 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27545561
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It is now recognized that individuals learn in different ways -- they perceive and process information in various ways. The learning styles theory suggests that the way that children acquire information has more to do with whether the educational experience is slanted toward their specific style of learning than their intelligence.

The foundation of the learning styles methodology is based in the classification of psychological types. The research demonstrates that, due to heredity factors, upbringing, and present circumstantial demands, different students have an inclination to both perceive and process information differently. These different ways of learning consist of: 1) concrete or abstract perceivers, where concrete perceivers acquire information through direct experience of doing, sensing, and feeling, and abstract perceivers, instead accept new ideas through analyzing, observing and thinking; 2) active or reflective processors -- active processors understand a new experience by immediately utilizing new information, and reflective processors analyze an…


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American and Japanese Early Childhood
Words: 14069 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63412707
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Generally, it works by either giving a reward for an encouraged behavior, or taking something away for an undesirable behavior. y doing this, the patient often increases the good behaviors and uses the bad behaviors less often, although this conditioning may take awhile if the rewards and removals are not sufficient to entice the patient into doing better.

Existentialism is important to discuss here as well, and is often seen to be a very drastic way to examine human behavior. There are two types of existentialism. One is Atheistic Existentialism, and the other is Theistic Existentialism.

Atheistic existentialism has its basis in the statement that the entire cosmos is composed only of matter, and human beings see reality in two forms. Those forms are subjective and objective. People who believe in Atheistic Existentialism do not believe that anyone or anything specific made the world. They do not know whether it…


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Individuals Who Contributed to Special
Words: 1027 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88075108
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Seguin moved to the United States in 1848 and established a number of schools in various cities for the education of mentally handicapped children. His publication, "The Treatment, Hygiene and Education of Idiots and Other Backward Children," is a landmark textbook dealing with the special needs of children with mental disabilities. Maria Montessori, an Italian pediatrician built on Seguin's work in the early 1900's and her work on the education of the mentally disabled became integrated into many schools around the world (Hallahan & Mercer, 2001).

Special education in the United States remained marginalized until the early to mid-1900's. Samuel Orton, Marion Monroe and Samuel Kirk were especially instrumental in the development of special education during this time (Hallahan & Mercer, 2001). Orton worked extensively to develop ways of teaching reading to children with reading disabilities. He developed the Orton-Gillingham method for reading education, which consistently proved to increase the…


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Anna Freud the Life of
Words: 1051 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93305477
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Many fellow psychoanalysts, mostly men who were several years her senior, courted her, the most notable of whom was Ernest Jones, the British analyst who is best remembered for being Sigmund Freud's biographer. The budding romance between the nineteen-year-old Anna and Jones was, however, nipped in the bud by Freud's suspicions and hostility toward Jones' interest in his daughter. (Gardner and Stevens, 1992)

Her Major Contribution

Anna Freud's contribution in the fields of 20th century psychiatry and psychoanalysis is second, perhaps, only to that of her father. Her genial nature apart from the quality of her work made her popular among her colleagues despite her professional differences with psychoanalysts such as Melanie Klein. (Fine 1992)

Anna Freud started her writings by translating her father's works into English and helped him to articulate his current works. She, however, had too much intellect to remain under her illustrious father's shadow all her…


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Detractors to Binet on IQ Testing
Words: 1959 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 90582929
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Intelligence Testing

The author of this report is asked to answer three general questions about intelligence. The first question asks for the general underpinnings and genesis of the discussions about intelligence including what was suggested by Binet as well as the general definition and formulations of the intelligence quotient, or IQ. The second question and discussion is about the challenges to the definition of intelligence as offered and suggested by Gardner, Spearman and others. Finally, there is to be an evaluation of which definitions could or should be use as the basis for intelligence testing.

Binet was indeed one of the pioneers of the intelligence and intelligence-measuring field. His contributions to the early discussions of intelligence are mentioned in the work of Cicciola et al. (2014). Cicciola talks about the genesis of the intelligence quotient instrument and the general concept of intelligence. He notes that the names involved in that…


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236. doi:10.1037/a0033740

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The Role of Art in the Development of Children
Words: 4304 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60696362
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Psychology and Teaching- The Importance of Art

How Childhood Events develop a lifetime in Art

One of the crucial times in an individual's life is early childhood. Early childhood acts as the basis for all later undertakings in one's life. It is not only the kids who suffer in case we, as a community, fall short in meeting their needs. We, the community, also suffer as a result. It is essential to note that their achievements are also our achievements. According to a recent report, the cost of every high school dropout is approximately at $292,000 (Sum, Khatiwada, McLaughlin, & Palma, 2009). Dropping out from high school is not a singular incident, but also a conclusion of several factors, commencing in early childhood. Encouraging parents and kids in the childhood years would possess some influence into elementary school, high school, early years of adulthood, and far beyond. The executives of…


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Teacher Teach Before Burning Out or Becoming
Words: 1563 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46329185
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teacher teach before burning out or becoming stale?

This paper looks at the ideas of whether teachers should be made to go back into learning to gain a new license after a period of time, also looking at how their time can be best used with initiating new forms and methods into the classroom.

How long can a teacher teach before he becomes stale?

Every school system has a philosophy behind it, these are based on the views and values of those who are in position to educate, along with the society that is the main sponsor of the education. (Freire, 1998).

The philosophy begins with the view of reality and definitions of truth and goodness. There are five basic philosophies of education:

Perennialism is a very conservative and inflexible philosophy of education, based on the view that reality comes from fundamentally fixed truths-especially those relating to God. With a…


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