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Market Entry Challenges in Asia Many Companies

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Market Entry Challenges in Asia

Many companies want to move into Asia, but there are market entry challenges that have to be faced there. Still, Asia represents a very important and profitable market for many companies, and it is not unusual for these companies to draw major profits from their overseas operations. EBay, however, has many problems in the Asian markets, and has struggled with these issues in the past (Chan, 2007). In order to understand why this is the case for the company, one must address the 4 Ps (product, place, promotion, and price). By looking at each one of those, a person can get a better idea of why eBay failed in some of the Asian markets and why it performed better in others. In the U.S., eBay is very popular. The same is true for the UK and a few other countries. That does not mean, though,…… [Read More]


Chan, Isabelle (2007) "EBay Has Its Eye on Southeast Asia" 29 Oct 2007, e-commerce, Business Week.

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Mangalindan, M. (2006) China May Be eBay's Latest Challenge as Local Rivals Eat Into Market Share, Wall Street Journal, New York, N.Y.; October 12, 2006.
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Market Model Patterns of Change

Words: 1403 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25248307

Over the last few years, the government has exerted more control on the insurance industry by controlling premium rates meaning the industry has become less competitive on pricing. In addition to this, through Obamacare, the government has set requirements for healthcare insurers which have significantly reduced their medical loss ratio Dinan 396.

The second factor that affects the degree of competitiveness of the industry is the number of companies operating in the industry. This has been the major reason for the hundreds of mergers in the industry since this is the major driving factor for changes in market share. The last factor is government-provided health insurance. The government provides insurance plans which create significant competition for the private companies Vanness and olfe 101()

The productivity measures that can be developed are the number of health insurance consumers, average cost of providing medical cover and price of health insurance premiums. The…… [Read More]

Works cited

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Market Analysis Mocfish Market Analysis

Words: 788 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4689960


Market Share and Sales

As stated above, it is impossible to predict total market share in terms of a percentage or direct proportion. The growth in the demand for web development services vastly outstrips supply, and with a large part of the retail sector still untapped in terms of website sales it will be impossible for any small competitor to capture a major portion of market share (Urbach et al. 2009; Mohammed 2008). Sales will only be limited by the potential of the company to produce the products sold, however, meaning a substantial amount of revenue can be generated.

Ongoing Market Evaluation

Statistics and market trends are regularly calculated, compiled, and published by a variety of individuals and organizations, including the Canadian national government, which will allow for the continuous monitoring of relevant data and potential impacts on the market (Office of Consumer Affairs 2011). The company's planned move…… [Read More]


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Market Analysis of House of Fraser House

Words: 804 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93509961

arket Analysis of House of Fraser

House of Fraser was founded in 1891 by James Arthur in Glasgow. Originally a drapery shop, the store quickly expanded and by the end of 1891, the entire Fraser family was investing in the company. At this point, the store was renamed to Frasers & Sons. Over time, the store expanded from selling draperies to selling clothing, shoes and other department store apparel.

The company has continued to grow through the purchase of smaller companies. In 2005, House of Fraser aquaired Jenner's department store and in 2006 it took over Baugur. In 2008, the company had three new openings in London, Belfast and Bristol. The company continues to grow and is a ripe competitor.

House of Fraser is ranked high in the market overall with its six major competitors being arks & Spencer, John Lewis, Harrods, Debenhams, Selfridges and Fenwick. John Lewis is by…… [Read More]

Mintel (2011), Department Stores Retailing-UK-March 2011,

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Market Research in Order to

Words: 1445 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65557362

Meanwhile, band images that emeged fom the FGDs will then be detemined and assessed quantitatively, wheein detemined images will be pesented to espondents, and will be asked to choose which image best fits the poduct cited in the suvey.

To evaluate the eseach conducted, I will coss-check the suvey esults, ensuing that the conduct of eseach was conducted in eithe one of the following manne: (1) a homogenous goup of espondents wee given equal chances to view animatics of diffeent kinds of Akie Feet Fam ads, showing diffeent feet food, o (2) showing of one kind of Akie Feet Fam ad to thee o moe diffeent goups that ae consideed homogenous in almost all majo qualifies, except pehaps fo a distinguishing facto distinct in the goup (i.e., occupation of espondents, geogaphic location, poduct patonized, among othes).

Possible categoizations fo the poposed evaluation of the Akie Feet Fam eseaches would also…… [Read More]

references be obtained from third-party data generators such as government and/or non-government trade and industry agencies. These agencies will ensure the fair assessment and recording of data, documented objectively and for purposes of information provision and research only.

The focus group discussion would be more productive if the female ferret owners will be engaged in a creative activity wherein they will verbally share, envision, and possibly draw ideas on what they may consider as the "ideal" ferret toy. Through this activity, the moderator and company will be able to draw out ideas on the needs, met and unmet, of ferret owners with regard to ferret toys.

Telephone surveys are easier to use and can be accomplished faster; however, this kind of interview could lead to high refusal rate due to technical problems and can yield only shallow data due to the short period of interaction between interviewer and respondent. Personal interviews provide more interaction between interviewer and respondent, and can provide better clarification and probing on responses. However, personal interviewers can take too much time, and can result to interview fatigue, which may affect survey results. Mail surveys are easy to administer and cheaper in cost; however, this kind of survey has the highest refusal rate, and results may no longer be relevant due to this time lag. Electronic mail surveys is easiest and fastest to administer; however, they tend to be ignored and considered as spam mail and responses cannot be clarified further since respondents cannot be tracked easily because surveying is in online mode.
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Market Model Changes the Medtech or Medical

Words: 865 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11539350

Market Model Changes

The medtech, or medical technology, industry is a large and intensely competitive industry that produces highly innovative medical devices for hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the effort to save lives and improve health for patients (Research, 2012). It is spread across different segments including, cardiology, oncology, neuro, orthopedic, and aesthetic devices. It relies largely on aging baby boomers, high unmet medical needs, and increased incidence of lifestyle diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

The industry is being challenged by pricing concerns, hospital admissions and procedural volume, uncertainty concerning healthcare reform, Medicare reimbursement issues as agencies are looking for cost reduction measures, and regulatory overhang. There is a rise in patients deferring treatment in elective procedures. "One factor aligning economic and clinical forces: in the U.S., the number of medical practices owned by hospitals grew from 25% in 2005 to 50% in 2008" (practice, 2011).…… [Read More]


Blog, I. (2012, Mar 12). MedTech Industry Stock Outlook. Retrieved from Financial Content:

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Market Patterns One Industry That Has Shifted

Words: 1231 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70338621

Market Patterns

One industry that has shifted in the past few years in terms of its structure is the smartphone operating system market. A few years ago, most of the early smartphones were based around proprietary operating systems. Palm and Blackberry dominated the market. Apple joined the industry with the introduction of the iPhone, but more recently other firms have entered the market as well, including Google (Android), indows, Symbian and other systems. The market has moved from a stable oligopoly of four firms basically between two firms into a market that is much closer to monopolistic competition. However, there is the risk that as operating systems shake out, the market could return to an oligopoly of just three operating systems (est & Mace, 2007).

In the short-run, firms in this industry will seek to gain market share through differentiation. The products are slightly differentiated from each other -- they…… [Read More]

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Market Model Patterns of Change Sir Madam Answers

Words: 883 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76379430

Market Model Patterns of Change

Sir/Madam, answers attachment page. But write a APA format, citing quotations a APA format. answers fits 3 pages.

The operating system software industry that was dominated by Microsoft was a monopoly till quite some years back when other players came into the market and disrupted the monopoly. These players include Linux with their various operating system software such as edhat and Ubuntu and Apple with their Macintosh operating system.

The general pattern of change in this particular market model was that of monopoly to oligopoly. There are several short-run and long-run behaviors in the monopoly and oligopoly market models. In monopoly, there is only one market player who has full control over the market. However, in oligopoly, there are several market players who hold different market shares depending on their marketing strategies, brand awareness, product specification, product diversification, etc. Soberman & Gatignon, 2005()

The short-run…… [Read More]


Brooks, G.R. (1995). Defining Market Boundaries. Strategic Management Journal, 16(7), 535-549.

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Market Potential and Forecast Analysis

Words: 996 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37804965

The assumptions of industry structure and pricing are based on the market shares of the leading competitors in the motorcycle market including Harley-Davidson with 65% and Honda with 12.9%. There are over 40 different manufacturers of motorcycles globally who comprise the remaining 22% of the worldwide market (Murphy, 2008). Gaining distribution for a new motorcycle model will be challenging given the concentration level of competitors in the market. As motorcycles are considered discretionary purchases, they are influenced by the consumer sentiment index, the level of per capita disposable income, the downstream demand for motorcycle dealership and repair, and the available time consumers have for using them (Diamond, 2008). All of these factors are taken into account in the factoring of both the baseline motorcycle industry forecast and the hybrid motorcycle forecast as well.

Sales and Unit Forecasts

Using exponential smoothing and an average sale price of $9,100, the forecast for…… [Read More]


Diamond, D.. (2008). Managing Incentives for Green Vehicles. Public Manager, 37(4), 15-18.

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Market Competition and Regulation the

Words: 2379 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65812053

Of course, this is a good thing for customers on short-term, but is negatively affects other companies on the market. This is because smaller competitors and especially those that intend to enter the market addressed by IBM find it at least difficult to provide product prices in accordance with those provided by IBM. These smaller companies do not have the ability of reducing their production or operating costs, which does not allow them to introduce competitive prices on the market. This way, they are clearly disfavored by IBM's position and market power.

In addition to this, in a field like it, it is imperative to make continuous investments into the research and development activity. This requires significant capital amounts from these companies. The investment levels that IBM reaches cannot be reached by many of these companies. This makes it difficult for these companies to keep up with IBM and its…… [Read More]

Reference list:

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Market Leadership Report Final Project

Words: 3168 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9237729

Office Depot started its operation five years after Staples. The company has aligned its business strategy to target increasing its market share through business policies similar to those undertaken by Staples Inc. The company is locally owned and faces difficulties in capital expansion to be able to roll more distribution outlets similar to Staples. This has incapacitated the company in acquiring economic of scale in operation. The company currently controls 27% of the total market shares in regions where Staples operates. Office Max is a foreign company that has been in operation for the last 8 years. The company traces its roots in Australia where it controls the largest proportion of office paper supply. In the region, the company has captured 8% of the market share in distributing paper products majorly. The company targets to acquire the market for paper distribution this being where the larger proportion of stationary demand…… [Read More]


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Market Entry the Introduction of

Words: 9989 Length: 27 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40661812

com. In case of several companies, enhancing customer relationships is among the most capable features of e-commerce. However, whereas the Internet has presented the consent of a novel method to draw and communicate with the customer, hardly few enterprises have discovered a method to efficiently manage interactions with their customers on the Internet. (David, 2000)

The real skill is involved in making the device suitable to accomplishment of the business strategy and also makes profit persistently. (Howard, 1999) This makes McGrath and Heiens to describe the failures of Internet startups as a moot testimony that "the Internet is a tool, not a panacea" and that a "sound business strategy is always a prerequisite for success" Therefore, even though many successes have appeared to day on the Web in the online industry and in the digital forms in general still more are to be explored for accomplishing long-term goals of the…… [Read More]


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Market Audit

Words: 4086 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29648303

Market Audit

The first point that has to be looked into is the health of the company, Colorado Australia. The company is passing through a bad phase and this is not the time for a product launch as generally no new introduction can make money for a period of time after launch. When the company launching the product is itself in a relatively poor condition of finances, then it is less likely to take risks that will be required for the successful development of the new product. Here the situation is likely to be of a new brand in a new market, rather than a totally fresh launch. The company is already exporting substantial quantities and it is possible even the same item is being exported for sale by another organization under a different brand name. It may be possible that expansion of sale of quantities under that arrangement may…… [Read More]


"Before You Buy Hiking Boots" Retrieved from

Accessed 12 October 2005

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Market Behavior One Industry That Has Seen

Words: 1380 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89428434

Market Behavior

One industry that has seen a shift in the market model is the smartphone industry. During the mid-2000s, this industry was an oligopoly, populated basically by two firms that emerged from the old PDA market. Palm and RIM (Blackberry) operated as a duopoly, catering primarily to business customers with early smartphones. Apple joined the industry with the iPhone, and was quickly followed by a number of other players. The organization of the industry is somewhat unique, as some firms are vertically integrated providers with operating systems and hardware integrated (Blackberry, Apple) and other firms have a number of hardware manufacturers working in conjunction with operating systems makers. Thus in operating systems there remains almost an oligopoly with two or three major firms and a couple of other minor ones, whereas on the hardware side the industry is fully in a state of monopolistic competition.

Short Run and Long…… [Read More]

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Market Failure the OECD Defines

Words: 564 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63880336

Government can have some influence on market failures, but cannot eliminate them. Conditions of perfect competition are usually created outside the influence of government. Often, government policy contributes to market failure rather than prevents it. Government can, however, reduce the impact of market failure. The programs by which government would do this must be well-conceived and well-executed, however, or they can worsen market failure. An example of this would be the bank bailouts. The government averted the direct market failure of the U.S. banking industry in the short-term, but in the long-term the government probably created a perverse incentive in the banking industry to increase risk-taking, knowing that the bank was not going to suffer the downside risk. Bailouts of the savings and loan industry contributed to this attitude among bankers, the concept of "too big to fail" creating a climate of risk-taking in the industry.

Government intervention has worked,…… [Read More]


OECD. (2006). Market failure. OECD. Retrieved February 20, 2012 from
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Market Penetration in Order to Be Able

Words: 325 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50200831

Market Penetration

In order to be able to calculate the market penetration in our case, we should first give a brief definition and description of the market penetration concept. Identified by some with the company's market share, the market penetration concept allows a company to determine "what percentage of all possible sales was represented by their actual sales"

It is calculated by " measuring all real sales of a given good for a given period and then comparing that total with the total of all sales of that specific good for the same period made by one's own company"

In our particular case, we will be calculating the market penetration as the ratio between the total number of customers on the market and the number of customers that have actually bought our company's products.

As such,

Market Penetration = Number of customers that have bought the product/Total number of customers…… [Read More]


1. Kobulnicky, Paul and Stoffle, Carla. Market Penetration in Research Libraries. January 1999. On the Internet at

Kobulnicky, Paul and Stoffle, Carla. Market Penetration in Research Libraries. January 1999. On the Internet at

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Market Research Use of Secondary

Words: 1386 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31950110

With regard to the second article, a Magic Potion?; Wellness drinks from the Economist (2007), the lack of secondary research is so glaring as to make the claims of weight reduction from drinking the new beverage unbelievable. The entire article could have been two sentences, with the first announcing the drink and the second, that the research had not been released. Further, the investment and financial analyst quoted says he does not like the taste, yet is that relevant? It seems as if the data included in the article is to pump up the Coca-Cola stock price and little else. Secondary data as to the size of the market, Coke's relative market share and the fact that Coke is having trouble with the Centre for Science in the Public Interest all underscores how a lack of secondary data can seriously undermine the credibility of any message or article. For Coke,…… [Read More]


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Market Research Because Expansion Is

Words: 834 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41106801

Cuently, Kudle has an Asian specialty poduce depatment and a Euopean-style bakey at all of its stoes. Afte eviewing demogaphic data, Kudle may discove that a location unde consideation has a lage ethnic population and can use this infomation to evise the poducts it stocks to cate to unique ethnic food pefeences in the community which may not necessaily be Asian o Euopean.

In Kudle Fine Food's cuent situation, it aleady has thee successful locations, La JaJolla, DelMa and Encinitas. In addition to looking at completely new tows, Kudle ought to exploe whethe o not these existing locations can suppot anothe goumet food shop. It needs to conside the demand at its cuent stoes and the potential demand of the entie town, once again based on demogaphics and competitive analysis. It may be possible to opeate a new stoe in the same town without taking maket shae away fom the…… [Read More]

references and price sensitivities. This information will be invaluable in formulating the right product lines and services, prices and promotions for its anticipated shoppers. Kudler Fine Foods may find that it needs to fine tune its hours of operations, its access to parking or its promotions techniques for the unique community it is trying to serve. For example, a certain community may prefer to sample wine during the evening as opposed to Saturday morning or a community with a large number of working mothers may require later hours of operation than Kudler's current 6:00 closing time.

In summary, every town is a local market that has its own unique demographic characteristics and a different mix of competitors. Likewise, there is no one single voice of the customer. Customer voices are diverse across geographic locations. In consumer markets, there are a variety of different needs. Market research and analysis of demographic, competitive and customer data is necessary to understand all of these differences. While presenting greater upfront investment costs, market research will ultimately lead to greater sales and profits for Kudler Fine Foods.
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Market Screening for Final Exporting

Words: 1493 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7957189

It revealed the fact that customers were willing to buy chocolate in order to be in fashion.

The government, which is a communist one, has imposed chocolate importers to mark the country of origin in order to provide the customers with the accurate information about the products they offer.

Size, number, and financial strength of competitors. If we take into consideration the report mentioned above, the main competitors are: Dove (38.61%), Cadbury, Le Conte, Nestle, Hershey's, Golden Monkey, Ferrero Rocher, M&M's, Tresor Dore and Shenfeng. These ten producers account for 90% of the chocolate market, while the first three cover about two thirds of the market share. However, among these ten best companies we can only depict two internal brands. These are Golden Monkey (2.94%) and Shenfeng (1.58%). Due to the new regulations regarding the percentages and quality of the ingredients used, many national producers may not be able to…… [Read More]


Chocolate Strives for Standard.,(2004) Retrieved on Nov 28th, 2006 from China Daily, web site:

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Market Research Discuss Market Research Is Probably

Words: 695 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6255479

Market esearch

Discuss: "Market research is probably the greatest single deterrent to excellence in modern business. It's crutch for manager with no vision and no conviction."

One of the most famous corporate success stories of recent memory, the Apple Corporation, did almost no market research. Instead it relied upon the vision of its CEO and founder Steve Jobs. "Apple as a company follows its instincts. They're less interested in giving the market what it wants as they are in giving the market what it doesn't yet know it wants. Apple aims to create innovate products that didn't previously exist (iPad) or take existing products and redefine them in a way that makes them completely new (iPod, iPhone)" (Bradley 2010). Apple customers are loyal, yet it does not use focus groups, surveys, questionnaires, or other conventional methods of assessing what consumers want. Consumers do not know what they want, Jobs believed.…… [Read More]


Bradley, Stephen. (2010). Who knows better? You or your customers?

Skibsted, Jens Martin & Rasmus Bech Hansen. (2011). User-led innovation can't create breakthroughs: Just ask Apple and IKEA. Fast Co Design.

Retrieved November 12, 2011 at
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Markets & Economy a Budget

Words: 1172 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19369386

Rational firms will choose the lowest-cost option between the two. The market is expected to be efficient, so that while some firms will find it cheaper to pollute, other firms will find it cheaper to install pollution abatement mechanisms.

Ultimately, the system will seek to deliver the lowest per-unit cost of abatement. This will be achieved because the firms that are going to abate their pollution are the ones for whom the cost of abatement is lower than the cost of polluting. With these firms focused on their abatement efforts, they will deliver a greater degree of pollution abatement at a lower per-unit cost with the marketable permits than any other system.

To see the value in this system, the alternative must be considered. If firms are mandated to reduce pollution, they will do so to bring themselves under the maximum allowable pollution levels. However, firms will have no economic…… [Read More]

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Market Value of Commercial Property

Words: 1937 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75803270

It is however important to come up with an integrated proactive management of real property in order to cover most of the risks that affect this market sector.

The requirement for the integrated property management

So as to achieve the required alignment between the strategic decisions of a business and other elements like the organization structure, enabling physical environment and work processes, it is necessary that organizations come with clear methods of managing their property. Proactive management of real estate/corporate property is one of the ways of ensuring that the property is not at risk. It however demands that very clear strategic positions are taken by senior management with clarity of the expected deliverable in measurable terms.

Fig.2 Proactive real estate management


Source: Then (1996).


The market value of commercial property has been fluctuation over time. The last three years has however seen it suffer a heavy hit…… [Read More]


Appraiser BC Appraisals Inc. What is a cost approach appraisal method (2011).

Deutsche Bank. Real estate markets still in grip of financial crisis (2008)


Forsyth, S. Why the Market Value of Commercial Property Can Rise & Fall Over Time.(2010)
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Market Dominance When a Company

Words: 466 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88648209

A challenger thus goes for an all out attack against the leader in order to gain market share. In the field of pharmaceuticals, for example, Merck would be seriously challenged by Pfizer because both companies are massive in size and are targeting almost the same areas. Some of the strategies attained by a challenger would include Frontal attack (offering new and better products at lower price) Leapfrog (offering treatment in previously untouched areas), Flank (reach a new segment of market) and encircle (develop a niche).

Market Nicher:

A company may choose to focus on one single segment and hence achieve the title of a specialist. The company is still trying for domination but only in its selected areas. It doesn't want to compete in every single field like the leader or the challenger. For example a firm may try to become a dominant player in discovering treatments for neurological disorders.…… [Read More]

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Market Analysis and Product Innovation Facebook Inc

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Market Analysis and Product Innovation: Facebook Inc.

In an increasingly competitive environment, business organizations must remain innovative. They must deliver offerings that resonate with the ever changing needs of the consumer and the operating environment (Akbar & Tzokas, 2013). This often calls for product innovation, which has been marked as a crucial driver of competitive advantage in the contemporary marketplace (Song & Chen, 2014). Nonetheless, product innovation is often not a straightforward undertaking. An organization must have comprehensive understanding of the environment in which it operates, especially in terms of the threats and opportunities it presents, for its products to succeed in the marketplace (Bart, 2002). The organization must also effectively utilize its resources and capabilities to overcome those threats and take advantage of the opportunities (Holahan, Sullivan & Markham, 2014).

One organization that is an epitome of innovation in today's business environment is Facebook…… [Read More]


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Market Values UK Listed Companies Evaluate Companies

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market values" UK Listed Companies evaluate companies Investor atios Profitability atios. With reference statement: require critically appraise importance market balance sheet UK listed companies critical assess a relevant range investor profitability ratios measuring performance.

Market value

Market value and balance sheet value

A British firm listed on the market is generally traded at its market value, regardless of its balance sheet value. At a simplistic level, the balance sheet value represents the value of the firm as it is computed within the organization and in terms of the company's resources, revenues and other internal values. The market value on the other hand is the value of the company as it is assigned by the multitude of players in the market, and which is often computed based on elements intrinsic to the market, such as profitability of the company, risks and so on.

At a more specific level, the two concepts…… [Read More]


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Market Penetration Strategy Is Most

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hile standardization may eventually win out in a market, it is only by virtue of having so many choices that the ideal standard can be determined.

4. It is important to build a strong brand because the brand is the one source of sustainable competitive advantage that can be derived from marketing (Yap, 2006). The brand contains within it all of the past marketing that the company has done. The brand alone can sell the product, more than a sales pitch. As a result, the brand is the most important component of the marketing campaign.

A brand manager must understand the brand image in order to ensure that the brand experience matches that image. The brand is a promise to the consumer, of quality or price or both. The consumer associates the brand with certain qualities or characteristics. The brand manager must understand what value the brand has to the…… [Read More]

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Market Development Plan for Organic

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he new organic smoothie can be made out of the same fruits as regular smoothies commercialized by Orange Julius.

he objectives of the marketing plan and marketing strategies include: increasing the market share by 10%, increasing sales by 12%, developing the image for the new organic smoothie, and expanding the company's overall image.

As mentioned above, more and more people turn to organic food, which means the company must take advantage of this market expansion period. Even more, after the new organic smoothie will be strongly established in customers' buying preferences, it is recommended that the company develops other types of organic food.

When launching a new product, the marketing mix is very i8mportant, as well as controlling the launch and the immediate period. he target market for the new organic smoothie is consisted of individuals aged 14-60, with medium income, medium to high education, health oriented. It is recommended…… [Read More]

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Market Driven Management

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Pharmaceutical industries have to operate in an environment that is highly competitive and subject to a wide variety of internal and external constraints. In recent times, there has been an increasing trend to reduce the cost of operation while competing with other companies that manufacture products that treat similar afflictions and ailments. The complexities in drug research and development and regulations have created an industry that is subject to intense pressure to perform. The amount of capital investment investments required to get a drug from conception, through clinical trials and into the market is enormous. The already high-strung pharmaceutical industry is increasingly investing greater amounts of resources in search of the next "blockbuster" drug that can help them gain market position and profits. Laws, regulations and patents are important to the industry while spending billions of dollars in ensuring the copyright of their products.

It is the intention of this…… [Read More]


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Market Model Patterns of Change

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Google Monopoly

Technology and the internet have brought about many changes in nearly all facets of modern living. As a result, markets and financial systems also have felt the impacts of this massive revolution. Monopolistic trends have been witnessed in the past decade as those organizations who can capitalize on a market, or by creating a brand new market, dominate with product innovation and keen business practices

The purpose of this essays is to exaine Google as company who is exisiting and flourishing in a monopoly market. The serach engine market has produced billions of dollars of revenue for this internet company. This essay will describe the major factors that affect the degree of the competitiveness in this market that Google is currently dominating. The essay will also examine the competitive forces that are trying to vie for business share and competitive advantage in this particular market.

Signs of a…… [Read More]


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Market Dominance

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Antitrust Practices and Market Power

The modern business environment is increasingly characterized by the proliferation of emerging monopolies in various industries. One of the industries that have experienced an increase in budding monopolies is Information Technology, particularly with the growth and development of social media and networks. Technology companies have rapidly developed into monopolies because of the connection between attractive business opportunities. The growth of leading technology companies into monopolies has also been fueled by their efforts to gain and maintain market power. However, some of these companies such as Google, AT&T, Standard Oil, Microsoft, and Facebook have been investigated for antitrust behavior.

Similar to Google, Facebook is company whose growth and development is partly attributed to the failure by Microsoft to strangle it like it did to Netscape a decade before. Facebook's business and operations are entirely built on focusing on developing network effects since the firm's value for…… [Read More]


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Market Planning the Discipline of

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When this occurs typically a company will have to scramble to explain why all their commitments about a new product only partially were delivered, if at all. This and the precise market positioning of a new product to ensure existing products are not cannibalized require product managers to have a unique and expert-level skill set (Guide, Li, 2010).

Why the Industry Needs the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) and New Product Development Professional (NPNP) Certifications

The role of the PDMA is to support the continual education and attainment of excellence in product development and management, creating opportunities for professional advancement for its members while ensuring a consistently high level of professionalism and thought leadership. The PDMA often hosts seminars and promotes opportunities for learning among its membership base, which is global in scope. In addition to its commitment to continual learning, the PDMA also works to define and continually…… [Read More]


Choi, J., Kristiansen, E., & Nahm, J.. (2010). VAPORWARE. International Economic Review, 51(3), 653.

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Market Entry Challenges in Asia

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A third strategic effort made by eBay in conquering the Asian market is represented by diversification -- not the diversification of its operations or provision of services, but the diversification of the markets served. Traditionally focused on China as a source of increased gains, eBay has come to redirect its attention to other countries as well. The online auction company is as such focusing on launching and expanding operations in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or even the Philippines (Chan). Through this strategic expansion to more Asian countries, eBay is decreasing its dependency on the revenues generated in China and is striving to create a stable expansion on the Asian continent.

2. Starbucks

Starbucks is one of the largest American corporations, with stores opened throughout the entire globe. The global expansion strategy at the coffee company is that of physical expansion through the opening of more and more Starbucks…… [Read More]


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Market Valuation and the Effects of GDP Expenditures

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all Street Journal Online was selected due to its discussion of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) regarding the United States and globally. Facebook, Inc. and Alphabet, Inc., the parent company of Google, have very high market valuation, in large part due to their dominance of the mobile advertising market. However, the author believes their very high combined valuation may be unduly optimistic, based on the current percentages of U.S. GDP and global GDP spent on mobile advertising and projected percentages of GDP spent on mobile advertising by 2025. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is an important facet of Macroeconomics because it is a basic tool for determining a nation's and the world's productivity, income and expenditure. In this article, GDP is discussed, expenditures in particular are discussed and the dramatic effect of adjusting expenditures is shown when examining Facebook's and Alphabet's glowing combined market valuation.


"Facebook and Google: The $230 Billion…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Gottfried, Miriam. "Facebook and Google: The $230 Billion Question; Mobile-Advertising Growth Has Driven a Stunning Rise in the Two Companies' Market Values, but Investors May Be Taking a Glass-Overflowing View." 12 April 2016. Web. 18 April 2016.
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Market of Social Media in China

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Tube in China

Marketing Audit and Competitive Market Analysis

China represents one of the fastest growing economies in the world that has an enormous population. Although the total number of internet users per capita is far less than can be found in the advanced nations, a smaller percentage of internet penetration coupled with the gigantic population represents an enormous market for online service provider. Unfortunately, China's online world does not operate as it does in most nations. In fact, China keeps many websites permanently blocked and has different methods of maintaining a firewall that only allows Chinese internet viewers to navigate to a collection of pre-approved sites (the firewall is sometimes referred to as the "Great Firewall of China").

There are many subjective standards that are in place which can be difficult to overcome to be able to enter the Chinese digital world. Some of these standards include that any…… [Read More]


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Market Trends Show That Banner

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189). Even though Towing It is not in an emerging industry per se, it is a very young company and therefore has limited resources. As the Sander and Koomagi reports dictates "venture capital and private equity play a very important role in financing of these companies" (p. 189) and venture capital definitely plays a very important role for Towing It as well. Having evaluated the expenses of this venture it is safe to project that profits will be made within the first year and that an increasing rate of return will be provided for both the owners and the venture capitalists throughout the next five years.


Technically speaking, the main thrust of the company will be through the website and online media which will be marketing the company in a 24/7 methodology. The equipment needed is easily procured through rental of the airplane and purchasing of the banners. The…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Market Analysis of Tiny Houses

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Tiny House: Target Market Analysis

The tiny house market for homes "typically between 100 and 500 square" has a wide demographic outreach in terms of its age range: "Millennials, who have limited funds and might not be able to afford a traditional mortgage because they have to pay off college loans; and Baby Boomers, who are retiring and seeking ways to stretch their pension by finding affordable homes" (Hyde n.d.). The concerns of both groups are strikingly similar. Idealistic Millennials embrace the environmental benefits provided by such homes and Baby Boomers are seeking to save money on utilities. However, demographically, the impressive size of the Millennial generation makes this an even more attractive potential target market: "By sheer numbers, the 75 million members of the millennial generation overtook baby boomers last year" (Lee 2016). Slice of Heaven's emphasis on the luxury market of tiny homes would allow both demographics to…… [Read More]


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The Washington Post. Retrieved from: -- and-stuff/2015/06/23/f8f706f0-0acc-11e5-9e39-0db921c47b93_story.html
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Managerial Decision Making and Market Structure

Words: 1532 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94174272

Market Structure and Managerial Decision Making

The objective of this paper is to discuss the concept game theory in the competitive market environment where there are two or more firms competing against one another. The paper cites the examples of Nash equilibrium, prisoner dilemma, and dominant strategy. Moreover, the paper discusses the theory of perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic market and theory of oligopoly. (Bhat, and au, 2008).

Game Theory

The game theory is a type of situation where the rewards or payoff given to any player depends on the action of the other players. The interdependence between two or more firms is referred as a game theory, and the rewards earned by a firm is known as a payoff, and the payoff matrix assists in analyzing the interdependence between firms. A duopoly is an interdependence between two players that may result in a game theory. However, a relationship between two…… [Read More]


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Links to Government Regulation of Monopoly
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Analyzing Market Entry to Ivory Coast

Words: 4395 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74630939

Market Entry to Ivory Coast

Company Profile and Background

Market Analysis- Ivory Coast

isk Analysis

Social and Cultural Analysis

Economic Analysis

Political and Legal Analysis

Market Entry Strategies

Marketing Mix




Place and Distribution


Market Entry to Ivory Coast

Company Profile and Background

Barilla Group is an Italian food company whose headquarters are located in the city of Parma. The company also has its operations in various nations in Europe. Barilla was established in the year 1877, initially as a bakery shop and was set up as a family business. In the present, the company is still controlled by the Barilla family. The company is renowned and has established itself as a multinational pasta maker. In particular, the group undertakes the production of numerous kinds of pasta and is actually the leading pasta maker across the globe. The company has a market share of about 45% in…… [Read More]


Adingra, J. A. (2014). Good governance and fight against corruption: MeiteSindou illuminates the Belgian Chamber of Commerce. Retrieved 19 May 2016 from:

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The Effects of the 19th Century Market Revolution

Words: 1252 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12756206

Market Revolution: hy it as Good for Some, Not for Others

The Market Revolution of the 19th century could not have occurred without the Age of Industrialization that allowed it to displace the old mode of commerce and trade. Goods could now be produced en masse and shipped at far faster speeds than ever before. hat had once been the work of the domestic role players was not taken out of their hands and made the work of laborers in factors. In every sector, technology played a part -- the cotton gin, the furnaces, the steel mills, the meat packers, the freight trains -- the landscape of America was changing and life and its social, spiritual, economic and political characteristics were also being impacted as a result. For some the impact was positive -- but for others it was negative. To some, the market revolution was a quality of American…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Srebnick, A. (1997). The Mysterious Death of Mary Rogers. NY: Oxford University

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Market Analysis and Marketing for

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For this type of customers, Diesel should create a special line of clothing items, different from the one for the primary target customers. For the primary target customers the central piece is the jeans. For the secondary target customers Diesel designers should combine jeans with other clothing items that are best suitable for 25-35 aged customers, that have good jobs and that are present in high social circles. For the secondary target customers the price should be significantly higher than the price for the primary target customers. The secondary target customers are trying to buy a certain status together with the clothing items they buy, so the higher the price of the clothes, the higher the status they are achieving. Other than this, the price should reflect the work invested in creating these clothing items, which require extra care for the secondary target customers.

As mentioned above, the communication strategy…… [Read More]

Reference List

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Market Orientation and Healthcare Case

Words: 841 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26572052

3. How the quality of service changed and why?

The quality of service increased significantly as all practices areas of the hospital better aligned to the cultural norms, values and needs of each ethnic population represented by the segments served. The quality also increased because the staff also began to better understand the unique needs of the patients being served, with more emphasis on interpersonal communication than had been the case in the past. This personalization aspect of leadership works both ways; the hospital staff had a much better appreciation and understanding of the unique needs of the population they were serving, and the potential patients and customers developed familiarity and trust with the providers. The next step for the hospital is to create a means to continually evaluate the level of satisfaction they are delivering to patients. The hospital could use the SEVQUAL metrics to evaluate the level of…… [Read More]


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Shared Value as a Business Approach Is

Words: 650 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19736655

Shared value as a business approach is integral in conducting business because it both creates economic value and societal benefit. Businesses create shared value when they can make profit while also meeting important social needs like improving environmental performance, reducing health related problems, improving nutrition, reducing disability among other factors. When businesses create shared value to make profit and meet societal needs. Shared value should not only be thought of in the context of doing more good. It also encompasses aspects of capitalism (Driver, 2011). Capitalism has relegated many important aspects of society like improvement of environmental performance, safety, and focus on the local community to the periphery of the business operations because of a notion that these are social and not business related activities. The shared value concept includes all these social items into capitalism. For profit firms that engage in these social activities stand to gain a lot…… [Read More]

References List

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Unleash a Wave of Innovation and Growth. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from
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Market Equilibrium War Outbreak What Are the

Words: 3139 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85114443

Market Equilibrium War Outbreak

What are the effects of Market Equilibrium at the outbreak of War on the Economy?

Over the decades, there has been the continuing debate about the underlying effects that war is having on the economy. At the heart of this argument, is the belief that once a war begins it will have a positive impact. This is because it effectively, controls the forces of market equilibrium. Simply put, this is when there is a perfect balance between: supply and demand. As this helping to: ensure price stability. The reason why, is because of: the massive amounts of spending and the allocation of various resources in supporting these efforts. ("Market Equilibrium") Once this takes place, it means that there will be the ideal conditions for the economy to begin to experience above average growth. As there are no economic forces, that can create the kinds of situations…… [Read More]


"Consequences of War on the Economy." Maliganani, n.d. Web. 21 Mar. 2011.

"Market Equilibrium." Business Dictionary, 2011. Web. 21 Mar. 2011.

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Market Efficient Respect Set Information Impossible Makes Abnormal Profits

Words: 2918 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63233798

Market Efficient espect Set Information Impossible Makes Abnormal Profits

Market Efficient

In his work, Fama argued that given the massive use of resources by the brokerage firm to conduct studies on trends in the industry, the effects of changes in interest rates on corporate balance sheets and expectations of managers and/or political analysts of the companies should be able to systematically beat a generic portfolio with the same risk characteristics.

Since, according to Fama, professional in every situation, the analyst has a fifty percent chance of beating the market; although its specific capabilities did not exist he would beat a lot of the market. The analyst did "help" the market to be efficient if all the investors, in fact, would hold portfolios composed of stock indices, would open up significant opportunities for professional traders to take advantage of the situation. But the movement of traders to that "new market" would…… [Read More]


Arrow, K.J., 1959. 'Toward a theory of price adjustment', in M. Abramovitz (ed.), The Allocation of Economic Resources, and Stanford: Stanford University Press, pp. 41 -- 51.

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Frank, R., 2008. Microeconomics and Behavior 7th ed. (McGraw-Hill) ISBN 978-007-126349-8.
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Market Failure Running Page Government

Words: 2840 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6310608

They see alternatives and their consequences as costlier and pay very little attention to them. Rationality exists less in public than in private organizations. A public agency's ends often compromise incompatible interests and neither occasionally nor accidentally. Conflict becomes inevitable and the end-system goes haywire. And the end-systems of public organizations are much more complex than those of private ones. The more complex, the harder to institute courses of action, the more results to evaluate, and the greater the chance to sacrifice some ends for other ends. It would be most helpful to find detailed case studies of organizations sharing a common concept so that they can be compared. From the comparison may develop a plan and rational choice (ranfield).

Planning in the Public Domain

Friedmann (1987) introduced the three concepts of rationality as market rationality, social rationality and a combination of these two. Market rationality derives from a philosophy…… [Read More]


Banfield, E. C (1959). Ends and means in planning. Vol XI (3). International Social

Science Journal. UNESCO Social and Human Sciences.

Friedmann, J. (1987). Planning in the public domain: from knowledge to action.

Stone, D (2001). Policy paradox: the art of political decision-making W.W. Norton & Company
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Market Potential

Words: 992 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53177297

Market Potential Index

There are eight indicators on the market potential index: market size, market intensity, growth rate, consumption capacity, commercial infrastructure, receptivity, economic freedom and country risk.

The market size is the largest weight. The measures used are urban population and electricity consumption, I guess as proxies for the number of people who have at least the possibility of having money.

Market intensity is based on the gross national income per capita and private consumption as % of GDP, measures that reflect the wealth of the country and presumably telling something about purchasing power.

Growth rate is based on the growth rate in energy use and the real GDP growth rate, looking at how fast the market is growing.

The consumption capacity is measured with consumer expenditure and income share of middle class. This is similar to market intensity, but with a focus on consumers and the middle class,…… [Read More]


Global Edge (2014) website, various pages. Global Edge. Retrieved December 13, 2014 from

Koetsier, J. (2013). Tablets will outsell laptops 6 to 1 by 2017 as mobile PC market hits 579.4 million. Venture Beat. Retrieved December 13, 2014 from
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Market Structure of Subway Sandwiches at the

Words: 635 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81463000

Market Structure of Subway Sandwiches

At the national level, Subway operates in a nearly perfectly competitive market: there are a number of franchise competitors (Blimpee, Quiznos), regional chains, and independent establishments, and supermarkets Market barriers are reasonably low (a food truck can offer sandwiches and compete with a local Subway), consumers have a high degree of buying power (there is a low commitment level when buying a sandwich) and there are many available substitute goods. However, in some areas, competition may be less 'perfect' depending on the availability of other establishments where people on a quick lunch break can eat. Although there still may be many possible options, such as bringing lunch, the location and lack of competitors can make it easier for a Subway to thrive within a certain area.

Q2. What type of competition does your firm face? Who are some competitors? (Even if you said your firm…… [Read More]


Weiss, Steven. (2011). Subway vs. Quiznos. QSR Magazine. Retrieved April 18, 2011 at

Zajac, Andrew. (2010, August 25). Restaurant chains, vending machines will have to post calories. LA Times. Retrieved April 18, 2011 at
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Market Research at Kudler Foods Market Research

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Market esearch at Kudler Foods

Market esearch at Kudler Fine Foods

The catalyst of any successful business is the ability to quickly translate customer data in its many forms into a competitive advantage (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2008). For Kudler Fine Foods, they have many opportunities to learn from their customers and grow their core business in the process. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate how the many concepts, frameworks and structures of market research can be used to augment and strengthen the store's ability to serve existing customers and gain new ones.

etailers especially need to be cognizant of how to best to coordinate all the market research functions in a concerted and focused base of knowledge which can be used for making insightful, intelligent strategic decisions (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2008). For retailers this focus needs to include the complete customer experience from an authenticity and…… [Read More]


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Market Entry Japan Market Entry

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d.). Billboards and other public advertising such as on buses and subways are also a viable option. Japanese are wired, so advertising through popular Internet portals is a possibility. Also, mobile phone advertising is a possibility. However, it is worth noting that the preferred medium for advertising is highly dependent on the type of product or service offered. Therefore to some extent the ideal channel will be dictated by industry norms (Ibid), unless we choose to buck the trend.

Promotion of Product

The Japanese market is intensely competitive for most products, since it is a mature market with only limited growth prospects. Promotion can be very aggressive as a result. Japanese consumers are price sensitive, but they are equally sensitive to quality. Thus, it is best to enter the market with either a cost leadership strategy or a differentiated strategy. The company's position on the value proposition curve must be…… [Read More]

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Market Analysis Arik Air Based

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(Dunn, 2009)

Arumemi-Ikhide believes that Arik can succeed due to a combination of the opportunity -- helped by economic and air transport reforms in Nigeria -- and the capability to deliver a high quality product." (Dunn, 2009) Also stated by Arumemi-Ikhide is that this "will be a key in differentiating it in the international market and providing feeder traffic. That will be the lifeline for the international network. That's what sets up apart from our rivals." (Dunn, 2009)

Martin Russell states in the report entitled: "Arik Air: The Future of African Aviation" that both the "internal opinion of African air travel and that of onlookers overseas was bleak before the arrival of Nigeria's newest treasure, Arik Air." (2008) Russell states that the aviation industry is African is "hampered by somewhat less predictable weather and frequent storms" resulting in aviation in African being "far from predictable with temperamental skies that readily…… [Read More]


Nigeria's air traffic grows by 31% during 2008; defies global slump (2009) TradeInvest Nigeria Thu, 05 Mar 2009. Online available at:

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Traditional and Digital Markets the

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Because of these factors being taken into account, the online market has gone through much more rapid market consolidation over time, as is shown in the analysis of competitors in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Market Shares of e-Commerce book etailers

In contrast, the value chain for traditional book retailers is far more difficult to replicate from a competitive standpoint and pricing is driven my multi-tier distribution channels. The result is a much more fragmented competitive landscape as is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Market Share Traditional Market


What differentiates the e-commerce value chain and corresponding digital market vs. The traditional market is that accuracy and speed of information use in the former (Shih, Fang, 2005). Comparing the pricing structures of each of these industries illustrates how critical the role of multi-tier distribution is in traditional markets, and how essential the ability to tailor experiences and build trust is…… [Read More]


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Puma Sneakers Inc Puma Markets Sneakers Targeting

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Puma Sneakers Inc.

Puma markets sneakers targeting a market segment aged 15-30. I have chosen this target segment because it is the age where an individual is active and sporty. This applies to both male and female as the company offers a wide range of male and female sports clothing, a perfume line and shoe-wear. With differentiation, the company's focal point has taken numerous forms. Evidently, the needs of the target market have been addressed through alert attention. Puma's global Sneakers and lifestyle aims to capture approximately thirty percent of the organized retail sportswear market. This will be achieved through additional stores across the country (Pride & Ferrell, 2013).

The main customer base for Puma's sneakers are the company's primary target market predominantly females. The products are best standing based on their brand categories and premium pricing. This market is customer oriented and not demand oriented. Instead of fulfilling needs,…… [Read More]


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Free Markets Perspective Examine the Ethics and

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free markets perspective, examine the ethics and morality of 'let capitalism rip' allegation made by British Prime Minister David Cameron. (Guide: 750 words)

The competence or incompetence of free markets and the implications of resource allotment to agents in an economy continues to be a passionately debated topic within economic and political circles. "In reality, markets are prone to inefficiencies when a number of factors arise" (Mendes, n.d.). A key principle of the free market philosophy is that businesses should focus exclusively on maximising shareholder value and not allow other considerations, apart from compliance with the law, to intrude on their business activities. This is what governments over the past 30 years have lived by. And that's what still protects big business from having to pay for its own excesses. The speculative banks, the oil companies, the private equity and hedge funds, all steal from the tax payer with total…… [Read More]


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Mark to Market Accounting and

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This quotation shows how arbitrary MTM can be. Simply by terming Enron's cash shortage a sa minority interest as opposed to the proper term for it, debt, Enron was able to manipulate MTM to prevent such a sizeable loss from appearing on its balance sheet. Moreover, MTM's role in this transaction allowed Enron to repair its problem of a cash flow shortage since it credited $500 million via its sale of Treasury securities. The relative short duration in which Enron was able to take out a loan and repay it indicates how effective MTM was in providing Enron a favorable balance sheet, and in singled-handedly dancing around the reality of its shortages. Additionally, it also kept others (shareholders, stakeholders, not to mention its hard working employees) to know how tenuous an economic position the company was actually in.

In discussing Enron's MTM approach to accounting and the considerable role…… [Read More]


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Competitive Market Environment That Victorian Diary Giant

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competitive market environment that Victorian Diary Giant operates by answering four questions in the case. Victorian Diary operates under the perfect competitive market. In the last few years, the firm has cut the milk prices by 8.5% making the new price to move to $4.50 per kilogram leaving farmers at break-even level because of the glut of the milk in the world markets. While 8.5% cut of price is relatively good, however, the struggling famers does not achieve much comfort from the new price.

Competition occurs when there is a rivalry among firms producing similar products. In the competitive environment, firms always try to take away the market shares of other firms. However, a perfect competitive market is the kind of market where firms are price taker. The following requirements operate in a perfect competitive market:

Firms operating in the market produce identical products,

There are no barrier to enter…… [Read More]


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Economic Analysis New Electronics Market Analysis Competitor

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Economic Analysis

New electronics market analysis

Competitor analysis is a tool used in marketing as well as strategic management whereby an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of an organizations both current and potential competitors is done. A useful technique in carrying out a competitor analysis is the construction of a competitor array. This is done through various steps first identification of the industry that the organization wants to venture into. This encompasses the scope and nature of that particular industry (, 2011). The second step involves the determination of competitors for the intended product. The third thing is identifying customers and the benefits they expect from the organization. It is also crucial to find out the key factors of success in the industry. Through this analysis the organization acquires both defensive and offensive strategic context so that it identifies threats and opportunities that are present. Competitor analysis is therefore…… [Read More]

References (2011) .Marketing strategy and competitive analysis. Retrieved February 7, 2014 from 

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Wal-Mart External Market Analysis the

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Also reported for Wal-Mart Stores Inc. was the following information:

(1) It is reported that Wal-Mart now ships in the U.S. alone order from 35 of its 4,000 stores in the U.S. compared to the previously reported shipping from 25. Goals have been set at 50 stores by the end of the year. It is reported that traffic to Wal-Mart's U.S. e-commerce site "exceeds 45 monthly visitors and growth and conversion are accelerating." (Davis, 2013, p.1) Davis also reports that Wal-Mart announced yesterday it had acquired two online technology startups and planned to hire 150 more staffers for its operations in Silicon Valley, which already employ 1,500." (Davis, 2013, p.1)

(2) It is reported that in the U.K. The "Asda supermarket chain that Wal-Mart owns is the country's second-largest online grocer, Wal-Mart says. Asda completed the rollout of Wi-Fi to its stores in the first quarter, making it…… [Read More]


Akkad, S., Chelune, T., and Coppola, C. (2011) Wal-Mart's Strategic BMGT495-7380. University of Maryland; University College. 22 Nov. 2011.

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Financial Market of Hong Kong

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He said that the application for Hong Kong Airlines was to list as a so-called "red chip" (overseas registered Chinese company) that had been approved by the State Council. They way, Grand China, which just two years ago called off a share sale plan due to the global economic crisis, is also the parent company of China Xinhua Airlines, Changan Airlines, and Shanxi Airlines ("Two airlines target," 2010)..

Hong Kong Airlines currently operates 18 aircraft and runs more than 30 routes which include routes to Beijing, Denpasar, Shanghai, Tokyo and Moscow. It also planned to use its IPO finances to fund its aircraft acquisitions. The company had ordered some 33 wide body Airbus aircraft for over a sum of $6 billion, according to Yang (ibid).

The Cathay Pacific Airways Slowdown.

Already, we noted above about the planned delivery of two additional 747-8F freighters from Boeing to Cathay Pacific Airways has…… [Read More]

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Sunrise Medical Market Growth in Wheelchairs Is

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Sunrise Medical

Market growth in wheelchairs is favorable for a few reasons. The growth in the industry is concentrated in higher-priced segments, with 12-15% each. This means that the relevance of the standard wheelchair is declining, despite that segment remaining the highest volume wheelchair at around 208,000 units or 61.3% by volume and 31.4% of dollar sales. Projecting current growth rates out five years, the industry will looks as follows:

1998 Wheelchair Market

1998 unit share

1998 $ share






Standard wheelchairs are going to lose unit share and are going to decline significantly in dollar share as well. The other three categories are going to increase in importance, so it is important for firms to capture a share of these markets. ight now, the power market is not served by Sunrise, so the company is essentially competing for what will be 38-39% of the total…… [Read More]


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Microeconomic Study the Market for

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However the restaurants collectively are considered to be a luxury good to those within the market. We feel that our brand is a normal good in this market as our cuisine is specific to the taste of the clientele represented by the demographic. Additionally, our decor and quality distinguish our establishment from what are deemed to be the lower quality establishments in the area that would normally represent the 'competition'.

The additional features of our establishment also yield a luxury restaurant as the market deems the bathroom as an important feature in distinguishing a market friendly and luxurious restaurant experience. In many countries it is that way, the food itself does not distinguish the restaurant, as one can ostensibly obtain a great, world-class meal from many restaurants. Indeed, the restroom experience is what qualifies a restaurant as being luxurious or not luxurious.

The market structure that best characterizes the industry…… [Read More]


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Future Market Condition Analysis

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Dell Computer Future Market Condition: Outlook & Analysis

Market structure

At present, the current structure of the PC market is a market structure closer to one of perfect competition, with a very buyer rather than seller friendly focus. Many buyers and sellers and a high level of price volatility characterize the PC industry. However, no market is a textbook definition of any market structure. Although there are many products in the PC industry, they are not all exactly similar in nature and with many substitutes, and there are higher barriers to industry entry than in other competitive market structures -- thus this state of perfect competition is somewhat limited. (Investopedia, 2005) But overall, Forbes Magazine has said the PC market growth will moderate in 2005 due to a lack of significant new product introductions in a too-competitive marketplace. ("Market Share," 2005)

Impact of New Competitors

No new competitor has quite…… [Read More]

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European Market With a Chilean

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Thus, despite the high per-capita incomes in Scandinavia, consumers are value-conscious. Unlike Germany, Scandinavians are willing to pay more for wine, and recognize quality differences.


Like Scandinavia, the Netherlands is open to wine imports. With historical connections to Spain and Portugal, and without alliances with Italy or France, Dutch wine drinkers are friendly to imports and to the Spanish character found in Chilean wines. Like Scandinavians, the Dutch have high per-capita incomes are willing to spend for super-premium wines. They are unwilling to 'overpay' for quality, however, and are likely to compare the quality of an 8 pound Chilean wine to similarly-priced products from Australia, the U.S. And other major wine exporting countries.

Chilean Wine Promotion in Europe

Chile is not alone in wanting to increase wine exports to Europe. Australia and the United States have developed significant market share and see growing exports to European markets. The Wine…… [Read More]


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Mcdonald's Market Structure Mcdonald's 2010 Is One

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McDonald's Market Structure

McDonald's (2010) is one of the most recognizable brands around the world. It is the world's largest food chain and has more than 32,000 locations in more than 110 countries. Operating it's own brand, McDonald's franchises its brand to local business people; approximately 70% of McDonald's restaurants are franchised. As of 2009, 80% of McDonald's restaurants were franchised business with the remaining 20% being were company-operated. McDonald's serves more than 47 million customers on a daily basis and employs upwards of 1.5 million people. The chain has adapted to cultural regions and offers items such as the Teriyaki Mac in Japan, substitutes lamb for beef in India, and offers variants of the Filet-O-Fish in China ("Fast Food Market Share," 2011).

McDonald's functions as an oligopoly in the burger themed fast food franchise industry. An oligopoly occurs when few firms dominate the market. For example, in the Spanish…… [Read More]


Humphries, J. (2011). Fast Food Market Share. Retrieved from Next Generation Food:

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Billy Bob Bought 100 Shares of Stock

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Billy Bob bought 100 shares of Stock in Ben's Barbeque, Inc. For $37.50 per share. He sold them in January, 2004 for a total of $9,715.02. What is Billy Bob's annual rate of return?

Since Billy Bob held the investment for 54 years, the annual rate of return is best calculated using the compound rate of return formula:

(Future Value / Present Value) ^ (1 / n) -- 1, where n = number of years.

Filling the data into the above formula:

Billy Bob's return on his investment in Ben's Barbeque is 1.78% per year.

Yellow Fruit Company's bonds are currently selling for $1,157.75 per $1,000 par-value bond. The bonds have a 10% coupon rate and will mature in 10 years. What is the approximate yield to maturity of the bonds?


Using the following formula:

c (1 + r)-1 + c (1 + r)-2 + . . . +…… [Read More]


Block, S. And Hirt, G. (2005). Foundations of Financial Management, Eleventh Edition. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

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Secondary Market Information - A

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At the same time, though facilities were not growing at the same rate as the demand for these products was, the semiconductor industry association believes that there is still production capacity and the overall utilization of the capacity is not maximal.

7) Distribution methods

The main distribution methods within the industry include retailing, business to consumer model, and business to business model also. As the business is so big, it is impossible to say in which ways it is the best to optimize the supply chain, especially considering the fact that often the products are sold to the final purchasers through different local dealers, who increase the final purchase price, but at the same time expand the total market presence of the products in different regions.

8) Price level

The industry has products in different price ranges to reach the clients of different income groups and to expand the market…… [Read More]


Available from:

Industry Watch, Analysts Indicate Turn Is Coming, available at at at

Secondary Market Information - a Market Analysis Report
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Marketing Strategy Are Market Driven

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The buzz is mainly employed for ensuring rise in the sales, which will correspondingly result in the higher profits. There have been different products including Trivial Pursuit, Cold Mountain, and Hotmail which were able to achieve the focus and attention in the market not through the medium of advertising, but solely through buzz (Margo, 2006). If the buzz is used in appropriate manner, it supports advertising of the product in efficient and effective manner. It has been observed that 'an advertisement will never enjoy the credibility of buzz, but it can get closer by simulating buzz through testimonial advertising, such an execution is challenging' (Peyton, 2002). The success of the buzz is relevant to the verification of its authenticity. The credible buzz have resulted in the promotion of the brands on different accounts, 'the testimonials were highly credible because they were customers, and not just customers, but customers that actually…… [Read More]


Margo Berman. Street-smart Advertising: How to Win the Battle of the Buzz. Rowman & Littlefield Publication. 2006. pp. 34-76.

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Home Security Market in the

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According to the same source, the Australian market proves to be very fertile for the U.S. companies which already account for the greatest import share (over 50% in 2004). Such data are outlined by the following table:


Total market (million of dollars)

Total imports (million of dollars)

Imports from U.S. (million of dollars)

U.S share

2002 2004%Change 2002-2004%Change 2002-2004%Change Australia 950-1400 47% 380-560 47% 185-285 54% 51% Source:

The U.S. home security market is another outlet offering promising perspectives. According to Frost & Sullivan's report (,one of the levers responsible for increased demand is the emergence of new homes as a result of the low interest rate. The U.S. Census ureau studies showed that, in 2002, 1.7 million new houses were built in comparison with 2001 when 1.6 million new constructions were made. Moreover, the number was expected to grow in the near future.

Other reasons for a…… [Read More]


Brown, C., (2000). Australians' attitude to security. On the Internet at: February 20.

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Home Security Market Goes Hi-tech (2006). On the Internet at: Retrieved February 20, 2007.
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Beverage Industry New Companies Entering the Market

Words: 1633 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68864333

Beverage Industry

New Companies Entering the Market

The beverage industry is witnessing rapid evolution with constant flow of new market entrants. These entrants attempt to avail product or marketing tactics that set them apart from the existing firms.

Firstly, the beverage market is able to support a certain number of successful companies. With the crowding of the market, there is reduction of room for new entrants thereby giving the customers as many options as they want. Consequently, customers might either reject these new entrants failing to notice them the most obvious result is that competition becomes so fierce that new entrants find it challenging to compete financially with the existing firms. In addition, the market share of the existing companies is reduced leading to sustainability challenges. In this regard, it is recommended that existing beverage companies adopt creative marketing techniques to retain and capture more market share.

Secondly, these new…… [Read More]


Diggines, S., & Walker, P. (2012, February 2). New FDA Regulations Impact Food and Beverage Companies. Retrieved September 13, 2012, from 

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IPAD2 Changing the Canadian Market How IPAD2

Words: 2436 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82342298

IPad2 Changing the Canadian Market

How IPad2 can Change the Canadian Market

It is amazing the buzz that some products generate. Every year at Christmas time there seems to be some must have product that all parents are scrambling to get their child. However, this sort of frenzy is nothing compared to that which accompanied the launch of Apple's iPad in 2010 (aters). Now, the iPad2 is already on store shelves less than a year later, and though it has also been accompanied by some hype, it is not as great as last year's initial launch. People seem to satisfied with the product, but tablet-type products (such as PDAs) have been on the market for several years already. The question is, how can the iPad2 change the Canadian tablet market? Is there some type of marketing plan that can make this product really take the tablet market by storm? This…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Current Crisis Impacted Financial Market Real Economy Everyday Lives

Words: 3675 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33873594


Effect of the recession on upon financial market, the real economy and over everyday lives

ecession is defined as the economic slowdown or decline characterized by slowing down of trade, a magnitude decline in the GDP, and a decrease in employment usually lasting between 6 months to a year. This was the situation in the U.S.A. The hardest times being from 2008 through 2009 and the early months of 2010. America is still recovering from the effects of the recession that the country experienced from 2007 to 2009.

The slow down in economy triggered a massive job loss and unemployment rates that shot through the roof, the prices went up and a great deal of uncertainty rippled through the country. This situation has now seen a reverse trend albeit at a slower rate than was expected by many. The unemployment rate in November 2011 fell by 0.4% to 8.6%…… [Read More]


Amitabh Shukia, (2009). Top 5 major Economic Effects of Recession on Economy.

Retrieved May 13, 2012 from 

Browder, Laura, (1998). Rousing the Nation: Radical Culture in Depression America.

Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press.
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Odor Beaters Athletic Shoes the Market for

Words: 2441 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75315359

Odor Beaters Athletic Shoes

The market for athletic shoes has grown into a multi-billion dollar global enterprise in the last several decades. Athletic shoes comprise about 33% of a $48 billion market, growing annually (National Shoe Retailers Association, 2012)

Athletic footwear includes athletic, sport, and active lifestyle footwear for men, women and children. It may be performance oriented, outdoor oriented, or even casual, but is designed to aid individuals in sporting activities.

One interesting fact about athletic footwear is that it has evolved over the last few decades to also become a fashion statement. Basketball shoes, for example, are worn not just on the court, but as everyday "urban" outfits, thus drastically increasing the size of the market.

Odor in shoes, particularly those worn in sporting events in which there is heavy perspiration, are considered one of the most irksome issues for athletic shoe wear, requiring regular inserts, use of…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Ford Future Market Conditions The

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Price elasticity of demand

Traditionally, large ticket items do not have a great deal of elasticity in terms of price, because they are viewed as necessary goods, although they are not as elastic as a supermarket item one can 'stock up' on in bulk when it goes on sale. Car demand can be somewhat elastic in the sense that people can elect not to buy a new car, purchase a used car, or lease a model until prices decline -- there are market substitutes that can be cheaper, if the car market prices goods too high, as Ford was pricing its vehicles too high, and producing too many high-cost vehicles. Also, the price of compatible goods like gas can impact the choice of vehicle consumers chose to purchase. The Toyota Prius' popularity grew with the price of gas.

A g.


Ford's North American operations lost $1.6 billion in 2006,…… [Read More]

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Marketing a Market Follower Is

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The internet has given marketers a great deal of flexibility of time and message, though it must be clear that contrary to the previous assumptions there are limits to advertising ability and revenue. The tool enters the individuals home, just as direct marketing does and often offers links to direct purchase of the product advertised. Television, also enters the consumers home, and offers product information and brand exposure. Radio is often a mode of marketing that is accessed in transit, where millions of people listen to the radio as they drive and remember products, services and events that they hear about on the radio. Word of mouth marketing is important as it provides a personal touch to the product or service as testimonial can be the key to product awareness and utilization. (Ryans, 1996, p. 63)

8. Old statistics with regard to advertising to sales ratios, 10 years ago being…… [Read More]

Geller, 2002, p. null03)

10. Foreign market growth is one of the biggest issues in business today and many even small and medium sized companies often direct resources toward finding and establishing foreign market locations in the increasingly global economy. There are several risks involved with entering a foreign market and at least three are, non-existent or low consumer demand for product, competition of local market and lastly legal and ethical issues that determine the market situation. Some demand situations are unknown until a service or product has been exposed to a foreign market, and historical consumer desires must be discovered before entrance, sometimes this is difficult as if a consumer is unaware of a product they do not know if they would buy it or use it, they may have historical and traditional desires to utilize existing market products and not care to try something new, in which case a risk would be great. Competition in local markets is often a risk that a foreign company must weigh as there are often similar products and services available on a local scale that have a market hold, without proper information and/or research a risk could be great for product not fitting in to an existing market, because local providers already serve the niche. Lastly, legal issues are often unknown to the foreign provider, as some communities are more or less controlled by government entities, through non-free market set ups. Without such information the foreign provider takes great risk in having his goods and/or services sanctioned, overtaxed, refused or even confiscated in a foreign market that is not freely active, as many across the globe are.

Bauer, 1963, p. ii)
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Foreign Market Entry Strategies GM

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GM's Chevy Volt and its all-electric design, as well as diesel-electric and conventional gas-electric hybrids could and must replace the image of the 'old' GM in the public's imagination. The company has shed the Hummer stigma, now it must create a new image for itself in the future, not just domestically, but internationally.

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