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Social Responsibility

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Nike vs. Coca-Cola's sense of Corporate Social Responsibility

"ouldn't it be nice," to use the first words of Coca-Cola's popular advertising jingle, to find that these two popular American companies, Nike and Coca-Cola, were paragons of social responsibility? Or, if one is of a more anti-conglomerate and anti-capitalist turn of mind, wouldn't it be nice to find that the picture of harmony, of all the world being taught to sing in perfect harmony were a lie? In fact, neither is true -- the legacy of social responsibility of both Nike and Coca-Cola is a mixed one, although Coke's abuses, when they have occurred, have been more apt to be denied by the company, while Nike as a more internationally focused company, with a less 'family friendly' image has thus had more of an incentive to be open about its transgressions.

For instance, according to a November 13, 2004 report filed…… [Read More]

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Sources of Funds

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Sources of Funds

What are the best sources of raising funds that the financial managers of the Nike Inc. can use? Why?

In contrast to smaller entities, larger corporations often have far more available sources of revenue from which to raise capital. Instead of borrowing from the bank, seeking angel investors, or asking for help from friends and families, corporations can sell bonds: a "bond is a written promise to pay back a specific amount of money at a certain date or dates in the future. In the interim, bondholders receive interest payments at fixed rates on specified dates. Holders can sell bonds to someone else before they are due" (How corporations raise capital, 2013, U.S. Department of State). Many investors prefer bonds because of the greater security they offer as investments, even though the rate of return is lower.

Unlike stocks, if a company experiences financial difficulties, because…… [Read More]


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financial terms and definitions

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In its 2016 Form 10-K, on page 106, Nike notes its policy with respect to depreciation as follows:

Depreciation is determined on a straight line basis for buildings and leasehold improvements over 2 to 40 years for machinery and equipment over 2 to 15 years.

Depreciation and amortization of assets used in manufacturing, warehousing, and product distribution are recorded in Cost of Sales. Depreciation and amortization of other assets are recorded in Operating Overhead Expense.

If Nike has incorrectly estimated the useful life, and the asset is impaired, it has a process for the impairment of such assets. The company would impair the asset on its remaining book value less the expected future cash flows from having the asset. If the asset is useful for longer than its book value, there is nothing that needs to be done. The purchase has been fully depreciated, so the asset has no…… [Read More]

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Business Management Case Study --

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Possible Problem with Current Strategies

The most obvious conceptual problem is that two of Nike's current goals seem to conflict. Namely, it's expressed intention to increase the integration of it products and product lines and its simultaneous intention to further differentiate its women's "fitness" product lines by specific fitness interest. In principle, both initiatives make sense: increasing overall integration builds brand loyalty and cross-over consumer interest. However, because Nike determined that women "don't do fitness" because they focus much more narrowly on particular fitness interests, the company decided to cater to that specificity by developing dedicated product lines for different women's fitness and women's fitness-related interests. At the operational level, achieving both of those objectives simultaneously might prove challenging.

Internal Problem Analysis

The principal problems faced by Nike had to do with the highly isolated and segmented nature of its many different business units. Generally, they operated on entirely different…… [Read More]

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Customized Shoes Project

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Customized Shoe Service

he project is represented by developing a customized shoe service for Adidas' customers. he idea is replicated after Nike's ID service. he success of Nike's customized shoe service determines Adidas product development researchers to develop such a project that their customers can enjoy. Basically, the service consists in personalizing customers' shoes with glow in the dark paint in a variety of prints.

he importance of the project relies on the service generating increased sales for Adidas. his is also intended to increase customer satisfaction. It is likely that most customers that will address customized shoes already are customers of Adidas. However, a certain number of new customers can be attracted. he customized shoes project is also intended to help Adidas differentiate itself from other spot shoes producers.

Involvement by Other Departments

he development of a customized shoe service is a complex project that requires the collaboration of…… [Read More]

This is one of the reasons for which companies do not present their entire range of products in a TV commercial in the fast moving consumer goods industry. They prefer to only advertise the most important product of the range, or several products in different commercials. Therefore, by providing a customized shoe services that provides a large number of choices that must be made by customers, Adidas might not make the best decision regarding its business. Some of its customers might orient towards smaller brands that provide a smaller number of different shoes, which reduces the pressure associated top making a decision regarding the purchase in case. It is important that the company develops a thorough analysis on the implications and requirements, and consequences that developing a customized shoe service is likely to have on its business expansion strategy, and also on its profits.

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Addressing Compensation and Compensation Problems

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Nike Inc. is an America multinational company with engagements in development, manufacturing, design, and global marketing of equipment, apparel, footwear, services, and accessories. The firm has its headquarters in Beaverton in Portland metropolitan region. The company remains part of the largest apparel and athletic shoes supplier in the world. The company is a notable manufacturer of different sports equipment reaching a revenue mark of U.S.$23.1 billion in 2012. The year 2012 was illustrated by the employment of close to 44,000 individuals across the world. Further, the brand was estimated to be at the value of $19 billion that made it a valuable brand within other sports businesses. Nike was developed in 1964 under the name Blue ibbon Sports (Farrell, 2009).

The founders were Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman who later adopted the name Nike, Inc. In 1971. The firm took the name against the Greek meaning of 'goddess of victory'.…… [Read More]


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Theoretic Background Ansoff Matrix SWOT

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3. Limitation of individual model - synergies obtained by combining strategic analyses models

All analysis models presented in the previous chapter represent useful but not exhaustive methods of deciding the future of a company or its products.

As there is no perfect model, the joint usage of them might bring most value to the company.

Ansoff analysis generally assumes that diversification will bring higher returns when higher levels of risks are undertaken (diversifying the market and/or the product), should not be practically used by itself, as it does not say anything about a company's capacity of venturing in new markets or sustaining the development of new products, as it also does not say anything about the acceptance of the new product on the existent market and/or of the existent products on new markets.

Therefore, other analysis that will take into consideration both internal and external variables of a company (like…… [Read More]


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Marketing Research on Athletic Shoe- Industry the

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Marketing Research on Athletic Shoe- Industry

The brand caters a promise of reliability, in effect that one stand behind their product. Branding is not an action we can realize overnight. A successful brand is built over time from the hundreds of little things we do right. . The brand is, at its core, an declaration of a standard performance. It guarantees that the product or service carrying that brand will live up to its reputation. The merit of a brand rises or falls with the integrity of the people behind it. The principles of the principals build or rupture a brand.

When running shoes first came on the market, it was a marvelous development over the old sneakers and high-tops. But soon the market became crowded with shoes bearing a wide variety of features, at a wide range of price points. The main players in the sports shoe industry are…… [Read More]