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Imagery Literature Review Guided Imagery

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Participants filled out a Short-Form McGill Questionnaire, an Arthritis Self-Efficacy Scale, and Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire in order to measure their levels of pain over the past few weeks. What the researchers found through statistical analysis was self-management strategies that reduced pain over time were most effective in the group that was exposed to guided imagery techniques. The level of guided imagery therapy was not itself significant, but more of the fact of whether or not it was present in the patient's therapy or not. This helps illustrate the effectiveness of guided imagery in managing long-term chronic pain when there are no fundamental cures present within traditional therapeutic practices. Pain management symptoms improved, but the symptoms overall remained. This shows that guided imagery is not a cure in and of itself, but rather an effective way to reduce and manage the pain that is present in chronic conditions like fibromyalgia.

Weydert,…… [Read More]


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Quality Improvement in Orthopedic Patient

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8). A number of alternative treatment modalities have been used in an effort to avoid these adverse side effects, including various mind-body and therapeutical techniques that may prove efficacious in some orthopedic patients, but many healthcare providers remain unaware or untrained in their use (Lukas, 2004). For instance, one orthopedic nurse reports that, "In today's fast-paced surgical environment, perioperative nurses face many challenges to meet the needs of outpatients in helping to alleviate their pain and anxiety. Most nurses have not been taught non-pharmacologic methods for control of pain and anxiety" (Lukas, 2004 p. 8).

Besides this lack of training in providing adjunct treatment modalities for pain management in the orthopedic patient, there is also a pronounced lack of training concerning efficacious treatment modalities for younger orthopedic patients. For instance, Bennett-Branson and Craig (1999) emphasize that, "Despite advances in pharmacological approaches to pain control, most children who undergo surgery continue…… [Read More]


Bennett-Branson, S.M. & Craig, K.D. (1999). Postoperative pain in children: Developmental and family influences on spontaneous coping strategies. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, 25(3), 355-357.

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Facts about Pain Management. (2012, January 9). The Joint Commission. Retrieved from http://
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Birth and Dealing With the

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Her life has been a hard one. She raises the children, walks half a mile to a well in rural Mexico to fetch water every day. When she leaves three days a week to serve as a domestic in a nearby motel, her oldest daughter, 11, looks after the children.

Maria makes tortillas every morning and boils the water for purification. Her hands are strong, her skin is leathery, the result of a lifetime of hard work and painful experiences. Her husband is working in the fields in California so she doesn't see him very often, but he sends her money through Western Union so she can pay the rent on their little home. He knows a baby is expected but the grape crops in California must be picked when they are ready, so he can't leave to come home and be with his wife. His back is permanently painful…… [Read More]

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Quality of Life Among Tawau Hospital Sufering

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Quality of Life Among Tawau Hospital Sufering From

Knee Osteoarthritis With Physiotherapy

Qualitative study of How Quality of Life of Tawau Hospital Staff

Suffering from Knee Osteoarthritis have been improved at Physiotherapy Unit.

To investigate how the Quality of Life among Tawau Hospital staff suffering from Osteoarthritis (knees) have been improved using Physiotherapy intervention.

The study employs qualitative techniques to collect data. The sample population is selected from people and Tawau Hospital staff visiting the physiotherapy unit. Approximately 100 sample valid questionnaires are collected and the data collected are used for the research findings. The study evaluates the extent the physiotherapy intervention has been able to improve the quality of life of participants. The physiotherapy intervention include physical exercise, and massage. The study measures the outcome of physiotherapy intervention using VAS (visual analogue scale). The reduction of pain has been used to measure the improvement of quality of life index…… [Read More]


Aoki, Y. Sugiura, S. Nakagawa, K et al. (2012).Evaluation of Nonspecific Low Back Pain Using a New Detailed Visual Analogue Scale for Patients in Motion, Standing, and Sitting: Characterizing Nonspecific Low Back Pain in Elderly Patients. Pain Research and Treatment.

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Brigham and Women's Hospital (2009). Standard of Care: _Osteoarthritis of the Knee. Department of Rehabilitation Services.UK.
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Manipulative Thrust Techniques in Lower

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The practice of manipulative thrust therapy can be dangerous and cases of injuries and tragic events have been recorded. Cases of vertebral artery dissection (VAD) have been recorded in people that had the cervical spine manipulation technique done and research on the cases from 1966 to 1993 concluded 30% could be attributed to the procedure (Cleland 2007). VADs are spontaneous and can be normally present at the initial onset of headaches or neck pain. This represents the conclusion that the VAD was present before the technique is performed on a patient complaining of neck pain. The debate over the truth is still being waged. Even authors have joined the debate but they are touted as biased and do not support the evidenced based in research (User's Guide 2008).

Other debates rage as well. The risks of the manipulative thrusts therapies are actually no worse the risks from NSAIDs and cervical…… [Read More]


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Australian Journal of Physiotherapy 2001 Vol. 47-163-24 April 2010
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Healing Touch Annotated Bib Bardia A et al

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Healing Touch Annotated Bib

Bardia, A., (2006). Efficacy of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Therapies in elieving Cancer Pain: A Systematic eview. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 24 (34): 457-64.

Anecdotal evidence abounds regarding the use of complementary and alternative medicine therapies when dealing with issues of pain. One of the clear issues is that there is a lack of rigorous and well-developed scholarly literature on the subject. In this study, 18 trials were reviewed totaling 1,499 patients. Seven trials reported significant benefits using CAM, seven reported intermediate or short-term benefits, and four studies reported no benefits. The researchers conclude that there are a number of variables and a number of types of CAM, all which require more methodologically sound studies in order to determine actual efficacy of individual interventions.

Jones, T., Glover, L. (2012). Exploring the Psychological Processes Underlying Touch:

Lessons From the Alexander Technique. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. EPub:…… [Read More]


Bardia, A., (2006). Efficacy of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Therapies in Relieving Cancer Pain: A Systematic Review. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 24 (34): 457-64.

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Elaine Cole Antonia Lynch and

Words: 1036 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23669473

This strength, however, comes at the price of an explanation of the detailed mechanisms by which abdominal pain is created by each of the identified illnesses. The article's primary strength is found in its directness and its effective summary of necessary information, in the brevity through which this is achieved necessarily limits the scope of the article. Though the article would perhaps have been more interesting with more in depth explanations, it was still a highly interesting read and provided an effective and concise review of some knowledge already obtained as well as presenting new knowledge.

The health assessment strategies described in this article would be highly beneficially in any practice not already using similar assessment methods. The efficiency and reliability of the methods the authors describe would be of great benefit to patients and staff alike, saving abundant time, energy, and resources that can then be devoted to treatment…… [Read More]


Cole, E.; Lynch, a. & Cugnoni, H. (2006). Assessment of the patient with acute abdominal pain. Nursing standard 20(38), 56-61.
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Macpherson Thorpe and Thomas 2006 Reported an

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MacPherson, Thorpe, and Thomas (2006) reported an interesting qualitative study on the use of acupuncture in the treatment of low back pain. They report the results of a qualitative study nested within a large quantitative study (there were actually tow qualitative studies performed but the current study only addresses one of them). The quantitative study design was one of a large randomized controlled trial that compared acupuncture against typical general practitioner care. The study was carried out York between the years 1999 and 2003. The acupuncture treatment for the study was founded on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) using six acupuncturists who all had a minimum of three years of post-qualification clinical experience. The acupuncturists were encouraged by the researchers to provide their typical treatment so that the study would evaluate the effect of routine care for lower back pain, each acupuncturist making meticulous notes of the aspects…… [Read More]


Campbell, A. (2006). Point specificity of acupuncture in the light of recent myofascial pain.

Acupuncture Medicine, 24(3), 118-122.

MacPherson, H., Thorpe, L., & Thomas, K. (2006). Beyond needling therapeutic processes in acupuncture care: A qualitative study nested within a low-back pain trial. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 12, 873-880.
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Julian Norwich Both Margery Kempe and the

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Julian Norwich

Both Margery Kempe and the woman who can be called her mentor, Julian of Norwich, highlight the roles that women have played in Christian history. Although the Roman Catholic Church has officially canonized neither of them, the Anglican Church recognizes and honors both. Margery Kempe and Julian of Norwich both wrote extensively, and their writings have survived as testimony of the hardships women especially endured given their low social status, and how religion helped women to attain personal power and peace. Moreover, their writings reveal a mature theology that can be considered humanist as well as feminist. Margery Kempe and Julian of Norwich both share in common experiences of hallucinations related to near death experiences. Their both having near-death experiences linked the two women and anchored them to Christ as well. Kempe eventually came to visit Julian of Norwich, and the two shared in common a visionary love…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Julian of Norwich. The Shewings of Julian of Norwich. Retrieved online: 

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Smith CA & Crowther CA 2009 Acupuncture

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mith, CA & Crowther, CA (2009) Acupuncture for induction of labour, Cochrane Database of ystematic Reviews, 1, 1-26

The pregnant woman is induced when the pregnancy is becoming dangerous either for herself or for the unborn child. Generally done by drugs, mith and Crowther (2009) reviewed the effects of induction that has been impelled by acupuncture which has been historically used to help induce labor and to reduce labor pain. mith and Crowther (2009) conducted a review that included three trials involving 212 women. They concluded that clinical evidence of the effectiveness of acupuncture as applied to this situation is limited, although some qualitative small studies do suggest that women who receive acupuncture receive fewer methods of induction than do women who receive the standard care of induction.

This article is particularly significant given that we are living in a period when increasingly more people turn to holistic or alternative…… [Read More]


Ernst, E. (2002), A systematic review of systematic reviews of homeopathy, British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 54 (6): 577 -- 82

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