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Pain Aggression and Fatigue in ER S

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fuse the content of the third chapter from the class text and a selected article. The salient and primary point to be taken from the chapter reading is concept analysis and frameworks. The important point from the article that will be focused on is aggression in the emergency department. To be certain, the emergency department of any hospital or other medical institution is a place where the presence of aggression can emerge in some instances. While some may say that concept analysis and frameworks are just a lot of navel-gazing, this is far from the truth so long as the practice is taken serious and is done as needed.

As explained by the class text, it is important to have proper concept development and research because there is a common language that must exist. To use a simpler example, three widgets to one person should always be three widgets to…… [Read More]


Bresler, S., & Gaskell, M. (2015). Risk assessment for patient perpetrated violence: Analysis of three assaults against healthcare workers. Work, 51(1), 73-77.

McEwen, M., & Wills, E. (2011). Theoretical basis for nursing. Philadelphia: Wolters

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Managing Quality With Six Sigma

Words: 1571 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90419721

The Improve Phase of the DMAIC process is also essential for managing the piloting and testing of the Six Sigma solutions discovered. It is also essential during the new product development process for measuring and quantifying the unique value proposition of the product or service being produced as well. The final phase, Control, is essential in both a Six Sigma and new product introduction process as well (Pestorius, 2007).


The DMAIC process aligns very well to the new product development and introduction process and is used extensively for that purpose in applying Six Sigma to marketing. Six Sigma can change an entire company's culture and make the many processes synchronized and in unison in making new product introductions more profitable and capable of gaining market share as a result.


Brian Cocolicchio (2007). Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way. Quality Progress, 40(9), 79. Link:

Fundin, a.P., &…… [Read More]


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Managing Conflicts Executive Summary the

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It is not that managers do not see the benefit in conflict that they eschew it; it is that conflict is high-risk and can have significant negative externalities, some of which linger with the organization for a long time. Managers are less enthusiastic about conflict because they are taking into account a longer time frame and the totality of externalities, which makes their views a reflection of better information and therefore more accurate than the views of academic researchers.

Recommendations. Carefully manage conflict -- do not use it wantonly. Conflict does not always create positive outcomes sufficient to outweigh the negative ones that are certain to accrue. Take steps to ensure that the conflict is task-focused and not personal. This will limit the amount of damage that accrues from conflict. Create conflict only when necessary -- large scale conflict for small scale problems is dangerous. Conflict is a powerful tool…… [Read More]

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Managing and Motivating Technical Professionals

Words: 930 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89945128

Giving them the opportunity to participate in the product launch decisions from a marketing standpoint also highlighted an embarrassing point for marketing, and that was engineering often understood the competition and its true functionality better than anyone in marketing. The reason is that the engineers had taken great pride in working on their product features they were responsible for to make them the best in the industry, and it was clear some had taken great pains to make a statement in their work. Creating shared ownership of product outcomes strengthens morale of technical professionals and infuses an entire development team with more accountability (Voss, 1993) and willingness to internalize a strong commitment to the success of the product (Kochanski, Ledford, 2001).

The risk of recommending this strategy would be that the more dominant engineers would overrule marketing and turn the entire marketing strategy into more of a features discussion than…… [Read More]


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Management of Immunocompromised Patients in Beginning I

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Management of Immunocompromised Patients

In beginning I writer specific nursing assignment. The Question: 2000 Words While clinical placement asked prepare a single room an admission. The patient requiring admission isolation room immunocompromised.

Immunocompromised patients usually require isolation in order to prevent them from becoming infected with infections from other patients which is known as protective isolation. For the immunocompromised patients, their immune system is unable to fight the infectious diseases. There are many diseases or conditions that lead to immunodeficiency in patients.

One is AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). The pathophysiology of AIDS starts when the person's CD4+ T cell count begins to decrease as the disease kills these cells. This is HIV-induced cell lysis where the virus enters the CD4+ cells where it inserts its genetic information to the cell nucleus thus taking over the cell and replicating itself. The virus then mutates extremely rapidly thus making it more and…… [Read More]


Agusti, C., & Torres, A. (2009). Pulmonary Infection in the Immunocompromised Patient: Strategies for Management. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

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Managing Innovation in Its Simplest Form Can

Words: 2635 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61641057

Managing Innovation

Innovation in its simplest form can be termed as something new or newly introduced into the market. Innovation in the business field is quite necessary since it forms the backbone of a company's growth and that of the economy as a whole. Innovation is the success of every business and must be managed effectively and efficiently (Limerick, 2002).

The ever changing technology and instant global communication have made it easier for companies to find answers to some problems they encounter and more so come up with innovations to improve on the current ones. Companies are also faced with pressures arising from global competition and by this; most of them are seeking the need to manage their innovations. Companies are nowadays attracting and managing innovations by having rewards or prizes for individuals within the company who manages to come up with brilliant and innovative concepts. This will give the…… [Read More]


AFUAH, A. 2003. Innovation Management: Strategies, Implementation, and Profits, New York and Oxford, Oxford University Press.

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Management Theories as the Supervisor

Words: 4318 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15241304

In fact I sincerely wanted to help them find positions where they could excel. The lack of trust on their part and the acute resistance to change was so strong that structuring for integration to the point of even defining what conditions needed to be changed to overcome shortcomings and design a new position for them was not possible. As trust was not present and despite my best attempts to earn it through being genuinely concerned about them, all attempts were seen more as patronizing and less about attempting to help them. On the occasion that they did ask for pay increases, I told them they would need to get their cumulative customer satisfaction scores up and also call volumes. Not interested in the position or excelling at it, these employees refused to improve and when let go, saw it as very personal given my continual efforts to help them…… [Read More]


Alexander, Kenneth O. "Worker Ownership and Participation in the Context of Social Change: Progress Is Slow and Difficult, but it Need Not Wait upon Massive Redistribution of Wealth. " the American Journal of Economics and Sociology 44.3 (1985): 337. ABI/INFORM Global. ProQuest. 25 Oct. 2008

Timothy Bartram, Gian Casimir. "The relationship between leadership and follower in-role performance and satisfaction with the leader:the mediating effects of empowerment and trust in the leader. " Leadership & Organization Development Journal 28.1 (2007): 4-19. ABI/INFORM Global. ProQuest. 24 Oct. 2008

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Management of Stress and Tension

Words: 6513 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7116024

Management of Stress and Tension

Goals-- What do you wish to complete?

The answer to attain a postgraduate degree can develop into a very long journey. For me, the contending aspects of time and financial resources constantly appeared to present problems and control the situation. In truth, it would be considerably much easier to provide every single argument present against returning to institution at this time. One can say that numerous considerable life-changing occasions experienced just recently would be cause or motive enough to put off the commencement of the Master's of Business Administration (MBA) program. Concerns associated with household loss and task modification can be made use of as proof in support of delay. Financial pressures can likewise exist yet an additional motive that the moment in time, endeavor, and cost needed for an MBA would not be a required use of resources. Nonetheless, regardless of every one of…… [Read More]


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Management in China Today Is

Words: 2134 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83620239

The most recent trajectory for China's economy has been notable for its absence of emphasis on heavy industry. Mao's original plans focused on heavy industry the major driver of Chinese economic growth. Deng, too, had wanted to build out China's capacity in steel and heavy manufacturing industries. In recent years, service industries and light manufacturing have taken a more prominent role in the Chinese economy. The sense is that during the first years of the reforms, it was essential for China to build out its industrial capacity. Having done that, the only role left is to leverage the heavy industry infrastructure in order to help build out the fledgling service industry.

It was the heavy industry that facilitated productivity growth in China in the past couple of decades. Productivity has contributed 13.5% of China's economic growth since the early 1930s (u, 2003). Substantial improvements in infrastructure and technology were able…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Managing Contention for Shared Resources on Multicore Processors

Words: 878 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10952543

Managing Contention

"Contention for shared resources significantly impedes the efficient operation of multicore processors" (Fedorova, 2009). The authors of "Managing Contention for Shared Resources on Multicore Processors" (Fedorova, 2009) found that shared cache contention as well as prefetching hardware and memory interconnects were all responsible for performance degradation. After implementing a pain, sensitivity and intensity, model to test applications, the authors discovered that high miss rate applications must be kept apart and not co-scheduled on the same domain (memory). Therefore, the management of how the applications were scheduled by the scheduler would mitigate the performance degradation of the cache lines and the applications on the processors.

The authors built a prototype scheduler, called Distributed Intensity Online (DIO) that distributes intensive (high latest level cache (LLC) miss rates) after measuring online miss rates of the application. With the execution of eight different workloads for testing, the DIO improved workload performance by…… [Read More]


Arteaga, D. e. (n.d.). Cooperative Virtual Machine Scheduling on Multi-core Multi-threading Systems -- A Feasibility Study. Retrieved from Florida International University:

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Managing Corporate Social Responsibility ND

Words: 3088 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43271066

" (Kotler and Lee 2005, p.3). Since this study was published, the contributions have steadily increased making CS an integral part of every major company today.

A report by Price Water Cooper House in 2010 shows that the CS initiatives and reporting has increased despite the sagging economy and this points to a positive change in the mindset of the management of companies. "PWC explains that such reports have become critical to a company's credibility, transparency and endurance." (Business & the Environment 2010, p.5). The reduced role of the Government in business circles is only going to further increase this trend because companies feel they have an obligation to the society at large and they want to make this country a better place for living. All this is done out of their own interest and initiative rather than any force by any external institution. Also, many companies understand the significance…… [Read More]


Associated Press. 2011, February 25. State and Local Budget Cuts are slowing the U.S. Economy. Fox News. [Online] Available at: / [Accessed 27 March 2011]

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Management Communication One Situation That

Words: 603 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24076577

For instance, doctors usually tend to show the real situation through their facial expressions.

According to Smith,

There are no occurring contradictions as signs of body expressions or gestures are understandable to the family members"

This kind of example only demonstrates the success of using nonverbal communication. In the case we mentioned, the emotional pain showed by a physician is almost equivalent to telling the real truth to the patient's family about the patient's health condition. Here, the flow of information gathered from a nonverbal form is effective because despite of lack of speech, the sender is able to deliver the message that he wants to convey.

The book of Smith (1966) reiterates that the symbols exist in nonverbal communication. Symbols are sometimes used in hospitals to deliver information about a patient. Symbols such as medical symbols cannot be understood by a layman unless they are explained to him by…… [Read More]


Cherry, Colin. On Human Communication. (Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. 1966).

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Chest Pain Case Study the

Words: 1112 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60883707

According to the text by Sanders (2011), the Venturi Mask is likely to be the most appropriate assistive device in this process. Sanders indicates that this particular apparatus is "advised for patients who rely on hypoxic respiratory drive. This includes, for example, patients with COPD. The main benefit of the Venturi Mask is that it allows precise regulation of the FiO2. It also permits the paramedic to titrate oxygen for the patient with COPD so as not to exceed the patient's hypoxic drive while allowing enrichment of supplemental oxygen." (Sanders, p. 422)

In addition the Venturi Mask which can help to normalize pulmonary activity, the patient is also experiencing a productive cough with thick yellow sputum. The presence of excessive mucus is also likely contributing to Mr. Hay's airway blockages. This would be an appropriate place to use the Yankeur sucker in order to help remove fluids that might be…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Online Pediatric Pain Assessment Pain

Words: 2462 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31301863

Combining these two methods is one effective strategy in mitigating pain in children (Cohen).

Additional strategies that involve both the patient and family are evident, particularly when dealing with chronic pain. Children sometimes internalize pain, believing that they must restrict their activity, particularly when parents worry and hesitate to allow them to be active. Parents see play as worsening of the situation or a relapse, contributing to an overprotectivness. This, in turn, reflects on the self-image of the child. In any case, experts recommend that parents not react in a negative way -- either by thinking the child is faking pain or becoming so overprotective that the child is a virtual prisoner. Instead, the psychological strategy should be to set realistic and evolving strategies so that there is not a continue pessimism regarding future health outcomes. This, for adolescents, is critical since there is also a self-esteem issue that goes…… [Read More]


The Handbook of Chronic Pain. (2007). New York: Nova Science Publishers.

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Suffer Anymore Access to Pain Treatment as

Words: 769 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88523305

suffer anymore: Access to pain treatment as a human right, Human ights Watch author Diederick Lohman discusses the issue of pain management as a human rights issue. Lohman addresses the fact that it has long been established that pain relieving drugs, particularly narcotics, are an essential element of healthcare. In fact, he points out that in 1961, the world community adopted the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, which instructed countries to make pain relieving medications available to people (Lohman, 2009). However, the reality is that, even now the majority of the world's people lack access to pain-relieving medication. This is particularly true in low and middle income countries. Moreover, the lack of access impacts patients at all levels, even those whose conditions are terminal, so that they literally die in pain.

In the article, Lohman cites an extraordinary amount of facts and figures to back up his assertion that…… [Read More]


Brennan, F., Carr, D., and Cousins, M. (2007). Pain management: A fundamental human right.

Anesthesia & Analgesia, 105(1), 205-221.

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Purdue Pharma LP (2012). Ethics & Pain. Retrieved February 5, 2013 from In the Face of Pain
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Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Necessitates the Maintenance of

Words: 976 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39044434

Chronic musculoskeletal pain necessitates the maintenance of good extensibility in order for normal functioning to be enhanced. This enhancement results in improvements in strength, endurance, fitness, and psychological well-being (Law et al., 2009). Programs promoting the improvement of movement for people with chronic musculoskeletal pain usually include stretching components. Stretching helps to improve functioning through improved range of motion within joints, and therefore muscle extensibility (Law et al., 2009).

The study by Law et al. (2009) emphasized the importance of tolerance and extensibility for individuals with chronic musculoskeletal pain. The purpose of the study, which was clearly outlined in the report, was to explore whether stretch affects either or both of these factors. The researchers hypothesized that individuals with chronic musculoskeletal pain may respond to stretch differently than individuals who do not experience chronic pain. Further to this suggestion, the researchers suggest that individuals with chronic musculoskeletal pain may show…… [Read More]


Law, R.Y., Harvey, L.A., Nicholas, M.K., Tonkin, L., De Sousa, M., Finniss, D.G. (2009). Stretch exercises increase tolerance to stretch in patieints with chronic musculoskeletal pain: a randomized controlled trial. Physical Therapy, 89(10), 1016-26.
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Subspecialty Postgrad Pain as Most

Words: 1837 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47490390


The changes in the age demographic of the U.S. As well as the need to reduce overall spending in health care are significant reasons why advanced practice and specialty provision practitioner's skill sets and demands have changed. It is for this reason as well as for patient efficacy that such a subspecialty should be offered at a postgraduate level to AAs. These advanced practice alternative providers can be successfully and efficiently trained to provide services at a significantly lower rate, creating a potential opportunity for more people to receive advanced pain management care in a broader setting. This could only improve outcomes for chronic pain sufferers and broaden the scope of opportunity for AAs and possibly other advanced practice alternative providers. As need continues to rise alternatives must be sought within the system to provide care to patients who will likely need pain management service in growing numbers in…… [Read More]


American Board of Pain Medicine Website. Retrieved February, 21, 2008 at 

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Characteristics of Pain

Words: 3205 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75487730

Perception of Pain

Uses of Pain in nursing

Definitions of Pain from Dictionaries

Uses of Pain in psychology

Defining attributes

Model case

elated Case

Contrary Case

Antecedents and Consequences


The aim of this paper is to increase the understanding of the perception of pain. The researcher purpose to clarify describe the characteristics of pain and recognize antecedents that effect the idea of pain and the likely outcomes of pain by utilizing Avant's and Walker (2005) theory of study. Also, a model case shows how pain is connected to these serious characteristics contrary case and a borderline case are shown to distinguish the perception of pain from other notions. Empirical referents show the current point-of-view of the perception of pain. (Akyol & Salmond, 2009)

Concept Analysis of Characteristics of Pain


The goal of this paper is to expand the understanding of the concept of…… [Read More]


Akyol, O., Karayurt, O., & Salmond, S. (2009). Experiences of pain and satisfaction with pain management in patients undergoing total knee replacement. Orthopedic Nursing, 28(2), 79-85.

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Gelinas, C., Fortier, M., Viens, C., Fillion, L., & Puntillo, K. (2004). PAIN ASSESSMENT AND Management IN CRITICALLY ILL INTUBATED PATIENTS: A RETROSPECTIVE STUDY. American Journal of Critical Care, 13(2), 126-35.
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Learning Pain Assessment and Management

Words: 633 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15955736

43). The pain assessment guidelines set forth in this article will have an immediate effect on my first encounter with a patient, particularly if that patient is a chronic pain sufferer or end-of life patient. The sixth defined responsibility in the INPA is also of particular importance in regards to the information contained in this article; this is the responsibility to "evaluate with the patient/client the status of the goal achievement as a basis for reassessment" (INPA, 2007, p. 43). The evaluation of pain and the assessment of necessary and reasonable care in end-of-life patients is a complex task, as this article points out, so the implications of this article's information on this task of the registered nurse are huge.

Its affects on the practical nurse are similar, though heightened. Many of the basic responsibilities of the registered nurse and the practical nurse are the same; for instance, the language…… [Read More]


Indiana Code and Indiana Administrative Code. (2007). Indiana nurse practice act.

Sherman, D., Matzo, M., Pace, J. & R. Virani. (2004). "Learning pain assessment and management: A goal of the end-of-life nursing education consortium." The journal of continuing education in nursing, 35 (3), pp. 107-120.
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chronic pain

Words: 5085 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20582137

diagnoses, pain is a common complaint among inpatients. In the U.S. alone, approximately 100 million patients experience chronic pain (Alaloul et al., 2015). Pain negatively affects numerous aspects of an individual's life, such as sleep, quality of life, and physical functioning. Pain is also associated with negative psychological outcomes like depression, extended hospitalization, and a huge economic burden. In the U.S., for instance, pain imposes an estimated cost of $635 billion on patients and the healthcare system as a whole (Alaloul et al., 2015). Ineffective management of pain can have a negative impact on patient satisfaction, underscoring the need for more effective interventions.

Effective pain management is particularly important in postpartum care, where the experience of pain is common (Eshkevari, Trout & Damore, 2013). However, the management of pain in postpartum care remains quite ineffective, with up to 20% of postpartum patients reporting dissatisfaction with pain management (Niemi-Murola et al.,…… [Read More]


Alaloul, F., Williams, K., Myers, J., Jones, K., & Logsdon, M. (2015). Impact of a script- based communication intervention on patient satisfaction with pain management. Pain Management Nursing, 16(3), 321-327.

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Benefit of Mindfulness on Pain Attenuation

Words: 1203 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66941530

Mindfulness Meditation Training on Experimentally Induced Pain" by Zeidan et al., (2010), published in the Journal of Pain, presents the results of research to investigate

The research addresses a gap in the research examining the benefit of meditation in attenuating pain symptoms. The research problem is clearly articulated, with the title clearly stating the content of the paper and the introduction expressing and justifying the issue. Past research has demonstrated that meditation programs, such as mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBS) programs have been correlated with positive health outcomes, including pain attenuation. The most common form of program is the MBS. In the context of pain management the eight-week length of the program renders it difficult for some patients, such as suffers of chronic pain, as they may not have the ability, or the time, required to complete the course. The research undertaken by Zeidan et al. (2010) addresses this problem, implementing…… [Read More]


Zeidan, Fadel, Gordon, Nakia S., Merchant, Junaid, Goolkasian, Paula, (2010), The Effects of Brief Mindfulness Meditation Training on Experimentally Induced Pain, The Journal of Pain, 11(3), 199-209
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Dying Process Pain Is an

Words: 744 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72816487

Also, when this option is not used, the number and nature of other types of pain management methods will be investigated. The sample size will be in the range of 100 patients in addition to their primary care-giving family members, which might range between 100 and 200.

A power analysis will be done to determine the divergence of choices from the ones that are expected. In cases where pain management in hospitals have been relatively effective, it is expected that fewer patients and families would opt for sedation, for example, whereas those who remained with their families for as long as possible before the end stage, as well as those for whom pain medication has stopped functioning adequately, are expected to more readily choose this form of pain management.

End-of-life care is a very emotional stage in the lives of both sufferers and their families. Ethical research will be ensured…… [Read More]


Claessens, P., & Broeckaert, B. (2011). Palliative Sedation, Not Slow Euthanasia: A Prospective, Longitudinal Study of Sedation in Flemish Palliative Care Units. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, Vol. 41, No. 1, 14-24.

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Living With Chronic Low Back Pain Snelgrove

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living with chronic low back pain." (Snelgrove & Liossin, 2009 P. 735). Chronic low back pain (CLBP) is a major health problem with enormous economic and social costs. In the United States, between 60% and 80% of the people suffer from back pain in their life of which 30% develop into CLBP. Despite the widespread occurrence of CLBP, the traditional treatments which include back exercises, drug, physical treatment, and education do not always help. (Hadi, Ali, Isa et al. 2009).

Weiss, & Werkmann, (2009) define CLBP as the pain in the lumbosacral region and the sacroiliac joints. Typically, the radicular symptoms and iliolumbar ligaments may also be part of syndrome in the CLBP, and there is prevalent of CLBP in the aged population. CLBP is a type of chronic pain that results to diverse painful and benign condition. Chronic pain may occur despite no evidence of tissue damage in the…… [Read More]


Briggs, A.M. Jordan, J.E. O'Sullivan, P.B. et al. (2011). Individuals with chronic low back pain have greater difficulty in engaging in positive lifestyle behaviours than those without back pain: An assessment of health literacy. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders: 12:161.

Curry, L.A. (2009). Qualitative and Mixed Methods Provide Unique Contributions to Outcomes Research. Circulation.119:1142-1452.

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Pope, C. Ziebland, S. & Mays, N. (2000). Analysing qualitative data. BMJ 320: 114
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How people Cope up with Mental Pain

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Pain and Suffering

Pain is an abstract and complex topic, which is influenced by a serious of psychological and environmental variables. We all have experienced pain although at varying intensities. Since the psychological factors play a great role in influencing how we perceive pain, therefore, it renders pain a highly subjective experience. esearchers have tried to differentiate between physical and mental pain (Campbell & Edwards 2012). In this essay, I describe physical pain from mental pain. I also show how various people respond to pain, contrast two different responses to pain. I also highlight how Asian culture compares with Hispanic culture in responding to pain.

Describe physical pain from mental or soul pain.

The two major types of pain can be classified as physical and mental. Since physical and mental pains are subjective, complex phenomenon, defining them seems to be a challenge. The International Association for the Study of Pain…… [Read More]


Campbell C. M & Edwards, R. R. (2012). Ethnic Differences in Pain and Pain Management. Pain Management. Vol. 2(3): 219 -- 230.

Edwards RR, Moric M, Husfeldt B, Buvanendran A, & Ivankovich O. (2005). Ethnic Similarities and Differences in the Chronic Pain Experience: A Comparison of African-American, Hispanic, and White Patients. Pain Medicine. Vol. 6(1):88-98.
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Analyzing the Information Management Phenomenon

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Essential interdisciplinary team members, their roles and why the expertise of each team member is necessary

Electronic System Implementation Manager

The implementation manager is assigned to looking after a project's progress and its consequent completion. It shows the imperativeness of a manager, in absence of whom, a project can be postponed incessantly. The job description of a project manager entails the following:

a) Supervising the work-flow so as to maintain its deadline

b) Keeping a list of practice and retailer problems to be solved

c) Mapping out execution-based processes, such as hardware distributions

d) Assigning daily tasks to employees entailed in the work force

Apart from that, the implementation overlooks relaying of new information and updating the work-force.

Lead Nurse

An imperative constituent of work-force is the lead nurse, playing a pivotal role in nursing duties. The lead nurse is an experienced professional having an intricate knowledge of nursing…… [Read More]


ADSC. (2014, August 14). What Is Interoperability, and Why Is it Important? Retrieved from Advanced Data Systems Corporation:

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HealthIT. (2013). Capturing High Quality Electronic Health Records Data to Support Performance Improvement. Health Information Technology: Beacon.
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Looking Into Performance Management of Health Information Technology

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Building Linkages Between Nursing Care and Improved Patient Outcomes: The ole of Health Information Technology

Health IT (HIT) is capable of transforming care quality and establishing connections between patient outcomes and nursing care. This article will examine the application of health IT and nursing-sensitive measures/indicators (NSIs) for improving care quality and establishing connections between better patient outcomes and nursing care. NSIs refer to measures reflecting nursing care process, structure, and outcomes. NSIs of outcome denote caregiver or patient measurement approaches sensitive to nurse care. While a number of advocates deliberate over the perceived advantages of health IT, an honest consideration of practical experiences with real HIT systems, together with the drawbacks and obstacles associated with poorly-constructed systems, is not addressed. Ultimately, the aim must be improvements to quality, added convenience, and growth of efficiency, rather than mere creation of wired health facilities. Nursing informatics as a practice specialty is having…… [Read More]


Balas, M. C., Rice, M., Chaperon, C., Smith, H., Disbot, M., & Fuchs, B. (2012). Management of delirium in critically ill older adults. Critical Care Nurse, 32(4), 15-26. doi: 10.4037/ccn2012480

Council of Economic Advisors (2009). The economic case for health care reform. Washington, D.C.


Dykes, P., & Collins, S. (2013). Building linkages between nursing care and improved patient outcomes: The role of health information technology. OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 18(3).
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Financial Management Analysis on the Pfizer Company

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Pfizer can be included in the larger industrial sector of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, although a great part of its revenues come from the pharmaceutical products for which it is renowned. The pharmaceutical companies have specialized in a vast category of drugs, from simple, aspirin- type drugs, to more complex ones, including drugs that inhibit or activate individual molecules in different selected environments. They also produce vitamins and livestock food supplements.

The pharmaceutical industry in the United States (and worldwide for that matter) is considered to be one of the most profitable and continuously booming. It is estimated that globally, over $300 billion worth of drugs are sold. A simple explanation for this high degree of profitability is, of course, the high demand of the sector: no matter what happens, drugs and medicine continue to be one of the necessities of people. Additionally, this demand seems to be on a constant…… [Read More]

Merck's profit margin was 13.6%, while Pfizer scored 34.8%, almost three times as much! This means either that Pfizer is selling at higher prices than Merck (it may be the case that Pfizer provides more specialized drugs that sell at a higher price) or that Pfizer has lower costs (I doubt that this is the main cause here. In general, the main costs in the pharmaceutical industry come from research and developed. As is the case here, it is very probable that these two companies are spending more or less the same amount on R& D. In order to remain competitive).

The return on total assets ratio, obtained by dividing the net income after tax to the total asset value, showed a score of 1.9% in Pfizer's case and of 14.8% in Merck's case, while the ROE (return on equity) amounted for 40.37% in Merck's case and 3.57% on Pfizer's case. The differences, as we can see, are extremely high. I could explain the first indicator, the ROI, with the very high value of total assets for Pfizer in 2003 (this almost doubled from 2002), which made the company less profitable that year, but the difference in ROE is enormous. It does not necessarily reflect a low profit in Pfizer's case (this seems comparable), but a very high value of equity. However, the analysis is even more complicated when we look at the P/E ratio, where the differences are staggering: Pfizer has a reported P/E of 136.92, while Merck has one of only 16.75, with the industrial average somewhere at 28.72. The closest to Pfizer in this case is Bayer, with 96.01.

The conclusions that we can draw from this analysis are somewhat ambiguous. We have had a look at several financial indicators and in many of them, Pfizer has scored lower scores than its competitor Merck. This is mainly the case of the asset management ratio and the profitability ratio. However, one of the most important indicators, the P/E, that shows us the perspective of a company, showed extremely high values for Pfizer, compared to all other companies and to the industrial average. Seeing that many indicators were influenced by the unstable value of the total assets, due to current acquisitions and mergers, investing in Pfizer may be advisable given the fact that a long-term growth is expected in the industry, as well as for the company (see again the P/E).
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Pilot Study of Relationships Among Pain Characteristics

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Pilot Study of elationships Among Pain Characteristics

Mood Disturbances, and Acculturation in a Community

Sample of Chinese-American Patients With Cancer

Edrington, J., Sun, A., Wong, C., Dodd, M., Padilla, G., Paul, S., & Miaskowski, C.

This study is a pilot study to determine how level of acculturation and mood affect the intensity and functional aspects of pain in Chinese-American cancer patients. The purpose of the study is to determine if the pain perception of Chinese-American cancer patients is consistent with some past research on other ethnic groups (particularly Hispanic and African-Americans) that find that the level of acculturation is negatively related to the patients' self-reported pain intensity and the relief from pain associated with cancer. The researchers use the definition of acculturation as the process by which immigrants take on or embrace values, beliefs, customs, norms, and the lifestyle of the mainstream culture. Thus the Americanized the group is the…… [Read More]


Bates, M.S., Edwards, W.T., & Anderson, K.O. (1993). Ethnocultural influences on variation in chronic pain perception. Pain, 52, 101-112.

Edrington, J., Sun, A., Wong, C., Dodd, M., Padilla, G., Paul, S., & Miaskowski, C. (2010). A pilot study of relationships among pain characteristics, mood disturbances, and acculturation in a community sample of Chinese-American patients with cancer. Oncology Nursing Forum, 37 (2), 172-181.

Gregory, R.J. (2011). Psychological Testing: History, Principles, and Applications (Sixth Edition). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

Koyama, T., McHaffie, J.G., Laurienti, P.J., & Coghill, R.C. (2005). The subjective experience of pain: Where expectations become reality. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 102, 12950-12955.
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Managing Project Cost and Time

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Project Management

The objective of the study is to carry out the analysis on chapter 8 and 9 of the book titled "Project Management, the Managerial Process." (Larson, & Gray, 2010 p.iv). The chapter 8 of the book discusses the strategy the project manager could schedule resources and costs. On the other hand, the chapter 9 carries out analysis on the strategy to reduce project duration.

Larson, & Gray, (2010) discusses in their book that the project manager often faces challenges in developing an appropriate project scheduling and the chapter discusses the strategy that the project manager could employ to develop a project's resource schedule. Within an organization, there are often more projects than available resources, thus, the priority is to select projects that could contribute to organizational efficiencies. Faced with the project's constraints, it is critical to schedule resources to make a realistic judgment from the available resources and…… [Read More]


Larson, E.W. & Gray, C.F. (2011). Project Management - The managerial process (5th Edition), New York, The McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

Sloninsky, J. (2011). Innovations in Project Controls: Integrating Cost and Schedule. University of Texas. Dallas.
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Managing the Generation Mix in the Workforce

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feature of the contemporary workplace is the convergence of, and collision among, traditional and new talents from four different time zones: the Greatest Generation of World War II in the 40s and the 50s; the aby oomers born between 1946 and 1964; Generation X individuals born between 1964 and 1976; and Generation Y individuals born between 1976 and 1995. With different orientations and meeting in common grounds, the problem is how to set them together to produce their generational best without sacrificing corporate objectives and hurting anyone's rights or point-of-view. In other words, how to manage the generations' wide differences in the workplace without tilting the balance towards any particular side or sector.

Let us take a good look at these generations in the labor market. The Greatest Generation on top of the ladder consists of those born before 1946 are the brave souls of World War II who very…… [Read More]


Gawel. Richard. Survey Shatters Workplace Stereotypes. Electronic Design:

Penton Media, Inc., 1999

Gomolski, Barbara. Managing Age Diversity in the Workplace. Computerworld, 2001

3. Martin, Carolyn. Managing the Generation Mix. Top Echelon Network, Inc.:
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Management of Osteomyelitis in the Diabetic Patient

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Osteomyelitis in the Diabetic Patient


Osteomyelitis is an infection of the bone or bone marrow which is typically categorized as acute, subacute or chronic.1 It is characteristically defined according to the basis of the causative organism (pyogenic bacteria or mycobacteria) and the route, duration and physical location of the infection site.2 Infection modes usually take one of three forms: direct bone contamination from an open fracture, puncture wound, bone surgery, total joint replacement, or traumatic injury; extension of a soft tissue infection such as a vascular ulcer; or hematogenous (blood borne) spread from other infected areas of the body such as the tonsils, teeth or the upper respiratory system.2(p807) Bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas, Klebsiella, Salmonella, and Escherichia coli are the most common causative agents of the disease, although viruses, parasites and fungi may also lead to the development of osteomyelitis.3

Patients…… [Read More]


1. Stedman's Medical Dictionary. 27th ed. Baltimore, MD: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2000.

2. Butalia S, Palda V, Sargeant R, Detsky A, Mourad O. Does This Patient With Diabetes Have Osteomyelitis of the Lower Extremity?. JAMA: Journal of The American Medical Association [serial online]. February 20, 2008; 299(7):806-813. Available from: Academic Search Premier, Ipswich, MA. Accessed September 19, 2012.

3. Lavery L, Peters E, Armstrong D, Wendel C, Murdoch D, Lipsky B. Risk factors for developing osteomyelitis in patients with diabetic foot wounds. Diabetes Research & Clinical Practice [serial online]. March 2009; 83(3):347-352. Available from: Academic Search Premier, Ipswich, MA. Accessed September 19, 2012.

4. Turns M. The diabetic foot: an overview of assessment and complications. British Journal of Nursing [serial online]. August 12, 2011;:S19-S25. Available from: Academic Search Premier, Ipswich, MA. Accessed September 19, 2012.
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Managing Conflict for Nurses One

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This could make it easier for everyone to deal with critical challenges and prevent the situation from becoming worse. (Medina, 2006) (Leddy, 1998)

However, because the son is engaging a confrontational attitude, means that these issues are becoming very complicated based upon the way he is acting. These elements are showing how new tactics must be utilized that will exercise health care professionals' power and control over the situation. The defining variables for this component are the primary caregiver does not want to cooperate and understand what is happening. This supports the answer to the assessment question by illustrating what options they have available, in dealing with these kinds of challenges over the long-term. (Medina, 2006) (Leddy, 1998)

egulation and Conflict

The basic regulations allow the caregiver to make decision concerning the treatment options the patient is receiving. According to the AAPS, the patient and the caregiver have a number…… [Read More]


Patient's Bill of Rights. (2013). AAPS. Retrieved from: 

Cohen, E. (2005). Nursing Case Management. St. Louis, MO: Mosby.

Leddy, S. (1998). Conceptual Basis of Professional Nursing. Philadelphia, PA: Lippencott.

Levine, C. (2004). The Cultures of Care Giving. Baltimore, MD: John Hopkins University Press.
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Management of Fatigue in Patients on Peritoneal

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management of fatigue in patients on peritoneal dialysis and respond to the following critique questions. Do not provide simply yes or no answers to the questions. Provide examples to support your responses. Submit the assignment through the assignment link in Moodle

Identify the study design. Identify the specific type of quasi-experimental design used in the study.

The quasi-experimental design of this research was to implement exercise interventions within a patient population undergoing continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. There was no random sampling because of the very small population that met the inclusion criteria. The independent variable was the level of exercise, while the dependent variable was the reported measures of fatigue experienced by the participants. These measurements were then statistically analyzed using

For the specific design, what are the threats to internal validity? What are the threats to external validity?

There were threats to validity based on the individuals who participated…… [Read More]

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Pain and Spinal Disorder at

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The problems at the work place were detected over a long period of time and are a part of the history of development. The development of technology was very rapid which must also have brought in the needed changes in the workplace functions and norms. Unfortunately the basic structure of health protection came to be discussed only in the beginning of 1960s. The occupational medicine became a separate field of study since then and the occupational health service was born. The motto which the service wanted to achieve was an ergonomic system that could fit the job and the worker and simultaneously identify and eliminate health hazards. (Wilkinson, 50) There were many statues passed that created safety at the workplace. The greatest step in this regard was the OSHA regulations.

OSHA Implications

The OSHA act of 1970 was the single piece of legislation that gave an impetus to the work…… [Read More]


N.A. Comparative table of pain distribution. (


Charlton, Samuel G; O'brien, Thomas G. Handbook of Human Factors Testing and Evaluation. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Mahwah, NJ. 2002.

Harrington, Lisa. H. The Safety Zone.
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managing coronary heart disease

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Chronic Illness: Coronary Heart Disease

Outline of Coronary Heart Disease

The Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) has been on the increase of late across the globe and this disease, alongside stroke have been the top causes of death in many countries like Australia (Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, 2017). There have been cases of people succumbing to complications occasioned by the CHD hence the need for any medic or clinician to fully furnish themselves with the CHD and the causes and effects as well as how it can be managed.

CHD is a disuse characterized by the development of a waxy substance called plaque building up in the inner walls of the coronary arteries. These are the arteries responsible for supplying oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscles. The buildup of plaque on the inner walls of the arteries results into atherosclerosis and this takes many years to pile up to harmful…… [Read More]


Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, (2017). Heart disease and stroke are the top two causes of death -- and among the leading causes of disability -- in Australia. Retrieved April 9, 2017 from

Cleveland Clinic, (2017). Coronary Artery Disease Symptoms. Retrieved April 9, 2017 from

Mayo Clinic, (2017). Coronary Heart Disease: Symptoms and Causes. Retrieved April 9, 2017 from

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Chaos Management the Chaos Theory of Management

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Chaos Management

The Chaos Theory of Management is a relatively new theory that has enjoyed considerable study but also endured significant criticism. By examining the Rational Model, Ordinary Management, Extraordinary Management and Chaos Management, the researcher is able to see differing views of the universe and the business world within it. Chaos Management, which is newer than the Rational Model and combines Ordinary and Extraordinary Management, is dynamic and creative. However, Chaos Management is still a relatively young system that has yet to be proven by empirical data.

Rational Model

The rational model is based on the assumptions that the universe is as predictable as "clockwork machinery," that business organizations are also predictable and that good business management can obtain reliable outcomes from the organization (Rosenhead, 1998). According to this model, "good business management" consists of a Chief Executive Officer (COO) heading a united team of management personnel, all of…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Chatfield, C.A. (1997). The trust factor: The art of doing business in the 21st Century. Santa Fe, NM: Sunstone.

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Poincare, H. (1946). The Foundations of Science. Lancaster, PA: The Science Press.

Rosenhead, J. (1998). Complexity theory and management practice. Retrieved on June 14, 2012 from Web site:
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Profit Management the Overall Mission

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" Since this clearly person was not trained to answer questions about governance, I was connected to a "sponsor relations" associate. Speaking to this second person located in the Kansas City main office, I asked how Children International "operates." During our discussion, the customer service associate became passive-aggressive and unwilling to discuss internal matters; clearly the associate had never fielded questions about governance. hile the associate could only "have to get back to me on that," she did not take any interest in the profile of the board. My perception is that the associate felt that the board is a private or almost confidential unit, rather than a publicly transparent, well-regarded entity. The associate was quite sure, however, that the board consisted of the non-indigent.

Children International represents a conventional aid scenario: children are starving in a distant nation, and if only the global north were aware of their pains,…… [Read More]

Work Cited

Salamon, Lester M. The State of Nonprofit America. Brookings Institution Press: Washington, D.C., 2002.

Additional Resource

Laughlin, Fredric L., Andringa, Robert C. Good Governance for Nonprofits: Developing Principles and Policies for an Effective Board. American Management Associatioon: New York, 2007.
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Downsizing and Change Management in Any Organization

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Downsizing and Change Management

In any organization, the only permanent reality is change if the firm wants to thrive and succeed in the global economy. In times of extreme hardships, companies will some times have to make decisions, which are fairly harsh but are immensely important for survival of the firm. Downsizing is one such decision and while it appears unfair to some, it is actually the only way a company can reduce its overall costs, improve productivity, gain a sense of focus and possibly improve its financial health. We-based our downsizing process on Kurt Lewin change management theory and kept it as close to the three stages of change described by Lewin as possible.


At our firm, we needed to make this change because it appeared that in harsh economic times, this would the best option in order to stay afloat. However we had heard so many…… [Read More]


Abrahamson, Eric. Change without Pain, Harvard Business School, Boston 2004.

Chadwick C, HunterL.W. And Walston S.L. 2004 "Effects of Downsizing Practices on the Performance of Hospitals" Strategic Management Journal. iss 25, pg 405 -- 427

Devine, K, Reay, T, Stainton, L, Nakai, R, C, (2003) Downsizing outcomes: Better a Victim than a Survivor? Human Resource Management Vol 42, Iss 2, pg 109

Lewin, Kurt. Field Theory in Social Science. Harper, New York 1951.
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Information System and Business Management

Words: 13763 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15593

Creating Organizational Value through the Integration of Information Technology: A Management Perspective

Change Management and the Construction of a eceptive Organization

Transformational and Participative Leadership

A Decentralized Organizational Culture

Effective Utilization of esources


Performance Monitoring Systems

isk Management and Support Strategies

When considering the ever-changing and highly competitive global landscape of business today, firms must stay at the cutting edge of their respective fields in order to sustain profitability in the long-term. With the current exponential growth of technology and the computerization of business and learning, consumers and investors have become much more connected to the businesses they patronize (Kurzweil, 2001). Accordingly, companies are faced with the continuous task of finding new ways to understand and subsequently accommodate the needs of those customers and shareholders, while simultaneously securing lucrative business models and job environments. In doing so, businesses must be able to efficiently integrate and utilize various sources of…… [Read More]


Aladwani, A.M. (2001). Change Management Strategies for Successful ERP Implementation. Business Process Management Journal, 7 (3), 266-275.

Anthony, S. (2010, May). Three Critical Innovation Lessons from Apple. Retrieved July 26, 2011, from

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Ashkenas, R., Ulrich, D., Jick, T., & Bossidy, L. (2002). The Boundaryless Organization: Breaking the Chains of Organization Structure. United States: John Wiley and Sons.
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Chronic Pain and Its Sequalea the Definition

Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97033160

Chronic Pain and Its Sequalea

The definition of chronic pain varies from pain that has lingered 6 months after onset of sensation to 12 months after onset of sensation. Chronic pain has long been an intriguing subject to researchers of pain because of its lingering, usually non-eradicable, presence with no visible marker, at times, that seems to be causing the pain. Chronic pain can be a puzzle and frustration to medical practitioners since, occasionally, determinants remain invisible and pain seems to be lingering for no foreseeable reason. Patients of this category, therefore, may often be thought of as fantasizing their feelings (in the attempt, perhaps, to gain attention) when, unfortunately, their pain is more real and aggravating to them than it is to their practitioners. This situation is compounded by the fact that psychological tests (specifically the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)) shows a correlation between neuroticism and chronic pain.…… [Read More]

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Operations Management of Business

Words: 1124 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61261923

Operations Strategy

John is a man that has started a small technology service business. He has to relocate his business several times due to growth but he is now experiencing some growing pains and some customer pushback due to delegation issues relating to service time, communication quality and the hierarchal structure of his business. There are some open questions about how he should structure and operate the business going forward including whether to outsource more, whether to go more global in his business contracts as that seems to be an opportunity for him and so forth. This brief report will deign to answer those questions and beyond. While John presumably wants to grow his business more and more, he will have some important decisions to make before he can do this and do it well.


What is obvious about the current hierarchy and business structure of the firm is…… [Read More]


LaPlante, A. (2006). Study brings new meaning to adage, 'You get what you paid for'. Stanford University. Retrieved 25 November 2016, from

Pozin, I. (2012). 80% Is Good Enough: Grow Your Business By Delegating.

Retrieved 25 November 2016, from

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Participatory Management Personal Philosophy Organizational

Words: 1353 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77822003

Google Suggest, AdSense for Content, and Orkut are among the many products of this perk" (Engineer's Life, 2011, Google). Google also emphasizes its use of small teams which facilitates the speed at which the company works -- the teams are nonhierarchical, and the best ideas, rather than the most powerful leaders determine which idea ultimately 'wins out.' "At Google, we know that every employee has something important to say and that every employee is integral to our success" (Life at Google, 2011, Google). The CEO sits side-by-side ordinary workers at the (free) cafeteria. As a knowledge-based, information-sharing company, Google takes a non-discriminatory attitude towards the input of others.

Information will increasingly become the currency of modern commerce, and soliciting new ideas is essential from a wide range of organizational participants. This stands against some of the more individualistic concepts of leadership as articulated by Warren Bennis, who stresses the need…… [Read More]


Bennis, Warren. (2003). On becoming a leader. Perseus Books.

Engineer's life. (2011). Google. Retrieved October 8, 2011

Herrera, Jaime. (2001). Participatory management, teamwork, and leadership. San Jose, Costa
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Human Resource Management

Words: 1070 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60761238

secret and open salary information policies in which the author argues in favor of an "open" policy. Attempt has been made to discuss both sides of the picture and the conclusions have been drawn after a thorough analysis of the arguments.

Salary Information: Secrecy or Openness?

A case can be made both for and against a secret as well as an open pay policy. That is why we find almost an equal number of organizations that follow either of the two systems. There are surprisingly large numbers of organizations, particularly in the private sector, that not only keep the salary information of their employees secret but also require the staff to keep such data under wraps. Punishment for release of pay information in these companies is often severe and can even lead to dismissal. Although there is always some merit in a counter argument, I am convinced that an open…… [Read More]


Baron, James N. And David M. Kreps. Strategic Human Resources: Framework for General Managers. pp 295-297.John Wiley and Sons Inc.: New York, 1999.

Bartol, Kathryn, M. And David C. Martin. Journal of Applied Psychology. "Effects of Dependency, Dependency Threats, and Pay Secrecy on Managerial Pay Allocations." pp. 105-113. February 1989.

Ivancevich, John M. Human Resources Management. Eight Edition. Chapter 11: Compensation Methods and Policies, Pay Secrecy and Openness. pp. 337-338. McGraw Hill Companies Inc.: New York, 2001.

"Should women know the pay of their male colleagues?" Talking Point, December, 2001. BBC News web-site. Retrieved on February 15, 2002 from
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Arterial Ulcerations Management of Arterial Ulcerations in the Diabetic Patient

Words: 778 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80803797

Arterial Ulcerations:Management of Arterial ulcerations in the diabetic patient

Arterial Ulcerations: Management of Arterial ulcerations in the diabetic Patient

There Approximately 10 per cent of all leg ulcers are arterial ulcers. The legs and feet are often start to feel very cold and then they may have a color that looks either white or blue, shiny appearance. Arterial leg ulcers normally can be certainly painful. Pain normally starts to escalate when the person's legs are elevated and resting. ith this condition, most have learned tha they can reduce that pain just by lying down on the bed. The gravity will then cause more blood to start flowing directly into the legs. Ulcers normally happen when the breaks in the legs do not heal properly. They may be escorted by irritation. A lot of the times they do not heal correctly thus causing them to become chronic. People that have arterial…… [Read More]

Works Cited


Anand SC, D.C. (2003). Health-related quality of life tools for venous-ulcerated patients. Br J. Nurs, 17(2), 34-56.

C:, W. (1995). Living with a venous leg ulcer: a descriptive study of patients' experiences. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 23(7), 23-30.

Franks PJM, M.C. (1998). Who suffers most from leg ulceration? Journal of Wound Care, 18(3), 383-385.
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Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Pain and Depression

Words: 1778 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76236090

chronic pain and resulting depression. Specifically, it will show the connection between chronic pain and depression, how it affects the person and the ones around them, what treatments are available, and ways to break the cycle.


There is always hope. Depression blinds us to that fact. If we can somehow hold on to our hope, just maybe we can find a way to get through"(Feinberg, 2002).

Depression - "Depression results when individuals forfeit their personal power. To overcome guilt, insecurity, and anxiety is to conquer frustration and to regain personal power" (Miletich, 1995, p. 1). "Depression is derived from 'deprimere,' a Latin word which means 'to press down'" (Miletich 1995, p. 26).

Chronic Pain - is defined as pain that lasts six or more months. Pain is any type of feeling or hurt that is annoying, hurtful, or causes discomfort. Chronic pain…… [Read More]


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Treatment and Management of Cancer Diagnosis Obligations

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Treatment and Management of Cancer

Cancer Diagnosis

Obligations of community health nurse in providing healthcare

Cancer Diagnosis

The high demand for healthcare services, especially to those managing dreadful illnesses such as cancer, there is a dire need to understand the health promotion strategies and also ensure quality lives. Here, is a discussion assisting to analyze how best to improve health and better management of dreaded conditions like diseases such as cancer. Those affected will learn to adopt the right measures that will help to improve functional abilities, and what to practice in case self-care is not an option. The mandate of community health nurses will be scrutinized, to help acquire general knowledge on efficient management of diseases.

Cancer is a disease, which has characteristics of growths that cannot be controlled, and also the abnormality of how rapidly the cells are spread to other organs. Cancers vary in their areas of…… [Read More]

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Lower Abdominal Pain

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Lower Abdominal Pain

Patient: Patient is a 30-year-old female presenting with lower abdominal pain, beginning approximately 48-hour previous to her exam. Over the last few days, her pain has increased, and she reports vaginal bleeding that is scanty. She did have a normal menstrual period that ending two-weeks prior, and she indicates this was normal and lasted about 4 days. She is Gravida 2, Para -0, Miscarriage -- 2, and has been attempting to conceive with her husband. In addition, she denies dysuria or urinary frequency.

Vaginal bleeding after sex; inflammation of cervix from friction during sex, usually harmless and clear up quickly. It is possible that the issue could be something more serious (cervical dysplasia or cancer), but more likely inadequate lubrication or foreplay, possibly injury to the uterine lining. Vaginitis is another possible cause, all of which require a vaginal examination (Mayo Clinic, 2014).

Pseydocyesis (False pregnancy). This…… [Read More]


Adams, P.J. (2002). Menstruation in Young Girls: A Clinical Perspective. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 99(4), 655-662

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Master-Hunter, T. & Heiman, D. (2006) Amenorrhea: Evaluation and Management. American Family
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Aetiology and Management of Cancer

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This is related to bronchitis, asthma and long-term conditions such as lung cancer and bladder cancer (obinson, 2009).

It is estimated that the chances of getting bladder cancer is high for ex-smokers and passive smokers even after thirty years later. This brings us to the question of management of bladder cancer for current and ex-smokers as well as passive smokers.

The management of bladder cancer is a three-pronged approach that involves reducing the progression of the disease, protecting the bladder and increasing the chances of survival. The course of treatment depends to a large extent on the stage of the cancer. During the earlier stages, surgery, trans urethral resection, intravesical chemotherapy and immunotherapy are used to contain the disease and prevent it from progressing further. The malignant areas are treated with one of the above procedures to remove the tumor. In the case of a more advanced stage, radical cystectomy…… [Read More]


Cancer Research UK. (2011). Cancer in the UK: April 2011. Retrieved from

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McAllister, Robert. (May 1974). Viral Etiology of Cancer: Two Hypotheses with relevance to chemical exposure. Pediatrics. Vol 53 (5). pp826.
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Hedge Fund Management Technique the

Words: 9602 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55417163

2.3: Theme I: This study's first theme defines hedge funds and presents a synopsis of their history.

2.: Theme 2: Ways hedge funds compare to mutual funds are noted in this section, this study's second theme.

2.5: Theme 3: segment denotes techniques hedge funds utilise in investing.

2.6: Theme : A number of ways rising and falling markets impact hedge funds, this section's theme links to the thesis statement for this thesis/Capstone.

2.7: Analysis: The analysis section presents a number of pertinent points retrieved from the reviewed literature.


3.1: Introduction: This final chapter's introduction reviews the original study aim and objectives presented at the start of this thesis/Capstone, relating to hedge funds techniques. This section also recounts this study's thesis statement.

3.2: Discussion: During this segment, this researcher relates final considerations regarding hedge funds techniques, cross-referencing several points the reviewed literature noted. This researcher also…… [Read More]

4. The Investment Advisers Act.

The Securities Act of 1933, (SEC):

…oversees the mutual fund industry's compliance with specific regulations, including, the Internal Revenue Code which set additional requirements regarding a fund's portfolio diversification and its distribution of earnings, and the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD) oversees most mutual fund advertisements and other sales materials. In addition, mutual funds must have directors who are responsible for extensive oversight of the fund's policies and procedures. For virtually all funds, at least a majority of their directors must be independent from the fund's management.
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Remote Coding Management Report Medical

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It would then become incumbent on the experienced coder to be able to read through the injuries and determine the accurate code to use. Another issue Kramer, Barancik, and Thode, Jr. (1990) found was that certain areas of the body lacked a code when injured to a very specific area of the body.

The training and education one needs to be a successful medical coder, and in particular a remote medical coder, is extensive. If we examine Figure 1 below, we can understand why this is so:

AAT (alpha-1 antitrypsin) deficiency 273.4

AAV (disease) (illness) (infection) - see Human immunodeficiency virus (disease) (illness) (infection)

Abactio - see Abortion, induced

Abactus venter - see Abortion, induced

Abarognosis 781.99

Abasia (-astasia) 307.9

[7 subitems]

Abderhalden-Kaufmann-Lignac syndrome (cystinosis) 270.0

Abdomen, abdominal - see also condition

Kramer, Barancik, and Thode, Jr. (1990) found

Abdominalgia 789.0

[1 subitems]

Abduction contracture, hip or other joint -…… [Read More]


American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). (2011). Quality healthcare through quality information. Retrieved from .

Kramer, Caroline F., Jerome I. Barancik, and Henry C. Thode, Jr. (1990). Improving the sensitivity and specificity of the abbreviated injury scale coding system. Public Health Reports, Vol. 105, No. 4, pp. 334-40.

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Taylor, JM. (2008). [Emergency Department] Management. Experienced coders help ED create excellence. The Monthly Update On Emergency Department Management, Vol. 20, No. 11, pp. 123-5.
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Health Care Systems Management as

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The infant mortality rate is of 8.97 deaths per 1,000 live births. This rate places Kuwait on the 160th position on the chart of the CIA. The adult prevalence rate of HIV / AIDS is of 0.1 per cent.

In terms of economy, Kuwait is a relatively open, small and wealthy economy. It relies extensively on oil exports -- petroleum exports for instance account for 95 per cent of the total export revenues as well as for 95 per cent of the federal income. The Kuwaiti representatives have recently set the goal of increasing the oil production per day. Currently, Kuwait is facing the pressures of the internationalized economic crisis -- which however, due to recent economic surpluses in Kuwait, affects the economy to a lower extent.

Simultaneously with the increase in oil production, the Kuwaiti authorities are also focusing on diversifying the economic activities in the sense of supporting…… [Read More]


Agency, Kuwait News. "Blair's "Kuwait Vision." 15 March 2010. .

Al-Ansari, H. And S. AL-Enezi. "Health Sciences Libraries in Kuwait." Bulletin of the Medical Library Association 89.3 (2001): 287-93.

Al-Awadhi, Olusi, Al-Saeid, Moussa, "Incidence of Musculoskeletal Pain in Adult Kuwaitis." Annals of Saudi Medicine 25.6 (2005): 459=62.

Al-Baho, A. "Resident's Guide to the Curriculum for Training in Family Medicine." December 2008. Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization. .
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Cam Healthcare Management Issues Complementary and Alternative

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Healthcare Management Issues: Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

The objective of this work is to provide a written summary on information related to Complementary and Alternative Medicine (DAM) and to answer the question that asks how CAM products and providers are regulated. This work will additionally answer the question of what impact the proliferation of CAM has had on consumer spending for health-related care and products and the question of whether there should be more widespread third-party coverage of CAM.

The National Cancer Institute reports that Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is "the term for medical products and practices that are not part of the standard medical care. Complementary medicine refers to the treatments that are used with standard treatment." (National Cancer Institute, 2011) Alternative medicine is treatments that are utilized rather than using standard type treatments. Standard treatments are such that are "based on scientific evidence from research…… [Read More]


$34 Billion Spent Yearly on Alternative Medicine (2009) Associated Press. 30 Jul 2009. Retrieved from:

Health Consumers Spend More Out-of-Pocket than the Federal Government Counts (2011) Health Populi. Retrieved from:

Santa, CF (nd) The Adoption of Complementary, and Alternative Medicine by Hospitals: A Framework for Decision Making. All Business. Retrieved from:

What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)? (2011) National Career Institute. Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Retrieved from:
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Intercultural Management Persuasion Tactics Are Popular Strategies

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Intercultural Management

Persuasion tactics are popular strategies applied in dispute management and decision-making in international negotiations. Persuasion is the core center of various alternative dispute resolution approaches. Persuasion is the only way for people to refine an international negotiation that is not working according to their expectations. Since persuasion is, the most popular tactic used to solve conflicts in international negotiations. Therefore, it is necessary for all negotiators to be familiar with negotiation skills and dynamics. However, some persuasion tactics used in international negotiations have shown to be undesirable and would not elicit productive and efficient results (Michaelowam, 2011).

Negative effect in international negotiation: even before the beginning of any negotiation, people in a negative mood lack the desired confidence. They become unable to use cooperative strategies. In the process of negotiating, negotiators who are in a negative mood will not enjoy the interaction; they will demonstrate minimal contentious behavior,…… [Read More]


Albin, C. (2001). Justice and fairness in international negotiation. Cambridge [u.a.: Cambridge Univ. Press.

Michaelowam, K. (2011). Cross-Cultural negotiation and Decision Making. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.
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Personnel Management the Faulty Tank

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6. Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Abraham Maslow constructed a pyramid of five levels, each level presenting the types of needs that motivate people. At the bottom level sit the physiological needs, followed by needs of safety, needs of loving, being loved and belonging to a community. At the fourth level sit the needs of esteem, followed by the needs of self-actualization. In order to maintain an organizational staff member motivated and satisfied on the job, it is necessary for the leadership team to strive and manage to satisfy as many of these needs as possible. Below are some pointers as to how the desiderate could be achieved:

Physiological needs -- the first thing is that of remunerating the employee in a means that allows him to exchange the salary for the purchase of primary commodities and services. The second thing is that of ensuring that the employee is able to…… [Read More]

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Cross Cultural Challenges to Banking Management

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Management Issues Facing Australian Banks in Asia Today

Today, the Australian banking industry enjoys a high level of confidence among domestic and international investors alike, and the nation has managed to weather the fallout from the Asian financial crisis and Great ecession far better than many of its neighbors, and continues to grow economically. This economic development is due in large part to Australia's increasing commercial trade and cultural exchanges with its largest trading partner, China (Chinese economy, 2016). Not surprisingly, the Australian banking industry has taken advantage of these opportunities to establish an ever-increasing number of branches in China, which have largely experienced positive returns on their investment. Nevertheless, given the fundamental cultural differences and worldviews that exist between consumers in Australia and China, it is the argument of this paper that there are also a number of significant management issues facing Australian banks in Asia in general and…… [Read More]


Allen, D. E. & Powell, R. (2011, March 1). Customers and markets: Both are essential to credit-risk measurement in Australian banks. Australasian Accounting Business & Finance Journal, 5(1), 57-61.

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