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Appraisal Process

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Performance Appraisal

The organizations that aim at having higher performance are often noted to be investing in performance appraisal at al levels of the organization structure, this is because they know that there are measurable advantages that come from performance appraisal. One importance of performance appraisal is that the measuring of performance accurately will allow for the formulation of a reward system that will take care of the efforts put in by the individual employee hence acting as a motivator as well. appraisals that allow the participation of the employees are seen as a source of motivation for the individual employees hence helping in keeping the organization in an all time high motivation status. The organization will also be targeting better outcomes by appraising performance since the top achievers will be rewarded making them to work even harder. The appraisal is also seen to foster cooperation among employees since the grouping of employees into various categories will encourage them to work together as a team to maintain their performance and also to help pull up those who are performing lesser than they are.

Performance measuring is one of the cornerstones of a business as it strives towards its excellence and…… [Read More]

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Performance Reviews How Is Performance

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Do not penalize strong performers for being members of strong teams. Lackluster employees would be penalized because no one would want them on their 'team.' Now, there is an incentive to work with weak employees, to boost one's own relative performance rating. This idea seems strong, and although it world reduce competition on work teams, as there would be less jockeying for power and the chance to win the highest team ranking, on the other hand, such a system would seem to be more in keeping with Microsoft's emphasis on company cohesiveness, a company committed to driving its mission of innovation forward and boasts that its greatest reward is allowing its employees to work together "with great people," and have an impact" as a member of a team not merely as an individual ("Employee Profile: David -- HR General Manager," 2006, Careers -- United States Microsoft Website).

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Performance Management an Overview and

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Again, the performance appraisal instrument will serve as the beginning and the end of the performance management system, providing both instruction and measurement of performance along the lines specifically devised by the management of the Cobran Medical Institute (Heathfield 2010). Such a custom-tailored system cannot help but make the Cobran Medical institute's strategic objectives more easily achievable.


Issues of appraisal instruments, training and development, and remuneration all have significant bearing on the larger issue of performance management. Fro the Cobran Medical Institute, a transition to a more behavior-specific performance appraisal tool is recommended to decrease distortions in appraisal and to increase consistency in performance and perceived standard. This will also allow management to obtain a more comprehensive view of their employees.


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Luecke,…… [Read More]

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Performance Review I Totally Agree With the

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Performance Review

I totally agree with the statement that managers who have regular conversions with their employees will definitely know where their employees stand hence performance evaluation maybe unnecessary. Through such regular conversions, their subordinates would appreciate their essential functions in that particular organization. They will list their major responsibilities beginning with the most important one going down to the least important. Through the conversation the manager will gauge whether an employee understands the job duties and responsibilities; whether they posses sufficient skills and knowledge required to perform given responsibilities effectively; whether they understand and promote that particular organization's mission and values; and whether they are making some deliberate effort to stay abreast with new developments. With regard to organizational skills, the interaction between an organization's management and their employees will make the management be in a position to gauge the employees' ability to prioritize workload and manage information flow. The conversations will also put the manager in a position to evaluate whether employees pay attention to detail and accuracy, demonstrate thoroughness and completeness. The conversations will help gauge the employees' dependability and reliability. This far it will be ascertained whether they are punctual and regular in attendance; complete their…… [Read More]

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Performance Management System General Motors

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Furthermore, the customer is most likely not to be biased hence the credibility of the feedback. The sources of information will be integrated by analyzing the data and comparing the feedbacks to determine if they show consistency; before drafting the final report.


The performance appraisal method of evaluating the behavior for rating has a critical technique of analyzing information incorporated. Therefore, in developing the tool, the first approach is to establish the information that is required (Flynn, 2010). Once determined, the questioned are phrased and documented into questionnaires and interviews, which will then be administered to the supervisors, the co-workers and customers for feedback purposes. Additionally, the previous reports on the company's trends will be incorporated to show how the behavioral changes in the department affect the returns of the company. The information gathered is then consolidated into a report for the final scaling which is the report of the performance management system team. The appraisal tool is complete when the whole procedure, from gathering information to the final report production is established and outlined completely.

Cost benefit analysis

The employee performance levels impact the overall expenditure of a company. General Motors is not exceptional as it is evident…… [Read More]

Josiane Fahed-Sreih, (2009) "The HR Scorecard: Linking People, Strategy and Performance,"

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Performance Management Appraisal at Apple

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This was accomplished by: breaking down into small teams and having everyone work directly with some of the top executives at the firm (i.e. Steve Jobs). This created an atmosphere that encouraged employees to discuss their ideas and the impact they are having on consumers. It is at this point, that Apple was able to integrate these different ideas into their performance evaluation procedures. (Stone 38 -- 40) (Snell 143 -- 179)


Clearly, the performance evaluation system that Apple is using is helping the firm to attract and retain the best employees. This is because there is a focus on ensuring that all candidates for a position meet: the basic educational and experience qualifications. During the next stage, is when they will be subject to: a series of interviews, a practical exam and other criteria. This allows the company to decide which individuals would be the best choice for the position.

After they are working with the firm, is when they will be offered a competitive benefits package. At the same time, they will become a part of a team that works on specific projects with upper management. When there is an evaluation, executives will be able to indirectly…… [Read More]

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Performance Reward System An Organization Can Achieve a

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Performance/Reward System:

An organization can achieve a competitive edge only and only with the help of its employees. Therefore, it is necessary that right employees are selected then trained and developed and a performance-based reward system. The question then comes to the performance measurement system. In a furniture retail store where I work they stick to the old practice of a meeting of top managers and supervisor who sit down annually and critically review the performance of all customer service personnel. They carry out a thorough examination of employee performance with respect to the goal set for them by the management. In this setting where only goals are there to guide employees and performance appraisal system is vague and subjective, most employees are just interested in meeting their targets and they do not strive to exceed their employers expectations. Performance evaluation should be an evaluation and development tool with the help of which excellence is rewarded and deficiencies are discovered so that training and development activities can be arranged for that person. Ideally, I would have a rating system for performance appraisal at all levels. "Possibilities include (1) supervisors who rate their employees, (2) employees who rate their superiors, (3)…… [Read More]

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Performance Management Through the Lens of Keys

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Performance Management through the Lens of Keys v. Humana (2012)

Kathryn Keys, former employee of Humana Incorporated, filed a claim of racial discrimination under the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1991 (Keys v. Humana, 2012). The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Kentucky sided with the defendant, Humana Inc., in January 2010 and dismissed the case on the grounds that the facts were insufficient to support a claim of racial discrimination under the McDonnell Douglass framework. The McDonnell Douglas framework requires the plaintiff to show that they are a member of a protected class, were qualified to hold the job in question, were treated differently than others not belonging to a protected class or were replaced by an unprotected person, and were harmed by an employment decision. Specifically, the lower court found that Keys failed to show that Caucasian employees who were not fired were indeed performing the same or similar tasks that were assigned to Keys.

The reason that the appeals court reversed the lower court's decision and remanded it for further proceedings was that the lower court erred when it applied the McDonnell Douglas framework during pleading (Keys v. Humana, 2012). This decision was based…… [Read More]

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Performance Management Total Quality Management

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In addition, the system-based reasons of functioning are the duties of management to rectify. No quantity of concern or talent in workmanship can conquer fundamental errors in the system. TQM proponents have been swift to censure performance assessment methods which are based on the supposition that the individual employee is chiefly in control of his or her own performance level. (Designing Performance Management Systems for Total Quality Implementation)

Hence Deming would assert that a mean performance level merely reveals a system's complete ability. Differences on that performance level within plus or minus three standard variations are system-based and haphazard in nature. It follows that a second primary theme of total quality to attain a stable process is that first recognizing and removing the special reasons of variation can only enhance a process. Then centering the concentration on the general, system-based factors that affect performance can enhance the whole system. One of Deming's main worry is that management, through mechanisms like performance assessment, tries to react to most differences as if it were due to special reasons rather than general reasons. (Designing Performance Management Systems for Total Quality Implementation)

Performance measurements in TQM organizations recommend that it must be broadened to…… [Read More]

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Performance Gap as it Relates to Community Policing

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Performance Gap Policing

A performance gap exists when the police department's performance does not meet organizational expectations or citizens expectations. Management is a critical success factor for managing a performance gap when it exists. Many police administrators are contemplating community policing projects due to performance gaps. In order to solve the problem of a performance gap, police agencies must look internally and externally for solutions. They must develop an action plan that includes organizational goals and community goals in order to narrow the gap and foster a collaborative and successful work environment.

Many view community policing as an answer, as a means of "developing communication with the public and interest groups" and encouraging active participation from community members and police agents to further the best interests of the community as a whole (Fielding, 1995). Community policing strategies are being widely adopted in many police agencies as a means of improving the relationship between organizations and citizens and narrowing the expectation gap that exists between these two groups.

Others have suggested that performance assessment and solid performance monitoring practices are critical to organizational performance and narrowing the gap between expectations and actual work performance (Bouckaert & Halachmi, 1996:1). However for measurement…… [Read More]

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Performance Management Today What We

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In a good performance management system the manager plays a vital role. He is responsible to not only identify the employee strengths and weaknesses but also to acknowledge good performance and to provide developmental suggestions. The later part is very important, as it does no good to just spot the deficiency of an employee without providing positive suggestions for improvement. The employees for their part must be encouraged to provide their valuable input during every stage of the process. For example, some organizations even collect feedback from employees to evaluate the performance of their superiors. Thus, an appraisal denotes not just the supervisors assessing their subordinates but also rating from team members, rating by employees of their superiors, review by the HR department etc. Once such active and collaborative participation is achieved then the performance appraisal process attains its chosen objective, that of increasing the overall employee performance.

Performance appraisal is a complex process that involves sensitive issues, (employee career, morale) which have to be delicately handled. Managers and other superiors involved in the process of evaluation, feedback and decision making have a tough task facing them that needs to be judiciously handled. A sound performance management system is not…… [Read More]

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Performance Management Implementing an Effective Performance Management

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Performance Management: Implementing an Effective Performance Management System

Why Performance Management?

Performance management is the organized method that companies use to monitor the results of work activities, to measure and evaluate the performance of the employees, and to ensure that goals are met in an effective and efficient manner. According to Pulakos (2009), performance management is a key process that ensures that work gets done; and it is used by different organizations to communicate expectations and drive behavior towards achievement of important goals. For instance, ABC Company has offices in more than 50 countries across the globe and it employs over 40,000 employees from various cultural backgrounds, and it also deals with a diverse range of customers. It therefore needs to develop a performance management system that fosters an inclusive environment and channels different employees' talents and capabilities towards achievement of the organization's goals.

It is important to implement an effective performance system within an organization to avoid wasting the company's resources on performance management practices that do not work and at the same time ensure that performance management activities are aligned with the business needs of the organization (Stone, 2009). An effective system will identify the root areas of…… [Read More]