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Philanthropy Essays (Examples)

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Cultural Differences Ethical Obligations and Reciprocal Service
Words: 951 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53437589
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Often communities consider being generous as a typical behavior. This has a wide-ranging implication as being free to lend a hand has its own effects on the individuals. The authoritative power that benefactors exercise when deciding which contributions to make can have a substantial change in the community. Choosing to contribute to charities involving parishes, tertiary institutions or distant charities can also have personal reflective effects such as elementary learning or health care amenities for the aged population. Such deliberations are more magnified in situations which entail shortage of funding for basic commodities from the state (Cordelli, 2016).
This notion on choosing to act based on one’s judgement is powerful enough to influence costly public frameworks. A case in point is in the United States where there is a provision for excise duty to cover the charities. This is done to subject the benefactors with an extensive range of subjective…

Cordelli, C. (2016). Reparative Justice and the Moral Limits of Discretionary Philanthropy. Philanthropy in Democratic Societies: History, Institutions, Values, 244.
De Tocqueville, A. (2000). On the use that the Americans make of association in civil life. HC Mansfield, D. Withrop, (Eds. & Trans.), Democracy in America, 489-492.

difference between transaction and transfer donation
Words: 637 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87993741
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Philanthropy has been viewed as an ethical behavior stemming from moral virtue or moral duty. When philanthropic actions are conducted in exchange for what could be construed as personal gain, then what would be a moral act becomes a transactional or even selfish one. Donating money in exchange for some other gift, service, or benefit is not the same as selflessly bequeathing the same. “Pure a transfer rather than a transaction in the sense that nothing is received in return,” (Keating, Pitts & Appel, 1981, p. 816). However, it may be unrealistic to expect that all philanthropic behavior stem from a sense of moral duty. The concept of a “pure” philanthropy in which efforts are transferred would also preclude any donation that was not anonymous, because of the way public recognition can be leveraged for personal or organizational gain.
In fact, the motivation for transfer and transactional philanthropy is…

Philanthropic Strategy a Company Choice In Approaching
Words: 1642 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36655478
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philanthropic strategy a company choice. In approaching question, essay aim explore process philanthropic strategy formulation organization aspects strategy.

Strategic philanthropy is a practice of companies where they target philanthropic and charitable activates around a cause that will support their business objectives. Companies use philanthropy as a way of benefiting their business interests and the interests of the beneficiary organization. According to Thorne, McAlister, Ferrell, and Ferrell (2010)

strategic philanthropy is designed around creative planning, careful execution, focused research, and thorough follow-up, which is intended to achieve the desired results. Strategic philanthropy should be driven by the company's core concerns and values for it to be effective and rewarding. Strategic philanthropy mainly focuses on builds and changes for the future Carroll & Buchholtz, 2009()

Strategic philanthropy should not be confused with charity. Donations or charity tend to be smaller given by many people that go towards an immediate need or cause.…


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Merck. (2013). Access To Health, from

Paying it Forward to Africa
Words: 805 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92316020
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As we have seen, fashion is not the only field that has the idea of integrating usiness with philanthropy. Other industries have focused on other African causes such as AIDS/HIV, Water, Business, health, education.

(RED), a division of the ONE Campaign advertises itself as "fighting for AIDS for a free generation." Using an optimistic message, (RED) promotes itself as an organization that elieves that it can change the face of the AIDS epidemic in Africa y stopping transmission of HIV form mothers to aies. In 2010, 1,000 aies were orn every day with HIV. In 2011, that numer was reduced to 900. (RED) urges shoppers to uy (RED) products. The manufacturers send the contriutions to the Gloal Fund which then uses all of the money -- no proceeds going to RED -- to finance HIV / AIDS programs in Africa.

ING is another original philanthropic program that promises to send…



Menkes, S (November 15, 2012 ) Philanthropy in Fashion. The NY Times. Fashion and Style. 

Philanthropy, fashion, and compassion 

Aid for Africa:

Social Responsibility
Words: 857 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 72125502
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Corporate Social esponsibility

Today's society is very much a corporate society where power is centered at many of corporate centers. Corporations are seen more than just tools and methods of living, but rather this way of life dictates the lives of millions as this system provides jobs and employment as an outlet of societal contribution. As a result of the deep and profound impact on society, many wonder what is the long-term effects of a corporate society and what benefits, if any, are available?

This line of questioning eventually leads to the idea of corporate social responsibility and the ethical and moral approach of the corporation within the human culture. The purpose of this essay is to describe the idea of corporate responsibility and examine it through the use of corporate philanthropy as a useful and practical method of success and benefit. The profitability, both long-term and short-term, will be…


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Ray and Joan Kroc Center of Chicago
Words: 1828 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 79592452
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ay and Joan Kroc Community Center of Chicago

The ay and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center is more than just an aquatic or fitness center. It's a holistic approach to bringing the community together to change lives, and help to end the violence in Chicago. -- The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division, 2012

Studies have shown time and again that the earlier children are introduced to meaningful learning environments, the better they tend to perform academically in later years. The research to date also suggests that because philanthropic resources are scarce, it is important to use these funding resources to their maximum advantage in delivering the wide range of social and educational services needed by many inner-city and lower socioeconomic populations today. Therefore, by identifying and comparing the types and quality of services provided by such organizations represents a timely and valuable enterprise. To this end, this paper provides an examination…


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Unethical Best Practices Ethics and Morality
Words: 864 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93669602
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Unethical 'Best Practices'

Corporate Governance Case Study: Enron

Enron, the seventh-largest American corporation, collapsed in December 2001 in what most people refer to as the 'New Economy's first major failure'. Following its collapse, Congressional committees immediately embarked on inquiries to determine the cause(s) of its bankruptcy. Once investigations were complete, it was evident that the corporate governance mechanisms employed by the company had contributed to its downfall. The company employed the Anglo-American model of corporate governance, which places substantial emphasis on shareholder rights as opposed to stakeholder rights, and which, in addition, is management-dominated and has a unitary board structure with a single powerful leader. Driven by an urge to keep shareholders appeased by paying them more even when the company's resources were strained, Enron's managers employed off-balance sheet transactions with SPEs, and were able to hide huge amounts of debt that was often collaterized with the company's stock. The…


Hartman, L.P., DesJardins, J.R., & MacDonald, C. (2013). Business Ethics: Decision-Making for Personal Integrity & Social Responsibility (3rd ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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Ethics and Medicine
Words: 2188 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70905381
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Moral Medicine, and a Doctor's Duty to the World

The 18th chapter of On Moral Medicine talks about the way medical professionals build their identity as practitioners and how the form relationships with other professionals and with patients. The author uses four unique terms to define his ideas on the four things these relationships can be based on: covenant, contract, code, and philanthropy. Using these concepts, he explores the current and the ideal relationships which define the medical field and experience. In the end, the author finishes by suggesting a change in the way doctor-patient relationships are conceived, but from the evidence of his own work one can see that he may not push this revolution far enough.

The idea of a covenant in this context is the idea of a deep commitment that transforms those who make it. Covenants are usually made through the exchange of gifts and responsibilities,…

Non-Profit Management PALS 4 Paws Case Study
Words: 2220 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 64819046
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Fundraising for PALS 4 Paws

Financing for Non-profit Organization

PALS 4 paws is a non-profit organization interested in safeguarding pets in the U.S.A. To protect them from abuse, neglect, abandonment, and euthanasia. The goal of PALS 4 Paws is to decrease the number of animals that are going into animal shelters and increase the number of local adoptions to ensure better lives for pets. As a non-profit, PALS 4 paws will manage the rescue of pets that fall victim to issues of mistreat, tragedy or other forms of animal suffering. One the other hand, it will provide pet lovers with low cost pets by facilitating the adoption process through owner-to-adopter communication. This paper discusses the fundraising aspect of Pals 4 Paws as well as details of the organization's financial policies.

Fundraising plan


Based on the assessment of the organization, three key areas of strength are identified. The first is…


Burnett, K. (2012). Relationship Fundraising: A Donor-Based Approach to the Business of Raising Money. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

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Stockholders Understandably Might Resist a
Words: 826 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49409643
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Too often, of course, the latter is precisely the way business is viewed, as if the rules for business were inherently different. What is being suggested here is what is called the commonweal approach to business decision-making, which elevates the idea of social responsibility. The corporation serves as a major resource for our society, emphasizing the benefits that accrue to society rather than on the rights and needs of the corporation or its owners.

This view of the corporation is in keeping with my own view of personal responsibility, extending this idea to the faceless corporation. Such a view allows individuals within the corporation to see a clear match between what they do as individuals and what they do as part of a corporation, and this is all to the good.

Stockholders are only one of the stakeholders in a company. The major stakeholders include stockholders, executives, workers, and customers.…

Boone Pickens The Business Roundtable
Words: 2886 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6350726
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m., signaling you "to your desk, just like school." And other bells rang during the day signaling different duties and places to be. They didn't like people staying after 5 p.m. ("I once got reprimanded for staying until six") and worse yet, "paranoia was rampant," Pickens remembers (10). hat really bothered him though was "the waste" and the fact that management would not listen or even give consideration to "alternative ideas to save the company money or find more oil" (10).

Pickens then quit and started his own company, mentioned earlier in this paper. He claims he was just a "…normal, red-blooded American guy" who got drunk once in awhile "but never two nights in a row" (13). He takes several pages to describe how he grew Mesa into an oil giant, it is worthy to note that in his first year (1964) with Mesa he had 239 investors, he…

Works Cited

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The Marketing of Luxury From
Words: 349 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23625309
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Paradoxically however the greatest
satisfaction doesn't come from buying more and more, stuffing bigger homes
with more purchases. It comes from being free enough to give away time,
give away money, give of ourselves. James Twitchell is correct; the
greatest true luxuries are time and philanthropy. The dilemma is when do
these two greatest luxuries begin to become part of the accessories of the
successful life as projected to others? Only the wealthiest appear free
enough from what others think of their apparent wealth or lack of it to
embrace time and giving as personal assets, albeit ones inconspicuous. The
paradox of how conspicuous consumption defines personalization isn't easily
answered, yet in the end, can only be answered by ourselves. True wealth
isn't about accessorizing our lives, even with a 10,000 square foot
mansion; it is about giving part of our lives away to enrich others.
Affluence is an affectation;…

CSR What Are the Different Layers Dimensions of
Words: 1096 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91180262
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What are the different layers/dimensions of corporate social responsibility?

Evaluate your organization's current CR strategy.

Discuss your suggested improvements to your organization strategy. What beliefs and social values are driving them.

What would be the consequences of your suggested CR strategy on business strategy and on society at large?

Corporate social responsibility (CR), as Mrs. Gentile remarks, has to be closely linked to the organization to be work well, to please the stakeholder, and to be a not one-off effort. Only in this way, does it become true philanthropy since it is congruent with the organization's goals.

In order to assess whether my organization coheres to this standard, I would first need to explore the concept of CR and then investigate ways that my organization does / does not meet its tenets.

Corporate social responsibility, in short, is the manner in which the business goes beyond itself to care,…


Qatar Petroleum.

Qatar Petroleum. 20th World Petroleum Congress Issues Final Call for Projects

Qatar Petroleum. QP Activities.

Qatar Petroleum. Media Center

Microfinance the New Economic Landscape That Has
Words: 2195 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 20804715
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The new economic landscape that has been formed by recent history and events, has demonstrated to the world that new approaches and methods are not only acceptable, but in many cases, mandatory. The rise of the individual, and his ability to live life with liberty while pursuing happiness, has forced the way business and banking has practiced to essentially change and rethink their role in society and the economy.

Two important trends have surfaced in recent times that demonstrates the power of combining new ideas together to form something stronger than the sum of their parts. Micro-financing, has developed as a new way to help keep upward mobility a viable practice by allowing those who would not normally be able to take advantage of a good idea and capitalize on it by providing unique sources of lending for these entrepreneurs. Big data, and the use of information to help…


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Project Data
Words: 768 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93176321
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The FEP (Fundraising Effectiveness Project) aims at helping non-profits quicken fundraising. The Project strives towards the above objective by offering yearly charity growth tracking and evaluation features to nonprofits. An increase in giving may be defined as net gains minus net losses in contribution (Tools - Fundraising Effectiveness Project). Nonprofit entities raise a larger sum of money via investments in growth-focused fundraising methods which amplify gains as well as decrease losses. FEP's emphasis is "effectiveness" (or charity growth maximization) instead of "efficiency" (or cost minimization). A yearly survey is performed, helpful performance measurement instruments for gauging increase in giving are provided, and loss/gain statistics are issued via an annual report, by partnering with The Urban Institute, the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), and participant donor software companies. FEP resources back growth-focused fundraising initiatives. The Gig (Growth in Giving) program endeavors to increase philanthropy's GDP (gross domestic product) share. This initiative…

Accomplishments of a Philanthropist
Words: 2873 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33223494
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Bill Gates Founder of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; philanthropy

Did his upbringing seem to influence desire to be philanthropic? If so, how?

But his parents planted the seed of entering into philanthropy. Mrs. Gates always stressed on Bill why he needed to begin philanthropy. Someone who was at Bill's father's law office one night recalls that he had quarreled with his parents stating that he was just trying to run his company. Bill Gates notes that he wasn't against philanthropy at the time but wanted to give Microsoft all his energy and attention. Eventually, Mrs. Gates got Bill to donate money for United Way and establish a program at his company to do that. With the growth of his wealth, more requests for donations started streaming in. Bill Gates says that his desire was focusing on philanthropy after retiring from Microsoft or at least later on when he was…


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Coca-Cola's Philanthropic Practices as a Successful Organizational
Words: 941 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97536247
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Coca-Cola's Philanthropic Practices as a Successful Organizational ehavior

Coca-cola is an immensely successful corporation, and a large part of that success is owing to unbeatable brand recognition. No one asks for an "RC Cola," whereas everyone asks for a "Coke." Coke, a private brand, has become synonymous with that particular type of beverage -- something against which PepsiCola has had to struggle during its entire existence, especially in the United States.

ut fortunate posturing in brand recognition does not go entirely to organizational behavior. Rather, Coke benefits from a corporate culture in which philanthropy is encouraged and indeed lived. Coke informs its employees constantly of its philanthropic moves and commitments, and really instills the feeling that employees are working not only for higher dividends but for humanity as well.

This practice has been so successful for Coke that it has turned into an organizational behavior for them -- it is…


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Role of Religion in Higher
Words: 2043 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13208666
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These board members are most likely to observe these institutions as corporate business organizations and even instill the idea of top-down management to it. Birnbaum (1988) pointed out dualism of control as a problem of the institutions of learning. Westmeyer (1990) pointed out that certain signs of business theory can be identified in the institutions of higher learning. These includes competition for purchases (clients), the importance and relevance of cost-effectiveness, incentives and sanctions as well as the structured nature of departments. It has also been argued that institutions of higher education are similar to corporate businesses since they are multi-billion dollar business enterprises that are governed similar financial realities of outlay and income as well as by the market forces of demand and supply. Lenington (1996) pointed out that higher education institution's resources are similar to those of any other corporate business entity. They need similar personnel, capital as well…


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Commercialization of Universities Certainly Has
Words: 803 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54251446
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Every university's economic situation and priorities varies. While some universities can self-sponsor their activities, most universities do need external assistance. Therefore, it is unbeneficial to criticize the presence of a socially responsible company on campus, which is benefiting education.

Regarding the vendor relationship, she centers her argument on the notion that tech-firms are greatly influencing the curriculum and thus negatively influencing college education. She writes, "Faculty members are very much involved in helping to select software packages for students or in setting the parameters for hardware purchases for their units, most faculty are clueless about such processes. These decisions are frequently based on the expectations that future employers have for graduates: Can a future project manager use Excel? Can an engineering student solve modeling equations with Matlab? Do the architecture students know AutoCAD? Are your students facile in some discipline-specific modeling software? Where have all the Apples gone?"

She argues…

Charles Lindblom Pendleton Herring the
Words: 1478 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 97128871
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242). This approach to decision making in public administration was thought to result in improved policies since the approach was well suited to the pluralist environment in which these decisions were being made and provided opportunities for alternative views to be advanced. The incremental model as "took into account the limitations of human cognitive capacities and the costs of acquiring information" (Utter & Lockhart, 2002, p. 242).

Lindblom, C.E. (1959, Spring). The science of 'muddling through.' Public dministration

Review, 19, 79-88 in Stevens at 15.

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Greenwood Press.

Unit II ssessment.

Question 1:

Marble cake federalism

Question 2:

Congressional Budget Office

Question 3:


Question 4:

Pluralism and Calvinism

Question 5:

Federal system of government

Question 6:

"Why can't the citizens of the states just keep their…

According to Hanson (1998), "Adherents to picket fence federalism contend that the most important components of the federal system are the various functional bureaucracies, not the national, state, or local governments" (p. 24). From this perspective, the "pickets" of the governmental fence (e.g., the national, state, and local governments) are frequently too fragmented to provide the level of coordination needed to effect meaningful action at the local level (Hanson, 1998). A good example of how this approach has been used in New Brunswick, New Jersey is the implementation of so-called "Special Improvement Districts" (also known as Business Improvement Districts) that are described by the municipality as being "Self-help ventures organized by property owners and local governments to identify and develop defined areas of cities where a more successful and profitable business climate is needed" (Special improvement districts, 2009, p. 1). These districts, which are referred to by the acronym "SID," are managed by private agents who coordinates commercial promotional activities, as well as identifying opportunities for improving the security and maintenance services for existing businesses in their districts (Special improvement districts, 2009). According to the city's official Web site at , "The law permits property owners and businesses in the specified district to organize and assess themselves to pay for the services that they determine. SIDs provide specialized services to advance business revitalization in downtowns. These services are designed to complement rather than replace municipal government services" (Special improvement districts, 2009, p. 3).

Hanson, R.L. (1998). Governing partners: State-local relations in the United States. Boulder,

CO: Westview Press.

Ethics and Social Responsibilities
Words: 3234 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 25820183
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Employees as Benefactors of Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Social esponsibility

The Case for Employees as Benefactors of Corporate Philanthropy

The Case for Employees as Benefactors of Corporate Philanthropy

A United Auto Workers unionization vote recently made the news, in part because the vote was taking place in the Southeastern United States where conservative state legislators have historically treated organized labor with hostility, but what seemed to be most newsworthy about this event was that the corporation, Volkswagen, decided to take a neutral position (Paresh, 2014). The vote took place last week and workers at the Chattanooga, Tennessee plant decided to reject union membership by a narrow margin. The national news media also took note when several conservative Tennessee politicians remained true to their anti-union ideology by threatening to end subsidies for Volkswagen and to push production of a new vehicle to Mexico. Experts in labor law believed these threats were coercive…


"2012 Corporate Responsibility Report." (2013). Retrieved 22 Feb. 2014 from .

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Highest Performing Promotional Tools and
Words: 10859 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 64102017
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The effectiveness of promotional strategies is highly dependent on their ability to resonate and be relevant to the target audiences over time (Reference). This is the basis of the research being undertaken; to determine which promotional tools and strategies are the most effective in attracting, training and retaining the most talented and motivated volunteers for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The following are the aims and objectives of this analysis. The primary objective of this study is to determine which promotional tools are the most effective in recruiting and retaining volunteers. In support of this objective, the following goals are defined:

a. To understand and segment the volunteer population in westernized nations including the UK, and determine the characteristics of these markets as they relate to volunteering for events.

b. To determine the psychographic attributes of each group as they relate to propensity to participate, contribute and assist in keeping…

Bibliography / references

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Corporate Social Responsibility From an
Words: 1660 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29083979
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Islamic economics extends these into the basics of investment for new venture creation, which is another aspect of Islamic accounting that specifically has been focused on from an economic growth perspective (Choudhury, 2001, 31-33).


Guido Berens, Cees BM van iel, Johan van ekom. 2007. The CS-Quality Trade-Off: When can Corporate Social esponsibility and Corporate Ability Compensate Each Other? Journal of Business Ethics 74, no. 3

September 1): 233-252. (Accessed January 24, 2009).

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Guido Berens, Cees BM van Riel, Johan van Rekom. 2007. The CSR-Quality Trade-Off: When can Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Ability Compensate Each Other? Journal of Business Ethics 74, no. 3

September 1): 233-252.  (Accessed January 24, 2009).

Masudul Alam Choudhury 2001. Islamic venture capital - a critical examination. Journal of Economic Studies 28, no. 1 (January 1): 14-33.

Technology and Social Change the Potential for
Words: 638 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78086458
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Technology and Social Change

The potential for social networks to transform and strengthen philanthropic efforts is still nascent yet shows significant potential. Social ecosystems formed to support the need for greater collaboration and communication continue to illustrate how effective they are as a platform for enabling social change and philanthropy (Hanna, ohm, Crittenden, 2011). The intent of this analysis is to evaluate how Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other social networks can be used for fund raising on the part of non-profit organizations. The ethics of fund raising is also discussed in this analysis with the concrete example of creating a Facebook Fan page to enable more donations.

Facebook and the Ethics of Philanthropy

Facebook continues to dominate social networking from a membership, activity and time-spent online standpoint. The latest statistics of their user base put total membership at 750 million globally, growing at 30% to 50% a year (Sharma, 2011).…


Christina M. Genest. (2005). Cultures, organizations and philanthropy. Corporate Communications, 10(4), 315-327.

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Financing for a Diabetes Screening Project
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Diabetes Screening

The biggest funding issue lies within our ability to secure financing from the appropriate government agencies, via grants, for the diabetes screening. The target community for the screening is fairly large, and while the cost of screening a single individual is actually low, to initiate such a program requires a substantial amount of resources. These types of projects are financed through government branches, and they receive their funding from appropriations at the federal and state levels. Because of this, budgets for the project need to be tabled and approved well in advance of start time, and then these budgets will be rolled into larger agency budgets, which ultimately must receive government approval.

As one can imagine, there is a tremendous amount of politicking that goes on with such appropriation requests. Those within government, and within these agencies, typically view appropriations are something of a fixed pie, and as…


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International Business Environment of India
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Socio-Cultural Environment

Home to the world's tenth largest economy and second largest population, India defies swift generalization. It includes a vast range of developmental situations, cultures, languages, and climates. The country remains largely rural, with just 26% of its people living in cities. Yet in 1995 it had over 30 cities of one million or more residents, including three of the world's 20 largest cities -- Bombay, Calcutta, and Delhi -- according to United Nations estimates (The Anguish of India, 1997).

Currently Indian labor laws, regulations, and workforce standards are very outdated. India is plagued with corruption. India has been ranked 9th in a list of 75 countries where dishonest practices are common, which is indeed an uncertain distinction. The corruptions, delays, bureaucratic red tape, and archaic labor laws are ingrained in India's business culture. These pitfalls have deterred foreign investors from investing in India (Stokes, 2003).

From the…


"Background Note: India," 2010, viewed 23 August 2010,

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"Doing Business in India.," n.d., viewed 24 August 2010,

Starbucks One Does Not Generally
Words: 3158 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 51147434
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However, the growth of the corporation introduced the concept of a fiduciary duty between stockholders and board members, in both open and closed corporations. (Stevenson, p.1144). Put succinctly, the board of directors has a duty to its shareholders to increase profits, and majority shareholders may have a duty to the corporation to vote in a way that increases profits. As a result, business ethics can actually conflict with both corporate social responsibility and global corporate responsibility; because business ethics may indicate a less ethical means of practice if it would increase profits. As a result, many corporations have included responsible practices in their corporate mandate, thereby making it clear to any and all potential stockholders that one of the goals of the company is to engage in responsible and morally ethical behavior. Starbucks appears to be one such company.

Corporate Social Responsibility

It is difficult to define the notion of…

Works Cited

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Responsibility." Harvard Kennedy School. 2008. The President and Fellows of Harvard University. 12 Nov. 2008 .

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Web Page." EPIC. 2008. Ethics and Policy Integration Center. 12 Nov. 2008 .

Hume -- Morals Crasto in
Words: 7194 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69137741
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Parenting is a challenging occupation. Indeed, how a parent raises his or her child is the cumulative result of the mental and emotional character of the parent, the background of the parent, the financial circumstances of the parent, how the parent was raised as a child, and also the emotional character of the child or the actions of the child. Consider a situation where the parent indulges in corporal punishment. As an action agent, the parent firmly believes that this punishment is of a corrective nature, meant to discipline the child. For the child receiving this punishment, certainly it is momentarily painful. The child might resent the punishment; alternatively, the child might recognize that the punishment is in response to instances of mischief.

The spectator might as the moral purveyor of this scenario might see this as a virtue or a vice. The spectator might believe that the corporal punishment…

Outsourcing and Globalization Many Public and Nonprofit
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Outsourcing and Globalization

Many public and nonprofit managers and leaders are seeking innovative solutions to minimize the costs of operations while providing quality public services. One way to do this is through domestic and offshore outsourcing. Organizations operating globally must ensure that managers and leaders continuously hone communication and leadership skills to work effectively with different cultures. Leaders involved in domestic contracting must also learn new skills in order to achieve desired results from outside entities. In this Discussion, you will consider various implications that outsourcing and globalization have on public and/or nonprofit leaders.

Write a description of at least three implications of outsourcing and/or globalization for public and/or nonprofit managers and leaders. Provide specific examples.

My Response:

Outsourcing: Nonprofits

One of the primary benefits conveyed through outsourcing for international organizations is the diversity of perspective it can bring. Global nonprofits must address the needs of an increasingly diverse population…

Business Ethical Practice in Business
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Had the Saints not engaged in corporate social responsibility, they likely would have abdicated a significant proportion of their market base.

Another example of corporate social responsibility is the recent campaign by Coca Cola to save polar bears, which are an endangered species. The polar bear effectively represents the mascot for the Coke brand, and so Coke has a (manufactured) affiliation with the species. By financially assisting the global effort to save polar bears, Coca Cola acts as corporate philanthropists while at the same time garnering positive publicity for their efforts. In this regard, good ethics are again equated with productive business (Burton, Goldsby, 2010).

Alternately, companies that disregard corporate social responsibility experience substantial corporate loss. For example, the Miami Marlins baseball team convinced the city of Miami to publicly fund their stadium, under the premise that they would spend ample amounts of money to field a competitive baseball team.…


Burton, K., Goldsby, M.G. (2010). The moral floor: A philosophical examination of the connection between ethics and business. Journal of Business Ethics, 91(1), 145-154.

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Public Admin Issues
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The role of the non-profit organization has transformed in many ways as society and the values inherent within that society also change and transform. The ability to create an organization with purpose and a sense of a greater duty is what makes the non-profit sector of exchange such a unique and important facet within the constructs of our society. The purpose of this essay is to address a situation where a recommendation is needed to determine the best route of approach for raising funds for a hypothetical nonprofit agency.

The background of this case deals with selecting between two options of fundraising method to improve and increase community services. This general situation is encountered by most nonprofit organizations and provides a solid background for discussing the ideas and principles inherent within the public sector. The first option imposes a user fee for individuals who currently request assistance. The second…


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Health Care System Between the
Words: 2006 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 83498919
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A good example of this can be seen with popular Chinese talk show host Yang Lang donating $72 million, to start his own foundation to: help support and develop the health care system. This is important, because it shows how both international and domestic-based non-profits are addressing these underlying problems facing the health care sector. (Dobryzski, 2010)

Clearly, the biggest challenges facing the health care systems in the United States and China are vastly different. Yet, they are also wrestling with similar problems, as they face the issue of increasing numbers in the elderly population. In the case of the United States, this is challenging because there are a variety of disadvantages that must be addressed to include: they have access to some of the most cutting edge procedures, there is large number of choices about health care providers and the elderly can be able to receive effective treatment for…


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Microsoft V Google a Comparative
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Baker (2006) reports that Google has worked hard to balance its entrance into the restrictive media market that is China with its own values. Baker defends this balance by reporting that "the company's contention that it believes it furthers its mission more by being present in China than it does by not is at least a rational response to a set of unpalatable choices." (Baker, 1) Other sources have not been as forgiving, arguing instead that Google's censorship of its search returns according to the demands of the Chinese government is active participation in the repression of information freedom. This denotes that even where a company presents itself as desiring to behave in a responsible and socially conscious way, a certain scale of success can make this an increasingly difficult achievement.

Microsoft has received similar criticism for its attempts at entering into the Chinese software market. However, the bulk of…

Works Cited:

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Technology Ethnicity and Gender the
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The article on Google is brief, but is worth a note on how the founders put forth the idea of active philanthropy as part of the activity of an it company. Many of the directions in which Google has developed have a certain philanthropy element attached to it.

The Hacker Ethic discusses the moral framework within which the hacker operates. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand how this is possible, given the fact that many associate the hacker with stealing personal information. Nevertheless, there is an ethical and moral code that may explain hacker actions as well and it comprises, among other things, access to information and the money ethic. The hacker issue is however much wider than the limited perception one usually has and involves the Open Source cooperation and, in terms of the economic and material implications, issues of Protestant ethics.

With the final article, it is interesting…

"The Hacker Ethic" discusses the moral framework within which the hacker operates. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand how this is possible, given the fact that many associate the hacker with stealing personal information. Nevertheless, there is an ethical and moral code that may explain hacker actions as well and it comprises, among other things, access to information and the money ethic. The hacker issue is however much wider than the limited perception one usually has and involves the Open Source cooperation and, in terms of the economic and material implications, issues of Protestant ethics.

With the final article, it is interesting to understand how the current development fits into the historical exponential view, which means that the development in the 21st century is no longer related to the actual temporal scale, but is exponential in the sense that the 100 years in the century will mean, in fact, 20,000 years of progress, especially at the current rate things are going. According to the studies revealed in unit 3, the rate of technical progress is doubling every decade. Some of the charts in this unit are more eloquent in showing how this rate has progressively increased in the last decades. The growth was much slower (a less abrupt curve) up to 1970 and much more obvious after 1985-1990.

Following the technological development, the argument of the writer is that the economic development of the 1990s was not a bubble, but rather strictly related to the technological developments that logically triggered the economic boost.

Components of a Succession Plan
Words: 1501 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 18602891
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Developing your leadership pipeline. (December, 2003). Harvard Business Review, 81:12.

Isabel Hampton Robb When the
Words: 2545 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 10931589
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First, she felt that there should be a national standard for nursing education, decided upon by "many really experienced in the requirements for such work" (Hampton, 1894). This would result in a uniform coursework, with roughly equivalent graduation requirements, regardless of the school (Hampton, 1894). She proposed making nursing a three-year program, and limiting practical instruction to 8-hours a day, to ensure that students had sufficient time to learn new material (Hampton, 1894). She believed that nurse training programs should be run like other higher education programs, with "stated times for entrance into the school, and the teaching year should be divided according to the academic terms usually adopted in our public schools and colleges" (Hampton, 1894).

Case Western eserve University

One of the more interesting facts about historical nursing is that nurses were typically unmarried or widowed women. In fact, nurses were oftentimes required to live in nursing homes…


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Association for the History of Nursing, Inc.

Web site: 

ANA. (2009). Where we come from. Retrieved February 7, 2009, from American Nurses

Naturewise Apparel -- Media Policy
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Additionally, the 3rd party relationship that Naturewise has ostensibly agreed to is also critical. Naturewise is not directly affiliated with any organization to which CHICAE has maintained alliances to.

The decentralization of the departmental activity essentially means that the organization has decided to fund non-profits like CHICAE rather than to directly deal with the communities-based charities directly. Therefore, the lack of control Naturewise Apparel has over the oversight of the activities of any organization that will receive funding from their philanthropy is subject to the ability the outsourced solution, in this case, CHICAE.

The resolution to this issue is best resolved by not hesitating with the press and to tackle the issue head on. The case study includes experts that rant about not speaking until the story is proven, etc. The resolution is to convey that, when pressed the acts of violence are deemed horrid by Naturewise Apparel and are…


Augustine, N.R., Thomas, R.J., Hill, L. Smith, N.C., & Quelch, J.A. (2000). Harvard Business Review on crisis management Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press

Zakat to the Muslim Is
Words: 2567 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31461623
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SPSS was used to analyze the data collected from the participants. A Pearson correlation coefficient evaluated the relationship between the ordinal variables (such as gender and tendency to give zakat maal or zakat fitah) and evaluated whether significance in the relationship existed. Chi-square was employed to evaluate whether ordinal and categorical relationships are significant or not and if so the level of their significance.

Lessy's (2010) discovered that most participants (54) gave their zakat fitrah to mosques, whilst 490 gave it directly to the poor, and only 20 gave their zakat fitrah to foundations. On the other hand, the reverse was evidenced with zakat maal where 45 participants gave directly to the poor, followed by only 25 who gave to mosques. 10 participants, on the other hand gave to orphanages and educational institutions, whilst a mere 8 individuals gave to relief organizations.

As to why they give the way they…


Al-Qur'an al-Karim. (2008). The Qur'an: A new translation. In T. Khalidi (Trans.). New York: Penguin Classics.

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Two Major Theorist in Corporate Social Responsibility
Words: 1590 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 65900040
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Corporate ocial Responsibility: Bowen and Carroll

Howard R. Bowen was the founder of the concept of corporate social responsibility. In his book "ocial Responsibility of the Businessman," Bowen argued that business was a major force that touched the lives of numerous individuals. ince business was inextricably and continuously involved in processes of judgment and decision-making, many of their proposals and assertions touched the lives of vast numbers of citizens. These included not only employees of the firm but also their families, acquaintances, and so forth. The larger the firm, therefore, the more corporate responsibility, accordingly the industry had in regards to the decisions that it formulated. As Bowen asked: "What responsibilities to society may businessmen reasonably be expected to assume?" (p. xi). And he responded:

"It refers to the obligations of businessmen to pursue those policies, to make those decisions, or to follow those lines of action which are desirable…

Sniderman, S. (2011). "Bill & Melinda gates Foundation outlines 7 social good initiatives for 2011"

Whoriskey, P. (Oct. 6, 2011) Record thin on Steve Job's philanthropy. Washington Post.

Human Resource Management Using the Example of
Words: 2063 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69262778
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Human esource Management

Using the example of Google, evaluate whether the following H practices/policies is strategic or not. Does this H practice help the organization to achieve its goals and objectives?

In this paper, we are going to be looking at the impact of different policies and procedures on Google. This will be accomplished by studying the strategies that they are using to attract and retain employees. Once this takes place, is when we can show how these ideas have helped the firm to transform the company.

Over the last several years, the issue of employee compensation has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because globalization is having a dramatic impact upon firm, as they need specialized employees to deal with a host of challenges. Those firms that are able to dominate the industry are able to attract the best talent. This helps to give them a competitive…


100 Companies to Work For, 2012. CNN. Available from: [10 May 2012].

Benefits, 2012, Google. Available from:

Personal & Organizational Ethics Personal and Organizational
Words: 2664 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88810160
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Personal and Organizational Ethics Values for, for-Profit and Non-Profit Organizations

Ethics is a requirement of the society to both individuals and organizations. Ethics are applied to business and personal behaviors, and are used to determine how companies and individuals abide to policies. To indicate the application of ethical principles in organizations, an analysis is carried out of For-Profit and Non-For-Profit organizations, in this case Bank of America and Boys Club of America. This is by analyzing an ethical dilemma they are experiencing, their approach to the problem, and the legal, political, and social outcomes emerging from this cause of action.

Part One

The Boys Clubs of America is a non-for-profit organization founded in 1860s in Harford, Connecticut Formed with the aim of giving boys who roamed the streets a positive alternative. The club has undergone major changes beginning in 191 when several boys' clubs affiliated to…


Anonymous. (2009, Dec 16). Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Lowe's Announces $1 Million

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Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility CSR in Saudi Firms
Words: 2739 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 43333106
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CS in Saudi Firms

Corporate Social esponsibility

eferences to corporate social responsibility (CS) reportedly occurred numerous times before the 1950s, however, in regard to CS definitions, that particular decade birthed the "modern era." Carroll (1999) compliments the researcher's current study as it expands on the historical progression of CS definitions. According to Carrol, Bowen initially defined the social responsibilities of businessmen; explaining that the concept relates to the obligations businessmen have to pursue particular policies, to make deliberate desirable decisions, "or to follow those lines of action which are desirable in terms of the objectives and values of our society" (Bowen as cited in Carroll, p. 270). During the 1960s, the "Iron Law of esponsibility," held that "social responsibilities of businessmen need to be commensurate with their social power" (Davis, as cited in Carroll, p. 271). Davis and others during this decade, however, did not include specific details regarding the…


Baldo, M.D. (2009). Corporate social responsibility and corporate governance in Italian SMEs the experience of some spirited businesses. Journal Management Government.

DOI: 10.1007/s10997-009-9127-4

Carroll, A.B. (1999). Corporate social responsibility: Evolution of a definitional construct.

Business Society, 38; 268-295. DOI: 10.1177/000765039903800303

History of Human Services
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History Of Human Services

When the Kalamazoo Foundation began in 1925, the welfare state in the U.S. was minimal, and on the federal level almost nonexistent. Problems of poverty, hunger, racism, unemployment, and inadequate education were largely left to the start and local levels to be dealt with by private charities and religious organizations. This only changed with the expansion of the federal safety net during the New Deal of the 1930s and the Great Society of the 1960s, although it has been contracting again over the last thirty years. During the Progressive Era of 1900-20 and into the next decade, civic-minded philanthropists and capitalists often took the lead in dealing with the social and economic problems of urban, industrial America, among them Dr. W.E. Upjohn, founder of Upjohn Pharmaceuticals. In addition to donating the first $1,000 in stock to establish the Kalamazoo Foundation, Upjohn also founded Bronson Methodist Hospital,…


Kalamazoo Community Foundation (2011). The Lifeline Initiative. 

Miller-Adams, M. (2009). The Power of a Promise: Education and Economic Revival in Kalamazoo. W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.

Rakstis, T.J. (1967). "Grass Roots Philanthropy." The Rotarian, March 1967, pp. 34-37.

Policy Problem & Proposal Policy Problem the
Words: 3462 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 4531209
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Policy Problem & Proposal

Policy Problem

The United States faces a $1.4 trillion national deficit, and partisan debate about how to address it is threatening economic stability on top of the shaky "recovery" from the 2009 financial crisis. Yet American corporations continue to enjoy tax loopholes that reduce their taxes to unprecedented low levels. epublicans argue that corporations must retain their preferred tax status in order to maintain and create jobs. This tax policy has been known by a number of names: supply-side economics, trickle-down theory, and horse and sparrow theory. It has not been without its critics, yet, irrationally, the practice of permitting tax loopholes continues to prevail from time-to-time.

"As for the growth enhancing effects of lower tax rates, just look to the 2000s for the latest persuasive evidence to the contrary. After the Bush tax cuts on the progressive rates paid by the wealthy, GDP between 2001…


Advance Pricing Agreement Quarterly Reports, Internal Revenue Service. Retrieved 

Announcement and report concerning advance pricing agreements. (2011, March 29). § 521(b) of Pub. L. 106-170, Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999. Retrieved 

Brehm, J., and Gates, S. (1997). Working, Shirking, and Sabotage: Bureaucratic

Response to a Democratic Public. Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan

Social Business and the Retailer
Words: 9885 Length: 34 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 5588703
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Social Media etailing Applications: Opportunities and Threats

How Has Social Media Developed and What are the Benefits and Downsides of Using Social Media for etailers Today?

This study examines social business in general, how it developed and the benefits of using social media in particular. Second, this study provides a discussion concerning the potential positive as well as the effects of social business in the retail sector which is followed by a description of optimal business strategies for social media applications, the pros/cons of using these tools in the industry, and some representative case studies concerning companies that succeeded and some that recently failed in their use of social media. Finally, the study provides a summary of the research and important findings is followed by a series of recommendations concerning how retailers should use social media technologies in their own businesses in the concluding chapter.

Social Media Business Applications



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Information Today, 27 (6) 1-5.

Piaf Pam Gems provides a view into
Words: 46193 Length: 125 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 73251446
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in "Piaf," Pam Gems provides a view into the life of the great French singer and arguably the greatest singer of her generation -- Edith Piaf. (Fildier and Primack, 1981), the slices that the playwright provides, more than adequately trace her life. Edith was born a waif on the streets of Paris (literally under a lamp-post). Abandoned by her parents -- a drunken street singer for a mother and a circus acrobat father -- Edith learns to fend for herself from the very beginning. As a natural consequence of her surroundings, she makes the acquaintance of several ne'er do wells. She rises above the lifestyles of the girls she grows up with who prostitute themselves for a living in the hope that they will eventually meet a benefactor with whom they can settle. Edith has a talent for singing and she indulges this interest by singing loudly in the streets.…


Beauvoir, Simone de, and Parshley, H.M. The Second Sex. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1993.pp. lv, 786

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Origins of the Family, Private Property, and the State. 1894. Retrieved April 10, 2003 from.

Consultancy Leadership Training Strategy
Words: 1707 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79621108
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Consultancy Leadership Training Theme

Objective of this paper is to provide a consultancy for the leadership teamwork training. Formerly, the new manager carried out the leadership-training program individually; however, the manager has decided to implement the leadership-training program for the entire team at the same time to save the company time and resources. This paper suggests the leadership management theme for the training of the entire team. Moreover, the paper suggests the strategy to direct the team member in the training and the roles a different individual member will play during the training program.

Two key ways the proposed teamwork project affect Organizational Performance.

The paper proposes the leadership management theme for the training of the entire team. This training program will be carried out using the teamwork training strategy rather than the individual training program carried out in the past. Several benefits that our organization will derive from the…


BTEC, (2012). Leadership and Teamwork in the Public Services. Pearson Schools and Colleges, UK.

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Drug Company Ethics
Words: 1242 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 24326385
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Pharmaceutical Industry

The author of this report has been asked to review five Harvard Business Review documents from the recent years that relate to the pharmaceutical industry. From this review, the author is asked to summarize and offer several lessons learned from the cases as it relates to the power and limitations of the pharmaceutical market in addressing medical needs of patients. Indeed, there are some obvious lessons that can be cited in the reports. While pharmaceutical markets can solve a lot of problems and cure a lot of ills, the profit motive and the logistics of helping certain people prevent certain people from being assisted in a timely fashion, if at all.

Lessons Learned

One major challenge of the pharmaceutical industry is getting drugs to market. The process of getting a drug to market is long and arduous. Even when everything goes according to plan, the specter of lawsuits…

Managing the Social and Ethics Issues in Organizations
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Social & Ethical Issues in Management

Brief Background/History of Corporation

Epitech is a technology company that creates and develops software for administrative use for other corporations. The company was founded in the year 2009 and has since then grown to become one of the renowned software technology companies in the region. The headquarters of the company is situated in the state of Virginia. The company is best known for its Omega software system which is employed by numerous corporations for their everyday administrative use. Epitech was officially established on 2nd April 2009 by James Hunt with the main intent of creating software for personal use. However, the company took a turn for the positive when the software developed were picked up by other corporations and has since then went on to become one of the most sought after software technology companies. Five years since its inception, Epitech has been able…


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IRS Needs to Monitor Nonprofit Hospitals
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Non-Profit Health Industry

Author and researcher Thomas allace refers to the healthcare industry as a "…rapidly advancing, technologically enhanced medical culture" that is transitioning into "the same politically enabled monolithic corporate model" that practices "skullduggery" as the big financial institutions in the United States (allace, 2013). hat is happening in healthcare contributes to the ongoing "destabilizing" of the middle class economy, and moreover, kicks dirt in the faces of a "majority of citizens whose incomes have stagnated for over three decades" (allace 60). Moreover, the nonprofit hospitals and clinics are raking in very large sums of money, some with questionable status as to whether they should truly be a nonprofit entity or not. The purpose of nonprofit status from the perspective of the IRS is that hospitals will provide charitable services. However, "Its commitment to charity is dwarfed by its preoccupation with profits," wrote Pittsburgh's lead lawyer during a suit…

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Explanation and Description of the Delta Mu Delta Digital Badge
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Badge Name -- The eponymous Delta Mu Delta Honor Society's Performance Excellence Digital Badge recognizes honorable academic performance in business administration.

Type/Category - What type is this badge: attendance, participation, learning, existing skill, achievement, association, etc.

The Delta Mu Delta Honor Society's Performance Excellence Digital Badge commends academic prowess, measured by both alpha-numeric grading and also by instructor commendation.

The Delta Mu Delta digital badge acknowledges what?

The Delta Mu Delta digital badge acknowledges quantifiable academic excellence. There are additional digital badges available to Delta Mu Delta members for the number of blog posts covering critical business issues, philanthropy, and outstanding entrepreneurial performance.

Description - a tweet-length description; work to distinguish the Delta Mu Delta badge from other badges.

The Delta Mu Delta digital badge sigil is a key with a triangle and a ship, distinguishing it from other badges.

5) Criteria - The required steps to acquire a Delta…


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Analyzing Steve Harvey Impact on TV and Radio
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Steve Harvey impact on TV and Radio

Steve Harvey has continued to attract attention in every major entertainment arena, the screen, stage, radio, and the television. The resume or the Cleveland native reads like some kind of mini novel: as anchor of the popular show, "It is Showtime at Apollo," for seven years, anchor for the W sitcom, "The Steve Harvey Show," for six years, a tour with the famous 'Cedric the Entertainer', ernie Mac and D.L. Hughley in their hugely successful Kings of Comedy Tour. He featured in the movie, "Fighting Temptations" alongside eyonce Knowles and Cuba Gooding Jr. He was recently featured in a hit movie titled, "The Johnson Family Vacation" alongside Vanessa Williams and Cedric. The W renewed his "Steve Harvey's ig Time" for one more season and continuously supplies the largest turnout of audiences the W network has ever seen per week. He is also known…


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CSR Programs in the News
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CS and Mission and Vision Statements

One of the strategic management decisions that has become increasingly important for organizations is how to operate sustainably based on environmental and social concerns. Much of the literature groups these concerns together in a concept known as corporate social responsibility (CS). The trend seems to be growing as an increasingly large proportion of the consumer market considers whether products and services are produced under ethical business models. Furthermore, consumers are now more capable of researching such factors quickly and easily with the use of technology and can find relevant information directly on their smartphones while actually shopping. Thus it is likely that this trend will grow even stronger and evolve faster and it behooves management to consider implementing an effective CS platform now if they have not done so already. This research will look into some of the current events regarding this trend.



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One Should Not Assume
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While worrying about what people think about one's self and what is thought about others in return is a very complex exchange. It is an exchange where many to most of the people involved are feeling, reacting and jostling based on perceptions and thoughts that are entirely unfounded. This does not automatically mean that the thoughts or perceptions or wrong. However, it can absolutely mean that the thoughts are less than true. With that in mind, people should be careful how they react because of this lack of knowledge. Eye contact and other reactions can, and sometimes should, guide actions and reactions. This can hold true even if the underlying assumptions are wrong. Indeed, safety is sometimes a concern. However, it is entirely too easy to take things too far or to start off on the wrong foot in the first place and this report…


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hospital organizational change nurse consultation
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Purpose and Overview

Nurse consultation involves the application of change management principles and visionary leadership to the improvement of healthcare organizations. Guided by evidence-based practice and ethical principles of the healthcare profession, nurse consultation is a process involving multilateral communications, quantitative assessments, goal-setting, and strategic change management. Advance practice nurses can collaborate with nurse leaders to identify problems, analyze those problems and their root causes, and identify meaningful and feasible methods of achieving desired changes and measurable outcomes.

The purpose of this consultation is to work with nurse leaders, administrators, and executives to help the local healthcare organization better meet their goals and improve patient satisfaction. Nurse consultation requires the use of multiple, rigorous empirical methods. The data collection processed used in this case include both qualitative methods like interviews and focus groups, as well as quantitative data gathered from HCAHPS scores, patient metrics, and patient surveys. Although the current…