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Logos and Deception Heraclitus I & II

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It is important to note, from the onset, that despite the fact that Heraclitus’ work is available in various quotations and fragments, there is still significant meaning conveyed via the same. I hereby take into consideration 123. Nature loves to hide and 87. A fool loves to get excited at any logos.
123. Nature loves to hide.
The philosopher presents the inability of human beings to fully decode reality. Human beings find it difficult to perceive or reconcile the inescapable particularity of the universe with its instinctive unity – bringing up queries on how the particular and the whole interact. Although the universe appears to be composed of a variety of items that are seemingly not only self-existent but also inconspicuous and unobtrusive, the philosopher is able to internalize the contradiction to the effect that change is the one constant. That what is congruent to us is essentially temporal…… [Read More]

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Philosophies of Religion Generally Fall

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Nevertheless, personal experience is a powerful method of argument, especially when the credibility of the individual is not called into question. The moral argument in favor of the existence of God is weak because the existence of human morality does not in itself mean that God is the origin of morals. Rather, God has often been used as a motive to prompt people to act a certain way, according to religious scripture or doctrine. Miracles pose a significant problem for the philosopher of religion, because if an act is deemed miraculous, it supercedes the laws of nature. However, the laws of nature are always subject to God; therefore, a miracle cannot theoretically exist.

Pascal's "wager" is yet another theistic philosophy of religion, one that is based primarily on self-interest. Pascal suggested that believing in God is a "better bet" than not believing in God. The individual who believes has nothing…… [Read More]

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