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Pro Choice Essays (Examples)

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Pro Life Abortion May Be
Words: 1818 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3544186
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As for those who believe it is never all right to abort babies under any circumstances, these people are blinded by good intentions. It is true that killing innocent children without reason is immoral, but there are actually situations that call for abortion as the only moral choice there is. We, as an advanced society, have the power to guide the development of our world, and in order for us to provide the best world possible for our children and the next generations, we must ensure that it is populated with the most fit people, rather than those who are less fit and will be a burden on society. Not allowing any abortion will prevent those who willingly wish to improve the future of humankind from doing so. There is no reason for a healthy woman to have to sacrifice herself, be that through death or through a lifetime of…

Pros and Cons of Abortion
Words: 1489 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 344545
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Cons of Abortion

After three decades of legalized abortion in the United States, it is still a controversial topic (Earll, 2003). Many abortion supporters do not understand why the nation is still divided on the topic after all this time. According to Sammon (2002): "Abortion is one of those issues that will be argued forever with never an answer agreed upon by competing factions. It's a debate that manages to combine medicine, technology, morals, politics and religion all in one bitter brew." This paper aims to determine what drives this ongoing opposition to abortion.

Abortion Issues

A 2002 Gallup poll found that a majority of Americans consider abortion to be morally wrong (Earll, 2003). According to a Los Angeles Times survey, fifty-seven percent of Americans "consider abortion to be murder." Many Americans who are opposed to abortion base their view on a moral code derived from Judeo-Christian teachings, particularly the…


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Pro Con Neutral Characteristics for Ethical or
Words: 365 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37838569
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Con: This approach can be excessively rigid and fail to take into consideration social nuances

Neutral: Kant, the developer of the categorical imperative and the founding father of this ideology, saw his view as a kind of middle path -- he did not believe that all actions set moral laws for all time, but that some types of moral principles should remain inviolate.

Virtue ethics or human nature moral theory

Pro: This stresses the need to be a good person, to make good moral decisions. It focuses on the good that 'doing good' can provide both for the actor and the subject of moral decision-making.

Con: Good people, even when they believe they are doing the right thing, can engage in actions that have very negative moral consequences.

Neutral: Virtue ethics has come into prominence in recent decades, perhaps because of the increasing focus upon the 'self' in modern culture,…

Pro-Regulation Regulation in Accounting Regulator Battle the
Words: 1095 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68808335
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Regulation in Accounting

Regulator Battle (The Economist, 2009)

The importance of regulation is often overlook or even mocked in society. Regulations and the regulators that administer them are often portrayed as something that slows progress and makes it difficult to navigate the complexities that adherence to the regulatory requirements require. It is easy for people to view regulations from this perspective because when regulations are effective and properly designed they may seem unduly burdensome. However, when regulations break down or are ineffective it is far easier to see the value of regulation. People commonly do not actually appreciate the value of regulation until they have an example in mind that stands in recent memory. This is summarized in a statement by Tim Geithner after the global recession emerged in 2009 which said, "You want to move at the point where people still have the memory of the trauma" (The…

Works Cited

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Abortion Pro Life Not Many
Words: 4592 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24093857
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"It is not just a Catholic and Protestant Debate"(13).

Some Catholic statements, like the 1968 papal encyclical Humanae Vitae, condemn the practice on grounds of the created order, which is thought to be structured in such a way that all sexual expression must be open to procreation. Other statements, notably various declarations issued from 1969 to 1989 by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) in the U.S. appeal instead to the nature of the human person and the idea that life begins at conception. Abortion must be rejected, such statements argue, because it terminates a human life. Yet a third subgroup can be identified. Statements like the NCCB's well-known 1983 pastoral on peace and the Catholic bishops of France's 1979 declaration do not emphasize the doctrines of creation and human persons but argue against abortion by granting priority to the gospel.

In addition, in the Protestant Church, several statements…


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Abortion Pros and Cons Essay
Words: 3208 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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Abortion refers to the termination of the pregnancy and most members of society tend to feel strongly and often myopically about their opinions of abortion. This paper will examine the complex and multi-faceted history that the United States has had with abortion as well as the pros and cons of this procedure. This essay will take a long look at the reasons that motivate those who support abortion and those who do not. It is hoped that this deep analysis will not only strengthen one’s ability to think critically, but allow compassion and common understanding to thrive in society.


Abortion Titles

Abortion: Nuances of the Issue
Abortion: Reasons for Support and Opposition
Abortion: Reasons for Approval and for Protest
Abortion: Exploring the Positive and Negative Complexities
Abortion in America: Examining both Sides of the Coin

Abortion Topics

Acceptable Circumstances: When is an abortion a non-controversial decision?
The impact…

Pro-Shops Inc The State of
Words: 998 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 60384188
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4: Threat of Entry: On the one hand, because of its unique blend of educational and entertainment in its Outdoor World format, Bass Pro-Shops enjoys a high degree of immunity from new entrants to the sporting goods and boating sectors. On the other hand, though, the company is highly vulnerable to erosion of its online market share in several categories, except those that may require a touch-and-feel ability to encourage the purchase decision (i.e., a large boat or tent).

Force No. 5: Internal ivalry: The company is privately held and there was no internal rivalry discerned from the literature review.

Market Penetration, Market Development and Product Development

The company's market penetration in North America consists of 52 retail stores as well as its facility in Canada together with its online offerings (About Bass Pro-Shops, 2012). The company's market and product development remain aggressive and high profile in all of the…


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Pro-Or Con There Is a
Words: 2479 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17336002
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Nurses perform their job in almost all portions of the country, irrespective of the locality of cities, small towns or remote rural districts. Nurses are also required in many of the foreign countries for assisting the rehabilitation programs.

My Position take the Pro-position of nursing. The proposals of nursing deserve deep observation. Nursing is considered to be a varied and flexible area of study. Traditionally the age old image of nursing has been infused into our minds for a very long period of time but actually such ideology is rapidly seen vanishing over a period of time. The goal of the nurses is not confined only to assist the doctors in their practice. Contrary to this the nurses are not at all dependent on doctors and nursing is taken to be an isolated and all-inclusive field of activity in itself. Nursing is considered to be an essential portion of health…


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Pro-Ana and Pro-Mia Websites Be
Words: 919 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73892153
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These disorders have historically been experienced and treated as individual psychological and medical disorders. Women suffering from them usually came into contact with one another only in institutional settings. ut with the rise of new media technologies and modes of communication, digital communities have provided new possibilities for connections between once isolated individuals. Thus these sites provide a glimpse into the meaning making practices of non-clinical populations." (2008) Indeed what these sites actually provide is a type of framework that might be utilized in the development of treatment options across the population. Pascoe states that already participants in this "online subculture...often rework characterizations of anorexia as a disease by engaging in complex discussions of anorexia as a lifestyle choice in addition to or instead of a medical and psychological disorder. In crafting a complex community with unique symbols, rituals and identities these women provide a fuller picture of eating disorders…


Iannelli, Vincent (2003) Eating Disorders Awareness. Online available at 

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Pascoe, C.J.. 2008. "You're Just Another Fatty:" Creating a Pro-Ana Subculture Online. Digital Youth Research .January 22, 2008. Online available at

Pro-Gun Control
Words: 3131 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 78348320
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Gun Control

Laws & regulations not adequate enough:

Constitutional ight:

egistration & Licensing

Background Checks:

Federal egistration:


National ifle Association (NA):


Gun violence:

Gun crimes:


Sandy Hook and Colorado:

Black Market:

No need for assault rifles:

Government and Private protection:

Hunting Laws:

Political and Social pressure:


Public Opinion:

Counter Argument & ebuttal:

Public will not be able to protect itself:

Hand guns and law enforcement enough for public protection:

The possession of guns is considered as a matter of tradition and heritage of the society. However the usage of automatic guns in violent crimes has initiated a concern for society to urge government for imposition of strict gun control laws. The previous laws should be changed to restrict automatic rifles possession and sales. The high powered weapons should also avoided by the public to evade unnecessary violence. United States is country that allowed its citizen to…


Bright, J.C. (2010). Violent Felonies under the Residual Clause of the Armed Career Criminal Act: Whether Carrying a Concealed Handgun without a Permit Should is considered a Violent Felony. Duq. L. Rev., 48, 601.

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Pros and Cons of Same Sex Marriage
Words: 2861 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57572708
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Same Sex Marriage

The legalization of same-sex marriage may be one of the most controversial social issues in the modern American political climate, and, in fact, throughout the Western world. While it may seem as if this highly polarizing issue has come out of nowhere, cultural norms about homosexuality and the acceptability of same-sex romantic relationships have always existed. Some societies have been accepting of same-sex relationships, others have violently condemned them, but there have always been cultural norms about sexually appropriate behavior. What is new is the legal battle over these cultural norms. The civil rights advances in the 1960s and 1970s, which successfully challenged the cultural norms that allowed for discrimination against some minority groups, led to changes in the legal environment, making legalization of same-sex marriage a possibility when it was outside of consideration years before. Also new is the fact that the development of privacy laws…


Callahan, J. (2009). Same sex-marriage: Why it matters- at least for now. Hypatia, 24(1), 70-


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Hypatia, 22(1), 71-91.

Pros & Cons of Global Communications
Words: 925 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86305065
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Global Communications

The world of global communication is storied, vast and wide. It can also be very treacherous and unpredictable for people that are not in the know about what is involved, why things have to be done a certain way and so forth. This report will be a brief literature review of three articles that all pertain to global communications. The articles will relate to web-enabling for competitive advantage, the role of entrepreneurial networks in the exploration and exploitation of certain peoples and a case study about one of IBM's newer corporate volunteer programs. While these articles may seem to be about different things, they are all part of the different pieces and parts to the global communications landscape and all are worth of at least a cursory review. All of these articles pertain to the practice of business using global communications in the right way, the wrong way…


Kok, A. (2015). Demystifying Organizational Learning. Kellogg College, 1(1), 596-600.

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Analyzing the Pro Veganism
Words: 5038 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91243962
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Pro Veganism

A strictly vegetarian diet is best suited to the human body's needs, mankind's ability of survival on earth, and our inherent compassion. Switching to such a diet is fairly simple and creates the opportunity to lead a healthier, happier, and gentler life (Marcus, xi).

For numerous reasons, humanity has been increasingly taking to veganism since the last few years. Some vegan supporters assert their participation in a dietary regimen wherein consuming or utilizing animal products is unethical, according to their religious beliefs or values. Meanwhile, others put forward the argument of animal consciousness's ethicality and the industrial farming process. Those who claim to be vegans most probably do so owing to environmental, animal rights, or personal health concerns, which can alter with time. Several vegans begin as vegetarians, gradually ceasing consumption of milk, eggs and other animal by-products. Meanwhile, others turn purely vegan right from the outset. In…


Primary Sources

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Abortion - Pro-Life Why Abortions
Words: 704 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63343984
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he stance is, of course, preposterous. he solution to lessening poverty of course lies in providing more resources for development rather than encouraging abortion.

Similarly, some people justify the abortion of babies with disabilities on compassionate grounds. his reasoning is an extension of the now thoroughly discredited pseudo-science of eugenics that promoted the weeding out of the mentally retarded and feeble-minded populations. here is no 'compassion' involved in the killing of the most vulnerable sections of our population and the unborn child is quite obviously the most vulnerable. In fact, it is one of the cruelest acts imaginable. It is also misleading to suggest that such unborn babies with disabilities are 'unwanted.' he readiness of families to adopt such disabled children disproves the contention.

he most controversial legal issue facing the U.S. courts and the administration is the issue of 'partial birth abortion.' he procedure in which a baby's brain…

The most controversial legal issue facing the U.S. courts and the administration is the issue of 'partial birth abortion.' The procedure in which a baby's brain is 'literally sucked out' has been performed thousands of times in the country since abortion was legalized. The U.S. Congress passed the "partial-Birth ban Acts" in 1996 and 1997 but was vetoed by President Clinton. Eventually President Bush signed the Act into law in 2003. On appeal, the courts in California, Nebraska, and New York ruled that the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 is unconstitutional and a violation of the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade. The Act now heads to the U.S. Court of Appeals and is expected to eventually end up in the U.S. Supreme Court for a decision. New appointment of judges to the U.S. Supreme Court by the Bush administration in the coming days is, therefore, crucial to the decision on this issue and would be eagerly awaited by all those who support the right of life for the unborn babies.

Even the earliest abortions, such as the RU 486 abortions cannot be done until after six weeks of pregnancy


Cha and Kang the Pros
Words: 2001 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80217918
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57). If power shifts too much toward the U.S., the consequences could be bad, especially if combined with belligerent U.S. rhetoric. His well-argued point is that North Korea's striving for nuclear capability is a response to the perceived imbalance of power which is threatening to North Korea. It is an attempt to develop a deterrent to possible future U.S. aggression, a bargaining tool rather than an offensive strategy. Presumably, then, Kang would agree that if the U.S. lowered its military presence and changed its rhetoric, the fear would gradually dissipate. The North would have no incentive for risk. In addition, the mistrust and animosity between the two countries will not go away until the U.S. recognizes the legitimate national security concerns of North Korea. His argument is stronger than Cha's with respect to nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are less threatening than thought since the conventional war would still wipe out…

Works Cited

Cha, Victor. (2003). "Weak but Still Threatening." In Victor D. Cha and David C. Kang, Nuclear North Korea: A Debate on Engagement Strategies (pp. 13-40). New York, NY: Columbia University.

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Psychology Assessment Multiple Choice Questions
Words: 1116 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 73466531
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In this, the individual does soak up the behaviors of those he or she is associated with. Yet, this is out of mimicking others behavior, with no regard for self gain. On the other hand, Bandura placed more emphasis as development being based on a balance between the environment and one's internally set goals. From this perspective, the individual mimics behaviors that lead to the achievement of certain goals, specifically engineering a more personal purpose to what is learned.

Bandura can also be seen as contrasting the theories of Jean Piaget as well. Once again, the two place a huge role on the nature of social environments on learning and development. Still, there are clear differences. First, there are clearly issues in regards to when the stages of development actually occur. The two present different age ranges for the important stages. Then, there is the increased importance of the social…

School Choice Has Been a
Words: 2363 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33009890
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These issues of professionalism and innovation seem to be a major problem in many public schools in America. In recent years these issues have come to light as teachers have been disciplined and even fired for their interactions with students that have been unprofessional and even criminal at times. Teachers have an ethical responsibility to act professionally and when they fell to do so the ability of students to excel academically is also compromised.

The aforementioned authors also mention the lack of innovation that often occurs as a result of using democratic methods. One of the reasons why school choice is even an issue is because the curriculums that have been implemented in public schools lack variety. Part of the reason for this lack of innovation has to do with bureaucracy and government mandates such as the No Child Left Behind Act. This particular act stifles innovation because many teachers…

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History of Bass Pro Shops
Words: 705 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11876383
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Ecommerce is business that is conducted solely online (Laudon & Guercio Traver, 2014). It has become a staple of many companies today, and is also exceedingly important to a number of individuals who purchase all or part of the items they need online (Laudon & Guercio Traver, 2014). Google Shopping, PayPal, and numerous other payment plans and shopping cart companies are all very popular when it comes to ecommerce options (Laudon & Guercio Traver, 2014). Each one of them can be a good choice for any company, and which one is used all depends on the goals of the company and how much it wants to spend on the purchase and maintenance of the shopping cart it uses. Many companies work through third-party vendors in order to keep their shopping carts operational as much as possible (Laudon & Guercio Traver, 2014).

For Bass Pro-Shops, the importance of the right ecommerce…


Laudon, K.C., & Guercio Traver, C. (2014). E-commerce. business. technology. society. 10th edition. NY: Pearson.

The Story (2014). Bass Pro-Shops. Retrieved from

Ski Pro-Corporation Produces Sells Wholesalers a Highly
Words: 772 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24897187
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Ski Po-Copoation, poduces sells wholesales a highly successful line wate skis, decided divesify stabilize sales yea. The company poduction coss-county skis. Afte consideable eseach, a coss-county ski line developed.

The table below summaizes the calculations in the two diffeent scenaios. In scenaio no.1, the company poduces both the skis and the bindings. The costs fo diect labo, diect mateial and total ovehead ae shown in the fist column.

Skis and Bindings

Outsouced Bindings

Diect Labo

Diect Mateial

Total Ovehead

Total Cost

The second column shows the costs of the company if making the bindings is outsouced to a subcontacto and puchased athe than intenally poduced. The costs fo diect labo, diect mateial and total ovehead wee calculated by deceasing 10% fo diect labo and total ovehead and 20% fo diect mateial fom the costs fo all these elements in scenaio 1.

To the total cost, $10.50 was also added fo…

references)? Is it too high-end to outsource any of the components of the ski to an outside producer? If the market is not acceptable to such practices, the Ski Pro-Corporation would find itself in a position where most of its other competitors prefer complete internal production.

Finally, one needs to determine how the outside produced bindings would fit with the product itself, including in terms of the marketing and promotional campaign that the company would undertake. How is the product with outside bindings best described in a presentation of the new product the company is launching?

Sayyid Qutb's Transformation From Pro-Western
Words: 2641 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 83595100
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e. greed, lust and jealousy). To do this, Qutb advocated using a by any means necessary approach, in preventing the status quo from imposing its will upon everyone. This meant that there will be some kind of armed struggle against these forces.

What impacts has he had on Islamic thought?

The biggest impact of Qutb's ideas is in Islamic philosophy. What happened was Qutb, became involved in the Muslim Brotherhood when he returned to Egypt in 1952. During this time, he was actively involved in supporting governments and individuals that challenged Western policies. This led to him being arrested twice.

When he was in jail the first time, he wrote a number of pieces that discusses his radical ideas and how Muslims should stand up to this oppression. After being released in 1965 (for a brief period), is when he would publish these ideas. This led to his re-arrest and…


"Sayyid Qutb Milestones."Gems of Islamism. Last modified 2005. 

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Advertisement Reverse Engineering Marketing Messages Macbook Pro
Words: 1367 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30529856
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Reverse Engineering Marketing Messages

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro (Apple, 2012)

The Apple MacBook Pro-is a powerhouse of a laptop that features some of the greatest hardware available at this time. Although the computer's hardware is more than adequate to provide the processing power necessary to run the most sophisticated software packages, what Apple focuses on the most is the Retina display that represents the next generation of display technology. The Retina display offers a bright and crisp display that can be viewed from virtually any angle. Previous generations of displays, as well as inferior models, could only be viewed at a certain range of angles and under certain lighting conditions. For example, you cannot see the display on most monitors from the side or in direct sunlight.

The product is being promoted in a traditional Apple style. One the primary commercial video the laptop is at the center of…

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Business Globalization Pro's and Con's
Words: 1618 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46731905
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And proof of this sad truth stands the increasing trade deficit, meaning that the United States basically imports more than it exports. The imports from Canada and Mexico for instance have grown by 173%, whereas exports grew at a more toned pace. Then, NAFTA also caused 900,000 Americans in high-paid manufacturing positions to lose their jobs. "e're not signing trade agreements to open new markets for our exports. Instead we're continuing to enter into outsourcing agreements with countries that cannot possibly buy our goods" (Dobbs, 2005).

All in all, globalization is an extremely powerful force that can cause both wealth as well as poverty. Otherwise put, it is the force that intermediates the meeting of first and third world countries, with gains and losses for both parties.

orks Cited

Bhagwati, J., June 2004, Do Multinational Corporations Hurt Poor Countries?, Are e Being Run Over by Global Capitalism?

Dobbs, L., March…

Works Cited

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Business Pros and Cons of Partnership as
Words: 961 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57033077
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Pros and Cons of Partnership as a form of business

Partnership is a form of business where one or more individuals come together for the realization of a common economic goal. As with other forms of businesses, there are numerous pros and cons that come with it. One of the primary advantages is the pooling of resources that can be used for the achievement of the common goal. These common resources can include capital as well as skills needed for the successful execution of the business objectives. Another advantage is the lower rate of taxation. The profits from the business is treated as personal tax and so, the slabs are much lower. Lastly, it offers a high degree of flexibility and is simpler than many other forms of businesses such as corporations.

Partnership comes with its disadvantages as well. Firstly, partners have a joint and several liability which means…


Hanson, Mary. (1998). The Business Adviser Partnership: The Pros and Cons. Retrieved from: 

US Small Business Administration. (2012). Retrieved from: 

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Stuttering the Pros and Cons of Personality
Words: 1549 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17831245
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The Pros and Cons of Personality Tests, and Whether they can Detect a Stuttering Character

The issue of whether to implement personality tests is a contentious topic with fervent advocates on both sides. On the one hand, personality tests do provide some basic outline of a person's character and personality; on the other hand, it is difficult to determine exactly how accurate the test is or whether it is even applicable in the practice of a person's life. At the present moment, there continues to exist significant backlash against personality tests, although this tendency is perhaps unfair given the possible virtues of implementing such procedures. It is most likely that personality tests are appropriate in certain contexts; however, even in these situations it is important to avoid placing excessive emphasis of the findings gleaned from a personality test. Another significant question raised by the extant literature on personality tests…


Arthur, Winifred, et al. (2009). Unproctored internet-based tests of cognitive ability and personality: Magnitude of cheating and response distortion. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2, 39-45.

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Gay Is Not a Choice
Words: 2001 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 56895046
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This also becomes clear if we consider other mammals and sexual behavior and orientation in the natural world.

On the other and I do not discount entirely the social and social learning theories about being gay. It would be incorrect to argue rigidly against the view that society, culture and social learning play a significant role in being gay. However, what is also very clear from this research is that being gay is predominantly and in the first instance biologically determined.

In the final analysis, while one can continue to discuss for and against arguments in this debate, for me it is just as important to listen to what gay people say about their feelings and situations. As mentioned in the introduction, many gay people state categorically that they 'have always felt different' and that their sexual preferences are internal and innate rather then learned. These are views that I…


Brookey, R.A. (2001). Bio-Rhetoric, Background Beliefs and the Biology of Homosexuality. Argumentation and Advocacy, 37(4), 171.


BEgue, L., & Apostolidis, T. (2001). Implicit Theories of Reality and Social Differentiation from Gay People. Journal of Social Psychology, 141(1), 132-134.


Economics Multiple Choice Questions Two
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5.3 A. Increase; decrease

6.0 D. All of these arguments provide reasons for why productivity could be higher for union workers.

1.1 D. Hungry

1.2 Plot each Quintile number one through four for each country using the appropriate color for each country.

1.3 D. Brazil

2.0 C. The ratio of the total income of the lowest quintile of the income distribution to the total income of the highest quintile of the income distribution in higher in France than in Germany.

3.0 A. Workers are being paid too little in this labor market, and the best way to rectify this is to train them to be more productive.

4.1 B. 40%

4.2 C. High school students, retirees, undergraduates, graduates, professors

4.3 C. There is not enough information to make a conclusion.

5.1 D. No evidence of

5.2 D. 40%

5.3 B. 20%

1.0 B. Risk of default

2.0 B. RNE should…

Personal Safety Pros and Cons
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Motorcycle riders believe they should be responsible for their own safety and well-being, and should not be forced to wear a helmet if they do not want to. This argument seems self-centered and unrealistic. Helmets save lives, it is proven, and anyone who does not want to save their own life seems to be living in a dream world where accidents do not occur. However, they do, and people die as a result of making poor choices. On bicycles, children have even more chances of injury, because children tend to take more chances, not understanding the risks, and they are still growing, so they can be even more severely injured in accidents, especially with head injuries. Helmets should be required for all children riding bicycles, because children have not developed the facilities to understand all the dangers that face them.

Helmets do restrict side and rear vision, and many people…

Analyzing Employee Free Choice Act
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professional H standpoint on the Employee Free Choice Act for the consideration of a local U.S. representative.

Message to epresentative

This document contains the professional opinion of highly qualified Human esource professionals on the proposed Employee Free Choice Act. The group has thoroughly gone through the proposal, evaluating its strengths and weaknesses before preparing this document. This has been done keeping in mind that theirs is a crucial role in the acceptance or rejection of the said act.

Our position

It is the belief of this organization that employees can be able to progress when they unite in the quest to achieve improved remuneration from their employers. Given the increase in the prices of goods and services such as the price of food items, household goods and increased interest rates among others. All this has placed an increased burden on many workers without their wages being increased to meet these…


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Environment Pros and Cons of
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These technologies are can be separated into three main categories (Alternative Energy):

Wave Energy Converters: These systems extract the power of ocean waves and convert it into electricity. Typically, these systems use either a water column or some type of surface or just-below-surface buoy to capture the wave power. In addition to oceans, some lakes may offer sufficient wave activity to support wave energy converter technology. (Alternative Energy).

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC): OTEC generates electricity through the temperature differential in warmer surface water and colder deep water. Of ocean technologies, OTEC has the most limited applicability in the United States because it requires a 40-degree temperature differential that is typically available in locations like Hawaii and other more tropical climates (Alternative Energy).

Offshore Wind: Offshore wind projects take advantage of the vast wind resources available across oceans and large water bodies. Out at sea, winds blow freely, unobstructed by…


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Prep-To-Pro' NBA Draft According to
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I want to be a psychologist" (Hindo 2004) This seems like an argument to take such a choice away from teen draftees, and prohibit the NBA from recruiting straight from high school. But this is more rhetoric than reality, and although it could be argued that playing professional 'ball' leaves a player ill-prepared for job prospects in the real world, an even worse fate is to play college basketball for four years and leave with no degree, or to leave with a degree but few marketable skills -- and an empty bank account, and no NBA offers.

Ending the 'prep to pro' draft is not simply bad for professional basketball; it is also bad for the players, unless the 'shamaturism' of college-level basketball ends. March Madness is a multi-million dollar enterprise, but everyone profits -- colleges, coaches, networks, even alumni by their school's elevated name and more competitive admission standards…

Works Cited

Hindo, Brian. "The NBA's Youth Squad." Business Week Online. 24 Jun 2004.

17 Feb 2008

Managerial Finance the Pros and
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It is a New York company that employs less than 200 people, and most of them are blue-collar workers. There are thirty people who do nothing but package cookies, and the company is generally fairly efficient. However, if the company were to send its cookie-making work overseas it could probably make the cookies and have them shipped back for less money than it is costing them to make the cookies locally, especially since many of their suppliers are already located far from their plant, driving up the cost of doing business. However, the company would hurt the community it is currently in by doing this because it would mean the loss of jobs and also the anger at those lost jobs, so the people in that area might not buy the company's cookies anymore. This would ultimately damage both profits and image.


Pagach, D. 2004. Outsourcing at your own…


Pagach, D. 2004. Outsourcing at your own risk: before outsourcing any process of function, it's essential to assess the risks enterprise-wide. Strategic Finance.

Clark, R. 2004. The real cost of outsourcing: turning over it operations, call centers and network maintenance often involves more than service providers bargained for. America's Network.


"Critically evaluate the usefulness of rational decision-making for managers when making strategic choices"

Characteristics of strategic decisions

Long-term survival of the organization

Scope of organization activities

esources and competences / Competitive advantage

Then strategy is concerned with the strategic fit to the external environment

Stakeholders' expectations

Power in the organization - The expectations and worth of powerful agents in and around the company

Strategy as ational decision making

Set objectives

Understand problem

Determine options

Evaluate options

Improvement in strategic decision making

Involvement of different stakeholders

Organization should have focus and flexibility

Organization should learn the strategy



Strategic management is the process of determining clear objectives of the company, and evaluation of internal and external environment in order to form a strategy solution, implement it, assess the progression, and make adjustments accordingly. In this report we will discuss the usefulness of rationale decision making for managers while making…


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Weighing the Pro and Cons
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Henry Louis Gates, Jr.'s "In the Kitchen," Susan Brodo's "The Empire of Images," and Josie Appleton's "The Body Piercing Project," seem to have initially very little in common because of their different genres: non-fiction autobiography, sociological discussion of the impact of the media, and a news report on the changing perception of taboo. Yet, at the core, each work is essentially about what people go through in order to be accepted by their society.

"In the Kitchen" tells the tale of an African-American home and how their life centers on their kitchen. This scene of domesticity is one of tradition and all the happy memories of the narrator's childhood. One of the most palpable senses with regard to creating memory is the sense of smell. "The most important thing about our gas-equipped kitchen was that Mama used to do hair there…There was an intimate warmth in the women's tones as…

Works Cited:

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Gates, Henry Louis Jr. "In the Kitchen." 121-131. Print.

GAAP and IFRS convergence pros and cons
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In 2016, the chief accountant of the SEC, James Schnurr, announced that he would not recommend that the SEC should mandate, or even offer the choice, for US companies to use International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This announcement was believed to be the "death knell" for the convergence between GAAP and IFRS, a project that had already stretched more than a decade with only moderate success (Katz, 2015).

The Merits of Convergence

When the convergence project was originally proposed, there were several benefits cited that made the case for regulators to pursue the project. The biggest argument was that capital markets are becoming increasingly global, therefore it was valuable to converge all major accounting standards. If every nation in every country used the same accounting standards, that would reduce the transaction costs associated with the flow of capital. In theory, this would spark an increase in cross-border investment, and…

The Pros and Cons of Physician Assisted Suicide
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Physician Assisted Suicide in Patients With Unbearable Suffering or the Terminally Ill

One of the most hotly debated issues today is physician-assisted suicide. ecently, California became the fifth state to legalize physician-assisted suicide, and there is an increasing likelihood that other states will follow suit in the foreseeable future. The purpose of this study is to determine if the factors chosen have any bearing on those who choose to end their life with physician assisted suicide. In support of this purpose, the objectives of this study were as follows: (a) to research scholarly articles regarding physician-assisted suicide and gather pertinent information into a comprehensive profile; (b) to research whether unbearable suffering is the dominant motive to request physician-assisted suicide; (c) to research whether the race and level of education of the patient are contributing factors when physician-assisted suicide is requested; and, (d) to research whether the type of terminal illness…


Bauer-Maglin, N. & Perry, D. (2010). Final acts: Death, dying, and the choices we make. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.

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Euthanasia Pro Debates Regarding the
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He argues that if society were to allow the terminally ill to commit suicide, then it would be a small step to allow other members of society -- like the handicapped -- to do so as well. This is not a completely trivial argument for two reasons: first, it is the point-of-view held by the majority of the Christian right -- a powerful political force in the Untied States; and second, if we accept his principle that life is intrinsically valuable, regardless of individual's rights over their own bodies, then we should be inclined to believe that active euthanasia is always wrong. Yet, Otremba is willing to concede that passive euthanasia may, sometimes, be permissible; this, however, only under the conditions of extreme suffering and impending death.

Fundamentally, it is a precarious moral position to contend that each and every human life demands society's active preservation. Otremba, and many others,…


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Labeling GMOs Pro or Con Essay
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One of the most controversial issues in food politics today is the question of genetically modified organisms. Many consumers dispute whether such products are safe at all. But while the evidence regarding the safety of GMOs continues to be debated within the scientific community, another debate has arisen, specifically regarding the need to label products which contain GMOs within them. Because of the ubiquitous nature of GMOs in agriculture, GMO-containing products can span from everything from foods to pesticides. Producers oppose such labeling requirements, arguing that there is no evidence that GMOs cause consumers any harm. Proponents argue in favor of consumer choice.

In Favor Of Labeling GMOs

Perhaps the most obvious argument in favor of labeling GMO-containing products is that of consumer choice. Even if the products have not been found to cause harm, according to current scientific evidence, this does not mean that consumers do not have a…

The Pros and Cons of the Australian Business Judgment Rule
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Limitations of the Research or Gaps

A Critical Analysis of the usiness Judgement Rule under the Australian Corporation Law

There have been many large businesses which have collapsed unexpectedly to cause irreparable damage to the investors worldwide in recent years. The most recent and larger cases are those of the fall of the mighty U.S.-based Enron International and the Australian firm, HIH Insurance. These cases shook the faith of the stakeholders in the ability and the intention of the directors who were in charge of the operation of these enterprises. These cases have also made it harder for the directors to negate the fiduciary duty imposed upon them by the law. For instance, according to the 1997 Directors' Duties and Corporate Governance prepared by the Commonwealth of Australia, 'There has been increasing debate in Australia about the standard of corporate governance, particularly in light of the experiences of the late…


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Commonwealth Corporations Act 2001, Section 180.

The Pros and Cons of Decriminalizing Drugs
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Policy Issues on the Legalization of Drugs

The law on drugs differs among countries. The differences are in terms of the degree and the magnitude of the penalty given. It is the responsibility of those in leadership to ensure that there is a specific guideline on the use of drugs. Drug abuse is the reason most people have ended up losing their lives and living unstable lives. It is because of the intentions set out by the people that it has become the concern of the states to institute laws that govern the use of drugs. Some drugs can be used for positive purposes while others serve the negative roles in the society. It is the expectation of everyone in charge of governance to ensure that there is a policy on drugs that meets the expectations of those who are interested in securing a better chance to grow. In most…


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A Pro and a Con of Piecemeal Application of Deming S 14 Points
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Management - Analysis of Processes & orkflows -- Deming Essay

. Edwards Deming is a renowned expert in the analysis of business processes and workflows. Though much of his work predated the 1980s, that decade saw American businesses eventually acknowledge and begin to implement his 14 points of management. Implementation of those points is ideally accomplished simultaneously. Implementation of one point over the others might seem logical; however, that piecemeal approach is also deeply problematic.

. Edwards Deming is widely known in management circles as one of the giants of quality (Editor, 2012). Holding engineering and physics degrees from the Universities of yoming and Yale, during Deming's 93 years of life (1900-1993) (Editor, 2012), he became renowned for his developed management techniques. Though he initially worked in the industrial sphere, his most notable first effort at effective management was his government-directed reconstruction of Japanese industry after II (Editor, 2012). Though…

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Legalization of Abortion
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Abortion: Pro-Choice

Abortion (pro-choice)

Women in the United States faced many difficulties before the legalization of abortion. The case of oe vs. Wade is famous as this case allowed for the legalization of abortion K. Jones & Chaloner, 2007.

Before the legalization of abortion, there were women who still aborted illegally, and all that legalization provided for was a safe environment for the women to perform abortion. Legalization of abortion provided women with a choice in regards to keeping the pregnancy to term or terminating the pregnancy. This choice is and has been a controversial one, which results in many debates for and against abortion. The debates regarding abortion have not favored women as it was earlier thought, since there are women who still cannot access abortion services. Women of color were mostly disadvantaged before abortion was legalized, but the situation did not change after abortion was legalized. Colored women…


Avalos, L.R. (2003). Abortion in the Web of Relationship. International Journal for Human Caring, 7(2).

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Life You Take My Take
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He declares the baby in her womb is the "child's body and not the woman's" (Finnis). This is true. That body may need her body for protection and growth but the body itself does not belong to the mother. Finnis also states that pro-abortion positions are "mere (understandable) bias, mere (understandable) self-interested refusal to listen to the very same claim ('This body is my body') when it is made by or on behalf of another person" (Finnis). The pro-abortionists use the "body belongs to the mother" position when it is convenient for them but the truth is it backfires on them because the mothers only own her body and not the baby's body.

Abortion kills, plain and simple. If abortion was acceptable, why don't pro-choice supporters call themselves pro-abortion? I believe this is because the word itself is ugly and the movement must hide behind another word or phrase that…

Works Cited

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January 29, 2009. 

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Resource Database. Site Accessed January 29, 2009

Abortion Be Legal Abortion Has
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The issue of abortion remains very controversial and is characterized by several arguments and counter-arguments. This has led to differences in permitting and prohibiting the procedure across different societies. However, abortions should be permitted for several reasons rather than being an unrestricted procedure or practice. Women should be permitted to make private personal decisions based on their beliefs, circumstances, and values without interference from the government or any group. Therefore, people should respect and support a woman when she encounters a decision that could change her life such as whether to have a child.

Generally, the government should respect personal integrity by enabling women to make their own private decisions and ensure that they have the ability to make such decisions in a responsible manner. Secondly, abortion should be permitted in several circumstances such as when the mother's health is at risk including her mental well-being. Moreover, abortion…


"Should Abortion Be Legal?" (2011, November 15). - Abortion. Retrieved July 25, 2013, from view.answers.php?questionID=1447' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

Abortion Ever Since in the
Words: 1432 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77861332
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Whether a probable existing advocate of slavery could offer satisfactory reasons is a decision that is not neutral and unqualified but joined to the background of individual's modern standards. In the same way, the adequacy of the reasons specified by pro-choice or pro-life supporters is relative to the literary context in which an individual judge it. The literary climate nowadays makes the reasons given by pro-choice supporters seem sensible, even though, they are primarily incorrect. Although it gives confidence about respecting for these sensible reasons and for those who place them onward, just as slavery today is seen as not carried by any satisfactory reasons, in the same way, years from now, people will see abortion as not carried by any satisfactory reasons. This entails that pro-life supporters are previously aware of the unacceptability of the causes of pro-choice advocates. (Amy Gutman, Dennis Thompson).

If a person expands it point-of-view…


Alan R. Fleischman. The Pro-Life Maternal-Fetal Medicine Physician: A Problem of Integrity. 1995.

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Abortion Created Serious Debates and
Words: 3098 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 13402871
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A normal pro-life campaign is less complex than Catholic anti-abortion principles because of the religious aspect of the matter. The connection between the Catholic Church and morality has come to be stronger in the recent years in spite of the fact that it does not essentially function based on morality alone. To a certain degree, one might be inclined to consider that the Church is wrong in promoting anti-abortion simply because it wants to follow Christian tradition. Catholic teachings are essentially derived from the Bible and "whatever the "moral" teaching of the Church might be, it is, in the final analysis, a function of how to read the Scripture. Christian morality is not, in short, a "stand-alone" moral position" (O'Brien 92). In promoting anti-abortion messages, Catholic representatives practically go against the general message that the Gospel is trying to convey.

Catholics have recently been more determined than ever to fight…

Works cited:

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Ethical Issue on Abortion
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Ethical Issues Surrounding Abortion

Notwithstanding the laws being passed in various states against a woman's right to chose to terminate her pregnancy, the position of this paper is that Roe v. ade is the law of the land and a woman has the ethical and moral right to decide to have an abortion. There are many positions for and against Roe v. ade, and there are many ethical issues that may be (and in many cases are) embraced on both sides of the issue. But the law of the land vis-a-vis a woman's right to the privacy -- regarding her own values -- when it comes to terminating a pregnancy has been determined by the High Court. As a nurse committed to fairness and ethics in healthcare issues, while I respect the rights of others to practice their own values in opposition to Roe v. ade, I am in support…

Works Cited

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Retrieved April 16, 2012, from .

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Abortion Is Immoral -- by
Words: 708 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 58053546
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In page after page (roughly 189-200) Marquis engages in lengthy semantics that appears to mimic the kinds of arguments and questions that were launched in Plato's "The Republic," which of course was Socrates' style of questioning the validity of every conceivable argument and assertion. For example, Marquis uses esoteric language to flush out the wrongness of killing, per se:

"Since we do believe that it is wrong to kill defenseless little babies, it is important that a theory of the wrongness of killing easily account for this.

Personhood theories of the wrongness of killing, on the other hand, cannot straightforwardly account for the wrongness of killing infants and young children. Hence, such theories must add special ad hoc accounts of the wrongness of killing the young. The plausibility of such ad hoc theories seems to be a function of how desperately one wants such theories to work" (192).

Meanwhile, Marquis…

Works Cited

Marquis, Don. "Why Abortion is Immoral." The Journal of Philosophy, 86.4. (1989): 183-202.

Public Funding of Abortion Clinic
Words: 1206 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89504329
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This means that the government should fund abortions despite of where they are performed whether in hospitals or clinics. This can be achieved through passing legislation to support pro-choice care for all pregnant women. Allowing abortions only in particular situations is a form of discrimination and in order to ensure that Americans have the necessary system that supports the choice of women to get an abortion, the government needs to pass legislation that funds abortion clinics. This will ensure that all women despite their social class have the right to make decisions about their childbearing and their reproductive health and not leaving this to only those who are able to afford to pay for abortion.

Shortage of abortion providers

There has been a shortage of abortion providers over the years as a result of the lack of experience in conducting abortions for doctors since despite their medical education, they are…


Jane Roe, Et Al. V. Henry Wade, District Attorney of Dallas County Roe v. Wade. U.S. Supreme Court 1973.

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Legal Abortion in Canada Unlike
Words: 1247 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3993050
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The "No New Law!" campaign then shifted its focus to the establishment of freestanding clinics and insurance coverage for women who needed the procedure. Because provincial governments regulate health care in Canada, pressure was put on them for publicly funded clinics. Pro-choice activists also pressured the federal government to approve U-486 for Canadian testing.

Although criminal sanctions are no longer in force, improved equal access has been disappointing. ich women have always had access to safe abortions and always had a choice, but working women have not. Their choice was inhibited by the state's involvement. Weir (1994) states the women now who have the greatest difficulties are women of colour, rural women, women from under-serviced areas, poor women, unemployed women, women with disabilities, and women whose first language is not English. How much money women have and what kind of work they are employed in makes a huge difference in…


Albert, R. (2005). Protest, proportionality, and the politics of privacy: Mediating the tension between the right of access to abortion clinics and free religious expression in Canada and the United States. Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Review, 27 (1), 1-62.

Palley, H.A. (2006). Canadian abortion policy: National policy and the impact of federalism and political implementation on access to services. The Journal of Federalism, 36 (4), 565-586.

Weir, L. (1994). Left popular politics in Canadian feminist abortion organizing, 1982-1991. Feminist Studies, 20 (2) 249.

Partial Birth Abortions
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partial birth abortion, many pro-choice advocates point to a woman's right to choose as the basis for its existence, however, a woman's right to choose should never override the rules against committing murder.

Partial birth abortions are not new. They were medically defined in the early 1800's and that definition is extremely telling as to its intent. In 1833, partial birth abortions were defined as "an abortion in which the person performing the abortion partially vaginally delivers a living fetus before killing the fetus and completing the delivery (What is a Partial-Birth Abortion? ("

For one to understand how partial birth abortions constitute murder, one needs to know the medical procedure involved. In a partial birth abortion, the fetus is located through ultrasound. The physician uses forceps to grab one of the legs of the fetus and begins to drag it down through the birth canal until everything but the…


Judge to let witness say fetus feels abortion pain

The Record (Bergen County, NJ); 3/23/2004; LARRY NEUMEISTER, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

What is a Partial-Birth Abortion?

Abortion One of the Most
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The pro-choice group really does not have an argument other than the right to choose. It is, unfortunately, not much of a choice when it involves killing a living thing without reason. The political ramifications have reached such a point that the abortion is the only medical procedure that has no age restrictions (or require parental consent). Abortion also goes against the scientific laws of nature. In the creative scheme of things, after God, women occupy a very important place. Such power cannot be misused. Even atheists would concede the powerful natural forces at work here. A woman's body goes through significant changes as it readies it self to create a brand new human being. Abortion cuts this process short.

Then there are guilt feelings and burdens of society. Obviously, a woman who goes through abortion merely for convenience would be guilt ridden for a long time (if not for…


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Defense of Abortion the Author of This
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Defense of Abortion

The author of this piece, Judith Jarvis Thompson, supports abortion, she uses descriptive assumptions creatively, and she makes dramatic -- even outrageous -- examples as juxtapositions to develop her argument and make her points. She also employs value assumptions that are effective in her narrative. But Thompson's theses and her Socratic style of argument carry the most weight as she turns of the positions of the "pro-life" movement upside down as a way to make her own positions shine. Thompson presents all of this two years before the U.S. Supreme Court's historic Roe v. ade decision, which is impressive in hindsight, given the intensity of the ongoing debate on abortion.

Is the fetus a human being from the time of conception?

In her first paragraph, Thompson notes that people are expected by pro-life proponents to say that the "fetus us a person from the moment of conception."…

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Abortion the Topic of Abortion
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According to Ayn and, rights do not relate to a prospective human being, but only to an actual human being. A child cannot attain any right until it is born. It is only on this criterion that we can safeguard the political right of the women to do what she opts for in this matter. No other person including even her husband has the right to influence as to what she may act in respect of her own body. That is a basic principle of right. (Peikoff, 2003)

While many of the endeavors to further confine the abortion rights are justified on the basis of advances being made in fetal medicine, actually they are motivated by a challenge to the right of women to exert regulation over reproduction. eproduction is viewed as a primary activity of the family, a crucial structure that forms society. If women can exercise full option…


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Abortion Throughout History Abortion Has
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However, when all said and done the situation is still critical and those having resorted to abortion have a hard time getting over the psychological traumas that they suffer. Of course, such an experience is difficult to put behind and the best solution for abortion victims should be their subjection to intense psychological discussions in order to get over the shock more easily.

It seems that the women that cannot psychologically recover from an abortion describe similar symptoms. Most have reported having nightmares about children, blood, and voices calling them. It is horrible for someone that underwent an abortion to be reminded of the episode, as images immediately spring to their minds making them go into a state of distress. It is not surprising that consequent to undergoing an abortion, one's self-esteem drops significantly, as women feel that they have been incompetent at performing one of humanity's basic functions-that of…

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