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Relationship of Food and Ritual in India

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Saving the Cows, Starving the Children" by Sonia Faleirojune and the article entitled "Food Price Inflation in India: Causes and Cures" by Pradeep Agrawal and Durairaj Kumaraswamy in the Indian Economic Review available from JSTOR both address food issues in India. These articles appealed to me because I find India to be a fascinating country where there is so much potential for greatness yet so much inherent contradictory actions and agendas that frustrate the country's advances. Faleirojune focuses on the contradiction at the heart of India's policy towards banning beef: cows are literally everywhere in India and could be used to help feed the nation's poor and malnourished, but the government won't allow the sale of beef in many states -- neither will it permit state schools to offer eggs to school children as part of a meal plan. Even though eggs would be a good solution to the problem…… [Read More]

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Chinese Calligraphy or Chinese Weddings

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Chinese eddings

Ancient Chinese weddings began with elaborate preparation, including the proposal and acceptance. However, the wedding itself was rather simple, and generally comprised of the bride and groom paying homage to Heaven and Earth, the family ancestors and the Kitchen God, Tsao-Chun, at the family altar, after which they drank tea offered by the groom's parents, and then bowed to each other (Chinese pp). This completed the marriage ceremony. Although the marriage ceremony itself was simply, there were numerous customs that were required both before and after, many of which are still observed today.

Today, many Chinese-Americans choose to combine their traditional culture with modern estern traditions. Traditionally, the color red is the symbol of happiness and joy, and is used throughout Chinese celebrations, including weddings (Traditions pp). The wedding invitations and reception menus are a deep red with black or gold calligraphy, and the guest book is always…… [Read More]

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Nuclear Fusion Learning From Failure

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Another lesson learned by the fusion research has been its impact on the development of future nuclear weapons vs. existing test ban treaties. It would be possible with successful nuclear fusion results to test weapons without an actual above or below ground explosion due to the nature of the science. The question is raised whether that would be a violation of the nuclear test ban treaties. Also, the potential power of these weapons is mind-boggling -- perhaps 100x existing nuclear weapons. They make the atomic and hydrogen bombs look like firecrackers in comparison.

The mere thought of pure fusion weapons has given pause for thought, and the development of even minor successes in this field cause lessons to be learned about the future control and management of fusion devices.


Most importantly, the fifty years of research into nuclear fusion have brought the world to the point of learning…… [Read More]


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Noise-Abatement Strategies for Tertiary Healthcare Facilities

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educing Length of Stays on Critical Care Wards in a Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Today, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) operates the nation's largest healthcare system and provides training for more than half of all of the physicians that practice in the United States today. Based on its mission, taken from President Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, to "care for him who has borne the battle, his widow and his orphans," the VA Medical Center in Oklahoma City is committed to providing the best quality medical care possible for its veteran patients. One issue that has emerged in recent months that has been shown to adversely affect the quality of this patient care is sleep disruption on critical care wards due to the high levels of noise that are generated in these healthcare environments. In fact, the noise levels on many critical care wards as the same as…… [Read More]


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