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Qualities of Washington in His

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52, 53). Thus, in less than a month, Washington improvised an entirely new battle plan and seized the advantage offered to him by the British. Coupled with his relentless dedication to his cause, Washington's ability to react and improvise throughout the war is what allowed the relatively untrained and poorly supplied Continental Army to overcome the might of the British empire.

The third trait, a fatherly devotion to his men, is evident throughout Washington's military career. Though he was careful to maintain a certain distance between himself and his men in order to ensure a modicum of respect (or at least fear), he nevertheless care deeply about their well-being (Harvey, 2008, p. 39). For example, when he became the leader of the Continental Army, one of his first orders was for the men to be issued fresh bedding and food, and he organized colonial women to produce 14,000 new coats…… [Read More]


Harvey, R. (2008). Maverick military leaders, the extraordinary battles of washington, nelson, patton, rommel, and others. Skyhorse Pub Co Inc.
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Qualities of a Good Educational

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They appaently need to see someone as actively involved in the leadeship pocess in ode to conside him o he a leade.

One of the chaacteistics that the students did mention was fainess. Each of them descibed scenaios in which they felt as if thei educational leades had not been fai. They peceived that some students wee given pefeential teatment. The easons that they cited fo this pefeential teatment vaied, though paental involvement at school and student involvement in athletics seems to be two common easons that they believed pincipals might teat some students bette than othes. They felt like this diffeential teatment was not beneficial, not only to the students who did not eceive the pefeential teatment, but also to the students who did. Anothe chaacteistic that the students found impotant was that the leades be nice to them; they found it difficult to elate to leades who wee…… [Read More]

references first, and discourage the teachers from challenging them and assigning a lot of homework. However, two of the parents believed that a student-first attitude meant that the educational leaders should be focused on ensuring that the children received the best education possible, with the goal of surpassing any state standards for minimum education requirements.

They also seemed to feel like educational leaders should be available. They seemed to find it very off-putting when educational leaders, particularly those on the administrative level, did not make themselves available to the parents. They wanted to be able to enter into a dialogue with them and feel as if the leaders were paying attention to their issues and concerns, rather than act as if parental concerns were somehow unimportant in the educational context.


There was very little overlap in the qualities that the three groups identified as being critical in an educational leader. Instead, each group of them seemed to focus on the qualities that would permit the educational leader to interact better with them. What this suggests is that an educational leader's effectiveness should not be assessed by a single group of individuals, but by a combination of people from all different areas. Moreover, it suggests that educational leaders need flexibility, so that they can be effective leaders for students, teachers and parents, despite the varying demands of each group.
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Qualities That Make an Effective Leader

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Qualities of an Effective Leader

hat are the qualities that go into a strong, effective leader in today's business world? This paper explores and critiques those qualities through the available literature.

How Centered Leaders Archive Extraordinary Results

An "extraordinary" amount of stress is being placed on leaders in the business community due to today's "complex, volatile, and fast-paced business environment," according to an article in the peer-reviewed journal McKinsey Quarterly (Barsh, et al., 2010). And in that fast-paced business world there are many leaders who simply lack the skills needed to handle the issues that come before them, Barsh explains. The answer to that problem is to locate those capabilities that are available in the literature and cultivate them, Barsh goes on (1). By "cultivating" capabilities Barsh is actually talking about taking constructive steps to "frame" certain challenges and hence to "unlock" the full potential of the organization (1).

Moreover,…… [Read More]

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Qualities of a Healthcare Professional

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By reducing stress levels, this could even have a direct medical benefit. It is essential that a healthcare professional be knowledgeable and efficient, but to make them truly excellent they need to have good people skills, too.

In essence, being an excellent healthcare provider simply means understanding people, and treating patients like human beings. It sounds simple, but remarkably few people in today's world seem to recognize other humans in day-to-day transactions. The healthcare professionals that exhibit this quality are the ones I consider truly excellent, and the ones that have inspired me to attend nursing school. I will keep in mind the level of service they provided, and try to emulate the same qualities in my career in healthcare.… [Read More]