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Regal Marine Essays (Examples)

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Design of Goods and Services
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egal Marine

Product life cycle is an approach that companies use when analyzing the evolution of their products. This is intended to determine the investments that must be made regarding these products, but also the incomes they are likely to determine. The concept of product life cycle also applies in the case of egal Marine products. In this case, most of the company's products usually have a life cycle of three to five years. This can be considered a short life style in comparison with other products that benefit from life cycles of decades.

In this situation, products with short life cycles require increased levels of investments. This is because the company must focus on introducing new products on the market in order to be competitive (Wu et al., 2005). However, these products are also able to determine increased levels of incomes that can be used in investing in the…

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1. Wu, D. et al. (2005). Managing Short Lifecycle Technology Products for Agere Systems. Retrieved May 3, 2013 from

Services There Are Several Ways
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With this type of diect input, customization to fit exact consume needs becomes one of the clea pillas of the stategy. This is also eflected in the divese list of ships that the company has poduced in the last peiod of time, anging fom the small, 3-passenges Rush to the luxuy Commodoe -- all in ode to addess a wide ange of potential clients, with divesification and customization woking togethe as the main elements of the company's stategy.

This is suppoted by the continuous development of new poducts, also in line with the fact that the life cycle of the poduct is between 3 and 5 yeas, which equies the constant development of new poducts, both to keep in line with the consumes' pefeences and to ensue that the company emains inteesting on the maket with the poducts it offes, in compaison to its competitos. At the same time, all…

references and to ensure that the company remains interesting on the market with the products it offers, in comparison to its competitors. At the same time, all this strategy is also supported by technology, as shown through the use of Computer Aided Design in the development of new products.

3. The main advantage that Regal Marine obtains from the used of technology such as CAD results in engineering benefits and a higher quality product. With CAD, the company can ensure that the parts making up the boat are better fitted together and will have better results as a finalized, end product. At the same time, using CAD also increases the efficiency of the development process, which is essential in an industry where the life cycle of the product is so short. With this, the company is able to improve its relations not only with the clients, but also with other significant shareholders and partners, such as suppliers.

Cardsmax Operational Management Case How Does the
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Operational Management Case

How does the concept of product life cycle apply to egal Marine products?

The concept of the life cycle applies to egal marine in several ways. First, this company appears to be in the maturity phase. There are discussions in the article that explain the different methods that they have utilized to stay cutting edge and with supply and demand. As the years passed, they would create bigger and better boats that would in fact cost more and make more money. egal was in the growth stage when they were getting new suppliers while they continued to make updates and innovations to their product. Penfield (2009), explain that companies that can implement effective waste-recovery systems will have a competitive advantage over other businesses. They further explain that in the current economic environment companies need to look at waste as an opportunity we cannot afford to squander.…


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History Naval Warfare What Was Naval Power
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History Naval Warfare

What was naval power in the age of sail and how did different sea going states exercise it from the period 1650-1850?

"There is a deep landlubber bias in historical and social research," writes Charles King. "History and social life, we seem to think, happen on the ground. What happens on the water…is just the scene-setter for the real action when the actors get where they are going. ut oceans, seas, and rivers have a history of their own, not merely as highways or boundaries but as central players in distinct stories of human interaction and exchange." Current essay is an exploration of the naval power and sea command during the period of the age of sail (1650-1850). The author has mentioned the war history and war strategies of major navies and sailors during this era. The author has also discussed how different sea going states exercise…

BibliographyAmes, Glenn Joseph. "Colbert, Mercantilism, and the French Quest for Asian Trade." DeKalb, IL: Northern Illinois University Press, (1996).Black, Jeremy. "Britain as a Military Power, 1688-1815." London: UCL Press, (1999).Boxer, C.R. "The Portuguese Seaborne Empire, 1415-1825." London: Hutchinson, (1969). Brewer, John. "Sinews of Power: War, Money and the English State, 1688-1783." Cambridge: Harvard University Press, (1988).Charles King, "The Black Sea: A History" Oxford: Oxford University Press (2004), 3.Diamond, Jared. "Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies." New York W.W. Norton & Co., (1997).Kennedy, Paul M. "The Rise and Fall of British Naval Mastery." Malabar, FL.: Robert E. Krieger, (1982).Pearson, M.N. Merchants and Rulers in Gujarat: The Response to the Portuguese in the Sixteenth Century. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1976.Timothy Brook, The Confusions of Pleasure: Commerce and Culture in Ming China (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1998), 12.Warren I. Cohen East Asia at the Center: Four Thousand Years of Engagement with the World (New York: Columbia University Press, 2000), 88.]


The author discussed the sea power in the age of sail i.e., 1650-1800 and how different countries adopt this power. For this purpose the author analyzed main sea powers during this period i.e., Purtogues, Dutch, French and English in the Atlantic Ocean and Chinese navy. The author concluded that sea power was the main source of authority for any country. The courtiers with powerful fleet ships and navy were dominant in the world.

Mostly the countries having command on sea used this dominance to expand trade. There are also evidences of unfair means to occupy other countries as well to maintain this occupation. The author also discussed how the British Royal Navy used impressments system to forcefully include the seaman in the Royal Navy.


Metes and Bounds The History
Words: 2934 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84834281
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Source: Hockett 1940:264

This land surveying method proved to be highly accurate, a feature that was in sharp contrast to the methods that had been used in some American colonies such as Virginia that allowed the use of so-called "indiscriminate locations," a practice that caused an enormous amount of land boundary disputes (Hockett 1940). hile the land surveying method used pursuant to the Land Survey Ordinance of 1785 was partially based on techniques that had evolved in New England, the origins of some of the features included in the legislation remain unclear (Hockett 1940). Notwithstanding this lack of historical precision concerning the origins of the features contained in the Land Survey Ordinance of 1785, the land surveying methods it set forth were so efficient and effective that the same techniques were applied to the rest of the country as westward expansion continued, eventually dividing all of the public lands in…

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Piaf Pam Gems provides a view into
Words: 46193 Length: 125 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 73251446
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in "Piaf," Pam Gems provides a view into the life of the great French singer and arguably the greatest singer of her generation -- Edith Piaf. (Fildier and Primack, 1981), the slices that the playwright provides, more than adequately trace her life. Edith was born a waif on the streets of Paris (literally under a lamp-post). Abandoned by her parents -- a drunken street singer for a mother and a circus acrobat father -- Edith learns to fend for herself from the very beginning. As a natural consequence of her surroundings, she makes the acquaintance of several ne'er do wells. She rises above the lifestyles of the girls she grows up with who prostitute themselves for a living in the hope that they will eventually meet a benefactor with whom they can settle. Edith has a talent for singing and she indulges this interest by singing loudly in the streets.…


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