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Robin Hood Essays (Examples)

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Business Management Case Study --
Words: 568 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 18772225
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Robin should first establish different departments to fulfill the varied needs of the organization in a systematic and efficient manner. In that regard, Robin should immediately appoint department heads in the following areas: shelter facilities, food storage and distribution, recruitment and hiring, training, and field operations.

The head of shelter facilities must solve the problem of ensuring that employees in the field have safe accommodations in remote areas of operation. Ideally, this will be accomplished by recruiting carpenters and other tradesmen who can develop processes for quickly assembling, disassembling, and transporting shelters while traveling remote forests. Similarly, the heads of food supply and human resource departments must immediately develop methods of supplying field operations and of hiring and training employees who will contribute to the future success of the organization.

3. Develop a new strategy for Robin Hood. Pay close attention to implementation as well as formulation.

Robin's immediate strategy…

Hum 105 World Mythology Contemporary Hero's Quest Presentation
Words: 628 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75356437
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HUM/105 World Mythology Contemporary Hero's Quest Presentation (Robin Hood Prince Thieves 1991 Starring Kevin Costner) Pick a contemporary story form a, movie, video game inspired a mythological epic journey a hero's quest.

The character of Robin of Locksley in Kevin Reynolds' film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves goes through a complex set of events as he tries to discover his personal identity. In his journey he realizes that it is essential for him to get actively involved in taking on a hero-like attitude in order to save numerous individuals from falling victims to an oppressive system. As a nobleman, one would expect Robin to react differently in the face of danger, taking into account that it was characteristic for people during the era to put across attitudes that had nothing to do with the general public's well-being.

In contrast to how most would expect, Robin takes on a rebellious nature…


Dir. Kevin Reynolds. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Warner Bros., 1991.

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Social Networking Effect on Philanthropy
Words: 771 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59663675
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One of the key Robin-hood rules, when it comes to philanthropy, is Relentless Monetization. Relentless Monetization or “RM” concentrates on mutual expressions for inner deliberations, interaction with grantees, openness, examination, position grants or loans, and calculating the overall performance of the financier (as well as the grant) (Weinstein & Bradburd, 2013). Disclosing grant-making to the rigor of RM alters the type of grant-making considerations. Instead of loosely discussing inspiring professional company directors or innovative quests, employees depend on a mutual language that focuses on results-oriented facts. Furthermore, RM enables funders to create the sets of rules it utilizes to designate objective-appropriate valuation to interventions designed for outside examination.

Social networking is allowing people to produce, sign up for, and develop organizations surrounding problems they are concerned about and beyond their control. Whether its flash activists or even fundraisers like Twestival, pursuits like these are rising. As non-profits start to participate…

Public Health Then and Now I Consider
Words: 873 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97553988
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Public Health Then and Now

I consider Fitzhugh Mullan's article "Public Health Then and Now: Don Quixote, Machiavelli, and Robin Hood: Public Health Practice, Past and Present" a very provocative yet utmost informative and challenging article for the health practitioner and interested layman alike that provides its reader with precious information about the qualities a health worker will have to have and the relationships he will have to entertain at the various stages of his work if he wants to meet his manifold professional responsibilities. Both the title of the article and its abstract (Mullan, 2000, 702) clearly describe the research problem the scope of which the author has appropriately delimited.

I think that the whole article is of eminent importance for the entire public health profession because it covers two areas that do not seem to have caught much attention in the scholarly literature: Dynamic political involvement of public…

Children's Literature
Words: 2790 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44250974
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Children's Literature

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." This adage takes on various meanings according to context -- in the early twenty-first century, it will most likely be used to imply too much seriousness about schoolwork. But in the consideration of children's literature in the nineteenth century, we face the prospect of a society where child labor was actually a fact of life. e are familiar with the stereotypes that still linger on in the collective imagination, of young boys forced to work as chimney-sweeps or girls forced to labor in textile factories. But the simple fact is that between the present day and the emergence of children's literature as a category of its own, largely during the nineteenth century, there has been a widespread reform in labor practices and social mores which has altered the meaning of what "work" might mean for young Jack, or…

Works Cited

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Tax System of One Country With That
Words: 4394 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 98725627
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tax system of one country with that of another is an exercise fraught with dificulties and ultimately doomed to failure . tax system will never be much more than a reflection of strongly national cultures and forces. discuss this statement in the light of your knowledge of comparative tax system in developing and/or developed countries i

Tax Systems

The following pages focus on analyzing the factors of influence on different countries' taxation systems. The paper begins with an introductory section that allows readers understand the point-of-view used in this paper. The following section refers to describing the taxes pand taxation systems used by most countries and their objectives, in order to understand the similarities and differences between these taxation systems. The paper continues with the analysis of several factors that influence countries' tax system design, like cultural factors, technological developments, and natural resources. In order to exemplify this, the taxation…

Reference list:

1. Pasekova, M. et al. (2011). Comparative Analysis of Tax Systems: Some Evidence from CEE Countries. World Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology. Retrieved February 27, 2012.

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Jews in Ivanhoe Sir Walter Scott's Novel
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32932446
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Jews in "Ivanhoe"

Sir Walter Scott's novel Ivanhoe makes Jews central to the plot, but it is not an anti-Semitic book. Despite the inclusion of some traditional stereotypes which -- given the largely "antiquarian" nature of Scott's interests (to recall the word he uses) in telling this tale -- are aimed above all else at historical accuracy for the time period of the book and are not intended to be offensive, Scott writes as though some tenet of Christian chivalry entails tolerance and open-mindedness towards the Jewish population in England in the Middle Ages. In this paper I will suggest that a thorough examination of the novel's portrayal of twelfth-century Judaism reveals that Scott is really writing from a deep understanding of what life is like at the margins -- perhaps because he is writing as a Scotsman and as a physically disabled person (Scott famously had a club-foot) --…

Film History
Words: 8657 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24941469
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movie industry in America has been controlled by some of the monolithic companies which not only provided a place for making the movies, but also made the movies themselves and then distributed it throughout the entire country. These are movie companies and their entire image revolved around the number of participants of their films. People who wanted to see the movies being made had to go to the studios in order to see them. They made movies in a profitable manner for the sake of the studios, but placed the entire industry under their control and dominated over it. The discussion here is about some of those famous studios inclusive of that of names like Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Culver, RKO, Paramount Studios, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Universal Studios, Raleigh Studio, Hollywood Center Studio, Sunset Gower Studio, Ren-Mar Studios, Charlie Chaplin Studios and now, Manhattan Beach Studio.…

"What better way to annoy the Hollywood liberals than to remind them every single day that

George W. Bush is STILL the President?" Retrieved from Accessed 15 September, 2005

"What's interesting about the business is that it's no longer the movie business" Retrieved from  Accessed 14 September, 2005

Music & Skimmington Riots an
Words: 8558 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34158478
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In this regard, when wage levels fell in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, the standard of living for laborers and cottagers in England declined precipitously and they were compelled to use the majority of their cash, garden crops, and milk just to buy bread and clothing (Kulikoff 2000:19). Not surprisingly, many of these workers found it almost impossible in some cases to even survive, even with the entire family - including young children - working as hard as possible (Kulikoff 19).

In some cases, laborers (but not their families) were paid in food and drink as part of their wages and some likely kept fowl or a pig, and cottagers, of course, produced much of their own food; nevertheless, poor landless families ate bread and porridge, on occasion supplemented by milk, ale, cheese, eggs, or cheap meat, a diet that was far removed from the same level enjoyed…

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Media Policy Liberty Security and the Future Response to Terrorism
Words: 3609 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88285159
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shifting seas of global social consciousness and worldwide political hierarchy have only recently brought the word 'terrorism' to the quotidian mind of Americans, it has long enjoyed a cemented place in the construct of civilization. Daily associations between the word terrorism and the frightening images of gore and destruction rampant on the 24-hour news networks affirm the complicated understanding of terrorism in the modern world; bombings on an Israeli bus, explosions outside a Pakistani supermarket, and subway atrocities mingle with recent memories of the World Trade center and recollections of the bloody IRA, Black Liberation Army, and Basque independence movements. Personal reaction and affiliation to the events, movement, and goals of each group's paradigm resonates inside a loose definition of political violence, while governmental response is chiseled, monochromatic, and decisive. While the motives and end-results always differ, the path to terrorism is marked by similar goal posts. These similarities and…

O'Brien, Sean P. "Foreign Policy Crisis and the Resort to Terrorism: A Time-Series Analysis of Conflict Linkages." The Journal of Conflict Resolution. Vol. 40, No. 2. (Jun., 1996.) p. 329.

Ibid, p. 330.

Wilkinson, 31.

Halfway in Many Ways Yevgeny
Words: 1232 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91564699
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Gorbachev most certainly did undertake policies that were not half measures, and for which he did all in his power as a government official to implement systemic, nationwide (and international) change. The degree of efficaciousness of these measures and their results, however, is somewhat dubious. An excellent example of a measure implemented by the General Secretary that no one can claim was done in a halfhearted attempt was the Soviet Union's prohibition of alcohol consumption, selling and purchasing. Alcoholism had long been a problem in the Soviet Union by the time Gorbachev became its leader, and prohibition was an earnest effort on his part to address and even correct this seriously debilitating issue. However, the most long-range result of this measure was the rise of Russian mafia and the underground market that this law produced. Although he made a noble effort, Gorbachev did not succeed in curing the Soviet Union…


Rosenberg, Jennifer. (2012). "Mikhail Gorbachev." Retrieved from 

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Honor Code of Chinese Warriors the Objective
Words: 2238 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 60485790
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Honor Code of Chinese Warriors

The objective of this study is to discuss the honor code of warrior-heroes in Chinese history and to answer to what the honor code consists of and the origin of the honor code. As well, this study will examine how this honor code influenced the intentions, words, and actions of the warriors and how the honor code manifests itself in novels, how and when the codes apply and what competing visions existed in human conduct.

Wuxia is a term in Mandarin that means literally "martial arts chivalry" and is representative of a unique Chinese type of story that is dated back as far as the Tang Dynasty (681-907). Wuxia is defined by stories "that combine wushu (martial arts) tradition with deeds of heroic chivalry perfomed by men and women." (Pollard, 2011, p.1) Wuxia stories are rooted in "early youxia (?

) and cike (?



The Warrior Code (nd) China History Forum. Retrieved from: 

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Guth, Christine. Longfellow's Tattoos: Tourism, Collecting, and Japan. University of Washington Press (2004), p147

Cyber Crime and Corporate Security Insights
Words: 5089 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 27583202
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CYBE CIME AND COPOATE SECUITYAbstractIn the past, various businesses have lost huge sums of money to cybercriminals, while others have experienced severe service disruptions. This has been the case as cyber criminals execute schemes meant to advance certain agendas. For this reason, cybercrime is increasingly being seen as one of the most serious challenges that business enterprises (as well as government agencies) face today. Various surveys conducted in the past indicate that the problem could be worsening. The problem is aided by the emergence of what could be deemed as cybercrime facilitating factors such as crypto currencies. The dynamic nature of cybercrime, i.e. in relation to variations in the methodology and conduct of attacks, also makes it difficult for this particular challenge to be effectively dealt with. It is with this in mind that various interventions have been floated in the past to reign in this particular challenge. However, to…

ReferencesAlexopoulou, S. & Pavli, A. (2021). Beneath This Mask There is More Than Flesh, Beneath This Mask There is an Idea: Anonymous as the (Super) heroes of the Internet? International Journal for the Semiotics Law, 34, 237-264. Connolly, L.Y. & Wall, D.S. (2019). The rise of crypto-ransomware in a changing cybercrime landscape: Taxonomising countermeasures. Computer & Security, 87, 14-16. Dolezel, D. & McLeod, A. (2019). Cyber-Analytics: Identifying Discriminants of Data Breaches. Perspectives Health Inf. Manag., 16(1a), 55-59. Faruki, P., Bharmal, A., Laxmi, V., Ganmoor, V., Gaur, M.S., Conti, M. & Rajarajan, M. (2014). Android security: A survey of issues, malware penetration, and defenses. IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, 17(2), 998-1022.Galeano-Brajones, J., Carmona-Murillo, J., Valenzuela-Valdes, J.F. and Luna-Valero, F. (2020). Detection and Mitigation of DoS and DDoS Attacks in IoT-Based Stateful SDN: An Experimental Approach. Sensors, 20(3), 8-16. Kumar, G. (2016). Denial of service attacks an updated perspective. Systems Science & Control Engineering, 4(1), 285-294. Monteith, S., Bauer, M., Alda, M., Geddes, J., Whybrow, P.C. & Glenn, T. (2021). Increasing Cybercrime Since the Pandemic: Concerns for Psychiatry. Curr Psychiatry Rep., 23(4), 18. Moon, B., Blurton, D. & McCluskey, J.D. (2007). General Strain Theory and Delinquency: Focusing on the Influences of Key Strain Characteristics on Delinquency. Crime and Delinquency, 54(4), 582-613. Khan, N., Yaqoob, I., Hashem, I.A., Inayat, Z., Ali, W.K., Alam, M., Shiraz, M. & Gani, A. (2014). Big Data: Survey, Technologies, Opportunities, and Challenges. Scientific World Journal, 24(6), 66-71. Reshmi, T.R. (2021). Information security breaches due to ransomware attacks - a systematic literature review. International Journal of Information Management Data Insights, 1(2), 211-218. Romanosky, S. (2016). Examining the costs and causes of cyber incidents. Journal of Cybersecurity 2(2), 121-135. Sorell, T. (2015). Human Rights and Hacktivism: The Cases of Wikileaks and Anonymous. Journal of Human Rights Practice, 7(3), 391-410. Soderberg, J. & Maxigas (2021). The Three Pillars of Functional Autonomy of Hackers. NanoEthics, 15, 43-56. Willing, M., Dresen, C., Gerlitz, E., Haering, M., Smith, M., Binnewies, C., Guess, T., Heverkamp, U. & Schinzel, S. (2021). Behavioral responses to a cyber-attack in a hospital environment. Scientific Reports, 11(9), 78-83.

History of Huey P Long
Words: 4624 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 53698843
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The session erupted in brawl, and in the end, the vote favored impeachment

. This became known as "loody Monday." This time, Long's bullying tactics did not work.

Long took his case to the people, claiming that his impeachment was a raucous attempt by Standard Oil to deprive the people of what they deserved. As the trial began, Long passed around "Round Robin" document that was signed by more than one -- third of the Senate members. The round robin document stated that they did not believe his offenses warranted removal from office

. As it takes an over two-thirds vote to remove him from office, the impeachment attempt failed. Long rewarded his faithful with state jobs, favors and some say cash as well

. Long became more harsh with his enemies, founding a newspaper to promote his ideas. Long began to receive death threats and was forced to surround…


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Literally Means Acquaintance With Letters
Words: 1198 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32836285
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Then I ferret for poetry on the specific subject that boosts me. Generally, I love Tennyson and Emily Dickinson; perhaps I go, as I do in literature, for the relevant and inspiring.

Poems that have had the greatest impact on me include Joaquin Miller's Columbus: particularly the stanza:

What shall I say, brave Admiral, say,

If we sight naught but seas at dawn?"

"Why, you shall say at break of day, 'ail on! sail on! sail on! And on!'"(Derek, 2002, p.134)

Philosophers of literature argue regarding the impact literature may or may not have on the ethical psyche. Tolstoy's 'What is Art?" For instance, maintains that literature has a strong impact and, therefore, one should choose one's readings carefully. Plato asseverated, likewise, recommending literature as part of the diet of the Philosopher king. Ruskin, too, maintained that literature should be employed for the betterment of society, whilst in Confucian thought,…


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Race Ethnicity and Cultural Diversity
Words: 2018 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 12382376
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And there are always a few racists in any town. But I believe we have a great, open, accepting community. e entertain tourists from all over the planet, and many of them are from ethnic cultures different from ours. They say they feel welcomed here.

Q: hat use does the community foundation make of the local AM station KMHS-AM?

M: I'm glad you asked. e have learning programs for parents and students. And students make up their own little reports and broadcasts. Topics range from the environment, world news, California news and Coos Bay news.

Q: Typically what news items from Coos Bay do you use on KMHS?

M: e interview people who are doing interesting things in town and with businesses. Biologists from the college and local fishermen. The news in this town isn't really very earth shaking. Look at the list of news items on the orld's ebsite…

Works Cited

City of Coos Bay, Oregon. (2010). Welcome to Coos Bay. Retrieved February 3, 2011, from . (2010). Coos Bay, Oregon. Retrieved February 3, 2011, from .

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Coos Bay School District. (2010). Welcome to Coos Bay School District. Retrieved February 2,

Alton Towers Is One of
Words: 6064 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 62027544
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This analyst adds that Andy Davies of the Tussauds Group that operates Alton Towers reports that park visitors subscribing to the "Magic Moments" DVD "simply see it as a fun souvenir," and adds, "esearch shows that our visitors have a positive propensity to purchase these products, providing themselves with a personalized reminder of the day they and their friends and family had at Alton Towers. The system proposed will allow guests to relive their unique day time and time again through personalized digital video footage'" (quoted in Tucker at 10).

These types of innovative marketing initiatives are important for a theme park competing in the United Kingdom today because of the approaching saturation levels that appear to be developing in some regions of the country. For instance, besides the historic attractions that are ubiquitous throughout the United Kingdom, Alton Towers is also in competition with a number of other theme…


"About Us," 2010. Alton Towers Resort. Retrieved from .

Brown, T., 2007, March 6. "Merlin Will Rival Disney with [Pounds Sterling]1bn Tussauds

Deal." The Daily Mail: 73.

Burling, R., 1985. Hill Farms and Padi Fields: Life in Mainland Southeast Asia. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall.

Pirates vs Modern Day the
Words: 1241 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 27649534
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An even more recent case of piracy, which occurred when a cruise ship was captured off the coast of Somalia, suggests the violence of piracy. Armed security personnel on the cruise ship traded fire with the pirates, who fled. Though no one was hurt, trading gunshots at sea was probably not what the passengers of the cruise ship had in mind when they signed up for the vacation (infield). It would not be surprising if the passengers and crew of the ship were forever scared by this frightening experience. These two incidents show that piracy today is not the piracy of literature; instead, it is a dangerous crime for both perpetrator and victim.

Thus, while pirates have traditionally been the beloved characters of adventures and children's novels, they no longer amuse and entertain us. Instead, they commit crimes that result in death and ruined lives. Because of this, Vandergrift wonders…

Winfield, Nicole. "Italy cruise ship fires on Somali pirates." Google News. 26 April

2009. The Associated Press. 26 April 2009.

In this short news article, the author describes Somali Pirates' attempt to take an Italian cruise ship, which carried around 1500 passengers and crew. The attempt was thwarted when the cruise ship's security guards fired on the pirates. No one was hurt.

Bonnie and Clyde Who Were
Words: 2537 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 54856680
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That they were recognized as "America's most famous outlaws" ("Bonnie Parker Biography") would have been enough to encourage them to continue for the sake of popularity.

But Bonnie and Clyde did not commit their crimes for psychological reasons alone. Greed, and the desire for wealth, led them to commit their crimes for financial reasons as well. Bonnie's poetry seems to communicate this as well. In her "The Story of Suicide Sal," whose female protagonist can be read as the idealized image that Bonnie had of herself, Bonnie writes that "one year we were desperately happy; Our ill gotten gains we spent free" ("Bonnie Parker"). The association between money, happiness, and love in this stanza can be used to argue that this is what Bonnie, herself, felt towards the gaining of wealth. Further, it is noted that "their motivation was personal greed" ("Bonnie Parker").

Still, Hendley points out that Bonnie and…

Works Cited

"Bonnie and Clyde." The Biography Channel. n.d. 14 April 2009. <>

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Psychology of Terrorism Defined What
Words: 2176 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 90950602
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The most refined understanding on the issue of morality of terrorism is given by Michael Walzer. According to him in modern times, terror is considered to be the totalitarian view of politics as well as war. It destroys the conventional thinking as well as the political mode. It ignores moral confines and for being inside the groups of citizens/civilian population, there is no such small category wherein the immunity may be claimed. Terrorists anyhow do not make provisions for such forms of claim and they kill any person. (Blin; Schneider; Pulver; Browner, 2007)

V. Terrorist or Freedom Fighter:

Whether a person is a terrorist or a freedom fighter depends on the perspective. Civilian society treats terrorists as 'those involved in spreading terror' while terrorist groups regard their brethren as 'freedom fighters'. Interestingly there are three perspectives of terrorism. First is the terrorist, the next is the victim and the third…


Abrahms, Max. (2008) "What Terrorists Really Want: Terrorist Motives and Counterterrorism Strategy" International Security, vol. 32, no. 4, pp: 78-105.

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Origins of Machine Politics -
Words: 1328 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79422585
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In the following passages she makes a quality argument. Those bosses, Bridges writes (123), were "militant" and "hard-fisted," and certainly "tough." Some of these emerging bosses (Joel Barker in Pittsburgh; Joel Sutherland in Philadelphia; and Henry inter Davis in Baltimore) built their organizations (and got lots of votes) by reaching out to the "gangs and fire companies" of "the dangerous classes." After all, votes are votes, no matter how grimy the person is who pulls the lever for the professional "boss" and his organization. In fact, the political boss in America during that time "...deliberately relinquishes social honor," Bridges quotes noted sociologist Max eber as saying (123).

The bosses (153) were "disciplined" who knew enough to accommodate both "the dangerous classes' and the "respectable element.'" the "primary requisite" for good jobs was not skill, but rather "political loyalty." Think about that for a moment; if a boss has enough power…

Works Cited

Bridges, Amy. A City in the republic: Antebellum New York and the origins of machine

Politics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1984.

University of California San Diego. "Biography for Amy Bridges." Retrieved 10 Feb. 2007 at .

Cawthorne Nigel Witch Hunt History of a
Words: 891 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99835830
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Cawthorne, Nigel, Witch Hunt: History of a Persecution. Booksales Inc., 2006. 144pp., index, illustrations.

Nigel Cawthorne is a prolific author whose nonfiction books encompass subjects as broad as Robin Hood, English law and pirates. In fact, one of Cawthorne's series of nonfiction books encompasses the sex lives of popes, emperors, and composers. Cawthorne has authored a number of works of popular fiction, too, as well as a range of historical books including those that address the Vietnam War and the Cold War. All of Cawthorne's fiction and nonfiction is addressed to a popular audience rather than a scholarly one. In Witch Hunt: History of a Persecution, Cawthorne recounts the history of the persecution of witches in Europe.

Witch Hunt: History of a Persecution presents a graphic portrait of the European witch hunts and trials, with tacit mention of the carryover into the American colonies and especially Salem. There is no…

Warner Brothers and Sound
Words: 3164 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95045914
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Warner Brothers and Sound

Warner Brothers, name normally pertains to Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc., which is an American motion-picture production company, and was the first to use series of synchronized sound in a silent feature film. Four American brothers namely Harry Morris Warner, Albert Warner, Samuel Lewis Warner, and Jack Leonard Warner were the founders. (Warner Brothers: Encyclopedia Article from Encarta) Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack turned jointly to any commercial activities that came their way till they got into the nickelodeon business. Currently Jack is the only brother who is still regularly recognized with Warner's in its halcyon days. However the studio would have never attained the big position without Harry and Sam's unusual and paired talents. They did it by risking on a new technology: synchronized sound for motion pictures. Harry's cautious but enthused business management made the company in a position to benefit from Sam's big idea.…


Eyman, Scott. The speed of sound: Hollywood and the talkie revolution, 1926-1930. Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999. Retrieved from  Accessed on 17 June, 2005

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Sam Warner - Now you has jazz. Retrieved from  Accessed on 18 June, 2005

Employment or Academic Resume to Report I
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employment or academic resume to report, I nevertheless appreciate the opportunity to tell you more about what I hope to accomplish while at NYU Stern and how I hope to contribute to the faculty and student body. My extracurricular interests and my core curricular interests will both reflect my passion for global business and the future of information systems. I appreciate the flexibility of the Stern MBA program, especially because I am used to being self-directed and independent in my academic and personal careers. In addition to the General Management curriculum I will like to specialize in Information Systems and am also considering meeting with academic advisors while at Stern to discuss whether or not a second area of specialization in either Finance or International Finance would be appropriate. My academic objectives parallel my career and personal goals, as I hope to work as a financial analyst or consultant for…

RIAA - Internet Music Downloads
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They will be able to get and enjoy music for free. They will be able to share music to their friends without limits or boundaries. However, the fact remains that copying or downloading music from the internet is piracy. It is copying without proper consent from the real owners. It is copying and reproducing without notifying the people who have shed great efforts in producing such music. Thus, honor, credibility and integrity of the consumer is being wage.

Music Downloading: Why is it Illegal?

There has been various ways that different countries do to prevent music piracy. In Canada, for example, the government of this country has allowed for the downloading of copyright music from peer-to-peer networks, but uploading the same file to any other software is not. Even recording music and sounds to blank CDs is illegal in this country, and anyone who would be caught will be fined…


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Musicland Named in Label Suit." Available online: Accessed 30 September 2006

Predominantly Latino Gangs Mara Salvatrucha
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Since gang-related crimes fall within the jurisdiction of state, this research will give an insight on the need to find solutions that increasingly include all levels of government. Congress needs to pass legislation that will change immigration enforcement laws and make more aliens deportable. In addition, the federal government should take a more active participation in helping local and state jurisdictions develop anti-gang responses. The local, state and federal governments must take a stand, and combine forces to combat the immigration problem that continue to plague this country into the next generation.

Importance of the Study

The die has been cast, there is no turning the clock back now and the Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gang have established themselves in the United States and far beyond. The origins of the current situation with MS-13 and the 18th Street Gang date back to the late 1980s and early 1990s…


Armstrong, W. (2009, February 16). 'Sanctuary cities' protect murderous illegal aliens. Human Events, 64(37), 8.

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2006 from .

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Kit by Valerie Tripp the Book Meet
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Kit by Valerie Tripp

The book "Meet Kit: An American Girl" by Valerie Tripp takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio, during the Great Depression. Even though "Meet Kit" is a fiction book, the 69-page story is about many of the real things that happened to Americans during the 1930's. Kit's real name is Margaret Kittredge but she likes to be called Kit instead because she is a tomboy. When her sister Ruthie decides to read a book called "The Lilac Fairy," Kit chooses to read "The Adventures of Robin Hood and his Merry Men" and she types an article about it on her typewriter. One of Kit's hobbies is typing up a newspaper on her typewriter for her father to read and she hopes for a major change to happen so she can write a great headline. Ruthie disagrees though because usually when their parents read the real newspaper they get…

Recreational Activity Popular it Must Transcend Distinctions
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recreational activity popular, it must transcend distinctions of wealth and class. As Charles Cotton's The Compleat Gamester states "games and sports of all kinds were common recreations for the people of Tudor and Stuart England." Peter Burke defines culture as a system of shared meanings, attitudes and values, and the symbolic forms in which they are expressed or embodied[1]; by popular culture it is possible Burke's definition refers to the culture of the ordinary people or the "subordinate classes" -- those below the level of the elite. However, this paper views social history by looking at the commonality of leisure, recreation, games and sports of all kinds as the basis to determine whether there was a popular culture in early modern England. For example, cards, archery and tennis included all classes (the lower and upper) and encompassed those who devoted time to leisurely activities as well as those who spend…

Combating Terrorism Has Become a Major Concern
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Combating terrorism has become a major concern of the United States Government. It has been a major concern for a number of years but it has taken on particular importance since the events of 9/11 shocked the American society and the world. Following such events the Government stepped up its efforts at combating terrorism with a number of U.S. governmental agencies stepping up front and center to initiate efforts.

One of the Government agencies that reorganized itself in an attempt to combat terrorism was the U.S. State Department. The State Department has been involved in combating terrorism since terrorism first began to be a security problem for the United States. Terrorism is not a new concept but it has become a more popular vehicle for those seeking to make an impact and to promote a particular point-of-view (apin). Although the concept means different things to different people, the general concept…

Rapin, Ami-Jacques. "What is terrorism." Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression 2011: 161-175.

Waugh, Wlliam L. "Organizing the War on Terrorism." Public Administrative Review (2002): 145-153.

Role of U.S. Agencies in Counterterrorism

Blankfein Llyod Blankfein Is the Current Chief
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Llyod Blankfein is the current chief executive officer (CEO) of Glodman Sachs and has held that position since 2006. Blankfein is a native of the Bronx (New York City) attended Harvard Law School, graduating in 1979 with a Juris Doctor degree. He worked as a corporate attorney for a couple of years until beginning his Goldman Sachs career as a precious metals salesman in London in 1981.

Moving up through the ranks, he continued working for Goldman until, in 2006, he took over the reins of the company from the outgoing CEO and has run the company since that time. Blankfein is one of the highest paid executives in the financial industry. In 2007, he earned almost $54 million, following 2006 when he earned even more. His base salary during those years was approximately $600,000 so the remainder of his compensation was his bonus that was paid in cash,…


Academy of Achievement (2011) Stephen M. Case, accessed at website: , on January 30, 2011

Kouzes, J. (2011) Leadership Management, accessed at website:, on January 30, 2011

Ethical Issues in Health Care
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James Du Bois brings up a point that is pertinent to each and every one of us who has to pay taxes knowing that a good part of these taxes will go to paying for the health care of the less-fortunate others. More than one of us has asked "Am I morally obliged to make sacrifices to ensure that all who live in the U.. have access to health care?" And "If so, why?" And politicians, thinkers, activists, social workers and so forth have frequently relied on the notion of social justice to support their reasoning that we are morally obliged to work for the welfare of others. Du Bois shows the emptiness of this argument.

Aristotle recommends that "equals be treated equally." Few argue with this. The problem comes about when defining what "being treated equally" means and how to set into effect the implications.

The welfare theory of…


DuBois, J. Ethical Issues in Health Care:

How Should We Justify Universal Access to Health Care -- Freedom or Determinism, Justice or Charity?

Anonymity on the Internet
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Anonymity in the Internet

Anonymity on the Internet

Limit anonymity for Internet critics- by Edward Wasserman (Journalism Ethics)

I agree with the standing decision of channeling providers of network services to strengthen the way they manage information that the users publish. This suggests that privatized Internet censorship should be done by companies providing network services. All service providers across the world must responsibly restrict access to a wide variety of illegal content described broadly and enacted in order to restrict hate speech. This should reflect the position of the official government: it must incorporate information, which the government considers very politically sensitive. This move was made to strengthen efforts of increased pressure suppressing private companies to limit the further use of search engines, social media, and key online other tools.

Additionally, companies must be able to provide the virtual private networks evading the great boundaries of identification policy on expansion…

Annoy Your Teacher and Upset the Learning
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Annoy Your Teacher and Upset the Learning Environment by Following the Process Outlined Below

Annoying your teacher is no easy task. After all, come all brands qualities and some are more resilient than


are also seemingly dauntless and dense and penetrating their skin in order

annoy them can be,

admittedly, daunting

Topic Sentence

There are however some steps that all dilettantes can follow and this is first by setting aside some careful time to review the dear pet that is about to receive the preferred treatment.

This means carefully sampling and selecting a sacrificial target experimentation, including a clear and detailed review of the all the foibles and characteristics that may likely irritate that teacher. A through analyses too m uch be made of the strengths and weaknesses of the individual in question since weaknesses can on ly be singled and manipulated when strengths are included too.



Bonnie and Clyde
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crime dramas of cinematic history, Arthur Penn's 1967 Bonnie and Clyde exhibits many hallmarks of accomplished filmmaking. Mainstay elements like character development, pacing, and screenwriting combine with the subtler aspects of moviemaking like mis-en-scene, cinematography, and sound editing. Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker and Warren Beatty as Clyde Barrow fulfill their most iconic roles. The film is based on the outlandish but true story of a heterosexual bank robber couple, and holds nothing back when it comes to violence or immorality. As such, the film is perfectly situated and representative of the historical and cultural context of 1960s America. Because of its moral ambiguity, Bonnie and Clyde remains one of the most classic and enduring films in Hollywood history.

Sexual tension between the two titular protagonists is well developed in Bonnie and Clyde. The tension is achieved by the actors' performances, writing, and direction. Bonnie is scripted as a strong,…

Celia Cooney
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Duncombe, Stephen. 2005. The Bobbed Haired Bandit. New York: New York University Press.

Stephen Duncombe, an Associate Professor in the Department of Media, Culture and Communications at the Gallatin School of New York University, wrote a true story of a dark-haired woman in Brooklyn in January 1924. He, teaching politics of media and history wrote The Bobbed Haired Bandit to show snippets of 1924 life from the perspective of the small, dark-haired woman robber. The woman wore a fur coat with a beaded dress underneath and as she was about to pay for the eggs and took out an automatic pistol from her coat pocket to rob the grocery store worker. It was here that reader gets to see the scope of not just the story, but also the character. The character and the argument of the book shows how a woman could overcome her circumstances through daring and risky…

Health Care Reform Several Years
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Contracts with doctors often contain a clause which doesn't allow the doctors to discuss

Health care 7 with their patients financial incentives to deny treatment or about treatments not covered by the plan (Glazer, 1996). This has caused many consumers, especially those with chronic illnesses, to form organizations with the American Medical Association and physician specialty groups to promote legislation forbidding "gag rules" (Glazer, 1996). One group, Citizen Action, has 3 million members and "has been lobbying in state legislatures for laws that would require plans to disclose how they pay their doctors; give patients the right to choose specialists outside the plan; and provide appeals for patients who get turned down for expensive treatments" (Glazer, 1996).

The doctor-patient relationship is also affected if a patient must switch to a new doctor under managed care. Having a longterm relationship with a primary doctor is important because he or she is…

Works Cited

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Investigates Why Women Are Not Attracted to the Information Technology Industry
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Women and the Information Technology Industry: Where is the Attraction?

Opportunities in technology companies are fueling the economy, yet few women pursue them. A recent Pittsburgh Technology Council panel discussion revealed that there are many reasons for women's lack of interest in IT, as were personal priorities (Czetli, 2003). "It might be an issue of self-selection -- women might not be risk takers," said obin Steif, chief financial officer of Maya Design. "It might also have something to do with the work/family issue, because entrepreneurs work way more than 40 hours per week."

Acknowledging that women seeking careers in technology industries faced barriers, there was no evidence that those roadblocks were any more significant than those encountered by minorities or even by men. "I think there is certainly a glass ceiling," said Joy Evans, a management consulting partner at Deloitte & Touche (Czetli, 2003). "But I tend to think of…


Carr, Sylvia. (May 14, 2004). Women still outnumbered, underpaid in IT. San Jose Magazine.

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Czetli, Steven. (April 3, 2003). Women in tech fields? Washington Post Gazette.

Tom Sawyer the Main Character
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"(Twain,39). Later on, he witnesses with his friends their own funeral service, because they had been considered dead after their disappearance. Also, Tom pretends to be visionary and recounts his so-called dream to aunt Polly, which was in fact only an account of what he himself had seen: "Tom! The sperrit was upon you! You was a-prophesying -- that's what you was doing!" (Twain, 157)

Finally, Tom emerges as a "real hero," when his concern the others outweighs his concern for himself. Thus, one of his real acts of heroism is taking the punishment in Becky's place, for tearing the teacher's book, and getting the latter's sincere appraisal: "Tom, how could you be so noble!"(Twain, 176). Also, he rescues Becky from the cave, and the fact that he persuades Huck to be civilized, putting it as a condition to him, so as to let him be part of the gang:…

Works Cited

Twain, Mark. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. New Yor

Superhero Ksaos
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superhero is no easy feat or task. In order to be a successful superhero, one must possess a universal set of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Based upon Christopher Nolan's interpretation of Batman, it can be argued that Bruce Wayne/Batman possesses the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to be a superhero.

In order to be successful as a superhero one must know the difference between right and wrong. This ability to discriminate between right and wrong allows a superhero to establish his or her mission. Initially, Bruce Wayne was unable to distinguish between right and wrong and was, in fact, contributed to the evil that he came to revile. In Batman Begins (2005), Wayne is shown to gain first-hand knowledge of the criminal underworld through observation and participation. Through this knowledge, Wayne is able to develop a mission that was supported by his knowledge and experiences. Additionally, knowledge about the limitations…

Robbing From the Rich in Order to
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Robbing from the rich in order to help the poor to prosper makes sense when viewed from a utilitarian perspective. The principle of utility dictates that a deed is deemed to be morally justifiable if it results in the greatest possible good for the greatest number of people. Because in the world today the greatest numbers of people are poor rather than rich, it can be concluded that serving the poor at the expense of the rich would benefit a larger number of people. Furthermore, stealing from the rich to benefit the poor fits the principle of utility because it would result in the greatest possible balance of good over evil. It is impossible to please everyone in the world; however, if my actions can serve ten million people while hurting two, I can feel safe in saying that robbing the few to serve the many is a morally justifiable…