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SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Essays (Examples) Essays (Examples)

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Buddhism Compare and Contrast Siddhartha Gautama's Buddha's
Words: 1302 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6870726
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Compare and contrast Siddhartha Gautama's (uddha's) "going forth" into the monastic life with that of Maechi Wabi, based on the reading of "Journey of One uddhist Nun."

In his account of the story of uddha, Jonathan Landaw writes "As Siddhartha stood alone in the forest, ready to begin his great adventure, he thought, "From today onwards I am no longer a prince. Therefore, it is not right that I continue to look and dress like one." (Story, p 14). So began Siddhartha's journey of knowledge and enlightenment which would lead him to learning "the way to end all suffering" and becoming a uddha.

Like, Siddhartha, the uddhist nun, Maechi Wabi, also began her journey into uddhism from a background that otherwise would not shun, and not expect her to change her way of life so drastically. As a woman, Wabi's decision to become a nun was not initially acceptable…


Brown, S. The Journey of One Buddhist Nun: Even

Against the Wind

State University of New York Press, 2001

Gyatso, T. Dalai Lama My Land and My People

Proj Management 7 2A There Are Several Symptoms
Words: 942 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80684127
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proj Management 7.2a

There are several symptoms of cultural communications problems. The first is that Sid did not want to be honest with Judy right away; she had to pry the information out of him. The second is that the hours were way more than was needed. The third is that Randy had added hours to the estimate that Sid had originally provided. The fourth is that Sid indicated that if he failed to meet the target for any reason, there would be neverending negative consequences. The fifth is that Sid is juggling many projects at once -- programming is the sort of work that requires intense concentration on a single task juggling multiple such projects simultaneously is not desirable for programmers.

The first step to changing the culture in the department is that the problem needs to be clearly identified so that everybody knows what the current culture is…

Balance Scorecard for Fatura Business Organizations Operate
Words: 1071 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92844668
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Balance Scorecard for Fatura

Business organizations operate with the sole objective of effectively utilizing the input factors in order to maximize on the output. For this case, output is measured in terms of performance, which, essentially relates to the profits or customer satisfaction. In the industrial age, most managers relied heavily on conventional financial metrics as the only strategic measure to align the activities of the organization to the goals and objectives of the same organization. However, this perspective has gradually shifted in the information age. Balanced scorecard is the most recent strategic tool that most organizations currently use in their planning and management activities. It is crucial as far as the alignment of the business activities to the objectives of the firm, boost both internal and external communications, and assess the organization performance relative to strategic goals. BSC is classified into four quadrants that include customer, financial, internal business…


Kaplan, R.S., & Norton, D.P. (1992). The Balanced Scorecard: Measures That Drive Performance. Retrieved June 18, 2008, from

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Social Psychology Both as an Academic and
Words: 817 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10558303
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Social psychology, both as an academic and a professional practice, is extremely useful for elucidating the phenomenon of high rates of suicide within the military, and within the United States in general. The frequency of the occurrence of suicide within the military is explicitly denoted within Brewin's article (2013), in which there are record rates for suicide in the armed services in 2013 and the "number of military suicides has more than doubled since 2001" (p. 1). Sweeping phenomena such as the high incidence of suicide within a specific population setting validates social psychology as a discipline, since it is apparent that such problems are indicative of social concerns. Such problems will not simply go away, and require psychological means to address this issue.

This fact is widely alluded to within the aforementioned article. One of the chief reasons for suicide is the general perception that seeking counseling or psychological…


Brewin, B. (2013). Military suicides are up, despite 900 prevention programs. Retrieved from 

Furuya, S. (2013). Social psychology differs when applied in different cultural contexts.

Furuya, S. (2013). Journal of Experimental Social Psychology: Morality and Group Relations: Possible Bias Part I.

Furuya, S. (2013). Social Psychology View: What ensures that Women are Treated Fairly in Office Settings in the United States?

Infant That Is Under One-Year-Old
Words: 779 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76344360
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For example, when mothers smoke during pregnancy they not only put toxins in their own bodies, but into the bodies of their babies as well. In addition to these toxins, the maternal smoking often deprives the babies of the oxygen that it needs, and this can result in abnormalities that can lead to SIDS. Metabolic disorders are also a consideration for babies that die of SIDS, although this has not been proven (,1997).

As for treatment or prevention, there is little that can be said. Naturally, there is no treatment for SIDS, since by definition it results in the death of the infant. Prevention is also not something that can be accomplished, since there is no definite way to prevent SIDS. However, there are ways to reduce the risk, such as making sure that the baby sleeps only on its back and not on its stomach, keeping the baby's environment…

Works Cited Fact Sheet: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Retrieved 8 February 2005 at .

A What is SIDS? Retrieved 8 February 2005 at .

Adoptive Parents Face When Adopting
Words: 2862 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 61604364
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Adopting a special needs child also presents strong demands on time and energy that "normal" families do not usually have to deal with. According to Cloud and Townshend (2001) "As a rule, children don't know what they are doing. They have little idea how to handle life so that it works right. That's why God gave them parents - to love them, give them structure and guide them into maturity" (p. 40). Special needs children often require additional nurturing, stricter discipline and setting of limits, and markedly more attention than traditional children. This can sometimes seem overwhelming for the parents, especially if this is there first experience raising a child. Even if there are other siblings, these extra demands can cause great amounts of stress for the entire family system. If the parents are spending too much time dealing with the needs of one child, then the other children may…


Babb, a. & Laws, R. (1997) Adopting and advocating for the special needs child: A guide for parents and professionals, Westport, CT: Bergin & Garvey.

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Cloud, H. & Townshend, J. (2001) Boundaries with kids. Zondervan Publishing

Pharmacologic Treatment of Fear and
Words: 4199 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2973543
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e., they became helpless). Furthermore, other behaviors of the dogs were adversely affected (e.g., the dogs appeared apathetic and had poor appetites) (Hitzemann, 2000). In his essay, "Animal Models of Psychiatric Disorders and Their elevance to Alcoholism," Hitzemann (2000) reports that, "Both fear and anxiety are alerting signals that warn the individual against impending danger and enable the individual to take defensive measures. For animals, the distinctions between fear and anxiety are vague" (p. 149). The distinctions between fear and anxiety are clearly irrelevant for humans who encounter such stressed animals, though.

According to Hodge and Stull (2000), dog bites cause an average of 17 human deaths, 6,000 hospitalizations, and 330,000 emergency room visits every year in the Untied States and a like number of people probably do not seek treatment or report the incident, but may nevertheless experience psychological trauma, anxiety, and missed work or school. Furthermore, dog bites…


Becker, M.G., Chew, G.L., Correa, J.C., Hoepner, L.A., Jusino, C.M., Kinney, P.L., Miller, R.L., & Perzanowski, M.S. (2003). Distribution and determinants of mouse allergen exposure in low-income New York City apartments. Environmental Health Perspectives, 111(10), 1348.

Boone, J.S., & Tyler, J.W. (2001). Transferable residues from dog fur and plasma cholinesterase inhibition in dogs treated with a flea control dip containing chlorpyrifos. Environmental Health Perspectives, 109(11), 1109.

Chang, Y., Cohen, J.H., Hennon, D.L., LaPorte, R.E., & McMahon, J.E. (1997). Dog bite incidence in the City of Pittsburgh: A capture-recapture approach. American Journal of Public Health, 87(10), 1703-5.

Duke, M.L., & Swain, J.L. (2001). Recommendations for research on ethics in public policy from a public administration perspective: Barking dogs and more. International Journal of Public Administration, 24(1), 125.

BP Crisis
Words: 2866 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 55103452
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Evidence of this can be seen with the company being slow to provide information, on the total amounts of oil that are leaking into the ocean and the various restrictions that they have placed on media coverage. (Lack of Transparency Afflicts Oil Spill Response 2010) This problematic, because when there are restrictions and the company is slow to release information, it appears as if they have something to hide. At which point, the public will become furious with the company, from their perceived unwillingness to cooperate. This could have negative political fallout, as various Congressional Committees and regulators will demand all documents relating to the spill. Once this take place, it sets the stage for an ugly showdown with Congress and the White House. Where, they could seek to force the company to disclose more documents and engage in criminal investigations, as these actions give the appearance that executives are…


'Boards of Directors Need to Oversee Corporate Sustainability more Effectively', 2010, PR Newswire, Available from Proquest. [19 June 2010] 

'BP Engineer Called Deepwater Horizon Nightmare Well Days Before Blast', 2010, Huffington Post, Available from: [21 June 2010].

'BP Establishes a $20 Billion Claims Fund', 2010, BP, Available from: . [21 June 2010].

'Estimating Cleanup Costs for Oil Spills', 1999, Cutter Information Corporation, Available from: . [19 June 2010].

Starwood Hotel Chain Today Businesses
Words: 3157 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 49015747
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S.S.. This has resulted in a renewed tourist enthusiasm to visit these countries. The imaging process involved a portrayal of conformity to the European paradigm, a projection of a safe and friendly environment, and the development of niche tourism products to attract visitors. These efforts have culminated in countries such as Hungary and Poland becoming very attractive tourist markets. This creates a favorable climate for hotel chain expansion.

In a writing that dates ten years later, Hughes and Allen (2009: 188) also indicate this. Factors in favor of CEE countries and the tourist demand for travel in these countries include their EU membership and associated publicity, as well as the above-mentioned increase of "Europeanness," as opposed to communism, in these countries. Indeed, Hungary and Poland ranked 15th and 17th respectively in the world when surveyed for their international tourist arrivals (Hughes and Allen, 2008). Croatia, Estonia, and Lithuania also showed…


Bartl, H (1999) The hotel market in the former Eastern Bloc -- An overview. Journal of Vacation Marketing, Vol 3, No 4. Internet  Accessed on 06/11/2010.

Chasan, E (2010) Extended Stay accepts Starwood reorganization bid. Reuters, 17 March. Internet  Accessed on 06/11/2010.

De Lollis, B (2008) CEO Profile: Starwood, Van Paasschen both on the move. USA Today, 23 June. Internet  Accessed on 06/11/2010.

Drohan, R and Foley, A (2009) Towards A Resource-Based View Of The Firm Perspective On Enhancing Customer Relationships In The Hotel Industry. Internet . Accessed on 06/11/2010

Safe Sleep and Sleep Patterns for Children Under 18 Months
Words: 2311 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 79125388
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Infant Sleep Patterns

People sleep nearly one third of their lives and infants sleep significantly more than adults (Franken, Kopp, Landolt, & Luthi, 2009). The function of sleep has hypothesized by different researchers; however, surprisingly there is no general consensus as to what the function and purpose of sleep actually is. It is known that sleep deprivation can have some serious consequences, especially in infants. The reason for this is that growth cycles as well as other developmental and functional processes occur in both the brain and body during sleep (Franken et al., 2009). Since getting adequate sleep is vital in infants it is important to understand their sleeping needs and patterns. In order to understand how to establish safe sleep patterns for children less than 18 months of age is important to understand the stages of sleep, the hypothetical functions of sleep, and the needs of infants regarding sleep…


Carpenter, R., McGarvey, C., Mitchell, E.A., Tappin, D.M., Vennemann, M.M., Smuk, M.,

Carpenter, J.R. (2013). Bedsharing when parents do not smoke: Is there a risk of SIDS?

An individual level analysis of five major case-control studies. British Medical Journal Open, BMJ Open 2013;3:e002299. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2012-002299

Franken, P., Kopp, C., Landolt, H.P., & Luthi, A. (2009). The functions of sleep. European Journal of Neuroscience, 29(9), 1739-1740.

Patriot Act Throughout American History
Words: 3395 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 25860760
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The bill before me takes into account of the new realities and dangers posed by modern terrorists. It will help law enforcement to indentify, to dismantle, to disrupt and to punish terrorist before they strike." (Marcovitz, 2008) This is significant because it allows for the effective tracking of suspected terrorists activities. As a result, the overall quality and amount of intelligence gathered will allow law enforcement to determine what is taking place, before a tragedy occurs.

A third benefit of the Patriot Act is: it allows for improved coordination. A 2005 study conducted by the Justice Department showed that the Patriot Act helped intelligence / law enforcement officials to identify over 40 different terrorist organizations operating in the United States, they were able to successfully arrest 500 suspected terrorists with ties to different organizations around the world and a total of 57 people were convicted of raising money for terrorist…


Alarm Sounds and CIA Wakes Up in Nightmare Alley. (7 August 1977). NY Times, pg. E1. 

Excerpts from Court Ruling on Justice Departments Broad Powers. (19 November 2002). NY Times., pg. A 19. 

Warns of Dangers to Dams in West. (1943). NY Times, pg. 6. 

Bhonsle, R. (2007). South Asian Security Trends. New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers.

Geriatric Right to Die the
Words: 2635 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 10740441
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One solution of this issue can be that the closest most guardians is given the permission and right to take the decision about the life of the patient who is not able to communicate or express his wish. The guardian who should be responsible to take this decision should be the one who will be having direct impact of the death of the patient.

Community & Health Care esolution

Different communities have varied opinions in regard to right to die for geriatric. Although few of the countries have legalized this matter and have given the right to patient to decide whether he wanted to live more or not, but still there are campaigns in those countries that do not support the way patients should be given death and is also considered another way of committing suicide. Communities think if the right is legalized it will give doctors the right do…


Gastmans C. & Lemiengre. J. (2007). Development and communication of written ethics policies on euthanasia in Catholic hospitals and nursing homes in Belgium (Flanders), Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Law, Faculty of Medicine, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Vol 63, Issue 1. pp 188 to 195, retrieved March 16, 2011 from

Kenny, R.W. (2007). An effect of communication on medical decision making: answerability, and the medically induced death of Paul Mills., Department of Public Relations, Mount Saint Vincent University. Vol 22, issue 1, pp. 69 -- 78, retrieved March 16, 2011 from

Lemiengre K. (2008). How do hospitals deal with euthanasia requests in Flanders (Belgium)? A content analysis of policy documents. Health Promotion/Education, retrieved March 16, 2011 from

Levett, C. (2011). Dying with dignity -- the case for end of life choices, Australian Nursing Journal, vol. 18, issue 8, pp. 48, retrieved March 16, 2011 from

1950s Advertisment One of the
Words: 1646 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22259453
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It is also interesting that, somewhat differently from the first advertisement, we are no longer looking for efficiency, productivity increase and lower costs. Since consumerism is the key to this advertisement, the word of order now is spending. This is why this is the "costliest process on Earth."

The three advertisement are very interesting, because, despite still reflecting well the period of time in which they were created, they are somewhat different. On one hand, we have a society that stresses the importance of higher productivity rates and lower costs to be able to face the current challenges. On the other hand, we have individuals simply enjoying their existence, despite the existent challenges.



2. May Tyler, Elaine. Homeward ound: American Families in the Cold War Era. asic ooks, 1990. Page 91.



May Tyler, Elaine. Homeward ound: American Families in the Cold War…



2. May Tyler, Elaine. Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War Era. Basic Books, 1990. Page 91.



Inclusion of Students Diagnosed With
Words: 1470 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 87036536
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The academic and behavioral challenges presented by students with EBD affect the nature of their interactions with their teachers. Aggressive behavior patterns increase the likelihood that children will develop negative relationships with their teachers. Indeed, problematic relationships in kindergarten between students with behavior problems and teachers are associated with academic and behavioral problems through eighth grade. Henricsson and ydell (2004) report that poor teacher -- student relationships tend to be stable over time and have a negative effect on school adjustment. These problematic relationships with teachers may contribute to the documented low rates of positive teacher attention, such as academic interactions and teacher praise in classrooms for students with EBD. Teacher -- student interactions in classrooms for students with EBD have been described both in terms of negative reinforcement and as reflecting the transactional nature of social interchanges.

Students with and at risk for developing EBD are uniquely influenced by…


Cooley, E, L., Triemer & D.M. (2002, December) Classroom behavior and the ability to decode nonverbal cues in boys with severe emotional disturbance. Journal of social psychology. Vol. 142, Issue 6, 741-751. Retrieved November 19, 2011 from 

Henricsson, L. & Rydell, A. (2004, April) Elementary scholl children with behavior problems: Teacher-child relationns and elf-perception. A prospective study. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly. Vol. 50, Issue 2, 111-138. Retrieved November 19, 2011 from 

Lewis, T.J., Jones, S.E.L., Horner, R.H. & Sugai, G. (2010, April - June) School-wide positive behavior support and students with emotional/behavioral disorders: Implications for prevention, identification, and intervention. Exceptionality. Vol. 18, Issue 2, 82-93. Retrieved November 19, 2011, from 

Solar, E. (2011, September/October). Prove them wrong. Teaching exceptional children. Vol. 44, Issue 1, 40-45. Retrieved November 19, 2011, from

Parenting Co-Sleeping Has More Advantage
Words: 1257 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52363471
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More Care Giving to Babies:

One of the biggest advantages of co sleeping is increase in breast feeding (McKenna, 1994; Richard et al., 1996). This is admitted even by the most conventional American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that co-sleeping has the most advantage of breast feeding. According to the research, mothers who co-sleep breast feed an average of twice as long as non-co-sleeping mothers. Moreover, the act of sucking in breast feeding increases oxygen flow, which is useful for both baby's growth and immune functions (McKenna, 1994).

In addition, co-sleeping infants also get more notice and protective care. The studies have shown that mothers who co-sleep provides five times the number of care like as adjusting the baby's blanket, stroking or cuddling as compared to those mothers who were non-co sleepers (Mosko, 1997).

Long-Term Benefits of Co- Sleeping in Children as adults

Higher self-esteem:

Those boys who co-slept with their…

Works Cited

La Leche League International, Inc. (1997). The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. (6th rev. ed.)

Schaumberg, IL: Author

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Supplier Service Quality the Importance of Supplier
Words: 2583 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44346073
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Supplier Service Quality


Suppliers are an integral part of the value chain as they provide the raw materials, components and parts that are needed to manufacture a finished product. Their strategic value in the value chain has traditionally been obscured because of lower visibility and poor specialization and integration among suppliers. Firms have traditionally put increasing pressure on suppliers to offer supplies at lower prices, frequently switching over to competing suppliers, thereby leading to the erosion of loyalty in the supplies market. On the other hand, newer approaches to supplier-buyer relationships have shed light on the impact of strategic supplier-buyer relationships on reduced time-to-market and enhanced quality for manufacturing firms.

The Role of Supplier Service to Business Success

With the development of a globalized economy that has made national and geographic boundaries irrelevant for competition, the importance of strategic supplier-buyer relationships has become recognized.…

Ad Straub, "Competence of Maintenance Service Suppliers Servicing End-Consumers," Construction Management & Economics, 28, no. 11 (2010): 1187-1195, 10.1080/01446193.2010.500672. (accessed August 20, 2012).

Ram Narasimhan, Sriram Narayanan, and Ravi Srinivasan, "Explicating the Mediating Role of Integrative Supply Management Practices in Strategic Outsourcing: A Case Study Analysis," International Journal of Production Research, 48, no. 2 (2010): 379-404, 10.1080/00207540903174916. (accessed August 20, 2012).

Fred Morgan, "Product liability obligations of component parts suppliers: JPP&M JPP&M JM & PP," Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 18, no. 2 (1999): 189-96.

Emotional Drivers of Consumer Toward Swarovskis Brand
Words: 5791 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 39300258
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Emotional Drivers Swarovski

The motives behind consumer decisions to purchase luxury brands like Swarovski have been studied in a number of researches. The general findings of these studies have been that these motives are largely emotional, and that they are evolving as the composition of the luxury market segment changes. De Mooij (2005) defines emotion as an "interaction between cognition and physiology." The characteristics of emotion that or of greater concern to luxury brand managers are that emotions are learned and that they vary from culture to culture.

The mode of expression of emotion also varies by culture. In capitalistic societies, consumption has evolved into a unique mode of expression of self-satisfaction, self-esteem and self-pleasures. These buying motives shape the perceptions of various brands among consumers, along with brand loyalty and brand image. De Mooij (2005, p. 116) explains luxury brand buying motives in terms of collectivism/individualism and masculinity/feminism. Conformance…


Chevalier, M., & Mazzalovo, G. 2008. Luxury Brand Management. John Wiley & Sons.

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Sexual Liberation in Addition to Sexual Intercourse
Words: 1334 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51575450
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Sexual Liberation

In addition to sexual intercourse and its variations, sexual liberation refers to the universe of human issues affecting all genders. America was propelled from the sexual enslavement of the 1950's to considerably increased sexual liberation of the 1980's and beyond. Two significant events of the 1960's that contributed to sexual liberation were the FDA approval of The Pill and the birth of the omen's Liberation Movement.

Sexual Suppression of the 1950's

An examination of liberation should begin with the sexual slavery of the 1950's. By current standards, sexual suppression was a numbing fact of 1950's America, particularly for women. For example, the legendary "Good ife's Guide" (Housekeeping Monthly, 1955) spouts standards that are otherworldly by today's norms. Perhaps its most oppressive statement is "A good wife always knows her place" (Housekeeping Monthly, 1955), though the guide serves up plenty of other now-hilarious goodies. "Assisting" housebound married women in…

Works Cited

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Olmec Ancient Civilization
Words: 6598 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 83782582
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4. Social and Political Life

There is a general paucity of information about the actual societal and political structure of the Olmec. While there is not much evidence to build a comprehensive picture of the daily and social life of these people, there is enough available data from certain archeological sites to provide some reasonable speculations.

One of the assumptions that is derived from the excavation of sites at San Lorenzo and then at La Venta is that the society was very centralized. This in turn has led to the view that the society was highly structured, with a hierarchical basis of order and class stratification. This also implies the existence of a ruling elite and a system of power and control, which was possibly based on religious beliefs. This view of the structure of the society is summarized as follows: "Olmec society was & #8230;highly centralized, with a…


Griffin Gillett G., the Olmec World: Ritual and Rulership, / (accessed 8 November, 2010).

Jones, David M. Mythology of the Aztecs and Maya, New York: Lorenz, 2007.

Lemonick M.D., Mystery of the Olmec,( Time Magazine, July 1, 1996, Volume 148, No.

Movies Ratings Television Shows Ratings Currently Area
Words: 1449 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8288243
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movies atings television shows atings. Cuently aea numbe shows television potaying negative aspects ace, class gende. Fo, show "Family Guy" a show played "pimetime" mateials show "kid-fiendly.

Watching Toy Stoy is likely to influence many adults to believe that it would be wong fo them to allow thei childen to view the animated comedy. I believe that it is wong fo the Motion Pictue Association of Ameica film ating system to povide it with a G. ating, taking into account the violent scenes that the animation contains. Andy's next-doo neighbo, Sid, is a hoible peson and he is obsessed with mutilating toys. While it would be pefectly nomal fo childen to occasionally beak toys, an individual who wants to mutilate toys and who ceates mutant toys consequent to doing so is actually deanged.

Poviding childen with the image of a deanged individual is pobable to have a negative effect on…

references and profanity, but violence is practically absent and adolescents are shown in ways that are characteristic to teenagers in general.

This film has an inappropriate rating and it should have been provided with an R. rating or even with a PG-13 rating. By labeling it NC-17, the Motion Picture Association of America virtually fails to acknowledge that teenagers are capable of putting across behaviors that are not socially acceptable. The reality is that many teenagers are likely to identify with characters in the film and that the most activities shown are actually perfectly normal for teenagers.

The chart is meant to emphasize the rating that each film should be provided with when concerning particular aspects like violence, sexuality, and drug use:

2 stands for G -- general audience

4 stands for PG -- parental guidance suggested

Accounting Systems Their Tradeoffs and Discusses the
Words: 936 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32923663
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accounting systems, their tradeoffs, and discusses the differences between countries in their approaches.

Each of the cost accounting systems discussed in the articles accomplishes some management goals better than other systems, but there are tradeoffs involved with each. Different nations approach their cost accounting systems differently due at least in part to differences within cultures. For instance, GP is more suited to countries where the culture is one of uncertainty avoidance, one of the five dimensions of Hofstede's taxonomy. GP offers the most uncertainty avoidance because there is relatively little ambiguity in the assignment of costs; GP is characterized by narrowly defined cost centers and strict cost center criteria. Cultures such as Germany's are characterized by a management environment that includes highly skilled workers and technical expertise among managers. This is in contrast to the U.S. where workers tend to have more generalist skill sets and managers have been educated…

Krumwiede, Kip & Suessmair, Augustin, (2008). A closer look at German cost accounting methods: a survey of the cost management systems used by companies in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Management Accounting Quarterly. Retrieved July 26, 2010, from  bxcra.2.a.55

Lockhart, Julie & Taylor, Audrey, (2007). Environmental considerations in product mix decisions using ABC and TOC. Management Accounting Quarterly. 

Portz, K. & Lere, J.C. 2010. Cost Center Practices in Germany and the United States: Impact of Country Differences on Managerial Accounting Practices. American Journal of Business. Muncie: Spring, 2010. Vol. 25, Iss. 1; pg. 45.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Words: 1172 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38822122
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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The articles explore separate studies about the topic. The author of this work discusses various aspects of each article and their merit. There were two sources used to complete this paper.

Each year in America thousands of parents walk into their infants room and discover that the child has died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The tragedy shocks and baffles the medical community as it continues to search for answers not only to what causes the syndrome but also what parents can do to reduce the risk of it striking their child. Studies around the globe have been conducted to this end with mixed results.

The determination of factors that influence the existence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is vital to the ability to stop its occurrence.

Study one

The first study examined whether the temperament of an infant has a bearing on whether that child…


Temperament ratings do not predict arousability in normal infants and infants at increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome. (Original Articles).

Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics; 10/1/2002; Adamson, T. Michael

Cosleeping in young Korean children.

Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics; 6/1/2002; Hahn, Hong-Moo

Analyzing State Healthcare Database for Research and Analysis
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Healthcare Database for esearch and Analysis

South Carolina is amongst states that take part in the Health Cost and Utilization Program (HCUP). Sandra Kelly, the person to contact regarding all matters pertaining to the program is the Operations Manager in the Demographics and Health department. The evenue and Fiscal Affairs of South Carolina under which it operates is situated on 1919, Blanding Street in Colombia, SC 29201. (803) *** is her phone number and (803) *** her fax number. One can also contact her online through Sandra.- --, her official email-id. The data from South Carolina entails stays by inpatients from hospitals offering care for acute health. The data recorded from the hospitals does not cover a whole calendar year as some experience technical defects (SID File Composition - South Carolina, n.d.), while others close at some point in the year.

The HCUP is the state's main source of gathering…


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Gestational Surrogacy Even Though it
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A also consider that a proper legislation should protect the surrogate mother, in order to avoid situations in which her rights would not be respected. Therefore, she should be paid her medical expenses and, as a sort of benefit for her act, she should be granted a free medical insurance and the right to free medical analyses. Moreover, the legislation should stipulate that the surrogate mother should be of the same nationality - American in this case - as the future parents, in order to avoid situations as those which occurred in the Indian women case, who have thought to have been abused, a thing they have accepted because of their poor material status.

All in all, it seems that gestational surrogacy is not among the best surrogacy practice, and this is because of the ethnic, legal and cultural misunderstandings it might generate. In addition, I consider it should be…


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Tom Sawyer Chapter Exegesis Scene
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Fighting fair, Tom still shines despite his aggression, particularly in light of Alfred's cowardly stone throwing when Tom's back is turned.


This first chapter in Tom's adventures is of cleverly constructed form; sharing all key elements needed to know in order to follow the story, identify with the protagonist, despise the multiple antagonists, and fondly recognize the doddering aunt as a 'straight man' to Tom's antics. The reader is immediately engaged in the story because Twain's style opens with dialog - known as a 'hook' in publishing parlance. The reader is instantly curious; why is this person named Tom being so vocally pursued? Who is doing the shouting? Why is this Tom character not responding?

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a snapshot of reality with which all readers can identify; it is not necessary to live in the backwaters of Mississippi to recognize sincere affection and security, sneaky…

Gw Bush Less Than Six
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hen a president of the United States begins incorporating religious rhetoric into his speeches, alarm bells must sound. hen that same president allocates taxpayer monies to religious groups, then citizens should be experiencing widespread panic.

Bush's No Child Left Behind Act is no less frightening than the faith-based initiative. Hiding behind good intentions, the No Child Left Behind Act fails to take into account a major factor: reality. Jim Donlevy notes, "It simply is not reasonable to continue to identify thousands of failing schools throughout the United States and then to see through to completion the sanctions written into the Act." The Act includes provisions for annual testing for schools, with progress requirements in core subjects such as English, math and science. "The idea is to be sure that all students are learning at higher standards," (Donlevy). However, the Act demands too much too soon. Forcing some schools to shut…

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T Boone Pickins My Case for Reagan 1984
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Boone Pickins, My Case for Reagan (1984)

Boone Pickins, "My Case for Reagan" 1984

During the 1980 presidential campaign Republican Ronald Reagan suggested that Americans ask themselves whether or not they better off financially than they were four years earlier, at the beginning of President Jimmy Carter's administration. This became a key issue in the 1984 presidential campaign when President Reagan sought another four years in the hite House. Even though there was a recession during 1982 Reagan won a landslide victory over the Democratic nominee alter Mondale.

The economy was a key issue in the 1984 presidential race because the Reagan Administration's policy of cutting taxes and reducing spending on social programs were much more beneficial to some segments of American society than others. Businessman T. Boone Pickins made a case for the reelection of Reagan based on the economic conditions of the time. Pickins argued that more than…

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Educational Philosophies Richard D Mosier
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Synthesize traditional and progressive education for today's students. Education digest. Vol. 68, Issue 7, 4-8. etrieved January 17, 2011, from:

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New Education the Current Crisis
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esearch was the first to feel the effects. The shift in the material base of the university leaves the humanities entirely out in the cold. Corporations don't earmark donations for the humanities because our research culture is both self-contained and absurd. Essentially, we give the copyrights of our scholarly articles and monographs to university presses, and then buy them back, or demand that our libraries buy them back, at exorbitant markups. And then no one reads them. The current tenure system obliges us all to be producers of those things, but there are no consumers." (Donoghue 2008)

The idea in education is one of operating as a business. The academic partners within the university setting are essentially in competition with one another for funding and other resources. If the students with stellar marks from certain departments are highly recruited by business and academia, the department is heralded and viewed upon…


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Hurd Undertook in Order to
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The tactics that HP adopted were congruent with the company's strategy. HP wanted to continue to thrive as a mass market differentiated player. The firm's industries -- PCs, servers and more -- had become commoditized, but HP realized that its brand still had value as a premium product. Part of that recognition has allowed it to move into China, where no-name brands are common and local brands dominate the market. HP realized that its brand was strong enough to enter that market despite the challenges.

HP also realized that the matrix structure was inappropriate for the company. Its businesses rely on innovation and marketing in order for the company to thrive. As a result, the company needs a streamlined organizational structure with direct lines of communication and accountability. This will focus managers on results, including innovation and cost control. The company always had the talent to succeed -- such as…

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Red Tides on the Gulf
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brevis blooms are not a new phenomenon, and fish kills that result from red tides caused by K. brevis in the Gulf of Mexico have been described in the scientific literature since 1960 or so and have been reported anecdotally for more than two centuries (Naar et al. 2002). In this regard, Backer and her associates (2005) emphasize that, "The human health effects from consuming shellfish with high concentrations of brevetoxins in their tissues have been well documented. However, there is very little information describing human health effects from environmental exposures. It is ironic that we know the least about the aspects of the Florida red tide problem that poses the greatest public health hazard in terms of number of people affected" (645). Today, K. brevis blooms are monitored closely in order to mitigate the foregoing health hazards that are related to the consumption of shellfish and shellfish harvesting is…

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Guild of America Wga Strike
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As USA Today's Bill Keveney recently noted, "The broadcast networks [are airing] fewer than 20 live-action, 30-minute sitcoms, about half as many as five seasons ago.... No sitcom has finished in the top 10 since 'Everybody Loves aymond' in 2005." (Dumenco 2007, NP)

This may lead some to conclude that the writer's strike will actually have less of an effect on the industry than expected, because so much of their work has been replaced by primetime reality television offerings and therefore when they are not working there is always something else to watch. Again, this remains to be seen, as there are still many diehard fans who would rather continue to watch sitcoms and television news broadcasts, though trends show that even these venues are dying off as more and more people seek their news from the ala cart news offerings of the internet. In short it can be argued…


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The Nation, 272, 22.

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Hour vs 8-Hour Work Shifts the Effect
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Hour vs. 8-Hour Work Shifts

The Effect of 12 Hour vs. 8-Hour Work Shifts on Health Care in Intensive Care Units

Critical care areas, such as intensive care units (ICUs), may be very demanding and challenging places to work. ICU's are typically populated by very highly dependent patients. This work requires an increased staff to patient ratio, entails periods of high activity, the use of advanced equipment, and the need for multiple and significant decision-making situations. Since the late 1980s, the conventional shift work pattern of 8 hours has been increasingly re-engineered into the 12-hour shift pattern meaning nurses work longer, but fewer shifts. esearch has been conducted on 12-hour shifts for nurses since this practice began, however consensus on the effects of this practice on healthcare and the individuals involved is still highly contentious and problematic.


In general terms, the best kind of shift system to promote maximum…


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Laptop Implementation Program - Action Plan Ideal
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Laptop Implementation Program - Action Plan

Ideal Classroom

The ideal school in the modern era of global education evokes dynamic and progressive thought to what exactly enables a student population to excel and succeed in life's endeavors. Truly, this is central to any discussion regarding educational reformation via school and classroom development. The critical component to these decisions is inherent to the leadership at the school to understand that, according to Cause & Chen, "the children's active use of technology in making decisions, technology resources in writing and drawing, and logical thinking programs to solve problems and illustrate ideas." (Cause, Chen, 2010)

The ideal school will therefore target the way young children learn and teach accordingly. According to Cause & Chen, an appropriate method to educate the young is to "offer pictures and sounds to support the natural ways that young children learn." (Cause, Chen, 2010) The importance of vision…


Katie Ash. (2010, March). Building on a Decade of 1-to-1 Lessons: Sustaining a laptop program at a middle school in Michigan requires a wireless vision and parent purchasing power.. Education Week, 29(26), 12, 14, 15. Retrieved December 20, 2010, from Research Library. (Document ID: 2030552671).

Cause, L., & Chen, D.. (2010). A Tablet Computer for Young Children? Exploring Its Viability for Early Childhood Education. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 43(1), 75-98. Retrieved December 20, 2010, from Research Library. (Document ID: 2134707481).

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Chris Kieffer. (15 September). Tupelo hopes to expand school laptop use. McClatchy - Tribune Business News,***[insert pages]***. Retrieved December 20, 2010, from ABI/INFORM Dateline. (Document ID: 1859409821).

Continental Airline Has Evolved as
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Continental recovered from each event in good time and generated overall benefits worth tens of millions of dollars. ("Continental Airlines wins INFOMS best practices award," 2002, website)

The company has managed against great odds to continue to serve customers, some would say even more effectively than previous to the 2001 disaster, even recently expanding services. (FACTS: A Quarterly Digest of Interesting Information from Continental Airlines 4th Quarter 2004) Though, in the past the Continental has made significant contributions to charities and needy organizations, at this time of economic hardship within the aviation industry in general the company has suspended accepting applications for sponsorships they hope to resume in the near future. ("Continental Airlines: Community Service" website) the historical commitment to community service and customer relationships shows the marketing tactics of Continental Airlines to be some of the best in the world, and current conservation shows the companies ability to weather…


Continental Airlines wins INFORMS best practices award," 2002, website) 

Continental Airlines: Community Service" 

1 CF7D48546C68E6E7C6F95C28895

Continental Airlines / Travel Center / Make Reservations"

E-Business Model
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Websites and eBusiness Models: A Comparison of Three Organizations

The features and functions of a website are a reflection of the purpose of that website. In turn, this is a function of the business model. This will now be shown by comparing the websites of three companies: eBay, Lands' End, and Ecolab. For each website, the target audience will be described, the website will be described, and the features of the website will be linked to the business model.

The eBay website is an online bidding site, where the general public can bid to purchase items from sellers. These sellers can either be other members of the general public or can also be retailers. The eBay website has two target audiences. Firstly, there are the consumers bidding on items to purchase them. Secondly, there are the sellers, with eBay needing to attract sellers so that consumers can find items…


Campanelli, M. (2005). Sharing the Wealth: Want to Get a Piece of the eBay Pie? Joining its Affiliate Program can be a Good Way to do Just That. Retrieved May 30, 2005, from Entrepreneur. Web site:,4621,319519,00.html 

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Income Gap Hurricane Katrina Stuck
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For instance we can take the examples of African-Americans, the events and issues show that some ethnic groups had to struggle hard to stay ahead in the social fabric of American society.


The living conditions of poor and middle segment of the society are main indicators of the health of economy and income distribution. While in developing nations the plight of the poor and even middle segments of society is well-known. Developed nation like United States have not been associated with poverty and the poor treatment of certain segments of society. Recent event have made people argue that over the years issues of poverty and unequal income distribution have hit America in a big way. These issues now can not be brushed under the carpet as the issues are being debated at all forums. People have accepted the grim fact that Income gap exists in American Society and these…


Dovring, F. Inequality: The Political Economy of Income Distribution. Praeger Publishers. New York. 1991.

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Microeconomics Over the Last Few Years it
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Over the last few years, it is evident that the airline industry in the U.S. has been experiencing long standing as well as novel challenges (The American Antitrust Institute, 2012). These includes the increase in the price of fuel, slowing demand for air travel and pressures to expand globally. Consolidation among various airlines across the country is the most common remedy that most of the airline firms are applying.

In April 2012, the U.S. Airways made an announcement to move and take over the American Airlines. American airline is the fourth largest airline in the United States while U.S. Airways is the fifth (Plane Buzz, 2013). This merger, therefore, will make the U.S. Airways- American the largest in the United States with a combined share of more than 21% (The American Antitrust Institute, 2012).

The merger is worth 11 billion U.S. dollars and will turn America into the largest…


Carlton, D.W., Landes, W.M. & Posner, R.A 1980 'Benefits and Costs of airline mergers, The

Bell Journal of Economics, Vol. 11, No. 1, pp. 65-83

Retrieved from 

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Marketing Forces and Diversification
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Marketing Forces and Diversification

As American society becomes increasingly ethnically diverse through immigration, relocation, birth rates and other factors, our hospitals must hone their sensitivity to resulting changes in community health needs. In addition, rigorous competition among hospitals requires sensitive, targeted marketing strategies attractive to diverse populations. An excellent example of responsive marketing and health care is given in Noonan's and Savolaine's article. The intelligence and success of the subject community hospital's approach shows that at least a hybrid of its approach should be followed in marketing to and serving a hospital's community.

Analysis with Noonan and Savolaine Article as the Focus

Thoughts about the Market Orientation of the Community Hospital

Focusing on Noonan and Savolaine article's examination of marketing obstetrical services in a diverse Midwestern market, the community hospital showed considerable wisdom in closely examining its prospective patient population by reviewing discharge data for obstetrical patients and asking doctors…

Works Cited

Anonymous. (2011, February 16). Nationwide, interactive community need maps guide community health planning. Retrieved on May 28, 2012 from Web site: 

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Maryland Schools and NCLB
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No Child Left ehind

Letter of Transmittal

Impact of NCL on Maryland School Systems

Request for specified action

Federal and State Restructuring Options

Maryland State School Improvement Grant udget Application,

Allowable and Non-Allowable Expenditures

No Child Left ehind (NCL) is the re-embodiment of President Lyndon Johnson's Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA). The primary purpose was to raise the standard of education and bridge educational boundaries. NEA certainly supports these aims and works solely in order to provide children equally standardized public schools.

The paper discuses impact of NCL on Maryland schools and what effect the state takeover had on the schools present in the district. Several recommendations and strategies are discussed in order to improve the management of the schools and a detailed request to Mr. Delaney has also been made in the paper to further improve and implement the strategies for the improvement of the schools.…


Dee, T.D., Jacob, B., Hoxby, C., & Ladd, H. (2013). The Impact of No Child Left Behind on Students, Teachers and Schools. U.S.: Brookings Institution Press. Retrieved from:

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Media's Stereotyical Portrayal of Blacks
Words: 2333 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57955821
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But Martin Lawrence bugs out his eyes a little and he's a coon. It makes no sense.'7

The defense seems somewhat warranted. After all, if all characters in the sitcom Martin were white, and acted the same way, such behavior would be attributed to the standard stupidity showcased on television. Much like the quote earlier about sitcoms and stereotypes leveling things, television in general fails to showcase the brightest and most sublime of human endeavors.

Lawrence is not alone in criticisms aimed at contemporary black actors. In her essay, "Stereotypes of History: Reconstructing Truth and the Black Mammy," Jennifer Kowalski claims, "actors such as Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, and Tyler Perry, have once again recycled the first existence of the Mammy/Aunt Jemima character." The "mammy" stereotype is "represented as full-figured women with strong and defensive attitudes, especially toward men who may bring harm to their loved ones." Lawrence recently starred…

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Federal Deficit and Entitlement Programs
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What this shows is how the current financial crisis / recession have placed a drag on both programs that are facing severe challenges from the large numbers of uninsured. Where, the lack of health insurance is indirectly forcing people to turn to both programs, once their condition becomes so severe that it can no longer be ignored. At which point, the costs increase to treat these people which causes the overall levels of the national debt to increase.

However, the current recession is also having a direct impact on both entitlement programs. This is because a large number of aby oomers are approaching retirement age, which means that many will often look to both programs as way to supplement their income and health insurance. Then, when you combine this with the fact that the current recession is causing incomes to decline and health insurance premiums to increase, means that…


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Estimating the Number of Uninsured. 2009. Medical News Today. Online. Available from the Internet, , accessed 7 May 2010.

Life Expectancy. 2004. Office of National Statistics. Online. Available from the Internet, , accessed 7 May 2010.

Senate Lifts Debt Ceiling by $1.2 Trillion. Fox News. Online. Available from Internet, , accessed 7 May 2010.

Waves in the Mass Immigration
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For instance, most illegal immigrants earn a living that is below the poverty threshold. Towns and cities can enforce legal policy created due to the economic incentive of protecting local schools and hospitals from financial ruin. Therefore, if there is a large population of illegal immigrants living in a town/city and are below a minimal level of income, the most effective policy is to build additional schools and hospitals designed to cater specifically to these populations.

The idea is to create facilities where illegal immigrants can learn and understand how to become an assimilated immigrant into American life. Additionally, these facilities will house programs that enable immigrants to become American citizens through the legal process of obtaining citizenship. The creation of additional schools and hospitals will increase jobs in the community, which can be funded in part through a number of federal programs that provide direct and indirect monetary resources…


Joch. (2010). "Immigration in the United States." New Presence: The Prague Journal of Central European Affairs. July 1, 2010. Retrieved from: 

Independent Review. January 1, 2010. Retrieved from: 

Independent Review. 2010

National Council for Accreditation of
Words: 1517 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 52004280
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It is felt that this action will enhance the value of institutional accreditation and help to better prepare teachers for the reality of the classroom.

orks Cited

Duncan, Arne. "Secretary Arne Duncan's Remarks to National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education." U.S. Department of Education. November 16, 2010. 13 December 2010. <>

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Identity in the Professor's Daughter
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She was greatly disturbed by the hite Buffalo deer hunting party because she identified and sympathised with the deer. Unlike the rash temper Bernard Jr. displayed in times of conflict, Meteke was almost silent in her pain and anguish, to the point that her husband begged her to talk to him, resorting to offers for tea, food, and foot massages to ease her tensions and cheer her (Raboteau, Professor's 72). Professor Lester was fairly clueless about what ailed her, as she chose to steer around his questioning rather than answer him directly. One evening in bed she turned away from him, and when he asked why she seemed upset she responded "I'm tired," rather than confiding in him her fear for the dear (Raboteau, Professor's 83). The reader saw very little of who Meteke was before she married Professor Lester, so her identity was only really articulated in her response…

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Industries Inc. 4 Dec. 2010

Horseshoe Crabs According to the
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In insects, the anterior portion of the heart, located in the abdomen, is extended into a tube, the aorta, which directs the blood forward as it goes out into the body cavity. Arthropods have a well-developed, mesodermal, ventral, solid nerve cord and well-developed sense organs. The body feature from which the phylum takes its name is the jointed appendages, which include antennae and mouthparts as well as walking legs.

Arthropods early ancestors had a number of body segments, each with a pair of jointed appendages and looked similar to a centipede. From there, some of these segments became fused to form a head and some of the appendages became modified to form mouthparts or antennae. Early on, there was an evolutionary split which led to the various modern subphyla and classes. Currently, three living subphyla are recognized, with trilobites representing an extinct fourth subphylum (Carter, 1997).

Horseshoe Crabs belong to…


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Wal-Mart's Mission and Vision Take
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Many other stakeholders are simply not addressed in al-Mart's mission or vision at all. The environment is not addressed. The company's stakeholders in China are not addressed, although the firm's strong relationship with the Chinese government must place that government as a major stakeholder in al-Mart's enterprise. Although al-Mart does have stores in China, it is not nearly the factor for Chinese consumers as it is for American ones, although it is a net creator of manufacturing jobs rather than a net destroyer of them in that country.

al-Mart's vision is that from giving the consumers want they want -- and assuming that low prices is what they want -- that the needs of other stakeholders will be met. The company certainly has its mission set to consumers as one stakeholder group. Indeed, for direct employees of al-Mart its mission functions well also, as the company now employs two million…

Works Cited:, various pages. (2010). Retrieved June 23, 2010 from 

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Raising a Sensory Smart Child
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" Does the child show impulsiveness, or have problems transitioning from one activity to another activity, or seem rigid and inflexible at times? Moreover, are there signs of carelessness or clumsiness -- and is the child uncomfortable while involved with group situations? All of these behaviors in this paragraph are signs that SI dysfunction may be part of the problem, the authors assert.

And there are several more that the authors point to -- including when a kid has a big problem handling frustration, when he can't smoothly transition from an active state to a "calm, rested state" -- but just because one or more of these behaviors are apparent that doesn't automatically mean the child has SI dysfunction. "Lots of kids show these signs for lots of reasons," the authors explain. And some of the behaviors are quite "appropriate at certain ages" because "most toddlers are pretty impulsive" (note…

Works Cited

Biel, Lindsey, and Peske, Nancy K. (2005). Raising a Sensory Smart Child: The

Definitive Handbook for Helping Your Child With Sensory Processing Issues.

New York: Penguin Books.

Planning by 2012 Starbucks' Chairman
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Finally, increasing repeat business through expanded customer loyalty efforts would help to increase sales.

Threats abound. A longer than expected recession could lead to more sagging demand for premium-priced coffee. An ongoing recession will also continue to make it difficult for Starbucks to impose additional price increases at a time when U.S. operating margins are falling because of increased labor and utility costs and increasing coffee prices (MCRoskey, 2008). Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's are fierce competitors at lower-price points and could always scale up to offer more premium-based products. The company's international expansion plan is extraordinarily aggressive and customers may find that it has failed to meet their cultural expectations for cafes and coffee. This expansion is coming at a time when the company is experiencing problems in its established global markets. Continued growth could further erode the company's brand image and lead to commoditization that threatens the company's ability…


Helm, B. (2007, April 9). Saving Starbuck's Soul: Chairman Howard Schultz is on a mission to take the company back to its roots! Oh, yeah-- he also wants to triple sales in five years. Business Week, 4029, p. 56.  e=2&sid=12&Fmt=3&VInst=PROD&VType=PQD&RQT=309&VName=PQD&TS=1235501315&c lientId=29440

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Criminal Justice Walpole State Prison
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There should be a manual override system in place in regards to the cell doors. This would allow those in charge to manually lock down all cells to help make sure that no other ones opened on their own.

Providing training to all staff ahead of time so that they are enabled to handle any such situation that might arise is critical. Every staff member should know what they are supposed to do and when they are supposed to do it, if an emergency situation should arise. Training and practice drills should be conducted ahead of time so that everyone is one the same page. Because human lives are at stake every effort should be made to make sure that the best possible plan is developed and available.

The security threat plan should be reviewed an updated on a regular basis. This will help to ensure that any changes that…


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%26+Criminal+Justice&L2=Prisons&L3=State+Correctional+Facilities&sid=Eeops&b=t erminalcontent&f=doc_facility_mcicedarjunction&csid=Eeops

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Charles Lindblom Pendleton Herring the
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242). This approach to decision making in public administration was thought to result in improved policies since the approach was well suited to the pluralist environment in which these decisions were being made and provided opportunities for alternative views to be advanced. The incremental model as "took into account the limitations of human cognitive capacities and the costs of acquiring information" (Utter & Lockhart, 2002, p. 242).

Lindblom, C.E. (1959, Spring). The science of 'muddling through.' Public dministration

Review, 19, 79-88 in Stevens at 15.

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Greenwood Press.

Unit II ssessment.

Question 1:

Marble cake federalism

Question 2:

Congressional Budget Office

Question 3:


Question 4:

Pluralism and Calvinism

Question 5:

Federal system of government

Question 6:

"Why can't the citizens of the states just keep their…

According to Hanson (1998), "Adherents to picket fence federalism contend that the most important components of the federal system are the various functional bureaucracies, not the national, state, or local governments" (p. 24). From this perspective, the "pickets" of the governmental fence (e.g., the national, state, and local governments) are frequently too fragmented to provide the level of coordination needed to effect meaningful action at the local level (Hanson, 1998). A good example of how this approach has been used in New Brunswick, New Jersey is the implementation of so-called "Special Improvement Districts" (also known as Business Improvement Districts) that are described by the municipality as being "Self-help ventures organized by property owners and local governments to identify and develop defined areas of cities where a more successful and profitable business climate is needed" (Special improvement districts, 2009, p. 1). These districts, which are referred to by the acronym "SID," are managed by private agents who coordinates commercial promotional activities, as well as identifying opportunities for improving the security and maintenance services for existing businesses in their districts (Special improvement districts, 2009). According to the city's official Web site at , "The law permits property owners and businesses in the specified district to organize and assess themselves to pay for the services that they determine. SIDs provide specialized services to advance business revitalization in downtowns. These services are designed to complement rather than replace municipal government services" (Special improvement districts, 2009, p. 3).

Hanson, R.L. (1998). Governing partners: State-local relations in the United States. Boulder,

CO: Westview Press.

Study Skills and Why They
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This also refers to the false impression that cramming is a successful learning technique. As this study notes; "…it is much better to create an interval between the times you study an item" ( Glenn, 2007, p. 2). Similarly, a study entitled Smart way to study (2009) also emphasizes that intervals between study session have been shown to improve retention and understanding of the material. This method also means that information is retained and can be utilized in a more interactive manner by the student.

3. Tips to improve study skills

Study preparations are an important part of developing useful and long-term study skills. As has been referred to, the organization and management of the correct study skills that are appropriate to each individual's predilections is an important aspect that should be borne in mind in the development of successful learning skills. This also includes significant aspects, such as choosing…


Fleming G. Would Group Study Improve Your Grades? College Professors Think So!

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Reclaiming Children and Youth, 14(1), 27+. Retrieved July 12, 2009, from Questia database: /PM.qst?a=o&d=5009565771' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

Nontraditional Student Experience Serving the
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Compare the costs of different programs. There is a wide variety, and costs are not always related to quality." can say from my own personal experience, education has gained more emphasis than actual work experience. Now, more and more, employers are asking for formal degrees before looking at someone's accomplishments and expertise. Therefore, working people may not prosper without a degree. Online education provides an option to get a degree that might not otherwise be available. I am suffering from the same problems that prevent most people from obtaining a degree and I am taking online classes from home. It is allowing me to fulfill my parental obligations and to continue my education while I am working in a way that is more flexible and affordable than traditional classrooms. While these offer many benefits over online courses, I do not need these at my current stage in life.




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Home Industry There Are a
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The house would still be capable of customization but would not necessarily have to be. This could lead to more profitability to the builders and a less likely chance of sloppy workmanship. The home building industry has the opportunity to show that it can react to adversity and with the situation as it currently stands, builders may have the desire to lower expenses, while not cutting corners, as much as possible.

The home building industry, therefore, seems to be one that can provide the economy with a boost when it is needed, with a foundation at all times and with overall growth that can lead to a robust job market, growth in the GDP and financial independence for those builders that are willing to commit to the hard work necessary to succeed. There are relatively few industries that provide individuals with that type of opportunity and even fewer industries that…

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Death Penalty Annotated Bibliography
Words: 3713 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 44252530
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Death Penalty+ Annotated Bibliography

It has been theorized and even proven that many laws that are in place in America are the product of JudeoChristian religious beliefs, practices and writings, that have over the years been toned down to better meet the needs and standards of the U.S. society. here is a clear sense that some penalties for breaking the law have little if any effect on crime committed in the future, i.e. act as deterrents to crime and penalties for crime range from paying small fines to capital punishment. Opponents of capital punishment have always claimed that it does not deter crime while proponents have claimed that it does. Opponents have also claimed that the death penalty is a violation of the 8th amendment, cruel and unusual punishment and that it does not belong in any civilized society. Proponents on the other hand state that it is important to…

Tonry's book is a detailed and comprehensive look at racial disparity in the U.S. legal system. The work is troubling but based on serious inquiry and serious thought. In the work he discusses how many experts have convened over the years to determine that there is no reason to believe that capital punishment is more of a deterrent to violent crime that life sentences and yet the U.S. government is still alone among all Western nations to retain its legality.

Zimring, F.E. (2003) The contradictions of American capital punishment. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Zimring's book is a fascinating discussion about the history of capital punishment in the U.S. with comprehensive look at the ebb and flow of the laws that entrench it and the many theories and contradictions that are embedded in it. He is also very effective at providing a relatively balanced look at just why in a social, political and legal sense that capital punishment exists today and especially at the manner in which it is applied, including an extensive look at why the appeals process is so vast and strict. His thesis is basically that the process is so "moral" and "ethical" because it is the stop gap effort of the nation to come to terms with why the death penalty is still on the books at all.

International Relations Theory and United Nations Peace
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International elations Theory and United Nations Peace:

International elations (I) field normally focuses on the study of how various state systems can be made to work more efficiently to improve the power of law, maintain order, manage interstate affairs peacefully, and lessen prospects of war. The word relation in this field is used to denote the inclusion of more than political affairs to aspects like conflict and peace. International relations field is closely linked administratively to political science departments (O'Connor, 2010). Actually, the field of international relations traces its origin from various subfields including international law, diplomatic history, and international economics. While it's still early to consider international relations as a sovereign field of study, it has broken from the analytical procedures of economics and law as well as the ongoing process of breaking from political science. Consequently, this field has become an important facet because of the conceptualizations of…


Ahmed, S. Keating P. & Solinas, U (2007), 'Shaping the Future of UN Peace Operations: is there

A Doctrine In the House?' Cambridge Review of International Affairs, vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 11-28, viewed 26 November 2011,

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November 2011,