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Snow White Essays (Examples)

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White Beyond Naivete and Obliviousness One of
Words: 1121 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 91182474
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hite: Beyond Naivete and Obliviousness

One of the earliest interpretations of Snow hite can be traced to the collected works of the Brother's Grimm. Since then, the tale has been adapted into an animated feature -- Disney's first -- and has served as the subject for Anne Sexton's poem, "Snow hite and the Seven Dwarves." In these interpretations, Snow hite has traditionally been portrayed as an innocent, naive, and oblivious girl who eventually succumbs to the chicanery of her evil stepmother and is almost killed. Through these various interpretations, it can be argued that Snow hite is not only naive and oblivious, but she is also stubborn and selfish.

Snow hite can only be considered to be oblivious and/or naive up to the point that she realizes that her stepmother has tried to have her killed. Up until the moment she realizes that her stepmother has tried to have her…

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White Psychoanalytic Creative Case Study
Words: 1106 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 88800708
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Snow hite has a low sense of self-efficacy. She dreams of a prince making her life better, not of making her life better through her own initiative She does not leave her cruel stepmother's home, rather she waits until she is literally forced out in a life or death situation, even though she was being abused and used as a scullery maid. This behavior may also tie into her strong superego as a character -- she does not openly disobey her stepmother, ever, and works hard to earn her keep for the dwarves. However, her superego's strength is inconsistent -- she breaks into a home rather than takes refuge somewhere else, and allows herself to eat an apple from a stranger.

Snow hite is the subject of her stepmother's projections -- all of the woman's fears about aging and her loss of beauty are projected onto the girl, and the…

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White by Charles Simic Charles
Words: 749 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11954621
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Who are those that have bandaged eyes and ears? In line 93 he wants again to touch a white page with the "Five ears of my fingertips"; fingertips mean he wants to touch the white but the fingertips don't hear anything. It is fascinating that so many images of White are part of this poem and yet the search goes on -- which some may believe is a search for the poem, for the right words to help start over. "It has to be cold / So the breath turns white" (137-38) the search for White in this poem has embraced a wedding, a bride, snow, the Arctic, and in the end, the reader can create something White from any one of the images. In lines 225-227, the poet is "…the bullet / that has baptized each one of your senses / Poems are made of our lusty wedding nights."…

Conflict Resolution Methods Might Snow
Words: 2427 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50245491
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Contrasting this from a personal standpoint, only in the most emotionally charged and toxic personal situations are there feelings of this level, rejoicing in the failure of others. In personal relationships this is especially troublesome as the medium of exchange, unlike business using money, is emotion and what is left of trust in a relationship. That makes the wishing of failure in addition to winning the conflict especially toxic and even potentially dangerous. As one divorcee had on her license plate holder "Happiness is seeing your Ex-on a milk carton," the damaging aspects of this dynamic is dangerous in interpersonal relationships.

It is far more common in business where salaries, sales, and bonuses are seen as a direct reflection of the value of the managers involved, and the loss of these is seen as even greater victory for the person in the conflict.

Case: The Great Wall and the Firewall…


Financial Times (2007) - Chinese Military hacked into Pentagon. Demetri Sevastopulo. Washington D.C. Published: September 3, 2007. Accessed from the Internet on September 19, 2007 from location:

True Meaning of Snow David Guterson Is
Words: 2037 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 51891376
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True Meaning of Snow

David Guterson is the young, American author of Snow Falling on Cedars which heavily consists of human nature and human emotions. Snow Falling on Cedars, narrates the trial of a Japanese man accused of murdering a white man in the post-orld ar II era. Throughout this literary work, Guterson uses elements of nature: land, trees, water and especially snow, as literal and metaphorical tools to develop and resolve conflicts.

David Guterson uses the same aspects and characteristics of nature in two different ways. First he describes in visual detail the literal or actual effects that elements of nature have on the characters in the novel. But more importantly Guterson uses nature to convey substantial and symbolic meaning in the lives of the characters in the story.

One of the elements of nature that Guterson uses as a tool to develop the conflicts in Snow Falling on…

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July's People Snow the Recurrent
Words: 1233 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59999351
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July's People

Though not actually about the end of the world in any large-scale sense, Nadine Gordimer's July's People truly is a type of post-apocalyptic tale for two of its primary characters. Maureen and Bam Smale are forced to live in the village of their black former servant, July, following a hypothetical and violent end of apartheid that has left militant black revolutionaries in charge of Johannesburg and the South African government. For the Smale's, this essentially proves to be the complete end of their world. They are unable to return to their lives or even their homes in Johannesburg; that world certainly no longer exists, and would be mortally dangerous to them. At the same time, however, they are completely impotent and unnecessary in July's village; they have no function, no purpose, and are generally regarded with suspicion and fear that they will bring trouble to the villagers. These…

Hemingway the Snows of Kilimanjaro
Words: 1780 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15878269
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For many critics, no other short story by Ernest Hemingway is as overtly autobiographical as the Snows of Kilimanjaro. Richard Hovey goes as far to say that the story "must have been (Hemingway's) effort to purge himself of long-accumulated guilts" (83).

This paper examines how the parallels between the story's protagonist Harry and Hemingway reveal a theme of the conflict between financial comfort and the artistic calling. It shows how Hemingway depicts a writer, literally rotting from within, as he reflects on his own moral corruption and the loss of his artistic integrity.

As the story begins, the reader quickly learns that the protagonist, a writer named Harry, is dying. A scratch sustained earlier has become infected and has poisoned his blood, causing a gangrenous infection. Harry knows that death was coming, but he could no longer muster any horror or fear. Instead, all he feels is "a great…

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Comparing Hunter in the Snow by Tobias Wolff and the Lesson by Toni Bambara
Words: 762 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67205322
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Lesson and "Hunters in the Snow"

Moments of realization are predominant in the short stories, "The Lesson," by Toni Cade Bambara and "Hunters in the Snow," by Tobias olff. Both stories reveal an element of human nature by focusing on individuals that we can believe in when they find themselves in difficult situations. As a result, each author illustrates how different individuals can choose to solve their problems when confronted with uncomfortable situations.

For example, in "The Lesson," we watch Sylvia as she tries to deal with the fact that she is poor. Her situation is a positive one, although it causes her discomfort in the beginning. Because she is young, she does not readily understand the lesson that Miss Moore was trying to teach her and the others. For instance, we see Sylvia realize the depth of her poverty as the groups enters the toy store. She says that…

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Vermont Social and Natural Commentary in Black and White
Words: 658 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6653548
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Vermont Photos

Vermont's rich cultural and environmental history is captured visually in black and white still photography. Each of these images offers a distinct glimpse or glance at Vermont life. Some images portray non-human subjects ranging from animals to landscapes to architecture. Several are macro, or close up, shots of Vermont's minutia. None of the images are portraits, which is significant because it allows the viewer to perceive Vermont without the added lens or filter of social life.

An image of a Pullman Car appears in green and fills the frame. The composition suggests movement, as the horizontal lines of the rail car and the tracks beneath it all move in the same directions. The original Pullman Palace cars were decorated ornately on the inside. Yet the viewer is invited to look inside at the big green Pullman Sunbeam, which rolled into Manchester in Spring of 2012 from South Carolina.…

Blue Mountain Big White on
Words: 1979 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 11912502
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These waterfalls provide a contrast to Blue Mountain and other mountains. As mountains rise, waterfalls fall. Another question that this project is focused on is the different ways in which waterfalls and mountains are valued differently as well as how they are valued the same in other situations.

This is how the government of Ontario describes and honors the Niagara Escarpment:

Designated a UNESCO World Biosphere eserve in 1990, the Niagara Escarpment is an internationally recognized landform and is the cornerstone of Ontario's Greenbelt. A landscape of rich biodiversity, home to hundreds of Ontario's Species at isk, vital watersheds, agricultural areas and 450-million year old geological history, the Niagara Escarpment is a treasure to protect for future generations of Ontarians. (Niagara Escarpment)

Perhaps it is that waterfalls can be seasonal while mountains remain all year round. But for a mountain that is defined by snow as opposed to just by…


Blue Mountain Skiing, 

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Niagara Escarpment,

Drew White 1750 Danny Gamache
Words: 2065 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70281003
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There are rumors, the Forbes report goes on, "that the owners are looking to sell the team, which has sizeable debt and has had a hard time attracting season ticket holders" (Forbes).

Another struggling franchise mentioned often in analysis as a financial loser is the Atlanta Thrashers. Forbes reports the team lost 10% of its value in the 2008-09 season and is now worth $143 million. Local revenue per fan is $10 and the Thrashers' debt is 46% of its total value; player salaries were $39 million and gate receipts were $23 last season. "A nasty and continuous legal battle amongst the eight owners…has resulted in the team turning to Goldman Sachs for investors"

(Forbes). Although the Thrashers are not in the so-called Sun Belt, Atlanta is not known for ice, snow, and cold, like the more traditional hockey venues experience.

The financial struggles of some teams today is not…

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Rarely Ever Black and White
Words: 1164 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83032007
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The ramifications of not following his instinct results in a lack of faith in himself and humanity. At the end of the story, Bonaparte experiences a chasm between him and the morals he once knew. He is alienated from everything and states even the "birds and the bloody stars were all far away" (1030). He also admits he feels "very small and very lost and very lonely like a child astray in the snow" (1030). The last sentence is the most gripping, revealing the full scope of his situation. He says, "And anything that ever happened to me afterwards, I never felt the same about again" (1030). Here we see the evidence of regret. Bonaparte cannot change what has happened and sadly, he must live with it for the rest of his life. e must believe him when he says he will never be the same again and feel empathy…

Work Cited

O'Connor, Frank. "Guests of the Nation." Textbook. Editor. City: Publisher. Year. Print.

Forests in Children's Literature
Words: 2112 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85717414
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Forests in Children's Lit

The Dark Forest of Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are rightly seen by many authors and critics from Jung to runo ettelheim as repositories for archetypes and for vital social messages. Additionally, they must be seen as a literary genre by themselves, and elements which may be seen archetypically must also be taken in terms of their literary function. In this light, one can study the role of the forest in fairy tales both as a reference to the archetype of the dark forest and as a social reference to the land outside civilization, and simultaneously be aware of the way in which the forest operates as a literary device to isolate the characters quickly from their familiar world by placing them into another realm. The ways in which forests seem to function in fairy tales to isolate the characters ranges from the very physical to the…


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William Shakespeare Uses Irony Imagery
Words: 672 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29658235
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This suspicion becomes even more ironically clear as we read further. As we progress with the analysis of the protagonist's description of his love we find even more apparently negative comparisons. For example, he states that that in comparison to perfumes his "mistress reeks" and that music has a much more "pleasing sound" than her voice. He also states that she is no goddess in the lines,

I grant I never saw a goddess go;

My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground

However in the final couplet of the sonnet there is a dramatic change of tone and a radical change in our perception of the loved one. The final two lines read as follows.

And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare

As any she belied with false compare.

These two lines should be carefully considered as they ironically overturn the meaning and intention of…

Progression of Film Cinema
Words: 2701 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70636925
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Today, more than forty years later, the special effects for a film are still in an evolutionary stage, and the Star ars one was the first films to use the 3 dimensional Computer Generated Images technique in a feature film. Today, visual and special effects are even more popular than they were a few years back, and when Luxo, which was the first computer generated film to be nominated for an Oscar, was created, with the subject of the film being a desk lamp, which would talk and walk, it was indeed a landmark for the film world in the development of technique.

The 'Toy Story' was produced in 1995, and this film used both computer generated images as well as hand drwan ones throughout the movie. In 'Lord of the Rings', the character of Gollum was a computer generated one, and when this image was used in conjunction with…

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Frost's Sounds -- Shaping the Feeling of
Words: 816 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96164278
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Frost's Sounds -- Shaping The Feeling Of The Poem's Reader

Unlike the measured procession of syllables and the soft vowel sounds that characterizes the feelings conveyed in "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening," the poet Robert Frost uses sharp, cracklings consonants to denote the dangerous and active life of the birches of his poem "Birches." The poem about "Birches," particularly in the first lines that set the scene and the stage for the active engagement of the poet with nature, are rife with crackling sharp 'b' plosive sounds that seem to create a sense of brittleness and breaking and exploding upon the reader's ear, as opposed to the softer vs. And ws of the more leisurely and measured progression of verbiage in "Stopping by the Woods."

"When I see birches bend to left and right," "Birches" begins, immediately locating the reader in a state of action, activating the…

Change We Parked in the Dolphin Lot
Words: 1039 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91544312
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We parked in the Dolphin lot. The memories started to flood back. It had been years since I visited Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Only this time, I was not with my family. I wasn't with my parents, or even my brother. I was with two of my friends. We thought it would be a fun thing to do, go to Disney, trip the day away, see what it would feel like going as adults on our own. Not that it was cheap: the price tag really stung -- something I never had to think about when I was a starry-eyed little kid. As a teenager we stopped going to Disney World as a family. Probably because of the divorce, there was never enough time to take the family together on a fun vacation. It seemed like all we did was argue and do homework. This felt liberating, driving…


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2012). U.S. Obesity trends. Retrieved online: 

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Women and Television
Words: 2703 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86856467
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tales we know to be true. They begin with "once upon a time." They end with "happily ever after." And somewhere in between the prince rescues the damsel in distress.

Of course, this is not actually the case. Many fairytales omit these essential words. But few fairytales in the Western tradition indeed fail to have a beautiful, passive maiden rescued by a vibrant man, usually her superior in either social rank or in moral standing. Indeed, it is precisely the passivity of the women in fairy tales that has lead so many progressive parents to wonder whether their children should be exposed to them. Can any girl ever really believe that she can grow up to be president or CEO or an astronaut after five viewings of Disney's "Snow White"?

Perhaps, perhaps not. But certainly it is true that modern popular culture contains a number examples of characters and stories…


Bacchilega, C. (1997). Postmodern Fairytales: Gender and Narrative Strategies. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania.

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American Landscape in Frost's Poetry
Words: 4592 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88110143
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Frost's Poetry And Landscape

The Rise of Modernist Poetry

Between the years of 1912 and 1914 the entire temper of the American arts changed. America's cultural coming-of-age occurred and writing in the U.S. moved from a period entitled traditional to modernized. It seems as though everywhere, in that Year of 1913, barriers went down and People reached each other who had never been in touch before; there were all sorts of new ways to communicate as well as new communications. The new spirit was abroad and swept us all together. These changes engaged an America of rising intellectual opportunities and intensifying artistic preoccupation.

With the changing of the century, the old styles were considered increasingly obsolete, and the greatest impact was on American arts. The changes went deep, suggesting ending the narrowness that had seemed to limit the free development of American culture for so long. That mood was not…

Edit of a Paper on Walt Disney
Words: 2983 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 74272535
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Walt Disney is the epitome of success through perseverance and hard work. The animator, filmmaker, and entrepreneur once said, "All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Disney had dreams that many did not think was possible to come true, and yet he continually proved to the world that anything was possible. The world of magic that we know of today would not have existed without the dreams and accomplishments of Walt Disney, who built veritable empires out of his own imagination. It is impossible to picture children's entertainment or theme parks without invoking the contributions of Walt Disney. His innovation and personal sacrifices required to make those innovations tangible realities have given us a world of magic and a world with no limitations to our imaginations.

Many have known Walt Disney to be the man who built the theme parks, particularly Disneyland…


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4) Walt Disney Museum -- San Francisco

Life of Walt Disney Two Questions How
Words: 1611 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47484995
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Life of Walt Disney [...] two questions: How did Walt manage each functional piece of the business and develop needed organizational capabilities? In addition, how did Walt achieve strategic and financial objectives?


Walt began his career in Kansas City, Missouri, where his family lived, and for years, the business teetered on the brink of collapse. Disney learned how to manage what little funds he had, and continue with his work from these early experiences. While still in Missouri, he incorporated a company called "Laugh-O-gram Films." With his last $500 from the venture, he began a series of cartoons based on "Alice in Wonderland." When his money ran out, he headed to Hollywood, where he set up a "studio" in his uncle's garage, and "wrote to M.J. Winkler, a film distributor, announcing that he was 'establishing a studio in Los Angeles for the purpose of producing a…


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Robert Frost's Famous Poem Birches Might Be
Words: 1640 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42719642
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Robert Frost's famous poem, "irches," might be described as a poem of redemptive realism, a poem that offers a loving, yet tinged-by-the-tragic view of life as seen through the metaphors of nature. In fact, Robert Frost could be called a kind of subversive pastoralist, for unlike the romantic nature poets who preceded him, such as Wordsworth, he sees nature's wildness, her beauty, and yet her relentless harshness as well. The poem, "irches" is a perfect depiction of the balance we try to achieve between our own will and the will of nature; between joy and sorrow; between heaven and earth; between loving this life and weeping over it. "The desire to withdraw from the world and love of the earth is symbolized in the boy's game of swinging birch trees." (Lynen).

The poem is often thought to be divided into three main sections. The first is a very detailed, realistic…


Cox, Sidney. A Swinger of Birches. New York University Press. (1960).

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Arctic FOX National Geographic Online
Words: 3067 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94471525
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Like most other animals, the artic fox's cot changes to reflect the summer arctic habitat, becoming a brown or gray color that matches the summer environment (National Geographic, 2008). The photograph by Norbert Rosing (National Geographic, 2004), demonstrates the usefulness of the animal's camouflage: (Norbert Rosing, National Geographic, October, 2004, online at,2008).

The artic fox contributes to the balance of nature because its diet includes rodents, which have a tendency to multiply rapidly in any conditions; birds, and fish (National Geographic, 2008). However, rodents are more plentiful during the summer months in the artic. During the winter months, when its food sources are scarcer, the fox will be follow the trail of the polar bears, acting as a scavenger to the remains of the larger animal's kills (National Geographic, 2008). The arctic fox also eats some amounts of vegetation, usually vegetables (National Geographic, 2008).

The arctic fox is a…

Works Cited

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National Geographic, 2008, found online at, retrieved 8 February, 2008.

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Anne Sexton No Mercy Street
Words: 804 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81492369
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Anne Sexton's literary success did not provide her with inner peace, and like Plath as well she committed suicide by inhaling poisonous gas ("Biography of Anne Sexton," Poem Hunter, 2008). Prophetically, in Sexton's poem entitled simply "anting to Die," she wrote of suicides: "Still-born, they don't always die, / but dazzled, they can't forget a drug so sweet/that even children would look on and smile." However, although most of her poems can be characterized as confessional and psychologically oriented in their subject and tone, not all of them are simply anecdotes from the poet's tormented life. Sexton's willingness to talk about the complicated feelings of mothers, specifically mothers and daughters, was revolutionary for its time, and she also addressed her own issues in light of a long cultural tradition of silencing female voices, as reflected in her poems on fairy tale heroines like Briar Rose and Snow hite. "Beauty is…

Works Cited

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Sexton, Anne. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." 15 Mar 2008.

Environmental Themes
Words: 5447 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33113853
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Environmental Themes in Grapes of rath

This essay reviews environmental themes from the following five books: Dust Bowl by Donald orster, The Grapes of rath by John Steinbeck, Everglades: River of Grass by Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Killing Mr. atson by Peter Matthiessen, and River of Lakes by Bill Belleville. This paper discusses the role that culture has played in environmental issues during the past century. Five sources used. MLA format.

Environmental Themes

Humans from the very beginning of their existence have had an impact, for better or worse, on the environment. Man has for the most part tried to control the environment to suit his needs or tastes of the era. Over-grazing, over hunting, ignoring the importance crop rotations, dam building, and toxic dumping, are but a few of the ways man tries to control. Few societies have ever considered any of the above when it comes to the environment.…

Works Cited

Belleville, Bill. River of Lakes. University of Georgia

Press. 2001.

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Pineapple Press. 50th Anniversary Edition. 1997.

Disney 3D Animation Disney Regarded
Words: 2193 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75771631
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(White, 33)

And it was rightly found in a life form which we encounter daily in our real lives- insects. ightly, insects possess the shape, form as also the texture that aligns perfectly within the realm of computer technology and the restricted movement was also not a vital challenge to the evolving medium of animation. This started with "A Bug's Life." From then onwards, the Pixar Studio has gone even more into the details of character design which were not believed to be possible till that period, like fantasy monster, fishes and cartoon superheroes. Like the 2D animation prior to that, 3D is yet to defeat the human form in any means in which the characters are able to act in a natural manner and no look like models made of plastic or wooden sculptures in the absence of the life form inside them. (White, 33)

The initial stage of…


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Pan's Labyrinth
Words: 4266 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31271124
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Pan's Labyrinth

The movie 'El Laberinto del Fauno' with 'Pan's Labyrinth' as English translation of the title directed by Del Toro revolves round the issue of the reason behind story telling. Although it is fact that in traditional fairy tales the validity and authenticity of magic and wonder is not questioned yet many characters in modern fairy tales fiction as well as movies are shown arguing that magic does not exist. Why it is so that several stories conclude at the end that magic that the character and audiences experience while going through a story either reading it or watching in the form of a film is dismisses like a dream? is it so that some characters insist to privilege truth upon lies in the fiction fairy tale and films is merely setting up the corny argument that some lies tell a greater truth than just facts?

The current essay…


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Generational Conflict and Adult Decision-Making
Words: 2441 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93779374
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Distinctly from John Updike's teenage character Sammy in his short story "A&P," who realizes he has just become an adult; Connie as suddenly realizes she feels like a kid again. Now she wishes the family she usually hates having around could protect her. The actions of the fearsome Arnold, are foreshadowed early on, when he warns Connie, the night before, after first noticing her outside a drive-in restaurant: "Gonna get you, baby" (paragraph 7). From then on, Arnold's quest to "get" Connie feels, to Connie and the reader, in its dangerous intensity, much like the predatory evilness of malevolent fairy tale characters, e.g., the Big Bad olf, or the evil stepmothers (and/or stepsisters) that fix on Snow hite, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and other innocent young female characters as prey. And Connie at the end of "here Are You Going, here Have You Been" wishes, like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow…

Works Cited

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Film History
Words: 8657 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24941469
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movie industry in America has been controlled by some of the monolithic companies which not only provided a place for making the movies, but also made the movies themselves and then distributed it throughout the entire country. These are movie companies and their entire image revolved around the number of participants of their films. People who wanted to see the movies being made had to go to the studios in order to see them. They made movies in a profitable manner for the sake of the studios, but placed the entire industry under their control and dominated over it. The discussion here is about some of those famous studios inclusive of that of names like Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Culver, RKO, Paramount Studios, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Universal Studios, Raleigh Studio, Hollywood Center Studio, Sunset Gower Studio, Ren-Mar Studios, Charlie Chaplin Studios and now, Manhattan Beach Studio.…

"What better way to annoy the Hollywood liberals than to remind them every single day that

George W. Bush is STILL the President?" Retrieved from Accessed 15 September, 2005

"What's interesting about the business is that it's no longer the movie business" Retrieved from  Accessed 14 September, 2005

Jealousy in the Cask of
Words: 1202 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61442304
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If you think it is Amontillado, then it surely is." Instead, Fortunato seals his fate, because with all of his actions, he validates the notion that Montresor actually needs his opinion. This is the great injury Fortunato has committed, over and over: he believes that his skills at judging spirits are the equal of, or possibly superior to, those of Montresor. It reminds me of the wicked witch who is compelled to condemn Snow White to death because a magic mirror tells her Snow White is prettier than she, the witch, is.

Montresor has taken precautions all along the way to make sure he will be able to handle his friend when the time comes, plying him with alcohol along the way, so that by the time Fortunato gets to the end of the final passage, he is unsteady on his feet, either from the wine, or his illness, or…


Poe, Edward Allen. "The Cask of Amontillado." Accessed via the Internet 9/13/05.

Theatrical Lighting History and Discourse
Words: 3518 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95704024
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As stated previously, there are two types of lighting in theaters, General Composition and Selective. During theses early phases, while there were some forays into selective illumination, they were very limited. Some parabolic reflectors were used to guide lighting in specific arches across the scene, but there was little in the way of pinpoint accuracy. There was also one major problem with illumination to date, it was always in the form of a flame and had to be held vertically over its fuel source, protected from anything that could burn and had to be fed by oxygen. This limited the type of housing that could be used as well as the positioning possibilities of this type of light source.

The first attempt at a focused shaft of light was created by the introduction of limelight. The limelight, or calcium light, was produced by directing an oxygen/hydrogen flame at a cylinder…

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Moral Message in Children's Literature
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Moral Messages in Children's Literature

I chose four children's classics: Charlotte's web (1952) by E.B. White, and other three children's fairy tales, two by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm (Cinderella and Snow white and the seven dwarfs) and one by Charles Perrault (Sleeping Beauty). These were among my personal childhood favorites. Looking back on all four as an adult, I see many similarities, but also many differences, in these books' inherent moral messages. All have been positively reviewed (e.g., have received awards or good critical reviews, and/or have stood the test of time). Each contains many distinct moral messages, some plain, others less so. Each also deals with situations that require moral decisions.

Charlotte's web

Charlotte's web is a story about eight-year-old Fern, who, while growing up on a farm, loves and nurtures a pet pig, Wilbur. Wilbur grows up (with help from Fern and various animal friends, including a wise…

Analyzing Multiple Assignments for Cross Cultural Education
Words: 5084 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72383288
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Cross Cultural Education

Cultural History

The information gathered was mostly from my grandparents and my parents. From the interviews conducted, I found out that my ancestors came to the United States in 1850. The main reason why they came to the United States is due to famine. According to information obtained, at the time, Ireland was facing a severe famine, owing to upsetting crop disasters. Due to lack of food for lengthy periods, my ancestors were left with no other option but to move to the United States. However, there are quite a number of challenges they faced upon arrival. To begin with, they had no expertise and no preceding experience in becoming accustomed to a new nation. In addition, they also faced the challenge of having no cash, minimal clothes and lack of education. Another distinctive challenge that they faced upon arrival to the United States was a great…


Colin, M., O'Dea, M. (2006). The Feckin' Book of Everything Irish. New York, Barnes & Noble.

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Oldboy an Analysis of Chan-Wook
Words: 3330 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65609356
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As Gerald Mast states, "Details develop the film's emotional dynamics" (138), and these details are everywhere in the mise-en-scene. The most important aspect of the mise-en-scene, of course, is the acting. Actors are the most obvious props -- and Oh Dae-su provides ample instances of buffoonery that keeps Oldboy from sinking into the mire of its own violence. Despite all the gore, the film harbors a gentleness and affection, thanks to the acting from Oh Dae-su and Mido. Even the villain provides a handsome face and charming smile -- and an affable voice; even he is hard not to like, as he plays cat and mouse with Oh Dae-su.

The low-key lighting also helps provide the audience with the emotional connection necessary for the kind of mystery the film attempts to be. Scenes are shrouded in darkness -- such as when the heroes find themselves working in the Internet…

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Bill Tytla and Robert Mckimson
Words: 822 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58125256
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hen it was introduced in 1954, executive producer Edward Selzer considered it "distasteful" and ordered it retired, however Jack arner loved the cartoon character and ordered additional cartoons created (Robert). By 1991, the Tasmanian Devil's popularity had reached cult status when "Taz-Mania" joined the Fox network's afternoon lineup (Robert).

For the most part, McKimson's cartoons were faster-paced and more graphic than those of other directors, and he is known for having a "squarer" style (McCorry). For example, Kevin McCorry points out that McKimson's "Bugs has droopier eyes and in earlier cartoons squatter and fatter legs, his Daffy has wider beak, and his Sylvester has fluffier, white cheek hair" (McCorry).

Vladimir (Bill) Tytla (1904-1968) is considered as "Animation's Michelangelo" (Vladimir). His most famous characters include the evil puppeteer, Stromboli, in "Pinocchino," the winged devil, Chernabog, in "Fantasia," and the baby elephant in "Dumbo" (Vladimir). As Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston recalled,…

Works Cited

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Children's Literature Timeline Literature for Children A
Words: 1482 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59137708
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Children's Literature Timeline


Charles Perrault. Histoires ou Contes du Temps Passe: Les Contes de ma Mere l'Oie. (Tales and Stories of the Past with Morals: Tales of Mother Goose.) France.

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Kinder- und Haus-marchen. (Children's and Household Tales.) Germany.

Hans Christian Andersen. Eventyr Fortalte For Born (Fairy Tales Told To Children.) First and Second Volumes. Denmark.

Heinrich Hoffmann, Struwwelpeter (Shock-Headed Peter). Germany.

Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Britain.

Louisa May Alcott, Little Women. U.S.A.

Mark Twain. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. U.S.A.

Carlo Collodi. Le Avventure di Pinocchio. (The Adventures of Pinocchio.) Italy.

1900. L. Frank Baum. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. U.S.A.

1926. A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh. Britain.

1937. J.R.R. Tolkein, The Hobbit. Britain.

1944. Astrid Lindgren, Pippi Langstrump. (Pippi Longstocking.). Sweden.

1952. E.B. White. Charlotte's Web. U.S.A.

1957. Dr. Seuss. The Cat in the Hat. U.S.A.


Carol Gouthro Gardener of Technical
Words: 1195 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 22375019
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If she is familiar with lossfeldt's epochal Art Forms in Nature, she may be a student of Ernst Haeckel's similarly titled investigation of the quasi-geometric, quasi-organic microbial univeral, or of the "wonder cabinet" juxtaposition of nature with art that spawned the visions of illustrators like Albertus Seba, Maria Sibylla Merian, and, more recently, Leo Lionni's arresting Parallel otany.

Lionni's hybrid plant forms sometimes demonstrate something of the quality of a nightmare. Gouthro's are more dreamlike in conception, and even their thorns and other occasional sharp edges are more likely to produce shudders of whimsy (erotic or otherwise) than outright menace. These are not the carnivorous plants through which the erotic "Venus" of nature traps and digests her animal prey. Instead, Gouthro is a self-described "optimist" (Gouthro 1) who takes deliberate care to balance the "edgy" elements in her garden by incorporating fairy-tale associations into her pieces:

I often include found-object…


Gouthro, Carol. Artist's Statement. N.D. 

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Wagonfeld, Judy. "Futuristic Artifacts." Ceramics Monthly, Aug/Sep 2007, pp. 47-49. Print.

Disney Corporation and Its Approach
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They can participate in a variety of programs from credit unions to service awards, contests, and other programs. There are employee stores in many locations, and childcare facilities in California and Orlando. Because of the allure of Disney, some experts call this capturing the "heart" of the employee. They buy in to the company's belief system and represent it totally, because the entire corporate ideals mesh with their own.

Another motivational technique is an extensive training environment for all employees. They offer an Executive Development Program called "Disney Dimensions," and a program called "Disney Way" that introduces the many diversified companies to management and above, and it offers training in professional and management development. Employees also participate in programs on ethics, integrity, and diversity. Most inspirational is the e-learning program, that will allow employees anywhere in the world to continue their education online.

Motivation at Disney is mostly about the…


Editors. (2010). Selected financial data. Retrieved 13 March 2010 from the Disney Corporation Web site:

Editors. (2010). Standards of business conduct. Retrieved 13 March 2010 from the Disney Corporation Web site: .

Scott, R. (2005). Disney corporation report. Retrieved 13 March 2010 from the Web site:

Kierkergaard's Present Age the Age
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Indolence is the record of the century. Introductory pages to Yahoo, for instance, minutely discuss an individual's fashion as groundbreaking news (the individual, incidentally, can be one 'star' amongst many), various ways to loose weight, or the latest toys on the market. Instruments devised to further communication from reality become increasingly more complex. Whilst supposedly linking us to people, Facebook, Twitter and ilk create a 'virtual space' reality, and virtual space has become the order of the day. TV, itself, is an undistinguished conglomeration of surreal images, which, although allegedly based on reality, are, with the inclusion of news documentaries, quite distinct. It is for this reason that this age has been called the post modernistic era with the term 'modernism' being insufficient. Ours is a collage of impressions, with concepts such as Truth, Fulfillment, and Meaning, being, as Foucault, Derrida, and Habermas amongst a host of other deconstructionists, post…


Kierkegaard, S. The Present Age and of the Difference Between a Genius and an Apostle, trans. Alexander Dru (New York: Harper Torchbooks, 1962)


Feminine History in Welty and
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34069121
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With the help of Salome, she discovers Jamie's dual nature, and when he, offended by her lack of trust, leaves her, Rosamond goes after him. Her journey is the hero's quest, usually a male activity in myths and legends. It takes her through the wilderness where she suffers hardship and trials but emerges transformed, reconciled with Jamie's duality and enlightened (Carson). Rosamond's heroic journey also results not only with her achievement of knowledge, love, and happiness, but in the end she rescues the man Lockhart from his divided self and double life.

Welty's portrayal of the relationship between Salome and Rosamond reverses the typical stepmother-daughter antagonism found in fairy tales. Although Salome is hateful toward Rosamond early on in the story, she changes and becomes the girl's ally in her heroic quest. Salome gives Rosamond a recipe to remove the stain on Jamie's face so she can learn who he…

Subversive Elements in Stadust 'Once
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Trace the roots of many of the traditional cannon of fairy tale - Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty etc. - and women and children are often subdued by the establishment. Stardust's suggestion that there might be greater things inside all of us seems perfectly in line with traditional fairy tales.

If, however, you believe in more traditional gender roles and are very conservative in regards to family structure then Stardust may present a problem namely, that homosexuality is okay. To those coming from the hard right, Captain Shakespeare's effeminate behavior behind closed doors (or in the closet), and his revelation to the crew that he enjoys cross-dressing and they're subsequent reveal that they already knew, Stardust is definitely a challenge to the status quo. Even the heterosexual romance between Tristan and Yvaine pushes the limit as they are shown in bed together on more than one occasion. Magic and the…

Jurassic Park Special Effects Animation
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They visited zoos to watch movements, and took mime classes to perform moves they themselves had not previously done. Spielberg had adamantly requested that the dinosaurs "be animals, and not monsters - certainly not Hollywood monsters," said Phil Tippett, one of the ILM animators.

Meantime, Dennis Muren, senior special effects supervisor for ILM was interviewed in Omni magazine in 1993, and said that model-makers won't be going out of business any time soon, just because computer graphics has come so far. "It's still 70% models, 30% Co-Motion," he remarked. One of the problems Muren and the ILM team had going into JP was that they don't know if they could move the skin over the dinosaurs' bones "without tearing it apart when they moved, like computer skin has in the past." This is a process that embraces geometry, Muren reminds, and the geometry "can't quite figure out where it's supposed…

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Jco going Where Been Joyce Carol
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As Connie grows more frightened of Arnold's escalating threats, she eventually allows her own imagination to run wild, to the point where she can neither think clearly anymore, nor even manage to use her own telephone to call the police.

The fright-inspiring actions of the fearsome Arnold, are foreshadowed early on, when he warns Connie, the night before, after first noticing her outside a drive-in restaurant: "Gonna get you, baby" (p. 2279). From then on, Arnold's quest to "get" Connie feels, to Connie and the reader, in its dangerous intensity, much like the predatory evilness of malevolent fairy tale characters, e.g., the ig ad Wolf, or the evil stepmothers (and/or stepsisters) that fix on Snow White, Sleeping eauty, Cinderella, and other innocent young female characters as prey.

The shaggy-haired man who drives "a jalopy painted gold" (p. 2279) first notices Connie at a "drive-in restaurant where older kids hung out"…


Bender, Eileen T. "Joyce Carol Oates, b. 1938." Retrieved November 16, 2006, at .

Celestial Timepiece: A Joyce Carol Oates Home Page. Retrieved November 16, 2006, from:  html>.

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Gilbert, Sandra M., and Susan Gubar. "Joyce Carol Oates 1938-." The Norton

Song -- Go and Catch a Falling
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Song -- Go and catch a falling star" by John Donne

It was said that Donne's poem was likely written when he was in a drunken mood and possibly, too, when he was rejected by his lover or disappointed in his love. Describing the difficulty of finding virtuous women in the world, Donne uses the similes of catching falling stars, pregnancies with mandrake roots and teaching mermaids to sing. "ide ten thousand days and nights" says he, "till age snow white hairs on thee / Thou, when thou returns't, will tell me / all strange wonders that befell the / and swear / no where / lives a woman true and fair" (lines 12-18). A true Schopenhauer! In his final stanza, Donne concludes that even were this woman to live next door, by the time he would manage to meet her she would have succeeded in being unfaithful.

Donne's historical…


Logan et al. The Norton Anthology of English Literature: Volume B -- The Sixteenth Century. NY: Norton & Co., 2006.

Children's Story
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Fairy Tales, especially old classic versions of children stories, revolve around one central theme i.e. A person must struggle against odds in order to eventually receive the coveted reward. These stories are usually simple and lucid as the target audience is not cognitively ready to grasp more complex issues and subjects. Grimm Brothers are a popular name in this connection and their many fairy tales including Cinderella and Snow White are every child's favorite. These stories are meant to provide entertainment but they also offer important moral lessons in disguise. "Despite all the criticism, fairy tales survive because of their greatest strength: the enduring lessons of life expressed in few and very simple words." (Schulte-Peevers 1996)

For this paper, I have chosen Cinderella to analyze the theme of struggle. Do fairy tales prepare young children from struggles of life? This question is indeed important and thought provoking because it…


1) "Cinderella or the Little Glass Slipper" from Cinderella, Or the Little Glass Slipper, and Other Stories: Publisher: Henry Altemus. Philadelphia. 1905

2) Andrea Schulte-Peevers, The Brothers Grimm and the Evolution of the Fairy Tale German Life; 3/31/1996;


Cinderella; or, the Little Glass Slipper.

Lets Talk Money Interview Transcript
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alt Disney Company Scenario

Scene: Fiscal Karat (FK), host of TV's Let's Talk Money, is seated at the center of an oak conference table. Let's Talk Money is a weekly PBS talk show that interviews business leaders and often finds government officials to debate certain ideas and programs. Tonight's episode features Mr. Michael McDuck (MM), CEO of alt Disney Company and Mr. Rigid B. Crat (RC), Senior Administrator for the U.S. Treasury's Anti-trust Division.

FK: Good evening and welcome to Let's Talk Money, your weekly adventure into provocative and interesting monetary topics ranging from mild to wild. Tonight, a special treat for the kid in us all -- Michael McDuck, CEO of alt Disney goes head to head with the Administration's Senior Anti-Trust Maven, Rigid B. Crat. elcome gentlemen!

First though, let's take a moment to establish a bit of background. The alt Disney Company is a multinational mass media…

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Frost Birches'so Was I
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The contrast between Earth and Heaven is central to Frost's poem. Bowed birch boughs convey sharp distinctions between symbolic realms of Earth and Heaven. "Earth's the right place for love," the narrator states; but the human being will always climb back "toward heaven," (lines 53; 57). Thus, the poet addresses directly the dualistic forces of Earth and Heaven in "Birches."

Structurally, "Birches" contains several distinct and contrasting elements, allowing the narrator to distinguish thematically between the opposing forces of reason and fantasy. The first half of the poem is "matter-of-fact about the ice-storm," (line 22). The ice is tangible, heavy, cold, and hard. Using a parenthetical and hypothetical question to segregate the reason from fantasy portions of the poem, the narrator spends the remainder of the poem describing the youthful playfulness of a young boy. Both the ice and the boy denote impermanence: the boy the impermanence of childhood, signified…

Works Cited

Frost, Robert. "Birches." 1920 Mountain Interval. Reproduced on Retrieved online 25 July 2005 at

Walt Disney Including A History Leader- Page
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alt Disney including: a history leader- page applying leadership traits-: inspiration, goal setting, praise recognition, training/coaching, problem solving, planning,

alt Disney: Leadership style

alt Disney was a creative man who built an empire around his vision. Love or hate his product, he created a distinct, family-focused 'Disney style' of entertainment. Before alt Disney, cartoons were regarded as largely derivative forms of entertainment, as a warm-up to the feature film. Disney placed cartoons front and center of the American entertainment experience during a time when movies were one of the central ways in which Americans came together to enjoy a commonly-enjoyed fantasy. He later parlayed this success into television, and even into theme parks which brought the cartoon experience to life. Disney was able to create his cutting-edge vision through near obsessive control of his product and tunnel-vision focus upon his goals. He was a transformative leader, inspiring his subordinates with…

Works Cited

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Straker, David. "Transformational leadership." Changing Minds. 2012.

Analyzing Plato and Augustine vs Socrates
Words: 1914 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20792923
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Plato and Augustine vs. Socrates

It has been argued that Plato was the best student that Socrates ever had. There have been many instances to justify this view; Plato's works form the core of elements that inform such a claim. Plato described his mentor in his many works and made him stand out. Plato wrote in Dialogue. He observed that good rules everything else. St. Augustine was later converted to Christianity after following some pagan religion for some time (Kavteladze, 2011). St. Augustine emulated Plato's Good in several ways. Like any good student, St. Augustine borrowed several ideas from his mentor; Plato. There are many striking resemblances between Plato's concept of good and Augustine's philosophy of the Christian God. It is not surprising to cite such resemblance because a lot of Augustine's ideas were drawn from the ible and his mentor Plato. He also incorporated Neo-Platonism concepts in his philosophies.…


Augustine on Evil. (2002). Great Philosophers .

Kavteladze, A. (2011). The Similarities between Plato's form of the Good and Christianity's concept of God.

Maxwell, M. (2013). The Socratic Perspective on The Nature of Human Evil.

Peter, J. R. (2009). The Logic of The Heart. USA: Baker Academic.

CSR and the Disney Company
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Walt Disney Company CSR

The Company

Walt Disney Company began as a small cartoon studio in 1923, produced its first sound-synchronized short five years later, its first full-color cartoon short in 1932 for which it received an Academy Award, and from there the Company catapulted to greatness with hits such as Snow White, Dumbo and Pinocchio. Disney expanded into live-action production, television, theme parks, and global productions over the decades with Walt Disney World among its major attractions, even as it grew the Disney Channel, merged with AC (in 1996), purchased Pixar in 2006, acquired Marvel Entertainment in 2009 and LucasFilms in 2012 (rebooting the Star Wars franchise).[footnoteRef:1] It appeals to a broad-based audience from young children to older generations, with cross-cultural demographic appeal as well. The vision of the company is to be a "leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise," consisting of media networks, parks, resorts, studios,…


Brown, J. Nuttall R. Beyond corporate social responsibility: Integrated external engagement, 2013.

Business Review (2013) The Walt Disney Company -- A leader. Web. Accessed

5 Jun 2016 from

Freeman E. R. A Stakeholder Theory of Modern Corporation." In L.

Walt Disney international business
Words: 811 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94509845
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Walt Disney Company

When Walt Disney returned from work with the ed Cross during World War One, his brother got him a job at a Kansas City art studio, and he started to experiment with animation. He and his partner made a deal with a local movie theater to run their cartoons, and the popularity of these allowed Disney to create his own studio. After losing the rights to many characters, Disney pursued the Mickey Mouse character and the third Mickey Mouse film, Steamboat Mickey, was an instant success. Many of the famous friends were created shortly thereafter. The company's first feature was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1937, and it was an incredible hit, allowing the studio to produce a string of other now-classic films (, 2017).

The company expanded into television and by 1955 it had opened a theme park. Disney has since evolved into an…


2016 Disney Annual Report. Retrieved April 27, 2017 from (2017) Walt Disney. Retrieved April 27, 2017 from 

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Prejudice in the Danish Legal System
Words: 1886 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 80862999
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Smilla's Sense Of Snow:

An icy reflection of the prejudice of the Danes against native Greenlanders

The protagonist of Peter Hoeg's thriller Smilla's Sense of Snow is a product of a union between a native 'Greenlander' or indigenous person and a wealthy Danish doctor. Although the plot of the book is ostensibly a murder mystery it is just as much about Smilla's struggle for her identity. Smilla embarks upon her detective 'quest' partially because she believes a fellow 'Greenlander' named Isaiah Christiansen has been murdered. Although Isaiah was only a child of six, Smilla identifies with the boy's sense of loneliness and isolation. The mystery novel depicts the Danish legal system as shadowy and unknowable, and much of the book revolves around Smilla's attempt to unravel it and understand it, as well as get to the bottom of Isaiah's death. The book is an accurate reflection of the spirit of…

Works Cited

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13 Nov 2012 

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American Fears and Bigotry Toward
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This sort of behavior and scapegoating was the intellectual and cultural "easy way out" for many Americans looking for solace from the events taking place thousands of miles away, affecting the entire country. In the fog of war, as writer Barbre (2000) puts it, mistakes are made and generalizations are easily placed into existence. hen Americans were confused and scared, they looked to the easiest form of comfort, the alienation of the outsider or the "other."

Sexual Projection and the Internment of the Japanese-Americans

riter Renteln (1995) explores the role that sexual projection had in the dealing with Japanese-Americans in internment camps during II. This can be directly related to the themes within the book Snow Falling of Cedars due to the fact that Americans used their fear of the outsider (Japanese and Japanese-Americans) to project their own fears and misgivings about their sexuality and feelings of inadequacy. As author…

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Crash by Neal Stephenson Neal
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Real life establishments like Enzo's pizza place can realistically be established, but what is involved to keep the business going is considered virtual. People are designed so they can obtain human facial expressions, but the lives of these avatars are virtual. Fast food establishments like MC Donald's are located in the Metaverse. However the meal cannot be realistically tasted there. There are things like Mr. Lee's Hong Kong that gives a sense of choice to use reality or virtual reality. Mr. Lee preferred to use non-human systems instead of hiring a large human security force-like a real police force.

The Avatars in Neal Stephenson's cyberpunk novel Snow Crash have similar qualities to humans. ut Avatars are to be designed with a computer and consist of elite images with vibrant color, or in black and white images. Among people working on virtual reality and cyberspace interfaces, an avatar is an icon…


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Regionalism This Report Analyzes Regionalism in Several
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This report analyzes regionalism in several contexts as they pertain to the movie Snow Falling on Cedars. The movie is pervasively filled with considerations relating to regionalism, outsiders vs. insiders, how insiders and outsiders mesh and the very dicey results that can ensue, how all of this plays off of national and international situations and conflicts and so forth. This movie establishes that many unique and different things can influence who interacts with who, how and why and the things that impact all of this are not just limited to race and nationality.

Movie Setting & Synopsis

The year and country this film is set in has a ton to do with why people feel the way they do and why there is such a bred animosity towards Kabuo, to the point that his guilt is almost assumed and someone very important in the movie actually withholds information that…

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Real-Time Moments When it Is
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In a time of modernization preceding the current-day Islamic revolution, he is looked on as a dangerous stranger, an outsider, in the country of his origin. During the story, his interactions with everything from the architecture of the Ottoman Empire, to a former/current love interest, to police spies, to a local newspaper publisher become pregnant with meaning as he searches about for meaning in an otherwise mundane existence. Though, as an exile, his heart should be with the Muslim reactionaries -- particularly since he is being shadowed by the secularist regime -- in the end he feels rootless and dissatisfied with both the changes going on around him and the promise of a return to things as they used to be. His love for his former mistress drives him to write poetry and to perform a poem entitle "Snow" at a local theatre, and it is during this event that…

Country and the Stanger Kawabata's
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The earth lay white under the night sky."(Kawabata, 1) This opening phrase of the novel is very revealing: the hero comes from the intimacy of darkness (the tunnel) into the open blankness of the Snow Country. The setting thus translates the sense of innocence but also that of emptiness and loneliness.

Camus' Stranger also hints at solitude and alienation even from the title. Mersault is already a famous literary character, the modern alien in society. The main difference between him and Shimamura is the fact that the latter has a Romantic bent towards fantasy and a narcissism that keeps him locked in his own world. The common trait that they share is their permanent sense of anxiety. Mersault, unlike Shimamura, is literally afraid of the people that surround him. Incapable of empathy, Mersault feels like a complete stranger not only because he cannot connect with the others but because he…

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