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Statistic -- Research Methodology the

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But there is also a strong ethical objection to case studies for that same reason: the lack of objectivity in accumulating facts may actually allow for greater bias on the part of the researcher. Since the researcher has a higher level of participation amongst his or her study subjects than an individual merely accumulating data, he or she might favor certain personal points-of-view, based upon favoritism of some community members. The intensely subjective nature of research might also yield more of a portrait of the researcher's perceptions, rather than of the population itself.

Advocates of a more experimental approach to research would likely point out that case studies are not inherently 'better' than quantitative data in filtering bias. After all, Margaret Mead's famous anthropological study Coming of Age in Samoa has been widely critiqued because of the anthropologist's relatively filtered contact with the Samoan people. Furthermore, although something might be…… [Read More]


DePoy, Elizabeth & Laura N. Gitlin. (2005) Research: Understanding and applying multiple strategies. Mosby.
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Statistic Data From Department of Epidemiology and

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Statistic Data From Department of Epidemiology and Medical Informatics, National Institute of Health


Every second person in Armenia, irrespective of sex, is a smoker. Only 15% of the population have never smoked before WOMEN and SMOKING

53,6% smoked some time in the past

39,6% smoke

Chart indicates % of women smoke... cigarettes per day

Chart indicates that in Armenia among the smoking women the percentage of women with higher education is significantly more than those having secondary education.

Qui Hing

Tobacco and Teenagers

In Armenia about half of the smokers start smoking reaching the age of 18, 36,6% of teenagers are smoke

Number of cigarettes per day

Boys and girls

Boys and young men in Armenia start smoking much sooner than girls, more than a half of a yang men start doing it before reaching the age of 18. Absolute majority of girls in Armenia start smoking after the…… [Read More]