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Cardiovascular Risk

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This case study of George, age 48, presents a classic Type A personality. George operates under a consistently high level of emotional and physical stress. While some of this stress is the result of his work, part of it is also self-imposed and is the product of a personality type who often refuses to seek help unless in a crisis. George works two demanding high-stress jobs. One is as a machinist with a construction company, which is very physically stressful. The other is as a cab driver, which can place physical stress on the patient due to long hours of driving. Although only middle-aged, George has suffered three heart attacks.
There is empirical evidence to suggest that there is an association between personality and susceptibility to suffering cardiac conditions: “The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and the stress hormone cortisol provide key links between emotions and the heart. The HPA axis controls…… [Read More]

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