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YouTube BPR

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Google Inc. is one of the top companies in the world. They have excelled in how they manage their digital and non-digital supply chain.
This week Google, now re-named Alphabet, became the most valuable company on earth besting Apple for at a least one day. No matter what happens the rest of this week, Google is sending notice that its place in the world of business strategy is at the head of the table (O'Marah, 2016).
They did this by creating an internal supply chain the sources, constructs, and plans Google’s data centers. Similar to their counterparts Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, Google drives innovation back up for the existing value chain. The company demands the best off-the-shelf servers and network equipment to ensure reliable connectivity and speed for users. To meet such high demands and standards, Google assembles and designs the components for use to their own specifications as part…… [Read More]


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DHS Report Analysis and Review

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This section includes Strategic Strategy Objectives. The core of this section is to develop, implement, and update a method to augment international cargo supply chain security. The strategy included reflects already established work from various agencies involved in the supply chain security and as describes how upcoming actions will be mandated and integrated by SAFE Port Act to achieve this goal. From here the section transitions into major improvements for international cargo supply chain security beginning with September 11, 2001. The kinds of improvements made have been: “the Maritime Transportation Security Act, the development of the National Strategy for Maritime Security and its eight supporting plans, and multiple individual agency initiatives” (DHS, p. 6).
The focus of the ‘Purpose’ section is to not replace more detailed plans that already exist. Rather, it is to seek to outline tactical and strategic plans connect with the multiple programs and initiatives already…… [Read More]


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