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Ethical Issues Associated with Procurement and the Role of International Freight Forwarders

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Supplier Selection and Evaluation Process
Steps in the Supplier Selection and Evaluation Process
Supplier selection and evaluation process consists of six different steps as follows:
The first step involves the identification of potential suppliers. At this stage, the buyer considers the competitive global economy and focuses on discovering the new viable suppliers. Moreover, it will consider issues such as the importance of discovering new suppliers, the reasons for screening the qualifications presented, the actual screening process that looks at aspects such as reference checks, surge capacity availability, and buy-in from the internal customer(s), and the creation of a supply base. In the second step, the supplier is requested to provide information about their products and or services. The information given will depend on the Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP), and Request for Quotation (RFQ) documents. The contractual terms between the buyer and suppliers will be stated in…… [Read More]


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Supply and Chain Management Supply

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This will make sure that there is no backtrackings and bottlenecks existing between the center operations and the distribution centers. Therefore, along with establishing efficiency, particular levels of efficiency should be maintained. Put-a-way is also supposed to be done on demand a system commonly referred to as slotting.

4. What do you think were some of the reasons for the failure?

The main reason of failure could have been attributed to lack of process monitoring, financially, product flow as well as the information required for directing the operations of supply in the warehouse. There was also lack of efficiency of the facilities. Another striking feature that was responsible for the failure was the depressed employees who could not coordinate the functions of the system well. Increased inventory keeping was also a major cause of the failure realized in this case. The cause of all these was the lack of real…… [Read More]

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Supply Chains and the Internet

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The Internet is going to continuing to act as a catalyst of innovation within supply chain management. The maturation of DDSN networks, the build-out of knowledge networks like TPS and the ability of suppliers to more accurately sense and respond to demand profitably will increase in precision. The use of real-time analytics will continue to grow rapidly in response to economic uncertainty, all leading to much greater supply chain intelligence and integration.


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Supply Chains Companies Have Been

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From this basis of trust and a
concentrated focus on streamlining processes that enable communication
between manufacturers and suppliers, technology is often introduced, albeit
selectively. It is erroneous to look at technology in the context of
supply chain management as the panacea; rather it needs to be seen as the
enabler of efficiency and inter-supply chain collaboration, quality
management, and supplier relationship management. Technology is only
applied to supply chains after the fundamental relationships and trust have
been defined, along with a culture that is unique to the collaboration
within a given supply chain. The culture that has emanated from high
quality standards that Toyota has placed on suppliers and the development
of the Toyota supplier base as a learning organization over just
transaction partners. Toyota has rigorous standards for defining their
suppliers and use technology including many forms of online collaborative
applications to further support their quality and egalitarian…… [Read More]


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Supply Chain Walmart

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Supply Chain Management

Wal-Mart is a retailer with a focus on being a low cost competitor. Supply chain management is a critical component of this, and has long been the primary focus on Wal-Mart's competitive advantage. In response to a website mocking Wal-Mart customers, one executive famously noted that Wal-Mart sells to everybody, and there are 476 billion reasons to believe that Wal-Mart's target market really is everybody (MSN Moneycentral, 2014). The company knows that it if perceived to have the lowest prices on a wide range of everyday goods, it will win a considerable amount of business. But delivering the lowest prices consistently is not easy, and this is where the supply chain comes into it.

An above-the-line initiative is basically mass media, while below the line consists of other promotional methods (Manral, 2011). In either case, Wal-Mart has a consistent message about low prices, and the supply chain…… [Read More]


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Managing the Supply Chains

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Supply Chain Management at Toyota

Toyota essentially follows a very simple supply chain management policy. While ensuring a reasonable level of quality, delivery time and satisfaction of customers, Toyota attempts to reduce costs in its supply chain.

Producing the right product for the market at the right price that can be affordable for the customers are the primary objectives of the supply chain management policy at Toyota at the right time. In order to maximize profits, the company follows a policy of targeting the right customer group at the right time (Liu & Brookfield, 2006).

A pictorial representation of the supply chain management policy of Toyota is listed in the appendix. The company segregates its supply chain and the suppliers. It considers the suppliers as a very integral part of the supply chain. Apart from supplying raw materials for automobile production, the suppliers are also suppliers of technology for the…… [Read More]

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Supply Chain and Customer Service

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Supply Chain Management

The proposed changes will hopefully improve customer service, but will also focus on improving the integration between the different units, so as to put a common front for the customer. Moreover, the changes will begin to modernize the system for tracking inventory. The reason that the customers expect to be able to track their orders every step of the way is because that is fairly common technology. Thus, a move to RFID and other technologies that facilitate real-time tracking, along with adopting a common technology platform, will serve the company's needs in a number of ways.

First, the customers will receive the tracking information that they want, and should expect from any company in 2015. This will resolve the company's major customer service issue, and thus should help to improve its customer service scores overall, which are presently being dragged down by the technological inferiority in the…… [Read More]

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Supply Chain Information Technology in Supply Chain

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Supply Chain

Information technology in supply chain management

The supply chain capabilities within a resource-based framework

The supply chain capabilities

Exchange of information


Integration of activities

Supply chain responsiveness

In this paper, we evaluate the role played by information technology in the improvement of supply chain operations. The main aim is to evaluate how information technology can be used in the achievement of a competitive advantage in regard to the supply chain operations. This is conducted in light of factors such as exchange of information, coordination, and integration of interfirm activities as well as supply chain responsiveness.

Supply chain management (SCM) a term which refers to the management of a network of businesses that are highly interconnected but are involved in the intricate process of providing products and services that are required by the end users (customers) (Harland,1996) has been heavily influenced by the advents of the internet. The…… [Read More]


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Supply Chain of Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines

Organizational Profile

Southwest Airlines is a discount airline in the United States, and is one of the industry leaders as the #3 in market share (Portillo, 2012). The company has a large network of flights around the U.S. Recently, it is has turned its back on the discount carrier model and begun to price more in line with industry norms (Martin, 2013). The company faces the same supply chain issues as any other airline. As a service entity, staffing is a major input. The company's biggest commodity worry is fuel, which is a major cost driver. There have also been recent issues with respect to parts and maintenance, which are also elements of the company's supply chain, especially with respect to the procurement of good parts (Ferrari, 2009).

Business Strategy and Structure

As noted, Southwest operates as a discount carrier in the airline business. It has recently shifted…… [Read More]

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Supply Chain Challenges Facing the Company Which

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supply chain challenges facing the company which the chosen application addresses.

4(b) Explain how the chosen application addresses these supply chain challenges

8Q2"IT should be considered as an integral part of the supply chain re-engineering process." Discuss this statement using appropriate references from the course module. Case studies or other source material.

(a) The major supply chain challenges facing the company which the chosen application addresses.

The Levi Strauss e-business and supply chain integration

Levi Strauss is a firm that was very successful and competitive in the manufacture of denim jeans. Like several other companies, it faced a lot of competition and changes in the market conditions. This subsequently led to a decline in its sales and profitability. The company's sales were at a peak value of $1.7 billion in 1996 (Leon-Pena 85). This later declined to about $4.1 in 2002 as pointed out by Girard (Girard). The corporation realized…… [Read More]

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Supply Chain Is a Network

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If the ethical issues are sidelined and not safeguarded there is strong possibility that the trade secrets and intellectual property might get revealed and public.


B2C emphasizes on customer transactions, where as B2B focuses on businesses as consumer. The difference of approach creates the needs for the adoption of different applications in both the types.

B2C concerns itself with selling to the end user, where as B2B site deals primarily with other local, junior or small businesses, not the general public.

The type of order is another difference, repeat and standing orders are common requirement of B2B. In case of B2B the customers are likely to order significant numbers of parts, and their requirement is much expected and periodic and in some of the cases continuous. In case of B2C the product is much time and trend dependent, the expectations and results are the factors of need,…… [Read More]


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