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Wentzville Missouri City Analysis and Investment Opportunities

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Wentzville, MO is the city under scrutiny in this study, and we get to understand how the “Crossroads of the Nation” has managed to survive its strategic planning process. Evidently, city planners should look at maximizing their municipality’s strengths while minimizing on the weaknesses. Moreover, they will need to take advantage of the upcoming opportunities and limit their threats so they can remain competitive. Therefore, the city planners and the mayor will need to look at the individual departments of the city like the law enforcement, administration, and emergency services among others to make a conclusive analysis. Moreover, they need to look at the city as a whole by looking at things like its infrastructure, economy, businesses, amenities, and politics among others. Through this SWOT analysis, the city will be able to market its area to other potential residents and prospective business owners.
The competitive advantage of Wentzville, Missouri…… [Read More]

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Hobby Child Care Program

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SWOT Analysis Assignment
Part A: Program Highlights
Program Highlights
Hobby Child Care Program is a program that is devoted to providing full-day care for kids that are between the ages of 10 weeks up until 6 years. Hobby Child Care Program provides a whole-hearted, cultivating, education setting. The philosophy of the program is to maintain the self-worth of the individual kid.
Mission Statement and Goals of Program
The mission statement of Hobby Child Care Program is to provide the utmost quality child care for households in the community in a friendly, cherishing, loving and educational setting. The child care necessities of all societal and monetary levels are offered, facilitating families to attain employment or to develop their level of education.
The goals of the program comprise of the following:
1. To provide high quality, developmentally suitable child care with an emphasis on the age of the kid and his or…… [Read More]

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