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Wentzville Missouri City Analysis and Investment Opportunities

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Wentzville, MO is the city under scrutiny in this study, and we get to understand how the “Crossroads of the Nation” has managed to survive its strategic planning process. Evidently, city planners should look at maximizing their municipality’s strengths while minimizing on the weaknesses. Moreover, they will need to take advantage of the upcoming opportunities and limit their threats so they can remain competitive. Therefore, the city planners and the mayor will need to look at the individual departments of the city like the law enforcement, administration, and emergency services among others to make a conclusive analysis. Moreover, they need to look at the city as a whole by looking at things like its infrastructure, economy, businesses, amenities, and politics among others. Through this SWOT analysis, the city will be able to market its area to other potential residents and prospective business owners.
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SWOT Healthcare

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SWOT Analysis: Community Hospital Problems


The community hospital described in the scenario has a strong reputation based upon its past performance. It is called a community 'icon.' The hospital system that recently purchased acquired it has a positive attitude towards change. At the community hospital there is an influx of new leadership as old, change-resistant leaders are now retiring or leaving. There is a plan to remedy some of the problems with the community hospital, such as transitioning unionized nurses into the role of nurse managers who work on 24-hour shifts in which they oversee the entire arc of patient care.


Despite clear problems such as the long delays in transferring patients, the heavy paperwork burden placed upon night staff, and the possibility of more pay for nurse managers working 24-hour shifts, there is tremendous change resistance amongst the healthcare teams to instituting reforms.


The change in…… [Read More]