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T Test Essays (Examples)

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Statistical Test for Significantly Different Sample Means
Words: 573 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84133105
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Independent – Samples t-Test
The Independent sample t-test is among the group of inferential statistical test. This test seeks to compare the means of two unrelated samples in a survey. The t-test determines whether the mean of the two sample is significantly different statistically (Paul & Garg, 2014). According to Ruane (2005) for this test to be undertaken, both samples must have scores with one carrying nominal scale and another one a numerical scale. The sample carrying the nominal is a grouping variable and is the independent variable. The sample with the numerical scale is a test variable and is the dependent variable (Ruane, 2005).
This paper seeks to determine the statistical significance between the means of work shift (day and night shift) and the mean of the number of widgets produced in either shifts. This will be undertaken by use of the independent sample t-test. The work shift is…

Chi-Square Test - ANOVA D
Words: 852 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 89886862
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The standard value of 27.75 represents the distance of each score or frequency of representation of each employment category to the average or mean score or frequency for the distribution (i.e., employment categories.

Looking at the gender-commuting relationship, a possible hypotheses that can be developed from these variables are the following:

Ho: There is no significant relationship between commuting and gender.

H1: There is a significant relationship between commuting and gender.

SPSS results showed that generally, respondents went to work by driving a car. Directionally, females are more likely to take the passenger train (73%), while more than the majority of male respondents work at home (62%). However, these findings are not significant, and the X2 asymp. sig value of 0.101 showed that p< 0.05, which means that Ho is retained -- that is, there is no significant relationship between commuting and gender.

To determine the significance of the…

At t=0.41 and df=12, the difference between t between managers from the West and East and their evaluation ratings represent no real difference between the larger population of these two groups. Thus, null hypothesis is retained.

Looking at the Excel output, the results generated showed that there is no significant difference between beer and soda both for non-directional (two-tailed) and directional (one-tailed) tests, as reflected in the p values of the variables, wherein p>.05 -- 0.06 and 0.13, respectively.

Garrett, H. 1962. Elementary Statistics. NY:McKay.

Mann-Whitney U Test the Mean
Words: 335 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Data Analysis Chapter Paper #: 38044589
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They hypothesis is rejected. The Chi-Square was significant X2 (1, 84) = 4.403, p < .05. The proportion of females alive at discharge was much greater than the proportion of males alive at discharge. This can be seen in the barchart below.

alive discharge * gender Crosstabulation



male female alive discharge no





Expected Count









Expected Count









Expected Count




4) Correlation & egression

Variables: Hours in Operating oom & Number of Preop isk Factors

Scatter Plot:

Hypothesis: The population correlation coefficient is equal to 0.

The hypothesis fails to be rejected. The correlation coefficient is not significant (p. = .694).

The value of . was .043 and the . Squared value was .002, which, had the model been significant, would have indicated that the number of…


Norusis, M.J. (2008). Guide to Data Analysis. SPSS Statistics 17.0.

Tests You Went and Got
Words: 2118 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73385379
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While the medical field agrees that prolonged suffering is not a desired product of medical care it has not yet reached the point of accepting that it is actually torture.

When we are at war we have soldiers how are standing trial for the torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners of war, however, we are not allowed to prevent that same level of torture from being thrust upon our loved ones who are ill / this makes no sense. Making someone endure the fevers, the pain, and the physical maladies that come with many of the life ending diseases today is actually a form of torture. It makes a person suffer against their will and at the hands of someone else, in this case the medical community.

More recently there have been strong arguments in courtrooms regarding Euthanasia and the right to choose to die now rather than later after…


____(2006) Jury to Rule Whether Woman Had Right to Die

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Doerr, Ed. (1997)The Right to Die. The Humanist

Psychological Tests Using the Mental
Words: 1400 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12669172
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Purpose: The Woodcock-Johnson III Diagnostic eading Battery's designation is for assessment and measurement of the important dimensions of phonological oral language abilities and phonological awareness, both in adult and children.

Population: Both adults and children (age of 3-80 years).

Date of Publication: 2004.

Acronym(s): WJ III (DB).

Score Scales: eading Comprehension, Basic eading Skills, Phonics Knowledge, Broad eading, Brief eading, Total eading, eading Fluency, Spelling of Words, Oral Comprehension, eading Vocabulary.

Time: 50-60 minutes.

Administration: Individual.

Author (s): Fredrick, S.A., Nancy, M. & Woodcock, .C.

Publisher: iverside Publishing, Inc.

Comments: Software Scoring and Paper-and-Pencil.

Sub-tests: Passage Comprehension, Word-Letter Identification, Sound Awareness, Spelling of Sounds, Oral Vocabulary, Sound Blending.

elated eview: 1713318.


The Woodcock-Johnson III Diagnostic eading Battery is for the assessment and measurement of the important dimensions of phonological oral language abilities and phonological awareness, in both adult and children (Brande, 2008). By utilization of software scoring and the…

Risk & Needs Assessment Group. (1986). Substance Abuse Questionnaire (SAQ)-Adult

Probation III. In R.J. Nagle. (Ed.), the ninth mental measurement yearbook (Electronic

version). Retrieved from the Buros University Mental Measurement Yearbook online database.

Man Racism Isn't an Inborn
Words: 677 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98265806
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There are costs to bearing and believing in such a secret.

These costs are manifested in many ways. There are the psychosomatic costs Jesse endures, his impotence, his weakness around the black boy in the jail, his tremors at the thought of Otis, "Now the thought of Otis made him sick. He began to shiver." There are also the psychological costs that Jesse is plagued by, the self-delusion associated with believing racism is moral, the mental anguish, and the constant struggle over whether he can trust his coconspirators, "They were forced to depend on each other more and, at the same time, to trust each other less" (Baldwin). What Baldwin is underscoring with these psychological and psychosomatic burdens is that the path Jesse has followed, a path of racism and discrimination, has led him to a very troubled existence.

Baldwin wants the reader to understand that proponents for a Jim…

Kids Can't Read Journal Beers'
Words: 3610 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66197750
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This is the goal of struggling readers. A dependent reader takes only a peripheral interest in the text. He gives it the minimum of his attention and approaches it only because he is forced. It is as though he is reading against his will and fighting all the way.

Beers provides an anticipation guide, but I don't necessarily agree that such a guide is very constructive or helpful. It deals solely with crass generalizations, and whether attitudes held before reading the text are still ascribed to after reading the text. For the most part, students' attitudes are going to be superficial and having them partake in an exercise of superficiality is likely to be counterproductive.

Beers argues that performing such activities will help to encourage students to become more involved with the reading. It will help them to engage their prior knowledge and challenge them to think. Beers recommends making…

Kershaw T Et Al 2011
Words: 367 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98159052
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Sampling Procedures

The data was gathered using a sub-analysis of a large randomized control group of 1047 pregnant young women. The data was collected from the assessments at the given time intervals.

Independent/Dependent Variable

The BMI was used as the dependent variable and STD occurrence was used as the independent variable.

Alpha Level

Alpha coefficient was not used in the statistical models of this study.


The results of this study support the importance of the association between BMI and sexual risk, and suggest the need for sexual risk prevention and weight loss programs among young mothers.

Questions and Personal Design

-How important is BMI to overall health?

-Is there a difference in the severity of STD/STI's, if so how does that affect the importance of the study's outcome.

Designing a study for my topic would require assigning the independent variable STD occurrence and the dependent variable would be that…


Kershaw, T. et al. (2011). The Skinny on Sexual Risk: The Effects of BMI on STI Incidence. AIDS and Behavior, 15. 7 Oct 2011; 1527-38.

Organic Fruit Taste Test Comparative
Words: 665 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45051146
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Data Analysis

1. The taster determined 11 of the 14 samples correctly. Three samples were incorrectly identified. Thus, the taster received a statistical score of 88%.

2. The results failed to support the null hypothesis. There was obviously a difference between the organic and conventional food items.

3. This output indicates that while there is a difference, the margin of 10% is too small.

4. The test indicated that for greater than 50% of the time the taster was able to identify the differences between organic and conventional foods.

5. For the next test, I would most likely use one fruit and run multiple tests with a single piece tasted each time.

Works Cited

Fullion, Laurence & Arzai, Stacey (2002), Does organic food taste better? A claim substantiation approach. Nutrition & Food Science, 32(4): 153-157.

Padel, Susanne & Foster, Carolyn (2005), Exploring the gap between attitudes and behaviour: Understanding why…

Nokes and Nwakeze 2007 Was to Test
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 17151264
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Nokes and Nwakeze (2007) was to test the effectiveness of health outcomes on health outcomes of HIV and people aged 50+ and older. This was a quasi-experimental designs and random sampling was used. The study setting was a community-based organization that served resource-challenged people living with HIV / AIDS and many of these were black with minimal education. There were potentially 639 eligible clients, but despite repeated attempts many could not be reached. In the end, 43 people participated in the research.

Identify the reliability and validity of the data collection instrument.

If the data collection instrument has been newly developed, has the appropriate pretesting for reliability and validity been conducted?

If that data collection instrument is an established one, has sufficient evidence been provided from prior studies to allow evaluation of the instrument's reliability and validity?

No data collection instrument was used in this case. Rather the premise of…

Student Assessment and Standardized Tests
Words: 1747 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78209840
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There are, for example, many ways for a student to present an understanding of the causes of the U.S. Civil War" (1999, p. 35).


The research showed high stakes standardized testing approaches are becoming increasingly commonplace in the nation's schools, and the outcome of these testing regimens has enormous implications for the students involved, as well as for their teachers and schools. The research also showed that by formulating standards to match these standardized tests, teachers run the risk of "teaching to the test" rather than providing their students with the type of education that is needed in the 21st century. While they are more complex and difficult to administer, the research also showed that portfolios and other assessment techniques such as capstone projects provide a more comprehensive and accurate way to determine how well students are learning and where they may need help.


Blasi, M. (2005). Standardized…


Blasi, M. (2005). Standardized tests: A teacher's perspective. Childhood Education, 81(4), 242-

Garcia, N. & Fleming, J. (1999). Are standardized tests fair to African-Americans? Journal of Higher Education, 69(5), 471-472.

Neill, D.M. (1999). Transforming student assessment. Phi Delta Kappan, 78(1), 34-35.

Sacks, P. (2000). Standardized minds: The high price of America's testing culture and what we can do to change it. Cambridge, MA: Perseus Publishing.

Thematic Apperception Test Tat the Tat Thematic
Words: 2992 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 91621107
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Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)

The TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) has long been used to assist psychoanalysts elicit fantasy material from their patients (Morgan & Murray, 1935). According to Belleck and Murray (1973), the TAT was designed to bring forth interpretations by subject of social situations. Stories and pictures reveal some of the dominant drives, emotions, sentiments, conflicts, and complexes of a personality. The original cards used in the test were drawn or painted in color (Morge, 1995), but over time and much use, they became more and more achromatic. This achromatic appearances of the cards has caused many to speculate about their validity, especially, in patients suffering from depression. The question being asked by some researchers was, "would the achromatic appearance of the cards cause a depressed story whether or not the subject was depressed?

The Thematic Apperception Test is an untimed, individually administered psychological test used for personality assessment.…

Forensic Tests Two Forensic Psychological
Words: 490 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37574365
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The construction/validation sample of 96 juvenile sexual offenders ranged in age from 9 to 20, with an average age of 14. To administrate the exam, the test is not directly administered to the juvenile: instead the trained professional calculates the boy's relative risk factors, based up his past history, such as a history of violence, of being a victim of abuse himself, caregiver consistency, and history and preoccupation with sexuality. The problem with the test is that it to some degree stereotypes the boy and tries to predict the likelihood of negative behavior based upon negative past and family circumstances. However, it can be useful in family court settings for flagging 'at risk' teens who have already entered the system and may be helped by receiving additional social support to prevent future acts of violence.

orks Cited

Multiphasic Sex Inventory (MSI). Tacoma, A: Nichols & Molinder Assessments.

Prentky, Robert.…

Works Cited

Multiphasic Sex Inventory (MSI). Tacoma, WA: Nichols & Molinder Assessments. 

Prentky, Robert. Sue Righthand, Ph.D. (2003). Juvenile Sex Offender Assessment Protocol-II

(J-SOAP-II) Retrieved May 14, 2009 at

Drug Tysabri That Was Tested
Words: 649 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97795125
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According to these authors, the fatal tragedy could easily have been avoided by taking more time for more focused and carefully planned clinical trials. According to this view, it was unethical to test Tysabri in the way it has been done, and furthermore irresponsible to enter it into the market before all side-effects were ascertained.

3. Interested parties: The interested parties in this case include Walter Smith, Anita's widower, as well as Cambridge biotechnology and Elan Corp. From Smith's point-of-view, the companies are at fault for causing harm to his wife, and potential harm to many others using the drug. His current assertions regarding the reentry of the drug into the market appear to be well thought out and mature, focusing on the future benefit of patients rather than on his own need for revenge.

From the point-of-view of the companies, the drug is developed to help those suffering from…

Drivers Test Elderly Due to the
Words: 4532 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40255241
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For instance, a decline in peripheral vision may impact the ability to pass approaching vehicles safely, and the decreased range of motion in an older person's neck may impair the ability to look behind when backing up. Also, reaction time decreases by almost 40% on average from age 35 to 65 (Jackson, 1999).

It also appears that the aging process may affect cognitive skills. Short-term memory loss, for instance, can decrease driving skills by interfering with an individual's ability to process information effectively when merging onto a highway into traffic or changing lanes. Such issues are magnified when driving under stressful situations. The higher incidence of cognitive impairment, particularly dementia, among older men and women leads to an increased risk of accident involvement (Jackson, 1999).

According to AAP, as a group, persons age 65 and older are relatively safe drivers. Although they represent 14% of all licensed drivers, they are…


Bedard, M., Stones, M., Guyatt, G. & Hirdes, J. (2001). Related fatalities among older drivers and passengers: past and future trends. The Gerontologist. 41 (6), 751-57.

Beers, M.H. & Berkow, R. (eds.) (2000) the Merck Manual of Geriatrics. 3rd ed. Whitehouse Station, NJ: Merck & Co.

Central Intelligence Agency (1998). World Fact Book Washington, D.C.: Government

Printing Office.

Projective Tests in Contrast to
Words: 310 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29752289
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Further, the subjectivity in scoring and interpretation is a huge issue (Sutherland, 1992). For example, if one believes that a relationship exists between say, a Rorschach feature such as color and a personality trait such as emotional style, then one's prior beliefs can bias judgment (Vyse, 1997). As evidence, psychologists were prone to say a relationship existed between a test response and a psychological condition -- if it accorded with their prior beliefs -- even when none actually existed (Chapman & Chapman, 1971, cited in Vyse, 1997).


Arnheim, R. (1974). Art and visual perception (rev. ed.). erkeley, CA: University of California Press.

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Sutherland, S. (1992). Irrationality: Why we don't think straight! New runswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.

Vyse, S.A.…


Arnheim, R. (1974). Art and visual perception (rev. ed.). Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.

Groth-Marnat, G. (1997). Handbook of psychological assessment (3rd ed.). New York: Wiley.

Lilienfeld, S.O. (1999). Projective measures of personality and psychopathology: How well do they work? Skeptical Inquirer, 23(5), 32-39.

Sutherland, S. (1992). Irrationality: Why we don't think straight! New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.

Strict Scrutiny Test for This
Words: 845 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99233618
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The petit theft of the second degree charge will stand as well. Larceny in old common law was classified as compound or simple. Simple larceny was called grand larceny when the value of the stolen property was more than 12 pence, and petit (petty) larceny when the value was less. Compound larceny was the taking and carrying away of property from the person or house of the owner. In the U.S. today, the various criminal codes of the states generally define larceny and classify it as either grand larceny or petit larceny. Under these codes, property is stolen and larceny committed when, with definite intent to deprive oneself or a third person, one wrongfully takes, obtains, or withholds such property from an owner of it. In New York State, for example, grand larceny is classified as a felony. It is characterized as first-degree if the property is obtained by extortion…

Marketers Should Test Advertising or Not Ad-Pre-Testing
Words: 666 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14574470
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marketers should test advertising or not. Ad-pre-testing is a necessary, even vital part of the successful marketing campaign, because it allows marketing professionals to analyze and alter campaigns according to the public's reaction to the advertising, allowing marketers to avoid costly ad campaigns that do not get the results they thought they would.

Ad pre-testing provides a significant function for marketers, allowing them to assess and analyze the reaction to advertising before they commit to a large, costly campaign. The effectiveness of this procedure is illustrated by special software developed by advertising experts to help analyze and assess data from ad pre-testing. For example, OTX, a consumer research and consulting firm, has developed specific software called AdCEP (TM), which "achieves a balanced view of ad effectiveness by measuring multiple key criteria that line up with campaign objectives" (Harbeck 2009). This illustrates just how significant ad pre-testing is for successful advertising,…


Fuyan, Shen, 2002. Banner advertisement pricing, measurement, and pretesting practices: perspectives from interactive agencies. Journal of Advertising. pp. 1-12.

Harbeck, T., 2009. OTX is telling richer, deeper stories by integrating qualitative and quantitative techniques into ad pretesting. [Online] Available at: Products [Accessed 18 July 2009].

Tyagi, C.L. And Kumar, Arun, 2007.Advertising management. New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers.

Human Nature Reading Comprehension Test
Words: 681 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83511196
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The use of the word MY also suggests that the speaker feels a sense of possession towards the assistant, thus the assistant's departure is seen as a loss of control, not merely a setback to the project as he says.

7. it's an animal urge, Puff. it's nothing to be ashamed of (65)

The word Puff suggests an animal, even if Puff is not an animal -- Puff is being assured that acting like an animal is natural, and not worthy of shame, despite Puff's feelings to the contrary and the ambiguous quality of Puff's name.

8. Remember, when in doubt: don't ever do what you really want to do (69)

This statement goes against the assurances of the naturalness of human behavior and impulses -- go against one's human or animal nature, it suggests, and repress and resist gut instincts. Instead, follow societal dictates and one's own superego.


Government Doesn't Legalize Drugs The
Words: 1782 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1928809
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akalar, JD, 'Marijuana as Medicine: a Plea for Reconsideration', 1876

Journal of the America Medical Association, June 21, 1995 - Vol. 273, No. 23, at

Policy Analysis: Thinking About Drug Legalization," at

Alternatives to the War on Drugs," at

Frequently Asked Questions," at

Americans for Compassionate Use," at

Ethan a. Nadelmann, "Thinking seriously about alternatives to the drug prohibition," Daedalus v.123:3, at

NASRO Issue rief, Spring 1995 vol. 1, no.1,"Rethinking the War on Drugs and Crime: New Approaches to Local Polic."

Policy Analysis: Thinking About Drug Legalization," at

Fish, Jefferson M, Ed. How to Legalize Drugs. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson Inc.. July 1998, 675 pages., pp. 161

Lester Grinspoon, MD, James . akalar, JD, 'Marijuana as Medicine: a Plea for Reconsideration', 1876 Journal of the America Medical Association, June 21, 1995 -- Vol. 273, No. 23, at

Alternatives to the War…


Fish, Jefferson M, Ed. "How to Legalize Drugs." Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson Inc.. July 1998, 675 pages;

Lee P. Brown, "Eight Myths About Drugs," Vital Speeches of the Day, City News Publishing Co. 15 July 1994;

Lester Grinspoon, MD, James B. Bakalar, JD, 'Marijuana as Medicine: a Plea for Reconsideration', 1876

Journal of the America Medical Association, June 21, 1995 - Vol. 273, No. 23, at

Real Test for Any Proposed Speech Code
Words: 501 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9962727
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Real Test for Any Proposed Speech Code or Policy" by Alan Dershowitz, the author explains his position on the dangers of censorship, even against the most egregious of speakers. At Harvard University, two people were invited to give speeches at the university and were paid honorariums for their presence. Tom Paulin's speech to the students and faculty included angry diatribes against Jewish people and even states that Jewish people living in certain parts of Jerusalem should be murdered, despite their age or gender. The other, Amira Baraka, is professionally anti-Semitic and speaks writes poems blaming Israel for many of the world's troubles. Neither of these people is altruistic and both men make their livings by spewing hatred against minority groups. Even though what they say is heinous, Dershowitz does not advocate censorship against these two persons or anyone else. Once one person's viewpoints are allowed to be prohibited by authority…

Works Cited:

Dershowitz, Alan. "A Real Test for Any Proposed Speech Code or Policy."

Constructivists Don't Blame the Tools
Words: 582 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 61450379
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Summary Analysis

Certainly, Moore correctly points out the importance of structure and dialogue. Many educators today accept that notion that when learners are allowed to discuss course content with a personal connection to their lives, the connection between information to knowledge is strengthened and critical thinking skills are sharpened. However, Moore undervalues the value of communication technology to the active learner, likening it to buying a set of new golf clubs in hopes that just one more change of equipment would reduce his handicap. For a variety of reasons, communication technology is just as important as structure and dialogue.

Moore seems to forget that the merging of technologies and knowledge management alongside the rise of 'collaborative projects' within educational circles is what has made the switch to community-centered learning a predetermined reality. As online communication rapidly links our personal and work life, a new community is emerging so new venues…


Moore, M.G. (2004). Constructivists: Don't blame the tools. American Journal of Distance Education, 18(2), pp. 67-71.

Elearning Bassoppo-Moyo T C 2006 Evaluating
Words: 2910 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19622166
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, & Pivec, M. (2003). A Multimedia Knowledge Module Virtual Tutor Fosters Interactive Learning. Journal of Interactive Learning Research, 14(2), 231.

This work demonstrates an example of how software can and has een developed to e interactive in the learning process, and especially good for tutoring individuals on concepts they have previously een challenged y. The authors are oth international educators from Austria reviewing emerging developments in elearning technology through the journal venue. The work is important to this iliography and its audience of educators as it outlines the development of interactive technologies that more naturally answer remedial instruction.

Knowlton, D.S. (2005). A Taxonomy of Learning through Asynchronous Discussion. Journal of Interactive Learning Research, 16(2), 155.

The challenges and development of discussion models of elearning are outlined here as so much progress has een made in this area with regard to elearning technology and application. Discussion formatting and investment of…

bibliography as it talks about website utilization, where as many of the other articles discuss elearning classrooms.

Dadt 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'
Words: 996 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 51232476
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Furthermore, forcing gay men and women to lie about their sexual orientation essentially forces them to engage in dishonest behavior, which is conduct far more 'unbecoming' to an officer than being openly gay, critics allege.

Even the Pentagon's own "exhaustive nine-month study" concluded that repeal would only bring about "some limited and isolated disruption to unit cohesion and retention, which could be mitigated by effective leadership" (Bumiller 2010). The theme of leadership is a critical one. The U.S. military and Congress must lead the nation in dispelling prejudice against gays and lesbians. By hanging back, despite the fact that the majority of servicemen and the public desire repeal, the military communicates to gay men and women that their service is not as valued as the sacrifice of straight people. It also validates prejudice and seems hypocritical: the policy suggests that being gay is something shameful, and should be kept in…


Bumiller, Elizabeth. (2010, December 1). Pentagon finds little risk in 'don't ask, don't tell repeal. The New York Times. Retrieved December 13, 2010 at 

Don't ask, don't tell. (2010, December10). The New York Times. Retrieved December 13, 2010 

Mulrine, a. (2010, December 3). Don't ask, don't tell': Can military handle a repeal of gay ban?

B Cells T-Cells Hemoglobin
Words: 670 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47138901
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Deliberately reducing the amount of PO2 circulating in the breathable atmosphere around a person -- such as Kara accomplishes at sea-level with her tent -- ultimately produces a lowered rate of hemoglobin oxygenation in the arterial blood. This condition, hypoxia, can be dangerous and can, of course, impair aerobic physical exercise -- however the trick that Kara is taking advantage of is the body's ability to undergo acclimatization, in which the body's physiology and metabolism will engage in adjustments that improve the body's ability to tolerate the low-PO2 levels through different means, such as adjusting its own acidity (to change the level of interior biochemical reactivity in order to boost absorbable oxygen levels) but also -- more importantly for Kara and her endurance training -- by improving metabolism on the cellular level and blood circulation (to maximize the value of the oxygen actually obtained) and, most importantly, by "increased synthesis…


McCardle, WD, Katch, F, and Katch, VL (2009). Exercise physiology. 7th ed. New York: LWW.

Murphy, K. (2011). Janeway's immunobiology. 8th ed. New York: Garland Science.

Hart B And Risely T
Words: 631 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21617966
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Making inferences to a greater population can only take place when the research investigator(s) conduct a longitudinal or experimental study that is sample selection appropriate and statistical processes are used to analyze the data. In fact, the authors began the article by stating that the research investigation was cross-sectional and later termed the research investigation a longitudinal study. Along with the erred research design and design confusion were the authors' lack of appropriate data selection procedures (i.e., non-random selection) and lack of measurement accurateness. The authors reported that their data came from observations over a six-year period of time and the data was then analyzed. However, the authors failed to inform the reader how these observations were quantified with respect to numeric values garnered from the observations. According to the authors correlations were run to determine certain relationships; however, the sought after relationships were never defined or adequately reported upon.…

Arnold T & Shelbourne K
Words: 2152 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 42250538
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. he American Journal of Sports Medicine, 35(3), 384-394.

2 groups of 70 patients with patellar tendon and hamstring tendon autografts were assessed 2 years following surgery. No significant differences were noted in terms of activity, although more patients in the P group experienced pain and loss of motion for a longer span of time than did patients in the hamstring tendon group. On the whole, patients with hamstring tendon grafts performed similarly to patients with patellar tendon grafts although more beneficial results seemed to incline towards the groups that had experienced hamstring tendon graft replacements.

Monaco, E., Labianca, L., Conteduca, F., De Carli, a., & Ferretti, a. (2007). Double bundle or single bundle plus extraarticular tenodesis in acl reconstruction?: a caos study. Knee Surgery, Sports raumatology, Arthroscopy, 15(10), 1168-1174.

he goal of this study was to evaluate the effect on the internal rotation of the tibia of lateral reconstruction…

This technical study was intended to measure the in situ force applied to the ACL during load and injury. The medial collateral ligament (MCL), anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterolateral structures (PLS), and posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) were measured in response to 110 N. anterior tibial loading. Changes in knee kinematics associated with ACL deficiency and combined MCL and ACL deficiency were also evaluated. Findings demonstrated that impact is equally shared between the various bone ligaments and anterior bones during tibial loading of the knee leading researchers to conclude that the MCL and osteochondral surfaces may also be at significant risk during ACL injury.

Smith, F., Rosenlund, E., Aune, a., MacLean, J., & Hillis, S. (2004). Subjective functional assessments and the return to competitive sport after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. . British Journal of Sports Medicine, 38(3), 279-284.

The objective was to examine return to competitive sport and general recuperation of ligaments within 12 months of ACL reconstruction. A postal questionnaire 43 months after surgery was mailed to 109 selected athlete patients, 77 of whom responded. The Cincinnati sports activity scale (CSAS) and Cincinnati sports function scales were used as instruments. 62 patients had returned to activity 12 months following treatment, whilst 55 patients had regained their former level of ability. 12 patients admitted to major problems, whilst 38 patients were actively involved in sports at least four times a week. Competitive and male patients had higher scores at restoration than did non-athletic and female patients respectively. Results supported the researchers' hypothesis.

Seaman W T Andrews E Et
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, 2010).

The importance of this study is threefold: 1) it allows a new series of assays to be used in the clinical setting to detect the more common HPVs that cause genital and anal warts; 2) the assays are both robust and yet inexpensive enough to use globally, and, 3) the tests are designed to use real-time PC technology, which allows for the rapid identification and quantification of these pathogenic types of HPV. The technology and protocols used in this development will also likely have an effect on the ability to roll out testing for other HPV-like viruses, ostensibly even the HIV virus in a real-time, inexpensive manner. The lab results also suggest that as the at risk population for HPV increases, early testing and intervention might reduce the number of symptomatic individuals since they will have been tested and potentially treated much earlier.

The developing world notwithstanding, HPV…


Learn About HPV. (2011). American Social Health Association. Cited in:

Wallboomers, J., et al., (1999). Human papillomavirus is a necessary cause of invasive cervical cancer worldwide. Journal of Pathology. 189 (1): 9-12.

When to Use Projective Tests and What to Do With Them
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Projective Test

Under certain situations would I administer a projective test to a client. A projective test would be administered to a client when there are questions about the client's personality. The projective test is designed to elicit responses from the client that reveal underlying emotions, thoughts, desires, or tendencies within the person. The questions are open-ended and allow the responses to be analyzed and assessed in terms of content. The content gives clues as to the personality of the individual.

These tests are most effective with adults because by then the personality has been established. They are less effective with children because with children, researchers find that behavioral tests are more effective in revealing whether or not the child has a behavioral disorder by using "behavior rating scales" (Groth-Marnat, 2009, p. 7).

Thus I would use projective test in adult settings wherein it is helpful to gauge the individual's…


Groth-Marnat, G. (2009). Handbook of Psychological Assessment. NY: John Wiley

and Sons.

Hogan, T. (2003). Psychological Testing: A Practical Introduction. NY: John Wiley

and Sons.

ANOVA Is a Test That Is Used
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ANOVA) is a test that is used to help interpret the results of a research study. It is not a way of gathering data, but a way of interpreting data that has already been gathering. In fact, ANOVA is a way of trying to find out how much variability there is in a group of data. It is an important test because there will be random variations within groups that could have an impact on research results, while not actually having an important scientific impact. However, there can also be variations in a group that do have an important scientific impact. ANOVA is one way to determine the strength of the impact of variations on whatever variables are being tested.

ANOVA is "a statistical analysis tool that separates the total variability found within a data set into two components: random and systematic factors. The random factors do not have any…


Investopedia. (2013). Analysis of variance (ANOVA). Retrieved April 11, 2013 from Investopedia website: 

MacFarland, T. (2012). Two-way analysis of variance: Statistical tests and graphics using R

series. Springer. E-book. Retrieved April 11, 2013 from Springer website:

Prejudice and the Clark Doll Test Prejudice
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Prejudice and the Clark Doll test

Prejudice Today and the Clark Doll Study

I once witnessed an incident involving racial prejudice at a local Wal-Mart store. The store was located in a predominately white, suburban area of town. I was standing in a checkout line behind a white couple shopping with their young son. Standing right behind them was a well-dressed, African-American woman with a few items in her hand. A white cashier was quietly ringing up the family's items when I overheard the preschool age, little boy calling for his mom and saying that they needed to change lines. He was standing up in the shopping cart giving the African-American lady dirty looks. She stood quietly, ignoring him. The parents seemed completely oblivious; however, after several pleadings from the son, the mother turned and said, "What is it?" The little boy turned and boldly pointed at the African-American lady.…


Barreto, M., Ellemers, N., & Fiske, S.T. (2010). "What did You Say, and Who do You Think You Are?" How Power Differences Affect Emotional Reactions to Prejudice. Journal of Social Issues, 66(3), 477-492. doi:10.1111/j.1540-4560.2010.01657.x.

Gee, C.L., & Heyman, G.D. (2007). Children's Evaluation of Other People's Self-Descriptions. Social Development, 16(4), 800-818. doi:10.1111/j.1467-9507.2007.00408.x.

Chi Square Test for Good Fit
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Run a chi-square test for goodness of fit on the variable "Year," testing whether there are equal numbers of STA 250 students in all the represented class years. Copy and paste your output to a Word document and type your answers to the following questions below:

Chi-Square Test


Observed N

Expected N







Test Statistics



Asymp. Sig.

0 cells (0.0%) have expected frequencies less than 5. The minimum expected cell frequency is 13.8.

How many students would we expect to see in each of the represented class years if the null hypothesis is true?

How many students do we actually see in each class year? Freshman: 2, Sophomore: 23, Junior: 20, Senior

Is there a statistically significant difference between the distribution of students in the sample and the null hypothesis that there are equal numbers of STA 250 students in each of…

Sociology it Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist
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It doesn't take a rocket scientist to note that there have been disturbing trends in schools recently. While the spate of extreme violence appears to be waning, schools are still troubled places, with both students and teachers seemingly failing to get out of them what they expect or need, and suffering stress and trauma in the meantime. Society wants 'instant' gratification, TV is full of 'reality shows' that depend on people doing disgusting things to win a huge fortune, relatively speaking, so they can go do and buy more stuff. The most recent presidential race offered us a three-years-and-counting national discussion over who really won the presidency. And we have rushed headlong to send troops into two sovereign nations without benefit of the United Nations' sanctioning the acts, after the United Nations -- located on U.S. soil -- was founded to smooth out relationships between the world's peoples.



Bean, J.P. (1998). Alternative models of professorial roles: New languages to reimagine faculty work. Journal of Higher Education, 69(5), 496+.

Bertoch, M.R. (1989). Reducing teacher stress. Journal of Experimental Education, 57(2), 117-128.

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Iannone, R.V., & Obenauf, P.A. (1999). Toward spirituality in curriculum and teaching. Education, 119(4), 737.

Waiver for the TOEFL Test
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I appreciate the value of the test for your faculty and staff as well as for students like me. Because I am confident the test would prove my high level of communications skills, I would not mind taking it under normal circumstances.

However, I would be unable to take the TOEFL exam before fall admission deadline because the test will not be administered before then. I am quite eager to begin my Masters degree research and would not want the TOEFL exam to cause any delays in my education. Given my strong academic record, my proven language and communications skills, and my having completed English language courses commonly recognized as substitutes for the TOEFL exam, I hope you will grant me this waiver. I can assure you I will become a terrific asset to your university and especially to the Master's program in my chosen field…

Children a Boy in a Grey T-Shirt
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children, a boy in a grey t-shirt, sat on the blue couch staring intently at the objects on a coffee table before him. He made no motion to play with any of them of even touch them. Every once in a while he would look into the camera. When the time came for the quiz, the instructor simply asked the boy to name as many of the objects as he could. The boy remembered six of them: car, key, flower, duck, sunglasses, block, and either key or monkey (it was difficult for me to hear the last response clearly). Judging by this boy's behavior, I concluded that he was one of the children asked to memorize the objects and not to play with them.

The second of the four children, a girl in a green shirt, first played with one of the objects, a yoyo. Later she rolled up the…

Ethical Inventory Test Results According
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Typical examples might include decisions not to recall products because the potential financial cost to the organization of recalling millions of units is much greater than the potential financial cost to the organization of simply compensating victims of the malfunctioning products or their families where design or manufacturing defects present risks of harm to consumers (Halbert & Ingulli, 2008). hereas organizational decision makers may view the only prevailing moral standard as being that which is dictated by law, the virtue ethicist would reject that approach out of specific concern for each and every potential victim of harm as well as by the profit-motive underlying that analysis (Hursthouse, 2005).

Ethical Perspective Evolution through the MBA Education Program

My perspective has not necessarily evolved during the MBA program. Rather, I would characterize the effect of the program on my ethical development as having greatly increased my awareness that objective moral values and…

Works Cited

Halbert, T. And Ingulli, E. (2008). Law & Ethics in the Business Environment.

Cincinnati: West Legal Studies.

Hursthouse, R. (2005). On Virtue Ethics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Memory Ronald T Kellogg's Working
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Though Kellogg developed a study with significant findings, working memory can effect more than just sentence generation. Because "heavy loads" on working memory do affect sentence generation, it is reasonable to assume that they might also affect simple mathematical processes. Do "heavy loads" placed on working memory affect just sentence generation or writing skills, or do they also affect left-brained skills like simple math calculation? Because of the effect on right-brained skills, the assumed hypothesis for this experiment is that if college students are given a "heavy load" on working memory, they will take longer to complete simple math skills. In fact, one would hypothesize that the "heavy load" on a working memory would impact mathematical skills even more than sentence generation skills because the subjects are being asked to remember a large number and then work with numbers. For this experiment, data using both a "heavy load" consisting of…

Works Cited

Kellogg, Ronald T. "Working Memory Components in Written Sentence Generation."

The American Journal of Psychology. 117.3 (2004): 341-361.

Gruenewald P J Freisthler B T Remer
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In terms of overall reliability, the article is also strong. The information used from previous researchers is well documented, and well referenced. The authors are clearly identifiable, the article was published in a well-known peer reviewed journal, and the author is a member of several upstanding organizations. The data collected for the study is current, as are the references relied upon throughout the article.

While all three articles touched on the same topic, that of the relationship between crime and alcohol outlet density, only the Gorman article controls for other variables highly likely to influence the same criminal behaviors within any community. Further, his use of the hierarchical Bayesian model for statistical comparison further ensures reliable, accurate, and credible results. Thus, from a scholarly standpoint, the Gorman article is the most credible.

Appendix a in evaluating any piece of research material, there are several areas of importance to examine in…


Gruenewald, P.J., Freisthler, B.T., Remer, L., LaScala, E.A., a. & Treno, a. (2006). Ecological models of alcohol outlets and violent assaults: Crime potentials and geospatial analysis. Addiction, 101(5): 666-677.

Freisthler, B., Needell, B., & Gruenewald, P.J. (2005). Is the physical availability of alcohol and illicit drugs related to neighborhood rates of child maltreatment? Child Abuse & Neglect, 29(9): 1049-1060.

Gorman, D., Zhu, L., & Horel, S. (2005). Drug "hot spots," alcohol availability and violence. Drug and Alcohol Review, 24(6): 507-513.

Standards Annotated Bibliography Loveland T R 2005 Writing
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Annotated Bibliography

Loveland, T.R. (2005) Writing standards-based rubrics for technology education classrooms, Technology Teacher, Vol. 65, Issue 2

This article can be used in the proposed writing study because it presents information on how students view rubrics and rubric teaching. The article states that there is nothing more frustrating for a student than receiving a project with little or no description on how the project will be graded. The article also states that standards must be measured or assessed in order to know whether the students are meeting the prescribed outcomes. This article seems to be stating that one of the reasons why the California standards are so difficult to meet is due to the lack of specificity in the standard's directions or instructions. The study can certainly take that viewpoint into consideration.

Jacobs, G.E. (2008) We learn what we do: eveloping a repertoire of writing practices in an…

Determining how to assess a writing portfolio (or even an individual writing piece) is a very important component of California's writing standard. This study sought to determine a number of different items when it comes to assessing writing skills. The study sought to answer the questions such as; is there evidence of transferability, are the scores reliable and even if portfolio scores are meaningful indicators of student achievement. What the study determined was it is possible to score assessments consistently but that there were substantial differences in how the assessments were viewed. Since the California writing standard is primarily scored on the student's ability to write, it would make sense to understand exactly what skill is being scored as well as if it is viewed as a portfolio, single sample or multiple samples of the student's work.

McKew, H. (2001) Tomorrow's engineer, Engineered Systems, Vol. 18, Issue 1, p. 154

This article defines another reason why it is important for students to acquire writing skills. The article concerns an HVAC company. While most people would not immediately recognize why writing skills are necessary for individuals installing heating and air conditioning units, this article is a perfect example of why. The article espouses the fact that the involved company develops and writes their own installation manual. Not only does the employee have to understand how one pipe fits with another, the employee must also be able to read and write. The author of the article states that everyone in the company must be on the same page which is an interesting referral to the book itself. This article shows how it is true than even students who are looking to a career of manual labor must now have the ability to read and write.

Aapt Level IV Cert Written Test
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AAPT Level IV Cert / Written Test


Anxiety is fear that interferes with normal, daily functioning (Akiskal & enazzi, 2006). There are several different categories, including generalized anxiety, panic disorder, and phobias. While these all present themselves in different ways, they are similar in the problems they can cause in daily life. Theories of anxiety and the psychopathology related to feeling anxious include issues with biological, cognitive, and learning perspectives. The biological perspective addresses the receptors in the brain and how the chemicals there work with one another. Cognitive theories deal more with the way people perceive issues, such as feeling as though they do not have control over something. The learning perspective focuses on how people actually learn to be anxious about something, and the changes they learn to make in their lives in order to lower the levels of anxiety they feel (Hockenbury & Hockenbury, 2004; Kato,…


Akiskal, H.S., & Benazzi, F. (2006). The DSM-IV and ICD-10 categories of recurrent major depressive and bipolar II disorders: Evidence that they lie on a dimensional spectrum. Journal of Affective Disorders, 92(1): 45 -- 54.

Alonso, J., Angermeyer, M.C., Bernert, S., Bruffaerts, R., Brugha, T.S., Bryson, H., Girolamo, G., Graaf, R., et al. (2004). Prevalence of mental disorders in Europe: Results from the European Study of the Epidemiology of Mental Disorders (ESEMeD) project. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 109(420): 21 -- 7.

Berrios, G.E. (1999). Classifications in psychiatry: A conceptual history. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 33(2): 145 -- 60.

Clarke, G.N., Hawkins, W., Murphy, M. & Sheeber, L. (1993). School-based primary prevention of depressive symptomatology in adolescents: Findings from two studies. Journal of Adolescent Research, 8(2): 183 -- 204.

Death Penalty -- it Doesn't
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165). On page 166 Bannister points out that outside of China, the numbers show a decrease in individuals being put to death through capital punishment. In 2006, the number of reported executions dropped to 1591 from 2148 in 2005; also, since 1996 more than 30 nations have "put an end to this cruel and inhuman practice" (Bannister, 170).


The Chief Editor of Criminal Law Review, Chen Xingliang, writes that there is a consensus among the scholars that contribute to his publication; and those scholars "…are in favor of strict limitations on the death penalty in order to eventually abolish it" (p. 41). However, Xingliang admits that the "public understanding of the death penalty is quite different fro that of these scholars" (p. 42). That is because the "public support for the death penalty is formed with an irrational understanding and thus should not be a justified factor considered for…

Works Cited

Center for Individual Freedom. (2007). Death Penalty Deters Future Murders, According to Remarkable New Empirical Study. Retrieved Dec. 1, 2010, from .

Bannister, Piers. (2008). The death penalty: UN victory puts total abolition within our grasp.

International Review of Law Computers & Technology, 22(1-2), 165-170. (2010). Does the death penalty deter crime? Retrieved Dec. 1, 2010, from . (Muhlhausen, ACLU, Bert, Reno, Borg, Van Den Haag).

Shelby S Ex Rel Kathleen T
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Shelby filed a notie of appeal and asked the 5th Distrit Court to rule.

Disussion -- This ase fouses on the question of irumstanes that surround a shool distrit's ability to ompel and medial examination of a student, when that student's parent or guardian refuses it. To reeive proper aid under IDEA, an evaluation must meet minimum Federal requirements. The IDEA at, in fat, states that a reevaluation is neessary when the shool distrit needs materials that are essential to assessing a hild's speial eduation needs. Beause the hearing offier and IDEA program reommended a non-invasive evaluation, the Court onluded that it was in the best interests of all parties that that evaluation our. Shelby is free, however, to deline speial eduation rather than submit to an examination. Conroe is not asking for the test, the test is required by the Federal government. Instead, the distrit is telling the Court…

cited in:

Pass the Writing Test There
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In this paper as in the "Torture" paper I have demonstrated an improvement in my use of tone. The early versions of these papers were not written with a formal academic voice. The casual tone detracted from the potency of the arguments I presented. The latest versions of these papers have a more professional tone to them. The papers read like academic papers, rather than op-ed pieces. I consider this one of the most important transitions I have made this semester.

There is still room for improvement in my work. I can see even now, looking at those papers, some instances where the tone is inappropriate. I have worked hard to build strong introductions but I can see that the theses in both of these papers are not yet strong enough. I know that quality writing flows from quality research. I hope to continue to improve my writing in the…

Bonoma T 1989 Learning With
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Any potential barriers that might prevent agreement from occurring are discussed, such as strategic behavior that is displayed through hard bargaining. Wheeler defines bargaining power as the strength or weakness of one company's BATNA. He uses the example of Iranian hostage negotiations to describe how power could possibly be turned upside down in negotiations. In this example, bargaining power is the reflection of both knowledge and skill.

Finally, the article discusses the element of ethics, or what the right thing to do in each situation is. For example, candor, moral reasons and equity may be discussed in this aspect. For example, force with weapons is illegal, just as unethically tying a parties hands to something that is morally wrong should be done. Another issue that arises is the impact of the negotiation on bystanders, and how fair the negotiation process is to those directly affected by the potential agreement. One…

A R T Assisted Reproductive Technology Has
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The majority of women can return to their normal routine the next day ("In Vitro Fertilization"). In most cases total bed rest is not required unless there is some risk associated with the development of OHSS ("In Vitro Fertilization").

The NIH further explains that women who utilize IVF must take the hormone progesterone for at least two months following the embryo transfer ("In Vitro Fertilization"). The hormone is taken through daily shots or pills. Progesterone is a naturaly produced hormone produced that assists in thickenign the lining of the uterus ("In Vitro Fertilization"). This thickening makes it easier for the embryo to implant to the wall of the uterus. If there is ot enough progesterone the woman will miscarry ("In Vitro Fertilization").

In additon to the risks associated with this type of reproductive technology, IVF is very expensive ("In Vitro Fertilization"). The NIH explains that many states require that insurance…


Becker, G. (2000). The Elusive Embryo: How Women and Men Approach New Reproductive Technologies. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.

Bleiklie, I., Goggin, M.L., & Rothmayr, C. (Eds.). (2003). Comparative Biomedical Policy: Governing Assisted Reproductive Technologies. London: Routledge. Retrieved Burfoot, a. (Ed.). (1999). Encyclopedia of Reproductive Technologies. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

In Vitro Fertilization. National Institutes of Health. Retrieved March 18 at 

Sloan, G.A. (1993). Postponing Parenthood: The Effect of Age on Reproductive Potential. New York: Insight Books.

Ostomy Lesson Plan and Test
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blueprints remain an important aspect to any teaching practice similar to how architecture is to the construction industry. A significant reason for the use and development of test blueprints within the teaching profession is to allow interpretation and expression of the differences in understanding and viewpoints of the term test' by teachers and students alike. Furthermore, students and teachers alike become progressively likely to have opposing expectations and thoughts in regards to the contents of a test. It is because of this, teachers are tasked with averting such confusions over the nature of a test. Test blueprints are a valid and reliable tool to help teachers make sound judgments regarding test scores prior to administering a test. "It is a useful tool for guiding the work of the item writer so that sufficient items are developed at the appropriate level to test important content and objectives" (Oermann & Gaberson, 2013,…


Brady, D. (2011). Using Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) as a Pedagogical Structure for Course Redesign and Content. International Journal Of Nursing Education Scholarship, 8(1). 

Colwell, J. & Carmel, J. (2015). My library My History Books on Google Play WOCN Core Curriculum: Ostomy Management. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Lee, J. (2010). Fluid and Electrolyte Disturbances in Critically Ill Patients. Electrolyte Blood Press,8(2), 72. 

Lippincott.,. (2006). Fluids and Electrolytes: A 2-in-1 Reference for Nurses. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Administering Competency Screening Tests on a Minor
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Administering Competency Screening Tests on a Minor

Balancing between Competency Screening Test (CST) expectations and demands of a given situation is normally an uphill task for CST administrators. A CST tool administers tests on juvenile or mentally challenged individuals. The process is tedious since there are several situations of communication breakdown, and this endangers the processes. For this reason, the administering official should display a proper and a higher degree of professionalism by using tests or face-to-face communication with the juvenile. This analysis will appoint Dr. oberts defense of a 17-year-old individual who has been accused of sexual assault and battery. The juvenile is a linguistically challenged immigrant from Chile. The individual can only communicate Mapudungun and Spanish; however, he can speak and communicate rudimentary English and this is not positive to the court. This study proves that Dr. obert should apply a professional approach in determining the case's course.…


Hunter, D. (2007). Proportional ethical review and the identification of ethical issues. Journal of Medical Ethics, 33(4), 241-245.

Jackson, R.L., Rogers, R., & Sewell, K.W. (2005). Forensic Applications of the Miller Forensic Assessment of Symptoms Test (MFAST): Screening for Feigned Disorders in Competency to Stand Trial Evaluations. Law and Human Behavior, 29(2), 199-210.

Rosner, F. (2006). Medical Research in Children: Ethical Issues. Cancer Investigation, 24(2), 218-220.

Math Tests for Students
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power-point presentation. Other tests, related to the assigned chapters may be approved, but require permission from course professor at least 24 hours before the due date. Tests not listed in the textbook or associated power-point presentation that are used without prior permission will result in a zero, with no opportunity for resubmission. Earlier editions for tests listed in your textbook may be used without permission if the current test has not yet been reviewed in the MMY.

equired: Look up a test in Mental Measurements Yearbook and Tests in Print Database (MMY) related to each of the following textbook chapters: Test eview 1 (ch. 16, Cognitive assessment); Test eview 2 (ch. 9, Behavioral assessment); Test eview 3 (chs. 10-11, General Achievement or eading assessment) Test eview 4 (chs. 12-13, Oral or Written Language assessment), Test eview 5 (ch. 14, Math assessment).

Use this template to complete each section, moving up…

References (provide APA formatted reference based on test review found in the MMY)

Here is a sample of a correct APA reference for a pretend test review in the MMY

Smith. J. & Jones, A. (20xx). Review of the Something Achievement Test. Mental Measurements Yearbook and Tests in Print. Yearbook: #.

Graham, T., Lane, S. (2007). Review of the KeyMath-3 Diagnostic Assessment. Mental Measurements Yearbook and Tests in Print. Yearbook: 18.

Personal Response: After reviewing this test and considering all that you have learned in this review, would you recommend that this test be used to assess the students that it is designed for? State why you believe that this test would or would not be useful in assessing this population.