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Telehealth Essays (Examples)

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Improving Diabetes Outcomes in Rural
Words: 2716 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 40685101
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Because patients have an active role in their care plan and are in
more frequent contact with their healthcare provider, they gain a better
understanding of their condition and become more compliant in their care."
(Moore, 1) This speaks directly to the challenges in healthcare relating
to diabetes, which is a condition that can best be controlled through
effective personal lifestyle habits and a sound treatment of one's body.
Being able to take proper routine measures to monitor, medicate and treat
one's self can be facilitated through telehealth consultation, reducing the
need for travel and doctor visits for those who might be less mobile due to
age and infirmity.
The importance of reducing hospital visits for both cost to
healthcare and strain on the patient can be especially appealed to where
diabetes is concerned. The chronic nature of the condition and the related
ability of the patient to control certain…

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Diabetes Management

Early Detection and Management of Diabetic Neuropathy in a Clinical and Homecare Setting

The objective of this study is to examine early detection and management of diabetic neuropathy in a clinical and homecare setting and specifically through examination of articles published after 2002. The information from each source will be summarized listing the strengths and weaknesses of each article in separate paragraphs. As well, this work will utilize table or graphs to present the findings.

O'eilly, Caryl Ann (2005) Managing the Care of Patients with Diabetes in the Home Care Setting, Diabetes Spectrum, July 2005. Vol. 18. No. 3. etrieved from:

The work of O'eilly (2005) reports that more patients than ever before are released earlier from hospitals and rehabilitation center and that those with diabetes are included in this trend. Diabetes is reported to be ranked second following congestive heart failure as the primary diagnosis at…


Zieger, Anne (2009) Studies Offer Mixed Grades for Remote Diabetes Care. 6 July 2009 Retrieved from FierceHealthIT at: 

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Healthcare - The Truth About
Words: 3685 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27551651
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The experiences of seniors within the healthcare delivery system will alter how all Americans view healthcare. The healthcare delivery systems and overall organizational structure in the United States has been slow to adjust but that rest of the world is currently in flux that will migrate into our system. Technological advances in communication have made telehealth and telemedicine vialbel solutions to our outdated healthcare industry orgainzational structre. While these types of advances are only in their infancy, "...there seemed to be broad acceptance that telehealth and telemedicine had provided positive benefits to the worlds healthcare delivery system." (Telehealth Applications) Our technoloically challenged seniors have actually discovered the trend within the healthcare system and telehealth and telemedicine seems to be an advance that will find worldwide support so we as a nation will be reqquired to jump on the bandwagon.

In conclusion, this article review focused on new Healthcare Delivery Systems…


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Change Project
Words: 1870 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 22519710
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Nursing Change Project

The organization at focus in this nursing change project and the nursing managers in cohesion implemented an evidence-based nursing practice model in the health care organization. As noted in the work of Keele (nd) there has been several models that have provided contributions on the conceptual level to the implementation of evidence-based nursing. One of these models is the Stetler model (Stetler, 2001), also included is the Iowa model (Titler, et al., 2001), the John Hopkins Evidence-ased Practice Model (Newhouse, et al., 2007), the ACE Star Model (Stevens, 2004), the Caledonian Development Model (Tolson, ooth & Lowendes, 2008), and the Evidence-ased Practice Model for Staff Nurses (Reavy & Tavernier, 2008). (p.75) The model chosen by the organization and reported in this work in writing is most similar to the Evidence-ased Practice Model for Staff Nurses (Reavey & Tavernier, 2008). The process utilized for the Evidence-ased Practice Model…


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obesity and nursing rates of care community
Words: 3859 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 32760816
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Obesity is a global epidemic affecting almost all population cohorts. Rates of obesity are rising worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO, 2013), the obesity epidemic “is not restricted to industrialized societies,” with millions of obesity-related cases burgeoning in developing countries (p. 1). With billions of cases worldwide, obesity has therefore been described as the “major health hazard of the 21st century,” (Zhang, Liu, Yao, et al., 2014, p. 5153). Given the global nature of the disease, clinical guidelines have become increasingly standardized, but it is still necessary to tailor interventions to specific populations to create age appropriate, culturally appropriate, and gender appropriate treatment interventions. After a brief discussion of obesity pathophysiology, this paper will evaluate standard practices at local, state, national, and international levels. Access to care and treatment options also determine disease outcomes. Therefore, this paper will also address…

Telemental Health the Dilemma Over
Words: 3693 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 92807601
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" (Tyson, 1)

The participants in the program has responded universally in favor of the program and have described it as a way of gaining access to critical support services which are inaccessible due to age, travel restriction and disability. Though the Tyson article denotes that many participants in the program do require some adjustment time to become comfortable with the flow of videoconferencing, most have ultimately reported that the reduction in travel time has been an enormous assistance in removing barriers to counseling. In this particular program, a focus on relieving alcohol and drug addiction symptoms following rehabilitation in the remote rural regions of Montana would demonstrate the importance of having a more accessible mode of gaining such support services. (Tyson, 1)

Indeed, the Tyson article suggests that the counterpoint to providing these opportunities is the danger that such individuals are likely to lapse back into addiction. This is…

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List and Bibliography Healthcare Terms
Words: 1270 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 39201547
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ABC/123 Version X

Definition and Purpose Explain each term in your own words using complete sentences.

Health Care Example Identify an example of each term and discuss how it is used in a health care setting.

References Provide two APA formatted references to support your claims for each term.

Clinical decision support ?

Clinical decision support or CDS is a way of organizing and utilizing information and patient-specific knowledge, streamlined for utility and employed under the right circumstances, to improve the health care that is provided and to improve the health of the patient.

CDS in a health care setting can include a variety of things, such as technology to provide reminders or alerts for patients or providers, or also data reports, and relevant information

Garg, AX, Adhikhari, NKJ, et al. (2005) Effects of computerized clinical decision support systems on practitioner performance and patient outcomes: A systematic review. Journal of…

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Copyright © XXXX by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

Health care and care techniques
Words: 2211 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72347786
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Benchmark-esearch Critique and PICOT statement

This article is a research critique on the paper titled 'Home Telehealth for Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): An Evidence-Based Analysis' by J. Franek. The research paper under review was published by the Ontario Health Technology Assessment Series.

Although there isn't a direct statement that refers to Problem statement, there is a title that highlights the "Objective of the Analysis." There is an excerpt of the objectives below. The discussion in the objective statement is only centred on the evaluation steps. There is evidence in the literature that the effects of COPD were openly revealed as being core elements of the problem statement in the first place.

"For patients experiencing multiple comorbidities, it is essential to observe routine self-management support. Such support consists of the necessary education to enlighten parents to pick out the symptoms in good time. They will consequently manage their…


Bernocchi, P., Scalveni, S., Galli, T., Volterani, M., & Vitacca, M. (2016). A multidisciplinary telehealth program in patients with combined chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and chronic heart failure: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials.

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Distant Medical Surveillance Technology for Diabetics
Words: 2489 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65753674
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Technology in Medicine: Distant Medical Surveillance Technology for Diabetics in the Less Developed Area of Texas

An estimated 26 million Americans live with diabetes. When not properly treated, diabetes could be fatal as it occupies the seventh position on the list of major mortality causes and it is also a strong causative factor of renal failures, sight damage and clinical limb removals among Americans. Diabetes occurrences are approximately 17% higher in less developed areas. Ethnicity and race are also major factors in determining the risk of suffering from the disease as it affects the smaller factions more. Distant medical surveillance can be very helpful in acquiring daily data about a diabetic's sugar levels, dangerous signs, feeding habits and therapy devotion. This method could help patients take their medications appropriately. Even though certain patients could decide not to adhere to their treatments and thus render this technology useless, the group who…


Balamurugan, A., Hall-Barrow, J., Blevins, M. A., et al. (2009). A pilot study of diabetes education via telemedicine in a rural underserved community -- opportunities and challenges: A continuous quality improvement process. The Diabetes Educator, 35(1), 147 -- 154.

Greenwood, D. A., Young, H. M., & Quinn, C. C. (2014). Telehealth Remote Monitoring Systematic Review: Structured Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose and Impact on A1C. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 8(2), 378 -- 389.

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Hyperglycemia Chronic Hyperglycemia Management and
Words: 1748 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 96850340
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"A step backward -- or is it forward?" Diabetes Care, 31, 1093-1096.

Huan-Cheng C., Yue-Cune C., Su-Mei, L., Mei-Fang, C., Mei-Ching, H., & Chin-Lin, P. et al. (2007). The effectiveness of hospital-based diabetes case management: an example from a northern Taiwan regional hospital. Journal of Nursing esearch, 15, 296-309.

Khamaisi, M., az, I. (2006). Endothelial dysfunction in diabetes: the role of proteik kinase c. Vascular Disease Prevention, 3, 305-312.

Loganathan, ., Searls, Y.M., Smirnova, I.V., & Stehno-Bittel, L. (2006). Exercise-induced benefits in individuals with type 1 diabetes. Physical Therapy eviews, (11), 77-89.

Ohman-Strickland, P.A., Orzano, a.J., Hudson, S.V., Solberg, L.I., DiCiccio-Bloom, B., & O'Malley, D. et al. (2008). Quality of diabetes care in family medicine practices: influence of nurse-practitioners and physician's assistants. Annals of Family Medicine, 6, 14-22.

Ohshiro, Y., Takasu, N. (2007). ole of protein kinase c-? activation in diabetic nephropathy. Diabetes, 24(3), 61-64.

Sharma, S., Kulkarni, S.K., &…


Balagopal, P., Kamalamma, N., Patel, T.G., & Misra, R. (2008). "A community-based diabetes prevention and management education program in a rural village in india." Diabetes Care, 31, 1097-1104.

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Erm There Have Been a
Words: 3911 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 3134443
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This 1996 Act was part of a Civil ights concern that as information became more electronically disseminated, it would lead to misuse of that information (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2010). Certainly, one of the benefits of electronic information is that on one hand it is available to a larger number of people, but it is also verifiable on who views that information at what time. This protection, though, is part of the ethics of individual rights. It has, however, affected scholarly research and the ability to perform retrospective, chart-based research and evaluations. One study, in fact, said that HIPAA managed rules led to a 73% decrease in patient accrual, triple the time recruiting patients, and tripling (at least) of mean recruiting costs (Wold and Bennett, 2005). However, despite the few incidents in which the regulation of this information is detrimental, most civil rights advocates praise the legislation…


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A Company S Non Profit Plan the Right Way to Write it
Words: 2478 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31923952
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Non-Profit Business Plan for Care on the Horizon

Imagine a community of elderly people of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Now imagine that each and every one of them must provide for themselves and their health care by leaving their homes and making a difficult trek to the local health care facility, where they will have to wait in line, sometimes for hours, before they can be quickly seen and just as quickly dispatched back home. What an exhausting way to live -- especially in one's old age, when retirement is supposed to be a more pleasant and less fatiguing way of life.

Such communities exist all over the nation but especially in NY. In many cases, there is no one who can properly look after such people, at least not in the traditional sense, where home care is a natural and effective remedy to such situations. Fortunately, our organization has…


Kemper, P. (1992). The use of formal and informal home care by the disabled elderly.

Health Services Research, 27(4): 421-451.

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The Benefit of Environmental Intervention for Dementia Patients
Words: 2695 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 48688369
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Environmental Interventions for Patients With Dementia

Dementia is a neurocognitive disorder that has been treated in various ways throughout all history. The modern era has proposed pharmacological interventions in the past but these have proved dangerous and degrading to the quality of life that dementia patients and their loved ones prefer. For this reason, environmental interventions have emerged as an alternative method for treating elderly dementia patients. This intervention method consists of altering the environment in which the patient lives by accommodating for the needs of the patient with clearly identifiable pathways, open spaces for communication, naturalistic settings, adequate stimuli and private rooms for quiet. This paper discusses the fundamental principles of environmental interventions for patients with dementia and includes a justification for this approach as a suitable alternative to prevailing psychoactive drug interventions. It also includes a discussion of the historical context of the disorder, its current description according…


Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. (2015). Non-pharmacologic Interventions

for Agitation and Aggression in Dementia. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Retrieved from 

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Fleming, R., Purandare, N. (2010). Long-term care for people with dementia:

Change management theories as applied to healthcare improvement
Words: 751 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94962577
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Select a problem or issue in the healthcare industry that you know needs changing or improvement.One area within the healthcare industry that required change and improvement are costs. Costs relative to other developed nations is very high, without the corresponding benefits of such costs. Currently the Untied States spends roughly 18% of GDP on healthcare related expenditures. Many experts believe that healthcare expenditures as a percentage of GDP will rise to nearly 20% by the year 2030. This will equate to roughly $4 trillion dollars being spent on healthcare related expenditures. This however is in stark contrast to actual healthcare outcomes which are not manifesting in the manner commensurate with the increase in costs. Currently, the United States is ranked last out of the 11 wealthiest nations of earth as it relates to healthcare outcomes. As a result, the United States is spending more than any other country but has…

References 1. Badham, R, Mead, A, Antonacopoulou, A (2012)Performing change: A dramaturgical approach to the practice of managing change. In: Boje, DM, Burnes, B, Hassard, J (eds) Routledge Companion to Organizational Change.London:Routledge,187205.2. Beck, RN (1987)Visions, values, and strategies: Changing attitudes and culture. The Academy of Management Executive 1(1):33413. Brotman, R (1958)Review ofThe Dynamics of Planned Changeby Ronald Lippitt, Jeanne Watson and Bruce Westley. American Sociological Review 23(3):341342

Technologies Impact on Healthcare Level
Words: 1489 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14958513
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This is necessary to provide a seamless platform on which health solutions can be effectively integrated and deployed. Without using such a platform, the development of electronic health care facilities will be more difficult to deploy. In other words, Tele-health is part of the overall healthcare ICT (Information Communications Technology) solutions that enables healthcare to be pushed out to the edge, for local delivery, and to be more evenly, efficiently and effectively distributed.

Broadband communication is the underlying technology of choice when discussing electronic applications. It is certainly important for inter-healthcare provider communications delivering sufficient bandwidth capacity between sites. The delivery of home care electronic should not rely on the broadband technology is not universally accessible, particularly in rural and remote areas, and it can also be prohibitively expensive. Some broadband technologies can be delivered to remote locations, such as satellite-based technology, but this is impractical and too costly to…


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Telecommunications: Protecting the Forgotten Frontier. (2001, August). SC Magazine-Info Security News, 12 (8), 36-40.

Health Care Disparity in Maryland
Words: 18449 Length: 67 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 96057578
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Figure 1 portrays the state of Maryland, the location for the focus of this DR.

Figure 1: Map of Maryland, the State (Google Maps, 2009)

1.3 Study Structure

Organization of the Study

The following five chapters constitute the body of Chapter I: Introduction

Chapter II: Review of the Literature

Chapter III: Methods and Results

Chapter IV: Chapter V: Conclusions, Recommendations, and Implications

Chapter I: Introduction

During Chapter I, the researcher presents this study's focus, as it relates to the background of the study's focus, the area of study, the four research questions, the significance of the study, and the research methodology the researcher utilized to complete this study.

Chapter II: Review of the Literature in Chapter II, the researcher explores information accessed from researched Web sites; articles; books; newspaper excerpts; etc., relevant to considerations of the disparity in access to health care services between rural and urban residence in Maryland…

Potter, S. (2002) Doing Postgraduate Research. London: Sage.

Qualitative research: Approaches, methods, and rigour, (2008, Nov. 7). Microsoft PowerPoint Qualitative Research AdvC08 RS.PPT. Retrieved March 10, 2009 from

Wolvovsky, Jay. (2008). Health disparities: Impact on Business and Economics Summit. Maryland's healthcare at a glance. The Heart of Community Health Baltimore Medical Syste. Retrieved March 10, 2009 at

How the Health Care Information System Has Modernised
Words: 1762 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96473173
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Evolution of Healthcare Information System

Evolution of health care information system

Over the last twenty years, technology in provision of healthcare has evolved tremendously and what was available then now seems primitive in comparison. Today, patient care is at a much higher level. The management of healthcare institutions has become far more efficient through the growth of technology. esearch is now more readily available. The growth of technology has proved beneficial to not only the healthcare workers, rather, more so to the patients. Nowadays, treating a patient correctly and effectively is easier than it was then; the patient is also more secure due to machines that can monitor all his processes and new technology has also enhanced the skills of the healthcare workers in handling their patients (Bavova, 2013).

This paper seeks to discuss highlight similarities and differences between healthcare provision twenty years ago and today, as a result of…


American Telemedicine Association (ATA). (2006). Telemedicine, Telehealth, and Health Information Technology. An ATA Issue Paper 

Bavova, B. (2013) The Impact of Technology on Healthcare, American Institute of Medical Science and Education  / {Retrieved: 5/11/2015}

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Jayanthi, A. (2014) 10 Biggest Technological Advancements for Healthcare in the Last Decade, Becker's Health IT and CIO Review  {Retrieved; 5/11/2015}

How to Address Failures in Nurse Communication
Words: 1636 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 59784969
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Nurse Communication

Communication is one of the most important aspects of nursing, as the case study of the student and the instructor indicates. The student nurse failed to communicate to the instructor the patient's abnormal oxygen saturation reading -- a reading that could have had very serious consequences for the patient. An entire week going by before this information is relayed to another nurse is highly unacceptable, considering how much emphasis is placed upon preventing medical errors from occurring (Cimiotti, Aiken, Sloane, Wu, 2012). Thus, it is imperative that student nurses appreciate the ramifications of failures in communication -- ramifications that could be potentially fatal for patients and, by extension, legally adverse for the health care facility. Stressing the crucial importance of nurse to nurse communication is vital to the well-being both of the health care organization and the well-being of the patient.

Importance of Nurse to Nurse Communication



Cimiotti, J., Aiken, L., Sloane, D., Wu, E. (2012). Nurse staffing, burnout, and health care -- associated infection. American Journal of Infection Control, 40(6): 486-490.

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Nursing Times, 112(12/13): 1-2.

Dall'Ora, C., Griffiths, P., Ball, J., Simon, M., Aiken, L. (2015). Association of 12 h shifts and nurses' job satisfaction, burnout and intention to leave: findings from a cross-sectional study of 12 European countries. BMJ Open, 5(9): e008331.

The Role of HR in Nursing
Words: 2154 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83905005
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Human esources


The demographics of the site chosen for this paper, NH Clinic, consist of a vast group of clinical professionals working at 21 different hospitals across the country. NH Clinic staffs nearly 500 outpatient ambulatory and physician practices as well. The Clinic supports more than 6,600 beds, employs over 15,000 nurses and is affiliated with nearly 14,000 physicians. Its total workforce consists of over 61,000 workers and NH Clinic is the biggest private employer in the state (NH eports and Facts, 2016).

The staff employed by NH Clinic is as diverse as the state's population itself, with a variety of persons of ethnicities and cultures employed throughout the ranks of the Clinic. It has men and women of a many different races, religions, beliefs and backgrounds in positions of management, throughout the administration, and up and down lower level chains as well. NH Clinic celebrates diversity in its…


Ealias, A., George, J. (2012). Emotional intelligence and job satisfaction: a correlational study. Research Journal of Commerce and Behavioral Science, 1(4): 3-7.

Mills, J. et al. (2013). Nurses in Australian acute care settings: experiences with and outcomes of e-health: an integrative review. International Journal of Management & Information Technology, 3(1): 1-8.

NH Reports and Facts. (2016). Northwell. Retrieved from

Odeh, B. (2014). Implementing a telehealth service: nurses' perceptions and experiences. British Journal Of Nursing, 23(21): 1133-1137.

Variables That Impact the Nurse's Quality of Work Life
Words: 1088 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 73695577
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Quality of Work Life of Health Care Providers in Saudi Arabia

In iyadh, the quality of work life of health care providers is not as high as it should or could be, according to researchers (Alhousaini, 2006; Almalki, FitzGerald, Clark, 2012). Almalki et al. (2012) have shown that "30.3% of nurses in iyadh were not offered any training courses or continuing education programs and 65.9% were offered very short courses (1 to 5 days per year)" (p. 30). Overall, health care providers have expressed dissatisfaction with their work life (Almalki et al., 2012). Likewise, Abu-Zinadah (2006) has indicated that work life in conditions in iyadh are sub-par for health care providers and could be improved considerably through attention to work hours and other variables. In iyadh as well as in other regions throughout the Kingdom, a lack of clinical experience can negatively impact a health care providers' quality of work…


Abu-Zinadah, S. (2006). Nursing situation in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh: Saudi Nursing

Board, Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

Al-Ahmadi, H., Roland, M. (2005). Quality of primary health care in Saudi Arabia: a comprehensive review.

Alhusaini, H. A. (2006). Obstacles to the efficiency and performance of Saudi nurses at the Ministry of Health, Riyadh Region: analytical field study. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Health.

Healthcare Management for Eldercare Advocacy Organization
Words: 2580 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85588350
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Planned change in the eldercare advocacy organization

In the coming years, many countries will experience a dramatic shift in healthcare infrastructure due to an expanding elderly population size. However, the changes may vary across countries depending on many factors such as the kind of social welfare available in each country, the political environment which determine policies, the level of healthcare available and individual expectations in each country. Due to this wide variance, the innovations within this space will also vary greatly. What this means to the healthcare manager is that managing innovations becomes very hard (Shlutz, Andre & Sjovold, 2015 p 42). This also impacts on performance management which is fast gaining popularity in the public sector as a means to improve on accountability. Unfortunately, it has been cumbered by a series of challenges in its implementation; this is in spite of the frameworks developed over the last couple of…

Healthcare Advocacy Team & Technology
Words: 2602 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17378209
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The healthcare industry has widely adopted IT solutions in the development and maintenance of information systems for this sector. These information system applications will go a long way in boosting medical care goals by reducing costs significantly, increasing efficiency in the process and achieving a zero error. With this, client satisfaction will be realized. At the core of this is the electronic medical records (EHR) which is representative of all the health information of an individual that is available in a database and can be shared across healthcare service providers (Rouse, 2016). Also integral to this system are two components; mobile health (mHealth) and telehealth (telemedicine). Though the two are interconnected, they have a slight difference. Telehealth includes home monitoring of health conditions through desktops, laptops and other online material (Terry, 2016), while mobile health is restricted to mobile devices.

Considering the impact of electronic medical records (EHR), it is…

Healthcare Addressing Racial and Ethnic
Words: 713 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7121072
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esearch has shown that good communication amid patients and health care providers is directly connected to a person's happiness, treatment adherence and affirmative health results (Cultural Competency for Health Care Providers, 2007).

The goal of a lot of provider-oriented health it tools is to make relevant patient information flawlessly and unmistakably accessible to providers at the point of care. In so doing, these tools can decrease clinical indecision related to blurred or mistaken patient information that may be found in a handwritten medical record. In the nonexistence of desired information or in the presence of blurred or uncertain data, providers may undervalue patient precise information while at the same time overweighting their own medical viewpoints, suppositions, prejudices, or stereotypes about certain kinds of patients. If apparent and precise patient information is accessible to the clinician, the utilization of this information should augment, getting rid of the need for relying on…


Cultural Competency for Health Care Providers. (2007). Retrieved March 13, 2011, from Web



Webmd Web Portals Like Webmd
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Jurisdiction issues may also affect the insurance and the coverage provided by the agency as insurance coverage is also restricted to certain regions and not outside those jurisdictions.

Identity Theft: Another issue or the problem is that of identity theft, which is considered to be the fastest growing crime in America as millions of victims have been reported over a period of last couple of years. Giving out information on website whether it is email or other security or personal details requires care & caution on part of both consumers as well as WebMD management.

Jargons: The information available for the consumers at times can be in a technical language. Jargons may create confusion among the consumers and may misguide them. Most information is available in easy to understand language but the provision of glossary of terms may help the consumers in understanding the true meaning of the content available…


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Technology Integration Poses New Ethical Dilemmas for Healthcare
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Technology Integration Poses New Ethical Dilemmas for Healthcare

Imagine studying the effects of globalization on healthcare. What would one find from his or her research? Is there a possibility that policies need changed? How does this affect one's licensure? One will study in depth this trend and find ways to solve the issues that arise before it is too late.

Within the United States, "globalization of healthcare encompasses both exporting patients (medical tourism) and importing medical services (outsourcing)" (Herrick, 2007). This makes competition increase, which means that what happens in the U.S. could rival that of Japan; consequently, healthcare would have to improve their quality and provide patients with more choices (Herrick, 2007). Whatever the case, many tasks are getting outsourced to those in foreign countries (Herrick, 2007). This includes "long-distance collaboration-incorporating the services of foreign medical staff into the practice of American medical provides" (Herrick, 2007). One has to…


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Technological and Social Challenges of Information Technology
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Technological and social challenges of information technology in health care

Information technology has transformed all aspects of society and healthcare is no exception. One 2010 survey of physicians conducted by the Medical Group Management association found that seven of the top ten challenges identified by physicians had to do with health information technology: implementing electronic records-keeping, keeping track of Medicare reimbursement and compensation, and bi;; collections via new information management systems (Sarasohn-Kahn 2010). However, significant challenges exist in implementing health information technology effectively, so it can realize its promise to create a more efficient healthcare system. "Clinical information systems do not communicate with each other automatically because integration of existing data standards is lacking. Data standards for medical specialties need further development. Database architectures are often designed to support single clinical applications and are not easily modified to meet the enterprise-wide needs desired by all end-users" (Kardry et al. 2010).…


Gibbons, Michael Christopher. (2011). Use of health information technology among racial and ethnic underserved communities. Online research journal: Perspectives in Health Information Management. Retrieved October 17, 2011 at -of-health-information-technology-among-racial-and-ethnic-underserved-communities&catid=63:telehealth

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Retrieved October 17, 2011 at 

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Swedish Medical Center Case Study
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omen's Health -- Focused on prevention and care for breast health, mammography, etc.

Transplant Programs - Swedish is one of seven kidney transplant centers and one of just four liver transplant centers serving the entire Pacific Northwest. The Organ Transplant Program at Swedish is at the forefront of new advances in transplantation surgery, including pancreas transplants and transplants between unrelated living organ donors and recipients (Swedish Medical Center, 2011).

Service design, operational activities, strategic decisions- Swedish is nothing but on the move -- strategically and tactically. In October, 2011, Swedish opened a new full-care facility with a 550,000 square foot campus in the city of Issaquah, southeast of Seattle city proper. This new facility was designed to be an entirely new hospital experience. Some of the operational innovations include a new Childbirth Center with eight new Labor/Delivery/Recovery rooms that include sleeping areas for partners, iPod access and a hotel room…

Works Cited

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Non-English Speaking Peoples in the
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These recommendations include increased funding for bilingually staffed mobile mental health care clinics in Mexican and Salvadorian migrant areas, increased youth violence counseling in areas of Vietnamese refugees, and an increased presence of mental health community centers in areas of Chinese immigrant areas. By tailoring services to the areas they serve, the non-English speaking communities could be more quickly treated, and more effectively counseled (Smith, et al., 2004).

There is no question that psychological services, including drug and alcohol treatment, counseling, psychiatry, violence therapy, and general psychological services are available in the Central Valley area for the non-English speaking residents of the community. However, based on studies of the unique populations, it is clear that more specific care is needed to provide these populations with adequate mental health services. It is only through additional funding, and more programs, tailored to suit the needs of local clients, that all citizens of…


CAADV (California Alliance Against Domestic Violence). (2004). Linking Communities: A Multicultural and Diversity Resource Guide, 2003-2004. Sacramento, C.A.: California Alliance Against Domestic Violence.

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California Endowment Report, 2001-2002. Los Angeles, C.A.: Blue Cross of California.

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Marketing Plan for Hong Kong
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For instance, a study by the Harvard Team determined that fully 11 per cent of the lowest income group (with a monthly household income below U.S.$1,282) suffered from poor health compared with just 3 per cent of the highest income group (i.e., households with an income above U.S.$5,128) (amesh). As this author points out, the current approach to the delivery of healthcare services in Hong Kong has some definite strengths - as well as weaknesses -- that must be taken into account when formulating strategy for the future. In this regard, amesh emphasizes that, "Hong Kong's accessible and equitable health-care system has been achieved at a rather modest cost, and the concentration of public subsidies on in-patient care, which is expensive, has fostered a system that is both efficient and equitable. Centralized provision in public facilities reduces scope for supplier-induced demand and duplication of facilities, thus reducing overall costs" (p.…


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4g Phones and Technology in the Field
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4G Phones and Technology

In the field of telecommunications, the term 4G is the fourth generation of mobile communication standards; obviously the successor to 3G. In general, a 4G system provides mobile ultra-broadband Internet access to devices, amended mobile web access, gaming, High Definition television, video conferencing, and Voice Over IP technology. Most Android and indows-enabled cellular devices are not 4G capable, but not ever location is able to access 4G technology. However, one real advantage of 4G is that it can provide an internet data transfer rate higher than any current cellular services, other than broadband and i-Fi connections (Cox, 2012).

4G is not a new technology, and has been on the market commercially since at least 2008. However, Since 2010 Smartphone technology has grown so much that aggressive speed and market expansion have pushed the envelope and consumer expectations for coverage and more rapid downloads. Even with the…

Works Cited

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Project Proposal Implementation
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iPads for PTSD

There is a high incidence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among veterans of the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The United States' all-volunteer forces have been engaged in combat for ten years and many military members have completed multiple tours. Some individuals are more susceptible than others (Corbett, 2002). Although sufferers of PTSD are in the minority of those returning from war zones, numbers are still sufficiently high to tax the military's health care system. There are simply not enough mental health professionals to meet the need.

Online counseling and special PTSD apps for smart phones and tablet computers have been demonstrated as effective solutions, at least in part. Military officials stress that neither online counseling nor apps replace one-on-one treatment in a clinical care setting. However, they can be beneficial to sufferers and provide some intermediate relief until actual treatment can be provided.

Project Proposal…


Corbett, A. (2002). Some brains more vulnerable to war trauma. Science Now 10/15/2002.

Retrieved 1 October 2011 from Academic Search Premier.

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Hayes, J., Wakefield, B., Andresen, E., Scherrer, J., Traylor, L., Wiegmann, P., Denmark, T.,

Vna Tip Homecare St Louis MO Marketing Plan
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Business Review of VNA-TIP Homecare

Home healthcare and hospice providers pride themselves on their ability to provide the best quality care to the most needy patients. The mission of the Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) is "to support, promote and advance nonprofit providers of homecare, community health and hospice to ensure quality care for their communities" (2010). This mission is the goal of hundreds of home healthcare providers around the country. Hospice is a service that supplies an even greater need. This service is provided, through Medicare funding, to individuals who are terminal and have a doctor estimated less than six months to live. Both of these services are primarily the purview of non-profit groups funded by donation and government grants. There are very few such companies which operate on a for-profit basis.

One of those companies is the subject of this review. It is important to note that…

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Addressing the Psychological Aspects of Treatment in Patients With CHF
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Care, Treatment, and Education Plan for a Patient with Cardiac Problems

P. Presenting with Cardiomyopathy and Congestive Heart Failure

Mr. P is a 76-year-old male with cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure who has been hospitalized frequently to treat CHF symptoms. He has difficulty maintaining diet restrictions and managing his polypharmacy. He has 4+ pitting edema, moist crackles throughout lung fields, and labored breathing. He has no family other than his wife, who verbalizes sadness over his declining health and over her inability to get out of the house. She is overwhelmed with the stack of medical bills, as Mr. P always took care of the financial issues. Mr. P is despondent and asks why God has not taken him.


Considering Mr. P's condition and circumstance, write an essay of 500-750 words that includes the following: Describe your approach to care. ecommend a treatment plan. Describe a method for providing…


Inglis, S.C., Clark, R.A., McAlister, F.A., Ball, J., Lewinter, C., Cullington, D., Stewart, S., and Cleland, J.G.F. (2010). Structured telephone support or telemonitoring programmes for patients with chronic heart failure. Chronic Review, 8. The Cochrane Library. Retrieved from

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First 15 Years of the NINR Review of Accomplishments
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Nursing Research

hat is the key point or concept that emerged from the activity? hy is that important to you and why is it important to nursing?

One key point in this paper is that while much has been accomplished in the field of nursing research, much remains to be done. Reading through the introductions of the people who were pivotal in the development of nursing research institutions -- and the recollections from the speakers about how the struggles were all worthwhile -- was educational background and interesting. But what really jumped off the page at me -- and are important to me and to the future of nursing -- were several passages on the last page of this document.

All the talk related to the value and history of research notwithstanding, these points stand out: a) research outcomes must be linked to actual nursing care and to health trends…

Works Cited

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2015, from .

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Why the ACA Is Bad for U S Citizens
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Affordable Care Act

Affordable Health Care

Healthcare is very expensive in the U.S. today but it is also something that everyone needs. That is why affordable healthcare would be a great program for families in America: they could have the care they require at a cost that would not impoverish them at the same time. However, with the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), healthcare costs and premiums have actually gone up for many families (Durden, 2015). Through the ACA, the government is requiring healthcare insurance be mandated for every citizen in the U.S.; however, those citizens with a limited income or who cannot afford to pay for health insurance are penalized because the premiums offered by the insurance companies are too high. This paper will show how even though having mandatory healthcare for everyone is a great idea, seniors and low income families cannot afford the insurance premiums.…


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The HIPAA Applicable Rules of World Wide Web Consortium
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Wide Web Consortium and HIPAA Applicable ules

In the contemporary business environment, compliance and security standards have become the crucial factors to a successful business and assist in gaining the confidence of top global clients. The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is one of the standards, which develops the interoperable technologies that include guidelines, specifications, tools and software to assist the Web achieving its full potential. Moreover, the W3C is a forum for commerce, communication information, and collective understanding primarily aimed to pursue its mission through development of Web guidelines and standards. Since 1994, the W3C has launched a publication of over 100 standards referred as W3C recommendations. The W3C also engages in software development, outreach, education, and serve as an open forum for Web discussion. To assist Web reaching its full potential, fundamental Web technologies allow the software and hardware accessing the Web to allow the technologies working together.…


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Privacy Violations and Malpractice at the Okc VA Medical Center
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Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Today, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) operates the nation's largest healthcare system through the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), including 152 medical centers (VAMCs), 800 community-based outpatient clinics and numerous state-based domiciliaries and nursing home care units (About VA, 2016). As the second-largest cabinet agency in the federal government, the VA's budget exceeds the State Department, USAID, and the whole of the intelligence community combined) with more than $60 billion budgeted for VHA healthcare (Carter, 2016). One of the VHA's largest medical centers that provides tertiary healthcare services to eligible veteran patients is the Oklahoma City VA Medical Center (OKC VAMC) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Like several other VAMCs, the OKC VAMC has recently been implicated in a system-wide scandal concerning inordinately lengthy patient waiting times and misdiagnoses which may have contributed to the deaths of some veteran patients and jeopardized…


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The Institute of Medicine S Report on Nursing
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obert Wood Johnson Foundation Committee Initiative on the Future of Nursing and the Institute of Medicine

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has published a guide for the future of nursing in the U.S., the purpose of which is to facilitate nurses, health care providers and community leaders with the tools they need to implement effective changes towards improving the health of their communities. This paper will discuss the key messages of the IOM report, the importance of the report for nursing, and what the state is doing in terms of its Action Coalition to achieve the goals outlined by the report.

The key messages of the IOM report, Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health are that nurses should 1) maximize their education and training in their practice by working to implement everything they have learned, 2) pursue further education/training through a program of continuing education that supports progress, and…


Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing,

at the Institute of Medicine. (2011). The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

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Nurse Education Today, 34(3): 441-445.

Fear of Falling and Sadness in Seniors
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Mrs. Smith

The general impression of Mrs. Smith so far are that she is nearing an end-of-life phase: she is becoming weaker, tired, does not feel like going out much, and experiences a general sadness -- though she says she does not feel "sad exactly." Her general mood is pensive, somewhat concerned about her frailty -- definitely concerned about having another fall like she had last year and becoming dependent upon caretakers. Her fears are founded on the experience of friends and just an overall awareness of the fact that she is aging -- now 80 -- and will not be able to live independently forever. This is no doubt causing some slight depression -- which is not uncommon or unusual in seniors at this age (Shulman, 2007). Likewise her gait pattern -- slow, "reduced walking speed, arm swing and vertical head movements" are indicative of "sadness and depression" (Michalak…


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Regional Review. Retrieved from 

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health problems and promoting mental health among community-dwelling seniors with multimorbidity. J Multidiscip Healthc, 9: 83-95.

Coleman's Model of Transition Management
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EBP is to facilitate strategy to eradicate short cycle return to second readmission of psychiatric patients on hospital beds. Doing so will assist health care providers in addressing the issue of bed shortage. eduction of readmission rates allows more space to be available for other patients and helps to cut costs as well as bring about better conformity with governmental regulations.

Search Process

The search process used in this literature review began with searching key words in online databases such as Cochran eview, CINAHL, and other nursing research journal databases. Google Scholar was used as the primary search engine, with filters set to permit results from these particular databases. Key words used included "reducing readmission rates," "readmission psych," "causes of readmission psych hospital," "psych hospital readmission," "reduction of psych readmission," and other combinations of key words identified by relevant articles found after conducting these searches. More than a thousand articles…


Burns, T., Rugkasa, J., Molodynski, A. et al. (2013). Community treatment orders for patients with psychosis (OCTET): A randomized controlled trial. The Lancet, 381(9878): 1627-1633. DOI: (13)60107-5.

Kalseth, J., Lassemo, E., Wahlbeck, K., Haaramo, P., Magnussen, J. (2016). Psychiatric

readmissions and their association with environmental and health system characteristics: a systematic review of the literature. BMC Psychiatry, 16: 376. DOI: 10.1186/s12888-016-1099-8.

Kripalani, S., Theobald, C., Anctil, B., Vasilevskis, E. (2013). Reducing hospital readmission: Current strategies and future directions. Annual Review of Medicine, 65: 471-485. DOI: 10.1146/annurev-med-022613-090415

Updating of a resume
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Veteran/Purple Heart Recipient

CAREER Profile

Highly qualified and well-rounded healthcare administrator that has a strong and diverse background in healthcare, operations, facility management, strategic planning, Lean, healthcare development and redesign background. This includes sixteen years of hands-on patient care experience as well as over ten years' experience successfully providing executive level leadership in clinical, administrative, facility planning and overall hospital disciplines. Highly skilled with implementing and managing complex issues at all levels in order to plan, develop, organize, decipher and perfect policy. Able to evaluate hospital-wide operational management programs and needs. Sixteen years of in-depth management experience with healthcare-related development projects for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory settings throughout all disciplines of healthcare. Active security clearance.


• BLS certified

• HIPAA-Trained & Certified

• Certified in Food Protection and Safety

• Advanced skills with Microsoft Office, Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support Automated Information System, Armed Forces Health…

Changes in Healthcare
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Healthcare has gained exceeded attention in the past few years since all over the world, diseases and their intensity have been witnessed with an increase in population. Hygiene and sanitation have been associated with an increase in illness, thus contributing to the amplified need for better healthcare quality services worldwide. This paper aims to analyze changes in healthcare with the passage of time and its future.
Healthcare has become one of the most necessities of life. It would not be wrong to say that the meaning of 'necessities' has changed over time since several factors shape life and have become an essential part; healthcare is one of them. Healthcare is the identification and evaluation of safe and effective care for individuals in the presence of a culture that strives for excellence that must give an outcome of desired health fulfillment (Allen-Duck, Robinson & Stewart, 2017).
Future of Healthcare Industry…

Allen-Duck, A., Robinson, J.C. & Stewart, M.W. (2017). Healthcare quality: A concept analysis. Nursing Forum, 52(4), 377-386. DOI: 10.1111/nuf.12207
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Nurses Role in Mental Health
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Making available recovery program treatment besides collaborating with partnership to leverage resources and knowledge is a role that I perform in efforts of helping clients access care. I am also involved in continual community-based quality improvement programs that are designed to support care access and quality.

B. Veteran Centered Care

With respect to centered care, I normally assist with provision of alternatives to inpatient care for mental health linked problems. Additionally, I make CVT available for weekend and evening hours. As a MHICM practitioner, I perform various administrative and clinical functions for clients and my team. Clinical tasks entail stress and crisis management, group therapy, advocacy and treatment planning. I also ensure that patient preferences with respect to appointments and mental health care providers are maintained.

C. Performance Measures

I offer administrative and clinical supervision for my team besides facilitating cohesiveness communication, education programs and systems concerning community-based services. Given…


Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation initiative on the future of nursing.(2011). The future of nursing: Leading change, advancing health. New York: National Academies Press

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