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Elon Musk Leadership Analysis

Words: 1719 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56563265

This paper will discuss the leadership style of Elon Musk, and make an assessment of the pros and cons of this leadership style.
The leader that I will analyze is Elon Musk, who runs a number of different companies. Musk makes an interesting case study for leadership principles in part because of the number of different companies he is trying to lead a the same time, but also because his companies are aiming to be innovation leaders, have tight frameworks for a large amount of work, and generally are subject to Musk’s hard-driving style. Yet, he must maintain the ability for his managers and his investors to buy into his vision, or his companies (most of which aren’t profitable) will have difficulty obtaining the financing that they need.
Foundations of Individual and Group Behavior
This chapter lays the foundation for understanding behavior. Most of leadership is about motivation, and…… [Read More]


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Marketing and Promotion of Electric Vehices

Words: 981 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14617624

Tesla Marketing Plan

For over a decade, Tesla Motors has emerged as one of market leaders in designing, manufacturing, and selling luxurious electric cars, battery components, and powertrain components. ith its establishment in 2003, the company has established an innovative niche in the electric car business. Tesla has developed a market strategy that embodies the company's core values in the luxury electronic vehicle business. ith this strategy, the company establishes a competitive niche that surpasses other players in the market.

ith this strategy, Tesla can benefit from gaining a significant market share, brand loyalty and awareness, and realization of profits through the adoption of new strategies. In this paper, we look into the market success plan for Tesla Motors (Damodaran 40).

In this case, we develop a fully electric, brand new, and entry-level car named Tesla Z. The car will possess core components of a Tesla vehicle. However, the creation…… [Read More]

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The Five Forces That Shape Competitive Strategy

Words: 1941 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39741145

Five Forces

The concept of the five forces is rooted in the idea that these are the five forces that influence whether an industry or company can be profitable. A company, when formulating its strategy, will seek to find ways to shift these forces and manipulate them in ways that allow the company to be profitable, preferably sustainably profitable. As Porter (2008) elaborates, the five forces that shape competitive strategy are the bargaining power of buyers, the bargaining power of suppliers, the threat of new entrants, the threat of substitutes and the intensity of rivalry within the industry.

About the Company

The company to which the five forces will be applied is Tesla Motors, the electric car maker. Tesla is a relatively new player in the industry, has a tremendous reputation with respect to product quality, but has yet to turn a profit, has a tremendous bleed rate, but it…… [Read More]


Bershidsky, L. (2016). Millennials are buying cars after all. Bloomberg. Retrieved May 14, 2016 from http://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2016-01-04/millennials-are-buying-cars-after-all

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Why Elon Musk Must Go

Words: 1714 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68685222

Human Resources and Change: Major Responsibilities of HRM
The three major roles of human resources management (HRM) are (1) administrative, (2) operational, and (3) strategic. The functions that fall within these roles include: recruiting and selecting hires, orientation, maintaining stable and quality workplace environments, managing employee relations, and training and developing staff. This paper will show how the HRM of the company Tesla, Inc., including the manufacturing, finance, and marketing subsystems are in need of change. By comparing these subsystems to other successful subsystems, this paper will indicate that Tesla can improve its productivity and increase demand. In that context, the impact of change, stakeholder satisfaction, attracting, developing, and maintaining human resources, internal consistencies, connectivity to the course, and the application of personal Christian worldview will all be addressed.
Subsystems in Need of Change
The most major organizational subsystem within Tesla that is in need of change is manufacturing as…… [Read More]

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Merger Acquisition and International Strategies Mergers Acquisitions

Words: 2103 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1303004

Merger, Acquisition and International Strategies

Mergers, Acquisitions and International Strategies

A merger is a combination of two or more business entities with the aim of consolidating the resources that they have and creating a single entity with that. The process of merging is done through acquisition or direct pooling together of the resources available. Acquisition occurs when a firm buys a stake in another firm and assumes control of it. Acquisitions are part of growth strategies paid for in cash, payment through stock of the acquiring company or both. Mergers and Acquisitions commonly denoted by M & A work hand in hand and are in recent times seen as one. M & A is a strategy of finance and management dealing with the selling, buying, combination of, firms and entities to help grow a firm rapidly. M & A occur to help a firm create a new strategy, joint venture…… [Read More]


GM:New York Stock Quote - General Motors Co - Bloomberg. (n.d.). Bloomberg - Business, Financial & Economic News, Stock Quotes. Retrieved December 1, 2012, from http://www.bloomberg.com/quote/GM:U.S.

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Electric Vehicle Industry

Words: 1245 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97015456

Strategy Development at Tesla Motors
The hybrid and all-electric vehicle market is growing rapidly, and some industry analysts suggest that the future of personal transportation is in the hands of these manufacturers. One company that is in the vanguard of this industry is Tesla Motors, named for famed inventor Nikolai Tesla. The purpose of this capstone project is to provide an industry analysis to develop a strategy for the CEO of Tesla Motors to help shape the company's future.
Review and Analysis
Define strategy and examine how the definition of strategy fits Tesla Motors and its situation
Although a number of different definitions have been advanced over the years, a useful definition in an organization context states that “strategy determines the direction and scope of an organization over the long term, and it should determine how resources should be configured to meet the needs of markets and stakeholders” (Three levels…… [Read More]

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Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts American Companies

Words: 1289 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77806235

Organizational Behavior

Terminology and Concepts

American companies have suffered in recent years. In their efforts to reduce cost, restructuring and downsizing have affected almost every organization either directly or indirectly. These attempts to 'right the ship' so to speak will cause problems for these organizations in the terms of their ability to perform in the long-term. Organizational behavior has been cast aside in too many areas which entails that these companies have shown poor leadership by trying to capitalize on technological breakthroughs as opposed to building the human resource aspects of their businesses. This paper is a summary of some organizational behavior concepts and terminologies that are affected by the quest for profits. Through readings, articles, and my personal experiences, I have summarized what I feel can be construed as organizational behavior, culture, diversity, communication, effectiveness, efficiency and learning. I have been blessed by the fact that I hold a…… [Read More]

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Entry Strategy Into the German Market

Words: 7600 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90928049

Stategic Planning fo Maket Enty

Baies to Enty

Maket Challenges

Tade Baies


EU Regulations

Confomity Assessment

Poduct Cetification


Maket Enty Stategy Selection


Joint Ventues/Licensing


Agents, Distibutos and Tading Houses Agents

Distibution and Sales Channels



EU Regulations

Stategic Alliances, Licensing and Fanchising

Joint Ventues

Foeign Diect Investment

Finding the Right Patne

Negotiating a Patneship Ageement

The Ageement Checklist

Have the salient points of the ageement been ageed upon in pinciple?

Paticipants and thei Roles

Negotiation Baselines

Section 10: Managing Intenational Business Opeations

Exit Stategies



In this wok, the case study of Tesla Motos has been taken as an example to undestand the stategies of intenational businesses with paticula attention to Gemany. The wok begins with exploation of stategies pevasive in intenational makets with close attention to enty issues. The vaious foms of foeign investments and business like Geenfield, acquisitions, meges, and Joint Ventues…… [Read More]


Alon, I. (2012). Global franchising operations management: cases in international and emerging markets operations. Upper Saddle River, N.J, Financial Times.

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Cisco Business Model

Words: 590 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88261741

Analyzing Cisco’s Business Model
Target Client Base
Cisco has an extremely multifaceted business model. Its primary business is best codified as Information Technology (IT) solutions for effecting digital transformation. That model is equal parts data management, computer networking, software and hardware. Thus, the target client base is the IT departments of organizations across vertical industries and areas of business. IT is quite diverse in this regard; most organizations have IT needs, particularly those attempting to effect digital transformation. Cisco’s target client base includes small and midsize businesses, in addition to large corporations. Its products and services are targeted towards Chief Executive Officers as well as IT departments.
Value Added Proposition
Cisco’s value added proposition is in rendering the products and services for organizations attempting to effect whole scale digital transformation. Thus, it provides comprehensive data management platforms for a variety of needs from mobile computing to the cloud, from the…… [Read More]

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Role of Financial Markets

Words: 1842 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95737799

Financial Markets and Institutions

ole of Financial Markets

Financial markets play a significant role in creating wealth in the United States. At the heart of this role is that financial markets facilitate the economically efficient allocation of capital. The holders of capital need places to invest that capital in a way that earns them a return, but they do not always have the best ideas with respect to how to use that capital, nor the skills to do so. There are others who have ideas and skills, but lack the capital to maximize those. Financial markets allow for those with capital to allocate their money to those who need it, and those who need it to acquire it. With opportunities to invest, and opportunities for ideas to come to life, the economy benefits significant. The more efficiently the financial markets can allocate capital, the more they will help the economy…… [Read More]


Duisenberg, W. (2001). The role of financial markets for economic growth. European Central Bank. Retrieved May 19, 2016 from https://www.ecb.europa.eu/press/key/date/2001/html/sp010531.en.html

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McClure, B. (2016). Beta: Know the risk. Investopedia. Retrieved May 19, 2016 from http://www.investopedia.com/articles/stocks/04/113004.asp
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Prestige Where Theatrical Conventions Meet

Words: 1632 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40903400

The only connection between the two worlds of Tesla and Robert, electricity and old-fashioned staged magic, is the sense of hyper-reality: of magic and stagecraft in one realm, and electricity and the 'real world' of science that makes the depiction of magic on film possible. Tesla's mad scientist hair, the bags beneath his eyes, make him look more mentally unbalanced than a rationalist -- a mad inventor of film, not a trusted authority to the eye. The viewer's apprehensiveness is dependent upon this awareness of cinematic conventions, just like the audience of a magical illusion is dependant upon their awareness that it is, in fact, an illusion.

Further unsettling the viewer's sense of Tesla's trustworthiness are the buzzing electric generators that hum like tiny bees in the background, sparking with fire. Tesla seems purely a creation of the cinema, of electricity itself. Electricity unlike staged magic is real but close-ups…… [Read More]

Works Cited

The Prestige. Directed by Christopher Nolan. 2007.
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History of MRI

Words: 2561 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28873916

History of Magnetic esonance Imaging (MI)

Getting an MI scan may someday become as common as getting an X-ray. - Davis Meltzer, 1987

According to Gould (2004), on July 3, 1977, an event took place that would forever alter the landscape of modern medicine, although outside the scientific research community, this event hardly attracted any notice at all. The event in question was the first MI exam ever performed on a human being. The procedure required almost five hours to produce one image, and the images were, by today's standards, very primitive (this first MI machine now occupies a special niche in the Smithsonian); however, its successors number if the thousands today (Gould, 2004). The advent of the MI clearly represented the beginnings of a new standard in noninvasive radio imaging that continues to be refined. This paper provides the background and history of magnetic resonance imaging, including its discovery…… [Read More]


Albertine, K. (2001). Anatomica. Willoughby, NSW, Australia: Global Book Publishing.

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Marketing Public Relations and Segmentation

Words: 2747 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27118545


Mass marketing is differentiated from target marketing, in that the target customer is pretty much everybody. A firm that has a target market will either have all of its sales, or a significant portion of them, in an specific identifiable group. Thus, the product should span across race, gender, age and geography. Such a product's target market would be better understood in terms of who doesn't buy it than who does. Wal-Mart would be a good example of a mass market retailer, based on their size, their geographic spread, the wide variety of products that they sell and the ubiquitous nature of many of those products -- many mass market retailers target very broad groups (Investopedia, 2015).

A mass market product, therefore, would be a product that broadly appeals. I will go with Charmin. The target market for Charmin is almost everybody. There are only a few groups that…… [Read More]


Coca Cola Company (2015). The Coca-Cola system. Coca Cola. Retrieved June 13, 2015 from http://www.coca-colacompany.com/our-company/the-coca-cola-system

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New Zealand Transportation Association (2013) Blazed -- drug driving in Aotearoa. YouTube Retrieved June 13, 2015 from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8KAaf45g5U
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Selling Into Enterprise Corporate Marketing

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11030685

positioning affect segmentation and targeting strategies when entering a market?

Positioning strategies serve as the foundational framework for strategic marketing plans and planning, execution, management and evaluation of marketing strategies. Positioning is also used for defining how a company's products or services are differentiated within a customer segment. For example, Apple uses positioning very effectively selling its high-end iPads. his specific positioning strategy by Apple concentrates on only those consumers willing to pay for premium performance, reliability and convenience the iPad offers. Apple does this to position themselves above the myriad of Google Android-based tablets who are competing primarily on price. Apple also uses positioning successfully to sell more on value and less on price. Positioning not only defines the competitiveness of a given product or service relative to competitors, it also communicates the unique value and differentiated features as well (Perreault, Cannon, 2012). Apple excels at this type of…… [Read More]

The maturity of any business has a direct and long-lasting effect on the positioning strategy any company uses to market its products. For start-ups, their positioning strategy will often focus on innovation and how their new products are completely redefining existing markets and leading to entirely new ones being created. Startup companies must continually innovate to stay alive, and their positioning strategies reflect a more focused message on replacing substitute products and services that may have grown obsolete and less useful to customers. The success of the new electric car models from Tesla are a case in point. The positioning being used by Elon Musk who runs Tesla is showing the value of having an all-electric vehicle that doesn't pollute, is cheaper to maintain than an internal combustion engine-based vehicle and is sleek, stylish and very quiet to travel in. All of these product features and benefits of the Tesla are used for defining its positioning as a disruptive innovation in automobile design. Conversely, General Motors' (GM) many variations of car brands all show how a company much more mature uses product line repositioning and product line extensions to continually differentiate their vehicles. GM concentrates on making slight variations to their positioning so they can support marketing and selling strategies from a product perspective. GM is also very focused on cost reduction, while Tesla is obsessed with building market share right now. Given the youth of Tesla and their focus on disruptive innovation as a positioning statement relative to the staid, conservative approach of GM, these positioning directions make sense. This examples shows how positioning varies by startups vs. very mature companies. Positioning will also vary by the stage of the product lifecycle of a given product or service, and in broader terms, entire industries (Perreault, Cannon, 2012).

Explain how the product life cycle can influence the choices available?

The product life cycle is the most rigid constraint there is to defining positioning strategies, as product features and benefits must support, accentuate and deliver on the promises made in market positioning statements and strategies by marketers. The specific product lifecycle phase of a given product often dictates the type of positioning strategy used (Perreault, Cannon, 2012). For new products that deliver exceptional levels of disruptive innovation, as the Tesla, iPad,
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Business News from around the World

Words: 1268 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54544653

Business News Analysis

Thomas (2017) reports that President Trump is urging the pharmaceutical industry to lower its prices on drugs sold in the market. As an incentive to lowering prices, Trump has pledged to "ease rules" -- i.e., deregulate the industry substantially. As much of the time and money that goes into producing a drug for market consists of testing and reporting to the FDA, this pledge by the White House is one that could enable drug manufacturers to feel inclined to lowering prices, as their overhead would also dwindle should regulation become less stringent.

However, a deregulated pharmaceutical industry could spell danger for consumers, especially if the easing of rules leads to fewer products that are proven to be safe and effective hitting the market. Nonetheless, Trump's populist message is here seen being coupled with his pro-business platform: thus, one the one hand he is appealing to "public outrage…… [Read More]

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Big Data and Supply Chain Management Essay

Words: 4316 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Array

Big data has become one of the most important aspects of supply chain management. The concept of big data refers to the massive data sets that are generated when millions of individual activities are tracked. These data sets are processed to yield insights that help inform managerial decision-making. Supply chains in particular have leveraged big data because companies have been able to develop technology to not only capture hundreds of millions of data points, but to process them in meaningful ways to eliminate waste and promote efficiency in the supply chain systems. This paper will examine the concept of big data, how it has arisen and come to dominate supply chain management, and look at the different ways big data is transforming the supply chain function. Lastly, the paper will take a closer look at the future for big data with respect to supply chain management. As it becomes…… [Read More]

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Ferrari Create Premium Eco-Car Ferrari

Words: 1517 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31391747

emotional positioning stategies. Maketing Intelligence & Planning, 23(1), 9-29.

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Sangkapichai, M., & Saphoes, J.. (2009). Why ae Califonians inteested in hybid cas? Jounal of Envionmental Planning…… [Read More]

references. Public Finance Review, 38(1), 120.

Jack Ewing. (2008, October). Greener Luxury Cars, and Not Just Hybrids. Business Week (Online)

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Philip Kotler, & David Gertner. (2002). Country as brand, product, and beyond: A place marketing and brand management perspective. Journal of Brand Management, 9(4/5), 249-261.
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Pathology and Medical Imaging MRI

Words: 1073 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28630153

Overall sensitivity for whole-body and PET/CT was 96% and 93% respectively, while specificity was 87% and 88% respectively.


The study showed that both methods are relevant for detecting metastases in breast cancer patients, but also showed that the method chosen should be appropriate to the type of tumor which may be suspected based upon the laboratory and clinical findings. While the study found that both 1.5- and 3-tesla MI scanning were feasible for the purpose of finding metastases, the team discovered that there is still much work to be done on refining the methods used for 3-tesla scanning. This could lead to further improvements in the results yielded by this method.

Breast gamma imaging spots DCIS better than mammo, M


Breast-specific gamma imaging (BSGI) is a functional study which is unaffected by dense tissue, implants or architectural distortion in the breast. The aim of the study was to…… [Read More]


Jeong-Sik Yu et al. (2007) Fat containing nodules in the cirrhotic liver: Chemical shift MRI features and clinical implications. AJR, 188: 1009-1016.

Pal, S. (2007) Breast gamma imaging spots DCIS better than mammo, MR. Retrieved September 5, 2007, at http://AuntMinnie.com.

Tilke, B. (2007) PET/CT, whole-body MRI each have merits in metastatic breast disease. Retrieved September 5, 2007, at http://AuntMinnie.com.
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Patent and Intellectual Property Law

Words: 893 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47140826

egulation of Technology

Many people have active disdain for governmental and other regulation when it comes to aspects of life. Whether it be speech, movement, where one can live, how one can travel and so forth, there are many regulations that just annoy and inconvenience a lot of people. One of those things would be technology. Many might pose the question as to whether technology should be regulated and to what degree. Many hold that the free market should get most of the sway when it comes to what happens and why. Other still say that intellectual property and patent rights when it comes to technology are just a boon for the rich and hurt the less advantaged. Even if there is some disagreement about the subject, the regulation of technology needs to be done on at least some levels and not having that regulation present would be a complete…… [Read More]


Falksen, G. (2010). The Tesla Tragedy. Tor.com. Retrieved 9 November 2015, from http://www.tor.com/2010/11/01/the-tesla-tragedy/

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High Frequency Active Auroral Research

Words: 1318 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61892702

If a butterfly's wings beating in Tibet can cause el Nino, then a gigawatt of electromagnetic radiation ought to be good for something.

* HAARP is an earthquake machine. Also based on a bunch of weird stuff Tesla discovered. Somewhat offset by the fact the HAARP array is clearly pointed at the sky.

* HAARP is a doomsday machine ripping a hole in the earth's atmosphere. Colorful, but scienfitically questionable. How do you rip a hole in air?

* HAARP has something to do with UFOs. Either signalling them, blasting them from the skies, or feeding babies to them.

* HAARP is a giant Mind Control broadcasting machine. Appealing, but if it works, why are people still such assholes? (clarky003)

Though an anonymous blogger is hardly likely to be considered a credible source the reality is that the full implications of this research device are unknown and real scientists who…… [Read More]

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HARRP Website FAQ at: .
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Standard Construction of Modern High Field Magnets

Words: 1882 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63254444

Standard Construction of Modern High Field Magnets Used in Modern Nuclear Magnetic esonance Devices

Nuclear magnetic resonance devices are playing an increasingly important role in healthcare and research today. As the term implies, magnets, specifically high field magnets, are an essential part of these sophisticated devices with important implications for a wide range of valuable healthcare and research applications. To gain additional insights into how these devices operate, this paper provides a discussion concerning the standard construction of modern high field magnets used in nuclear magnetic resonance devices, including a detailed graphic illustrated the different components of a representative magnet. An examination of the effects of transitions to higher magnet strengths on cooling systems is followed by an analysis of the superconducting materials used and a brief description of magnet construction. A discussion concerning the differences between shielded magnets and non-shielded magnets and innovations in technology that may allow room…… [Read More]


Carlisle, R. (2004). Scientific American Inventions and Discoveries: All the Milestones in Ingenuity -- From the Discovery of Fire to the Invention of the Microwave Oven. Hoboken,

NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Depalma, A. (2003, August 25). 'Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics.' The Scientist, vol. 17, no.

16, pp. 44-47.
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Offshoring Gordon and Rutt 2008 Attribute the

Words: 710 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39856194


Gordon and Rutt (2008) attribute the rise of globalization to cheap gas, but that is only part of the story. Cheap gas makes shipping around the world competitive, but does the high cost of doing business in the U.S. relative to other countries. For simple tasks like manufacturing, many countries around the world are capable of leveraging their cheap land and/or cheap labor to produce at a level of quality similar to that of the U.S., but with much lower costs. The cost differential is so great that even the goods are cheaper, even with the additional shipping cost.

Bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. depends on understanding why it left in the first place. The tasks that were offshored, and to a large extent this is still true today, are routine tasks. Grossman (2006) notes that there is a fundamental difference between tasks that are routine and those…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Distribution Transformers Transformer Is a

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The first hazard is that the primary and secondary windings are close together, which creates the potential for a primary to secondary short in the event of insulation failure. In addition, there is a possibility that the transformer will explode because of the hermetically sealed tank of flammable oil.

There are several steps that line workers can take in order to prevent injuries from distribution transformers. First and foremost, line workers should wear the following protective equipment: hard hats, rubber gloves, safety glasses, and fire retardant clothing. A line worker should always connect the neutral first before connecting the transformer and remove it last before disconnecting the transformer. To avoid the possibility of backfeed, there should not be any paralleling of transformers across any point that could be used to isolate a line section. A line worker should always wear rubber gloves if working on the secondary coil of a…… [Read More]

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, is based on the fact that atoms contain both positive and negative charges. MRI's use magnetism to use the electrical charges of atoms to create images of materials. he most common use for MRI's is in medical diagnosis. MRI's were available for patients starting in 1984 (Nordenberg, 1999).

One of the MRI's greatest advantages is its relative safety compared to some other imaging techniques. he first method for imaging the body, x-rays, which use radiation to create its images. Another advantage is that MRI's can image less dense tissues than x-rays can (Nordenberg, 1999). But where the MRI has a tremendous advantage over x-rays is in its ability to create 3-dimensional images. It also does a better job of showing contrast between dense parts of the body, such as bones, and softer tissue, than other imaging techniques (Nordenberg, 1999).

How hey Work

In medical…… [Read More]

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Marketing Defining Marketing Having Progressed From the

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Defining Marketing

Having progressed from the foundational four elements of product, price, promotion and place or distribution, marketing today is more multifaceted in its dependence on other departments, functions and stakeholders to succeed. These dependencies have been made more complex by the immediate, instantly visible aspects of every marketing campaign in social media (Bernoff, Li, 2008). No longer can a marketing strategy be executed in a vacuum; today every aspects of a campaign is immediately visible to the public, often immediately communicated through social media on a global scale. The challenge for marketers is to move beyond the four foundational elements of what marketing had been in the 20th century into what it has become today. The intent of this analysis is to compare two definitions of marketing, in addition to a personal definition as well. The importance of marketing to organizational success is also discussed, in addition to…… [Read More]


Bernoff, J., & Li, C. (2008). Harnessing the power of the oh-so-social web. MIT Sloan Management Review, 49(3), 36-42.

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Good or Bad Aviation Project Management

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Aviation Project - SpaceX

The current aerospace technologies being built and flown by the private commercial company known as SpaceX (from California) have a remarkable record of success thus far. The "Dragon," which is the cargo capsule built by SpaceX, put into orbit by the Falcon 9 launch rocket, delivered its second load of supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) on Sunday, March 3 (Segal, 2013). The SpaceX contract with NASA is for a total of twelve cargo missions to the ISS over the coming years; the first Dragon cargo ship was launched and delivered supplies to the International Space Station in October, 2012. The un-manned Dragon is designed to carry supplies to and from the ISS, and it is the first privately built commercial spacecraft to handle those chores -- or conduct any space-related activities per se. NASA contracted with SpaceX in 2008 after NASA had retired its…… [Read More]

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Accurately Plotting the S-Curve

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Hybrid Consumer Vehicles: Where on the S-Curve?

For this case study, I have selected the hybrid car as the technology of interest. Hybrid cars have been a steady presence in the consumer auto market since the early 2000s. Toyota's Prius is the best-known example and has the largest market share, which is set to expand into other market niches with the development of subcompact and hatch/crossover versions of the Prius. Although Toyota has made sweeping claims about the amount of research money they spend (specifically, safety research) they do not report specifically how much of their &D budget is devoted to innovation and how much to safety and design refinements. A thorough analysis by Booz Allen & Hamilton on the relationship between &D spending and market performance shows that gross measures of research spending have no predictive power over market share or sales (Jaruzelski, Dehoff, & Bordia, 2004). Especially in…… [Read More]


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Emissions Trading a Basic Principle Economics Comparative

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Emissions Trading

"A basic principle Economics comparative advantage: a country produces goods producing, bad. The traditional story includes relative endowments capital labor, capital intensity goods matters. Now add environmental externalities.

Comparative advantage in emissions trading: The environment and economics

Although it was not signed by the United States, at the time of its drafting, the Kyoto Protocol was considered a major advancement in attempts to curb global warming by limiting emissions. However, the international agreement also brought the controversial practice of emissions trading of pollutions credits to the forefront of the concerns of the world environmental movement. "Emissions trading, as set out in Article 17 of the Kyoto Protocol, allows countries that have emission units to spare - emissions permitted them but not 'used' - to sell this excess capacity to countries that are over their targets" (International emissions trading, 2013, Kyoto). In other words, 'cleaner' nations could sell their…… [Read More]


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What Determines Stock Prices

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determinants of stock prices, to explain why stock prices fluctuate. There are a number of models that seek to explain stock valuation, including the dividend growth model and the efficient market hypothesis. For many investors, capital gains are the key to a company's value, and EMH would thus apply. Stock prices reflect the aggregate sentiment about the future prospects of a company. These sentiments constantly change, based on new information being released and applied to what is already known about the company, its industry, its competitors and the economy at large. The constant stock price adjustments reflect this collective analysis of all information regarding a stock and the interpretation of its future prospects.


A stock is a share in ownership of a company. In theory, a share entitles the holder to a proportional share of future income. There are different schools of thought as to what exactly this entails…… [Read More]


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Management Economies of Scale Reflects a Situation

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Economies of scale reflects a situation where the cost of something declines when more is produced. With larger quantities, bargaining power increase, and there are opportunities for greater systems efficiency. Economies of scope reflects a cost saving when a company produces two or more goods (The Economist, 2008). For example, if McDonalds only produced Big Macs, it would be inefficient because there is not enough demand for those to keep the restaurant busy. By adding other products, the restaurant can become more efficient because it is working closer to capacity and there are always customers.

Transaction costs are the costs associated with a transaction. In some cases, there are fees and commissions that have to be paid in order to do something. Those costs do not add any value in themselves, but they are costs that are necessary to doing the transaction.

Economic Value Added (EVA) is basically the…… [Read More]


IFM (2015). Porter's generic competitive strategies. University of Cambridge. Retrieved July 10, 2015 from  http://www.ifm.eng.cam.ac.uk/research/dstools/porters-generic-competitive-strategies/ 

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Sustainability and Core Values in Business

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Business sustainability is about realizing the pathway to preserving and protecting profits, people, and the planet. It is expressed through a company’s focus on the triple bottom line, also defined as the management of financial, social and environmental risks, duties and opportunities. Firms that engage in sustainable practices typically have some form of corporate social responsibility (CSR) program or policy in place that allows them to support and promote initiatives that are considered to be important either to the communities in which the firm operates or else good for the overall environment as a whole. Sustainable practices that businesses focus on can include anything from “going green,” reducing one’s environmental footprint, protecting water supplies, promoting scholarships in communities where economic disadvantages are high, and so on. Engaging in sustainable practice is the essence of maintaining a commitment to culture and to one’s core values. This paper will define the term…… [Read More]

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Magnetism Our Understanding Being Science

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On Earth gravity is the force that sticks you to the floor and not magnesium We'd notice Earth's magnetism much extra if its gravity weren't so very strong.


Magnesium has a good number of reasons that makes it interesting talking of for instance the invention of electricity and many more. A number of doctors during the time of Queen Elizabeth I of England that is late 16th century were interested in magnetism. They contemplated that magnets might have healing powers for the human body this led to William Gilbert invention of a lightweight tool called a versorium that looked like a compass but didn't use a magnetized needle. The pointer was reasonable and would spin in reaction to manetic attraction even if there wasn't enough force to lift a light object. these days we use a modern version of the versorium so called the electroscope to study atomic particles.…… [Read More]


Lee, E.W.: Magnetism, An Introductory Survey, Dover Publications Inc. (1970)

CullityB.D, Graham .C, D. Introduction to Magnetic Materials (2 ed.2008). Wiley-IEEE. p. 103.

ISBN 0471477419
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High Gas Prices on the

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The former might be, 'What specific...' [while] Less structure might be exemplified by: "Please respond to the following in your own words: I....'" (Dereshiwsky, 1999) in addition:

adding some open-ended items such as these to a more traditionally scaled quantifiable survey, such as one with Likert-scaled attitudinal items, and/or "check/off" questions on demographic background variables, is a good way to make the survey "multimethod" in nature. This is because you'd be using that "single" data collection vehicle (survey instrument) to collect your data (responses) in more than one form: quantitative and qualitative! You could ask the same general questions in both forms and then compare the two alternative forms of responses to see if they 'converged,' or agreed, regarding the phenomenon that you are trying to measure via the survey (e.g., attitudes towards school climate). If they do, you can have greater assurance that "there's something real being captured/measured" regarding…… [Read More]



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Developing Space Vehicles for Future Space Tourism

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Space Vehicles for Future Space Tourism

Developing Space Vehicles for Future Space Tourism

Today, certain individuals in the developing countries could be viewing "space tourism" as vocabulary. Nonetheless, in the developed countries, this term is turning to be more familiar and gradually becoming a holiday experience for world Forbes. This is an expensive venture that is exciting, stunning, adventurous, and relatively remains the least exploited phenomena in the world history. Since the first "space tour" in 2001, the rich stamps their foot on a fact that wherever they can go, the poor cannot manage to go, and what the poor can do, they can do best. Over the past few decades, the general perception about space tourism has been changing yearly. History reveals that this perception considered space tourism as a "science fiction." However, this term currently gains recognition and is becoming the most important grand target for the growing…… [Read More]


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Global Business Leadership

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Global Business Leadership

When I first registered for the global leadership class, I thought "isn't all business the same?" In the sense that I really wasn't sure what distinguished global leadership from any other type of leadership. Having never held a management position in the workplace, I was perhaps at a disadvantage to understand the nuances of the question of global business leadership. The course has broadened my understanding of leadership on a global scale.

I see leadership as the process of leading people. The latter point is specific to understanding what leadership is -- people. A manager is someone who manages resources, and directs them to tasks, but these resources are not necessarily people -- they can be capital, or equipment. Thus, a manager is someone who determines who and what will perform the different tasks that will bring the organization closer to its stated objectives. Leadership is somewhat…… [Read More]


Rost, J. (1998). Leadership and management. From Leading organizations: Perspectives for a new era. Sage Publications: Thousand Oaks, CA
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10 K Report Summary and Analysis

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Ford is a car company that has endured many challenges and travails over the years. Indeed, they are not unlike General Motors and Chrysler in this regard. While they have generally been unscathed as compared to the other two "American" car companies and they are only one of two of the original Big 3 that is still entirely American-controlled, Ford is not dominating the market by any means. Their overall sales figures are going up in terms of volume but their market share and a lot of their important financial metrics reflect flatness or falling rather than rising. Ford has certainly learned some lessons since the Ford Pinto scandal in the 1970's and some other companies are suffering recall problems in more modern days while Ford is doing quite well. Even so, Ford is not keeping up with the market and they need to address that right away (Ford Motor…… [Read More]


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Kimbrough, B. (2015). Editorial: Did Ford Take Bailout Money Too? Yes They Did. - Chevy Hardcore. Chevy Hardcore. Retrieved 26 September 2015, from http://www.chevyhardcore.com/news/editorial-did-ford-take-bailout-money-too-yes-they-did/
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Differnet Acquisition Ideas Apple

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Apple Inc.

An Analysis of Apple's Operations and Acquisition Potential

Apple is one of the world's premier manufactures of a product mix consisting of electronics goods, and related software applications, in a broad range of different industry segments. The organization is known for producing first-class products that are uniquely designed within a quality niche and this strategy has garnered a loyal customer base over the years of the company's development. The company also provides services, such as software and software updates, that are regularly applied to existing products, and Apple also offers a range of service programs that are focused on the physical maintenance and service of the products that it sells as well. The company has a global supply chain that spans the globe and markets its products in a number of different international markets.

Apple's current mission statement is "Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the…… [Read More]

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Climate Change and Corporate Environmental Policies

Words: 1380 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91225973

Climate change is also described as global warming, the unnatural or manmade cause of the planet’s increase in temperature. Climate change is physically caused by the release of greenhouse gases which get trapped in the atmosphere, in turn trapping heat from the sun on the planet (Meyer & Roser, 2006). Other pollutants can cause problems for the environment as well, such as toxins released into the water from chemical plants, or nuclear meltdowns that result in oceans being poisoned. These are also lumped in with climate change, since they also alter the environment. One of the biggest producers This paper will describe how climate change is occurring, how corporations are involved, and what some companies are doing to address it.

A Poore, Williams and Tracey (2000) note, sea levels are rising as a result of climate change. This occurs because the heat trapped on the planet by greenhouse gases leads…… [Read More]