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Time Warner Essays (Examples)

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Warner Brothers and Sound
Words: 3164 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95045914
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Warner Brothers and Sound

Warner Brothers, name normally pertains to Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc., which is an American motion-picture production company, and was the first to use series of synchronized sound in a silent feature film. Four American brothers namely Harry Morris Warner, Albert Warner, Samuel Lewis Warner, and Jack Leonard Warner were the founders. (Warner Brothers: Encyclopedia Article from Encarta) Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack turned jointly to any commercial activities that came their way till they got into the nickelodeon business. Currently Jack is the only brother who is still regularly recognized with Warner's in its halcyon days. However the studio would have never attained the big position without Harry and Sam's unusual and paired talents. They did it by risking on a new technology: synchronized sound for motion pictures. Harry's cautious but enthused business management made the company in a position to benefit from Sam's big idea.…


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Warner's Human Resources Commitment Although
Words: 1591 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30883199
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Further recommendations to improve the human resource management function in this organization is to extend soliciting employee input beyond that of online-based surveys and extending this solicitation to focus groups, and other sources of information generation. This will not simply provide research for the various division of Time arner, but create a greater sense of company cohesion and loyalty. A sense of mutual investment is the spirit of Time arner. Such a cohesive spirit is often difficult to achieve in an internationally-based company with so many outposts, and diverse corporate divisions and cultures under the management's umbrella. Although inevitably there will be differences between different divisions and different types of employees, creating a sense of a company with a few common values, such as diversity, integrity, youth, and a commitment to free discourse can infuse a common spirit into Time arner that improves company functioning, and reinforces company productivity, vision…

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Warner Research the Compelling Truth
Words: 1461 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59069934
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This was not the case in the early days of film, however.

Instead, the studios either owned or worked in close collaboration with movie theatres, the vast majority of which had only one screen at the time. Instead of being able to choose which movie one wanted to see upon arriving at the theatre, choosing a movie meant choosing which studio's latest picture seemed most appealing, and going to that theatre. The arner brothers did not have a lot of money to build theatres with; they managed to construct a few in major cities, but that was it until Harry arner talked to independent theatre owners and convinced them to advertise arner's films for a small price (BOS 2).

The boost that arner Brothers Studios got from these advertisements allowed them to grow their business, and even obtain a large loan from Goldman Sachs that was used to build more…

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Merger of Time With Warner Is Economically
Words: 723 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1851423
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merger of Time with warner is economically very attractive this is contributed by high value enhancement opportunities. This value enhancement opportunity reveals clearly the existence of a merger between Time with Warner. Motives present included:

How attractive is the merger of Time with Warner? What are the value enhancement opportunities?

Existence of horizontal merger. This existence leads to economies of represents combination of two firms in the same line of business (Allen, 2008, p.68).Time and warner are in the same line of business hence this can be considered as horizontal. The prime advantage of this is that there is sharing of central services such as office management and accounting, financial control, executive development and top level management consolidating operations hence elimination of redundant costs.

Vertical merger .this involves companies at different stages of production. Vertical mergers seek economies of scale in vertical integration this is gained by spreading fixed…


Allen, (2008) corporate finance, p.68.

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Time to Kill
Words: 741 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44003814
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Kill directed by Joel Schumacher. Specifically it will explain the major components of the criminal justice system (police, courts, corrections) that are evident in the movie. This film is based on the life of a young trial lawyer in Mississippi, who defends a black man who killed the two white crackers that raped and tried to murder his young daughter. It is an interesting look at the court system in the south, and how flawed it can be.

All the major components of the justice system are evident in this movie. The police (both black and white) are evident during the arrest, the murders, and the trial, the courts are evident as the trial progresses, and corrections is evident when Brigance visits his client in jail while the trial continues. They work together to try to keep the peace and bring justice to the people throughout the film, and the…


A Time to Kill. Dir. Joel Schumacher. Perf. Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson. Warner Brothers, 1996.

Movie a Time to Kill
Words: 377 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96913243
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Time to Kill

The main conflict in A Time to Kill is not the conflict in the courtroom; it is the conflict between black and white, good and evil. Character Jake Brigance's impassioned defense of murderer Carl Lee Hailey shows this when he says to the jury, "Now imagine she's white" (A Time to Kill), after describing her rape in vivid detail. Clearly, there is more here than the black white conflict. At the core of the movie is right and wrong, and when is a person justified in using force to solve a problem. Both main characters employ many elements of style and communication throughout the film to arrive at a successful final outcome - Carl Lee's innocence. Carl Lee is an intelligent man who adopts an accepted social style for black men - less intelligent than he really is. Jake is a young lawyer with a big…


Time to Kill. Dir. Joel Schumacher. Perf. Matthew McConaughey, Samuel L. Jackson, Sandra Bullock, and Kevin Spacey. Warner Brothers, 1996.

Business & Advertising Strategy of Time Inc 's
Words: 620 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69064243
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Business & Advertising Strategy of Time Inc.'s

The site is a Time Inc. site that provides online users and subscribers of Time Inc. products and services access to its roster of magazines. This list of magazines offers a wide array of information about the following general topics or areas of interest: entertainment, business, news, and lifestyle and health. Thus, because of its variety, Time Inc., in general, caters to the general public, which covers all socio-demographic categories, such as differences in sex, age, socio-economic class and sector the people belong to. For example, and Time for Kids cater to the youth, while and business- and news-related sites such as TIME, People, Fortune, and Entertainment Weekly aims at the adult market, from ages (at least) 18 and above. Furthermore, Time Inc.'s services extend towards either the business or agricultural sector, as shown in its offering of information…

Kurt Warner NFL Christian and
Words: 779 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92971226
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Today, when they go out to eat it is not unusual for the Warners to pay for the meal of another family in a restaurant, to show their seven young children the value of charity (Battista 2010). Warner has also unapologetically proclaimed his devout Christian faith throughout his long career, crediting God with his success. This has earned him the respect of even his non-believing teammates.

Brenda, a former Marine, is known for being a strict yet loving parent. The Warners are determined to instill humble Midwestern values in their children: one reason that Warner's faith is accorded such respect is because of his sincerity and lack of hypocrisy. Before every meal, the family prays, and children must obey certain rules such as "after ordering at a restaurant, be able to tell Mom the server's eye color," and "throw away your trash at the movie theater and stack plates for…


Battista, Julia. (2010, January 10). Cardinal's Warner walks away after 12 improbable years.

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Robert Hayden Is Set at a Time
Words: 727 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30018297
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Robert Hayden is set at a time during the cold climates. However, despite the time frame in which the poem was set, the poem is still applicable to situations not properly set in the cold days of living. What the poet, Robert Hayden, points out is that the labor that the narrator's father expends just to be able to make a well made fire to get out the cold in their home. The cold atmosphere in which the poem is set is not only literal, but also symbolic. The cold atmosphere that the narrator experiences and his father try to eliminate in their house is an analogy to the cold treatment that the narrator gives to his father. Despite the work the narrator's father had done just to make the house warmer, the narrator, not even a member of his family, did not thank him for his effort. The poet…

Corporate Governance When a Merger the Size
Words: 2372 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 266259
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Corporate Governance

When a merger the size of the AOL ime Warner merger takes place and then disintegrates, it is time to look for what went wrong. Both companies were regarded as important in their fields; both had been successful, one for many years (ime Warner), the other for only a short while (AOL), but that success was extreme.

What did go wrong? he simple answer is that is was probably a classic clash of old paradigm vs. new paradigm.

In fact, the simple answer is the whole answer, and it appears in graphic detail on the 91st page of Alec Klein's book, Stealing ime: Steve Case, Jerry Levin, and the Collapse of AOL ime Warner. On that page, Klein describes the scrambling of the lawyers for both firms -- AOL and ime Warner -- when operation Alpha ango is revealed to them. (Both Case and Levin chose to keep…

The shareholders need to be stinking mad. Time Warner executives, even after the truth was coming out, didn't want to challenge the belatedly charismatic Steve Case. Case had also belatedly reassumed his former pretty persona, perhaps to meld, at last, with the 'suits' at Time Warner. Too little too late. On Sunday, January 12, 2003, Case finally stepped down as chairman of AOL Time Warner. Too late for Jerry Levin. And Ted Turner, who had turned his initial 'nay' reaction to a yea, eased on out the door to become a philanthropist. He didn't lose enough loot to matter. Levin is sitting pretty, despite not cashing in on his AOL Time Warner stock. Case cashed out for millions. The AOL Time Warner Center, costing $1.8 billion, killed at least one worker in the building, and sits as a tony home to those who can afford $2 to $40mliion for a condo.

Very likely, few stockholders can afford that. And some stockholders actually invest with two aims: to make a good return for themselves, and to be part of the growth of American business.

In the case of AOL Time Warner, investors lost on both those fronts, and suffered the embarrassment of hatching the world's biggest merger turkey, whether they had actually cast a proxy ballot or had merely sat back and watched, as well.

Loyalty Programs in CRM for
Words: 643 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30540739
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One excellent way to cut through the inflated metrics is to have customers actually define their level of sat5isfaction with the programs at an experiential level using SEVQUAL or any other number of research methodologies and programs (Norton, Pine, 2009). It is also critically important to have the metrics of participation coordinated with the financial metrics to ensure a high level of accountability is achieved and auditability of results as well (Murthi, Steffes, asheed, 2011). Often the most vocal opponents of any customer loyalty program point to the lack of traceability back to sales results and program development leading to actual sales and profits (Murthi, Steffes, asheed, 2011). It is best to anchor these two attributes together and have complete transparency and authenticity about what is going on in the customer loyalty program to ensure its success (Norton, Pine, 2009).


Customer loyalty programs can significantly increase profitability of a…


Bagchi, R., & Li, X.. (2011). Illusionary Progress in Loyalty Programs: Magnitudes, Reward Distances, and Step-Size Ambiguity. Journal of Consumer Research, 37(5), 888.

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Customer
Words: 624 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44759376
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65). This level of customer service could reasonably be expected to affect customer perceptions of quality of the service they were provided, making this an important CM metric to monitor as well.

These two components of success, customer satisfaction with the initial inquiry and customer perceptions of quality of the service they were provided thereafter, can be measured in several ways. For instance, customer satisfaction could be measured using a brief telephonic survey following the conclusion of the customer inquiry that simply asked customers to rate their satisfaction on a continuum ranging from "highly satisfied" to "highly dissatisfied" and the results recorded, trended and opportunities for improvement identified (Silverman, 2005). This would be a completely objective way to assess customer satisfaction, but response rates would likely be low, especially if the survey required significant amounts of time to complete (Neuman, 2003). In the alternative, the customer's level of satisfaction could…


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Mergers There Are Several Legal
Words: 716 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 68032883
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It is important that we be allowed to pursue our business interests with a minimum of government interference. Given that the FTC and DoJ already enforce antitrust legislation, it seems unethical that the FCC also enforce such codes, specifically focused on our particular business.

I believe DI should support the proposed changes. The company would benefit from the opportunity to expand our media properties both horizontally and vertically. It would also give us greater opportunity to exit the business should we so desire in future. Ethical concerns about media consolidation are largely unfounded, especially in light of the way that the Internet provides a low-cost voice for alternative media outlets. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 has significantly reduced barriers to entry in the television business, so the free market can dictate which outlets will have an audience and which will not. Moreover, the FCC's Fairness Doctrine, upheld by the Supreme…

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Merchants of Cool on February 27 2001
Words: 1053 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18956772
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Merchants of Cool

On February 27, 2001 the Public Broadcasting System's (PBS) program Frontline aired The Merchants of Cool. The program examines the efforts of corporate America to exploit the teenage market. At the time of broadcast there were 32 million teenagers in the United States, the largest generation ever, spending 100 billion dollars annually on their own while their parents spent another 50 billion on them. This ability to impact the economy has made this generation the most studied in history. Robert Mc Chesney, media critic, has characterized the behavior of corporate America toward this youth market as analogous to the British Empire's takeover of Africa. I believe a valid comparison can be made between these two otherwise unconnected events.

Briefly, the earliest British colonies on the west coast of Africa were dedicated to creating wealth through the trade of slaves. Gold and ivory also attracted investors to the…

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Uzgalis, William. "John Locke." The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosopy. Edward N. Zalta, ed. Summer 2010. Web. 4 February 2013.

Service Fairness in CRM in
Words: 620 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47566725
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Time Warner approaches the issue of returns and service adjustment through a series of escalation paths and programs. These are the first step in averting any potential need for service recovery. When the service disruption is their fault or the fault of weather-related causes the company, Time Warner is quick to provide a refund or at least a credit for lost service. This is consistent with the concept of reciprocation and respect for customers as well (Thanh, 2007).

Time Warner is less apt however to provide a refund or credit if there is a conflict with a customer over the quality or latency of a signal over time. This is unquantifiable from a Time Warner standpoint, but very real to a customer. The divergence between what quality level Time Warner thinks it is delivering and it actually is from a customers' perception causes the majority of churn in their customer…


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Dang, Dan Thanh, 2007. Tenacity more help than warranty. The Baltimore Sun Tribune Business News. Washington DC.

Stock Strategy Over the Years
Words: 798 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99994752
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As a result, we received an execution price of $65.08.

First Energy was chosen, because it can provide the portfolio with stability. As, the company is focused primarily on: the distribution and production of electricity. These two elements are important, because this resource is always in demand regardless of shifts that are occurring in the economy. I selected this stock, because it can provide the portfolio with earnings stability and consistent dividends. During times when the markets are becoming very volatile, this will ensure that the value remains steady.

Time Warner was chosen due to the fact that: they own a large cable operation and they can benefit from the shifts to digital cable. This will ensure that the company is able to take advantage of the changes in how consumers want to be entertained. As, they are: demanding more services at home and they want them to be bundled…


Wang 93's Portfolio, 2011. Print.

Wang 93's Portfolio NYX, 2011. Print

MLA Format.

National Rifle Association NRA Represents Individuals and
Words: 1280 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56853777
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National ifle Association (NA) represents individuals and groups who are concerned about losing their right to own guns and as a hunter this is of utmost importance to me. They are concerned about losing the right to keep and bear arms which is guaranteed to the citizenry of the United States of America by the Second Amendment of the Constitution in the Bill of ights. In their view, they are protectors of the Constitution and almost always support the epublican party and oppose the Democratic party because they feel their issues are better supported by the politics of the epublican party. Typically, the National ifle Association's main opposition is comprised of gun control advocates (and Democrats). Currently, the National ifle Association is lobbying strongly against The Sportsmen's Act of 2012, as well as paying close attention to gun control bans, and laws regarding assault weapons (NA-ILA, 2012). Without the National…


Henigan, D. (2009, Dec. 23). Who Does the NRA Represent? Retrieved from The Huffington

Post website: 

National Rifle Association (2012, Nov 29). A Brief History of the NRA. Retrieved from NRA


Office Supply Equipment Industry an Office Supply
Words: 2087 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 86491566
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Office Supply Equipment Industry

An office supply is sentimental to the existence and functionality of offices in the world. No office can operate without the services of an office supply industry. In most cases, the aspects of managing an office come with a serene use of the office equipment. The significance of these companies is replicated in the successes that are found within many offices in the world. Such significances are found in the effectiveness and efficiency of work done in many offices. Many office equipments are related to the services that are done in the offices. Moreover, the modern world office is transforming its mechanisms of operation. The products and services from the office supply equipment industries handle these changes and transformations.

SWOT analysis of Office Supplies and Equipment industry



At the present, Office Supply Equipment Industry has strong programming system in its five national programming networks,…


Ingram, Thomas N. Sales Management: Analysis and Decision Making. Armonk, NY:

Sharpe, 2012. Print.

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Boston, MA: Addison-Wesley, 2000. Internet resource.

Movie Versions of The Green Mile the
Words: 1774 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33357868
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movie versions of "The Green Mile"

The Green Mile" is a six-part serial novel by Stephen King, an acclaimed novelist known for his themes of suspense, thriller, and the supernatural. The novel uses Paul Edgecombe, the chief prison guard of Cold Mountain Penitentiary, as the chief narrator of the story. He talks about his life as a prison guard during the Great Depression years, specifically during the year 1932, a year when he met John Coffey, a black American convicted for raping and killing two young girls. Edgecombe shares how his life (and belief) has changed tremendously when he met this particular man, most especially when a "miracle," a supernatural thing that happened to Edgecombe, making him doubt whether Coffey was indeed capable of murder or not. The novel also includes numerous characters that takes the novel an interesting turn, starting from Edgecombe's friends, also prison guards in Cold Mountain,…


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U S Macro-Economy The United States
Words: 1600 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 41837454
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the president also promised to work with other relevant sectors to assist homeowners in refinancing their mortgages at low interest rates.

On the other hand, Republicans are worried about proposals that would repeat the 2009 stimulus plan despite of President Obama's call for bipartisan support to the bill. They argue that the failed 2009 stimulus plan and its successive policies have shown that huge government deficit spending is not the solution to the stalling economy. hile Republican leaders are trying to offer a more moderate stand, they have given a staunch opposition to government's measures of new spending.

After the end of the 2009 economic recession, the Federal Reserve has been involved in various attempts to stimulate economic growth. Some of these efforts include lowering short-term interest rates to nearly zero. The Fed's recent efforts are the push to lower long-term interest rates by buying $400 billion in long-term Treasury…

Works Cited:

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Organizational Case Analysis
Words: 2539 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 25863249
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Organizational Case Analysis

Organization Overview

Apple Inc. is a multinational companies specializing in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of mobile communication devices such as personal computers and digital music players. The company also sells varieties of mobile telecommunication devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac. Additionally, Apple Inc. sells some professional software application such as Mac OS, iOS, iCloud and other varieties of communication accessories. Apple Inc. sells its products through retail stores, online stores, value-added resellers, direct sales, wholesalers, and through third party cellular network carriers. (Apple Annual eport, 2011). Apple Inc. was Incorporated in 1977 in California, and presently Apple Inc. has become one of the most successful companies in the United States and globally. Apple Inc. is committed to bring best computer experience to its customers, and the company business strategy is to develop high quality products to reach more customers. Major customers of Apple Inc.…


Apple Annual Report (2011). Apple Annual Report 2011. Apple Inc.2011.

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Biased Media
Words: 1323 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76554132
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Media Failings

Medial Failings

The media is often assailed for a number of failings. These failings include focusing on the wrong things, not focusing on the right things nearly enough and focusing on the proper things in the wrong overall way. While the media certainly mishandles class issues and other problems of import, their usual goal is probably not comedy but instead pushing one worldview and viewpoint over another and specifically instead of another. While media in general is largely ineffectual and problematic on a number of levels, some of their activities border on the insidious and starkly negative.

The pull quote from the test pretty much summarizes Diana Kendall's summary of American media in a nutshell. To show the quote again and in its entirety, it was "rather than providing a meaningful analysis of inequality and showing realistic portrayals of life in various social classes, the media either play…


Baum, M.A., & Groeling, T. (2008). New Media and the Polarization of American

Political Discourse. Political Communication, 25(4), 345-365.


Colombo, G. (2013). Rereading America: cultural contexts for critical thinking and writing (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martins.

Cox Communication the Pace of
Words: 1912 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57339087
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Cox had no obligation to contribute VoIP derived revenues to the Universal Service Fund, however the Cox management decided to contribute voluntarily. This way Cox has tried to enhance and build its stature as both a good corporate citizen and established carrier.

Although VoIP was in line; Cox didn't breakout its variable and fixed expenses for residential telephony.


Cox had proven its ability to profitably provide first rate telephone service. In doing so, they have experienced that bundled offerings could significantly reduce churn.

There is no to launch the operations of VoIP speedily. By doing so Cox can lock in customers, otherwise Cox would be exposed to competition and rivalry from DBS and other ILECs who are steadily and gradually building the art and science of bundling. Cox should better plan its ploicy such that it can cater for the supremacy of the competitors.

The training cost of the…

References .

Cox Communication Inc., Harvard Business School report.

Leadership Technical Interpersonal and Conceptual Skills Interpersonal
Words: 1284 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65951852
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Technical, interpersonal, and conceptual skills

Interpersonal skills entail knowing how to interact with others. No employee desires to have a boss who is inconsiderate or rude or one who has poor human skills. All these could reduce productivity and employee morale. Managers with effective human skills tend to have subordinates who have positive attitudes and strong desires to increase productivity. Managers are always expected in any organization to have harmonious relationships with those below them like supervisors, peers, and subordinates (Yukl, 2012).

Conceptual skills refer to an individual's aptitude to formulate ideas. These skills include formulating abstractions, thinking creatively, understanding issues, solving problems, and analyzing complex situations. Within the business context, these skills are viewed as integral prerequisites for top executive positions. Conceptual skills differ from technical skills and interpersonal skills. The three types of skills assume vital roles for certain purposes and in certain situations. However, conceptual skills…


Phillips, D. T (1993). Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times. Warner Books, Inc.

Yukl, G.A. (2012). Leadership in Organizations. 8th Ed. Boston, MA: Pearson Education

Industry Strategic Employment and Compensation Analysis
Words: 1497 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26237958
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Retail Grocery: Industry Strategic Employment and Compensation Analysis

An Analysis of Ukrop's Super Markets

Although Piggly iggly was the first self-service store opened in 1916, the first supermarket to open was King Kullen Grocery Company in New York in 1930 (Food Marketing Institute 2004). Today, though, there are over 69,461 supermarkets competing nationally for a share of the American consumer food dollar. In Central Virginia, Ukrop's Super Markets have achieved a degree of success by focusing on providing busy consumers with a wide range of prepared foods, in-store cafes, full-service pharmacies and a prohibition on alcohol sales. This paper will provide an overview of Ukrop's Super Markets and the sector within the North American Industry Classification System in which they compete. An analysis of the number of establishments within the sector, the average payroll and average number of employees will be followed by an assessment of the types of benefits…

Works Cited

About Ukrop's. (2003). Ukrop's Super Markets. Available:

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Different but related accounting'scenarios
Words: 1188 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39905338
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Accounting Memo

Feasibility of Bookstore Business

Dear Sir or Madam,

You had asked me to study and pore over the feasibility of taking your book store project into a self-sustaining career that would allow you to dedicate your full efforts to. To that end, I have prepared a data sheet and this brief memo to explain what challenges you face, what you have going for you and the overall feasibility of moving forward with this business endeavor.

Fixed Costs

As people in the accounting sphere know, fixed costs are the costs that are present in revenue/cost of revenue situation no matter what the sales figures and prices are. In general, the higher the overhead, the more money that has to be made just to break even. In the case of the bookstore business, there is $11,000 in overhead that must be absorbed by the revenue that comes from producing sales…

WWII the United States Entered
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Gradually, though, the war effort eroded the practical and theoretical underpinnings of racism in the United States. The war stimulated the domestic economy, particularly in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Jobs were opening up rapidly, and because so many white men were fighting the war, many black men were available to work. "For black workers orld ar II opened up opportunities that had never before existed," (O'Neil 1). The same was true for women, as the war left gaping holes in the labor market that needed to be filled in untraditional ways. At the same time as the war exposed American prejudice, "orld ar II gave many minority Americans -- and women of all races -- an economic and psychological boost." (Harris 1). The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) was founded, and overall, the war "jump-started the civil rights movement" in the United States (Harris 1; "Identify the impact of…

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Mainstream Culture the First Installment of the
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Mainstream Culture

The first installment of the Iron Man franchise can be analyzed in the context of whether it either reaffirms or criticizes mainstream culture. Indeed, the film does a bit of both. The movie script itself as well as the underlying method and motives of the filmmakers and actors in terms of how the film is being marketed and portrayed potentially irrespective of what is being asserted directly in the movie itself will also be assessed.. Iron Man and films like it play a two-sided game of both glorifying and condemning ideas that are political and ideological in nature but often does so in a way that is not even-handed or is otherwise not grounded in reality.

Iron Man Observations

hat is clear straight away with the interactions and the developments surrounding Tony Stark (Downey) and Obadiah is that the movie is making a statement about corporate greed and…

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Business The Dark Side of Meeting Online
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Business: The Dark Side of Meeting Online

Corporate Governance and the Failed Marriage of AOL and Time arner

"The mating ritual began in September 1999 in the most romantic of cities, Paris" (p.88): Steve Case, an AOL-T merger in mind, starts approaching Jerry Levin. On January 9, 2000, "it was done." (p.99). May 2002, newly appointed AOL-Time arner CEO Parsons announced "a repudiation of the basic raison d'etre of the merger itself" (p.284).

hy did the AOL-Time arner merger take place? hat's your evaluation of the process through which it was decided upon? And the terms agreed upon?

Bella gerant alii, tu felix Austria nube!' - Let others wage war, you, happy Austria, marry!" There are many ways to build an empire, and love is almost always better than war. So, when two corporate giants agreed to march down the aisle together, all Street - and the world - eagerly…

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Viacom Is One of the
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In 1996 Westinghouse/CS bought Infinity radio broadcasting and outdoor advertising group for $4.7 billion, a deal that was largely the result of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The Telecommunications Act heavily deregulated the media industry and allowed a company to significantly increase the amount radio stations it could own. In 1997, Viacom dealt its educational, professional and reference publishing businesses to Pearson for $4.6 billion, and retains Simon & Schuster. In 1999, CS bought King World Productions, the leading television program syndicator at that time, for $2.5 billion. On September 7, 1999, Viacom and CS announced their merger, a $50 billion deal. This was the largest media merger of that era, which came one-month after the FCC approved duopolies. Under this merger, the new Viacom had 33 television stations, eclipsing the FCC's 35% ownership cap. This cap was based on the amount of stations one company owns that reach 35%…


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Hanna Barbera History of the
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It was a film based on a novel authored by E.B. White and it received widespread critical acclamation. The limited animation technique posed threat to the success of the company later in the 1970's. With the earning of $60million a year Hanna Barbera now failed to produce new characters and shows. Hence in 1987 the Great American Communications Group acquired the company. Further in the year 1991, Turner Broadcasting System was purchased by Hanna Barbera. In 1992, the Cartoon Network was aired by Turner Broadcasting and this set the need for library of cartoons. So the Hanna Barbera buy provided them with 3000 half-hours cartoons. The marketing strategy of Hanna Barbera was now changed with the help of Fred Siebert, the company's president. More importance was given to the international market as a result of shift in its production to Asia. The extension gave birth to new characters and a…


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Failure of Mergers
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Failures of Merger

Failure of Mergers

The objective of this study is to examine why it is that most mergers fail and will provide real-life examples of the failure of mergers. Toward this end, this work will examine relevant literature in this area of study and specifically academic and professional literature and publications that are peer-reviewed in nature. The work of Weber and Camerer (2003 ) entitled "Cultural Conflict and Merger Failure: An Experimental Approach" reports that most mergers fail and that failure occur "on average in every sense: acquiring firm stock prices tend to slightly fail when mergers are announced; many acquired companies are later sold off; and profitability of the acquired firm is lower after the merger." (Weber and Camerer, 2003) There is a great deal of conflict reported during the process of a merger that results in a high rate of turnover." Disappointment was expressed by participants…


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Rita Would Retain All of
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Comcast feels that the product life cycle is still in its infancy or introductory phase, and that costs will plummet once the technology improves, and more consumers use the product and make it integral to their lifestyle. Vontage like all of the companies has the advantage of the lack of federal communications regulations regarding the technology, but these laws may change in the future -- thus for all companies, the product is still in its growing phase, as branding, positioning, quality and also federal regulations are still an issue, but things are not competitive enough for companies to have a market-wide price war, as sometimes occurs during the growth phase of the product life cycle.


Bundling is advantageous to a company, because it yields a captive consumer audience. A company can lure in a consumer with a low price, but once the consumer subscribes to the bundle, the company…

Strategic Management in Technology
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Strategic Planning & Strategy Formulation

Case: Strategic Planning & Strategy Formulation

Case Assignment -- Comcast

Comcast's Current Strategy

Current Event Blog

Discussion Question: Strategy Planning and Formulation


Strategy Implementation & Evaluation

Current Event Blog 4 -- Strategy Implementation & Evaluation

Discussion Question: Strategy Implementation and Evaluation

eflective Discussion

Case: Strategic Planning & Strategy Formulation

Case Assignment -- Comcast

Comcast's Current Strategy

Comcast has developed a current business strategy that is completely focused on the customer. The company has positioned itself at the "intersection of media and technology" (, 2016). The company seems to be doing well and in 2015 the company had raised their dividend by 10%, for the eighth consecutive year.

The present strategy of the company is to focus on innovation and enhancing of customer experience and being innovative at the same time. The company claims that this strategy has paid off well for them. In fact,…


Business success: Strategic unit comprehensive computer-based Expert support system. (1991). Long-Range Planning, 24(3), 107-108. (91)90212-7

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John Martin Pulled the Plug on Black
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John Martin pulled the plug on Black Sparrow Press. The fact that one more small press bit the dust wouldn't be big news, but for those who believe in the power of symbols and metaphors, Black Sparrow Press going flat-line means the end of an era in the world of publishing. Another literary device that one can attach to its passing is irony, for Black Sparrow, considered one of the leading purveyors of fine writing is now in the hands of Random House which itself long past the days when Bennett Cerf made that Random House synonymous with great literature, is now owned by the kingpin of the sensationalistic media, Rupert Murdoch. For most small presses to be bought out by a big fish like Random House would be a dream come true, but for those who know American literature, the acquisition was nothing short of sacrilege, akin to say…

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Strategic Challenges Cingular-At& t and Sprint
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This company's reach extends across the vast properties of the two companies from which it originated. America Online brought its flagship online service, Netscape, and several interactive services to the merger. The threat of new competitors can be applied to the telecommunications industry in that new competitors will always emerge, as more companies are sure to be formed. The threat of substitutes can be applied to the medium of the Internet, because the cost of switching Internet providers and Internet service in general is very cheap. The presence of this type of substitute products can lower industry attractiveness and profitability because it can limit price levels. The bargaining power of buyers is greater in the telecommunications industry when there are few dominant buyers and products are standardized. Finally, the intensity of rivalry between competitors in the telecommunications industry is at an all-time high. This is a result of the structure…


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Flags SWOT Analysis in Analyzing
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Fourth, the company in 2005 had a full senior management turn-over, signaling such a turbulent and uncertain internal economic environment. This resulted in very low levels of expertise on the board of directors as well. Sixth, the company had a very high and unpredictable level of spending in 2005, hiring 31,500 temporary workers for example. All of these factors taken together pointed to 2006 being a very difficult year from a profitability perspective.


Six Flags has consistently shown the ability to manage third party licensing and partnerships, as evidenced by the licensing of Warner Bros & DC Comics for example. The future of the company needs to concentrate on additional quick service restaurant (QS) partners who have high brand name recognition. These include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonald's and others in the QS category. Second, the company could capitalize on the interest conglomerates have in investing in this industry, and sell…


Mark Hyman (2006, May). The Batman and Robin of Six Flags. Business Week (3983), 98-99. Retrieved December 5, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1031988391).

Workplace Is Facing a Generational Adjustment of
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workplace is facing a generational adjustment of values, learning and working styles that will have a huge impact on how business operate and leaders think and act. Generation X and Generation Y will transform the nature of the workplace. This dissertation will focus on this important topic and show how the management of the skills and unique characteristics of these various generations can help in achieving success in the workplace while minimizing conflict.

To define terms, Generation X (born 1965-1980 and approximately 55 million in North America) in general accept diversity; they are skeptical, pragmatic and practical, self-reliant, independent and individualistic; they reject authoritarianism and control; they were latchkey children and separate friends from family. They like a casual, friendly work environment, seek challenge, involvement and flexible learning arrangements (Deal, 2006). Work-life balance and family priorities are very important to Gen Xers. Generation Y (born 1981-1999 and approximately 80 million…


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Comcast Corporations Strategic Analysis
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Strategic Analysis of Comcast / Comcast Corporation's Strategy

Key Strategies Implemented by Comcast

Viewpoint on Strategic Direction of Comcast

CS of Comcast

ecommendations for Future

As one of the country's biggest internet, video and telephone service providers, Comcast provides its services both to business and individual customers, one of its brands, Xfinity. It has four areas of diversification in terms of business, two being the top ones and these are the NBC Universal and the Comcast Cable. Through its NBC Universal arm, it serves a wide variety of groups, such as television audiences through its NBC and Telemundo networks; movie makers through television production; movie goers through Universal Pictures; and those looking for recreation and relaxation through its Universal Parks and esorts. It has also ventured into the area of sports management through its Comcast-Spectator. The venture firm, Comcast Ventures, looks for innovative businesses in which to invest by coming…


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AT&T Wireless The objective of
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The first is by demographically-based segmentation attributes, and the second is through services offered. Neither of these is optimal for understanding and responding to unmet needs in the users bases, a point discussed in the following section of this paper.

Demographic segments include the following:

General Consumer/Residential: The largest segment of users, this is the segment that also generates the highest level of price competition and pressure in the market as well. Churn is highest in this segment.

Small and Medium businesses:

The primary segment where bundling is used for generating high loyalty due to the ability of members of this segment to overcome price pressure due to the need to have services in place to support their business models.


The most profitable of segments and also the more difficult to penetrate and sustain customers, AT&T Wireless has successfully served this segment with Wide Area Networks (WLAN) and hotspot…


Ahn, Jae-Hyeon Sang-Pil Han, Yung-Seop Lee. (2006). Customer churn analysis: Churn determinants and mediation effects of partial defection in the Korean mobile telecommunications service industry. Telecommunications Policy, 30(10/11), 552. Retrieved March 15, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1166810491).

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Businesses Engaged in the 'Transfer
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In contrast with the mutual funds, 'Mutual funds trade hundreds of stocks in many unrelated industries, with very little of the total portfolio in any single stock. By contrast, when a company expands into a new area, its portfolio consists of two stocks, typically 90% in the core operation and 10% in the new businesses' (Tirole, 2005). The diversification in majority of the cases is responsible for lower return and maximal risk factor. esearchers have observed that there is possibility of higher failure rates and lower returns for unrelated acquisitions than for related acquisitions. When the company acquires businesses in their own industry, it is observed that lowest failure rates and highest returns phenomenon occur. The reason why the diversification into unrelated business is considered to be risky is that the corporate is unfamiliar about the industry itself, and therefore the corporate is likely to overlook critical risk factors during…


Montgomery, C.A. Corporate Diversification. Journal of Economic Perspectives. 1994. pp. 165

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Organizations Cross-Sector Alliances Cross-Sectoral Alliances
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Therefore, when studies are conducted on these offenders, then the relationship between psychiatric co-morbidity and DUI relapses would become clearer. Individuals would also be sent to certain areas to study the various psychological treatment methods that are generally available to those who are addicted to any substances, and when efforts are made towards co-alliances of these institutions, then the students of the schools would definitely benefit. (Division on Addiction)

It has been stated that the twenty first century will be the 'age of alliances' wherein the collaboration between non-profit organizations and corporations will keep growing in number. The nature of such collaborative alliances would also change, from when it was the traditionally philanthropic, where the donor would benevolently give, and the receiver would receive it gratefully, to where business as well as non-profits and for-profits work together so that they may be able to achieve their mutual goals and contribute…


Austin, James. (30 April, 2001) "Entering the Age of Alliances" Retrieved at  on 14 July, 2005

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Division on Addictions" Retrieved at Accessed on 14 July, 2005

Wohlstetter, Priscilla; Malloy, Courtney. L; Hentschke, Guilbert. C; Smith, Joanne. (2004)

Stock Ratio Analysis & Review
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alt Disney Company (DIS)

• Fundamentals - the company's business, is it financially sound? Is it growing?

Per their earnings amounts for Disney, the answer is that they are growing. They are indeed fairly financially sound, but their overall revenues are not doing all that well. Over the last three full years, revenue has grown at a clip of about $3 billion a year as they were at $42.2 billion in 2012, $45 billion in 2013 and $48.8 billion in 2014. Gross profit grew at a good clip over that same time frame, going from $18.8 billion in 2012, $20 billion in 2013 and $22.3 billion in 2014. The proportion of gross profit to total revenue did edge up slightly, albeit by about one percent. Net income has grown at about a billion per year, so it too is looking good. Total assets are growing (about five billion a year…

While the Dow sank and then recovered to its original levels, Immunogen has both done the opposite and it has NOT returned to its original level, although that would be a good thing since the raise in price is a good thing. The price started in the $12.75 range five days ago and then shot up quite quickly until it peaked at nearly $15 a share (a raise of nearly a fifth as compared to the starting point) and then fell very quickly on Tuesday until it bottomed out at $14.00. The price then fluttered a bit between $14.00 and $14.50 and sits at $14.23 as of June 10th. It's about half a buck (or 4.2%) higher it was five days ago but it's been higher very recently. Zooming out to six months tells a very different story. The stock price absolutely soared (it rose about five bucks….about a third) in early June before tapering off and has bounced between $14 and $15 then. Prior to that huge spike, its highest price since the turn of the year was about $10. The reason for the spike is revealed in the headlines about Immunogen in that they apparently had very positive results with one of their ovarian cancer treatments. This news breaking happened on June 1st…right when the spike happened. Not much has been said about them since so this explains why the price is fairly stable but does not explain its activity that is different from the Dow average.

Netflix Analysis Industry Drivers the Intent of
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Netflix Analysis

Industry Drivers

The intent of this analysis is to discuss the key industry drivers that are creating opportunities and threats for Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX), in addition to defining the future of the mail-based and online movie rental subscription service. Competition from Video-On-Demand (VOD) services offered by cable television companies including Time Warner Cable, Comcast and others, combined with kiosk delivery network Redbox and the vertical integration of lockbuster are fundamentally reordering the industry today

(Netflix Investor Relations, 2013). Competition continues to accelerate as each of these competitors invest in research & development (R&D) to increase the performance and reliability of their individual services.

Of the myriad of economic factors that impact their business, Netflix senior management is most concerned and tracks through weekly reporting the level of consumer spending on entertainment in aggregate and for DVID, game and video rental specifically (Netflix Investor Relations, 2013). Additional external factors…


MacCormack, A., Murray, F., & Wagner, E. (2013). Spurring innovation through competitions. MIT Sloan Management Review, 55 (1), 25-32.

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Pham, H.X., & Jung, J.J. (2013). Preference-based user rating correction process for interactive recommendation systems. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 65(1), 119-132.

Broadband Internet Service What it Is and
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roadband Internet Service: What it Is and Where It's Going

Explanation of roadband

Current State of roadband

The Future of roadband

The current frontier of high speed internet technology and digital communications is broadband. Although it has been available for several years now to both homes and businesses, broadband has not spread as rapidly as some proponents of the technology had hoped or expected, leading to the failure of some companies involved in this business. What is broadband, and what is its future? These are questions that are taking on increasing importance as broadband usage is finally increasing around the world. Of equal importance is which broadband technology will survive and how telecommunications regulations in this country will impact the digital world.

Explanation of roadband

Simply put, broadband is high-speed internet access. roadband allows for the high-speed transmission of large amounts of data. It is expected to revolutionize communications, entertainment,…


Abe, George. Residential Broadband. Second Edition. Indianapolis: Cisco Press,

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Broadband's Bright Future." The Industry Standard. 7 May 2001. 2 March 2003.,1902,23972,00.html?nl=dnt .

Electronic Business. "Broadband's Growth Defies Downturn." Newsedge. 11 January 2003.

Protect America Act of 2007
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S. mainland. The court can reject the procedures only if it finds the plan for complying with the law as "clearly erroneous." The program may also continue for a year although the law is scheduled for renewal in six months. Warrant-less eavesdropping may begin immediately and ahead of the security court approval of the procedures (Savage).

Spur of the Moment and Secret Order

Weeks after the 9/11 attacks, President ush signed a secret order, which authorized NSA to wiretap international phone calls and emails without a court order (Savage 2007).

It was expressly prohibited by the 1978 warrant law. President ush claimed that war-time powers authorized him to bypass that law. In January this year, the Attorney General said that the program was brought under the supervision of the national security court. A judge allowed some form of surveillance to continue. Several months ago, however, another judge ruled that the…


Bush, George W. The Protect America Act of 2007. National Security Agency, September 19, 2007. Retrieved on October 23, 2007 at

Fact Sheet: the Protect America Act of 2007. The White House News: the White House, August 5, 2007. 

Cable News Network. Bill Would Require Details of All Eavesdropping Since 2001. CNN Politics. CNN: Time Warner Company, October 9, 2007

Bush: Surveillance Bill Must Not Hamper Fight Against Terrorism. CNN Politics. CNN: Time Warner Company, October 10, 2007

Online Video Programing
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Online Video Business Model and its Impact on Communications

What is Online Video?

Online video is more commonly referred to as "streaming video" which is "video that plays over the Internet without downloading to the end user's computer. hink television and radio for your computer. Streaming is different from downloading in that playback starts immediately with just a mouse click for the viewer, and the large file is not saved to the viewer's computer. his provides a high level of security for original content.

Another description of streaming videos is as follows:

Streaming" videos are digitally encoded video files that are delivered via the Internet, to be opened and viewed on an end user's computer screen. With one mouse click, a screen appears, and a (often large) video file opens, which the user can watch via a software program, such as Real Player or Media Player, available for free via… December 8, 2002. 

13 "Full Stream Ahead." Aberdeene Group Newsletter.

May 1, 2002..

Creative Communities the Focus of
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" (Supporting Actors and Graphic Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs, 2005) Creative industries are stated to be reliant upon "the connections to other businesses and industries that can be made in New York." (Supporting Actors and Graphic Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs, 2005) Stated as the biggest cluster of all is the "city's non-profit arts community" which are stated to "generate content that serves as a magnet for tourists from all over the world." (Supporting Actors and Graphic Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs, 2005) It is related that the market in New York City is conducive to the creative community and in fact it is specifically stated "whether you're a harpsichordists or a handbag makers, an appreciative and discerning public stands ready to appreciate quality work." (Supporting Actors and Graphic Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs, 2005) The educational and workforce training scene for New York City's creative sector is described as "vibrant and complex."…


Supporting Actors and Graphic Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs (2005) Center for an Urban Future. December 2005. Online available at: 

Creative New York (2005) Center for an Urban Future. December 2005. Online available at:

Skype Case Study While the
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Not only is there a substantial monthly provider savings but there is also a reduction in the need for an it person to work on the phone systems. hile their web site says not it tech needed, (Skype) there is always some tweaking to be done and a moderate yearly ongoing cost has been built in as well as initial assistance with the setup in the first year of implementation.

Since this company is not public and does not have the oversight required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act ("Tossing the Phone") the higher level of monitoring is not an issue for the limited Skype usage. However, Skype does provide substantial tracking for business and there is certainly a well-grounded business suite of services also available through he service. All of which are very low tech for the end user and can easily be monitored by upper management. It also provides the…

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Rivethead -- a Riveting Read Quite Often
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Rivethead -- a Riveting Read

Quite often, management textbooks tend to fall into two categories. The first typical style of a management textbook takes the form of a quantitative text. It deals with employees as sets and reams of numbers, and attempts to analyze and make generalizations about computed processes and statistically tabulated results. hat standard operating procedures produce the greatest quantifiable increases in productivity under different economic circumstances? The second type of management textbook tends to be vague, full of sociological and psychological assertions, steps to follow, principles, and manifestos, all filled with words like 'motivation' and 'goals.'

The differences between the appearances of these books, in heft and weight, and design may seem considerable, but there are also many similarities too -- none of the workers in the statistical tables seem to take drugs, none of the workers in the thirteen or fourteen power principles like to curse.…

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Responsive Structure Responsive Organizational Structure
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(Borgatti, 1996)

Unlike a media conglomerate like Disney or Time arner, an advertising firm has a large number of creative talents that work as a part of teams or cells, on particular accounts in a fairly independent fashion. For example, the Omnicom Group is an advertising, marketing and corporate communication conglomerate, rather than an agency with a singular and notable figurehead that manages such accounts as Gillette and has thirteen corporate branches under its letterhead. But this largeness makes it easier for the firm to take risks in accounts in selecting clients and launching campaigns, in case one campaign fails or a client is lost, another campaign may be just as likely to succeed. hen businesses cannot standardize their product, diversity is key.

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Firm Concentration Ratios for the Following Industries
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firm concentration ratios for the following industries are: fluid milk (311511), women's and girl's cut & sew dresses (315233), envelopes (322232), electronic computers (334111). The industries that are characterized by a high level of competition include clothing, which is a dominant industry in this country. The high level of competition and the many small business type clothing stores, in competition with larger chain stores, makes the competition widespread (Case et. Al, 2009).

Another industry that has a high level of competition is that of car sales and auto parts. Again, cars are a modern necessity and not necessarily a luxury item. Transportation is a necessity for many individuals. This means that car sales as well as auto parts are items that are sold often, and thus have a high level of output. Agricultural and farming products are also highly competitive. Food is obviously a necessity for everybody, and there are…


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Career at Google Is a Company That
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Career at Google

Google is a company that has made cultural, technological, and social history. is one of the most widely accessed websites in all of the nternet. t is a company that continues to make financial gains, corporation acquisitions, and technological innovations. This is a company in which have a great deal of interest and see myself crafting a career there in my future. am specifically interested in Google's marketing and social media departments. Social media is now an established industry and still an emerging market, which relates to my interest in marketing. Google, like Apple, uses creative and effective strategies to market their increasing range of products to diverse markets. As look to work in a professional, collaborative, and high-energy environment, Google is a company that is my top choice.

n the information or technological age, it is common knowledge that Google is a company with great…

In the information or technological age, it is common knowledge that Google is a company with great financial fortitude. Google stock prices are extremely competitive in the global market. Google forges business relationships with other corporations and organizations with monumental presence and credibility, such as American Online - Time Warner, NASA, Microsoft, Nokia, Fox Interactive Media, and several others. Google is able to make deals in the hundreds of millions on a regular basis. This is astounding for a company that was established in 1998.

Google is a company that provides a wide variety of services to its consumers, so that they will constantly turn to Google products and services for their various needs. We are all very much aware of the Google search engine, with relatively new features such as Google+. Many of us are also aware of Google E-mail (Gmail), that offers users numerous options for customizations, features such as G-chat, which can be via instant message or video, Google Docs, and the ability to unite other facets of the user's Internet experience and presence to his/her Gmail account. There is both a spectrum and condensation of the products available to consumers. Furthermore, Google recently unveiled Google Chrome, an Internet browser that provides increased relative search and loading speeds as compared to other popular browsers. Google also appeals to the intellectual or the student with an application known as Google Scholar, which essentially is the Google search bar, only the results provided are all academic. In this way, Google has put itself in a position of longevity and interdependence with the general consumer. Moreover, all these products are available to users around the world in virtually every major language and country with Internet capabilities.

My interest in Google is not only strong as a competitor in the global market and its service to the consumer, but Google is also progressive in terms of the corporate culture. Google employees work in a non-traditional environment. Offices are often colorful and incorporate intriguing design principles. Employees are also provided with free delicious and nutritious meals on a daily basis. There is more freedom in the dress code than in typical corporate cultures. Google makes an effort to hire a diverse pool of employees to bring a wider range of perspectives, experiences, and knowledge bases to the table. I will be proud and satisfied when one day, I am at my dream position at this Goliath of a company.

Walt Disney Co The Economy
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Disney is positioned to continue as a profitable entity for the foreseeable future. Its businesses are strong, financials good and the company has a stable model. Disney could be involved in M&a activity, but as the largest company in the industry and having financial strength there is low likelihood that Disney will be purchased.

Memo. Founded in 1923, the alt Disney Company is a diversified entertainment company. Its businesses are mature, enjoying mainly organic growth. Revenues are stable, even through the economic downturn, although profits have slumped slightly. Disney is the industry leader and is the largest firm in the industry by all measures. It competes mainly in theme parks, television, movies and music.

Disney has strong financial ratios, marked by a low debt level, good liquidity and healthy margins. The company's returns are better than the industry average. Because of its solid financial position, Disney has few major threats…

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American Television Industry Is the
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This allows them to spread the costs of producing high quality shows around dozens of countries, such that each country can receive the show more cheaply than it would cost to produce a program of comparable quality domestically. The author of that article make a moral judgment on the fairness of this practice, but the idea is entirely rooted in intelligent economic theory. The U.S. television industry is able to produce better programming for less per viewer, specifically because it cultivates these economies of scale. By producing with an audience of hundreds of millions in mind, the U.S. television industry is seeking those economies of scale as a source of competitive advantage. Today, most such programs are produced by media conglomerates that can offset the initial production cost of a new program with profits from other, established revenue streams. This allows them to take more risks with respect to research…

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Identity Theft Is Something That
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Of course, most people will call their banks, credit card companies, and other institution at the first sign that identity theft has occurred, but what happens to those victims who do not realize it immediately?

People need to be aware of what identity theft is, how it is committed, what can happen when such information is stolen, and what should be done when identity theft has occurred. It is not a bunch of hype and it does cause a lot of harm, not only to the victims, but also to the victim's family. Evidently, Foust is trying to calm the reader by saying that most information that is stolen is never used. Rather it is used or not, the fact that someone has or can be a victim of identity theft is cause for concern.

Dean Foust is correct in saying that most information is not ever turned into financial…


Foust, Dean. (7/3/2006). ID Theft: More Hype than Harm. Business Week Magazine.