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To The Lighthouse Essays (Examples)

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Similiarities in a Room of
Words: 1583 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72271487
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Ramsay's actions and words towards James about this matter are "caustic," and "dashed" his son's aspirations for going to the lighthouse. However, Mrs. Ramsay takes care to inspire the hopes of her son and to protect them, by stating that the following day's weather could actually involve the sun's "shining" and birds "singing," both of which are characteristics of permissible weather. The dichotomy of the perspectives presented by these characters is distinctly in alignment with traditional nurturing roles of mothers and disciplinary roles or those which prepare children for the vicissitudes of life that father's usually have. By presenting such a sharp distinction between the pair, oolf is subtly suggesting that a synthesis of these behaviors would allow for a true consummation of the totality of a person -- which is a concept explored within "A Room of One's Own."

Lastly, although the narration in "To the Lighthouse" is from…

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Business Proposal - Peter's Doughnuts
Words: 300 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 70631865
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Should the company be successful with our product, we can expect to gain an even larger deal size than this chain's current need for 400 pounds of coffee a month during the colder months

October-March) and 300 pounds during the warmer months (April-September).

Immediate Profitability: At the reduced wholesale rate of $3.00 per pound, Lighthouse Roasters will still generate a profit of.25 cents per pound from the Peter's Doughnuts account. With the minimum order of 300 pounds per month for six months, this proposal generates a $450 profit for Lighthouse Roasters.

Long-Term Prospects: Lighthouse Roasters should reevaluate its pricing when the six-month contract expires. At this time, Peter's Doughnuts will enter its busier season and may be less price sensitive. Also, we anticipate that our excellent product will increase the overall business of Peter's Doughnuts and that it then be willing to pay higher prices for…

Differing Senses of Place
Words: 693 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55401150
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standing at the lighthouse in a park in Mackinac City, shivering and cold in the dim August light. The lighthouse's grey walls tower above me like an immovable stone monument to the bleakness of the day. I peer out into the misty air, struggling to see through the fog that presses up to the thick, bruise-blue clouds, and across the choppy water.

Mackinac Bridge juts out in front of me, just as imposing and cold as the massive lighthouse above. I feel tiny, insignificant, about to be swallowed up by the greatness of concrete and stone that surround me.

Mackinac is impossibly long, five miles of concrete stretching out along the massive water where lakes Michigan and Huron meet in a quiet rush of grey water. Miles of grey cables stretch out above the bridge, like long spider arms desperately holding the mass of concrete above the dull water below.…

Daughters in Literature Requires a Thorough Analysis
Words: 1924 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52079961
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Daughters in literature requires a thorough analysis of gender roles and norms. The concept of daughter is directly linked to gender roles, as being a daughter entails specific social and familial responsibilities. Daughters' rights, roles, and responsibilities vis-a-vis their male siblings can therefore become a gendered lens, which is used to read literature. This is true even when the daughters in question are not protagonists. For example, Sonya in Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment is not a protagonist but her supportive role has a tremendous impact on main character Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov. Likewise, no one of King Lear's three daughters is the play's protagonist but they nevertheless propel the plot of the play and are central to its outcome. Virginia oolf's To the Lighthouse barely features any of the Ramsay daughters, and yet there are ample textual references to the role of daughters in families and correspondingly, the role of…

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Light House Is a Full-Service
Words: 1915 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5114297
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Carollo, Caterina; Lo Presti, Rosalia & Caimi, Gregorino. "Wine, Diet and Arterial Hypertension." Angiology 58, no. 1 (Feb/Mar 2007): 92-96. Database online: Available from Academic Search Premier, ISSN: 0003-3197.

Foodservice in the United States." (July 2007): 1-32. Database online: Available from Marketline.

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Vegas FAQ. (Apr 2007). Online. Available at[accessed 27 Mar…


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Foodservice in the United States." (July 2007): 1-32. Database online: Available from Marketline.

In Pictures: America's Most Obese Cities. (2007). Online. Available at [accessed 27 Mar 2008].

Feminism and Virginia Woolf
Words: 2040 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25907498
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Virginia Woolf and Her Works as Mediums of Feminism

Virginia Woolf was among the rare writers who have put their talents and ideologies into writings, particularly as a patron of equality to women. Considered as one of the founders of feminism, there were quite a number of literary works that show Woolf's passion for promoting feminism. Some of this includes the following literary masterpieces.

To the Lighthouse

A Room on One's Own (1929)

Three Guineas (1938)

Women and Fiction (1929)

Professions for Women (1929)

Much of Woolf's literatures depicted her strict criticism on how the society put little importance to the female gender. Also, she showed in the context of her works how prominent the female gender can play important roles in the society, both socially and politically. Much of Woolf's works have in fact depicted political thoughts that have endeared the hearts and minds of many readers.

The information…


Dick, Susan. Virginia Woolf.

Woolf, Virginia. To the Lighthouse (1927).

Her Writing Tell of her Life.

Independent Women Woolf's Lily Briscoe
Words: 898 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55690784
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Her affairs with Rodolphe and Leon bring her the type of intimacy she longs for even though they cause her much pain. Emma saw her affair with Rodolphe as vengeful because so much of her life felt like it was void of love. e are that she was "becoming a part of her own imaginings, finding the long dream of her youth come true as she surveyed herself in that amorous role she coveted" (Flaubert 175). She did not feel guilt; in fact, she "savored" (175) her relationship with Rodolphe and was without "remorse, disquiet or distress" (175). Emma is overwhelmed with emotions when it comes to Rodolphe and she did not know if she "regretted yielding to him, or whether she didn't rather to aspire to love him more . . . It was not an attachment but a continual excitement" (183). Here we see that she is not…

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History of Construction of 10
Words: 7023 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 9752980
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The earliest divisions of the temple still standing are the barque chapels, just in the rear the first pylon. They were constructed by Hatshepsut, and appropriated by Tuthmosis III. The central division of the temple, the colonnade and the sun court were constructed by Amenhotep III, and a later on addition by Rameses II, who constructed the entry pylon, and the two obelisks connected the Hatshepsut structures with the core temple. To the back of the temple are chapels constructed by Tuthmosis III, and Alexander. During the Roman age, the temple and its environment were a legionary fortress and the residence of the Roman government in the region (Johnson, 1988).

There was a girdle wall constructed around the temple that was made up of self-sufficient massifs of sun-dried brick adjoining at their ends, constructed of courses set on a triple arrangement that ran concave horizontal concave. The gate through which…

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Strategy and Management in the
Words: 2688 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69542380
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This system has the ease of being used in any lighthouse irrespective of its current lighting and power systems. Due to this, Vega is the sole company in the world having such advanced technological and optical competencies. Through the system, all the beacons installed can be monitored from a central location, thereby reducing the quantity of false call outs and identifying faults which require manual attention.

Considering the Total Cost of Ownership -- TCO Vega's product offer a low TCO as their IT products recover the average cost of $30,000 for installation since it reduces the $1,250 per hour helicopter-assisted maintenance. The computer-managed systems have to be fail-proof as any type of false call could cost up to $3,500. This system manufactured by Vega uses the interactive technology capable of permitting technicians to switch lights on or off from a remote location. Vega enjoys economies of scale as it has…


Vega Industries Ltd.: A History" (May, 2004)

Case Study- Given by client

Cultural Event the Dallas Museum of Art
Words: 1004 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5213069
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Cultural Event

The Dallas Museum of Art has several temporary exhibitions on display now. One is called "Youth and Beauty: Art of the American Twenties." Another related but separate exhibition is called "Texas in the Twenties: Prints, Drawings, and Photographs from Lone Star Collections." Because both special exhibitions focus on a specific point in time in American and Texan history, it was helpful to view both together on the same day. I went on opening day of both exhibitions, which was on Sunday March 4, 2012. There was a small line to get in, but the space inside the museum was arranged so that it did not feel crowded. The museum published a brochure that explained each exhibition, why it was on display at that time at the museum, and what the exhibition meant in the context of modern American art.

The "Youth and Beauty: Art of the American Twenties"…


Dallas Museum of Art (2012). "Current Exhibitions." Retrieved onlie:

Woolf Women in Violence and War
Words: 3453 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 33363722
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Woolf / Women in Violence and War

The current paper deals with the use of stream of consciousness and narrative technique by Virginia Wolf. The author has discussed how Woolf comes and goes in time and space to reveal her inside feelings, and why she used them especially in time of war and domestic violence.

Much has been written about Woolf's use of the stream-of-consciousness technique used widely by other Modernist writers of her time such as DH Lawrance and James Joyce. Stream of Consciousness is the technique use by Woolf and she is considered the pioneer of this technique. The stream of thought was first proposed by William James, Harvard Professor of Psychology in 1890.


In a diary entry that Woolf wrote on the 23 of February in 1926, she compares the writing process she went through while writing Mrs. Dalloway with the process she experienced while writing…


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Low Vision Literature Review

The impact of low vision on a person's quality of life can be devastating… people with low vision can improve their quality of life through rehabilitation services to teach them how to use their remaining vision more effectively. Using a variety of visual aids may bring them back or help them keep their independence (Kupfer, 1999 as cited in indsor & indsor, 2001).

Low vision or vision loss has been operationally defined most commonly as that associated with macular degeneration due to age that accounts for more than half of all reported cases of visual impairment. There are other known causes of vision loss that include but may not be limited to corneal degeneration, eye injuries, traumatic brain injury, brain tumors, stroke, toxoplasmosis, optic atrophy, glaucoma, retinal dystrophies, retinal detachment, retinopathy of prematurity, achormatopsia and histoplasmosis (indsor & indsor, 2001). Moreover, visual impairment is described as…

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Women in War and Violence
Words: 3020 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 29173668
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Women in War and Violence

Women War and Violence

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the theory of being and becoming, and to discuss how this theory relates to war and violence in Virginia Woolf's portrayal of female characters in her novels. Being and becoming relates the theories of existence, and how one becomes and matures as an entity in society. It is evident throughout Woolf's lifetime that her character's evolve from simple creatures consumed with thoughts of darkness and death, that through a myriad of experiences with power, control, and pain they are able to transform their lives from simple existence into complex portrayals of beauty and lives that reflect the art of becoming human beings consumed with the beauty of all life has to offer.


To understand being and becoming, and how this relationship exists with regard to war and violence, and further with Woolf…


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History of Construction Technology of
Words: 4755 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 70233119
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One exception to this is Pausanias, a Greek writer. He recorded the quarrying done in Greece but he lived in the second century a.D. For other details, the information related to their architecture is limited to the writings of Vitruvius, an architect in ome, also a military engineer and a writer who lived during the rule of Augustus (Masrgary, 1957; Derry and Williams, 1961).

The Greek construction inherits its glory from the timber-framed European houses that revolved around three chambers and hearths and not from the buildings in the Near East or even the Mycenean tombs. The temples that appeared earlier in Greece were built of mud bricks with a timber roof that was thatched to facilitate a wider construction, the transverse beams were held by a row of posts that were kept in the middle and the posts were also kept in the mud brick walls for the same…


Derry, T.K. And Williams, T.I. A Short History of Technology from the Earliest Times to a.D. 1900. Oxford University Press. New York. 1961. Chapter 5.

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Edwards I.E.S the Pyramids of Egypt. Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, 1950.

Toy, S. A History of Fortification from 3000 B.C. To a.D. 1700. Heinemann, London, 1955.

Mnemonics Acrostics and Acronyms as
Words: 658 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50099362
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Although they are verbal in nature, the striking image of many mnemonics, like MataHari the spy, or a mother delivering nine pizzas makes them effective.

Another mnemonic technique is to create a word called an acronym, a word that represents what needs to be remembered (Keeley 1999). Some acronyms, like Radar, or NASA, have become so popular and are used to frequently they have replaced the words they were created to encourage people to remember. An example of this would be to remember the Seven onders of the Ancient orld along the lines of 'MC SLAG': M (the Mausoleum) C (Colossus of Rhodes) S (Statue of Zeus) L (Lighthouse of Alexandria) a (Temple of Artemis) G (Hanging Gardens).

Acronyms can be effective if they sound funny, even if MC SLAG is unlikely to replace the actual list of the beautiful seven wonders! However, the planets might be more difficult, because…

Works Cited

Mnemonics: Acrostics." (2000). Learning disabilities. Retrieved 11 Jan 2008 at 

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How Huntington's Disease Affects Families
Words: 3858 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83682537
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Huntington's disease affects families

What is Huntington's disease, and how does it affect the patient and his family? How does one deal with the patient? Is there any cure for the disease, and what is it? When was the disease discovered? Who discovered it, and how was it discovered? What way is support offered from external sources for the disease, and how can one avail of the support? What, exactly is Huntington's disease? It is a genetic disease that affects the central nervous system, in individuals who are thirty years and above, though it does occur sometimes in people younger than this. When the disease occurs, it occurs as an inherited autosomal dominant condition, and it affects all or most of the family members within the same family. The onset of symptoms and of the rate of the progression of the disease may differ between the different family members, and…


A Brief History of Huntington's disease. 8 July, 2004. Retrieved From  Accessed on 22 March, 2005

Abuse of the patient. Retrieved From /' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

Twenty Building Projects Discussed Below
Words: 3378 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79782154
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They were constructed or rather carved as a tribute to Pharaoh Ramses II and his queen Nefertari. The Temple of Edfu (237-57 BC) also shows the expertise and the cultural depth of the Egyptian culture. This temple on the West bank of the Nile in the city of Edfu is the second biggest temple in Egypt after Karnack. The religious foundations of the culture are clearly evident in aspects of the construction. For example, the decorations of the walls of the temple to the god Horus provide a cast array of scientific and mythological knowledge. This temple has also provided archeologists and Egyptologists with knowledge about the culture and its scientific and its advances in fields such as mathematics and astronomy.


In terms of materials and technological processes, the great ziggurats and pyramids show the use of ramps for building upwards and a strong durable material (mud-brick or granite).…

Will Hobbs
Words: 3505 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23082095
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Together they'll face moose, bears, and the terrors of the subarctic winter.

Down the Yukon: Amid the shouts and the cheers and the splashing of oars, it was pandemonium. "Nome or bust!" Jason yelled. In the shadow of the Arctic Circle, Dawson City is burning, changing forever the lives of thousands in the Klondike gold fields. All the talk is of Nome, nearly two thousand miles away, where gold has been discovered in the beach sands. Jason Hawthorn is itching to join the new rush. He and his brothers have been cheated out of their sawmill, and Jason has vowed to buy it back. A race to Nome has been announced, with a $20,000 prize. Jason's partner in his canoe is the girl he loves, Jamie Dunavant, freshly returned from the States as she promised she would. The Great Race across Alaska will be a grueling test for the two…


____. (2004) Will Hobbs Author Page. Retrieved September 28, 2004 from Young Hoosier Book Awards. 

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Standards Five Process Standards Describe
Words: 1149 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45737537
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If the captain knows the position of the lighthouses from a map, can the captain determine the position of the ship?"

Analysis of the five processes in the context of problem solving

Problem solving

Using problem solving to solve a mathematical problem, the student does not know which method they will use when they start tackling the problem to reach the solution. The student will arrive at the correct solution by employing a couple of other ideas instead of just using mathematical calculations.

easoning and proof

Thinking on their feet students will learn how to be analytical of every situation they are encountered with. They will not only apply this analytical thinking in mathematics but will also apply it to other situations that they encounter. For the problem given in the, the first thing a student will need to analyses is how many legs chickens have and how many legs…


Mathematics, N.C. o. T. o. (2000). Principles and standards for school mathematics. 1906 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191-1502: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Athens and Sparta
Words: 1067 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21722235
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Did the war between Athens and Sparta set the stage for Philip II to rise to power?

Philip II's power worked out according to plan after his noticeable involvement in the 3rd Social War fought in the year 356 BC. Delphi was overrun and defeated by the Phocians. The Spartans as well as the Athenians entered the fray rooting for the Phocians. Though unable to unite in opposition to Philip II, the Athenians continued waging war till the treaty, Peace of Philocrates, was signed in the year 346 BC. South Greece was weakened further by such continuous discord. In the middle of this struggle, Philip II expanded his kingdom by capturing Crenides' urban areas and renaming it Philippi in the year 355 BC, destroying Methone in the year 354 BC, and annexing the Chalcidice promontory's ancient city Olynthus in the year 348 BC (MAG).

How did Philip II build the…

Evolution of the U S Army
Words: 1583 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51576810
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S. Congress and president over the past 50 years to justify inordinately high levels of funding for projects that were not needed or where the money would have been better spent, particularly in terms of flood control along the Mississippi River and in the state of Louisiana where the impact of Hurricane Katrina highlighted their misguided efforts in recent years.


The research showed that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has a long and proud history of contributions to the country and members of the Corps have served in peacetime and combat roles since the Revolutionary ar and every war since. The Corps' original mission has expanded, though, but remains focused on managing the nation's waterways and risk management activities. The research also showed that the Corps contributed to America's victory in orld ar II in many ways, but the service has been the target of an increasing amount…

Works Cited

"About Us." 2009. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. [Online]. Available: http://www.usace.

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History in Architecture Because They
Words: 1611 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93403681
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They displayed great knowledge of architecture, and their building style had been noteworthy.

As the Roman Empire began to take shape, Romans built several wonderful architectural structures for their time. They built city walls, fortifications, temples, bridges, and pavements. Most of the structures were built using large stones which were gently cut. Romans are also among the first nations in the world to have built a functional sewer system. Their remaining of their architectural structures withstood the passing of millennia and survived till today. Christian churches and even apartments buildings were built over Roman temples and other public buildings with some of them, like the Theater of Marcellus being functional even today.

orks cited:

1 H.R. Hitchcock, Seton Lloyd, David Talbot Rice, Norbert Lynton, Andrew Boyd, Andrew Carden, Philip Rawson, John Jacobus 1963. "orld Architecture: An Illustrated History." McGraw-Hill.

2. Hamlin, Talbot 1940 "Architecture through the Ages." G.P. Putnam's Sons,…

Works cited:

1 H.R. Hitchcock, Seton Lloyd, David Talbot Rice, Norbert Lynton, Andrew Boyd, Andrew Carden, Philip Rawson, John Jacobus 1963. "World Architecture: An Illustrated History." McGraw-Hill.

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Talbot Hamlin. "Architecture through the Ages." G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1940.

Auden's The Unknown Citizen How
Words: 715 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 45774919
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The overall effect is like slogging through sucking mud -- there is a depressive inertia in the poem, as if one does not want to go on but must.

2) What does he mean by "blind skyscrapers"? What does this mean symbolically? The line before this one comments on the "neutral air" in New York (this is before they entered WWII), making the blind skyscrapers perhaps "blind" in the sense that they aren't taking sides; blind like Justice is blind. They are also blind to the evils being committed in Europe where war has been going on for awhile. All of this is symbolic; it is also possible that Auden is alluding to tall buildings of a bygone era, where towers and lighthouses -- the tallest building -- were built specifically to see.

3) in the seventh stanza... what is the "ethical life" of which he speaks in the first…

Dorian Gray the Perception of
Words: 1910 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59764138
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He has tried to live a life of pure pleasure with no concern for others, but he cannot escape his own fear, because he knows all the wrongs he has done. The ultimate sin was killing the only person who ever saw true beauty in him.

For its time, this book was extremely well done, and the writing cannot be faulted in the light of Victorian English literature. The story, in fact, is still a good tale, but the long passages of exposition, even in the guise of conversation, makes it difficult for today's audience to read. It is so full of discussions of philosophy and morality that I have to suspect that it was intentionally done to point out the excessive moralizing in much Victorian literature. Nearly every rule of political correctness is broken by one or more of the characters. Yet the story underlying the whole is compelling.…

Islamic Golden Age Was Open
Words: 4790 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75356807
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The display of the various religious artwork effectively served to reinforce the fact that such faith was the governing power in the land, which the church itself reflected merely in its principle usage as a house of worship. The Hagia Sophia served a similar purpose, as it was built during one of the periods of devastation inflicted upon the Hagia Irene and was also viewed as a symbol of not only Christianity's reign, but also that of Emperor Justinian who commissioned the work.

One of the most important professions which could be learned at the trade guilds which was that of master builder, which included several lengthy stages of work which could eventually take youths into the chief senior architects of the day. There is a substantial amount of evidence that can be seen regarding the Byzantine influence in the position of the master builder, who was called a mechanikos.…

Films the Devil Wears Prada a Few
Words: 2591 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90055966
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films (The Devil Wears Prada a Few Good Men), report research themes strongly depict ethical moral choices actions characters, roles, dilemmas. The themes: followership, abuse power, moral decision making, altruism, shadow casters.

Films have along time been sources of amusement, inspiration, contemplation, or reflection. "The Devil wears Prada" and "A few good men" are all these things. They represent movie creation filled with questions and morals that transformed them in subjects of interpretation and reflection for the themes both these films touch upon.

The present paper analyses these two films from the perspective of the moral message they try to send across. More precisely, both these films have similarities and differences in terms of the way in which they tackle the issue of honor, leadership, follow ship, power and abuse of power, decision-making and moral strength. From this perspective, the paper addresses the subjects of these two films in order…


Business Dictionary. "Abuse of power def." n.d. 23 February 2011 .

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Changing . Five reasons to follow. n.d. 23 February 2011 .

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Professions for Women in Which
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hen conducting an ideological critique, the researcher must be concerned with the way ideology is evidenced (or repressed) in the artifact, and a useful concept for identifying these "traces of ideology" is the notion of the ideograph, or the "political language which manifests ideology," which, according to Michael McGee, is "characterized by slogans" (Foss 248, McGee 5). McGee argues "that ideology in practice is a political language, preserved in rhetorical documents," and as such, can be identified in rhetorical artifacts via the "vocabulary of ideographs" frequently deployed in speech. Here it is important to note the importance of context, because in general McGee identifies ideographs as particular words, but one need not view these specific words as eternally and always ideographs; that is to say, these specific words may be identified as ideographs "by the usage of such terms in specifically rhetorical discourse, for such usage constitute excuses for specific…

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Century." Feminist Studies 31.1 (2005): 158-82.

How the Lightbulb Changed the World
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light bulb was perhaps the most significant invention since fire; although fire was never truly invented. Nevertheless, the light bulb has impacted our lives on a scale similar to that of when our ancestors first harnessed the flame: it has altered the way people live their lives so drastically that it is difficult to even imagine life in its absence. Thanks to its invention, the night is open to far more activities than the candle or even the lantern could ever have provided. Its likelihood as a fire starter is much less than its predecessors, thus increasing the safety of people and their property. The light bulb has changed the face of travel. It has also greatly increased productivity worldwide. Additionally, the invention of the light bulb proved the value of electricity and suggested that many and far more varied devices could be produced which continue to change the way…

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Poison in Faulkner Poison Plays
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The whole poison-purchasing scene is very interesting and adds to the impact of her action. Emily is determined to buy poison and let the pharmacist assume it is to kill rats. While he is adamant about knowing the truth, Emily is not interested in sharing the details of her plans with him.

I want some poison," she said to the druggist. She was over thirty then, still a slight woman, though thinner than usual, with cold, haughty black eyes in a face the flesh of which was strained across the temples and about the eyesockets as you imagine a lighthouse-keeper's face ought to look. "I want some poison," she said.

Yes, Miss Emily. What kind? For rats and such? I'd recom -- " want the best you have. I don't care what kind."

The druggist named several. "They'll kill anything up to an elephant. But what you want is --…


1. Faulkner, William- Rose for Emily, Collected Stories of William Faulkner. New York: Random House, 1950, pp. 119-130

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M. Thomas Inge, a Rose for Emily: Charles E. Merrill: Columbus, OH. Publication Year: 1970.

San Francisco
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history of town descriptioins of important locations landmarks or special places government/population/weather/education entertainment/festivals/sporting events pictures/map other information of interest

The European began their exploration of the an Francisco Bay Area and its various islands in 1592, but the an Francisco Bay was not mapped until 1775. ir Francis Drake visited an Francisco in 1579. The Presidio of an Francisco and Mission Dolores were founded in 1776. In the 1820's ships from Boston first came to barter along the san Francisco coast, and in 1846, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day aints arrived and settled in an Francisco. In 1848, gold was first discovered in California, which brought many other people from all over the United tates westward, especially in 1849, in search of quick riches. The population of an Francisco and its surrounding areas increased quickly after that. The terrible an Francisco earthquake and fire occurred in…

San Francisco is well-known for entertainment. It has its own symphony; its own ballet company, and its own opera company, as well as many theaters and cinemas. Other cultural entertainments include museums and lectures throughout the city. Some well-known festivals are the Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration held each year on January 9; the Chinese New year Celebration on January 17; the Independent Film Festival held each February; and the annual March 17 St. Patrick's Day Parade.

San Francisco also has many sporting events, featuring major league football, baseball, and basketball leagues. Soccer is also popular, both to play and as a spectator sport. San Francisco has football, baseball, and basketball stadiums. It is the home of famous sports teams, including the San Francisco Giants and the San Francisco 49 ers.

The city of San Francisco is very scenic in many ways, and some beautiful pictures of San Francisco, both historical and current, may be found on the website A Timeline of San Francisco History, , visited December 2, 2004. Many maps of San Francisco, both large overall maps and smaller maps of various sections of the city, can be found on the internet. Among these are an expandable map of either the whole city or parts of the city on the website Map of San Francisco, visited December 1, 2004, at . All in all, San Francisco is a beautiful, scenic, exciting city, definitely worth visiting and getting to know.

Comparison of Two Books
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Romanticism of Scott's Piracy with the Revolutionary realism of Cooper's Pilot

Great art is not supposed to come from anger or a sense of competition with authors. However, the first great sea tale The Pilot, by the merican author James Fenmore Cooper, was written explicitly out of anger, in reaction to a romanticized account of piracy and sea life. The Pirate by the Scotsman Sir Walter Scott was a romantic account of why men took to sea, out of romantic despair, with little concern for the real damage done to the naval code of conduct and safety as a result of piracy on the waters. Cooper, in contrast, knew intimately the difficulties of fighting military conflict from a navel perspective, and did not see piracy as something to be valorized. Rather than a plot motivated by love, where the sea was a subsidiary motivating force, Cooper resolved to tell a…

According to Robert Neeser, "it was in the course of an after-dinner conversation that the thought of writing a romance of the sea first came to Fennimore Cooper. The table talk had turned on the authorship of the Waverly Novels, which, in 1822, was still a matter of some uncertainty, and on its most recent volume, The Pirate, which had been published in December of the preceding year. The incidents of this story were brought forward as a proof of the thorough familiarity with sea life of the author, whoever he was. But Cooper contended that The Pirate was not the work of a sailor, but that of a landsman. His listeners could not be convinced by his arguments. He therefore determined to convince them by writing "a, sea tale, to show," he said, "what can be done in this way by a sailor." (Neeser, 1917) Rather than talk about the reasons men take to the waters, he would show the gritty reality of life on deck.

Indeed, Cooper was correct. Sir Walter Scott did not draw his inspiration for The Pirate from any events he witnessed at sea. Rather, Scott drew on his memories of a voyage to the Northern Isles in 1814, as guest of a commission inspecting Scotland's lighthouses. He thus drew his chronicled events from myths he heard from those on land, rather than his experiences on the water. He chose to set The Pirate in the seventeenth century in a remote part of the Shetland Islands, rather than on a boat. The pirate of the title, Basil Mertoun, is now conveniently retired. He turned to a life of thievery because of his anger at his wife when she betrayed him, not out of a desire to make a living. Merton lives as a tenant of Magnus Troil on land, with his son Mordaunt, whom he is not certain even belongs to him. (Walter Scott Digital Archive is an Edinburgh University Library, 2004)

Magnus's daughters Minna and Brenda form the main love interests of the tale, and their significance in the plot, such as when Minna is horrified when Cleveland open-heartedly confesses to her that he is a pirate, and Brenda's alliance with Mordaunt also shows how romance, rather than the realities of life at sea drives the plot. In fact, Mordaunt's lack of a corresponding figure in Cooper's subsequent sea tale highlights how issues of great importance to Scott, such as Merton's inability to reconcile himself to his lost

Verne Biography Works Style Critics
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His son, Michael, oversaw the final stages of publication, after his death, of Verne's last written story the Lighthouse at the End of the orld.


Of course, Jules Verne was and remains one of the most well-known writers of fiction in the modern age. Although he was doubtlessly a gifted writer, and used a handful of literary mechanisms that were relatively innovative for his time, his enduring appeal as an author remains the fantastical subject matter of his stories. In this way, far more than any other writer from his age, Verne was a visionary. Though he failed to completely alter the primary literary conventions of the nineteenth century, he was instrumental in the invention of what has come to be the science fiction genre. Furthermore, his tales have revealed a level of foresight and scientific foresight that may never be equaled in…

Works Cited

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Maine Amenities & Competitiveness a Comparative View
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Maine: Amenities & Competitiveness

A Comparative View of Scarborough: Amenities & Competitiveness

The town of Scarborough is located in Cumberland County on the southern coast of Maine. The town is a coastal resort area. It is located about 7 miles south of Portland. Scarborough is part of the Portland -- South Portland -- Biddeford metropolitan area (About our town, n.d.). With a resident population of just under twenty thousand, Scarborough is the tenth largest city in Maine and the third largest in Cumberland County (American fact finder, 2012).

Comparative Fiscal Analysis of Scarborough, Maine

"The settlement of Scarborough was one of the earliest made on the New England coast. The town was incorporated in 1658 and was named for Scarborough, England. It included the lands of Black Point, Blue Point, and Stratton's Island and extended back eight miles from the sea. These boundaries have changed almost every century" (About our…


About our town, (n.d.). Retrieved from

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Pat Mora -- Curandera and Immigrants --
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Pat Mora -- "Curandera" and "Immigrants" -- are quite different and yet they both express the what it's like to be Latina and they detail experiences that are unique to Latinas in America.

"Curandera": A curandera is a woman of Latina ethnicity who practices folk medicine. In the poem, the curandera has bonded and her life has progressed with and is dependent upon nature -- the desert -- even though she lost her husband. Her craft is about healing, and the relationship to nature is powerfully presented around the theme of healing with folk medicine.

"Her days are slow, days of grinding dried snake into power, of crushing wild bees to mix with white wine." This could be suggesting monotony because she does the same thing every day, grinding and crushing, using the available resources of nature to help people heal. But the coyote and owl, too, do the same…

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Installing Handrails at Victoria BC Ogden Point
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Installing Handrails at Victoria BC Ogden Point Breakwater:

Zapco elding and Fabricating, a Victoria Company, has been awarded the contract to construct an aluminum and stainless steel cable handrail at the Ogden Point breakwater. The firm was awarded this contract because of the good price, capacity, and past working relations with the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority. hile it's a non-profit organization, the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority owns the property and invited 10 firms to present proposals for handrails based on its design, cost, and timeline specifications. Zapco elding and Fabricating has constructed handrails in the past at Fisherman's

harf and in the Inner Harbour (Petrescu par, 4). The main reason for the construction of the aluminum and stainless steel cable handrail at Ogden Point breakwater is because it will lessen the installation time and the duration the breakwater is closed. Despite of these goals, the project has attracted split opinions…

Works Cited:

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British American Tobacco Company Business Ethics the
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British American Tobacco Company: Business Ethics

The British American Tobacco company is a multinational company with over 200 brands that they have developed under the guidance; the company is staggeringly successful, selling 694 billion cigarettes in 2012 ( The worldwide company sees itself, and many would argue, rightfully so, as a powerful forces that has stimulated economies all over the globe in lasting and measurable ways: in 2012, the company's "subsidiaries enabled governments worldwide to gather more than £30 billion in duty, excise and sales taxes on our products, more than seven times the Group's profit after tax" ( Being a stimulus to the economy and a pillar of economic stability is something that company prides itself on: British American Tobacco has 44 factories in 39 countries, employing 55,000 people worldwide in a massive multicultural workforce (

The company claims that it gives each local factory a tremendous amount of…

References (n.d.). Homepage. Retrieved from 


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Irin. (2007, November 9). Nigeria: Govt hits tobacco companies with whopping law suit.

Contextualizing Fashion
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Contextualizing Fashion: London

The objective of this study is to become familiar with London as a fashion capital and opportunities for fashion retailing in London including the wide range of commercial outlets from the high street store to the fashion concept store.

This study will examine the flagship stores in London as well as the smaller boutiques in order to express an understanding of how shopping is contextualized in London.

Flagship Stores

London shopping is replete with Flagship stores, which are "significant, high profile developments that play and influential and catalytic role in urban regeneration…" (rown, 2009, p.8) The regenerational flagship project may be "a marketing tool for an entire area of a city, a large advertising hoarding, promoting th4e place for others to invest or spin. The flagship experience may be a brand experience and this may be critical to the luxury flagship store to unify the ultimate allure…


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Region of Megalopolis Urban Area in Northern
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Region of Megalopolis (urban area in Northern America) and its sub-Region of Nantucket (off Cape Cod)

This paper describes the geographic region of Megalopolis (urban area in Northern America) and its sub-region of Nantucket (off Cape Cod). It also deals with the history of Nantucket and the causes that led to the formation of the megalopolis in northeastern USA. Megalopolis comes from the Greek words for 'very large' (Mega) and city (polis). It basically means a very large city. Jean Gottmann, a Frenchman, coined this term to refer to northeastern USA extending from oston to Washington DC. The idea of Megalopolis existed in Ancient Greece where they attempted to create a very large city in the Peloponnese Peninsula. Their attempt was unsuccessful but the small city of Megalopolis that they created still exists. The concept of Megalopolis lies in the fact that cities are not viewed as individual units but…


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Rise of England's Military to 1688
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English military to the year 1688. In order to undertsand the history of the English military, we must first examine the history opf England itself. The military has always been beholden to political and cultural factors and several developments in technology have changed the face of warfare and, by extension, the development of the military.

In the year 1688, King James II was forcibly removed from power and replaced by William of Orange. James II was a Catholic, and determined to reinstate Catholicism in England. After the birth of James' son and heir, a party of elder statesmen officially invited William of Orange, a Protestant, to come to England with a conquering army to save the kingdom from the Catholic rule of James II. This was known as the Glorious Revolution.

efore England

efore we can examine the history of the English military, we must examine the roots of England…


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Compare and Contrast the Athenian Empire to Alexander the Great's Empire
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Athenian Empire to Alexander the Great's Empire as the two main efforts to unify and expand ancient Greece. Ancient Greece played a vital role in the civilization and culture of the world. They developed some of the things we take for granted today, such as democracy, art, and philosophy. Alexander the Great helped spread Athenian culture around the world, and its influence is still felt today.

The Athenian Empire was one of the greatest on Earth, and it became a model for civilization, culture, and democracy. Athens, the city the culture was named after, was the leading city in Greece, and a leading city in the world. The Greeks had a thriving trade center, they had wealth, they had a great navy that ruled over the rest of the area, and they had developed a democratic system of government. They had great buildings such as the Parthenon, and they enjoyed…


Mareli?, Marko. "Brief Athenian History." 27 Oct. 2003. 4 May 2004.

California's Coastal Ocean Region
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China Sample

California's costal ocean region is characterized with both positive and negative attributes. The California Coastal egion is along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. This area is a beautiful, desirable area to live in, causing real estate to be among the highest in the United States. In fact, this area was one of the fastest to recover after the great recession of 2008, due primarily to its natural beauty. In addition, the per capita income for families in the area is also usually higher than the general population in the country. This fact is intuitive as higher income families are those best able to afford the beauty and natural elements in which the California costal region offers. There are many rivers and streams that lead out to the ocean. The popular edwood Forest is also within the vicinity of the costal region. There are beautiful mountains and sand…


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Schools Districts and Education Boards
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Chicago's School Systems

"CPS recommends closure of four underperforming charter schools" is about the recent determination that four charter schools in the Chicago area will be closed. The reason for shutting down these schools is that they are underperforming, and not adequately serving the students that they are supposed to provide a quality education. Specifically, three of the schools -- Amandla Charter High School, Shabazz/Sizemore Academy Elementary School, and Larry Hawkins High School -- were on the Academic Warning List last year. As such, they were tasked with designing and implementing remediation plans to help their students to perform better. A review of those remediation plans, however, determined that they were not sufficiently implemented during the present school year. Subsequently, Chicago Public Schools has decided to revoke the charter for these institutions. The fourth school, Bronzeville Lighthouse Charter Elementary School, will not get its charter renewed because it has failed…


You have these, I don't.

Best and Worst Advertisements
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Integrated Marketing / Best and Worst Advertisements

IMC-Integrated Marketing Communication, is in practice all over the world at a very large scale. The main aim of this paper is to clarify the meaning of IMC, the impact of IMC, and how it differs from the conventional marketing communication. IMC adopts the consumer-based approach rather than the organizational-based approach, as such the focus is on paying attention to the need of the organization. IMC adopts the synergy approach over the isolation approach. Positive outcomes such as greater profitability, unique brand association, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, cost savings and increased sales. The major impact of IMC is on brand equity and organizational approach. However, certain barriers exist for the effective implementation of the IMC program (Naem et al., 2013).

Stage 1 Creative and Not So Creative Ad

Product: Cellular Service

Creative Advertisement: IdeaInternetLagoing. India Ko no ullu banaoing (You cannot get fooled…


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frances marion and female filmmakers
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Positively a enaissance woman with a background in art, acting, photography, and journalism, Frances Marion positioned herself at the forefront of early filmmaking in Hollywood. Her legacy lives on with more than 300 films in her portfolio and two screenwriting Academy Awards, and yet her name lacks the notoriety of many of her contemporaries. Marion's work in filmmaking helped to propel Hollywood from the era of silent movies to the world of "talkies," which was around the time businessmen and major studios started taking over the once-bohemian industry from early pioneers like Marion. Marion also came to fame during a time when filmmaking boasted gender equity in its ranks. Women in the silent era of filmmaking "directed, produced and edited hundreds of silent movies," and by some estimates more than half of all silent movies were made by women (Blakemore, 2016). Sisterhood, a conscientious effort to help other women in…


Beauchamp, C. (1997). Without Lying Down. Berkeley: UC Press.

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Operation Chromite
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Released in 2016 in South Korea, John H. Lee Jae-Han’s film Operation Chromite is about the historic Battle of Inchon, one of the central battles in the Korean War. The film is in most ways a typical war drama with requisite sub-plots involving espionage, politics, and military strategy. Similarly, the film serves to reinforce the prevailing narrative about the Korean War, depicting the North Koreans as being summarily evil and one-dimensional while holding the South Koreans, Americans, and other allies as being more complex as well as morally righteous. Although harshly criticized from a filmmaking perspective, Operation Chromite does remain true to the historical events that took place during the Battle of Inchon. The bold invasion did indeed serve as a critical victory in the conflict, even though it still did not lead to a decisive victory for the South.
Depictions of the Korean War in film and…

Nutrition Especially in the Treatment
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Studies also indicate that the people of this area are more physically active than most Americans, and they have extensive social support, through large families, that tend to keep people healthier and happier throughout life. While there may be other factors that contribute to the longevity of people who partake in a Mediterranean diet, designing a low-fat, healthy diet based on Mediterranean principles of little red meat, lots of fruits and vegetables, a glass of red wine now and then, and use of "good" fats like olive oil, can lead to a healthier, more active and enjoyable lifestyle. Americans can learn a lot from the Mediterranean lifestyle, if they only take the time to learn about it and make the choice to live healthier, more active lives.

In conclusion, the Mediterranean diet is a healthy alternative to fast food and microwaved meals that can promote heart health and weight maintenance,…


Counihan, Carole M. Around the Tuscan Table: Food, Family, and Gender in Twentieth Century Florence. New York: Routledge, 2004.

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True Meaning of Snow David Guterson Is
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True Meaning of Snow

David Guterson is the young, American author of Snow Falling on Cedars which heavily consists of human nature and human emotions. Snow Falling on Cedars, narrates the trial of a Japanese man accused of murdering a white man in the post-orld ar II era. Throughout this literary work, Guterson uses elements of nature: land, trees, water and especially snow, as literal and metaphorical tools to develop and resolve conflicts.

David Guterson uses the same aspects and characteristics of nature in two different ways. First he describes in visual detail the literal or actual effects that elements of nature have on the characters in the novel. But more importantly Guterson uses nature to convey substantial and symbolic meaning in the lives of the characters in the story.

One of the elements of nature that Guterson uses as a tool to develop the conflicts in Snow Falling on…

Works Cited

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Strategic Plan Part II SWOT Analysis
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With the advent of information technology, the ways different aspects of life work and operate have changed a great deal. The advancement in telecommunication sector have revolutionized and redefined the communication systems at all aspects around the world. The process of bringing the world closer that started with the invention of Morse codes has now entered an era of its own where distances of miles are bridged to a few seconds. This is the world of internet protocol. The invention of the internet and then its integration with the telecommunication system has redefined the meaning of communication and revolutionized the way it is done all together.

Blue Wire Communication Solutions Inc. is a company that deals in providing to comprehensive communication solutions, products and services to its customers. The customer base of the company includes both B2B and B2C customers. The company will be providing a diverse range of…


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My Motivation Towards Becoming a PA Personal Statement
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Physician Assistant Program Narrative

Personal Statement: My Motivation towards Becoming a PA

We all have dreams and aspirations. As a young child, my dream was to become a chef. When asked why I wanted to become a chef, my answer was always consistent; "I wanted to delight people by preparing them delicious dishes." As I grew up, I became more informed and my view of the world became clearer -- and it was then that I realized that deep inside, I wanted to end up in a profession that impacted positively on the lives of others. A profession that brought delight to those I interacted with. Then, something happened that completely convinced me that I would most comfortably serve in any of the helping professions. A couple of months after my 10th birthday, my younger brother got bitten by a dog in his face -- right below his left eye.…