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Work Standards Are the Foundation

Words: 3347 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 81415100

Operations and Supply Chain Management. Upper Saddle iver, NJ: McGraw Hill Higher Education. 13th Edition.

Wayne Norman, Chris McDonald. (2004). Getting to the Bottom of the "Triple Bottom Line." Business Ethics Quarterly, 14(2), 243-262.

L Wang, L Lin. (2007). A methodological framework for the triple bottom line accounting and management of industry enterprises. International Journal of Production esearch, 45(5), 1063.

5. Explain why the need to focus capacity on a fairly limited set of production objectives is the key to successful production

There are many factors that favor setting a limited number of production objectives to ensure a successful manufacturing strategy attains its objectives. The most critical are the many effects of manufacturing goals and objectives on the supply chain relationships and the many interrelationships in the supplier base (Jacobs, Chase, 2010). The greater the number of production objectives, the greater the corresponding complexity throughout any supply chain, impacting pricing,…… [Read More]


Ken Kono. (2005). Planning Makes Perfect. Marketing Management, 14(2), 30-35.

Florian Strehle, Bernhard R. Katzy, & Tony Davila. (2010). Learning capabilities and the growth of technology-based new ventures. International Journal of Technology Management, 52(1,2), 26-45.

Jacobs, Robert, & Chase, Richard. (2010). Operations and Supply Chain Management. Upper Saddle River, NJ: McGraw Hill Higher Education. 13th Edition.

Wagner, S. (2010). Supplier traits for better customer firm innovation performance.
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Marketing Valuation of Special Kellog's Cereal Marketing

Words: 1575 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69592636

Marketing Valuation of Special Kellog's Cereal

Marketing valuation Kellogg's Special K. cereals

Kellogg's Foods: 3

Marketing mix: 3

Product: 4

Price: 4

Promotion: 5

Product Differentiation: 5

Triple bottom line Strategy: 6

Financial, Social, and Environmental Factors: 7

The business case of Kellogg's Special K. cereals is analyzed to assess the effectiveness of marketing mix, key features of the business strategy, and growth factors. The history of Kellogg's Foods is briefly described along with the analysis of marketing mix. Later section provides a brief about the product differentiation strategy of the business. The recommendations for overall business are followed by the triple bottom line strategy. Finally conclusion is presented as a summary of the findings.

Kellogg's Foods:

The company started its operation in 1906 and expanded its operations in domestic market. The first international opening is remarked as its Canada operations in 1914. The innovative development in 1915 was introduced…… [Read More]


Advertisements, S.K. (2012). Feeling Good Never Looked Better. Challenging Images of Women in the Media: Reinventing Women's Lives, 3.

Aschemann-Witzel, J., Perez-Cueto, F.J., Niedzwiedzka, B., Verbeke, W., & Bech-Larsen, T. (2012). Lessons for public health campaigns from analyzing commercial food marketing success factors: a case study. BMC public health,12(1), 139.

Henriques, A., & Richardson, J. (2004). The triple bottom line, does it all add up?: assessing the sustainability of business and CSR. USA: Earthscan.

Kellogg's Foods.(n.d.).Cereals. Retrieved from:
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Organization Corporate Social Responsibility CSR Refers to

Words: 2291 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21246248


Corporate Social esponsibility (CS) refers to the relationship between a business and the society and how can both can benefit mutually through a joint partnership. Caroll (1991) suggests four different aspects to be a part of CS and they are economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic. The economic aspect is the basis on which the business is built while legal responsibilities are encoded in law. Ethical responsibilities include doing what is right and just and above everything, philanthropic responsibilities include being a good corporate citizen and doing something good to the society and environment that has nurtured the business.

In this discussion, the CS activities of two companies in the same sector are analyzed. The first company is Asia Pacific Breweries that owns the Tiger Beer brand of products and the second one is Carlton & United Breweries that manufactures the Victoria Bitter brand of beer. A close analysis reveals…… [Read More]


Brown, D., J. Dillard and R.S. Marshall. (2006) "Triple Bottom Line: A business metaphor for a social construct." Portland State University, School of Business Administration. Retrieved 28th September, 2010 from .

Caroll, Archie.B. (1991). The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility: Toward the Moral Management of Organizational Stakeholders. Business Horizons. Retrieved 28th September, 2010 from

Shoebridge, Neil. (2005). A Quiet Beer. BRW. Vol. 27 Issue 18, p65-65.

Antonia Magee.
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Marketing Management at Redwoods Group

Words: 1839 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34230702

Marketing Management

My organization is the edwoods Group, which is a specialized insurance provider. The company states its core purpose is to serve others, and its focus is to keep kids safe. They note that solutions to many problems are "often inconvenient for those used to doing things a particular way" and that edwoods "engages in uncomfortable conversations with people who are not ready to face these issues: public officials, educators, philanthropists, social service and business leaders" (edwoods Group 2013 eport). The company's main business is that of an insurance company, and as a risk consultant. In these roles, edwoods insures YMCAs, camps and community groups. Providing insurance to these bodies, edwoods is not strictly focused on profit-taking, but rather providing the insurance at a level that finances edwoods but otherwise the lack of profit-taking allows it to undercut other insurance companies in competing for non-profit insurance business. The company…… [Read More]


B Corporation (2014). The Redwoods Group. Retrieved June 5, 2014 from 

Martin, Diane & John Schouten, 2012, "Sustainable Marketing," Prentice Hall, online.

MSN Moneycentral. (2014). Berkshire Hathaway. Retrieved June 5, 2014 from 

Nager, Freddy, 2014, "Who cares and who matters: The 4Cs stakeholders analysis," in possession of the author.
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Statute of Limitations These Are

Words: 2517 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5026780

This seems to be serious, but most of the people committing the crime are being released by the courts. (Understanding White Collar Crime)

Question 3a: What is a FOIA request and is it likely to be granted?

The request is under the Freedom of Information Act, and it is targeted to the United States Department of Justice, and there is no reason to think that the Department of Justice will refuse to reply. The question is of political interference occurring affecting the trial in the last stages of the trial against the cigarette industry. Let us not assume that the Department of Justice is now being totally controlled by the politicians, and that is why they will stop from replying. At worst, there will be the appointment of a committee to investigate and look into the matter. Even that will help the cigarette industry as they will get more time,…… [Read More]


About Southern Research. Southern Research Institute. Retrieved at . Accessed on 17 June, 2005

About Us: A lasting partnership... born of dedication and cooperation. Retrieved at . Accessed on 17 June, 2005

Indicator Species. Department of Natural Resources. Retrieved at,1607,7-153-10370_22664-60298  -- ,00.html. Accessed on 17 June, 2005

Moral Hazard. Retrieved at . Accessed on 17 June, 2005
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Live Concert Analysis How Doing Good Makes

Words: 6286 Length: 23 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 68417534

Live Concet Analysis

How Doing Good Makes Us Feel Poweful and Poweless at the Same Time

Design Activism vs. Design fo Social Change

The Awakening Consciousness of Designes 1960's


Thee has been lukewam inteest in public sevice design, social impact and design activism. But in most convesations, all othe designs wok to enhance the standad of living of the people; some of it must be activism. The agument is seldom boosted by the notion that achitectue has been impacted by intellectual movements and ats fo instance, modenism which fuels an idea of a evolutionay society. These movements had ideal poposals fo society's efoms. They wee elated deeply to commece and aesthetics as well (Jose et al., 2008). Conside the diffeence between modenism and activism fo that matte. The modenism idea states that people stand equals to each othe, while society became united in evey aspect fo instance uniting laboes,…… [Read More]

references and charitable habits of Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomers and Matures. Convio and Edge Research. (2010).

Boehnert, J. "In the Front Line," Creative Review, October 2008.

Borasi, G., & Zardini, M. (Eds.). Actions: What you can do with the city. Canadian Centre for Architecture. (2008).

Brown, T., Sklar, A., Speicher, S., Solomon D. And Wyatt, J. "Design For Social Impact," (New York: The Rockefeller Foundation, 2009), 80-81.

Cowan, G. "Street Protest Architecture," Bad Subjects, January 2004.
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Sustainability in Iceland it Is Essential That

Words: 699 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7389807

Sustainability in Iceland

It is essential that modern businesses of all sizes focus on putting the planet into the bottom line. An article from The Economist suggests that all businesses, including small businesses like the bed-and-breakfast, should focus on implementing a triple bottom line. The first two are more traditional, with the first being profit or the bottom line of the profit and loss measurements. The second is people, thus being able to be socially responsible and take care of not only the organization of society as a whole. According to this article, "The third is the bottom line of the company's "planet" account -- a measure of how environmentally responsible it has been" (The Economist, 2009). The idea here is that we must take into account our environmental impact within our balance scorecard and other business operational practices. It is crucial not only to think of a profit and…… [Read More]


Corbin, M. (2001). Geothermal energy. Iceland Adventure Website. Web.

Emil, Siggi. (2013). How heothermal energy is used in Iceland. Water and Fire. Web. 

National Energy Authority. (2013). Geothermal energy. Geothermal. Web. 

The Economist. (2009). Triple bottom line: It consists of three Ps, profit, people, and plant. Idea. Web.
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Developing a Sustainable Marketing Plan

Words: 3159 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 19323519

Sustainable Marketing

LED Bulb - Marketing Plan

Marketing Situation Analysis

Desired Outcomes

Marketing Strategies

Action Plan

Implementation, Controls, and Evaluation

LED technology has made many breakthroughs in recent years. The most notable of which is its level of cost effectiveness. However, the initial investment required to implement LED light bulbs still exceeds the alternative market choices. Yet the total cost of ownership offers consumers sizable gains. The market segment that this marketing plan is catered to is composed of industrial firms who purchase items in quantity as well as consider such items as the total cost of ownership. It is reasonable to suspect that this segment will be the most receptive to LED technology.

Rationale for Research

LED lighting solutions were chosen because this technology represents the future of lighting. The LED bulbs offer better quality of lighting, have a much longer lifecycle, and require is significantly reduced amount of…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Angelie, A., 2010. Will LED Light Bulbs Best Your CFLs and Incandescents?. [Online]

Available at:  [Accessed 8 August 2011].

CO2 Now, 2011. Earth's CO2 Home Page. [Online]

Available at:  / [Accessed 8 August 2011].
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Ethics Stakeholder Management the Pyramid of

Words: 441 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 41387605

adhering to pollution or labor standards). Ethical standards are myriad but some examples can be paying a fair wage, competing fairly, and ensuring that the company does not market a harmful product. Philanthropic refers to the organization's obligations with respect to charity - for example donating some of its revenues to charitable causes, or becoming involved in large charity runs or other significant events.

4. The major social environment factors in business criticism are affluence, education and awareness. Affluence buys the means and the time to criticize. Education provides the basis for understanding the impacts of business. Awareness is taking the time to learn about the issues and apply the education to the cues in the world, reaching conclusions with regards to business activities. Each of these factors supports one another. Education and affluence are correlated, but more importantly the two provide people with the capacity to criticize business. Impoverished…… [Read More]

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Business Ethics Corporate Accountability

Words: 1902 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 97154684

Corporate Accountability

The corporate scandals of the last fifteen years have brought the issue of corporate accountability to new light, adopting at times a center-stage discussion. When the Bernie Madoff scandal broke, many professionals turned to the accounting department at Madoff Securities along with the auditors who had audited the firm before. Madoff was the one who admitted to stealing $50 billion dollars during the decades that his firm was open -- even though his firm hadn't purchased securities in over 13 years. Such an admission of guilt demonstrates that without strict and enforceable tenets of corporate accountability, $50 billion dollars really can just disappear. Thus corporate accountability is something that needs to be fostered both internally and externally: if it is only enforced and fostered in one way, then this imbalance is doomed to create failure along with other ethical sunsets.

In order to properly enforce corporate accountability, it…… [Read More]


Boehme, D. (2009, March). From Enron to Madoff: Why Many Corporate Compliance and Ethics Programs Are . Retrieved from 

Davidson, P. (2013, September 26). N.Y. accounting exec arrested in Madoff fraud. Retrieved from (2013, May). Corporate accountability. Retrieved from 

Jennings, M. (2006). The Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse. New York: St. Martin's Griffen.
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Dilmah Tea Stakeholder Analysis Customer Segments There

Words: 2604 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45244065

Dilmah Tea

Stakeholder Analysis

Customer Segments

There are two ways of looking at Dilmah's customers. The buyers -- to whom Dilmah sells -- are the supermarkets and wholesalers that carry the tea. The other customer group is the end user. Tea is a mass market product that is consumed by a broad swath of the population, and to the extent that there is a definable "typical" demographic for tea consumption, this will vary by market. Initially, the company experienced difficulty in attracting interest from supermarket chains, which would then have had to utilize a push strategy to convince consumers to buy the tea. Over time, however, Dilmah was able to build its brand, making it more attractive to both supermarkets and consumers.

The global hot beverages market is worth $69.77 billion and the two major segments (coffee and tea) are both growing (PR eb, 2011). The growing demand, combined with…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

Bajaj, V. (2010) . A Sri Lankan underdog battles global tea giants. New York Times. Retrieved May 11, 2012 from 

Datamonitor. (2010). Hot drinks in Australia to 2013. Datamonitor. Retrieved May 11, 2012 from 

Dilmah Tea website. (2012). Retrieved May 11, 2012 from 

Ellis, E. (2007). A cup of tea like a fine wine. Fortune Magazine. Retrieved May 11, 2012 from
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Udb Independent Studies Proposal &

Words: 3682 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 93486077

The previous studies that have been taken into account are the ones that have highlighted the concept of corporate social responsibility in its broad terms. How it can affect the behavior of the consumers in the society in an overall manner. In contrast, this study will focus on the effects that the corporate social responsibility has on the consumer behaviors specifically in the hospitality industry.

9. Outline of study design and methods

One of the main facts that need to be highlighted in this case is that the methodology will define the outcomes and the conclusions that are drawn from the study carried out. Thereby, it is realized that the choice of methodology is more objective so that better and more concise outcomes can be obtained.

For this purpose, interview and questionnaire will be chosen as the main methodology for this study. One other main technique that can be used…… [Read More]

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Carbon Footprint Qantas Carbon Footprint Researcher One

Words: 1487 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93091176

Carbon Footprint

Qantas Carbon Footprint

Researcher One

Corporate Governance

Qantas corporate governance statement mentions that Qantas has an appropriate corporate governance structure to ensure the creation, protection, and enhancement of shareholder value (Qantas, 2012). Based on this statement alone it seems as if Qantas does not promote a triple bottom line or any other measure of sustainability in the summary of their corporate governance strategy. Other firms in the airline industry make a stronger dedication to social and environmental issues in their corporate governance. Continental for example has significantly more mentions of such causes as well as a plethora of various projects to address these causes (Continental Airlines, 2012). Although Qantas does address such business functions later in their document, their corporate governance strategy seems to be more focused on shareholder value than a more balanced scorecard.

In response to pressures to mounting pressures to address ecological concerns about issues…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Airline Tickets, 2011. How Airlines Cut Costs. [Online]

Available at:  / [Accessed 5 February 2012].

Continental Airlines, 2012. Ethics and Compliance. [Online]

Available at:
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Nhs Corporate Social Responsibility Practice in a

Words: 2377 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46226002

NHS Corporate Social esponsibility Practice

In a contemporary business environment, organizations are struggling with the new roles to meet the needs of present generation without compromising the needs of future generation. Within a business environment, stakeholders are calling upon corporate organizations to implement operations that will meet the societal values and the natural environment. Organizations are also being called upon to apply principles of corpo-rate social responsibility (CS) in the business operations. Corpo-rate social responsibility (CS) is the process where corporate organizations demonstrate the inclusion of social responsibility and environmental concerns in their business activities. (D'Amato, Henderson, & Henderson, 2009). It is no longer acceptable for a firm to conduct business without demonstrating societal concern.

The objective of this report is to evaluate the current Corporate Social esponsibility practice of National Health Service (NHS). The report uses Carroll's pyramid models to demonstrate the effectiveness of NHS Corporate Social esponsibility practice,…… [Read More]


Bowie, N.E. (1999). Business Ethics and Normative Theories. Black well Publishing. UK.

Burton, B.K., Farh, J.L. & Hegarty, W.H. (2000). Comparison of a Cross-Cultural Corporate Social Responsibility Orientation: Hong Kong vs. United States Students. Teaching Business Ethics, 4(2):151-167.

Carroll, A.B. (1999). Evolution of a Definitional Construct of Corporate social responsibility Business and Society, 38(3): 268-295.

D'Amato, A. Henderson, S. & Henderson, S.(2009).Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Business. CCL Press. USA.
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Teamwork Training Theme and Leadership

Words: 1831 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86055519


Organizations have varying teams and work groups. These groups hardly achieve peak performance levels, and only a handful bear team attributes such as teamwork. This paper explores team training themes and provides a holistic perspective of Team Development and Teamwork solutions. The tools and programs proposed in this paper seek to help leaders and their teams to overcome common challenges in team operations, even as they discover solutions for success. The areas discussed in this paper span how to improve communication, maximizing resources, utilizing the creativity resource among team members, enhancing team alignment, embracing change positively and how to handle and overcome resistance. A well bonded team is a resilient, tough and productive machine. The list of the practices highlighted below are meant to help intact teams, mixed groups and cross-functional teams and individuals achieve high performance in the organization I work for.

Teamwork training Theme development

The aim…… [Read More]

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Future of Procter and Gamble's

Words: 2298 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 15777339

P&G also is leading the industry in patents specifically designed to increase the biodegradable nature of their products, more efficient production processes that generate less waste, and the continual improvement of sustainable business practice and process analysis (Keyes, Sykes, 43, 44). Using a portfolio-based approach to managing the specific aspects of their sustainability strategies, P&G has created a portfolio modeling framework used for evaluating the time to value or advantage of a given initiative by the integrated long-term benefit. Figure 2, P&G Portfolio-based Sustainable Business Practice Analysis shows the framework used for this analysis.

Figure 2: P&G Portfolio-based Sustainable Business Practice Analysis

Based on an analysis on the following sources: (P&G Annual Reports; filings with the SEC; 2006 -- 2012) (Keyes, Sykes,; (Damian, 54) (Cullen, Victor, Stephens, 50) (Riccaboni, Leone, and from the Gartner Report Achieving Competitive Advantage Through the Pursuit of Sustainable Business. (December, 2012) Stephen Stokes,…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Busco, Cristiano, et al. "Cleaning Up." Strategic Finance 92.1 (2010): 29-37.

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Joseph, Damian. "Score Two for Sustainability." Fast Company 2010: 54-.
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Procter & Gamble Sustainability Strategies

Words: 2632 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 9659894

P&G is looking to make the Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard methodology a global standard (P&G, 2010). To support this effort to make the scorecard a global baseline of sustainability measurement, P&G freely distributes Microsoft Excel models of the methodology and baseline analysis tools from their website. The foundations of the methodology can be seen in Figure 2: Procter & Gamble's Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard Methodology. The key metrics measured include energy, emissions, waste, water and an environmental management system performance ranking that can be used for evaluating supplier performance within and across product categories.

P&G has also differentiated this model by rewarding excellent business performance as measured by the key performance indicators (KPIs) first, while also using the methodology to evaluate areas where performance can be improved. The use of incentives and rewards for the top 400 suppliers at P&G have been announced and are actively being applied to supplier…… [Read More]


Jacobs, B., & Jordan, M. (2011). Green is the new color of the supply chain. Area Development Site and Facility Planning, 46(4), 29-31. Retrieved from

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P&G launches supplier environmental sustainability scorecard. (2010a, May 12). PR Newswire, pp. n/a. Retrieved from
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New Venture Opportunity Delish Confections Delish Confections

Words: 1491 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 71220088

New Venture Opportunity

Delish Confections

Delish Confections has been around since June, 2013. It is a newly established family-owned business in the heart of Gold Coast city, Queensland, Australia. Delish Confections is a craft bakery that promotes and sells a wide variety of breads, cookies, cakes, brownies, donuts, rolls, fillings, snacks, muffins, batters & coaters, spreads & smears, ice creams, pretzels, waffle cone mixes, carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, and numerous dairy and non-dairy food items. Delish Confections is committed to provide the highest quality of baked food, confectionary items, and beverage products at very competitive prices. The company is currently operating in 11 cities in Queensland State and has employed 73 people at its stores, offices, and production units.

SWOT Analysis for Delish Confections


The biggest strength of Delish Confections is its manufacturing capabilities and integrated product range. With the help of advanced production plants and machineries, Delish…… [Read More]


Jenny, M., & Scammon, D.L. (2010). Principle-Based Stakeholder Marketing: Insights from Private Triple-Bottom-Line Firms, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 29 (1): 12-26.

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Mu-hlbacher, H., Dahringer, L., & Leihs, H. (2006). International Marketing: a Global Perspective, 3rd Edition. London: Thomson Learning.
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Starbucks Current and Prospective Monitoring System

Words: 3278 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88131777

Monitoring System of Starbucks

Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

Monitoring consists of everyday assessment of activities and projects, while evaluation entails the routine assessment of attained undertakings. Monitoring oversees the amount of work done while evaluation oversees the impact of the work done yet. There are number of audiences to be tapped upon for information regarding monitoring and evaluating post disaster projects such as:





Afflicted community

In case of post disaster projects, monitoring and evaluation is twofold complicated due to occurrences like:

Project designs made in a hurry

aselines are often overlooked

The relevant data is unavailable

Yet, competent monitoring and evaluation can enhance a project's viability and motivate the stakeholders; they can assist in understanding the international public about reconstruction, knowledge which is short in supply. For normal circumstances, many tools and resources are present for monitoring and evaluation (Safer Homes, Stronger Communities: A Handbook for…… [Read More]


Dunphy, D., Griffiths, A., & Benn, S. (2007). Organizational Change for Corporate Sustainability. London: Routledge.

Gallopin, GC (1997). Indicators and their Use: Information for Decision-making, in Moldan, B. Billhartz, S and Matravers, R (eds.) Sustainability Indicators: A Report on the Project on Indicators of Sustainable Development, John Wiley and Sons, Chichester, pp 13-27.

Griffiths, A. (2004). Building corporate sustainability. London: ECO Futures.

Harris, J.M. (2003). Sustainability and Sustainable Development. U.S.: International Society for Ecological Economics.
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Multi-Channel Ussd NFC 2D Barcode RFID WAP Enabled Mobile

Words: 1245 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84798756

multi-channel (USSD, NFC,2d Barcode FID,,WAP) enabled Mobile Payment System with multiple payment gateway integration (online).

In this project, I present a product extension -- an extension on the existing mobile payment technologies and modules through the incorporation of a multi-channel (USSD, NFC,2D Barcode FID, WAP) enabled Mobile Payment System with multiple payment gateway integration (online).Corporate Social esponsibility emerged as a key component of such project.

A recent PEW study, close to more than 85% of the American adults own a cell phone (Zickuhr,2011).This kind f statistics means that mobile payment techniques are at the verge of revolutionizing global and local commerce in all sectors of life. In this project, I present a product extension -- an extension on the existing mobile payment technologies and modules through the incorporation of a multi-channel (USSD, NFC,2D Barcode FID, WAP) enabled Mobile Payment System with multiple payment gateway integration (online).


This innovation is…… [Read More]


Contini et al. (2011). Mobile Payments in the United States Mapping Out the Road Ahead. Available online at 

FDIC. (2009). "National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households," December

Raine, L (2012). Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project.PEW Research. 

Zickuhr, K (2011) .Generations and their gadgets.PEW Research.
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Business Ethics Corporate Social Responsibility and the

Words: 1567 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78632563

Business Ethics: Corporate Social esponsibility and the Triple Bottom Line

Picture two companies, Company A and Company B. Company A manufactures chemical products and has been on the receiving end of criticism and public outcry for the air and water pollution caused by its chemical manufacturing plant. Due to increased pressure, Company A devises a strategy to start a project that will enable all farmers in the neighboring areas to get clean water in an effort to give back to the community and reduce bad publicity. Company B. is a nonprofit organization which employs visually impaired and handicapped individuals to conduct research on strategies that communities and corporations can apply to conserve the environment. This company uses Braille technology and has come up with a variety of green strategies for both companies and the government. The community benefits from both companies but Company A embraces corporate social responsibility by providing…… [Read More]


Henriques, A. & Richardson, J. (2004). The Triple Bottom Line: Does It All Add Up? Sterling, VA: Earthscan.

Matteson, M. & Metivier, C. (2015). Corporate Social Responsibility and the Triple Bottom Line. Business Ethics. Module 3. Retrieved 17 February 2015 from 

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Scott, R. (2012). The Bottom Line of Corporate Good. Forbes Magazine. Retrieved 18 February 2015 from
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Human Resources the Role of

Words: 2677 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41857428

HR will need to have better guidelines in place for individuals in this new atmosphere (Kahnweiler 25-26).

However, there are and will always be two main components that the HR department of any organization will cover. The first is comprised of management, leadership and employee motivation and the other is the traditional realm of HR practices which include performance appraisal, training, recruitment and selection, as well as compensation management (salry and bonuses). In this regard payroll is usually located within the HR department in some respect and there is a certain amount of crossover between HR and the Finance area of any company in this regard. (Lajara, Lillo, and Sempere 38)

However, fundamentally HR is concerned with the human element and the return on investment (ROI) regarding that element has become a primary concern of the business world. Measurement of that return is not as clear-cut as it is in…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Boudreau, John W., and Peter M. Ramstad. "Talentship and HR Measurement and Analysis: From ROI to Strategic Organizational Change." Human Resource Planning 29.1 (2006): 25-34

Boudreau, John W. "Talentship and the New Paradigm for Human Resource Management: From Professional Practices to Strategic Talent Decision Science." Human Resource Planning 28.2 (2005): 17-26

Cabrera, Angel, and Elizabeth F. Cabrera. "Strategic Human Resource Evaluation." Human Resource Planning 26.1 (2003): 41-52

Colbert, Barry a., and Elizabeth C. Kurucz. "Three Conceptions of Triple Bottom Line Business Sustainability and the Role for HRM." Human Resource Planning 30.1 (2007): 21-29
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Ethics and Morality

Words: 1248 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70529310

Is it true that the "bottom line" of a business is profit and profit alone?  Perhaps it is for some companies, but the idea of the “triple bottom line” has been around for quite some time—and it refers not just to profits but also to people and planet. The triple bottom line has received renewed interest since the rise of the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) which refers to a company’s advocacy of and support for the values important to the “social, environmental and economic environment in which” the company operates (Castka, Bamber & Sharp, 2005, p. vii). When companies fail to consider the triple bottom line—the impact of their business operations on people and the planet as well as on profits—then they fall into that group of companies condemned by Feldman (2012) in his Sunday Review letter: such corporations fail to appreciate “how their obsession with the…… [Read More]

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Challenge of Managing All Stakeholders in the Context of a Merger Process

Words: 23212 Length: 80 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46964051

Managing All Stakeholders in the Context of a Merger Process

Review of the Relevant Literature

Types of Mergers

Identifying All Stakeholders in a Given usiness

Strategic Market Factors Driving Merger Activity

Selection Process for Merger Candidates

Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendations

The Challenge of Managing All Stakeholders in the Context of a Merger Process

Mergers and acquisitions became central features of organizational life in the last part of the 20th century, particularly as organizations seek to establish and maintain competitiveness in an increasingly globalized economy (Nevaer & Deck, 1996). Mergers are generally described as being the formal joining or combining of two corporations or business (Prichett, 1987), although both the framework and the method of merger vary greatly. The reasons for mergers are different based on what a company is trying to accomplish. The acquiring firm may seek to eliminate a competitor; to increase its efficiency; to diversify its products, services,…… [Read More]


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Public Organization the Word Policy Refers to

Words: 891 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1700290

public organization, the word "policy" refers to the direction that the organization is taking (, 2014). The organization has a mandate which serves as a broad sense of direction, but the policies it enacts are more specific actions that it undertakes. At some government levels, policy can be more generalized, such as a policy of promoting free markets, for example.

Organizations set policies, so the strategic direction that the federal government is taking with respect to environmental issues will affect other agencies or public organizations. For example, if the federal government has a policy to take strong action on climate change, it will initiate a number of policy initiatives that will seek to change the actions of the other public organizations. Many organizations can be affected by a policy, depending on the type of policy that the government enacts. A broad policy like one of budget cutting in order to…… [Read More]

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Social Entrepreneurialism and Sustainability

Words: 4420 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61337118

Social Entrepreneurship

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for life. How could you put this principle into practice through the development of a social entrepreneurship venture?

Development of Social Entrepreneurialism

Corporate Social Responsibility


Social Inequality

Social Entrepreneurship and Food

Social entrepreneurship was introduced in the 1970s to address the issue of social sustainably and the term "social entrepreneur." This analysis will begin by providing a brief history as well as a working definition for the concept of social entrepreneurialism. It will also discuss some of the related movements that have been working towards some of the same goals, albeit, from different directions to address various challenges in society and the environment. Furthermore, a more detailed overview of the exact challenges that are present in society that social entrepreneurialism can work to address will…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Available at: 

[Accessed 28 April 2016].

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Open-Ended Question I Don't Know About Organizational

Words: 1954 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19591150

open-ended question. I don't know about organizational thinking -- individuals think; an organization has no brain. I do know, however, that strategy is set within organizations on the basis of all manner of internal and external variables. Several frameworks have been developed to help understand how this process works, and if there are any differences between long-term and short-term approaches to strategy and environmental analysis. A dichotomous time-frame might be an oversimplification, since everything has a unique time-frame, but it works in a generic sense.

Environmental scanning is a critical element of strategic thinking at all levels of the organization. Porter (2008) devise the five forces that shape competitive strategy. These focus on competitive factors in the external environment, and competitive factors often reflect economic and social factors in particular. Intensity of rivalry, for example, derives largely from the competitive structure of the industry -- basic microeconomics. Social factors determine…… [Read More]


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Non-Financial Measures While One Would

Words: 387 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17424806

It supports innovativeness and flexibility, but at the same time attempts to ensure profitability in the long run." (Bhimani 2003:250)

The idea of the bottom line must also be changed to incorporate non-financial measures as well, otherwise this cultural change would be futile. Thus the concept of a 'Triple Bottom Line' has been created with three areas of responsibility: corporate, social and environmental, otherwise known as the three P's: People, Planet and Profit. This has been alternately termed corporate responsibility or sustainability reporting and "many of those companies vie for industry, national, and international honors, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, awarded to the world's most sustainable firms by industry sector." (Colbert and Kurucz, 2007, p. 21)

List of eferences

Bhimani, Alnoor, ed. 2003. Management Accounting in the Digital Economy. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Open Systems ISA Inc Due to the

Words: 1974 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49039016

Open Systems ISA, Inc.

Due to the delay of my understanding, I was able to complete the writing but haven't inserted the APA footnotes yet. I'm doing that now but I opted to upload the text first. I will use the message system and provide you with another version with the footnotes shortly. Sorry, but I wanted to show you it would be ready pretty close to the due date and time! You should have the second version with the footnotes in less than an hour.

Whether one goes to a large medical facility or to a free community clinic, step one is generally the same: Someone in the organization initiates both a financial and a physical assessment of your condition. It's as if the doctor needs to know your symptoms and what resources are at hand before he or she can even consider how to plot out their response.…… [Read More]

Burke-Litwin Model of Organizational Performance & Change (1992) -- The end result of the experiences of the past, this approach is seen as introducing a broad-based assessment of the best of the above. It introduces new or more refined constructs and anticipates the differences between an operational climate (which may be time or location specific) and culture in similar ways to how transactional and transformative considerations come into play. Invested with a strong theoretical foundation, this approach is deemed measurable and is nearly fully encircled with feedback loops that are now thought to be measurable because of their inclusion in the theories that support the complexity.


As previously noted, ISA is well appreciated because it deems itself responsive to both the patient and the circumstances (including costs) for prescribing and implementing a cure to what ails the many communities/clients that have waste disposal issues. It has learned how to maximize and resell what it reclaims and has survived into a market where the repurposing of recycled materials is now as cost-effective as finding the raw resources themselves. The company has experienced some quarterly profit fluxuations, but overall is has continued to grow in response to the needs and expectations of its mission, or perhaps more importantly, the varying levels and spectrums of its many missions that are thought to be highly responsive to the needs of its many clients. It is this variability in the company that has allowed it to be successful in the emerging environmental market and thus enable reviewers to diagnose its organizational functionality. However, because the conditions for environmental understanding and complexity are somewhat decentralized and tied to the needs of particular locations, it is best diagnosed using not the final, most interactive of models (Burke-Litwin), but instead the DIGB model. In diagnosing individual and group behavior that is specific to its various clients' conditions, it is possible to get a greater understanding of the dynamics of what is brought to each condition and enables them to adapt as needed to local requirements and expectations. The feedback they receive in being able to provide everything from basic transportation to appropriate uses of "each pound" of their reclamations allows for the kind of responsiveness that is tied to the actions and reactions of particular players. While it might generally be said that any environmental entity of this sort must be conceived of as being effectively without boundaries -- because of the diversity of expectations of their clients -- in reality, they appear to be operating within measurable expectations that exist at the time of their activity. In so doing, however, they appear to allow for growth and change that comes as communities or political forces bring about new expectations and as governing laws evolve.
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Shareholder and Stakeholder Values it

Words: 8113 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31668522

In other respects, however, the evidence does not readily conform to theoretical predictions. For example, if gross job turnover is taken as a rough proxy for labor market flexibility -- and since stringent EPL reduces both hiring and firing -- it is quite surprising to find that job turnover rates are very loosely related to EPL rankings. Most remarkably, not only are the estimates for Italy and France, at 21 and 24 per cent respectively, very high in absolute terms (one in every five jobs is either created or destroyed each year), but they are also extremely close to the estimates for the United States and Canada despite the much heavier regulation of dismissals in the European labor markets." (Bertola, Boeri, & Cazes, 2000)

Once the company settled into the Canadian market they faced the new challenges regarding labor. The Canadian business philosophy continued to be pro-union. In Canada, Wal-Mart…… [Read More]


Bertola, Giuseppe, Boeri, Tito, & Cazes, Sandrine (2000). Employment Protection in Industrialized Countries: The Case for New Indicators. International Labour Review, Vol. 139.

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Development in the World

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preferences by countries can led to different forms of the challenges that they face and the strategies they choose to address these challenges. However, in an increasingly globalized world, many modern challenges are increasingly affecting the world's population as a whole; like climate change for example. Thus the next generations of challenges will require solutions that involve an unprecedented level of global collaboration. Furthermore, these challenges can be thought of in terms of social, economic, and environmental challenges. This paper will briefly outline three development challenges that are facing development in the 21st century.

Climate Change

Climate change, also known as global warming, is an environmental phenomenon that has attracted significant global attention in recent decades. This is arguably an issue that can be thought of as an existential issue. Climate change stands the potential not only to threaten many animal species around the world in a new global masses…… [Read More]


AFP. (2013, March 14). Chavez 'devil' speech recalled at UN tribute. Retrieved from Nation: 

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Kabir, A. (2015, May 14). Democracy Departs From Bangladesh. Retrieved from The Diplomat:
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Ethics in Southwest Airlines an

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(Southwest Airlines Corporation)

The employees are always put first at Southwest Airlines, and according to the CEO Herb Kelleher, who was responsible for founding the company Southwest Airlines, the philosophy that employees come first is deeply embedded in the psyche of the company, and if the employees of the company are happy and contented and fully satisfied with their work, then they will most definitely take better care of the customers of the company, and this is exactly what happens at Southwest Airlines. When the customers are happy at the treatment that they receive at Southwest Airlines, they, quite naturally keep coming back for more, and this in turn makes the shareholders extremely happy and satisfied. The employees at Southwest Airlines are some of the best and most highly paid employees of any airline, and in general, all the walls of the company are always filled with several pictures of…… [Read More]


Abenes, Fiorello B. "Marketing Study of Southwest Airlines" Retrieved at Accessed 30 August, 2005

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100 Best Corporate Citizens for the year 2005" (Spring 2005) Business Ethics Magazine.

Retrieved at . Accessed 29 August, 2005
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Comet Skateboards - Innovative Entrepreneurships

Words: 1354 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72764267

In recent article in the magazine Grist, Comet's co-owner (with Salfi) Shaffer mentioned that he is the executive director of "Business Alliance for Local Living Economies" (BALLE). Shaffer explained that BALLE - which is interconnected with Comet's entrepreneurship processes - is an alliance of more than 5,400 entrepreneurs in the U.S. And in Canada who are "...dedicated to building "Local Living Economies" (LLE). These economies are committed to "the long-term health of a particular place," Shaffer went on, "whether it is a big city like Philadelphia, medium-sized town like Grand Rapids, Michigan, or a rural area like the Rogue River Valley" in Oregon.

Several of the principles of BALLE include promoting the "decentralized ownership of businesses," "fair wages," promoting news media stories that are "independent of corporate control," and promoting the idea that BALLE members buy from other BALLE members and BALLE entrepreneurs treat customers with dignity and respect, in…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Comet Skateboards. "Phoresia Interview with Jason Salfi." Retrieved May 3, 2008, at

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Community-Based Business This Discussion Will Cover Community-Based

Words: 2836 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35242858

Community-Based Business

This discussion will cover community-based business, overview of sustained community- based business, social enterprise, weaknesses of community-based business and success and failures of social enterprises.

A sustainable business can be referred to as a business that is operating within a friendly environment or take part in green activities in ensuring that every products, processes as well as manufacturing activities address the current environmental concerns adequately in as much as the profit margin is maintained. The description can be narrowed to; business that meets the needs of the current world while having no compromise on the future generation's ability so that they meet their own needs; or a process of assessing ways of designing products that are going to take advantage of the recent situations of the environment as well as the degree at which products of the company perform with renewable resources.

Some reports emphasize sustainability to be…… [Read More]


Berkes, F., and I.J. Davidson-Hunt, (2007). Communities and social enterprises in the age of globalization. Journal of Enterprising Communities 1:209-221. Retrieved April 6, 2012 from 

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Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. (1984). Obstacles and aids to the development of community business ventures. Community business ventures and job creation: Local initiatives for employment creation. Paris: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.
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Social Accounting Socio-Economic Accounting as a Term

Words: 3473 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56587133

Social Accounting

Socio-economic accounting as a term and as a subdiscipline of accounting is a relatively new phenomenon. It is sometimes confused with social accounting, which is an established field of accounting and economics. Social accounting was first introduced by J.R. Hicks of Oxford University in The Social Framework: An Introduction to Economics, published in 1942. The accounting research of the time interpreted it as the whole system of accounts and balance sheets of a nation or a region, the price and quantity components of these accounts, and the various considerations to be derived there from. Social accounting was basically associated with national income accounting. An examination of the early publications in the accounting literature proves that point. A general theme in the early literature is the failure of the accountant to be involved in social accounting. The presence of business in initiatives implicating social accounting is so pervasive today…… [Read More]


Bailey, D., Harte, G. And Sugden, R. 1994, Making Transnationals Accountable: A Significant Step for Britain, London: Routledge.

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Elkington, J. 1998, Cannibals with Forks: The Triple Bottom Line of the 21st Century, London: Capstone.
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Shanghai Disney Resort

Words: 3480 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 82156627

Marketing Strategies of the Shanghai Disney esort

Shanghai Disney esort

Brief History and Facts


Target Market for the Shanghai Disney esort

Demographic Segmentation

Psychographic Segmentation

The Marketing Strategies of the Shanghai Disney esort

Product Strategies

Integration with the Chinese Culture

Product Mix

The Major esort Segments

Entertainment and ecreational Facilities

Pricing Strategies

The Most Potential Customer Segment

Why Chinese Market?

Promotional Strategies

Segmentation for Promotional Campaigns

Selection of Promotional Mediums

Place Strategies

Overall Plan of Shanghai Disney esort

SWOT Analysis


Internal Environment (Strengths & Weaknesses)


External Environment (Opportunities & Threats)

Failed Market Strategy

Successful Market Strategy

Selection of the Chinese Market


Growth Strategy

Critical Analysis and Concluding Thoughts


Appendix 1: Introduction


Executive Summary

The Shanghai Disney esort is an upcoming theme park in China. The resort is being built by the world's largest entertainment corporation -- the Walt Disney Company. Consisting of theme parks,…… [Read More]


Clow, K.E. & Baack, D. (2009). Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communicaitons, 1st Edition. New Delhi: Pearson.

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Mullins, J.W., Walker, O.C. & Boyd, H.W. (2008). Marketing Management: A Strategic Decision Making Approach, 6th Edition. N.Y: McGraw-Hill
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Social Business and the Retailer

Words: 9885 Length: 34 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 5588703

Social Media etailing Applications: Opportunities and Threats

How Has Social Media Developed and What are the Benefits and Downsides of Using Social Media for etailers Today?

This study examines social business in general, how it developed and the benefits of using social media in particular. Second, this study provides a discussion concerning the potential positive as well as the effects of social business in the retail sector which is followed by a description of optimal business strategies for social media applications, the pros/cons of using these tools in the industry, and some representative case studies concerning companies that succeeded and some that recently failed in their use of social media. Finally, the study provides a summary of the research and important findings is followed by a series of recommendations concerning how retailers should use social media technologies in their own businesses in the concluding chapter.

Social Media Business Applications

Chapter…… [Read More]


About Honda. (2013). Honda. Available: . Last accessed 1 November 2013.

About Virgin. (2013). Virgin America. Available:

Baumann, M. (2010, June). @Twitter Discloses Business Model #Promotedtweets RT.

Information Today, 27 (6) 1-5.
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Pathway to Organizational Management With

Words: 2566 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45079564

Software is needed in order to reduce the need to execute slow, manual communications via phone, fax, courier and alike means. These tools are needed to automate processes such as asking for information from government entities, which frequently requires wide-ranging but redundant paperwork. By hastening communications, software permits title companies to serve consumers more competently and, in turn, serve more consumers without adding staff. In some instances, the software allows title companies to access real-time HUD information completely online, with no need for hard copy paperwork, using web-based interfaces that access the necessary databases distantly (Austin, 2012).

Another area that could be very helpful is that of placing online orders with vendors. The kind of system captures information entered by hand and applies the information automatically to a variety of documents, getting rid of time-consuming and superfluous work. The software automates document preparation for processes at dissimilar stages of the…… [Read More]


Austin, S.N. (2012). Software for Title Companies. Retrieved from

Environmental Benefits: Reuse & Recycling Ink and Toner Cartridges. (2009). Retrieved


Klein, M. (2010). 6 Business Benefits for Recycling the Big 5. Retrieved from
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Business Policy Strategic Management

Words: 563 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70797326

Strategic Management

Please discuss, in detail, what is meant by a hierarchy of strategy?

In any organization there must be a hierarchy of strategy when any strategy is designed on an organizational level because to implement such a strategy it will have to be coordinated on many levels. For example, the CEO or the Board of Directors may wish to push an organization in a new direction with a high level strategic plan. They could see an opportunity in the market and wish to better position to take advantage of the opportunity that they have identified. However, to move towards such an opportunity it takes effort from the entire organization and they must move in unison. Therefore on lower levels of the organizational hierarchy there will have to be tactical decisions made about how to best organize daily operations to move towards the organizational strategies that have been implemented on…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Haanaes, K., et al. "Making Sustainable Profitable." March 2013. Harvard Business Review. Online. 6 June 2013.

Harvard Business Review. "How Hierarchy Can Hurt Strategy Execution." July 2010. Harvard Business Review. Online. 6 June 2013.
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Social Business and Retailer

Words: 12746 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 58098465

Using contemporary illustrative examples from academic literature and reputable business publications, discuss the concept of "Social Business" and the resultant opportunity and challenges that are currently being faced by the retail industry globally.

Concept of Social Business

Concept of Social Business with etailers

Social Media and etailing

Best Practices in Administering Social Media

There is a growing body of research that confirms that companies of all sizes and types can realize a wide array of benefits from the use of social media networks. While the types and applications of social media experience constant change, social media content such as blogs and microblogs have become some of the more popular social media tools that have emerged in recent years. Although there a number of benefits and advantages that can be achieved through the use of social media resources, there is a concomitant danger that inappropriate or misguided content can backfire…… [Read More]


'About MySpace,' 2013, MySpace. [online] available: .

'About YouTube,' 2013, YouTube. [online] available: .

Anderson, DJ 2011, Winter, 'The Foray into Social Media: A Clinician, and Skeptic,

Sold,' Frontiers of Health Services Management, vol. 28, no. 2, pp. 23-29.
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Hb Fuller H B Fuller H B

Words: 2032 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84088195

So as anyone knows, higher prices always keeps addicts from continuing to use a product. So not only did the monster hybrid successfully sail the seas of a possible disastrous press package, but it also made more money on the kids that were addicted to the product in the first place. So in answer to the question as to whether or not H.B fuller conducted itself in a morally responsible manner, that would be an unequivocal no.

But let us have a reality check.. Twenty-twenty hindsight is always great, but everyone has to realize that companies are in business to make money and that process, although it may have some casualties, is the process that makes the world turn, so to speak. Could H.B Fuller have done things differently and achieved the same results for the company, perhaps not. Any changes they would have made, whether it be additives to…… [Read More]


Bauerlein, Monika (11 August 1993). The sweet smell of success. Retrieved March 27, 2008, from Web site: 

H.B. Fuller (2007) Company website. Retrieved March 27, 2008, from Web site; 

Material Safety Data Sheet Toluene (2007) Retrieved March 27, 2008, from Web site: 

McDonough, William. (____)
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Business Personal Moral Ethics When We Know

Words: 599 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28783746

Business, Personal, Moral Ethics

When we know something is right or wrong, good or bad, because of certain facts (not just preferences), we're confronting moral issues. Hurting people is wrong. Wanting vanilla ice cream is probably not, no matter that it may seem offensive to some of us sometimes. Social or cultural institutions that govern our personal principals are imposing moral standards that we can aim to achieve.

Business ethics, however, are different. They are operational guidelines and process expectations; and in many instances it is what one does to conform to this expectation that determines whether they are considered appropriate or not. The goodness or badness is business ethics is a much different issue, since even good business people can do bad things on purpose in search of bottom line profits and that is not necessarily seen as offensive.

When one basically blends these approaches and seeks to use…… [Read More]


Business and Human Rights Resource Center (09/28/2011). Retrieved from .

Johnson, S., Carey, P., Rogers, P., and Melvin, J., (8/31/2011) Investigators Slam PG&E over San Bruno explosion, Mercury News, Bay Area News Group. Retrieved from .

Wearden, G., (8/15/2011), Warren Buffett calls for higher taxes for U.S. super-rich, The Guardian, (8/15/2011). Retrieved from .
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Voluntary Disclosure Concept of Voluntary Disclosure the

Words: 3283 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39115686

Voluntary Disclosure

Concept of voluntary Disclosure

The law requires all companies to disclose their financial information, together with additional information either in annual, half-yearly and quarterly financial reports. In this case, the description that best fits such law a requirement is a typical example of mandatory disclosure of information. Apart from the mandatory disclosure of information, the annual report contains the voluntary disclosure of information. Notably, there are other opportunities that can be used for voluntary disclosure including conference calls, press releases, websites, and other corporate reports (Sharma, 2013). There are several definitions on voluntary disclosure, but this paper borrows a definition postulated by a FASB committee, which defined voluntary disclosure as, disclosures, mainly outside financial statements, which are not explicitly required by GAAP or an SEC rule.

Notably, in practice, the difference amid mandatory disclosure and voluntary disclosure is not crystal. For instance, it is possible for companies to…… [Read More]


ASX. (2014). ASX. Retrieved 5 January 2014 from 

Bagnoli, M., & Watts, G.S. (2005). Financial reporting and voluntary disclosures. Retrieved from 

Deegan, C., & Samkin, G. (2006). New Zealand Financial Accounting (3 ed.). Auckland:

McGraw Hill Higher Education.
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Tourism What Are the Many

Words: 3877 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 88980094

The 2007 BCB survey averaged out to 7.5 out of a possible 10 "with regard to the perception of the services it offers." In the section dedicated to Barcelona's "worldwide image" the 2007 survey reached 8 out of ten from those visitors participating in the survey.

Spain isn't the only attractive meetings tourism destination by any means. There are countries all over the world seeking to attract business travelers that are part of conventions, conferences, seminars and other business-related gatherings. China is also an appealing destination for meetings tourism. The Jiangsu Tourism Company spells out some "useful tips for Meeting Planning in China" (

The old Japanese saying, "The protruding nail gets hammered down" is linked by the travel service to the possibility that some business travelers that are part of a meetings tourism group may commit a "major faux pas" during the business sessions. Hence, the ebsite explains, one…… [Read More]

Works Cited "What is Adventure Travel." Retrieved Nov. 16, 2010, from . (2010).

Bawaba, Al. "Malaysia Still Has Room to Grow in Health Tourism, Says Liow." Malaysian

Government News. Retrieved Nov. 16, 2010, from GaleGroup.

Berger, Karen. "Types of Adventure Travel Tours: Challenges, Features of Soft, Medium, and Hard-Core Adventure Trips." Retrieved Nov. 16, 2010, from  (2009).
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Organization Behavior Internet and E-Marketing in Order

Words: 5409 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 641950

Organization Behavior

Internet and E-Marketing

In order to stay competitive, attract potential customers, and offer the products in a more tactful way, businesses have to incorporate effective e-marketing strategies as a part of their marketing and promotional efforts. Gold Coast Bakeries is a medium scale business corporation based in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It offers a variety of baked items for every type of customers and all food requirements. Gold Coast Bakeries can be regarded as a growing business in the Gold Coast region. But it has to face certain challenges and threats from different environmental forces and strong competitors in the industry. To survive in an uncertain business environment and compete with the industry leaders, Gold Coast Bakeries must incorporate electronic marketing for the promotion of its products.

As a part of its product strategies, it can improve their quality and taste while keeping the prices at their minimum…… [Read More]


Agarwal, A., Hosanagar, K., Smith, M.D., 2011, Location, Location, Location: An Analysis of Profitability of Position in Online Advertising Markets, Journal of Marketing Research, 48 (6):1057-1073

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Berger, J., & Milkman, K., 2012, What Makes Online Content Viral?

Journal of Marketing Research, 49 (2):192-205
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Managing Sustainability Bt Group in UK

Words: 4637 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52617983

These tiny particles are poison and damage the green effect. For the reason that they reflect solar energy back into space they have a preservation result on the world.

Ocean current is a problem because it has an effect on the greenhouse. Also, ocean currents are something that has been able to move vast amounts of all heat all over the planet. Also, winds are what push horizontally towards the sea surface and then also drive the ocean current patterns. There are as well interactions among the ocean and atmosphere can likewise create phenomena for instance El Nino which happens every 2 to 6 years.

Graph 4 a low greenhouse gas emissions in the UK

Earth orbital changes have an effect on the greenhouse management. The organization has been able to find out that earth makes one full orbit around the sun every year. The earth is tilted at an…… [Read More]


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Business Strategic Choice and Evaluation

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While luggage fees produced nearly $1.7 billion for the industry, Southwest drew the line. It made its Bags Fly Free strategy the focus of its promotion and advertising campaign (Mouawad, 2010).

Southwest's principal challenge going forward is going to be merging with AirTran and continuing to realize growth. The attainment of AirTran Airways by Southwest Airlines will join together two huge corporations and generate one even grander low cost transporter. The joint carrier will profit from superior markets of degree and the incorporation of processes will be supported by large fleet unity. The consequence is a carrier that is more ready to meet the confrontations of a more and more competitive carrier surroundings and take benefit of tactical occasions better than ever before. This arrangement will benefit all shareholders by way of a growth of low prices for patrons, chances for workers of both corporations and for providers and sellers,…… [Read More]


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Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Ethical esponsibility of Corporate America

Many organizations strive to increase their profit margins by doing everything possible (including unethical practices) to increase their revenues. Nevertheless, the past three decades have seen some organizations embracing CS (Corporate Social responsibility). This idea has become significantly important to almost every organization that seeks to increase revenues. Corporate social responsibility is also referred to as community responsibility, stewardship, corporate sustainability, corporate responsibility, accountability and corporate ethics among others. In essence, CS enable organizations to bring in people and the environment into their decisions, strategies and plans (Anyango Ooko, 2014).

In this paper, the use of the term corporate social responsibility will mean a set of actions by enterprises that are geared towards meeting the legal, ethical, economic, and discretional responsibilities that the stakeholders expect them to fulfill. They should undertake the economic obligations of producing profits, and meeting the consumption requirements of the people;…… [Read More]


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Business Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate

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Any business that pursues making a profit at the expense of the society in which it operates will find its success to be nothing more than temporary (Chapter 1: Corporate Social esponsibility and Business Sustainability, n.d.).

The idea of Corporate Social esponsibility (CS) is generally understood to imply that corporations have an amount of responsibility not only for the economic consequences of their activities, but also for the social and environmental implications. This is often called the triple bottom line approach. This approach takes into consideration the economic, social and environmental aspects of corporate activities. The meaning and value of CS often differs in various situations, depending on local issues including culture, environmental conditions, and the legal framework (Corporate Social esponsibility & Human ights, 2008).

Human rights are significant to the economic, social and environmental aspects of all corporate activity. Labor rights that require companies to pay fair wages influence…… [Read More]


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Products and Services That the

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This is because the public image that is created can be very good for creating a good reputation and company image. This is mainly fueled by positive consumerism.CS should therefore be integrated into corporate strategy.

Environmental problems

Food Packaging

Almost all parts of the industries that deal with packaging, not excluding food packaging, are facing several environmental problems. For instance, the shops that are dealing with fast-food are receiving a lot of pressure to minimize the quantity of the solid wastes that they are generating (Testin and Vergano, 1991). As a result, the company will result into numerous environmental problems. Packaging is indeed an essential part of modern life style. The loss from packaging is more rampant in the firms that process food and those in the system of distribution. In the countries that are still developing, packaging is a rare thing and sometimes, it does not exist. In such…… [Read More]


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Balanced Scorecard Despite Organizations Having

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There is also the need to make sure the funds are actually leading to the socially-driven and philanthropic goals being achieved as well. Where for-profit organizations commonly use balanced Scorecards for measuring their effectiveness relative to financial and operational goals, not-for-profit organizations need them even more to measure and report back on the progress to attaining greater social good (Weinstein, Bukovinsky, 2009). Arguably the increased pressure on not-for-profits to show not just a return on their investment in terms of social welfare but also show the funds were spent judiciously and without waste accentuates, intensifies the need for tighter reporting. As a result, there is the need to ensure a very high level of transparency and accountability in now the funds and resources of a not-for-profit are used. For all of these factors and the need for auditability of not-for-profit organizations' financial statements and ongoing activities, balanced scorecards are indispensible.…… [Read More]


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