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Warren Buffet Essays (Examples)

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Warren E Buffett 1995 There Are Several
Words: 643 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 49581590
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Warren E. Buffett, 1995

There are several assumptions Warren Buffett might have made when he purchased GEICO. He is famed for saying that acquiring executives think of themselves as beautiful princesses whose kisses will turn 'frogs' -- underperforming companies -- into handsome princes. Believing they can "release the imprisoned princes" (Hambrick & Hayward, 1997, p. 103+). He also said that he'd observed many kisses but very few miracles.

Why, then, might he have bought GEICO, a company admittedly perking along just fine without him, especially considering the acquisition premiums. In view of the increase in share price, it is likely Buffett was relying on the target's pre-existing stock price inadequately reflecting the value of the firm's resources and its prospects. This has been called hubris by some analysts, but it is hubris only if it fails. In the case of Buffett, it did not fail.

In fact, Buffett may have…


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Buffet the Making of an American Capitalist
Words: 680 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 36163508
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Roger Lowenstein's Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist which is the biography of arren Buffett. In addition to the actuarial math (of which Buffett is a master), the book is unique among biographies because it spells out the various qualities that have made Buffett such an adroit investor.

However, in the opinion of this author, the best quality that he manifested is the quality any good investor must have, which is to go long. hile Buffett has a number of remarkable abilities, including a veritable inexhaustible appetite for numbers and a photographic memory, many people do not have these and still become rich. The thing that Buffett shares with so many investors is this ability to invest for the long-term. In short, he is not a day trader. Rather, he is investing in businesses that he has made a commitment to. He wants to see them grow and is…

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Sears Kmart Merger How Do
Words: 725 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28762576
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In fact, Lampert is cited as still frequently drawing his top picks from consulting the shareholder letters of Buffet, and drawing from Buffet's advice to guide him in his own investment decisions.

arren Buffet is famed as the billionaire chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Like Buffett, Lampert is said to seek investments in "stable businesses with predictable income streams that have very strong brands," that are currently suffering troubled fortunes but are not fundamentally misguided in their core brand concepts (eiss, & DiStefa 2007). For example, in his own investment strategies, Buffet resisted the boom and bust, by and large, and so did Lampert. Buffet prefers companies that are traditional blue chips that produce products you can see, touch, and can count upon to build a customer base steadily, over time.

Likewise, Lampert has staked his reputation upon companies such as Kmart and Citigroup, amongst others, which were experiencing…

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Unleashing Human Potential Treating People Like People
Words: 2044 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55887680
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Unleashing Human Potential: Treating People Like People.

The idea that one can accurately predict the future performance of an organization based on a given set of variables is a very fascinating proposition. In many ways it's no different than gambling on a professional football team. In both cases the key variable or determining factor is personnel. The company with the shrewd, "vivid spirited" CEO and the out-of-the-box thinking sales team has the greatest chance of success, as does the football team with the uber-accurate star quarterback and the injury-resistant running back (Fisher).

This should, of course, come as no surprise. In theory it makes perfect sense. However, in practice, in the real world, prognosticating success is not that easy. For one thing, corporations do not operate in a vacuum. There are external forces in play, many of which are beyond a corporation's control, that affect their capacity to perform at…

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Charitable Contributions and Tax Benefits Unfortunately Much
Words: 1051 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1038639
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Charitable Contributions and Tax Benefits

Unfortunately, much of the elite of the upper class are afforded leeway and loopholes on tax obligations that allow them to pay much less percentage wise than other taxpayers in different income brackets. Much of this is due to the ability to use tax deductions, like charitable contributions in large amounts, to lower their annual personal incomes before taxes. However, many of the top contributors to charity donate above the maximum allowances for charitable deductions, showing a clear resolution to give based on ethics, rather than for the sole purpose of tax deductions alone,

Bill Gates is currently one of the top money makers in the world, yet he is also one of the largest contributors to charitable institutions as well. The amounts of donations Bill Gates contributes to various charities, including his own charitable foundation, is well over the top end limit of what…


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Diversification How Important Is it for You
Words: 674 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 39734249
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How important is it for you to diversify your investment portfolio? How would you diversify your investment portfolio?

Although 'the stock market' is often spoken of as a collective entity, in reality it is made up of a many different types of industry subsets. Furthermore, stocks are not the only assets investors should have: bonds, CDs, and more conservative and risky investments make up the full 'buffet' of available ways to allocate funds. The right 'menu' of investments will vary depending upon the investor's age, comfort with risk, goals, and other factors. "To build a diversified portfolio, an investor should look for assets whose returns haven't historically moved in the same direction, and, ideally, assets whose returns move in the opposite direction. This way, even if a portion of your portfolio is declining, the rest of your portfolio is designed to be growing. Thus, you can potentially offset the…


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Modern Portfolio Theory and Diversification
Words: 1082 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 25289036
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Portfolio diversification as a form of risk management is one of the cornerstones of modern investment theory. According to the theory, the ideally-diversified portfolio is 'deeply diversified' within each asset class and also 'broadly diversified' across all the asset classes within the portfolio (Simon 2010:2). Asset classes consist of "stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, precious metals and collectibles;" forms of market capitalization (micro-, small-, mid- and large-cap); style; sectors; industry types; and geography (Portfolio diversification, 2012, Investing in mutual funds). The objective of diversification is that "risk has virtually been eliminated within each class" by combining lower and higher-risk assets (Portfolio diversification, 2012, Investing in mutual funds). Theoretically, the perfectly diversified portfolio should incur no additional risks to the investor greater than what is posed by the general market conditions. There is always risk in investment, but portfolio management is designed to minimize the risk.

To achieve this objective,…


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Business Critical Thinking
Words: 1679 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 41575190
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Business Critical Thinking

To whom it may concern:

'Logically speaking...' How often do we say this simple phrase? There is a presumption that logic is not only good, but that the human mind can easily calculate the pros and cons of most decisions. However, the human brain did not evolve to naturally gravitate to an emotion-free, Spock-like way of evaluating options. "hen people face an uncertain situation, they don't carefully evaluate the information or look up relevant statistics. Instead, their decisions depend on mental short cuts, which often lead them to make foolish decisions. The short cuts aren't a faster way of doing the math; they're a way of skipping the math altogether" (Lehrer 2011). The sooner we admit this, the better we can cope with the challenges with which life presents us; the sooner a business organization admits this, the better it can guard against irrationality, or at least…

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America- Democracy or Plutocracy The United States
Words: 876 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 25660261
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America- Democracy or Plutocracy?

The United States of America is often hailed as the first and greatest modern democracy in the world. Most Americans believe that the United States is the example the rest of the world should emulate, and that it offers its citizens the power to make decisions through its free and fair elections. Yet at the same time, others say that the United States of America has ceased to be a democracy and instead become a plutocracy. A plutocracy is a state that is ruled by the wealthiest people, rather than by free and fair elections in which all citizens have an equal voice. Recent political developments have caused fear from those who believe the United States is moving toward plutocracy, but at the same time, other equally important developments have shown that it remains, at least for the time being, a democracy.

Although the United States…

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Fiscal Cliff Its Challenges and
Words: 2224 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 52499293
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S. It too had run into a deep recession and too sought ways out of it by considering tax options. In a similar way, both candidates running for the South Korean presidency in the 2012 presidential elections vowed to "to prioritise "national reconciliation," better "economic democracy" and social welfare" (BBC News (17 December 2012) South Korea's presidential candidates) and to do this via easing South Korea's income gap between rich and poor by adjusting tax burden appropriately. No wonder, that U.S. President Barack Obama congratulated her and stated that he "is looking forward to working closely with her administration on issues of mutual concern" (ibid). The two nations currently have a lot in common and Ms. Park seems to be treading the path that Obama has in mind.


Our recent recession goes by various names. It is called, in turn, the Great ecession, the Lesser Depression, the Long ecession,…


Condon, S. (December 19, 2012) the middle-class tax hikes in Obama's "fiscal cliff" plan. CBS News.

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ehavioral Finance and Human Interaction a Study of the Decision-Making

Processes Impacting Financial Markets

Understanding the Stock Market

Contrasting Financial Theories

Flaws of the Efficient Market Hypothesis

Financial ubbles and Chaos

The stock market's dominant theory, the efficient market hypothesis (EMH) has been greatly criticized recently for its failure to account for human errors, heuristic bias, use of misinformation, psychological tendencies, in determining future expected performance and obtainable profits.

Existing evidence indicates that past confidence in the EMH may have been misdirected, as the theory's models do not show a thorough understanding of trading operations in a realistic light.

Researchers have suggested that a variety of anomalies and inconsistent historical results demand that traditional financial theories, namely the EMH, be reconstructed to include human interaction as a key decision-making process that directly affects the performance of financial markets.

This research paper aims to determine whether or not there is a…


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Coca-Cola Company Struggles With Ethical Crises
Words: 2013 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62218093
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Coca-Cola Company. Specifically it will discuss and analyze the case study, including relevant facts and recommendations regarding the study. Coca-Cola is one of the most well-known and famous brands in the world, and it has been in existence since the late 1800s. This case study indicated that it faced several ethical issues in the last decade that eroded its credibility and created strife inside and outside the company.


The facts of Coca-Cola are legendary. One writer notes, "Both the Coca-Cola brand and company took an early lead in the soft-drink industry, for the brand achieved national distribution early on and the company has consistently dominated the industry" (Wolburg, 2003). Coca-Cola is one of the world's leading soft drink manufacturers, and they sell their product in at least 200 countries worldwide. They were the leading soft drink company for decades, and their main rival is PepsiCo, who they have been…


Author Unknown. The Coca -- Cola Company Struggles with Ethical Crises.

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Social Commentator Thomas Frank Has Published an
Words: 1425 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95201510
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social commentator, Thomas Frank, has published an insightful article in the February, 2011 issue of Harper's magazine assailing the members of what he describes as the privileges class in America failure to exhibit empathy and understanding for the plight of the working and middle class. In the article, entitled "Servile Disobedience," Frank states, "The rich are different from you and me (T. Frank). They are ruder and less generous. They don't get what others are thinking and apparently they don't really care." In offering these comments, Frank echoes the thoughts offered many years before by the writer and poet, Ralph aldo Emerson. Emerson saw the United States as being infected with "selfishness, fraud and conspiracy (Emerson)."

Frank in his article laments that, "e need the rich to be nicer. e need the rich to discover brotherly love, and fast." He recognizes that among the rich there are a number who…

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Economic Times and in Bad
Words: 900 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 39967300
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Warren Buffet, for instance, earned $46 million last year and was taxed a mere 17.7 per cent, while his secretary who earned $60,000 was taxed 30%. Buffet, after all, super rich as he is, is not working making his money instead from investments, capital gains and dividends that, as imposed by the bush administration, are taxed at rates that are as low as 15% (Grosz, 2012). This kind of treatment should be reversed. There will be political reactions from the most wealthy and powerful in the nation. This needs to be withstood and may not have long-term ramifications.

Health insurance - Given the difficult economic times and its cumulative debt as well as given rising cost of health insurance and rising amount of people who need it, the U.. government may well decide to make its conditions for receiving health insurance even more rigid. Consequently, less people will be qualified…

Smithotown patch (April 3, 2013) Restored High Tax Aid Drops Smithtown School Budget Deficit to $2.7M 

Zellizer, J. (2010) Arsenal of Democracy. Basic Books, NY

Mcdonald's Corporation
Words: 13617 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31305261
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McDonald's Corporation

This is an attempt to study the history and development of one of the great institutions of United States and a part of the images of the country that has spread in the whole world. As is well-known, the dominance of the world by United States came after the Second World War when the traditional leaders of United Kingdom and Germany lost their predominant positions due to the destructions of the war, and the impact of change in economic order due to the freedom of many countries. This was the freedom of the colonies and United States had been one of the first colonies to be free, and the former colony became the leader, along with Russia which was the pathfinder of the failed social and economic structure of communism. It was a contest between the two to prove the relative superiority of the two systems, and the…


McDonald's Marketing Strategies. [Internet]

Available from [Accessed 24 April 2004]

McDonald's keep thinking up good deals for their customers nowadays due to the drop in sales and reduction of margins that the company is facing, and one of that is to provide extra benefits to their customers, and this is often achieved by increasing the quantity served by just adding item quantities at a very low price.

Fascinating Mcfacts about McDonald's International. The Times November 11, 1996

Ethics Insider Trading the Ethics
Words: 778 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50846548
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Speculating has become such a common practice in the stock market that it is an essential element of a proper stock market. It is doubtful that the stock market values would be anywhere near its current value if not for speculation.

Goldman Sachs Investigation

The Goldman Sachs investigation inquires into whether traders at a number of hedge funds and trading firms, improperly gained nonpublic information from Goldman Sachs (who gained the information from industry informants) about pending health-care, technology and other merger deals.

In the Goldman Sachs situation, certain traders benefited from privileged information of impending mergers by buying stock on those mergers before the merger was officially announced.

Thus, they were able to acquire a promising stock at a lower price than they would have otherwise. They profit by selling the stock after the merger announcement induces other traders to buy the stock and push the stock price up.…


James B. Stewart, Why Practice Insider Trading? Just Watch Warren Buffet Instead. Wall Street Journal Online. May 5, 2011.

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Executive Bonuses When the Bush
Words: 1293 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65611749
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hen he, representing the de facto shareholders the American taxpayers, found the executive compensation plans were out of line with the objectives of said shareholders, he acted.

In the free market system, this is the only response. Shareholders have rights and duties as the owners of companies. The executive team acts as their agents. The shareholders have not only the right but the capability to fire boards of directors and by extension executives whose compensation does not match their performance. The public outcry with respect to excessive compensation typically occurs when shareholders neglect their duty. Yet, there are examples where the shareholders have upheld their duty. These firms -- the majority -- do not make headlines, giving the impression that executive compensation is a rampant problem in society. If a company dares to pay bonuses will laying off workers or reducing their wages, the outcry hits the front page. However,…

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American Express the First Surprise
Words: 1417 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 34384125
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Why Did American Express succeed in the U.S.A. And Internationally?

It succeeded because the company established an outstanding reputation in its core businesses very early in its lifetime. It also took advantage of the competition during both World Wars to support its customers with financial assistance when they needed it. Its business decisions, all told, were solid. It divested itself of non-profitable segments when necessary, and put the emphasis always on its core businesses -- travelers' checks, its travel business, and credit cards. AmEx has maintained flexibility as well in adapting to consumer's demands and the needs of its business, such as issuing the revolving credit card when that segment might have failed.

oday it is one of Forbes Magazine's top 100 companies.

How is American Express surviving the 2008-2009 Economic Crisis?

Diversification of its business. he American Express credit card business in the U.S. dropped 96% from early 2007…

Though, because of the poor economic times, AmEx has had to sell a significant quantity of its stock in one of China's main banks, there is no discussion of its pulling back from China. The layoffs, budget cuts and gathering together of cash is just something most smart companies do in times like these, according to American Express management.

In March, 2009, American Express reaffirmed its intent to expand its business in China and the Asian continent, and to build an even stronger credit card presence in that region.

Only the length and depth of the current worldwide economic crisis will determine when (if) that will happen. It is American Express' desire and the Chinese financial institutions support the AmEx' efforts there. However, in the end, business is business, and the financial bottom line will determine the scope of the AmEx presence in the most populous continent in the world.

Human Resources Companies That Pursue
Words: 1312 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42374131
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The act contains a prescription drug entitlement. This is accomplished by providing subsidies for employers to convince them not to eliminate prescription drug benefits for retired workers. Further subsidies were made to prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries. Extra money was given to rural hospitals. The act also provided for a trial of partly-privatized Medicare.

Another result of the act was the creation of health savings accounts for workers. These replace company-run health reimbursement arrangements, and the HSAs offer advantages over flexible spending accounts, especially because the former rolls over where the latter does not. This part of the act was designed to replace the Medical Savings Account system. Lastly, there were internal changes such as with respect to the way claims are processed.

This law is a good law. hile expensive for the federal government because of its prescription drug provisions, it introduced the HSA system, which represents an improvement…

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Leadership in American Business Specifically
Words: 2377 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95856454
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By channeling his energy in another direction, Gates shows that he is not a one-dimensional leader only involved in promoting his company, but a three-dimensional leaders interested in helping the world be a better place. Just one of the programs that has gained media attention is the eradication of malaria, a disease almost non-existent in America but still prevalent in many other parts of the world. Another writers notes, "Malaria strikes 300m people every year, mainly in the farming parts of Africa where mosquito eradication programmes are nonexistent. Of those infected, 1.1m die, most of them children below the age of ten" (Vesely, 2003). The Gates Foundation, along with pharmaceutical companies, are committed to eradicating this, and other diseases such as smallpox, that have been out of control in many other parts of the world, largely due to a lack of funding and support.

Ultimately, Bill Gates leadership style is…


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Harvard MBA Management Statement Personal
Words: 1409 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82170037
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Therefore, many of those whose homes are most at risk are victims of their need to live beyond their realistic financial means, mainly for the sake of living up to a social image and impressing their neighbors.

In principle, the issue pointed out by Einstein applies equally to "overly ambitious" first home buyers in the half-million dollar range as to Wall Street debt traders for whom that same amount represents the price of water craft more than primary residences. Obviously, the comparison was not something completely foreign to me before, but the words of Einstein impressed the idea on me in a more meaningful way nevertheless, especially in combination with some of his other observations, such as:

The aim (of education) must be the training of independently acting and thinking individuals who, however, can see in the service to the community their highest life achievement.... Never regard your study as…


Crown (1982) Albert Einstein: Ideas and Opinions

Arundel Partners Is Taking Under
Words: 1637 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92415483
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if, hypothetically speaking this number is 100 trees for each option, the cumulated value of both options is:

PV5 option 1 + PV5 option 2) * 100 = (21.6 + 20.78) * 100 = 4,237.9

PV10 option 1 + PV10 option 2) * 100 = (23.47 + 21.62) * 100 = 4,507.6

The comparison's results suggest that cutting the trees after 10 years maximizes the Mr. Smith's tree value. It also seems that the tree value is increasing in time and the growth rate is increasing in time, which implies that the more Mr. Smith can wait before cutting the trees the higher their value will be at the cutting moment.

Thinning the forest will lower their total value. However, the thinning will also relieve the cost burden. Assuming that Mr. Smith cuts half of the forest growing according to option 2, the total tree value in:

year will be…

Reference List

Ochoa, C.M. 2007. Valuation: From the Discounted Cash Flows (DCF) Approach to the Real Options Approach (ROA). GRUPO DE INVESTIGACI N. EN FINANZAS Y BANCA - EAFIT. 



Soi Your Preparation and Background
Words: 840 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92664352
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Your academic or professional goals and reasons for your choice of career.

When I prepared my first business plan for Tashrostans last year, the gaps in my financial education became apparent. The MBA will prepare me for the Finance Manager position at Tashrostrans, which is sponsoring my MBA program. Thus, mastering micro-financial processes in an academic environment is my primary short-term goal.

One of the main reasons why I want a financial management position is to improve the outlook and future earnings of Tashrostans, with corresponding positive effects on the growth of the Uzbek economy. A financial managerial position a leading manufacturing firm in Uzbekistan will in turn prepare me to accomplish my long-term ambition of working in corporate finance with a larger multinational firm.

An MBA from Marriott will therefore allow me to ultimately make a concrete and substantial contribution to Uzbekistan's economy. Economic development will enormously improve the…

Ethical Describe an Issue Where
Words: 755 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69790195
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If the acquire, has been granting options as part of its compensation packages." (Morgensen, 1998) This is important, because it shows how these kinds of changes are highlighting a lack of ethics inside corporate America.

Once this begins to take place, it is sign that the moral fabric of the country is eroding. As more executives are lured into following different practices, despite the fact that they are giving them an unfair advantage over everyone else. This is a sign that the values inside a variety of corporations has completely shifted from: benefiting shareholders to increasing the amounts of compensation that select groups of employees are receiving. Over the course of time, this is used to change the views that executives have about: a host of different activities and the way their employer is dealing with them. (Poerio, 2006)

oth the general public and regulators have been aware of this…


Morgensen, G. (1998). Stock Options are Not Free. Forbes. Retrieved from: 

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Google Strategy for Defense Google
Words: 923 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9221542
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Noting some of the limitations of Microsoft's browser, Google set out to create its own browser that would not only outperform Internet Explorer but would also favor its own search engine (Martellaro). Google is in the process of expanding the Chrome brand into Chrome OS, an operating system designed to compete with Microsoft Windows but tailored towards the niche market of netbooks.

The most recent phase of Google's "moat" strategy is Google+, the company's new social media platform. Its direct competition is Facebook, a company whose product does not directly affect Google's search engine market but whose monopolistic hold on the social media sphere potentially cuts off Google from marketing and expansion opportunities. Google+ has a search engine-related feature that allows users to search shared content. It has been tremendously successful since its launch in June of this year; in the past five weeks, it has acquired over 10 million…


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Disclosure Principle in Accounting Is the Standard
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disclosure principle in accounting is the standard adopted by the accounting profession, which "calls for financial reporting of any financial facts significant enough to influence the judgment of an informed reader" (Kieso, Weygandt, & Warfield, 2007). Obviously, this definition is a very subjective one, because the reporting entity makes the determination of what facts are significant enough to influence an informed reader. "To reduce the amount of disclosure, it is customary to only disclose information about events that are likely to have a material impact on the entity's financial position or financial results" (Accounting Tools, 2011). However, the principle is not meant to be narrowly interpreted, and may require a company to report things that cannot be reduced to numbers on a balance sheet. For example, "this disclosure may include items that cannot yet be precisely quantified, such as the presence of a dispute with a government entity over a…


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Television's Hit Series the Apprentice
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That relieves all the pent-up anxiety of a Trump wannabe. Therefore, such a viewer remains content with his or her current life, acquiescing to (and as a result reinforcing) current hegemonic power structures (i.e., the real power of big corporations, and corporate players like Trump, over all the rest of us)).

"The Apprentice" is especially successful at pro-hegemonic reinforcement, moreover, since it focuses on a subject we all (except for those born independently wealthy, or winners of huge lotteries) recognize and experience day-to-day: work. Hegemonic power of corporate workplaces, and, by association, a national government that allows, and encourages, corporate uses and abuses of power, are validated by "The Apprentice's" implicit suggestion that a high-powered corporate career, the higher paid and more prestigious the better [the stuff that makes the Ken Lays of the world tick], is exciting, fun, glamorous, where the winners are, and something to aspire to, rather…

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Marx Weber Does Max Weber
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Society was more complex than a world divided merely into workers, aristocrats, and clergy, and contained many classes, from workers to owners to civil servants to politicians to aristocrats. Marx saw the major difference after the Industrial Revolution to be that of a shift from agriculture to industry, although the inequities and exploitation of the class possessing the means of production remained constant. But as a result of the complexity created through industrialization, eber believed social power had become more diffuse. Social power and classes were not based simply upon land ownership, money and wealth. Social power also rested in social prestige and political power and influence. (Bartle, "Community Empowerment: Lecture Notes, Marx and eber -- Inequality, 2006) Social classes were not fixed entities. A person's power and class allegiance could shift quite rapidly, depending upon one's immediate context.

eber might argue, for example that some persons who are not…

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Rules America Bill Domhoff Outlines
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Thus, investors are taxed at low rates and CEOs receive high pay specifically because they deserve it.

Thus, the facts are not contested by any side of this debate. The reality is that one must draw the line somewhere with respect to what sort of society one prefers to live in. The wealthy seek political power because they want to design a society in which they receive most of the benefits of opportunity while avoiding as much of the cost (taxation, regulation) as possible. Their ideal society probably already exists somewhere in the developing world, but alas American voters have sought to strike a more balanced approach to opportunity and cost. Many Americans -- some of them among the wealthy -- argue that too much wealth disparity is harmful to the country. First, as many Americans as possible should have the opportunity to succeed, something that does not come from…

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Corporate Sustainability Summary of the Purpose of
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Corporate Sustainability

Summary of the purpose of Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Reporting corporate sustainability is one of the best ways to ensure that a company is not only doing well financially in the present but also in securing a better and more certain future. The reporting of corporate suitability ensures that the current needs of the organization are effectively met without comprising future needs of the organization. Reporting on corporate sustainability also ensure that organization are able to keep up with all changes in the industry, with ensuring that new innovations have been developed, maintained and employed in the daily operations of the organization. Corporate sustainability is developed on a grid developed to ensure that the future is secure, and that the organization will survive for a long time.

Corporate sustainability also encompasses the assessment of current and future risks that the organization is likely to endure. As such, a majority…


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Forefathers Founded This Great Nation They Did
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Forefathers founded this great nation, they did so with the intention of creating a nation full of liberty where the pursuit of happiness was available to all, not just a selected few. Since the formation of our government and country; entrepreneurs and business people have amassed large fortunes and have accrued immense riches by using the hard manual labor of the lower classes who work hard, sometimes for the bare minimum. I am not opposed to the spirit of entrepreneurship or of someone being wealthy. hat I am opposed to is the behavior and actions of certain wealthy individuals and interest groups that influence politics in a manner that allows their business to flourish while at the same time suppressing the lower classes.

It is not common for tax increases to come at the expensive of the higher classes. In fact, before the proposed Obama Administration tax increase on the…

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Role of Technology in Corporate and Social
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ole of Technology in Corporate and Social esponsibility

Insider trading. The insider trading case that has become most prominent is that against aj ajaratnam who ran the hedgefund Galleon Group, and was charged along with his co-defendant, Danielle Chiesi, a former consultant with New Castle Funds, LLC ("Insider Trading," 2010). ajaratnam was convicted of 14 counts of insider trading, which makes this case the largest scheme concocted by a hedge fund ("Insider Trading," 2010). ajaratnam's sentence was 11 years in prison accompanied by a $10 million fine ("Insider Trading," 2010). ajaratnam was part of a "triangle of trust" that functioned as a deliberately corrupt business model in which inside information is fed through networks of experts to traders within various companies ("Insider Trading," 2010). Along with five others, ajaratnam worked with a network of consultants and insiders to net in excess of $20 million between the years 2006 to 2009…


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Book Why Can't We Make Money in Aviation
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Aviation Book

According to Pilarski (2007), "the financial situation of the airline industry, especially in the U.S.A., has been between disaster and catastrophe," (p. 3). Financial wizards like Warren Buffet have made "bombastic pronouncements" related to the economic illnesses of the airline industry (9). Dynamic entrepreneur ichard Branson, himself seduced by the desire to own an airline, has likewise stated, "How do you become a millionaire? Start as a billionaire, and then buy an airline," (cited in "In-Depth Drilldown Of The Airline Industry - Part 1, 2012). Airline companies operate with razor-thin profit margins, if any at all. Moreover, the situation was bad enough befofre but has grown worse since September 11. "Since 9/11, we've seen tremendous changes surrounding the airline industry: security, regulations, and operational costs. Overall, these variables have had tremendous, and far-bearing, negative impacts on the industry," ("In-Depth Drilldown Of The Airline Industry - Part 1," 2012).…


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Fabianism and Social Democracy
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Fabianism and Social Democracy

Fabianism and social justice

Fabianism was an early form of socialism that was espoused by many 19th century intellectuals, including George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde. The 19th century was an era of tremendous social injustice. Capitalism was virtually unregulated, and it was not unusual for men and women to work ten hour days or more. Child labor was widespread. It was accepted that there would be a chasm between the haves and have-nots, in terms of income, rights, and quality of life. One response to this state of injustice was Marxism or a vision of a classless society after a violent overthrow of the ruling classes. In contrast, the Fabian brand of socialism was a gradualist vision, which viewed reform from within as the best method of realizing social justice. Fabians believed that by agitating for the rights of the working classes, women, and oppressed…

People Development
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Management's Role In ringing About est Practice Approaches To People Development

Humans are our greatest asset, but a constant challenge is to recognize that fact within an organization and to bring about best practices methods of achieving the greatest contribution from the human assets.

This paper will examine the methods by which the most can be taken from human assets and the ways in which people development can peak.

Management style and thought is, contrary to popular belief, one of man's oldest areas of study. One of the earliest recorded examples is Confucius himself who in 500 .C. attempted to persuade the feudal kingdoms of ancient China that a successful and powerful leader had to be humane, benevolent and just. Needless to say, it took his ideas a significant amount of time to catch on.

ut Confucius was in this respect, as in most respects, phenomenally ahead of his time.…


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Leadership Within the Context of a Globalized Environment
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Organizational Leadership and Performance

The environment in which leaders of today operate is increasingly global. It is important to note, from the onset, that today's globalized environment significantly differs from the environment business operated in a couple of decades ago. In addition to being fast-paced, today's business environment is also more competitive and complex. The demands of the current era have meant that leaders of today must embrace new leadership approaches -- different from those applied by their predecessors two or three decades ago.

The Need to Appreciate Diversity

Today, every leader, as Daft (2014, p. 326) points out, "needs to understand the complexity of diversity issues, learn to create an inclusive culture, and support the development of minorities…" Unlike was the case a few decades ago, today's leaders are expected to lead teams of individuals, all of whom come from diverse backgrounds, ethnic roots, and have different motivations. It…


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Sharon Helgason Gallagher and the Art Book in the Internet Age
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headline from May 2015. "Picasso's omen of Algiers Smashes Auction Record," is how the BBC phrased it, on May 12, noting that "Picasso's omen of Algiers has become the most expensive painting to sell at auction, going for $160 million" (Gompertz 2015). In the frequently dicey and volatile early twenty-first century economy, it is clear that high art has managed to maintain its value in a way that the mortgage of a Florida homebuyer or the Beanie Baby collection of a midwestern housewife have not. It is now almost eighty years since alter Benjamin issued his famous meditation on what precisely the value of the visual arts could be under late capitalism, "The ork of Art in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction." The subject of what art means in an age where reproductions of art are ubiquitous has been around for a while. But Benjamin had never seen the Internet.…

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Why the Economy in the US Has Not Recovered
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U.S. Macroeconomics

The current macroeconomic situation in the U.S. is bleak. The country is over $17 trillion in debt. It has given the right to coin currency to the Federal eserve, which prints money then loans it to the U.S. government, charging interest, a system which can only logically lead to more national debt. Insanely, this system has been in place for more than 100 years. Today it is worse than ever as easy money policy tools like Quantitative Easing (QE) are artificially "boosting" the still dragging economy, while interest rates are kept low and (markets are teased with the prospect of them being raised). Banks control (or else play a significant role in) the ebb and flow of international commerce, economics, politics, geopolitics, etc. The macroeconomic situation in the U.S. is a direct result of a banking cartel's control of finance, lawmaking, law enforcement, law decisions, and the all…


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Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis
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Selecting Stocks for Investment Purposes

The selection of stocks for investment purposes requires conducting analysis in order to determine the most profitable stocks. There are two most common schools of thought that are utilized in conducting analysis for investment purposes are fundamental analysis and technical analysis. While some investors utilize fundamental analysis, others prefer to utilize technical analysis and others conduct both fundamental analysis and technical analysis. For instance, Warren Buffet conducts fundamental analysis whereas George Soros utilizes technical analysis for investment decisions (Chauhan, 2013). Each of these renowned investors are successful in their investments through the use of the different analysis. The use of the different methods for selecting stocks for investment purposes is attributable to the unique attributes associated with each of these analysis procedures.

Fundamental analysis is a stock valuation technique that utilizes economic and financial evaluation to forecast the movement of stock prices (Badami, n.d.). When…

Finance Would the GEICO Acquisition
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This in fact gives Buffet the upper hand to know that his investment will turn around and bring substantial monetary gain to him and his business over the longevity of the business holding.

What might account for the share price increase for Berkshire Hathaway at the announcement? In actuality, Buffet used a simple component that was recognizable through most of his other business purchasing transactions. In all transactions, there would be an increase in the offer per share. Another cause of the increase could be that often interest in a company would significantly increase when Berkshire Hathaway would become involved. Due to being, a well-known substantiated person/company that is significantly known for increasing the value of a company, not necessarily in the short-term but yet using concepts dealing with longevity. In fact, it is evident that when buffet is considering such an accusation that he has increased the dollar per…

Economic Behavior Berkshire Hathaway it Will Be
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Economic Behavior

Berkshire Hathaway

It will be fun to follow Bershire Hathaway because Warren Buffett is a mastermind at selecting companies in which to invest and I have never had the time to really learn about his holdings.

Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. is a publicly owned investment manager in the property and casualty industry of the finance sector (Yahoo Finance, 2011). Essentially, the firm is a holding company with a variety of businesses across the globe (Yahoo Finance, 2011). In the beginning, the company was just a group of textile mills, but Warren Buffett got the controlling shares in the mid1960s and began to divert cash flows (float) from the core businesses and invest the money in other types of businesses (Yahoo Finance, 2011). Berkshire Hathaway's subsidiaries engage in the business of insurance and reinsurance of property and casualty risks (Yahoo Finance, 2011).. The firm was founded in 1889 and is…


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Leadership Movement Issues Leadership Moment Summary
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G. Lack of Strategic Vision

A strategic vision defines the desired or intended future state of an organization or enterprise in terms of its fundamental objective and/or strategic direction. It represents a long-term view of how things should be. Without a strategic vision, a company may achieve short-term tactical success, but is likely to struggle in the long-term (Greenfield, 2000).

Indeed, Salomon had been successful for many years as Gutfreund assumed the role of "senior statesman and public spokesman" for the bank. As such, his focus was constantly changing. He was rarely at headquarters due to his frequent international travel to support the company's growing investment banking business. A more strategic focus would have realized the importance of compliance in the financial services industry that demands strict adherence to the letter of the law and the company would have responded through the creation of a vision that embraced corporate…


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New Work Reward Systems New Improved Innovative
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New Work eward Systems

New, Improved, Innovative: Employee Work ewards

In the book First, Break All the ules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently, authors Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman assert that employee satisfaction is not tied to compensation as tightly as the business world has imagined. Hard though it may be to belief, several key elements reportedly have stronger influence on employee morale and engagement with their work than wages, salaries, or bonuses. During their association with the Gallup Organization, Buckingham and Coffman, concluded that the answers to the following questions will help a manager identify the key influencers of employee motivation, morale, loyalty to the company -- and ultimately, staying power in a job or position:

Do I know what is expected of me at work?

Do I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work right?

At work, do I have the opportunity…


Buckingham, M. And Coffman, C. (1999). First, Break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster.

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Hedge Fund Management Technique the
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2.3: Theme I: This study's first theme defines hedge funds and presents a synopsis of their history.

2.: Theme 2: Ways hedge funds compare to mutual funds are noted in this section, this study's second theme.

2.5: Theme 3: segment denotes techniques hedge funds utilise in investing.

2.6: Theme : A number of ways rising and falling markets impact hedge funds, this section's theme links to the thesis statement for this thesis/Capstone.

2.7: Analysis: The analysis section presents a number of pertinent points retrieved from the reviewed literature.


3.1: Introduction: This final chapter's introduction reviews the original study aim and objectives presented at the start of this thesis/Capstone, relating to hedge funds techniques. This section also recounts this study's thesis statement.

3.2: Discussion: During this segment, this researcher relates final considerations regarding hedge funds techniques, cross-referencing several points the reviewed literature noted. This researcher also…

4. The Investment Advisers Act.

The Securities Act of 1933, (SEC):

…oversees the mutual fund industry's compliance with specific regulations, including, the Internal Revenue Code which set additional requirements regarding a fund's portfolio diversification and its distribution of earnings, and the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD) oversees most mutual fund advertisements and other sales materials. In addition, mutual funds must have directors who are responsible for extensive oversight of the fund's policies and procedures. For virtually all funds, at least a majority of their directors must be independent from the fund's management.

Why Am I Interested in Business
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Business and finance understanding were a foundational part of my formative years, as my father worked for Merryl Lynch for 25 years. He shared with me the desire to understand and incorporate the wisdom of how the market works and how finance is a part of every day life. In doing so he not only made me wise to the sometimes complicated nature of business but he shared his love for the concepts with me and in sharing I developed my own love for business and finance. The challenges of business and finance have become a part of the foundation that drives my decision and desire to achieve and succeed in both my own life and through the success of my abilities working with this foundational part of other's lives.

I have worked hard in my life to achieve things which many people only dream of doing. After high school…