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Working Class Essays (Examples)

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Class and Gender
Words: 4228 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11311644
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Oppression of Class And Gender

Class and gender are two separate but related concepts in the sociological analysis and understanding of inequality and oppression in society. A definition of class is "A group of individuals ranked together as possessing common characteristics; as, the different classes of society; the educated class; the lower classes." (Definition of class)

According to the sociologist Max Weber class is defined in relation to the way that goods and services are distributed or allocated in a society.

All communities are arranged in a manner that goods, tangible and intangible, symbolic and material are distributed. Such a distribution is always unequal and necessarily involves power. "Classes, status groups and parties are phenomena of the distribution of power within a community."

(MAX WEER: asic Terms)

Class therefore refers to the categories in a society of those who have access to wealth and privilege and those who do not.…


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Class Structure
Words: 1398 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87063850
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Great Britain has always possessed a rigid class structure with few chances for upward mobility. However, in modern times, class structure has received a new face-lift. Instead of the traditional three tiered social class structure, instead is in place a seven tiered class structure that has various ways to measure class that include social, cultural, and economical. Therefore, class within British society, is not just categorized through how much money a person has, but also how socially and culturally active they are. Still, there is some debate to whether or not class plays an important role in British society as much as it did in the past. Evidence suggest it does and the more money and influence a person has in society, the more likely they will do well and receive more opportunities, therefore removing the notion that class does not have much of an impact on a person's future.…


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Working People the Plight of
Words: 1433 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 80839115
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Thus, these two stories point out a variety of plights for the working person of the modernist time. First, they both suggest that socioeconomic status and occupational status is very closely tied to respect within the community. ithout a good job, both stories imply, it is easy for one to be looked down upon in addition to being chastised. Second, the stories point out that working conditions can be so deplorable that they affect a person's mental and emotional functioning and characteristics. This certainly occurs in Abner's case, as he is driven to a violence that eventually kills him because of the work that he must do, toiling daily for those who have more wealth and power. For Krebs, too, the conditions of fighting as a soldier have so impaired his emotional and psychological faculties that he finds it difficult to assimilate into the society and the family that he…

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Working Poor and the Efficacy of the
Words: 1732 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 76193622
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Working Poor and the Efficacy of the Earned Income Credit and T.A.N.F.

When many Americans think of poverty, they think of people who are not working. Moreover, when they think of social welfare programs, they think of those programs aimed at assisting families without wage earners. However, many of America's poor are the working poor; families with one or two wage earners that are still mired in the depths of poverty. The government has implemented two different programs aimed at providing financial assistance to these Americans: the Earned Income Credit (EIC) is a special income tax rebate for low-income workers which can actually help low-wage workers avoid paying any income taxes and entitle them to a cash rebate beyond any taxes that they have paid; while the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program provides for the direct distribution of cash payments to families struggling with poverty.

These two programs…


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city women talk about reasons for returning to welfare. Social Work, 49(2),


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Working Parent Working Full Time While Being
Words: 2454 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30709795
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Working Parent

Working full time while being a parent to two children is one of the most challenging positions to be in. According to Barrow (2006), most working parents spend just 19 minutes a day looking after their children. The situation is more intense for working mothers than fathers, as record numbers of women are working full time while also contending with mortgages, household bills, and rising cost of petrol and other expenses.

Mothers like me who have husbands that can watch the children are the lucky ones. Yet it remains a struggle. Although my husband does pick up the kids from school and watches them while I am at work, he still ascribes to traditional gender roles and norms that make my job tougher. In addition to working full time, I also perform the household domestic chores: a form of unpaid labor that must be factored into my daily…


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Working Poor Invisible in America by David K Shipler
Words: 1400 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85638907
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orking Poor

In his book, The orking Poor: Invisible in America, David K. Shipler investigates the often-ignored plight of working Americans who struggle with poverty. Shipler describes the combination of low-paying, dead end jobs and a vicious cycle of poverty that work together to stifle any hope of a better life for America's invisible working poor. Poor medical care, housing and education, coupled with child and sexual abuse help to create a cycle of poverty that can only be broken with the creation of a political will aimed to end the plight of the working poor, notes Shipler.

In The orking Poor, Shipler presents a thorough portrait of the lives and circumstances of the 35 million working poor in America. These Americans are those who are caught in relatively low paying, dead-end jobs, and who face enormous struggles in order to better their lot in the word. There jobs often…

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Working in a High-Needs School
Words: 490 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 58855569
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I know that I cannot give all of my students the advantages of a stable, high-income, two-parent home, a safe neighborhood, and parental involvement. If educators could do that, then there would not be an education crises in this country. However, I can work to make sure that all children receive the same real opportunities in their educational environment. This means going beyond giving children theoretical access to the same opportunities, and making sure that high-needs children have the same real access to resources and opportunities. If I can play a role in bringing educational equality to disadvantaged children, then I think that I can help make a meaningful difference in the lives of disadvantaged children. Just days ago, the United States experienced an inauguration that was historically significant because a poor, African-American child of a single mother attained the highest office in our nation. Obama would not be President…

Sociology Work and Leisure Working
Words: 1573 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17684707
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The working class standards of morals work as a substitute to how success is defined in terms of economics (Sachin, 2012). These people value morals more than the money and believe that morals outweigh money in having a successful life. They love to maintain dignity in their lives. Despite having their morals above money, they draw the lines between economic classes. Hence they do not separate themselves from the poor but do so while they are comparing themselves with the richer economic class (Arakji, 2012). These workers have rigid boundaries while defining dignity and consider themselves more moral and value oriented and worth-full than their peers of the people better than them in economic position. The book is a great comparison of American working class to the French working class. Both have moral values and like to pursue values rather than money yet keeping their self-dignity and self-respect intact. The…


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Karl Marx's View of Class
Words: 1637 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45158276
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Cambridge; Cambridge, MA: Polity Press

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Labor and Class Issues as
Words: 1619 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84794358
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But the sad fact is that most of these people will not meet this future, and will likely spend much of their lives working for different companies, all looking to get the most out of their employees for the least amount of pay and benefits.

Certainly people need to feel like their work is important and like they have a place and are making a positive difference in their community. But many of the jobs that people have currently have no promise of future employment, and the pride and energy that the workers give in the hopes of attaining a better life for themselves and their families will be met with silence from their employers. The American Dream is all but dead, and social class has more to do with where a person will end up in life more than any other deciding factor of potential in a person's life.…

Works Cited

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Identity Class Has Been an
Words: 2473 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26782061
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This construction gave credence to the concept of class consciousness. Class consciousness is really class identity; it is the way entire groups of people conceive themselves as belonging to a whole. This understanding permeates the corpus and unites the initiated into a common group think. This group or class view is reinforced through the economic determinants that are at the foundation of the group's position. These determinants reinforce inequalities and class identities.

The challenge to class as a locus of identity formation; results from the assertion that contemporary society is too layered and complex for class identity to be relevant. The discussion centers not on the existence of inequalities but the explanation of those inequalities. In the postmodern context the inequalities that exist are not anchored in an a priori formulation of class structure. This formulation considers the development of a classless society. This is not to be interpreted as…


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Sociological Class Theories
Words: 1940 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41664843
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Sociological Class Theories - ush

In every society, people are grouped into a variety of categories in order to determine how they earn a living, and how much they earn that actually affects or is affected by the economy. This kind of social stratification is common in virtually all of modern societies, but social class theories can help explain or provide some insight as to why a certain economy works smoothly or inadequately. In effect, the real question becomes, is each social class being served fairly, or does one appear to have a class advantage over the others? The three primary theories of social class are 1) conflict, 2) functionalist, and 3) interactionist. If we examine George ush's economic policies we'd notice that these were implemented for the express purpose of benefiting the upper classes even though tax cuts may at first glance, seem like an equal benefit for all.…


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Jean Anyon Social Class and the Hidden
Words: 794 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49568615
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Jean Anyon: Social Class And the Hidden Curriculum of ork

Is there a hidden curriculum in schools for teachers to approach their classes based on how smart the teachers perceive the students are, and what socioeconomic status teachers believe students fall into? Essayist Jean Anyon observed five elementary schools during a school year in 1980, and it is her belief that students in certain schools are "being prepared to occupy particular rungs on the social ladder," which is abhorrent to some educators and leaders since there has been a sense in American education that all students should be motivated to achieve the best they can achieve.

hat do I disagree with in her essay? In the working class schools the teachers did not make any attempt to explain the reasoning behind the math problems, but instead just drilled them on steps to take. This is somewhat familiar to me as…

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Education. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.

Accurately Describes the Problem of the Working
Words: 2181 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 65039588
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accurately describes the problem of the working poor in America and its causes and potential solutions.

An Analysis of David Shipler's essay

An Analysis of Stuart Tannock's essay

Conclusions based on the points made in the two essays. Comparison of the essays and concluding statements as to which one is the stronger of the two and why.

hile Shipler focuses on the definition of poverty in America and how those who are working full-time jobs in low paying industries often still can not make ends meet (as well as the reasons for them being "stuck" in these low paying jobs), Tannock takes the approach of looking at one of the lowest paying sectors of all, the service industry, and looking how the industry as a whole contributes to poverty in America. So Shipler's essay can be said to put the bulk of the blame for poverty among the working class…

Works Cited

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Issues of Social Class
Words: 898 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77882676
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Social Class

My current social class is dependent upon the fundamental reason why I am writing this paper: my level of education. Even though it is an idealization to consider that education in America is as meritocratic as it pretends to be, and whether its high price-tag is merited. The price tag looks particularly high when viewed in comparison with most European countries, in which the cost of university education is virtually subsidized. Recent riots broke out in London over the raising of the level of school fees required to be paid by students at universities like Oxford and Cambridge. By American standards, even the proposed raised fees make Oxford only as expensive as a community college education would be for an American. Nevertheless, the price tag of an education in America is only part of the complex process whereby it does offer an automatic way of increasing one's own…

Crime in America - The Racial and Class Implications
Words: 4614 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31983701
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Race, Class & Crime

The confluence of race, class and crime is a hot topic nowadays. This is especially true when discussing events or topics of various types. Very or fairly specific examples of this would include the recent shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO and the subsequent non-indictment of the officer who shot him despite the fact that Brown was not armed and the ongoing discussion about how paying a "wage" should be a moral imperative of all employers and how people in poverty are much more apt to commit crimes. Throw in the fact that people that exist in racial minorities are much more likely to be in poverty, it seems to make sense to some that minorities are also more commonly incarcerated and committing crimes in general. However, this is not entirely true as white people commit plenty of crimes themselves. However, blacks and Hispanics are…

Race and Class Impacted Whether
Words: 670 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 36433429
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The study will focus on the years 1967 through 1970. The study will also review the exact terms of the draft legislation at the time with a particular focus on the exemptions that were made available. The result of the study will be to show exactly how race and social economic status had an adverse impact on determining whether or not an individual was to be drafted into the Vietnam War.

Key Questions: The key question is to go beyond simply showing that statistically the draft had a larger impact on minorities and low income individuals but to also demonstrate how this makes the draft a de facto discriminatory law.


The primary sources that will be used in conducting this research include the military draft legislation and governmental records pertaining to the background information of all military draftees for the aforementioned years.


The approach to be taken is…


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Homosexuals Working in the Criminal
Words: 3709 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2905727
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The first of these is regarding their share of population and they have been compelled to admit that they do not have 10% share of population as has been claimed earlier. This admission was recorded at a Friends of the Court filed in the Supreme Court on March 26, 2003 for a case known as the Texas Sodomy Case identified as Lawrence v. Texas case. This was a case through which the homosexuals were trying to get the Texas law against Sodomy declared as unconstitutional. The declaration made was "The NHSLS found that 2.8% of the male, and 1.4% of the female, population identify themselves as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. This amounts to nearly 4 million openly gay men and 2 million women who identify as lesbian." (Homosexual Urban Legends: The Series) This is also reflected in the 2000 census figures which show that homosexuals exist in far lesser numbers…


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Social Class
Words: 1013 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83583733
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Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class directed by Loretta Alper. Specifically it will evaluate how work and social class is perceived in this documentary film and other television shows. The working class always seems to be the brunt of negative humor and satire on television and this documentary explores that phenomenon, from the 1940s to the present day. If a person bases their opinions about the working class only on television, they will come to see an uneducated, group of buffoons who are entertaining but certainly not enlightening. Instead of poking fun at the working class, the media should acknowledge the contribution most working class families make to the American culture.

The film opens with the statistic that about 62% of Americans are members of the working class, and that means they are the average people you might meet on the street, stroll a shopping mall with, or dine…

Social Class
Words: 1401 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13573085
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Education system a "ladder of opportunity" or does it simply reflect, reinforce and reproduce existing class differences?

The education system in Britain currently exists as a hierarchical system enabling class differences to continue to persist despite some policy changes that would help facilitate a more equitable program for all involved. Is the educational system a ladder of opportunity? A ladder of opportunity should be considered something that facilitates achievement for all individuals irrespective of their race, national origin or social class. Many consider the educational system a "ladder of opportunity" because education can facilitate achievement and professional growth and wealth for those that pursue it to its highest levels. However, within the UK the education system is not equitably accessible to all levels of the population, and because of this the system actually reinforces and perpetuates existing class differences that already exist within the country.

Within the UK the educational…


Ball, S., Maquire, M. & Macrae, S. (2000). Choice, pathways and transitions post 16:

New youth, new economies in the global city. London: Routlege Falmer.

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critical analysis of the discourses and policies of new labour." Australian Journal of Education, 46(2): 138

Immigration versus class
Words: 964 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32514296
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Immigration Versus Class

Today, immigrants comprise a significant proportion of the population of the U.S. and other developed countries. Factors such as globalization and technological advancements have played a crucial role in accelerating this trend. For developed countries, immigration has historically made substantial contributions to economic growth and development -- right from the era of slavery to modern times. Nonetheless, immigration has led to class struggles, creating an ever-widening divide between citizens and immigrants.

According to Buruma (2014), grievances against immigrants have been on the rise over the years in most developed countries. For example, in 2014, epublicans in the U.S. showed immense displeasure with President Obama's offer to allow undocumented immigrants who had lived in the U.S. for several years to apply for citizenship. The discomfort with immigrants in the U.S. has gained further momentum in the wake of President Donald Trump's entry to the White House a few…


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Industrialization Changed European Women's Working
Words: 774 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50580837
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Women who wanted to uphold a superior class were forced to stick to the false impression that they did not do any work, and their work was not physically challenging. Others believed that their professions brought about socially-prescribed and conventional qualities expected of refined ladies like motherliness and compassion. This made middle-class women get involved in social work and other professions related to the less fortunate. Others preserved their class characteristic by working in positions detached from public sight and heavy labor like seamstresses and office workers.

There were many women who were working as prostitutes in many European cities, mostly in 1800s. Low wages offered in piecework as well as other domestic service led some women to look for additional income in casual prostitution (Boulding, 1975). Other women who were fired became prostitutes fearing to face starvation. Maids who were found to be pregnant or were caught participating in…


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Social Category of Class
Words: 1884 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24593147
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Holly Sklar writes, "the gulf between the rich and the rest of America will continue to widen, weakening our economy and our democracy. The American Dream will be history instead of poverty."

With the advent of more billions into the ranks of the Fortune 400, so it is; instead of witnessing the booming middle class that marked the Scientific and Industrial evolutions, America is undergoing a transformation that more clearly limns the demarcation between classes than ever before.

With economic segregation an ever more encroaching reality, the distinctions between race, age, and gender come increased under review as Americans are forced to examine the origins of social class, its solidification in early childhood, and its place in the national life.

In academic circles, social class describes the relationships between individual agents and groups as they struggle through social hierarchies. Weber famously defined the social stratification as a three-component theory frequently…


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Working With a Small Group of Children
Words: 792 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70780443
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working with a small group of children from years 4 doing a reading activity sheet set by the teacher. One child is being disruptive and "off task."

It is possible the child is off-task because he or she is not quite developmentally ready either for pre-reading tasks or tasks that include worksheets. The child might be feeling somewhat insecure. Like the child who is given a toy too advanced for him and plays with the box instead of the boy, the child might be in a little too deep. I would sit by the child and encourage him, simplifying the task for him if necessary, providing moral support and using his paper as an example so he would have the help he needs. Probably proximity alone would calm his behavior but he might need more than that.

A couple of older preschoolers are teasing a child with cerebral palsy by…

Working for a Community Mental Health Agency
Words: 1218 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25326004
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working for a community mental health agency that serves male adolescents aged 14-16 who have received a diagnosis of conduct disorder. You have been asked by your director of clinical training to answer the following questions (choose only one): a) What family treatment modes have been found to be effective (best practices, evidence-based) for treating this population?

Submit an annotated bibliography with an entry for each of your resources. Include the references in proper APA format. Write a brief summary highlighting the theory, treatment, intervention, and research methodology discussed in each resource.

Authors conducted thorough review of existent studies on psychosocial conduct disorder and interventions in regards to children and adolescents. They also investigated oppositional defiant disorder. 82 experimental studies were evaluated using certain criteria created by the Clinical Psychology Task Force on Promotion and Dissemination of Psychological Procedures. Authors concluded that the two most effective programs that met all…

Brestan, EV. & Eyberg, EM (1998) Effective psychosocial treatments of conduct-disordered children and adolescents: 29 years, 82 studies, and 5,272 kids Journ. Clin. Child Psyc. 27, 180-189

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Kumpfer, K & Alvarado, R (2003). Family-Strengthening Approaches for the Prevention of Youth Problem Behaviors American Psychologist, 58, 457-465

Working Company Called 4 Fingers Implementing a
Words: 1049 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96189587
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working company called 4 fingers implementing a kiosk machine shorten long queuing time customers. And, coming discounts attract customers peak period. For, students meal, set meals, bundle deals peak hours generate profits

fingers Crispy Chicken: Fast food delivered by kiosk

Distributing service

One frequent complaint people have about fast food is that it actually is not very fast. During very busy times of the day, people have to wait precious minutes to obtain their lunch when they could be eating, doing errands or using their lunchtime more productively. 4 fingers Crispy Chicken is a self-serve kiosk that delivers hot, fast food quickly, affordably, and deliciously. For students and businesspeople eating on the go, this kind of a meal is an ideal way to eat something more balanced than a soft drink and a bag of chips from a vending machine.

Self-service has grown increasingly popular in our culture. It has…


4 fingers. (2014). Official website. Retrieved from:

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Working With Text and Not White Just
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Working with Text" and "Not White, Just Right"

"Black Men and Public Space" by Brent Staples and "Not White, Just Right" by Rachel Jones are both examples of well-constructed prose in short essay format, designed to be creative but argumentative and factual at the same time. These two essays are both about personal experiences with racism, but the authors each address the topic from different perspectives. Taken collectively, the two essays show how multifaceted the problem of racism is in America, and how diverse Black experiences are as a whole.

In "Black Men and Public Space," Staples begins with the poignant statement, "My first victim was a white woman, well dressed, probably in her early twenties." In this one statement, Staples establishes the tone and content of the essay. Staples knows that Black men have been stereotyped as being lethal thugs and predators, hence the ironic use of the word…

Class Action Lawsuits
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Action: Exemption and California Law

Class action lawsuit: introduction

Class action lawsuits refer to those civil suits brought by a group of people in similar situation. It is one of the most effective and cost-efficient method of bringing charges against an employer for unfair business practices that caused harm to one several employees or consumers. In most cases, class action lawsuits are brought against corporations and large organizations, but in some rare care, legal professionals can also register a class action against any organization if it notices unfair practices and can gather individuals who would testify to the same.

A simple example of such a lawsuit is consumers leveling charges against an organization for bringing defective product to the market. Usually one or two individuals start class action, which is later joined by people similarly situated. In many cases, class action lawsuit is actually announced in newspapers or through other…


Class Action Lawsuits: Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, 2003: retrieved online 8th September 2004: at 

Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer Sav-on suit OKed as class action State high court approves status for overtime lawsuit Friday, August 27, 2004

Sandra Hughes, CBS News Correspondent: Insurer Hit With $90M Overtime Award: BARSTOW, Calif., July 11, 2001 

California Overtime Pay Laws: Harris & Kaufman Law Firm: Retrieved online 8th September 2004:

Workings of the Sharecropping System
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his League advocated the peaceful and friendly expansion and recognition of African-American culture and roots in Africa. It also helped pave the way for more militant African-American advocacy groups that found their way into popular African-American culture and society during the Harlem Renaissance. he Universal African Legion also had affiliate companies and corporations, which gave African-Americans more cultural, economic, and political clout and representation during this time period. Garvey was a crucial figure in the uniting of African-Americans toward the singular goal of improving their cultural and social conditions inside the U.S.

he New Negro movement was an over-arching hopefulness that African-American culture and society could successfully flourish in the post slavery era. Garvey played a major role in helped to culturally establish the African-American agenda of upward social mobility and desegregation (Locke, 1997). he Harlem Renaissance was a movement with limited scope that took place during the 1920's and…

The Black Power Movement emerged as a separate approach to the issues of civil rights and racial inequality. Those who were frustrated with the status quo, and with the slow progress of the non-violent philosophy, were often quick to back the more militant wing of the Black Power Movement. Some African-Americans felt very strongly that in order to change the status quo there needed to be a real physical threat from African-Americans looking to secure their fair share of power and liberty in America (Cone, 1997). Nowhere was this more apparent than with the Black Panther Movement. These people believed that the power that had been stolen by the whites during and after slavery needed to be forcibly taken back. The national response to this movement was one of fear, and many people saw the Black Panther Movement as illegitimated by the violence they so often advocated.

The Black Power slogan enjoyed a multitude of functions. It functioned as a call to arms for the Black Panthers while also helping to solidify black capitalism and intellectual attitudes in America during this time period. Many consider the Black Power movement to be a direct reaction or result of the Civil Rights Movement, and felt as though stressing Black Nationalism and pride at every level was, to a lesser degree, successful in changing the attitudes of Americans toward African-Americans (Cone, 1997). The impact of this movement can still be seen today. The culturally popular and change-affecting "Black is Beautiful' movement came from the Black Power movement, as did many of the cultural, social, and political attitudes that modern day African-Americans hold relative to their perception of their place in society (Cone, 1997). The Black Power movement helped to define "blackness" as a positive identity, instead of something to be ashamed of. It often functioned as a rallying cry for African-Americans caught up in the struggle for cultural equality directly after the Civil Rights Movement.

Cited: Cone, JH. (1997). Black Theology and Black Power. Orbis Books: Maryknoll, NY.

Class Dismissed
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Author Meredith Maran, in Class Dismissed, chooses three teenagers that reflect the racial and economic diversity of the students she studied at Berkeley High. While the main characters studied, Keith, Autumn and Jordan, come from different backgrounds, they all encounter unique challenges to achieving their dreams.

Keith is a talented and popular black football star, but isn't noted for his academic skills. In fact, he can barely read. He comes from a poor family and has relied on teachers and coaches for support. Keith's run in with the police clearly illustrates his frustrations with society and his feelings of unfairness in the world. His dream is to become is to play football in college and to make the sport his professional career.

Autumn is a true survivor. Her white father abandoned her black mother when she was only ten years old. She has had to work hard to compensate…

Working Definition of an Accent
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The article continues by presenting the argument that adults are unable to acquire a new language (although most are capable of acquiring a new accent) due to the fact that adults no longer possess the tools to build a new "Sound House." According to the article's author a Sound House is the process a newborn child begins when acquiring a language. The article states "the Sound House is the 'home' of the language, or what we have been calling accent - the phonology - of the child's native tongue" (46). The Sound House, according to the author, is the place where children learn to speak and to communicate in the most effective manner with the largest amount of individuals. The problem with this scenario is that the newborn only consistently comes in contact with a certain few people. These are normally parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and other close relationships. These…

Working in Africa HR Solutions
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Expanding in Africa: H Plan

An organization expanding its offices into sub-Sahara Africa will want to utilize a solid human resources plan in order to strategically facilitate its expansion and sustainability efforts. In this scenario, the business will be ECIG, an e-cigarette company that manufactures and sells vaporizers, e-cigs, and e-liquids. Expansion is occurring rapidly throughout sub-Saharan Africa and the countries that are prime targets are Nigeria and South Africa.

The expansion is taking place by leasing headquarter bases that will be used for receiving shipping and for stocking of retail kiosks that will be established in the countries' major cities. The kiosks will be managed by the ECIG employee transfers and they will be tasked with hiring locals for the staffing of the kiosks. The headquarters in each of the two countries will also be managed by the transfers, who will also be responsible for hiring local talent for…


Alesina, A., Algan, Y., Cahuc, P., Giuliano, P. (2015). Family values and the regulation of labor. Journal of the European Economic Association, 13(4): 599-630.

Kissack, H., Callahan, J. (2010). The reciprocal influence of organizational culture and training and development programs: Building the case for a culture analysis within program planning. Journal of European Industrial Training, 34(4): 365 -- 380.

Singh, N., & Krishnan, V. R. (2008). Self-Sacrifice and Transformational Leadership:

Mediating Role of Altruism. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 29(3): 261-274.

Class Standards
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CLAS Standards

Non-English speaking patients present a challenge for those working in the healthcare industry due to the difficulty in accurately assisting and assessing the patient's needs. Because of this, it is required that interpreters be provided for patients who are non-English speakers.

Medical Language Interpretation Tools

There are six commonly used medical interpretation tools that hospitals can select from when serving patients. The first tool is a trained professional medical translator. This resource is optimal for larger hospitals that are serving a large amount of a certain group of people. For instance, an area with a large number of French speaking patients should have a French medical translator on staff. The second option is using a phone medical translator. When using a phone translator, the doctor, patient, and translator are all on the phone at the same time and work together to discuss the circumstances. The third option for…

Working Effectively With All Students
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Identify the three most important differences teachers are likely to encounter between a typical mainstream American students and a typical Hispanic-American student

This student may not recognize that school success can improve his or her future; may live in an economically and/or unsafe neighborhood where education is not valued; and often attend schools that themselves are economically challenged.

a typical Chinese-American student

Assuming this student is a recent immigrant, he or she may appear unduly shy, speaking with a soft voice, avoiding risk-taking, hesitating to answer because of language difficulties. They may refrain from participating because they view it as unacceptably bold behavior. Their nonverbal language may be different as they may view avoiding eye contact as a sign of respect. Their response to confusion or to not knowing an answer may be a giggle stemming from embarrassment rather than actually finding the situation humorous.

a typical American Indian…

Working with Common Core
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Deconstruction of a Standard
The purpose of this deconstruction of a standard exercise was to unpack a standard, examine it critically and identify the key words to help determine the level of cognitive demand (based on Bloom’s Taxonomy). A review of the standard as a whole was conducted to identify the type of achievement target. The standard selected was the 9th Grade Mathematics Common Core Standard CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.HSS.IC.A.1. The achievement target for the standard was understanding (comprehension) and therefore the lesson targets focused on weighting the different cognitive demands according to the place in the process of understanding at which they occurred. This paper provides a Deconstructing a Standard Table and a Reflection of the process overall—including my reaction to the process, identification of specific professional development that may be needed in my building, and my role as a leader.
Keywords: common core standards, math standards, understanding 9th grade math…

Race Class Gender Journal Word Count Excluding
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Race, Class, Gender Journal

Word Count (excluding title and works cited page): 1048

Race, Class, and Gender is an anthology of articles that express various interpretation and insights of the relationship between race, class, and gender and how these things shape the lives of people and society. he topics and points-of-view offered in the anthology are vast and interesting. hey offer a strong historical and sociological perspective on such issues as prison populations, the working poor, or the life of Muslims in the United States. his journal is my personal reflection after reading this book. How did the reading make me feel? Did any of the readings make me feel uncomfortable? Was there any part of the book that rang true with me? Were any of the articles disturbing, shocking, surprising, or impressive? Finally, an original poem will be included in response to the experience of reading Race, Class, and…

Text me


L., M, & Hill, P. (2007). Race, Class, and Gender: An Anthology. Wadsworth Publishing Company, KY

Partnership and Employment Two Classes of Partnership
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Partnership and Employment

Two Classes of Partnership

A partnership is a business with more than one owner and has not applied to become a corporation or a limited liability company (Laurence, 2012). The two general types are general partnership and limited partnership. The general type is the more common. Each partner has a hand in its operation. It is also the simplest and least expensive business structure to create and maintain. oth partners share all the liability for the debts and obligations of the businesses, including court decisions. Either partner is bound to a contract or deal entered into by the other partner. The partners pay partnership taxes, which "pass through" their business to their respective individual income tax returns. Creating a partnership does not require filing of papers. Two persons who agree can do so and then register the business with the payment of a minimum tax. Although there…


Brachmann, S. (2012). What is a limited partnership? eHow: Demand Media, Inc.

Retrieved on June 20, 2012 from

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Inc. Retrieved on June 19, 2012 from

Team Experiences Working in a Team Is
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Team Experiences

Working in a team is a skill set that everyone must learn. There are many classes and professions that require individual work, and nearly just as many that require teamwork at some point as well. In my experience, I have had successes and failures working in teams. Last semester in a physiology course, I had to work as part of a team for a final presentation. The presentation took place before the class, the department, and faculty members of the departments, so at least I know I felt some pressure to do well. My team prepared for several weeks. The preparation was not entirely smooth. Management of the team proved difficult. Conflicting opinions and tensions ran rampant throughout the group. We disagreed about many aspects of the experiment and the presentation. The disagreements were fierce and proved to be the greatest challenge of the experience.

I had more…

Lesson Plan for Gustav Klimt Art Class
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Gustav Klimt Lesson Plan

Central Focus

"Describe the central focus and purpose for the content you will teach in the learning segment".

Students will learn the art of Gustav Klimt, which will assist in creating the work of art that will resemble Klimt's style. Moreover, students will be introduced to the Gustav Klimt's artwork focusing on his love for cats. (Weidinger, 2007).Students will also learn their artistic style and utilize their patterns and shapes to fill up their works. Moreover, students will continue to build and develop the basic skill sets utilizing art tools such as paint, glue, scissors, and oil pastels. Students will also learn how to utilize the line variation, stylized form, symbol, color, and media variety with the ability to create their "Tree of Life". Moreover, the lesson plan will assist students to learn about cool and warm colors incorporating them into the artistic styles of Gustav…

Balance Classes Home Raising a Second Set
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Balance Classes, Home

Raising a second set of kids after I'd thought I could retire from that has been a challenge since the accident but we're learning to work through it and it's getting easier the longer we go on, as the children and all of us grow through the loss of their parents, and I learn how to do everything faster. The Internet has been a help this time around but in many ways a complication as well, as I learn to balance taking classes, teaching introductory anatomy and physiology (A&P). Some days seem so overwhelming it is all I can do to "stick to the list" but it means I get to see the family live on and grow again and I know much more than I did the first time around. I don't know how I'd do it without my husband Cliff, or the rest of the…

HR Training Class Imagine a Member HR
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H Training Class Imagine a member H department a small retail company upper management asked create an employee customer service training class employees. 1. Justify an assessment company's proposed employee customer service training, stressing (5) ways assessment expose existing performance deficiencies.

Customer service training class for employees

Need for customer service training class

Our company has thrived as a result of customer satisfaction. We have managed along the years to not only maintain our pool of clients but at the same time to ensure that our references have driven our business further and extend our range of clients, our market segment, and most importantly our brand in the region. However, we operate in a very volatile and changing environment. Competition is the soul of improvement and we must always rise above the challenges the market poses and our competitors.

In order to keep our place on the market and further…


Evenson, Renee. Customer Service Training . 2011. Available online at 

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Coastal Services Center. Needs Assessment Training. 2013. Available online at

Race Class Gender
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Race, Class, Gender

The question regarding Barbara Neely's first novel, Blanche on the Lam, isn't whether or not the novel has anything interesting to say on the subjects of race, class and gender, but rather, how can a novel so packed full of commentary on race, class and gender remain a compelling story, and an entertaining one as well?

Neely makes it clear from the very first page that this book will be about those three issues, although the race and class issues seem to get slightly more attention than gender, at least in a direct, in-your-face way. On the very first page, Neely sets Blanche up as a worthy and experienced commentator on the issues of race and class. Blanche is in a courtroom, and the judge admonishes her to learn to earn her money before she spends it, "like the rest of us." (p. 1) But Blanche has…

Works Cited

Neely, Barbara. Blanche on the lam. New York: Penguin USA, 1993.

Ethical Practice Involves Working Positively Diversity Difference
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Ethical Practice Involves Working Positively Diversity Difference

Counseling is a profession that involves associations based on principles and values ethically. Patients are able to benefit by understanding themselves better and through creating relationships with others. Through counseling, the clients are able to make positive alteration in life and enhance their living standards. Communities, organizations, couples and families are different groups of individuals are main sources of relationships (BACP Ethical Framework, 2013, p.4). Frameworks of ethical practice direct the attention of counseling practitioners to engage in ethical responsibilities. This stud describes the purpose of each principle following the development of good counseling practice. Practitioners make reasonable decisions grounded on these principles without making any contradictions. Nevertheless, research indicates that professionals have met barriers hindering them to integrate all the principles in some cases. In such situations, they are forced to select between required principles. A course of action or a decision…


BACP Ethical Framework. (2013). The Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling. Pp 1-10. Accessed April 7, 2013 from

Clarkson, P. (2009). The Therapeutic Relationship. New York NY: Wiley

Handout 1. MkSame-Sex Relationships, an Historical Overview. A review by Robin Heme

Handout 2. What are the potential abuses of these kinds of power in the relationship between counsellor and client? Janet Dowding 02.2010 saved as power

Race Class and Gender
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In the Struggle for Democracy (Greenberg, 483-84) the author explains that gradually, little by little, the Supreme Court of the United States responded to the need to rule segregation unconstitutional. And in the process the Court ruled that any law passed using the criteria of race was also unconstitutional. The Brown v. Board of Education vote in 1954 meant that segregation in schools was not constitutional and it was the agency of black activists and advocates that got it done by bringing litigation forward. Meantime Jones mentions that Eisenhower had a "hands-off" policy regarding enforcing the Brown v. Board of Education; and while that "emboldened" segregationists and racists to resist the Supreme Court ruling, it activated ordinary African-Americans to joined in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Thanks to the marching feet of tens of thousands of Black Americans - and the boycotts led by people like Rosa Parks…

Works Cited

Greenberg, Edward S. The Struggle for Democracy.

Jones, Jacqueline. Created Equal: A Social and Political history of the United States.

Racial Profiling Data Collection Resource Center. 2008. Northeastern University. Retrieved April 14, 2008, at

Action Men First Class Deals With a
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Men: First Class deals with a plethora of socio-political issues that ultimately pertain to the concept of freedom. The basis for the plot of the movie is the Cuban Missile Crisis and the role that an unknown, manipulative power of mutants played in almost staging -- and narrowly averting -- a nuclear war in the early part of the 1960s. hat is of particular interest about this aspect of the film was that the historical epoch rendered within it was a turbulent time for African-Americans, who sought Civil Rights throughout the United States during the years prior to and after those depicted in the movie. Although none of this history manages to infiltrate the plot of the film, it is still noteworthy to analyze the way African-American characters are utilized within this movie in a context that is decidedly removed from the greater social struggles that characterized their race…

Works Cited

X:Men: First Class. Dir. Matthew Vaughn. Perf. Michael Fassbender, January Jones, James McAvoy. 20th Century Fox., 2011. Film.

Men First Class Movie Reaction
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hen he conducts an experiment that goes awry and he becomes blue, furry, and fanged, he no longer looks like a person. However, his very essence, his mind, his capability for speech and all of his basic bodily functions are still the same as any other persons are. Moreover, McCoy maintains his humanity by continuing to work with Xavier to defeat the mutants led by Shaw who desire to kill humanity. In doing so, McCoy proves that regardless of how he looks, he still is contending for the side of humanity because up until the end of the movie, he looks like other people (for the most part). His dedication to the side of humanity in the face of adversity demonstrates that mutants who do not look like people still in fact is a person.

The example of Hank McCoy also proves that regular people can treat mutants that do…

Works Cited

Bradshaw, Peter. "X-Men: First Class -- Review." Guardian. 2011. Web. 

Ebert, Roger. "X-Men: First Class." 2011. Web.

Personal Social Class My Parent's Class Position
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Personal Social Class

My Parent's Class Position

My parents grew up in poverty in Latin America. Their story is not an unfamiliar one in America. My parents were able to obtain a middle school education, which at that time in Latin America, was a good educational accomplishment. Like most children living in impoverished, lower class families, my parents both had to contribute to the household income. Opportunities for earning extra money were scarce, but my parents were creative and determined; they took what jobs they could find and set themselves up to establish work where there had previously been none. My mother would say that sometimes people just didn't know what work they needed someone else to do -- but if you do some work, and the people like it, they see that it is nice not to have to do the work for themselves. When my grandparents immigrated to…

Economic Class and Morality Economics
Words: 3362 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 56578291
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Ultimately, these issues results in hunger and famine, where these inhabitants become deprived of the basic facilities that they are entitled to, as being a citizen of the country (World Hunger Education Service, 2012).

3. Impacts of Hunger and Famine in U.S.

The standard of living means to have a healthy, vigorous and active life. Keeping in mind, the standard of living, the hunger crisis in the U.S. is calculated and determined when its residents are not able to meet the nutritional needs to live a dynamic life. This indicates the fact that the people have lack of access to the nutritious, healthy and safe food. As a consequence, the inhabitants (especially of the low-income groups) tend to opt for foods that are less expensive with usually low nutrients, so that they can meet up to the financial components. Moreover, it has also been observed that meals are also dropped…


Anonymous. "Hunger in the U.S. -- Families in Crisis." The Hunger Site, 2012. Web. 29 Dec 2012

This website has discussed how hunger has become one of the harsh realities of the United States, even though it is a land of abundant resources. The impact of hunger upon the individuals, society and eventually on the nation has been argued by the author. Solving the hunger problem has also been articulated in the study. I have used this website with the prime motive to surface the impact of this enormity upon various bodies.

Austin, Michael. Reading the World Ideas That Matter. 2nd Edition. New York, USA: W.W. Norton & Company, 2012. Print.

This book is about the contemporary readings and classic texts that are particularly based on the diversity of views on ideas. This diversity helps an individual in exploring the development of ideas in different cultures and at various occasions.

Race and Social Class in
Words: 1772 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93329578
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In fact, the Toy is considered to be one of the most racist films of all time due to these issues (Sastry).

Blazing Saddles and the Toy approach comedy from distinct perspectives, and although they may have common elements, the differences in their approach to humor, comedy, and race allow the audience to understand why Blazing Saddles is successful in its commentary on society and why the Toy fails miserably at changing people's perspectives about society in a positive way. Brooks's approach to race and social status helps to redefine how blacks were viewed in cinema, and also helps to demonstrate that previous cinematic depictions have been skewed due the control exercised by Hollywood executives. On the other hand, Donner's approach to race and social status ends up being degrading, racist, and further reinforces negative stereotypes of race and social status. It is through these various depictions and approaches that…

Works Cited

Blazing Saddles. Directed by Mel Brooks. United States: Warner Bros., 1974. DVD.

Dirks, Tim. "Comedy Films." AMC Filmsite. Web. 13 April 2013.

Rice, Kathryn. "Race Consciousness and Class Invisibility in American Comedy." Dissident

Voice: A radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and social justice. 4 Sept 2010. Web. 12 April 2013.

Sherman Alexi Class Is a
Words: 360 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52340338
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We believe in class and talk about it and place ourselves within the so-called class structure. Once we accept that we are members of a certain class, it becomes deeply embedded in our consciousness and is difficult to change because it becomes part of who we think we are. We learn to behave in a way that coincides with the class we think we are.

It may be just as difficult to move downward as upward. I know a woman who moved to a small farm town where the people all spoke a rural dialect. Because she spoke Standard English, the townspeople didn't trust her. They thought she was showing off and trying to lord it over them. Perhaps they never would have accepted her, except she married a man from the town. They trusted him, so they accepted her. Although she said she tried, she was unable to speak…

College Class Planned on Waiting
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My children are in school full-time and the oldest is responsible enough to watch the younger for a few hours when I'm gone when they get home, so that does take one worry off of my mind. However, balancing classes with this full-time work schedule will mean a lot of late nights studying and writing papers.

A usually start my day before six, getting the kids ready for school and myself ready for work. Including my commute, I work about ten hours daily and return home around six pm.

Then I do my best to leave my work at the door and spend some time just being with my kids; hearing about their day, what they're learning in school, what the latest trends in their social circles are, and all of the details that I want to know about their lives. We cook and eat dinner together, but I'm afraid…

Diversity of the Entering Class and Enhance
Words: 385 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 68580909
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diversity of the entering class and enhance the educational experience of other students. First, I have lived in various places outside of the United States, including Africa (I participated in internships there) Bangladesh (I attended high school there), Germany, and Tanzania (my family lives there). Living in different countries has provided me with an opportunity interact with and meet people from different cultural, economic, educational, political, religious, and social backgrounds. In addition, living in various countries has enabled me to gain an understanding of various cultures and also to gain insight into the different needs and ways of thinking among various groups.

Next, I have used my background and experience to my advantage during my collegiate education at the University of Virginia. During college, I was involved in a lot of group work, often with groups that were very diversified racially and otherwise. My ability to interact with, relate to,…

Human Resource Management Class Focus Area Here
Words: 1823 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64362516
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Human esource Management class focus area. Here questions: 1. Your company plans build a manufacturing plant undecided locate .

New manufacturing plant

The opening of a new manufacturing plant in a different location is pegged to a series of uncertainties and risks. In order to minimize these risks, it is necessary for the economic agent to consider a wide array of elements in making the final decision of the location. At this level, a notable role is played by the purpose of the new location. The two more common reasons for opening new manufacturing plants are either a desire to expand production, or a desire to cut costs and as such support profitability.

In the first scenario then, more emphasis in choosing the location would be placed on the identification of a new site that possesses some comparative advantage in the field of manufacturing. This advantage could refer to skilled…


Greenhouse, S. (2011). Union membership in U.S. fell to a 70-year low last year. The New York Times.  accessed on December 19, 2012

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