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Discriminations Evaluated Laws Protecting Citizens

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Individuals with disabilities may experience mental anguish, but also feelings of embarrassment about their ability, or inability to perform tasks that they normally might were they not disabled. These feelings may lead to depression or feelings of worthlessness, guilt or sadness, which are unacceptable in a society that promotes equality and fair treatment under the law. People with disabilities incorporate a large segment of the population, including people with HIV, cancer or physical handicaps resulting from chronic illnesses like multiple sclerosis (DDA DirectGov).

Other characteristics of individuals who feel discriminated against may include fear, as in the case of women who are discriminated against sexually (Gregory, 2003). As part of our research, we note that more women are fighting back, thanks to feminist movements encouraging women to speak out when they feel discriminated against. Any type of discrimination, as evidenced by our research, interferes with a person's ability to lead…… [Read More]


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Discrimination and Harassment Discrimination Is an Act

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Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination is an act of prejudice where unfairness towards a person or group of persons is demonstrated. It is an act of unreasonably treating a person less fairly as compared to how others are treated. Discrimination can manifest itself in many instances in our lives, either within the social environment, workplace, school, and many others. In reference and respect to every person's human rights, discrimination is prohibited under human rights and constitutional laws. According to an online source, this especially includes discrimination based on the following attributes.

race, colour, sex, age, trade union activity, religion, criminal record, political opinion, marital status, impairment (including HIV status), disability (including physical and intellectual), medical record, national extraction, nationality, social origin, sexual orientation, gender identity inc. transexuality

Harassment, on the other hand, is a form of abusing or injuring a person or group of persons, either physically, mentally, or emotionally. As…… [Read More]


Discrimination and Sexual Harassment.

Workplace Bias.
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Workplace Sexuality When Does One

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For instance, if one individual "kept telling another employee sexual jokes that the second employee found offensive, it would be sexual harassment in the workplace. If two employees dated and engaged in consensual sex, this would not be sexual harassment. If one of the two then wanted to terminate the relationship, and the other used the unequal relative terms and conditions of employment of the work place to further the relationship, this would be sexual harassment in the workplace." (Sexual Harassment in the orkplace, 2004) in other words, consent is key -- conceivably a man could be made to feel uncomfortable, perhaps by another man, through repeated exposure to sexual jokes even after the perpetrator of the 'humor' was asked to cease and desist.

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Sexual…… [Read More]

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Discrimination and Affirmative Action

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Discrimination and Affirmative Action

Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) enforced by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) prohibits private and state and local government employers with 15 or more employees from discriminating against individuals on the basis of disability. Title I of the ADA also generally requires covered employers to make reasonable accommodations -- changes in the workplace or in the way things are usually done that provide individuals with disabilities equal employment opportunities." (U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission, 2008) In order to meet the ADA's definition of disability the individual must have a "physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities; (2) has a record of such an impairment; or (3) is regarded as having such an impairment. This definition of disability may differ from the definition used in other laws. For example, the term "disabled veteran" means an individual…… [Read More]


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Workplace Problem Creating an Appropriate

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The existence of on-site daycare becomes a 'perk' in attracting high-level talent during the peak years of productivity.


Statistics make a compelling case: "savings in wages of $150,000 and $250,000 for just two companies that provided on-site day care" underline the advantage of retention and company loyalty through corporate daycare (Hahn 2007). orkers will be less apt to stay home when they cannot find care or a sitter -- also they can monitor a mildly ill child at the facility, rather than stay home. For women, corporate daycare levels the playing field and means they do not have to choose between motherhood and a career. Even fathers can enjoy seeing more of their children. orkers will feel better and less stressed at work. They will sense their company cares about them as human beings, not just as workers.


Of course, a financial investment in the daycare practice is…… [Read More]

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Discrimination and Affirmative Action

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Discrimination and Affirmative Action


The current study investigates gender discrimination and the relationship between organizational commitment and job satisfaction. Women report through survey questions on how they view gender discrimination against women today, their level of commitment to an organization, and their level of agreement on how satisfied they are in their jobs. The purpose of this study is discussing certain issues that pertain particularly to women, because majority of women's find barriers when moving towards the top.

According to the Federal Glass Ceiling Commission, the definition of glass ceiling refers to "the artificial barriers present in the workplace to the advancement of women and minorities." egardless of achievements, the glass ceiling is an "unseen" barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the top of the corporate ladder. The glass ceiling still persists in today's society even though the equity gap between men and women in managerial…… [Read More]


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Discrimination and Affirmative Action

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Discrimination and Affirmative Action

"Firefighting is a skilled job where all of the skills learned are on the job… It's a really good job, and it's been racially exclusive in most of our major cities…" (John Payton, NAACP) (Liptak, 2009, The New York Times)

orkplace issues that revolve around racial fairness and racial justice typically are highly charged with passion and contentiousness. The now notorious case of the Caucasian firefighters in New Haven, Connecticut -- who sued when they believed they were discriminated against -- is a classic case in point. This paper examines and critiques the many issues surrounding the case the firefighters brought to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The basic background of the case

The city of New Haven, Connecticut made a management decision to base future promotions of its firefighting units on a written test. This was 2003. According to Emily Bazelon (writing in Slate) the city…… [Read More]

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Discrimination and Affirmative Action Should

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In order to assure that workforce advancement for existing disabled veterans is according to federal guidelines, the Bonneville "action program plan" offers classes and training in "resume writing" and "how to prepare for an interview." Each employee, including disabled veterans, are encouraged to complete an individual development plan with their manager, and are also encouraged to utilize career counselors with their departments.

All these things are mentioned because it is apparent that the federal government has gone to great lengths to open the door for disabled veterans. That doesn't mean, again, that any job opening with a federal agency or a contractor who has been hired by the federal government will automatically go to a disabled veteran. Not at all.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has its own version of an "Affirmative Action Program Plan for Disabled Veterans" (;this is very similar to the Bonneville plan, only it appears that…… [Read More]

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Discrimination and Federal Law

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Discrimination in Employment

Title VII of the Civil ights Act of 1964 specifically prohibits discrimination in the workplace based upon a candidate's "race, color, religion, sex, or national origin" (Title VII, 1964). The act also makes it illegal to refuse to hire employees based upon membership in these specific, protected categories (Title VII, 1964). It is also illegal to refuse to promote individuals based upon membership in such categories (Title VII, 1964). The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 provides further protections for women by making it illegal to discriminate against an employee due to pregnancy or the potential to become pregnant (PDA, 1978). The Equal Pay Act of 1963 makes it illegal to pay men and women different wages for the same types of categories of work solely on the basis of gender (EPA, 1963).

Further protections for specific groups include the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, which…… [Read More]


Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967. EEOC. Retrieved from:

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Discrimination Policy When it Comes

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The organization that I work for has many advantages because of its decision to support non-discrimination.

One of the most important elements of life is diversity. By supporting non-discrimination laws the company provides a local atmosphere in which diversity is embraced and the company has a large diverse local pool to draw from for employees.

The support of anti-discrimination laws also sends a strong clear message to the workforce of the company.

We are aware that the company supports and embraces diversity, not because it is mandated to by employment laws, but because it believes it is the right thing to do for mankind.

Everybody in America, at this point is aware that to discriminate based on race, culture, gender or other factors in the workplace is illegal.

It sets the company up for large fines if it is caught practicing or promoting discrimination in the company.

This makes…… [Read More]


Vise, David (2005) Microsoft Backtracks, Supports Gay Rights Bill

The Washington Post
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Discrimination LGBT Discrimination Amongst the

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Another area of discrimination within the LGT community is with regard to the transgendered subset vs. The larger gay community. Societal oppression against transgendered individuals has been documented in the scholarly literature for some time now (Carroll, Gilroy, & Ryan, 2002; Lev, 2004; Pepper and Lorah, 2008). However, even within the generally defined group labeled transgendered, there are subgroup: MTF, transitioning from male to female; FTM, transitioning from female to male; transsexual, enlisting surgical procedures and/or hormones; and genderqueer, not identifying with either label of male or female (Singh, Hays, & Watson, 2009). However, despite gender diversification within the transgender community, group members continue to face transphobia and transprejudice because of a lack of understanding, knowledge and acceptance (Singh, oyd, & Whitman, 2010).

In addition to prejudice from outside of the LGT community, transgendered persons can be victims of misunderstanding and discrimination within the LG community (Namaste, 2000). Singh et…… [Read More]


19th Amendment, Accessed 24 June 2011,

Carroll, L. (2010). Counseling sexual and gender minorities. Upper Saddle River, NJ:

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Gendered Experience in the Workplace

Words: 1793 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53086658

"For example, the more women considered prejudice to occur across a variety of contexts, the more they reported depression, anxiety, and decreased self-esteem." (Foster & Dixon, 2002, p.1)

These findings about the limits of group conciousness hint that perhaps, rather than focusing on a generalized female conciousness raising outside of the workplace, focusing on specific managerial objectives of female advancement within specific industries and workplaces might be more beneficial. Change the conciousness of managers, specifically male managers, through diversity workshops and penalizing sexism, rather than focus on changing female's perceptions of their competance alone. Create a sense of 'it's everywhere,' one also runs the risk of creating a sense that 'there is nothing I can do' and of learned helplessness in the hearts of female workers. Even from my own unwitting beneficical experience of sexism, I know how difficult it is to be confrontational as an entry-level employee, when one…… [Read More]

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Employment Discrimination at Wal-Mart Foundation of the

Words: 5383 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45363162

Employment Discrimination at Wal-Mart

Foundation of the Study

This study examines the legislative and judicial climate that enables corporations like Wal-Mart to engage in practices that violate workers' rights. The popular consensus is that Wal-Mart, the largest retail store in the United States, displays an inordinate disregard for the human dignity and morale of its employees and, despite continual litigation, continues to blatantly violate the legal rights of its employees. Wal-Mart faces charges of violating The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (2011) by asking management to adjust time sheets so that overtime will not need to be paid, and so that all employees will work under the hourly limit required by the union in order to obtain membership. Employees were insured, without their knowledge, against their death by Wal-Mart. The company was named beneficiary; following death of an employee, the entire benefit amount was retained by the corporation. Not a…… [Read More]


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Slippery Slope Law Discrimination the Definition

Words: 1951 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23933514

Slippery Slope Law / Discrimination

The definition of the slope and its legal implications are largely hypothetical. According to Eugene Volokh, an action that is voted in -- say a ban on guns provides with the curtailment of many other things -- like confiscation of guns, costs or data bases and many other legislations that flows into creating a system that was not envisaged in the first place or would have been the primary action. For example the gun control could flow into some other area like searches and restriction and create an altogether different system. The analogy of the slippery slope where an act of a camel causes a slope to flood and grow an oak in consequence -- the original act being something different intended is to be considered. (Volokh, 48) In truth is there such a slippery slope in legislation?

Thesis Statement: "There is no such slope…… [Read More]


Achampong, Francis. Workplace Sexual Harassment Law: Principles, Landmark

Developments, and Framework for Effective Risk Management. Quorum Books: Westport, CT, 1999.

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Covey, Anne. The Workplace Law Advisor: From Harassment and Discrimination Policies to Hiring and Firing Guidelines What Every Manager and Employee Needs to Know. Perseus Publishing: Cambridge, MA, 2000.
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Filing a Discrimination Lawsuit John

Words: 1147 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56708986

To do so, John needs to seek a Notice of ight-to-Sue from the EEOC. This document serves as proof that John filed a complaint with the EEOC, as required by the underlying statutes, and serves as his means of entry into the court system (See generally, EEOC, Filing a lawsuit, 2010).

Even though the laws governing employment discrimination are federal laws, John can file his lawsuit in state court or federal court, assuming that state or local laws also prohibit such discrimination. Frequently, at that stage, John's employer is going to seek removal of the case to the federal system, because federal judges are considered more likely to grant summary judgment in favor of employer-defendants than state-court judges are. Employers are able to receive removal because federal courts have jurisdiction over questions of federal law. Therefore, John's lawsuit might proceed in the federal or state court system.

If John's lawsuit…… [Read More]


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Environmental Science Common Workplace Problem

Words: 363 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87282584

Very often workers must choose jobs based upon benefits, not where they wish to work. orkers may decide not to open up small businesses or work for smaller businesses who cannot offer them comprehensive care. and, of course the children of uninsured workers suffer, innocent victims of the system.

Even companies like Safeway that have made heroic efforts to foster healthy living and disease prevention initiatives to cut costs have stated that universal health care is necessary to contain costs and keep their workers healthy enough to work, with as few sick days as possible. (Cohen 2007:4). Unions, companies, and the government must work together to create a healthy, safer and more affordable medical tomorrow.

orks Cited

Cohen, Jonathan. "hat's the One Thing Big Business and the Left Have in Common?" The New York Times Magazine. 1 Apr 2007. [10 Apr 2007].… [Read More]

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Employment Discrimination Based on Religion

Words: 1988 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6363558

This can also lead to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem.

It is also noted that religious discrimination can be both overt and covert. Overt discrimination is a more obvious form of discrimination, such as name -- calling and physical intimidation ( Perceived eligious Discrimination and its elationship to Anxiety and Paranoia among Muslim Americans). Covert discrimination is often more insidious and psychologically harmful in that it is suggested by innuendo and veiled remarks that are often less able to be attacked or defended against.

It is also claimed that continued stress as a result of discrimination can lead to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. However, there is a paucity of research in this area; for instance, "Although the effects of discrimination and hate crimes among various minority member's mental health is documented, no research to date examines the correlates of perceived discrimination among Muslim Americans" (Perceived…… [Read More]


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Equal Pay and Compensation Discrimination

Words: 3715 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35628513

These figures dwarfed what other big businesses paid for discriminatory practices. These businesses included Texaco, Inc.; Shoney's, Inc., Winn-Dixie, Stores, Inc.; and CSX Transportation, Inc. Critics saw Coca-Cola's settlement as signaling a major breakthrough among big businesses as coming to terms with diversity in the workplace (King). ecause the company has been a leader in many areas, these critics regarded it as setting an example of greater openness to promotions across races of employees (King).

Settlement terms included $23.7 million as back pay; $58.7 million as compensatory damages; and $10 million as promotional achievement award fund distributed to the complainants. A remaining $20 million went to attorney's fees and $36 million to the implementation of internal program reforms. Coca-Cola would also create an external, seven-member task force to insure that the terms were complied with and to oversee the company's diversity efforts (King).

According to Social Networks. - Connections in…… [Read More]


Bland, T. (1999). Equal pay enforcement heats up. 4 pages. HR Magazine: Society for Human

Resources Management

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Business Journal: CBJ, LP
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Analyzing and Prohibiting Discrimination

Words: 904 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84470710

prohibiting employee discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Sexual Orientation Defined

As the new assistant to the human resources director, I would define the term sexual orientation as an individual's patterns of romantic, sexual and emotional attraction, as well as his/her sense of social and personal identity founded on these attractions. The sexual orientation of an individual is no black-and-white aspect. ather, it lies across a continuum, and undivided attraction towards the same and opposite sexes lies on opposite ends of this continuum. Homosexuality (attraction towards individuals of one's own gender), heterosexuality (attraction towards people belonging to the opposite gender) and bisexuality (being attracted towards individuals of either gender) represent the three sexual orientation categories most widely discussed. However, they are, in no way, the sole categories of sexual classification labels across the globe (Sexual Orientation -- Psychology Today). (For instance, the umbrella term 'queer' is helpful for being non-specific to…… [Read More]


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Workplace Is Changing This Is

Words: 1816 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59506056

When we look at the U.S. auto industry and Wall Street and see the utter failure of management vision and the copious quantity of greed and self-serving that has gone along for decades, the question is, are we capable at any level of managing our huge conglomerates and financial institutions? It seems, in my mind, that the articles I studied asked many of these same questions in different ways, but really offered few answers. I think we know what we need to do. The real question is -- can we do it? Do we have the will? Can we care enough?


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Workplace Sexual Harassment

Words: 1043 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79197010

Sexual Harassment

orkplace Sexual Harassment: A Legal and Psychological Overview

orkplace Sexual Harassment, as delineated in the text by Anne C. Levy, & Michele A. Paludi (2001) is a complex issue, marrying human psychology and human sexual and cultural assumptions with the daily demands of the business environment, an environment that can be stressful for everyone where personal relations are concerned. This is why Part I of the text explains not only the American legal system regarding sexual harassment and employment law. It also looks at sexual harassment from a psychological perspective, how women have been perceived in the modern, American workplace. The two perspectives are married in many legal instances. For instance, in terms of setting what the courts have variously considered harassment, the courts have eventually evolved what is called a 'reasonable person' standard as to what constitutes harassment. This has changed and evolved, however, as cultural norms…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Levy, Anne C. & Michele Pauldi. (2001) Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. New York: Prentice Hall.
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Workplace Harassment Exist That Are

Words: 481 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60322979

Question C

Marlene was not discriminated against because of her religion, and unless she proved the union prohibited Catholics from becoming members, which would be a violation of Title VII. However, she has no anti-discrimination grounds on which to sue given there is no evidence either the union or the casino discriminated against Catholics. She could argue that she was being discriminated as the state of Nevada has 'right to work' laws which prohibit discriminating against employees who are not members of unions or who refuse to become members of unions. Merely being a member of a historically-discriminated against group is not grounds to sue -- there must also be evidence of discrimination.

Question D

The female pilots did have grounds to sue. It is illegal to mandate unnecessary requirements for specific types of employment if such requirements have a disparate impact upon protected groups, including women. Even if it…… [Read More]

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Workplace Sexual Harassment

Words: 1204 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 161620

sexual harassment, and discuss aspects like defenses, judge ruling basis, cause of action, and employee's and employer's civil liability. Both discrimination and employee laws will be applied here.

Sexual Harassment Background Information

The issue of sexual harassment at workplaces poses an ethical problem, with around 50% of all women employees experiencing it during some point of time at their workplace; the effects of sexual harassment on people are always negative, and harmful (Bimrose, 2004). Thus, career guidance has a significant role to play in preparing and supporting working women, who may have already faced, or are currently, facing sexual harassment at work. ecent studies on workplace-related gender inequalities have recommended combating of stereotyping by urging women to take up non-traditional vocational training, education, and jobs.

Though the above solution is pertinent, the problem of workplace sexual harassment is not accorded due recognition. There are several reasons for this; the foremost…… [Read More]


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Workplace Dispute and Resolution

Words: 932 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91597433

marketplace, employers recognize that success requires attracting a talented workforce. Talent comes from all sources. Doing more than simply accommodating changing demographics, successful organizations have come to value the contributions that people from differing backgrounds bring to the workplace. To recruit and maintain a diverse workforce, an employer must have a plan for creating a work environment that makes all of its employees feel welcome."

In corporate settings, demographics of the organization play a large part in the workings of that organization.

Large corporate settings by and large indicate hierarchies and bureaucracy and, in many cases, people within the organization can feel that their diverse viewpoints, needs and backgrounds are stifled or simply not heard.

Also, problems of stereotyping, sexism, racism, and lack of upward mobility are problems that affect many members of a diverse workforce.

These problems often breed inefficiency in the workplace and at times, workplace conflict.

In…… [Read More]

Managing Team Conflict." December 21, 2002.

Team Building Workshop" December 22, 2002. .

Diversity Initiatives for the Workplace,
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Unintentional Discrimination

Words: 606 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53039


Unintentional Discrimination

Unintentional discrimination occurs when a company's policies uncritically reflect prejudicial stereotypes yet do not involve overt racial prejudices of its managers or executives. Does legislation to verify voter identification fall under the domain of unintentional or intentional discrimination? Explain your views.

The voter verification effects that are currently being proposed, predominately in Conservative lead states, are both unintentional and intentional discrimination. They are unintentional in their best case given that legislators have reasonable assumptions to make the passage of these verification requirements mandatory for all potential voters. Some analysts believe that voter fraud is a real threat to the political system. Although there have only been a handful of voter fraud cases ever prosecuted in the United States, there might be a seemingly legitimate argument to support voter identification initiatives. For example, J. Christian Adams, an election lawyer in Alexandria, Va., and advocate for voter-ID laws who…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Plunder, J. (2012, August 19). Ohio Republicans finally admit limited hours intended to suppress black voters. Retrieved from Plunderbund:
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Is There Still Discrimination in the American Workplace Today

Words: 1743 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85045687


Employment Discrimination esearch Project

Employment Discrimination in the United States

What I already knew/What I wanted to know

The Federal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws were established, during the civil rights movement, to protect employees from discrimination. According to Title VII of the Civil ights Act, employment discrimination because of race, color, religion, gender, and national origin is illegal. The Equal Pay Act protects workers against sex bias and salary discrimination. In addition, there are laws which protect people with disabilities, and employees over 40 years old from discrimination; such as, The Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the ehabilitation Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Discrimination against people on the basis of their genetic information is also illegal. The Civil ights Act of 1991 allows employees who are intentionally discriminated against to receive monetary damages (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2009).

In my opinion, the government has made significant…… [Read More]


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History of Discrimination From Legislation to the

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History Of Discrimination From Legislation to the Present Day

There are various form of discrimination that have been in existence over the decades, racism is just one of the oldest and most prevailing kind of discrimination. acism is the belief that a race of people is inferior to another. Various practices in the U.S. are seen to be motivated by racism and these include the slave trade where humans are treated as property that is disposable, without any rights and privileges. It was mainly practiced in southern U.S. until the civil war when it was outlawed by the 13th amendment. Job discrimination is also widespread and involves exclusion of people from jobs due to their race which was outlawed on a national level in 1964.segregaton in public places, schools, sports and other places was also in existence but was outlawed in 1964. Denial of voting rights like literacy tests, poll…… [Read More]


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Positive Discrimination -- Do We Need It

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Positive Discrimination -- Do We Need it?

For centuries, the global community has strived to eliminate discrimination against minority groups. For centuries, women had been emotionally and/or physically abused; they were prohibited from voting and working. Today, they are allowed to work outside the household, but they are still paid less than their male counterparts. Additionally, the responsibility of raising the children and completing the household chores remains heavily preponderant among the female categories.

The women represent one of the most obvious categories of people discriminated against; but they only represent a mere fraction of the overall population subjected to discrimination. And the grounds for the discrimination are multiple, to include anything and everything from gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political and religious appurtenance, age or disability.

The modern day society is making intense efforts to ensure that discrimination is eliminated -- or at least decreased to the minimum level…… [Read More]


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Legislative Acts Against Discrimination

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integrate readings Chapters 5 & 6 Pynes, J.E.(2013). Human resources management public nonprofit organizations: A strategic approach (4th ed.). Jossey-Bass: San Francisco response: Case Study: Reeves, Chapter 3: Some Counselors More Equal Others website information http://prezi.

The case study relates to a situation involving state employees being discriminated on account of their gender. Rose Paddock, the central actor in this case, complained with regard to how the Department of Labor was inclined to favor men by providing them with bigger salaries in spite of the fact that their jobs entailed the same duties and qualifications as jobs that were probable to be occupied by women. The job under discussion, an Employment Counselor position in the Department of Human Services, has an equivalent job in the Department of Labor. The latter is paid better and the fact that there are more men in the Department of Labor while there are more…… [Read More]

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Employment Discrimination in Regards to

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Presence of minority groups at a workplace

At work places, individuals are being discriminated on the basis of being a minority. Structural theory states clearly there is always a consequence for being the minority. This theory is in relation to three known token dynamics which include; it leads to contrast effect that leads to social isolation, it has the element of visibility that results to performance pressure and it also results to stereotyping or role encapsulation (Bell, 2007). Discrimination may be as a result of the individual (from the minority group) being scrutinized to find out whether he/she is capable to excel in whatever he/she is doing. From this theory, an individual whom the public does not associate his/her presence with a certain kind of work is more doubted than a person whom they have faith that he/she can handle the work. For example, a woman with mechanic skills can…… [Read More]


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Males and Females Inequality in the Workplace

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Gender equality establishes the concept and attitude of unbiased and impartial allocation of corporate resources and prospects involving men and women. It establishes equality for men and women in terms of opportunity in social circles. But the corporate world is based on certain gender norms and stereotypes of role provisions. Hence these roles have made certain divisive identities (Sharma, & Sharma, 2012). The social norms of women being the housewife and caretaker of the family have infected eastern and western civilization. Corporations have been hiring women for mid-level and lower level positions, but they are blocked from top level positions (Ntermanakis, as cited by Mihail 2006).

According to Schein, Mueller, Lituchy and Liu (1996), women are afflicted with the typical think-manager-think male norm. In Nichols (1994) opinion, the popular opinion is that women aren't cut out for the tough decisions and roles of management position; hence they are kept out…… [Read More]


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Men File Workplace Sex Harassment Claims by

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Men File Workplace Sex Harassment Claims by Sam Hananel of the Associated Press. The article was found in the Houston Chronicle at In reporting how the number of claims of sexual harassment filed by men in the workplace is increasing, Hananel relates the story of Jonathan Pilkington. Pilkington claims that in the two years he was employed as a food runner at an upscale steakhouse, he was continuously harassed by his male boss, the chef of the restaurant. Even after Pilkington filed a complaint with management, the harassment did not stop, so he is now a witness in a federal suit against the restaurant. Hananel reports that this case is representative of the increase in reports of sexual harassment by men. According to Hananel, sexual harassment reports by men now make up about 16% of the reported cases, up from 8% in 1990. In 2009, 2,000 of the 12,700…… [Read More]

Of particular interest in the article is the fact that most of the claims filed by men involve alleged harassment by other men. Some cases involve unwelcome romantic advances, while some cases involve men being harassed because they are gay, perceived as gay, or not considered masculine enough for the work setting. For example, Hananel relates the case of Joseph Orcale, an employee of an offshore services company, who claimed that "two male supervisors and a male coworker made lewd advances, assaulted him with a bar of soap in the shower, and implied that his job depended on submitting to sex."

The implications for Human Resource Managers include increasing awareness that these practices constitute sexual harassment. According to Hananel, the Supreme Court ruled in 1998 that same-sex harassment is a valid claim under federal anti-discrimination laws. Activities that used to be brushed off as "boys being boys" are now considered serious complaints and are resulting in lawsuits by the EEOC. Additionally, human resource managers should make sure that all employees are aware of their rights and channels for reporting such activities.

I would recommend this article because it increases awareness of the types of activities that are considered awareness. It also serves as a reminder of the consequences of these actions as they can have serious financial impacts for the organization.
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Sociology of the Workplace

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Sociology of the Workplace


Gender Inequality at Workplace

Annotated Bibliography

Dixon, S. (2001). Work Experience and the Gender Earnings Gap. New Zealand Economic apers, 35(2), 152+. Retrieved March 27, 2012, from Questia database:

In this article, Dixon reviews and presents the information about the work experience profiles of men and women working in New Zealand. The author uses two methods, which were introduced by Zabalza and Arrufat (1985) and by Filer (1993) for adding the women's actual paid work experience into the house hold survey databases. By using the imputed experience values and other skills, Dixon determines the components that are responsible for gender wage gap in late 1990s. This article is useful for research because it investigates that the shortfall in average hourly earnings of women is due to women's lower average level of skills which are needed for productivity. Moreover, it also discusses briefly the…… [Read More]

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Labor Discrimination - Equal Pay

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Goodyear which effectively denied employees the right to sue for wage discrimination after the passing of 180 days that "Justice Ruth ader Ginsberg was so incensed she read her scathing dissent aloud from the bench. She defended Lilly Ledbetter's right to sue her employer, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Inc. For pay discrimination on the basis of sex, giving a not-so-gentle reminder of the realities of the American workplace." (Steiger, 2007) Specifically written by Justice Ginsburg is that as follows:

worker knows immediately if she is denied a promotion or transfer, if she is fired or refused employment. And promotions, transfers, hirings, and firings are generally public events, known to co-workers. When an employer makes a decision of such open and definitive character, an employee can immediately seek out an explanation and evaluate it for pretext. Compensation disparities, in contrast, are often hidden from sight." (Steiger, 2007)

Steiger reports that…… [Read More]


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Gender Pay Discrimination in the

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"(National ureau of Economic Research, 2001) Analysis of this period was conducted with data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics and findings indicate that women "were able to more than overcome the effect of adverse shifts in overall wage structure (that is rising labor-market returns to skills and to employment in high-paying male sectors) on their relative wages by improving their qualifications relative to men. So, although on average women continue to have less labor-market experience than men, they have narrowed the gender difference in experience considerably. They also have upgraded their occupations relative to men's, as they moved out of clerical and service occupations and into professional and managerial jobs. Women also have benefited from a decrease in the "unexplained" pay gap. Such a shift may reflect an upgrading of women's unmeasured labor-market skills, a decline in labor market discrimination against women, or a shift in labor market…… [Read More]


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Non-Discriminatory Workplace Environment to Effectively Deal With

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Non-Discriminatory orkplace Environment

To effectively deal with the problems of discrimination in the workforce, a workplace environment must strive to prevent discriminatory behavior from occurring between employees, must ensure that when discriminatory behavior does occur the participants involved in the conflict have a venue in which to express their differences and grievances, and finally, leaders in the workplace must make an effort to ensure that it doesn't occur in the future. In other words, preventing discrimination requires an efficacious three-pronged attack for both public and private enterprises.

First and foremost, during the hiring process, the human resource personnel must ensure that candidates are selected at all levels of the corporate hierarchy that share the company's nondiscriminatory values. It needs to be communicated, in strong and in no uncertain terms, that discrimination in the workforce and sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, whether it be wielded against employees,…… [Read More]

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Prejudice in the Workplace Prejudice and Discrimination

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Prejudice in the Workplace

Prejudice and Discrimination in the Workplace

Prejudice can be hurtful and destructive. This is true for those impacted directly, but also for the morale within an overall work environment. I witnessed this being carried out at a former employer during a summer job. A Hispanic teen was often given late night shifts that no one else wanted to work. There had been a couple of weekend evening robberies and it seemed that management was being prejudice in their decision to place the minority worker on the more problematic shift. In addition, I observed instances where this same worker was teased and mocked (openly as well as behind his back) about his accent. English was not his native language and there were people in management and other co-workers who were totally inappropriate in their teasing of him as he tried to make meaning of some of the…… [Read More]


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Reverse Discrimination Negatively Affects Employee

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Such a work environment that is characterized by high levels of reverse discrimination becomes a hostile one. This has negative effects on the performance and efficiency of the employees that work in such an environment. This leads to reduced productivity of the company in case. Therefore, the company must develop and implement strategies that focus on improving the activity of its employees in order to increase the productivity of the company and maintain its competitive advantage and strong position in comparison with its competitors.

The modern theory and practice of organizational culture encourage and support equality between employees. In order to ensure that such an environment that promotes equality is applicable, companies and their managers tends to favor the member of minority groups in the detriment of the dominant group members. As revealed above, this creates tension between employees. Those that are disfavored by such policies will interfere with the…… [Read More]

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Women Sex Discrimination in Career

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Yet women with similar or comparable education and experience or achievement still earn less than men in work organizations. A missing link or the absent ingredient, between performance and a just payoff, was identified as women's own ability to comfortably and consistently draw the attention they deserve to the contributions they made or gave. Findings of a study conducted on 322 male and female executives showed that women were less comfortable in promoting themselves than men. Many of them still believed that self-promotion by women was still unacceptable and that hard work alone would not put them in the same level as men. Women were also found to be "over-preparers" who wanted their work to be technically correct but who did not bring this sense of accuracy and care to the attention or notice of influential individuals in the organization. Goodson found that even women who understood the importance of…… [Read More]


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Productivity in the Workplace

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Productivity in the Workplace

An average employee lives around 10,000 days of his lifetime working. When one looks at it this way, it is rational to try and make this time at work as gratifying and rewarding as one can, so that people can be saved from burning out in advance. As a matter of fact, it is proven by research that the easiest and most effective way to uplift morale, be proof against turnover, and enhance output at the office is through encouraging fun in the workplace. Though most people draw back at the likelihood of achieving momentous goals and having fun simultaneously, it is a very viable blend.

Impediments to Productivity at Workplace productive workplace without discrimination is a key concern of a number of existing and proposed programs and policies, as well as the focus of substantial current research. An analysis of demographic, income and health care…… [Read More]


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Anti-Discrimination Law EEOC US Equal

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To be eligible for FMLA an employee must have a condition that makes him or her unable to perform their essential job function" (Vikesland, 2006). Previously-existing amendments to the Civil ights Act prohibited discrimination against women based upon pregnancy and the Equal Pay Act (EPA) of 1963 mandated equal pay for women and men doing the same work (EEOC, 2011, Official Website).

Protected groups can allege they have been the victims of discrimination based upon charges of disparate treatment and disparate impact. Disparate treatment means that the worker was denied opportunities or advancement based upon his or her membership in a protected category because of the explicit intention of the employer, such as a sexist employer that openly discriminates against women. Disparate impact cases, in contrast, refer to discriminatory policies that have a disparate impact upon a particular group of employees (Payne 2009: 60). For example, an employer might require…… [Read More]


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A strategic approach. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

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Sexual Discrimination

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sexual discrimination in the work place based on a case study and then suggest solutions for such a scenario. The case on which the whole report will be based is a suit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of Marla Sexson, a former admissions dean of Newman University. The charge against the college administration is that the university did not promote her when her female supervisor resigned because the Newman president, Aidan Dunleavy, wanted to change her with a man. When Sexson lodged complain against the unfair treatment meted out to her, University retaliated with bad behavior by changing her duties and job title. This demotion from her earlier position totally disheartened Sexson and finally she had to resign. According to the news reports there have been attempts to resolve the issue without a lawsuit but such efforts did not come to fruition. A lawsuit is…… [Read More]


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Non-Discrimination Issues Resource Non-Discrimination Is the Act

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Non-Discrimination Issues


Non-discrimination is the act of treating people in fairness without prejudice. Non-discrimination policies are laws that prohibit discrimination in cities, state, schools, universities, colleges and workplaces. Federal laws and state laws forbid discrimination in employment. Different states have different rules in place to guard against discrimination, example, the California Fair Employment Practices Act prohibits discrimination in employment on the grounds of religion, age, sex, race, color, medical condition, physical handicap, marital status, and national ancestry or origin, and this applies to all employment agencies, employers and labor organizations. Federal 1964 civil rights act Title Vii (42 U.S.C. Section 2000e-17) prohibits discrimination in employment because of religion, sex, race, color or national origin. This applies to all employers that are in-charge of at least 15 workers on each working day.

Apart from these two laws which serve general application, there are other State and Federal laws that forbid…… [Read More]


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Women at Work What Causes Lack of Respect in the Workplace

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gender roles in the workplace pre-exist much of what we think defines what work really is; not only do they pre-exist the modern working world of offices and factories, but they also seems older than more basic things, like writing and currency. From the world of the Tasaday tribe in the Philippines to that of such fields as genetic engineering and astrophysics, men and women are compelled to function within the workforce in different ways. In the United States, women dominate fields such as nursing, teaching, and clerical positions, while fields like engineering, programming and accounting are thought to be the domain of men. Some positions, such as those of flight attendants and nurses, are considered so intrinsically "female" that many men refuse to enter these fields for fear that others will question their sexual preference. Other more coveted positions, such as that of the CEO of a large company,…… [Read More]


Last chapter to include a section for reflection-comments on the research process and, explanation of what I have learned while doing research. Research project must have practical impact on an organization. Purely academic studies are not acceptable. Need to establish measurable objectives.

This action research project is the final component in my degree program.

Women at Work: What causes lack respect towards women in the workplace.
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Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Words: 2398 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41953999

To resolve this conflict in the situation where demographic and experiential differences are found qualitative researchers, such as those studying different cultures, might employ guides, interpreters and/or other "native" individuals to introduce and help them assimilate into the culture, in order to observe it or in some cases they use time as their tool, immersing for longer periods of time with limited or no interruption to eliminate any bias that might occur in research results because of his or her presence. Even among researchers this is not seen as a perfect set up but it can help resolve some of the intrusion challenges associated with diversity.

One of the major problems, as qualitative researchers see it in historical research is the fact that the researcher has often been seen and thought of as holding a position of authority over the subjects being studied. This idea of "social capital" is pervasive,…… [Read More]


Darlington, Y., & Scott, D. (2002). Qualitative Research in Practice: Stories from the Field/. Crows Nest, N.S.W.: Allen & Unwin.

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Merchant, B.M. & Willis, a.I. (Eds.). (2001). Multiple and Intersecting Identities in Qualitative Research. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
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Women in the Workplace Has

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At the same time, occupational segregation still exists in management positions. Part of the problem is that men are able to devote much more time to their career advancement vs. women who have to also consider raising a family and bulk of the responsibilities of that family. At the same time, however there are now many more women who have created role reversal than ever before, becoming the breadwinners within their nuclear family. The glass ceiling primarily exists because there is still exclusivity in the hiring process. Since the job of management hiring is typically sourced to executive search companies, many times such search teams do not include women because of the extra concerns associated with them. As a result, the only method by which many women in management have taken is to remain loyal within their corporate environment until they can climb the corporate ladder. This strategy grants women…… [Read More]


RACE, GENDER AND WORK: A Multicultural

Economic History of Women in the U.S. By Teresa Amott and Julie Matthaci.

Understanding Cultures Influence on Behavior by Richard Breslin
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Conflict in the Workplace One of the

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Conflict in the Workplace

One of the things that makes us human is our need and ability to form groups. We thrive in groups, merge into groups, and even the process of civilization and moving from hunter-gatherers to cities was part of group behavior. owever, when groups form, any number of interesting psychological issues occur: behaviors change, organizational issues occur, bonds and alliances are formed and lost, and even individual leadership behaviors change (Johnson and Johnson, 2008). Whether it be individuals, small groups, or large groups -- sometimes behavioral issues arise that cause conflict. Breaking one or more of these rules, however, or disagreeing with them to the point where it becomes unbearable or makes the group ineffective then becomes "conflictual" (Corey, 2008, pp. 149-51). This conflict happens in most cultures and some time or another. We see it in animal behavior as internal aggression. In some human cultures, while…… [Read More]


Let the record show that I am James X., Human Resource Manager for Zycon Corporation, a privately held corporation located in the City of Brisbane, Australia. Today is the 28th of June, 2011, and we are meeting with Mr. B., an employee of Zycon since March, 2001. Mr. B. has steadily worked his way up from a process worker to a section Forman since Spring 2008. Our meeting today is the result of a letter sent by Mr. B. demanding a review of a recent hiring decision made for Factory Manager. According to Mr. B's letter of June 10, 2011, Mr. B. feels that he did not receive the desired position promotion because of "discriminatory and unfair" labor practices, especially those from the Operations Manager. Reviewing the situation we find the following:

In April, 2011, due to corporate growth and efficiency studies, Zycon Corporation created a new position for our Brisbane Factory -- that Zycon believed it necessary to have an overall person who would be
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Occupational Health and Safety Workplace

Words: 4960 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5559323

A surprising exclusion by the OSH happens to be a certain area of paid domestic work, which is largely dominated by female workers. Several occupational safety and health standards and exposure limits to hazardous substances are founded on male populations or laboratory tests and associate in a great deal in favor of male work areas. This apart, occupational accident and diseases which are listed for compensation purposes give better coverage in case of accidents associated with work and problems related to sickness which are increasingly common among men. Therefore these concerns are required to be dealt with. The need of the hour lies in enhancing gender sensitivity is risk prevention. Gender sensitivity is associated with consideration of gender problems, variations and inequalities in strategies and actions. (European Agency for Safety and Health at Work)

The outcomes of this report as regards present research and good practice, and suggestion of global…… [Read More]


Building Healthier Workplaces: Institute for Work & Health Annual Report 2001.

Retrieved at

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Forastieri, Valentina. Information note on women workers and gender issues on occupational safety and health. International Labour Office. 2000. Retrieved at
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Crime Workplace Is Not Safe From Numerous

Words: 3278 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2555299


Workplace is not safe from numerous types of crimes. These crimes can range anywhere from burglary to homicides and from discrimination on the basis of sex to even rape for that matter. But these crimes are physical crimes and it is easy to avoid them or keep them at bay by making use of physical barriers, security cameras and a few sensible risk/security management tactics. For instance, if only 3 or 4 people work at night-time, it is easy to target anyone of them but if a considerable amount of people work together and have no hostility towards each other, these types of situations can be avoided. Use of security systems is a pre-requisite for the protection of material wealth and belongings. These types of systems can help avoid theft and burglary but if somehow these do occur, it will inform the managers of the incident at the earliest…… [Read More]

Reference List

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Employment Discrimination In the Past Few Years

Words: 1034 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50338769

Employment Discrimination:

In the past few years, employees have obtained new ammunition to file lawsuits related to job discrimination in federal courts, though they still experience numerous challenges against the rising victories. According to the findings of recent studies, workers who sue over employment discrimination tend to lose at higher rates in federal courts as compared to other kinds of plaintiffs. However, most of these employees are hopeful that the recently signed Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act will herald an improved climate for discrimination lawsuits. This is primarily because the legislation makes it easier for employees to sue over pay discrimination on the basis of race, gender, disability, or age through the extension of the legal deadline to file such cases or lawsuits.

Due to the odds against winning employment discrimination cases, some lawyers have become reluctant to even try to an extent that they have stated that they will…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Managing Diversity Expanding the Diversity in Our Workplace

Words: 685 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24927502

Managing Diversity

Workplace diversity can significantly improve a company's working environment in several ways. The first advantage is that it will enable employers to tap into the knowledge, talents, and experiences of individuals from a variety of backgrounds. This can in turn lead towards improving a company's products and services. The second advantage is that diversity can lead to improved rates of employee retention; according to a national survey conducted by Linkage, Inc. And Diversity Best Practices, ninety percent of the employers surveyed believed that diversity helped their companies to retain employees (Goodison, 2003).

The third advantage is that will foster more inclusive working relationships among coworkers, especially among those engaged in teamwork initiatives. This will come about as employees begin to appreciate learning about the many experiences and lifestyles of people from different backgrounds. A fourth advantage is that a company that values workplace diversity will be more likely…… [Read More]


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Family Discrimination Laws States Like Connecticut New

Words: 702 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49992341

Family Discrimination Laws

States like Connecticut, New Jersey, and Alaska are taking the lead when it comes to passing laws protecting employees from discrimination based on family responsibility. These anti-family responsibilities discrimination (FD) laws are designed to protect workers, but whether they are a good idea is a matter of opinion. There are concerns that these laws may be abused, and that employers may end up bearing the brunt of missed days and dissatisfied customers because employees are missing too much work time to be with their families (Pynes, 2013). Personally, I do support the idea of anti-family responsibilities discrimination laws. I think that work is very important, but there should be a good work-life balance. Most people do not have that anymore, because they know they will likely risk being fired if they want or need to miss any work time to spend with their family. People should not…… [Read More]


Pynes, J.E.(2013). Human resources management for public and nonprofit organizations: A strategic approach (4th ed.). CA: Jossey-Bass.

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Words: 1971 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58994189

The company should then establish clear procedures with regard to reporting of cases and the way they are handled, this can be done by establishing a competent body to handle this issue. The last step is enforcement of the policy, when all this is done then the policies will help safeguard the employees and at the same time reducing on company liabilities since there will be few cases to handle.

Who should be responsible?

Most companies have handed over the responsibility of protecting employees against sexual harassment to the employees themselves claiming that it is them who allow it to happen. Similarly, many individuals have raised the same argument and made recommendations supporting such a move. This should not be the case and is actually one of the factors that have led to the widespread of this vice. Matters are made worse when individuals are given the task of collecting…… [Read More]


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EEOC Discrimination Claim Discrimination Complaints A Case

Words: 1195 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93733889

EEOC Discrimination Claim

Discrimination Complaints: A Case Study

John believes that he has been discriminated against by his employer, a private company. The nature of the alleged discrimination could be related to John's race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age if 40 or older, disability, or genetic information (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission [EEOC], 2010, p. 1; EEOC, n.d.). The Constitutional authority for filing a discrimination claim against an employer comes from a number of different acts, including the Civil ights Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Equal Pay Act, and the ehabilitation Act. The federal agency responsible for regulating and mediating such claims is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Protection against employer retaliation for filing a discrimination claim is also provided under these laws and regulations.

Pre-Complaint Procedures

The procedure for filing a discrimination complaint with the EEOC requires that the employee notify the employer of the grievance (EEOC, 2010,…… [Read More]


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Religious Discrimination With Far Reaching Negative Effects

Words: 364 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61225688

eligious Discrimination

With far reaching negative effects that have always culminated into national and regional instability, religious discrimination is not a phenomenon that came up recently. Many authors consider it as discriminations on an individual based on their religious affiliations. Accounts of religious discrimination can be traced back to the 1800s with reference to various discrimination stories that have always appeared in articles talking about religious discrimination. One such story is the story of Harry Fischel (1865-1948), a ussian immigrant who could not be given a day-off on Saturday to enable him observe the "Sabbath"; the period in which this act of discrimination occurs gives insight into the long history of religious discrimination (Friedman, 2008). Some of the recent complaints related to religious discrimination include handling of alcohol, the mode of dressing, and observing the Sabbath (Trottman, 2013).

eligious discrimination occurs in two forms: direct and indirect religious discrimination (Bennett-Alexander…… [Read More]


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Laws That Cover Employment Discrimination

Words: 736 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75056220

Under the provisions of Title VII, all employers involved in interstate commerce with more than 15 employees are prohibited from discriminating against their employees on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Title VII makes it illegal for employers and labor unions to discriminate in relation to hiring, discharging, compensating, or in providing the terms, the conditions, and privileges of employment.

Actions pursued under Title VII are involved a different course of action from those filed under §1981. §1981 actions can be filed directly in the trial court while Title VII actions must first be filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This is an informal process, initially, and requires that the aggrieved party meet with an EEOC counselor. The counselor will advise the party of his or her alternatives which include traditional counseling or alternative dispute resolution. The injured party will make a determination as…… [Read More]


1964 Civil Rights Act. Pub.L. No. 88-352 (1964).

Civil Rights Act of 1886. U.S. Statutes at Large, Vol. 14:27 (1866).

Friedman, J. (2010). Employment Discrimination: Examples & Explanations. Frederick, MD: Aspen Publishers.

U.S. Const. amend. V.
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Housing Discrimination

Words: 782 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8466288

Housing Discrimination

In 1968 the Federal Government enacted the Fair Housing Act which, among other things, made it illegal to discriminate in regards to the sale or rental of property, against any persons because of race, religion, sex, national origin, or family status. ("Fair Housing Act") In subsequent years this law has been amended to clarify exactly who falls into protected classes when it comes to discrimination. ("Laws Against Housing Discrimination") In a scenario where Sally Gant, an African-American single mother, claimed she was discriminated against by Mark Armstrong, owner of a rental property, because of her race, it seems that the Fair Housing Act of 1968 may have been violated. However, a closer look at the facts reveals that her claim of racial discrimination may be difficult, but not impossible, to prove.

When the Fair Housing Act was enacted many attempted to claim that this law only applied to…… [Read More]


Arlington heights v MHDC., 429 U.S. 252 (1977). Retrieved from

Barkley, Daniel. "Affordable Housing and Community Development Law."

American Bar Association. Retrieved from

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AIDS in the Workplace Discuss the Following

Words: 964 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54526368

AIDS in the Workplace," discuss the following:

What are the moral issues in this case?

The first moral obligation Carla has is to the law: it is illegal to discriminate against someone because they have an illness, if that illness does not substantially affect the employee's job performance. In this case, there is no concrete evidence that Tom's rumored illness has affected his abilities as a worker. The second moral obligation Carla has is to the truth. The evidence of Tom having AIDS is based upon second-hand testimony from his ex-wife, and Carla only convinced herself that Tom may have seemed thinner after hearing Frances' comments. Tom's illness does not seem as bad, objectively, as Carla's fears suggest. Carla also has a moral obligation to honor Tom's loyal service and evident qualifications for a promotion.

What ideals, obligations, and consequences must Carla Lombard consider?

Carla Lombard must consider the ideal…… [Read More]

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How Social Media Has Added Conflict to Workplaces

Words: 1817 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18925325

Social Media/Workplace Conflict

Every day, most of us create permanent records of our lives and the things we do through our Internet use, emails, texts, tweets, blogs, and similar technology. Information intended for friends and family can sometimes be disseminated more widely than expected or planned. Unless one avoids these technologies altogether -- a difficult feat in today's society -- one can no longer be assured that a private life is truly private. Further complicating the issue is the use of these technologies in the workplace. The line between our public and private selves continues to blur. Current legislation is aimed at protecting privacy rights of employees in balance with employers' concerns about the use of social media during work hours and, in some cases, with the use of employer-owned devices. Legal issues can quickly become complex and there is not sufficient practical guidance to help employers navigate an increasingly…… [Read More]


Dorsch, M. (2012). Tweeting the election. State Legislatures (38)4, pp. 28-30.

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Prejudice in the Workplace in Basic Terms

Words: 662 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6423401

Prejudice in the Workplace

In basic terms, prejudice is an opinion that does not have a factual basis. In that regard, the same could include notions and beliefs (preconceived) about people belonging to a particular race or social group. Prejudice is defined by Daft, Kendrick and Vershinina (2010, p.489) as "the tendency to view people who are different as being deficient." Based on its very nature, prejudice could be harmful. Indeed, as Masters and Wallace (2010, p.290) point out, both discrimination and prejudice in the workplace could be destructive. For instance, the top leadership of an organization could perceive effective management as being tied to ethnicity, race, or even class. In such a scenario, those who do not belong to the 'proscribed' ethnicity, race, or class could be locked out of future promotions. Prejudiced employees could feel alienated and as a result, their productivity could suffer.

To begin with, I…… [Read More]


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Intergroup Relations View on Gay Discrimination

Words: 646 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87420548

Gay Discrimination -- Study Guide

The field study by Hebl, Foster, Man nix and Davidic reveals a number of instances in which gay people are discriminated against. Those instances and situations are marked in this paper with bullet points for clarity and for succinctness. The authors also present details of a research project conducted in a Texas mall; this paper reviews that research and poses five questions after the critique and review of the Texas research project.

In 1996, attitudes vis-a-vis gays and lesbians were still quite biased; a 1996 Gallup Poll showed that half of Americans believe homosexuality is "…not an acceptable alternative lifestyle" (Hebl, et al., 2010, 815)

Earlier, in 1994, a CBS poll showed that 45% of those surveyed believed that relations between gays and lesbians "…should be illegal" (Hebl, 815)

At the time the Hebl article was published, only 11 states had passed laws that protect…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Hebl, M.R., Foster, J.B., Mannix, L.M., and Dovidio, J.F. (2010). Formal and Interpersonal

Discrimination: A Field Study of Bias Toward Homosexual Applicants. PSPB, 28(6), 815-
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Latest Trends in Workplace

Words: 1662 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79923208


Key Functional Areas of HM

The entire aim of the human resource management function is to augment the personal and joint productivity of the employees and deliver stellar results for the organization. The key components of a human resource management are:




But in the past few years, human resource characteristics are becoming more complicated and broad to say the least.

Simultaneously, the focus has been on the fact that human resource practices are aligned with strategic direction of an organization (Sasks School Boards Association, n.d.).Human resource management has the knowledge of the dynamics and practices to implement in a work environment while regulating employment relationship. HM has five areas in its domain:


Staffing deals with hiring candidates with the proper skill set, knowledge and experience to satisfy the job requirement in an organization. elated practices include job analysis, recruitment, selection and human resource planning (Salawu,…… [Read More]


Coenen, M., & Kok, R. (2014). Workplace flexibility and new product development performance: The role of telework and flexible work schedules. European Management Journal, 32(4), 564-576. doi:10.1016/j.emj.2013.12.003

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Narrative Argument

Words: 1066 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63466563

Discrimination Against Muslims

We live in a very troubled world. If today's problems and their sources are misunderstood because of misinformation about the past, solutions for the future will be misdirected and therefore ineffective. It is only recently in this information age that researchers had the opportunity and courage to expose and lift the veil from past events revealing the truth behind them. Only recently we have realized that our previous information, which directed our actions and inspired our values were very often inaccurate, distorted and sometimes manipulated. Furthermore it seems to have misrepresented everyone; the powerless and the powerful, the occupier and the occupied, the race and the racist. However, most of us have had neither the time nor the opportunity to ponder the effects of releasing our former assumptions and accepting our new awareness. And yet curiosity about the past abounds, as does the desire to understand the…… [Read More]


Kinsman, Michael. "Agency Sees Rise in Workplace-Bias Complaints by Muslims since Sept. 11" The San Diego Union-Tribune 2002.

CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations "Report: American Muslims one year after 9/11," Washington, D.C. 9/2/2002 available at

Said, Edward W. "Covering Islam: How the Media and the Experts Determine How We See the Rest of the World," Vintage Books 2000.

Stubbs, Sukhvinder. The Hooded Hordes Of Prejudice: To Typecast all Muslims as Fanatical Militants Is Unfair And Offensive. (Discrimination against Muslims), New Statesman Issue: Feb 28, 2000.
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Healthcare Discrimination Against Minorities and Corporate Issues

Words: 5615 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82554464

healthcare services, many people could encounter some form of discrimination on the basis of their race, gender, or even sexual orientation. Discrimination in healthcare may seem like it is not something that is a major issue. However, it absolutely does come up in many situations, states and environments. hether based on gender, religion, race or sexuality, discrimination happens at overt or implied levels all of the time. In other situations, there are huge disparities in healthcare outcomes from one group to another and many experts say that this can only come from systemic or sporadic instance of racism from the healthcare sphere, from society in general or a combination of the two. hile most people get very good care, there are situations where the healthcare and/or government sectors fall short. It is important to note that although people are not always aware of this; there are various laws that seek…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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State of California. (n.d.). California Corporations Code. Retrieved from
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Georgia Laws Regarding Employment Discrimination

Words: 1314 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94846570

Employment Discrimination


Advocacy groups exist in a few different forms, some that work on federal issues, and others that are more focused on state issues. States have the right to pass laws that offer protections that go beyond the federal laws -- the Civil ights Act is the baseline federal standard. As an example, the federal policy on sexual orientation as a protected class relies largely on EEOC rulings, as it is not written into federal law. Several states have therefore chosen to write their own employment discrimination laws to extend protections to other classes than those who are covered under federal law. The state laws may also apply to more companies, as under federal law a company must have 15 employees in order for the law to apply.

States that lack employment discrimination protections will often have advocacy groups that are fighting at the state level to have…… [Read More]


City of Atlanta (2016). Non-discrimination laws. City of Atlanta. Retrieved from

Georgia Code. O.C.G.A. § 34-5-1 (2015). Retrieved from LexisNexis. (2016) Nondiscrimination. Georgia Equality. Retrieved from (2016, 2) Workplace fairness. Georgia Equality. Retrieved from
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Study of Workplace Stress Factors

Words: 4615 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69819053

Stress in the Workplace

The research topic under discussion is Stress at Workplace. Stress comes with different definitions, one of which is that stress is a 'physical, chemical or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension.' Emotional stress relates to job burnout, tension and strain and many scholars have called it a psychological process and linked it with the individual and the situation that he is in (American Psychological Association, 2009). The global economy has become very competitive and demands a lot of work from the employees which puts a lot of pressure on them. These increased expansions and demands of the traditional workplace have put a lot more pressure on the workers (Lokk & Arnetz, 1997; Soylu and Campbell, 2012).

The International Labor Organization and World Health Organization have recognized many different effects of stress that are harmful to the person. These effects include physical problems, psychological problems,…… [Read More]


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Prejudice in the Workplace Specifically

Words: 1621 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72855143

al, 2002). In addition, change occurs quicker when leadership is diverse, as well (Hampton and Lee, 2007). Finally, ethnicity and diversity issues should be included in organizational behavior courses, so that all business and industry has more access to this information (Mamman, 1996). Change must occur in our society, and an end to prejudice must be achieved for our society and our workplaces to be truly free and equal.


Barnes & Noble, & the Anti-Defamation League. (2001). 101 ways to combat prejudice. etrieved 19 March 2008 from the Anti-Defamation League Web site:

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Griessman, G. (1993). What is diversity? Retrieved 19 March 2008 from the Multi-Cultural Center Web site:
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Resolving Workplace Dicrimination and Discrimination at Coca Cola

Words: 2226 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60365572

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

In every organization, a conflict exists, which indicates that the organization has a healthy exchange of ideas and creativity. Nevertheless, conflicts that are counter-productive result in employee dissatisfaction, poor service to clients, increased employee turnover, reduced productivity, absenteeism, increased work-related stress or litigation based on harassment claims or a hostile work environment. For instance, Coca-Cola was sued for racial discrimination, which was under the U.S. Civil ights Act in April 1999 by four former and current African-American workers in the U.S. The claims of the appellants were that they suffered discrimination in promotions, pay, and performance evaluations, and they were able to provide statistics to support their claim. It also showed their average salary, which was one-third less than what their counterparts, the whites, in the company received. The advancement of African-Americans to senior levels in the company showed the great heights of discrimination the…… [Read More]


Aritzeta, A., Ayestaran, S. & Swailes, S. (2005). Team Role Preference and Conflict Management Styles. The International Journal of Conflict Management, 16 (2):157-182

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Huan, L. & Yazdanifard, R. (2012). The Difference of Conflict Management Styles and Conflict Resolution in Workplace. Business & Entrepreneurship Journal, 1(1): 141-155.
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Employee Handbook Addressing the Issue of Workplace

Words: 1099 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99595088

employee handbook addressing the issue of workplace equity and nondiscrimination in a health care organization. The essay includes various issues related to the non-discrimination laws and the benefits of implementation of anti-discrimination laws.

An employee handbook is a manual for employees and works as a staff handbook which is drafted by the employer. Employee handbook contains policies and procedures for the employees. It has all the terms and conditions of employment. The main purpose of an employee handbook is to communicate to the employees the fair and just policies of an organization. An employee handbook of different organizations will have different details because of the varying nature of the business carried out by the organization however the main purpose of the handbook will remain the same. An employee handbook for a health care organization will have their own set of policies and procedures.

An employee handbook for a health care…… [Read More]


Papa, Michael J.; Tom D. Daniels, Barry K. Spiker (2007). Organizational Communication: Perspectives and Trends (5 ed.). SAGE

Trentham, Susan; Laurie Larwood (1998). "Gender Discrimination and the Workplace: An Examination of Rational Bias Theory." Sex Roles 38 (112) [HIDDEN]

Wadhwa, Vivek (6 June 2006). "The True Cost of Discrimination." BusinessWeek Online.

The Economics of Discrimination, Robert P. Murphy, Library of Economics, AUGUST 2, 2010
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Business the Inclusive Workplace in the Modern

Words: 3947 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96752556


The Inclusive orkplace

In the modern business world employees expect more and have more rights than ever. To accompany this, employees are seen as core contributors to an organization. The workplace has changed from one where employees blindly follow the guidelines of the company to complete tasks, to one where employees are central to the organization. Employees are also more educated than ever before.

In recent decades, issues like employee empowerment, collaboration, teamwork, self-managed teams and cooperation have all become important. Each of these issues have the idea of giving more and getting more at their basis. In Ideas that will shape the future of management practice (Bohl 1996, 8), human resources is described as being the way of the future, "e will see a more mature articulation of the importance of people as a firm's only sustainable competitive advantage." The change is described as giving high reward for…… [Read More]

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